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A Well Documented Debacle

Prompt: ReaderxBones where Kirk gets his toe stuck in the faucet of the bathtub and calls the Reader to help him, because he’s too embarrassed to call someone else, but in the end they need to get Scotty to free him and when they bring him to the medbay to let Bones look at his toe, Bones gets jealous, but it ends in fluff?

A/N: For some reason those gifs of Karl Urban sticking microphones in his mouth kept popping during my search this time, which is not only probably quite unsanitary, but also very telling of this story and my journey writing it. 

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REQUESTED: “could I request a fic where Credence is in the tub after a bad day & he’s just kinda curled up in the tub all sad & his s/o comes in w flowers & they talk for a bit (s/o tries to comfort him) but Credence is still kinda melancholy and s/o is like ‘fuck that/it’ takes their jacket & shoes and climbs in & giggles & kisses & possibly smut ensues~ thank you & I love this blog"

Warnings: Descriptions of a destructive mindset, but nothing too explicit.

Word Count: 1,508

A/N: This doesn’t have smut because I’ve had like zero energy lately, I’m sorry :// I hope it’s still okay!! :-)

It was easy to forget when he was surrounded by friends and loved ones that much of his life had been pretty horrible, to put it mildly, but now, sitting in the bathtub submerged in hot water, Credence couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with it, like every happy moment was just filler time until he was free to remember. Mostly, he was overwhelmed with thoughts of his Ma, so much so that he couldn’t help but fall completely victim to an onslaught of negative thoughts.

Sitting in this tub for so long, indulging in the warmth of the water and letting himself use frivolously scented soap, well, that certainly must be a sin. He could hear all those times that Mary Lou reprimanded him for standing in the shower for too long, that bodies aren’t meant for relaxing; they’re meant for doing the Lord’s good work.

Credence let himself slip further under the water, fighting tears at the memory of that seemingly forgotten voice, but then, his hair, grown long now that he didn’t have to sit in that creaking chair every Saturday as Mary Lou lopped off chunks of it to keep it from unruliness, began to swirl around his shoulders, sweeping across them and pressing to his neck and face as the strands separated and floated in the water. Credence couldn’t help but lift a hand to them, yanking with more force than he intended, fighting off the bile that rose with the rising awareness of his sin, the vanity he indulged when he looked in the mirror to style his hair and appreciate it afterward, the pride he fostered when his friends and significant other complimented it, the disorder it caused since it was not easily maintained. Perhaps his hair was his greatest sin of all.

But no, his greatest sin must be you. You, whom he loved so dearly and with all of his heart. Premarital sex, sex for pleasure, letting you touch him at all, that was sin. The pleasure he got from it, that was sin. Letting you love him when he was so wicked, that was sin. And of course, the fact that he loved you more than he ever loved the Lord that Mary Lou talked about, preached about, fought about… That was his greatest sin. The thought of what Mary Lou would do if she were here to learn of his wickedness, of the sin he had been allowed to succumb to in her absence was enough to have him shaking, crying, pulling his knees to his chest, and closing his eyes as tightly as he could. He should have known he couldn’t forget. A quick glance to his scarred hands would have made sure of it, even if it had been theoretically possible. Mary Lou had made sure her teachings were a part of him forever. Looking at him now, she would have been proud of her work.

Credence slipped further into the tub, his nose now just above the water, the bath water that was now collecting the tears that had picked up a steady stream down his face, and he couldn’t help but jolt bolt upright when he heard a knock on the bathroom door before it opened.

There you were, his greatest weakness, the reason he lived in sin. Looking at you, closing the door gently, trying to balance a bouquet of assorted flowers in one hand as you did so, an assortment you must have noticed him admiring earlier that week, and not fully facing him yet, he couldn’t help but cry harder because he wouldn’t give up the sin he lived in—he couldn’t, not when he loved you so completely. Did that mean there was no salvation for him? Did that mean he was damned? Had Mary Lou been right all that time?

When a cracked sob came from the tub, you turned as quickly as you could and took Credence in: raven black hair plastered to his neck and face, honey brown eyes made glassy with tears, face slightly swollen from crying, lips parted in a deep frown, breaths coming quickly and causing his chest to look slightly sunken with the force of them. It was a bad day.

You placed the bouquet on the counter by the sink gently before walking over to the tub and sitting gently on the lip of it, gazing down at Credence before cupping his face in your hand. You watched his eyes flutter closed as he released a shaky breath and slipped further under the water. “Do you want to talk about what’s wrong, honey?”

Credence squeezed his eyes shut tighter at the term of endearment, one that he certainly didn’t deserve. “I’m a sinner.” His voiced rasped and cracked slightly from lack of use and from emotion. “She was…right. All that time, I…”

Getting up so that you could kneel by the tub instead and be closer to him, you brought your face near to his so that you could kiss his forehead and push his wet hair from his face. “Mary Lou, if she were really doing the work she said she did, would have acknowledged that we’re all sinners in the eyes of her God, Credence.”

Those beautiful eyes opened slightly so that you could see the color in them, and a tinge of hope too. “I guess… How do you know?”

You smiled gently at him, continuing to stroke your fingers through his hair. “My mother raised me on that Bible too, Credence. It may not mean so much to me anymore, but I remember the teachings. And we’re all sinners to Him. We just have to try our best. And part of trying our best is enjoying ourselves. Loving his other creations. Appreciating the life he gave us. Your mother just left those parts out to fit her own biases.”

