i got to hug him

imagine a scene in Voltron where Keith is really upset and Lance, in a moment of seriousness, offers some genuine words of comfort, and Keith just sniffs back tears and unexpectedly hugs him without speaking and Lance is like !!????? at first but then after a second he recovers and hugs him back and is like “I got you buddy”

i need jason to meet sally 

  • Capcom: How can we make a more intimidating prosecutor?
  • Capcom: alright why not we make him super tall, a literal convict in jail for murder, with hawk-like markings on his face. Also he can literally create a slicing wind with his hands and can break out of his shackles any time he wants. He has a pet hawk who attacks people and literally threatens to kill people while prosecuting. He is the physical embodiment of the dark age of the law.
  • Fandom: lol what a nerd we love him

Rafael Barba being unfairly seductive in every episode

Imprisoned Lives (S15E02)

  • Akechi: A cup of hot coffee really heals your soul this is true science
  • Akira: Actually a cup of hot anything in your hands mimics human warmth which is said to have calming properties. So yes, it's true. Coffee mimics the need for human care, touch and recognition.
  • Akechi: I'm going to cry I'm so lonely now and all I have is this fucking cup of bean water

Sir Kenneth Branagh on Dame Judi Dench in a Murder on the Orient Express interview, Oct 23 2017 [x]

“It’s hell working with Ken Branagh. Complete hell. It’s why I’ve worked with him ten times.“ - Judi Dench at the Murder on the Orient Express world premiere, Nov 2 2017 [x]