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Dance (Wedding!Taehyung)

Plot: A first dance with husband!Taehyung

Word Count: 712

A/N: so this is an old post I wrote and redid for this blog (click here for the original version) it’s got a soft place in my heart just like Tae does and wedding!Tae (here) makes me so fucking happy and soft and I just I think I need to be held rn he’s so beautiful he’s got me just wrapped around his lil finger I love him so much

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You walked onto the “dance floor,” your hand held tight in his. You turned to face Taehyung again, your hand going up to his shoulder as his went to your waist. It was your first dance as man and wife, everyone still watching from the sidelines as some cried, some only smiled and some did both. You rested your head on his shoulder as you began to slowly dance to the ballad playing in the background, keeping your focus on him rather than worrying too much about staying on beat.

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Summary: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Pairing: Min Yoongi/Reader
Genre: Not really fluff, not angst either. Uh, neutral? This is Mafia!AU, btw. Drabble.
Word Count: 660 words
Author Note: You know that cliche story where person A looks scary af and person B is so soft looking and the person A says not to hurt person B and when person B got hurt turns out person B is more savage than A and person A said ‘I told you so’? Yeah this is that kind of story because I love it.

“Don’t hurt her.”

Vile laugh echoed in the whole room.

“What’s this? Min Yoongi, leader of BTS a.k.a the largest mafia gang in the country, begging?” The man sneered.

Yoongi sighed, hands never leaving his pockets. “It’s not begging, it’s a warning.” He snickered. “You’ll definitely regret it if you do, trust me.”

His words only made the man laughed harder, knife on his hand pressed deeper into the throat of the girl he held. “Yeah? What are you going to do? Shoot me and risk hitting her?”

Shame that he didn’t even notice that not even once did Yoongi pulled his hands out nor did he attempt to take his gun.

“Well, we can’t have her shot, can we, (y/n)?”

She snorted. “I can handle a few gunshot wounds, thank you very much. But yes, I’d rather get out of here unscathed. It will spare the whole healing process.”

“And who said you will?” The man holding her barked, digging the knife even deeper until a thin, red line appeared on her neck followed by little drips of blood.

(Y/n) hissed from the little pain, “Okay, that’s it, you little shit.”

Without any warning, she jumped and stomped her six inches stiletto’s heels hard to her captor’s feet, making him yelp and let go of her from the sudden move she did. She took his knife swiftly and elbowed his chest. When he staggered back, she delivered a strong kick to his neck. Once he fell back, she stomped hard on his arm, effectively breaking it. Ignoring his scream of pain, she picked up a nearby wrench and without hesitation used it to break each and every one of his limbs.

(Y/n) huffed and walked towards Yoongi, throwing away the wrench and knife. The blonde man raised an eyebrow when she snatched the gun he had on his holster, but he didn’t say anything.

“You should be thankful I didn’t choose to draw this out longer, you know.” She sighed as she cocked the gun.

The man stared up at her in fear and he started to beg for his life, yet she only rolled her eyes. “You should’ve taken Yoongi seriously when he said you’ll regret it.”

Yoongi shrugged. “Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you, man. Should’ve known better than to try and use her as a hostage.”

Three gunshot sound rang loudly.

“Are you still angry?”

(Y/n) scoffed, not answering.

“Babe, come on.”

Yoongi was a feared leader known for his merciless and wrath. Nobody dare to cross him, and it took idiots who think they could handle him to try and take advantage of him. He had cold demeanor and his subordinates respected him so much.

So if anyone were to see him clinging to his girlfriend like a koala, begging for attention while pouting, it certainly would be a funny sight.

“You let me get captured on purpose!” (Y/n) snapped.

“Well, I know you can handle yourself well…”

“Still! What kind of boyfriend does that?!”

Yoongi snuggled his head to (y/n)’s stomach. They were already back to the mansion and (y/n) was fuming while Yoongi tried to calm her down. She was sitting on a sofa and she wouldn’t let Yoongi sit beside her (“You don’t deserve to sit on this sofa beside me after what you made me do!”) so Yoongi had to do by sitting on the floor, cuddling his girlfriend’s abdomen.