His eyes were completely open now, looking at you with unhindered adoration and confliction. “It doesn’t mean much to me…anymore…either. Is that bad? I can… My mother’s voice… Am I wicked?”

You inhaled deeply and scratched lightly at his scalp before answering. “No, Credence. You were taught all the wrong things for a really long time by a really mean woman, and that makes it hard to let go. And there will be bad days like this one, but… You deserve the things you have, Credence. You aren’t wicked.”

He nodded at you and let his eyes fall closed again. “Thank you, Y/N.”

You couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness as you realized he was still…low. You knew you couldn’t fix it, but you hated that he still had to go through this. You also knew you wouldn’t let him go through it alone. When you stood, his eyes opened again at the sound of your movements and widened as you kicked off your shoes and removed your jacket. “Do you mind if I join you, Credence?”

At his slow nod, you began taking off the rest of your clothes, blushing slightly at the pure love in his eyes. You still weren’t used to being loved so completely and reverently, especially by someone you loved just as much. You got in on the other end of the tub so that you could face him and wrapped your legs around his waist so that you could bring yourself closer to him, nearly in his lap. You cradled his face in your hands, stroking your thumbs just under his cheekbones and smiling when he let out a contented breath. “I love you so much, Credence…” You found yourself whispering.

His eyes opened again at that, just looking at you, taking you in. “I don’t know if I…deserve it.”

That hit you like a ton of bricks, right to the chest, and you simply shoved yourself forward in the water, not caring that water sloshed over the side of the tub, and pulling him into a hug, letting out a breathy, half-hearted laugh as your wet bodies slipped against one another.

Credence exhaled sharply too, but a sob followed as he finally moved his hands to clutch desperately at your back. “I love you, Y/N… I’m trying, but I…”

You pressed sloppy kisses to the slope of his neck and said, “Trying is all you can do, and it’s enough, Credence. I’m here on the bad days too. It’s us, remember?”

You pulled away as he nodded, resting your foreheads together and moving one hand to stroke his face again. “It’s us. Even… Even on bad days.”

You smiled broadly at the sound of his voice, more confident than it had been a moment before, despite its constant quiet, and moved back, gesturing for him to lean back against you. You stayed like that, his back pressed to your chest as you stroked patterns across his skin, long after the water had lost its warmth, and he wasn’t all better. Nothing had been fixed, but the more he relaxed against you, the clearer it became that good days would follow.


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Autophobia - Fear of being alone

Due to circumstances his relationship with his girlfriend turns into a long distance relationship

(Requested) | word count; 1,228

Crush x Reader - F (with tiny, only smol, angst)

“It’s not as bad as it looks, I promise,” you blurted out when you saw Crush standing at the door; watching you zip your suitcase.

“Are you leaving me?” He asked, still trying to process what was going on in front of him

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Twerk It | Theo Raeken Imagine

pairings: theo raeken x reader

warnings: twerking.

a/n: don’t even ask how I came up with this idea.

“Why are the three of you smiling so weirdly?” You asked.

“Nothing.” Lydia smirked at Malia and Kira who were both grinning wildly.

“There’s something you hiding from me and I want to know what.” You huffed.

“You’ll find out later.” Kira said.

“Can you at least tell me what it’s about?” You groaned.

Lydia exchanged some looks with the two of them before looking back at you. “Your birthday.”

“I told you guys I didn’t want anything.”

“Don’t worry we didn’t buy you anything, yet. But it’s a surprise and you’ll find it out later.”

“I’m starting to doubt my trust in you three.”

“Oh don’t worry you’ll love it.” Lydia smiled at Malia and Kira causing you to roll your eyes before making your way to your next class.

The rest of your day went by quite smoothly that is until you got a text from Lydia.

From: Lyds

meet me at my house at 4 and bring booty shorts and a sports bra

From: Y/N

what y?

From: Lyds

none of your business just come over ok?

From: Y/N


A couple minutes later and you phone binged again.

From: Lyds

oh and bring also water, sport shoes and a hair tie.

From: Y/N


After putting all the stuff Lydia said in a bag you changed your clothes and relaxed for a little while until you needed to make your way over to Lydias.

When you got there you saw your three friends smiling cheekily at the front door.

“So? Why am I here?”

“Well we’d like to tell you but we can’t” Kira said.

“And we also kind of need you to wear this.” Malia said holding up a blindfold.

“Can I trust you?” You asked.

“No but you will anyway.” Lydia smirked before putting the blindfold on you.

“Wait I’ll lead you to the car.” Lydia said grabbing your arm in hers and leading you slowly to her car, Malia and Kia on her heels.

“Can you please go slower I can’t see.” You pleaded.

“Y/N calm down we’re at the car.” Lydia said opening the car door.

“Ow!” You said as you accidentally banged your head on the roof of her car.

“sorry.” Lydia giggled as she helped you into the passenger seat before closing the door and walking over to the drivers seat and turning on the ignition to start driving.

“Can any of you tell me where we’re going?” You pleaded after a while.

“Nope.” Lydia said causing you to groan.

The four of your kept driving for about 15 minutes, occasionally listening to some music to pass the time.

“We’re here.” Lydia chimed gladly.

“Thank god.” You sighed.

“Can I take this off now?” You asked.

“Yes.” Kira said.

Taking the blindfold off you see a dance studio in front of you.

“Where are we?” You turned to them.

“At your first birthday present.” Lydia smirked.

