i got three hoes


I know some people suck at coming up with starters in group roleplays, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people stopped making masterposts, but I’m going to go ahead and make one anyway. Here’s a masterlist of things my aim contacts have posted/said, divided into gif chat starters and text message starters. Some of them have been edited slightly to apply to more than just one person, and they can work for different characters. Please like/reblog if you plan on using any of these.

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Just Needed Help

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This is my entry for my hoes @notnaturalanahi Ana’s Crack 600 Celebration. I got three prompts- 1.Someone has a crush on me, 2.I-I thought you and-you and Cas… ,3. You should leave your hair like that, I like it. Pairing-John x Reader 

Characters: Y/n, John, Cas


Warnings: Randomness, mistaken smut, flirting, just randomness!

Word Count: 667

Summary: John seems to have lost his chance with Y/n, but was he mistaken?

A/N: Gurl!! My hoe!! Ana!! I’m so sorry for this piece of complete trash!! I don’t know what happened. I wrote it, thought it was ok. Read it back and I’m like wtf. Is this even crack??? I don’t even know, but this was what I came up with. I hope u find it acceptable, cos I don’t even know what the hell this is! P.S. The reader is gender neutral. Sorry, but I sort of just went that way. Hope that’s ok. 

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“Harder, Cas!”

John’s head snapped up, putting the diary down onto his bed, waiting, wondering if he just heard right.

A few seconds passed, John assuming it was just his imagination, when he heard another obscene moan.

He shot out of bed, angry but also slightly scared of what he’d see.

He tiptoed to the room opposite his in the bunker, the door already slightly ajar.

John pushed it open, only to see Castiel’s back, y/n in front of him, most of y/n’s body hidden by the angel.

Cas had a hold of y/n’s arms, holding them behind his back, their bodies touching each other.

“Do that again. Please, Cas”.

John watched as Cas’ grip tightened on y/n, thrusting his hips, making y/n let out another moan, head falling onto Cas’ shoulder.

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