“You know how much I dislike having to kill someone! The smell of the gun powder is still on my hand and it’s annoying!”

Yoongi pouted cutely. “But babe, this way nobody would try to take you again…”

“You could’ve just tell everyone about what I can do!”

“I tried warning him, remember?”

“Your warning implied that you’ll finish him off, pabo!”

Yoongi continued snuggling her stomach. He rubbed his head all over and even started purring. “Well they should’ve known better than trying to harm future mistress of BTS.”


Sidney Poitier and Diahann Carroll attend The 36th Academy Awards in Santa Monica April 13, 1964.

Diahann Carroll publicly spoke about her affair with Sidney Poitier in her 2008 book The Legs Are The Last To Go: Aging, Acting, Marrying, and Other Things I Learned The Hard Way. Carroll claims that Poitier persuaded her to divorce her husband Monte Kay, and that Poitier said he would leave his wife to be with her. When Carroll got her divorce, Poitier didn’t keep up his end of the bargain. Carroll said she dated another man out of frustration, which didn’t sit well with Poitier.

“Sidney called me at my hotel … ‘You bitch, whore, tramp,’ he yelled. ‘I know he just left your bed. I won’t have you running around with other men. You belong to me!’” the New York Post quoted her as writing in the book.

She wrote that Poitier later told her he’d finally left his wife, Juanita Hardy. He even bought Carroll a ring and made her decorate a 10-room Riverside Drive apartment he’d bought.

“I was only home a few days when he called to say his wife was having second thoughts. Our wedding plans would have to be postponed,” wrote Carroll.

She added: “When the apartment was ready and I was about to move my daughter in with me, Sidney told me he didn’t want her there … He changed the locks so I couldn’t get in. Then he made me write him a check to offset his purchase and decorating costs. I did as I was told, submissive and desperate.”

Despite her decision to detail their affair, Carroll says Poitier, who did not comment on the book, continues to be her friend.

“Sidney and I are now friends. That’s a lovely thing that comes as you age – forgiveness and perhaps a relaxing of standards,” wrote Carroll.


I really got curious on Yufuin’s early designs and I did some editing to see the design clearly.

This is only I can make out after tweaking the bright and contrast settings to make a silhouette out of it. He’s like a wearing cape?? but more like a Medieval Prince-like style with those rocking white long gloves and boots. Unlike others designs, his are more sophisticated and more…PRINCE-LIKE vibe among all! What a beautiful prince ;A;

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You and Bucky tried to have sons for years, and the doctor said that you should consider adoption. You always blamed yourself and Bucky always tried to make you feel better. But after a few months you got pregnant, and Bucky was so happy. He knelt in front you and kissed your belly. "Doll, you made me a happy man. I love you so much, and I love our son so much already." "How do you it's a boy?" "I just know, it's a boy, trust me."

he’d be so happy

Daddy Wednesday™


fangirl challenge - [5/15 pairings] - Uzumaki Naruto & Hyuga Hinata

Hinata… This big idiot finally understands. The meaning of the scarf you gave me when you went to Toneri. I know now, from the scarf you painstakingly knitted and took so long to finish, that your love can’t be unraveled so easily. Wait for me. You’ve loved someone like me forever and ever. Now, as a man, there’s something I’ve got to say to you. Hinata. I swear I’ll save you.

I fucking love mercy’s changes. I just rezzed 22 people in a competitive match and literally kept a game in overtime for three minutes because I refused to die and kept rezzing my team as they got on point. It was amazing, I love Valkyrie. Fuck 5 man rezzes, this shit is much more fun. I’m like a goddess of life and death who hovers above all.