“Which is?”

“A twerking class.” Malia smirked.

“You can’t be serious..” You chuckled.

The three of them kept their glares and smirks at you.

“Okay so you are serious.”

“Yep, and we’re gonna go in and have fun. Come on!” Lydia smiled as you chuckled before the four of you went inside. After getting dressed you all stepped into the studio where the instructor waited for you.

“You must be Sarah.” Lydia smiled at the instructor as they both shook hands.

“Yes.” She chuckled. “So who’s the birthday girl?”

“That’d be me.” You smiled.

“Y/N right?” She shook your hand.


“Okay so should we start the class?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah!” Malia, Lydia and Kira said excitedly causing you to chuckle.

“So let’s spread out, Y/N you can come next to me.” Sarah said as you stood beside her, Lydia, Malia and Kira standing behind you two; All of you facing the mirror.

“So we are gonna start with the basics, We are going to spread your legs into a second position and lean a little forward with out hands resting on our knees.” Sarah instructed as we followed her instructions.

“Next we are going to pop our hip out and arch our back. Then you’re going to push your hip back in. That’s the basic twerking move.”

Malia quickly got the hang of it but Kira was struggling a bit causing all of you to laugh a bit at her attempts.

Over the course of the class Sarah taught you all different moves and eventually a short choreography.

While you and Malia were going over the choreography with Sarah Lydia and Kira went over to get a drink and check their phones.

While Lydia was checking her snapchat a bright idea came to mind when she saw you and Malia going over the routine to the music Sarah put on. As you were dancing she videotaped you captioning it: “Celebrating this little twerkers birthday 😘🎉”.

“Look.” Lydia said showing Kira the video.

“Wow she looks good here.” Kira said taking Lydias phone in her hands to get a better look.

“I’ll put it on my story.” She smirked.

“Actually..” She started.

“What?” Kira groaned knowing very well Lydia was planning something.

“I’ll send it to Theo too.” She said hitting the send button.

“She’s gonna be pissed.”

“Y/N? I’m waiting to see how Theo’ll react.” She smirked.

“What are you guys doing?” You said approaching them as you took your water bottle from your bag.

“Oh nothing, but look how good you look here.” Lydia said showing you the video she took of you.

“Huh I actually don’t look that bad.” You smiled.

“Did you send it to someone?” you asked giving her phone back.

“Well I sent it to my story and Theo.” She said putting her phone back in her bag.

“You what?!” You said choking on your water.

“Lydia he’s gonna freak.” You groaned.

“No he’s not, come on let’s go back in.” She said pushing you towards the door as you shook your head slightly.

After finishing your class Sarah wished you a happy birthday and gave you a free class as a gift, once you were al dressed up Lydia dropped you all off at your houses; of course they all wished you a good night before you went back into your house.

Since it was still quite early and your parents were out for dinner you decided to call Theo to come over, of course after you showered and dressed in comfier clothes.

Your phone lit up with a positive response from Theo and just 20 minutes late he was there in front or your front door.

“Hey.” You smiled giving him a small kiss as he walked in.

“So how was your birthday bash little twerker.” He teased as he laid on your bed.

“Ugh you saw that.” You  groaned as you flopped on the bed next to him.

“Yup, didn’t know my girl could move like that.” He smirked as he dragged his hand across your waist.

“Come on I’m not that good.”

“Babe are you kidding me, I would kill to see you dance like that for me.”

You bit your lip in attempt to hide your smile as you looked at him.

“What?” He chuckled noticing something was on your mind.

“It’s stupid.”

“No it’s not come on.”

“What would you think about a private show?” You asked softly before biting your lip again. Just at your statement your saw his eyes widen and the smirk on his lips grow even bigger.

“You’d be willing to do that for me?”

“Well yeah you know just showing you the dance she taught us and stuff.”

“Well if you really want to I’m not complaining.”

“Okay.” You giggled as you got up and started walking towards your phone to put on the music.

“But I think it would look much better in the outfit you wore in what Lydia sent me.” He said sitting up on your bed and resting backwards on his hands.

Seriously? What you people have with booty shorts and sports bras today?” You groaned as you walked over to your bag to take out your clothes before walking to the bathroom to change.

“Damn.” Theo said biting his lip when you walked out.

“Stop it.” You giggled as your cheeks started to turn pink.

“Okay.” You started after turning the music on and stepping in front of him.

“She taught us a couple basic moves but that’s boring so I’ll just get to the fun part.” You smirked.

Even through out the little show you put on for him you kept giggling at his reactions. And just as you stood up from the basic position you felt Theo wrapping his ams around your waist pulling you closer to him causing another set of giggles to fall from your lips.

“I love it when you dance like that for me.” He whispered in your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

“But it’s the first time I’ve ever done that.” You said turning to face him.

“Yeah but it’s definatly not the last.” He said giving you another passionate kiss.

“Don’t sound so smug.”

“You love me though.” He smirked pulling you against his chest.


Pack Your Bags

This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Turning Thirty

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet.

Let me know what you think.

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Struggle -5- Suga AU

Originally posted by amayaladon

Struggle -5- Suga AU story

Parts; Masterlist, | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 |

Pairing; Suga x Reader

Genre; Angst, Romance, Action, AU

Word Count; 3.083

Synopsis; Seoul was swarmed with gangs and in order to protect your little brother you made sure you could protect him and yourself but one night you followed your best friend into a club, which led your right into the arms of one of the biggest gangs.

