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“Caught Up” (Yugyeom Smut)

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Title: Caught Up

Featuring: Yugyeom (GOT7) X Noona Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17

Summary: After giving Yugyeom an eyeful of your slinky undergarments, you use the incident as fodder to tease him, but the tease might have gone too far this time.

Requested by anon! I don’t know why it took me so long to finish this, but here we go!


That sing-songy voice rang out across the room and sent a cringe through your body. You absolutely hated when Yugyeom called you that, even though it was accurate. You were older than him, sure, but he had a way of teasing you about it that dug at you. You wanted to wipe that stupid smirk off his face when he said it.

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Meddling Maid(Namseok Threesome Smut)

So I had been experimenting with what I wanted to do with the final chapter of this. I came up with an idea from my good friend @silhouetted-beauty​ which you guys should check out her stories because her shit is amazing. This will be the last story it’s so hard to write aggressive things all the time haha but I hope you guys enjoy this. It also steamed off from a request @thegirlthatlikesasianboys​ made so I hope she of all people love the ending I put on this <3

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“Y/N! Get in here right now!” Hoseok barked out causing you to jump to your feet and scramble into the front room. The short black French maid outfit that you had on was rising up your legs as you pressed your clasped fists against the front of your body below your stomach. “Why is this shelf not dusted?” Hoseok asked pointing ahead towards the shelf that had the TV in the middle of it. Looking back at the male who was half dressed in sweatpants and no shirt you shrugged your shoulders looking off.

“You didn’t tell me to dust it today..” You mumbled quietly.

“Do I always have to tell you what to do when you don’t listen anyway?” He asked causing your bottom lip to twitch.


“No?” He asked you shifting his body on the couch causing you to grit your teeth before you gave him a hard smile your eyes resting on his.

“No sir.” You chirped lightly.

“You’re not cute Y/N get to dusting or I’m taking away your privilege to watch TV.” You opened your mouth to protest but the look in his eyes told you to just drop it and let it go like you had been doing for the past two weeks. As if things couldn’t get worse Namjoon unlocks the door walking in wearing matching sweat pants to what Hoseok had on with a black tank top and a beanie.

“Daddy is back.” He sang looking around the house.

“Actually, you’re mommy this week. And I’ve missed you. We both have.” Hoseok let his eyes roam down to his dick before he leaned up a bit to tug Namjoon into his arms. They shared a long kiss, Namjoon straddling Hoseok as they touched over each other’s body. Breaking the kiss Namjoon looked at you licking his lips. He had pity on you, that outfit wasn’t helping anything. But because Hoseok wanted it they both had to punish you and it was for a good reason, you broke a rule and you knew better than to disobey him.

“What are you looking at maid? You’re supposed to be cleaning and then off to bed.” Hoseok warned in a harsh tone.

“But you said I could watch TV!” You shouted at him stomping your foot. Hoseok glared at you trying to get up. Namjoon seeing this pushed the usual playful male down.

“Y/N just clean the front room up and I promise tomorrow I will let you watch all the TV in the world. You’ve been a very good girl.” He praised you as Hoseok slipped his hands under the male’s shirt pinching his nipples. Sighing you turned around grabbing the feather duster starting to dust the shelves starting with the bottom one moving up to the top. It was very hard for you to concentrate hearing such lewd seductive sounds coming from the men behind you, and once you heard the wet sounds and choking following you were walking to your room balling your first around the duster lightly slamming the door and plopping face first on your bed.

It had been two long weeks since Hoseok had popped up on you and Namjoon after you broke rules that was established. Hoseok was furious and you had never saw him so upset. He told you not only did you break his trust but you hurt him because he expected more from you. So, he banned you from all kinds of contact of sex. You weren’t allowed to spend much time outside of your room, you couldn’t have your stuffed animals that they won you at carnivals. Nothing. Not even your collars and you had to wear your maid outfit that they had brought you and clean up whatever it was they needed cleaning. It was torture! Because they still fucked each other, slept in the bed with each other they were happy while you were in misery. Frustrated many nights because you felt it was unfair. It was one rule and you were sure when they were on tour they were breaking rules or messing around with one another so why couldn’t you do it? Hearing both of them moan in the front room disturbing your thoughts only made you more upset to the point where angry tears were streaking down your face as you caved into sleep but not before promising yourself of revenge.