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I was on a six hour bus ride today and a) rereading Tumbling Together kept me /sane/ (even if I had to angle the phone awkwardly away from the stranger sitting next to me during, uh, certain parts), so thank you, and b) for whatever reason I got Michael Jackson's Ben stuck in my head, and because I was reading Tumbling my brain kept substituting Len for Ben and it's a /really/ weird song for that. I doubt even Barry could be sincere and straight-faced enough to get through the entire thing.

I know I got this like a week ago (whoops) but I love this.

Those ‘certain parts’ are amusing me because you could either be referring to full blown smut scenes, or you could be referring to Barry sitting in a farmer’s market writing and ode to The Dick. they’ve both totally plausible.

and i mean, get Barry drunk enough and he can sing anything with a straight face. The man unironically rapped Ice Ie Baby and almost started in on Can’t Touch This in that scene. i wouldn’t put anything past him :P

hey my city is crushing down, my friends are watching people die because of the earthquake and my phone just got robbed but seing harry’s merch just made everything a little bit better and I just couldn’t get happier for having him in my life and for being born on his era here on earth and this is a short message of me saying that everything seems to be falling on my shoulders and it’s killing me but I love harry styles and I can’t wait for seeing him live, singing his heart out for us (me) ! I swear on god and on my grand dad’s grave that I’m gonna meet that man and I’m gonna tell him that he picked me up when I was about to give up

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I'm usually don't talk to people because of my extreme anxiety, but I wanted to tell you how much I loved the mallout au thing. I know you don't really talk about it any more but I still wanted to tell you that. Your the one that got me to totally ship Nick and Hancock. I will admit that I was hesitant to read it because I don't really like AU's that are very different from the original thing. Can you also thank your friend who helped you write it to, I forgot what their name was on here.

Aaa! Thank u so much! This is the sweetest message I’ve gotten in so long dude ooh man I’m sh oo k

And I still draw stuff for the au I just never post it because it’s traditional and I only like my digital art, I’m very self conscious around my paper sketches

But I’m so happy that Phoenix and I could make something that people could see as an au but also as it’s own separate thing ya know?

Just thank u so much for taking time out of ur day to send me this message, it made my day in so many ways man 💕

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Some fluffy headcanons to help with the nerves: The space mice like to fiddle with Kolivan's braid and he lets them. He's also fascinated by Earth culture and likes to hear the paladins discuss it.

asldkfn y’all are too sweet heck 

all i can think for the mice thing is them using his braid to play jump rope alskdgn like, man, what a great mental image haha

and yessss i love that, but he’d also?? be so confused?? cause they all have a different take on Earth culture, cause they’re all from different parts of the Earth! sure, they can all agree on the localized culture at the Galaxy Garrison, since they all attended (and this is a culture Kolivan would be somewhat familiar with, since it’s military culture and would likely most closely resemble Kolivan’s own upbringing), but like?? 

We’ve got a Cuban guy, a Japanese guy, a Samoan guy, an Italian American girl (I think? idk she’s white lol), and a… Southern? Texan? Japanese/Chinese? idk, whatever Keith is guy. Not to mention that, even if they all lived/grew up in the US (which would be easy to assume, given the lack of accented English), it’s still very possible that they grew up in different parts of the US, and even then would be different cultures! 

Culture is soooo complex, and there’s so many different things to it! and like! most of it would probably be really foreign to Kolivan because he (presumably) was born and grew up in the midst of Zarkon’s militant expansion… (we still don’t know the typical life span of a Galra, but i’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume that 10,000 years is well beyond the typical life span lol) so, like, Kolivan has likely only experienced a very specific type of culture that there isn’t much deviation from, even within a differing faction (look at the similarities between Zarkon’s “victory or death” and Kolivan’s “knowledge or death”! while these accomplish different goals and come from different world views, they ultimately seem to be influenced by the same cultural stand point)

anyways! alien culture is super neat!!! and I think Kolivan would really enjoy hearing about Earth culture, not just because it’s so foreign to him, but also because it must seem so nice that there’s somewhere in the universe that is more peaceful and safe and is yet untouched by Zarkon… I would think it would give him hope:)

I finally got around to watching “Yes Man” and it is definitely one of my favorites now!