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Anytime, Sweetheart: Part 9

Pairing: JDM x OFC (RPF)
Features: Ackles & Padalecki Families, R2, Misha Collins & Vicky Vantoch, Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Briana Buckmaster, Kim Rhodes, Ruth Conell, and other OFCs and cast members

Summary: (I’m horrible at summaries, but let me try): Kylin Ackles runs to her brother’s house after leaving her abusive boyfriend of 3 years, where she meets Jeffrey. Events unfold that bring them together, as well as push them apart.
Warnings: Emotional abuse, Physical Violence, mentions of rape, cursing, drinking, recreational drug use (weed), Strip Club, RPF, NSFW, GIFs, Age Difference, smut, 18+ ONLY PLZ

(A/N: This is strictly a work of fiction that I came up with off the top of my head. For fictional purposes his S/O & Son are not mentioned. I love him and his little family, though, so no hate intended. This is the first time posting anything on Tumblr, but I couldn’t get it out of my head since my ao3 fic is currently on hiatus because writers block. Feedback is appreciated. unbetaed, all mistakes are mine.)


part one:  https://hornsbeforehalos.tumblr.com/post/163097294604/anytime-sweetheart-part-one

part eight:  https://hornsbeforehalos.tumblr.com/post/164096328644/anytime-sweetheart-part-8

TAGS: @jml509 @jesbakescookies @daddy-kink-confirmed @wayward-mirage @aquivercactus

   "Look at your self, whore" he voice snickered, “Can’t even take a dick right anymore. How is he going to want you now?”

  It was dark, decrepit, and foul smelling. I couldn’t see or hear anything except for the sound of his voice. 

   "He’ll probably stay with you for a while, because he feels bad, but then, then once he realizes what a burden you are, how pathetic, ugly, and stupid you are, how miserable you will make him, he’ll leave. Just like everyone else. He’ll go find a real woman, someone who will take care of her man the way a woman is supposed to.“

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Dean Ambrose - Prompt #24

Prompt: “If I trip over one more of your shoes, I’m throwing them all away.” - from list 2
Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 400+

Dean asked you to move in with him after you guys had been dating for just 4 months. It felt quick but when you realised you were basically living and spending all your time together on the road, it all made sense. You were moving to Vegas into Dean’s house which was weird. You were Orlando born and raised (which was great with the performance centre), your whole family was in Orlando and your friends too. Vegas there was no one, Dean’s family were in Ohio and no other WWE superstars lived in Vegas. That’s probably why Dean liked to live there, he could get some peace and quiet and have some alone time. Your parents shipped all your stuff from Orlando to Vegas and when you finally got a weekend off, you and Dean spent the weekend unpacking all your stuff. 

“How did you even have all this stuff in your tiny apartment?” Dean groaned carrying two large boxes up the stairs “What is even in these?” 

“Those ones are shoes” You said putting your clothes in the dresser 

“I thought the last box was shoes!” Dean exclaimed throwing the box down 

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The Lore You Know (Part Two)

Status: Part Two of Four
Word Count: 5K
Category: Multi-Part, Mystery, Creature Hunt, Humor, Behind-the-scenes Canon-Compliant
Rating: 18+ [for language/sexual situations]
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sam + Female O.C./Reader; Dean + #2 Female O.C.
Warnings: Coarse language; mild-to-moderate allusions to sex/activities of a sexual nature
Author’s Note(s): Post-story
Overall Summary:  see Part One
Part Two Summary: Sam & our quick-witted agent learn more about each other; Dean channels his frustration; headway is made in the case as the waitress proves herself to be of potential value  


“Where are you from?”

Sam and I had finished up another round. After some breath-catching and water-gulping, we laid there quietly. I was thinking about how much I’d enjoyed it - the sex, that is, not the water - when he’d turned his head and began going down a set-up-on-a-miserable-blind-date road.

I gave him a little side-eye and he immediately backtracked.

“Sorry, I mean, you probably aren’t supposed to tell people about—”

“No, it’s… ah, all over. Not trying to be dodgy.”

“You don’t really have an accent.”

“Part of training. Gotta blend in. But wouldn’t have ever sounded like myself anyway, can’t lose this nasal thing, drives me nuts.”

Sam grinned, then leaned over me, started planting little kisses on my cheek and the side of my nose.

“You’ve got a great voice,” he murmured, once he’d arrived at my lips.

We kissed, nice and slow and deep - he’d adapted to my preferences so damned fast. When he pulled away, he stayed in his hover, studying my face, and I raised an eyebrow, thinking he was about to have a moment. He seemed to realize it, too, matched another one of those grins with a touch of an eye roll, then ran a finger over the ever-so-slight deviation near the bridge of my nose that I hadn’t bothered to fix.

“What happened? Bar fight?”

“Ha. I wish. Sparring with a demon.”

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anonymous asked:

got any tips for andro dressing?

A lot of androgynous clothing tends to look more “masculine” for AFAB people and more “feminine” for those who’re AMAB.

What this means is that the former tend to be baggier shirts/shorts/pants, hoodies, and beanies, button ups, vests, and “fancy” clothes, or anything that can generally “hide” curves.

Where as for the latter, it’s more loose and flowy clothes (google searches bring up a lot of skirts) and this that tend to hide a lack of curves.

Personally, I mix and match the two and just do my own thing. Flowy shirt+”boys” shorts+tennis shoes or baggy shirt+hoodie+tight jeans or skirt+boots are generally the two basics I use. It visibly confuses people.