The next few days were the same, Hoseok treating you more like a friend then a lover not even sparing you glances. So, you slipped off your panties that Friday morning walking into the front room with your maid outfit on. The black skirt outlined with white fringes tight against your mid-thigh. Your top pressing tightly against your plump breast with the little ruffles accenting your skin. The collar having ribbons around your neck that you tied into a bow. White thigh highs clipped onto your garter you strode into the front room with a wide smile. Of course, Hoseok ignored you again burying his head in his phone. Instead of asking him what your task was for the day you walked towards the coffee table bending down to pick up the duster. Sweeping it across the books starting on the lowest shelf. Your ass sticking out as you bend over, heel slightly turning in the opposite direction to make your toes touch. Your arm reached out to dust along the clean shelf and you heard a slight choke of air from behind you causing instant gratification.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Hoseok asked you causing you to look back at him tilting you head innocently.

“What do you mean sir?” You asked jutting out your lower lip making yourself innocent but nothing over the top because he would’ve saw through you.

“Where are your panties.” He asked you after a while. Namjoon made his way from the kitchen pausing in his tracks seeing the sight in front of him. His cock twitching at the sight of you bent over.  He had fucking missed your body everything about you, how you tasted and smelt. How you felt wrapped around him as he pulled your hair and marked your skin. He enjoyed Hoseok nonetheless but he knew the male was craving to have you again just as much as he was.

“You never said I had to wear panties sir. Therefore, when I got up I didn’t find it necessary to go the extra mile to put them on after sleeping in nothing last night. Smiling sweetly, you stood up straight dusting a few more parts of the shelf before going into the kitchen to clean, Hoseok reached up to grip at your wrist glaring up at you the lust slowly unraveling in his eyes making your body tremble.

“This isn’t over. K-“ Hoseok paused taking a deep breath through his nostrils swearing to himself he wouldn’t call you that again until you made up for what you did. “Y/N.” He said softly letting you go.

“Yes sir. I will enjoy the day when you actually talk to me.” Jerking your wrist of the way from him you walked past Namjoon who was dumbfounded holding a piece of toast.

That weekend it continued. The constant torture you gave to both males. Leaning over them to clean the counter or dropping things ‘accidentally’ so that you could bend over. Your favorite was cleaning the floor with a towel on your knees with your ass high in the air as you cleaned the stains up from the floor. Your backtalk had also gotten worse against Hoseok. Everyday Namjoon came home it was a different argument and it seemed to be blowing over for the both of you. He himself was guilty with getting in it and defending Hoseok causing you to tear up and turn away from him. He was bewildered and he didn’t know what to do but he knew the sex ban was affecting everyone in the house, not even hand jobs were enough to get him off. Growling as he rolled over from the couch glaring daggers at both you and Hoseok who were having a shouting match.

“I sweat if you talk to me like that I will take something else away!” Hoseok shouted his face red as he stood up.

“That’s all you ever do is take shit away! Let’s make it a hobby because you don’t fucking know me!”

“I know that you’re a spoiled ass little brat who needs to learn her place!”

“Oh yeah and what are you going to do to teach me that lesson? Touch me?! HEAVEN FORBID! Fuck you!” Namjoon felt his mouth drop open for what seemed the millionth time that week. The submissive little loving kitten they had was replaced by a fiery hungry lioness.

“Kitten.” Hoseok spoke after a while. His face unreadable but his eyes bearing into yours. You swallowed the lump in your throat, your legs instantly buckling from how he called out for you. “Bed.” He said simply. You didn’t trust it, but for some reason your feet was carrying you towards their bedroom without another argument. Your legs feeling like jelly with every step you took towards that direction. Crawling on the bed once you pushed the door open you were sitting on your ass waiting for him. Hoseok came into the room with Namjoon after some seconds shutting the door he eyed you rolling his head back.