I didn’t really like how the sisters kinda took advantage of Lincoln, and were guilt tripping him into helping them by saying stuff like “I thought that you loved ALL of us” and I’m like “Really?”

But then they saw how sad he was that he would miss his concert, and made it up to him! That song at the end absolutely killed me omgggg

Lincoln loves his sisters very much, but I feel like one day he’ll have to stop putting their wants and needs before his

All in all it was 10/10




  • He’s not… really a cuddler, what with his quirk and all. At least, not at first. It takes a little while, like maybe a few months, but once he’s comfortable with his partner, he’s clingy.
  • Prefers to be the small spoon; yes, partly because he doesn’t trust his hands, party because of some deep-seated childhood trauma. Ouch, that got dark fast. Regardless of the reason, hey, at least his partner’s got their very own man-child to cuddle!
  • Doesn’t really say or even hint that he wants to cuddle; he’ll just walk up to his partner and flop on them. Like… like a big dog.
  • If his partner were to run their hands through his hair or touch his hair at all, he would die on the spot. Also, if they idly traced the scars around his mouth/eyes.
  • Enjoys watching the news with his head in his partner’s lap. However, if any of the other Alliance members enter the room while he’s doing that, he’ll sit up so fast that he’ll get a head rush.
  • Not a fan of PDA. Like, at all.
  • Confession time; I have absolutely no idea how tall Shigaraki is. So either this is adorable (him being short) or terrifying (him being freakishly tall). He’s taller than Deku, right? Right?

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We know there will be a banner saying to catch them in Descendants but to act like she didn't get the role because she's dating Thomas is ridiculous. Do you see anyone else from Disney Channel US guest starring on Disney Channel UK?


They’re in a relationship and yes that opens doors for each other. I’m not saying that it didn’t affect the casting at all, because it most likely did. Relationships have this kind of affect, my teacher’s boyfriend works at our theatre which meant we got advertisement and other sorts of deals there. Our production arts teacher is married to Ruthie Henshall’s MD which meant some of the students got to perform with her. 


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I’m bored of this topic, honestly. It is making me want to smash my head against my keyboard.

At the end of the day they love each other, and the cast of the lodge also love the both of them and aren’t bothered at all by her casting.

All this commotion because of this is unneeded, and I’m just so bored of it.


Here’s a ton of Gabefaces cause I can’t choose one or two or three xD I’m very proud of my pretty nose boy, even though I’m once again reminded how painful close combat is in this game (will I ever stop stabbing the air?). This was actually my first time allying with the templars (sorry Cal you’re still my gf) and man it was terrifying, especially that inside your brain freakshow…dang. Well done, but creeeeeepy. Also Vivienne ended up fighting Envy alone because everyone else got the basic stance glitch

Watch me unlock romance 8/8 soon :o

So here’s what happened:

I wanted the Oni Genji and Officer D.va skins for Overwatch, a game I enjoy, so I downloaded Heroes of the Storm for the express purpose of unlocking those skins in Overwatch.

HotS turned out to be actually a really fun game and I got VERY hooked up on it. A big part of it all, aside from it being a good game, is because Warcraft characters are there, so I get to play as Sylvanas, Samuro, Chen, Thrall, you name it, the FRIENDS from my adolescence, so that got me incredibly nostalgic and made me remember how much I love Warcraft (and Diablo).

As direct consequence of this, I thought “man I wish there were Draenei, I’d love to play as a Draenei in a game…” and then I remember “Oh hey, they are playable in WoW, yeah… But I don’t like WoW…. Hold on, WHY don’t I like WoW? Oh yeah, bad circumstances back in the day, but they are long gone… So maybe, I could try it again?”

And then I bought it, and now here I am, clad in the transparent silk night gown of a prostitute because I am Blizzard’s bitch.

So basically, Overwatch went and rekindled my love for the Horde (and Draenei and Night Elves).