But the best thing to do is just to find your own style. If it’s comfortable and makes you feel good, go with that. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Hot Chocolate Party {Lafayette x Reader}

I literally got this idea from when I was babysitting because the kid was like ‘let’s do something fun with food/drinks’ and I was like ‘like what’ and she was like ‘how about a tea party but with hot chocolate’ and I was like ‘so a hot chocolate party.’ You are welcome for that play by play

Word Count: 739

Summary: You have been working a lot lately and Lafayette makes you take the night off for a much needed break, which includes movies and cuddles.

Warnings: um i called someone a dick so idk what to label that as, but other than that it’s just fluff

As you pressed the closed door button on the elevator after pressing the floor number, you couldn’t wait to just sit down for a minute and breathe. Your job has been making you work around the clock and you couldn’t seem to catch a break. You were working major overtime and it was getting to you. The bags under your eyes were no longer designer, but a dark purple due to your lack of sleep. You just couldn’t find a way to catch up.

What you needed was a break, but finding time for one seemed to be impossible. That is until your dear boyfriend decided that you overworking yourself had gone on for too long. Tonight, Lafayette said that it was a mandatory movie and cuddle night, also known as a tea party because the two of you always drink many cups of the warm liquid throughout the movies. No matter how many times you tried to tell him that you just couldn’t afford to not work during that time, he would not ease up. You kept trying to get out of it until he became somber and explained that he missed you. He pointed out that you were not only neglecting your health but also him. And that’s how you are finally taking a much needed break.

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People cant seem to agree on who this person is, but mind if I make a suggestion? It’s nobody important and just a random ghoul.

The cloak with a hood they’re wearing is identical to what the regular ghouls in 24th were wearing so most likely it is some ghoul that managed to hide from the oggai in the chaos and survive. Two kids who somehow managed to survive as well were also shown in this chapter so it wouldn’t be impossible that this ghoul is someone irrelevant too.

I think that makes the most sense, because let’s face it, that figure doesn’t have Miza’s hair and the clothes are different. It doesn’t have Takizawa’s hair or clothes and it doesn’t make much sense for him to be there just sitting. Hinami was missing a leg and was closer to where Touka was so she had no way of getting past Kaneki in her current state and go to the main area of 24th. Why would she change clothes too? Hajime had different clothes, hair color and was most likely consumed by Kaneki so I’d be surprised if he made it out alive. Why would Hairu be there when Furuta just admitted that he can’t bring her back?

Only relevant character I can think of that could be this mysterious figure is Mutsuki. After escaping from Torso on Rushima they changed their clothes by taking them from, what I assume was, corpses before meeting Akira. Considering Mutsuki got fried by Yomo, their old clothes should be unusable so Mutsuki probably could’ve just taken a cloak from one of the ghoul corpses lying around. That would also explain the missing shoes. I still think a random irrelevant ghoul is more likely than this, because I doubt the fact that Mutsuki got fried will be completely skipped and ignored like this.

Silver (BTS members x reader)

Originally posted by mewchim

General genre : Fluff, some angst, fantasy AU, smut. 

Author’s Note : I’m on a roll right now, I woke up at 6am and I’ve been writing part 2 and 3 of chapter 1 and coming up with chapter 2 as well. I do not know how many parts there will be for this chapter. Sorry for any grammar error. Also thank you for taking the time to read this series and I hope you enjoy. 

Word count : 2.5k

Summary : After 3 years, y/n meets up with the guys once again. Love blossoms once more. Jin’s POV.

Prologue, Chapter 1 part 1, Chapter 1 Final 

Chapter 1 Part 2

“I missed you.” Jimin finally said pulling away from her lips, still holding her tight.

“I missed you too” y/n said, with her cheeks blushing a light pink.

Despite what happened 3 years ago, Jimin didn’t feel fear when he saw y/n again. He felt nostalgia, happiness, he felt his body exhilarate at her touch, he could not feel any happier but he still needed to apologize to her. He lowered his head against her neck, giving it a small peck and whispered to her ear.

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Wolves and Witches (Part 4)

A/N: Here is Part 4 of Wolves and Witches. It’s a really slow story but it’ll get to the good stuff eventually. I hope you enjoy this part even though it is still a build up :)

Description : It was pack tradition that if you were destined to be with someone you would be taken to them four weeks after birth. True Mates were taken very seriously in the pack and if you had one the oracle would tell the Mother who and where to find them. That is how I found myself outside an Omega Woman’s house while it was pouring down.

I hoped she liked me.

Pairing : Castiel x Reader

Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics

Warnings: nothing really, I mean there’s some mild scary Cas and someone pees their pants but that’s about it.

Word Count : 2822

Other Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9 Part 10Part 11, Part 12, Part 13Part 14Part 15

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So it turns out moody teenager Castiel was the worst of them all. He was always grumpy, had an attitude to match Dean’s (and that’s saying something because he was a dick at times), nothing was good enough for him anymore, he tried to push my buttons by ordering me around (Yeah I know, the punk kid tried to order me around! Stupid Alpha dominance!) and to top it all he had a sex drive now so he popped a boner at literally anything and he had no idea how to get rid of it so he just sat there with it uncomfortably. He did get better with the personal space but only a little. He’d still hug me anytime he could and when he had a boner it made things very uncomfortable because hey! I’m an Omega and any Alpha with a boner pressed against you is gunna give you some kind of arousal. Also wet dreams. He still refused to have his own room so I had to deal with when he had a wet dream. Not nice to wake up in sticky cum especially when he hugs you all night so it’s only on you! Cum was used as a scent marker too so for the rest of that day I’d smell like him and it was very distracting. He seemed pleased though and that just frustrated me further. 