“The sex ban is lifted.” Hoseok started and of course you perked up but the look on Namjoon’s and Hoseok’s face made your stomach sink once again.

“I’m very disappointed in you kitten. You keep breaking rules. And yes, trust me I know that Hoseok has been unfair but so have you. If you would just come and talk to us, open up we wouldn’t have to keep torturing you and ourselves. You don’t think we’ve seen how soaking wet your pussy is after you hear us have sex? Or how frustrated you get because you want to touch us.” Namjoon sighed softly.

“Or how I’ve heard you crying in that room every day this week?” Hoseok asked causing you to open your eyes wide because you couldn’t believe it. There was pain on his face that you noticed for the first time, and you opened your mouth to breath out an apology but he wasn’t taken it. “No, the only sounds I will hear from your mouth for the next few hours will be your cries of pleasure. You’re not allowed to say anything unless we ask you a question or you need to use your safe word.” When Hoseok said that you thought you were going to turn into a puddle of nothing. “Understood?” He asked you and taking a while to wrap your head around things you nodded slowly and he smiled stripping himself of his polo shirt. “Good kitten. Get into position, eyes down.” Getting off the bed you crawled on your hands and knees to rest in front of Hoseok your eyes cast downward on his feet because right now you weren’t allowed to see his face. “Strip.” Hoseok cooed and you nodded your head, hands trying to fidget to quickly take off the tight thin material leaving you in a white bra no panties and thigh highs pressed against your thighs. “Hands in front of you.” He instructed and you did so holding out your trembling limbs pressing them with your closed fists face up wrists side by side.

“Good girl.” Hoseok cooed out reaching a hand down to undo your ponytail ruffling your hair. Namjoon moved from the closet, walking up behind you he tied a black blindfold around your eyes making sure it was secure, soon he was wrapping his arms around your waist to tie your hands together with a silk ribbon making sure that your hands were bound together. He kissed under your ear against one of your favorite spots biting on your ear gently. Namjoon moved back from your body going to strip himself of his shirt and his pants. He moved back into the closet grabbing at the camera and the camera stand setting it up and the end of the bed. He made sure that it was angled good enough to see the bed and you right now on the floor fidgeting and moving in front of Hoseok who was watching you with a soft smile. Namjoon felt some relief in his body, the tension rolling off his shoulders as he moved to sit down in the chair to watch you all and enjoy the show.

“Do you have any idea of how much I want to do to you? How I want to ruin that little pussy?” Hoseok asked you threading his fingers into your hair pulling back gently. “How much I just want to paint your body with bruises and my cum? I get to mark you all day as my dirty little slut and you’re going to take everything I give you. Every kiss. Every touch. Every inch.” Hoseok growled as he crashed his lips against yours taking your breath away. You kissed him back letting him take over, his lips moving against yours marking the plump flesh. His teeth were clamping down onto your bottom lip his tongue moving to swipe across your bottom lip. Your mouth opened and he eagerly shoved his tongue into your mouth. Licking and sucking onto every ounce of your mouth, over your teeth and the roof of your mouth over your tongue swirling it with his and pushing it as if he was trying to shove it down your throat. His other hand moved to grip at your breast holding it in his hand. Moving to massage it up and down your skin that was getting hot and littered with goosebumps as your body was embraced by the warm feeling. Hoseok slid his hand down from your breast to hook it under your ass lifting you up he walked you to the bed his lips still entangled with yours. Throwing you onto the bed he looked down at your body naked before him. He smirked moving you until you were in front of the camera feet pressing down against the edge of the bed and your ass pressing against the middle. “I want you to touch yourself for us. If you want to cum I think you will be a good girl yes?” Hoseok asked trailing his long fingers up and down your parted thighs.

Nervously you swallowed nodding your head. Your hands drifted down towards your crotch, it was a bit hard to move your wrist because of the material that was biding your wrist together but regardless you slowly started to stroke your clit throwing your head back as you moaned for them. Your heart rate was speeding up as your middle finger was circling around your clit but it wasn’t enough and you knew they knew that because you used to always get frustrated whenever they would come home throwing fits when you just wanted them to finger you and make you cum. Poking out your lower lip you slid your middle finger inside of you, moving your hips up against your finger. Your breast pressed together as your body sped up trying to feel more friction. Trying to slid your fingers deeper your anger started to rise a growl ripping from your throat.