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Sherlock x reader

A/N: Hope you like this! This is the Sherlock BBC one I mentioned before(If I did?) I hope I got the characters portrayed okay, as it;s my first time writing them really.

btw (c/n) is cat’s name.

The thunder outside rumbled on as the residents of 221B Baker St. relaxed into their day in. It was Friday evening and although no cases had sprung up all week, Sherlock seemed alright with that. Honestly, John bet he would crash any minute now.
So far, though, the consulting detective has been calm about the matter. He was currently seated in his chair, a small book in his hands. John sat across from him with his laptop, scrolling through the news in hopes or anything springing up in case his best friend started getting antsy.

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a/n;  that gif ohmygosh, he’s so cute I can’t deal with it

Word Count: 669

Pairing: Jack Gilinsky X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I let out a sigh as I sat down to start folding laundry, the simple little task adding to my stress tremendously. My stomach let out a small noise reminding me that I never ate lunch because I still haven’t gone grocery shopping. I would ask Jack to stop and pick up some stuff but he never gets the right stuff. 

My phone buzzed with a reminder to set my alarm for tomorrow morning, not wanting to be late to work again. I jumped when my phone started ringing, awaking me from my almost asleep state. “Hello.” I said into the phone, “Hey, baby.” Jack replied, I smiled softly. “What are you doing?” I asked confused, he should still be at the studio. 

“We finished early so I’m on my way home.” He answered, “Okay, I’m about to go grocery shopping so I probably won’t be here when you get home.” I told him as I finished folding the last of the clean clothes. He hummed in return, “Okay.” He said, “I’ll see you later, bye babe.” I said trying to end the phone call so I could get going. “Bye babe.” He replied before hanging up. 

I  rushed upstairs with the basket of folded clothes, I set them down and grabbed something replacing my lounge clothes with it. I went downstairs grabbing my purse and putting some shoes on before walking out the door. 

“Have a good day.” I smiled to the cashier, pushing the full cart towards my car to put the groceries in there. Finishing quickly I put the cart in it’s spot and got in my car starting the short drive home. 

I let out a breath of relief seeing Jack’s car in the driveway. I went to the front door opening it, “Babe, can you help me bring these inside?” I called into the house, I heard his footsteps moments later, “Hi babe.” He greeted me with a kiss. “Hi.” I mumbled in return before going to grab stuff out of the trunk. He gave me a weird look before coming to help. 

I set down the last of the bags that happened to have all the glass items and went to turn around when I froze as the bag fell to the floor. That’s when I lost it, I let out a sob as I looked at another mess I have to clean. “Y/N! Baby!” Jack said rushing in, he looked at the broken glass jars and came over to me carefully, “Are you okay? Did you get cut?” He asked looking me over. 

I shook my head covering my mouth with my hands in attempts to muffle my sobs. He moved me out of the kitchen and away from the glass before speaking again. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” He asked me gently moving my hands off of my mouth. 

“I’m so tired! My boss is such a jerk, all I ever do is clean this house and I hardly see you anymore! I’m just so stressed.” I let out as I held onto him like my life depended on it. He wrapped his arms around me instantly. He ran his fingers through my hair with one hand well the other rubbed my back, “I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy, I hate your boss if he’s a jerk and I’m sorry you always have to do everything.” He said quietly.

I nodded into his chest, still crying softly. “Don’t cry please, you know I hate when you’re sad.” He murmured moving back to look at my face, his thumbs wiping away any stray tears. “It’s okay, everything’s going to get better, I promise, baby girl.” He told me as I looked at him, I nodded closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. “Better?” He asked smiling softly at me, “Better.” I confirmed. 

“I love you, Jack.” I told him, he gave me a big smile, teeth and all. “I love you more, princess.” He replied kissing my forehead. 

Jinyoung Imagine - Cinderella

Do I really have to go to this stupid party of your boyfriend’s?“ You asked your best friend, (F/N).
"Okay, first of all, he’s not my boyfriend, he’s just a guy I’ve been seeing and second of all, yes! Of course you have to come with me! And don’t act like you’d have anything productive to do if you didn’t go,” she replied.
“Well actually…”
“A new series on Netflix doesn’t count.”
“Never mind then,” you sighed, “I guess I’ll go get changed then.” You walked through the shared apartment into your bedroom and flicked through the clothes hanging up until you came across a black dress that hadn’t been worn in a while; it had a form fitting bodice with a skater skirt that fell about mid-thigh. You grabbed a pair of chunky heels and left your hair in its usual state before applying a little extra eyeliner and putting on a deep red lipstick. You walked back through the apartment to where (F/N) was waiting for you.
“Damn girl, you look good!” She said, “you’re definitely gonna get some guys wanting to dance with you tonight.”
You blushed a little at her compliment and said, “oh please, I doubt anyone will give me a second glance, let alone want to dance with me.”
“Seriously?! Everyone will want to dance with you - I definitely would!”
“Aish, let’s just go, yeah?”

About 20 minutes later, the two of you arrived at the mansion where the party was being held. The thud of music could be heard from outside and bright lights shone from the windows. An uneasy feeling set in your stomach at the thought of it all.
“Don’t worry, (Y/N). You’ll be fine. If it’ll make you feel better, we’ll leave at midnight, okay?”
“Yeah sure. I’ll meet you out here at midnight.”
“Great. Now let’s go!” You both made your way up the steps and into the double doors of the mansion. It was so lavishly decorated and filled with masses of people.  

Shortly after arriving, you found the owner of the mansion and host of the party, Jaebum
“(F/N)! You made it!” The two hugged and he pecked her cheek. He then turned to look at you, “And you’re (Y/N) I presume?”
“Yep, that’s me. You’re Jaebum right? (F/N)’s boyfriend but not boyfriend,” You responded, shaking his hand. 
He chuckled lightly at your comment, “That would be me. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d love to steal her for a dance.”
“Go for it,” you said to him as he took (F/N)’s hand.
“See you later, (Y/N),” (F/N) called out to you as she and Jaebum walked out to the centre of the dance floor. You squeezed my way through the crowds to where the drinks were, hoping to not attract too much attention to yourself. After you had poured yourself a glass of a coral pink liquid, you stood at the edge of room, admiring the amount of people dancing in the room.
“It’s kind of overwhelming isn’t it, seeing so many people?” A tall stranger with dark brown hair said from next to you. Damn, he was attractive. Like, really really attractive.
“Yeah it is, I don’t know how people can go to loads of these parties.”
“It’s not too bad once you get used to it,” he said as he took a sip from his drink.
“I suppose. After all this is my first party in a mansion like this,” you laughed from beside him.
“The best way to deal with it all, I’ve found, is to dance with a tall and handsome stranger.”
“Oh really? Well let’s find you one then,” you teased, winking at him.
“Hmm, maybe. But I think I’m more in the mood for a girl in a black dress with beautiful hair like yours,” his hand caressed your hair as he looked into your eyes, captivating you. His hand moved to yours and he led you onto the dancefloor, spinning you around.

When the song ended, he whispered into your ear, “Follow me.” Curious as to where he would take you, you followed him out into the gardens. He walked towards a wall with flowers growing over it.
“Why are we here?” You asked him feeling very confused. He didn’t answer and instead pushed against the wall. Your mouth opened in shock as it opened to reveal a little clearing filled with beautiful flowers and a wooden swing.
“Beautiful, isn’t it?” He asked as he closed the secret door behind you. He strode over to the swing, motioning for you to sit down. You sat on the swing and let him push you. The two of you were laughing like young children as you swung back and forth.

Both of you spent hours talking until you were interrupted by a text from (Y/F/N).

“I have to go, my friend is waiting for me,” you said, jumping up from the wooden bench you and the guy had sat on. 
“You’re going to just leave? Can’t I at least give you my number?”
“But I don’t even know your name,” you said, quickly walking to the door. 
“It’s Jinyoung. Please, I’ve never felt like this about a girl before. Something about you fascinates me.”
“I’m already late. I can’t keep her waiting. I’m sorry,” you said before opening the large door and sprinting out and in the direction of the front gate. 
“Wait! Come back!” You heard Jinyoung shout. You kept on running but shouted back, “I can’t! We’ll see each other again, I promise. But I can’t leave her waiting.” You heard him stop running and looked back with a tear in your eye. You hated to have to leave him like this but knew you couldn’t keep (Y/F/N) waiting, especially after you were the one stopping her from staying. When you reached her and got into the taxi, you recounted every last detail of the story. 
“Oh my god, this is like a fairytale!” She said excitedly, squealing a little.
“I can’t believe it all happened. It feels like a dream.”
“Do you think you’ll ever see him again?” She asked you as you both arrived back home and paid the taxi driver.
“I have no idea. I hope so but what are the chances?”
“Every that’s happened has been like a fairytale so maybe another little miracle will happen!”
“Haha, maybe.”
“Oh, I forgot the tell you earlier. Jaebum is coming over tomorrow and I think he’s bringing a friend of his,” (Y/F/N) said to you as she took off her shoes and sank down onto the sofa. 
“Cool, why’s he bringing a friend with him?” You asked as you sat beside her.
“Because I may have mentioned that you’ve been single for a while..”
“Really? God, he probably thinks I’m desperate!”
“Oh shut up, you. I’m going to bed to dream of that guy from the party. Night.”

When morning came, you got dressed into some casual clothes and put on a small amount of makeup. Walking into the living room you saw (Y/F/N) tidying up. 
“Well that’s a rare sight. You never clean,” you teased as you leant against the doorframe.
“I don’t want Jaebum to think I’m a messy person. Is that such a bad thing?”
“But you are a messy person.”
“Yes but he doesn’t need to know that yet. Anyway, I want to leave a good first impression on his friend.”
“Sure,” you replied sarcastically as a knock sounded at the door, “speaking of, I’d say they’re here to see how tidy you are.” (Y/F/N) ignored your teasing comment and went to open the door. You heard their voices coming from the hallway and recognised one as Jaebum and the other you knew but couldn’t put a name to it. When they walked into the room, you realised who it was. Jinyoung. The look of shock on his face when he saw you proved that he hadn’t expected to see you when he turned around the corner. He ran up to you and hugged you, picking you up and spinning around.
“Oh my god, I didn’t think I’d see you again,” he said, still in awe. 
“Me neither but I’m so happy we did.”
“You know, you never told me your name last night.”
“(Y/N),” you said quickly before kissing him passionately. When the two of you broke apart, you looked to see (Y/F/N) and Jaebum’s smug faces.
“Did you know?” You asked.”
“We were texting last night and I told Jaebum that you’d found some mystery man and spent hours with him and he said his friend had found some girl and taken her to a secret alcove in the gardens. When we realised, I told him to bring Jinyoung so the two of you could meet,” she explained as Jaebum snaked his arm around her waist. 
“Wow, are you two going out or staying here?” You asked, immediately wanting to spend some time alone with Jinyoung.
“We’ll go out so the two of you can spend some quality time together,” Jaebum said as he winked at you both.
“See you later you two,” (Y/F/N) added as they left the apartment. 
“Now that we’re alone, we should pick up from last night,” Jinyoung said as his arms circled your waist, holding you close to him.
“That sounds perfect, Jinyoung.”

More soulmate AU bc I do what I want and an anon asked for it

part 1 | part 2

  • Percy has been considering telling Annabeth that he wants to kiss her for a few weeks now, but you know, things keep coming up. 
  • It isn’t like they haven’t talked before. Annabeth is Percy’s soulmate. They have talked about their dream house (Annabeth’s dream house, really, Percy just added a pool to it and they called it even) and how many kids they want (at least 2) and what they are going to do when they finished college. 
  • They talk a lot. They only thing that they haven’t talked about is the fact that Percy is going to die if he doesn’t kiss her. 
  • (Not really, but she is so fucking perfect, it’s driving him crazy, okay?)
  • He was going to tell her on their “date” tonight, when he picked her up for dinner after he got out of practice, but you know, he ends up in the hospital instead. 
  • It isn’t really that big of a deal–he was running on the treadmill earlier and he might have accidentally forgotten to eat lunch and he passed out. Of course, he hit his head on the way down, so there was this really gross bruise on the side of his face. If Annabeth had even wanted to kiss him before, she probably doesn’t want to now. 
  • She’s still in class too, so he hasn’t gotten to talk to her yet. She is going to kill him for being an idiot. 

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do you have arya and robb headcanons ? :(

My buddy my pal my dude not only do I think I have headcanons for every Starkling, Robb and Arya are one of my favorite Starkling relationships to think about: 

  • Okay listen: Robb thinks that Arya is the funniest person he knows. Not just from his family, but out of anyone he’s ever met. He could be having the worst day, and Arya could throw something or make a joke and Robb’s bad mood would be gone immediately. No one can make Robb smile faster than Arya. 
  • Arya always hated things like sewing - she wished she were good at it, but she had no patience for it and her stitching was never as neat as Sansa’s, so for a brief period of time, she was stuck knowing that she hated what she was learning but not knowing what she wanted to do. 
    • That changed when she saw Robb and Jon in one of their sword fighting lessons. It was so elegant and powerful, and Arya knew the second she saw them that she wanted to learn how to fight. 
    • She tried to get Jory to teach her, then Jon, then Robb, but none of them really took her seriously. 
      • Robb actually laughed when she told him, and Arya got mad and told him that he wouldn’t be laughing if he had to learn how to stitch every day. 
      • Robb agreed, and he told her that if he could do better on stitching than Arya, he’d teach her how to fight. And holy shit Robb picks up skills quickly, so while his stitching wasn’t perfect, it was still better than Arya’s. He saw that she was upset, so he told her that while he wouldn’t teach her how to sword fight, he’d teach her how to use a bow and arrow. 
      • They practice for hours and Arya always hits the sides of the board but never the center, so Arya works hard after Robb every night after Robb goes to sleep.The first time Robb ever sees Arya hit the target in the center is in the pilot episode, and he couldn’t be prouder.  :) 
  • This really isn’t a headcanon but Arya and Robb and Rickon are easily the most wild Starklings. Robb likes to pretend that he’s all calm and collected, but Arya could always get him easily riled up, and she loved doing it. 
    • Honestly, she could tell him that someone liked him or someone said something bad about him,and Robb would turn from “Super Cool Older Brother” into “Desperate Teenager”. 
    • “Arya wait, why did they say this, what did they say exactly- Arya STOP RUNNING AWAY WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?” 
  • Robb and Arya made the most bets with each other out of every Starkling. Every little thing between the two of them had to be a bet. 
    • “Robb, I bet you can’t eat this lamb faster than me.” “Yeah? You’re on Arya.” 
    • Robb thought that since Arya was smaller and younger he should go easy on her, but in their first bet, she absolutely demolished him in a race and so he never ever went easy on her. Robb gave their bets his all, and so did Arya. They never counted the bets until later on in their lives, and by the time Arya and Robb left Winterfell, Arya had 40 wins and Robb had 44 (that they remembered). 
  • When the direwolves were first puppies, Arya and Robb actually trained Grey Wind and Nymeria together (sometimes with Jon as well). At the time, the wolves were the most domineering of the group, and the two pups stuck together so Arya and Robb decided to just spend time training them. 
    • Of course they made it a competition of who could train their pup better. This was actually the last bet they ever made - they both worked hard to train Grey Wind and Nymeria during the time they had together, but Arya taught Nymeria to bring her clothes, food, shoes, etc., so she ended up winning that last bet. 
  • Robb and Arya would totally play fight when they were both free. It mostly consisted of Arya running at Robb, and Robb laughing and lifting her up in the air while she kicked her legs at him.