“If you can’t even be a good girl and fuck yourself why would you disobey us? You know that we are always more than ready to fuck you until you’re begging for mercy.” Namjoon stated flicking his tongue along his lower lip wetting it. The sight before him turning him on and making him realize how needy he actually was for you with how his member throbbed in his pants. Hoseok could also feel all the blood rushing south and more than anything he had just wanted to touch you. He needed you no toys no anything just you.

“Y/N. You’re so lucky I have no patience because I was going to tear you apart until you were sobbing. Now I just want to be inside of you.” Hoseok tore your fingers from your heat licking across your soaked fingers to clean them. Namjoon leaning forward to dart his tongue along the insides of your spread thighs moaning at the soft skin that was meeting his tongue. He marked hickeys all over your parted thighs, your legs trembling from the feeling of his plump lips on your skin. Hoseok pressed your bound hands back against the mattress leaning down to part your lips with one of his hands his tongue licked from your slit to your clit. Crying out you arched your back from the jolt that shook your body. Hoseok smirked, he loved those reactions you gave whenever he was going down on you, his tongue flicking and circling around your pink bud before he was enclosing his tongue around it sucking on it. Namjoon crept closer until his tongue was sliding inside of your pussy. Your mouth fell open as you fist at the sheets above your head. Both males using their tongues to elicit a different reaction from you. Hoseok kissed up your body to your breast pressing his lips around your left nipple. Sucking on it, he let his first and middle finger rub at your clit side to side at a fast pace as Namjoon took the liberty to press his tongue all around the insides of your walls. Whimpering against the bed your hips bucked up, your hands itching for more contact.

“Daddy Hoseok. Please let me touch you.” It was the way you called his name that had him growling and nodding against your skin signaling for you to do so. Hands moving to tangle in his hair you felt as he slid his tongue all over your body as to remind himself how every single part of you tasted. He bit softly onto your stomach crawling his lips back up to bury his face in the crook of your neck.

“Are you going to be a good girl and give your cum to daddy Namjoon? He really wants to taste your sweet juices. I bet your tight pussy wrapped around his tongue so good, didn’t it? Almost like our first time.” Hoseok chuckled lightly, pressing wet kisses against your skin. His words mixing in with his actions and the curving of Namjoon’s tongue how he flicked it rapidly against your spot had you releasing on his tongue your hips trying to thrash around the bed, lips parted as a cry escaped from them. Both males helped you ride out your orgasm until you were still jerking your hips every now and then still sensitive from the oral.

“I think she is ready to take us.” Namjoon stated once he pulled back from your pussy to wipe off his lips and chin. Hoseok nodded his head as both of them stripped down until everyone in the room was bear. Hoseok took off your blindfold and Namjoon moved to pick you up for him.  Hoseok walked in front of you, his eyes locking on your eyes. He lifted up your arms to wrap around his head, his hands going to grip at your hips, he lifted you up aligning your heat with his shaft. Pressing his forehead against yours Hoseok slowly sunk himself into you burying himself deep inside of you. Both of you groaning and slight whimpers left your lips as your hands played with the hairs at the nape of his neck. He held you down on his shaft for a bit listening to your little pain sounds his lips found yours as he tried his best to kiss away the pain, despite being upset with your stubbornness he couldn’t help but love you and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. Waiting for you to signal him so he could move he was content with just kissing you. But once you gave him the ok he wasted no time slamming himself inside of you to stretch you back out for him. He pulled back from the kiss to give a husky moan of your name, the lust falling off of the way he said it. He bit on your bottom lip sucking on the flesh as he motioned with two fingers for Namjoon to come forward. Namjoon had been enjoying the show stroking off his slicked member as he watched you too indulge in one another. Namjoon aligned his member with your puckered asshole, Hoseok moving his hands to spread your cheeks wide for him. Namjoon grit his teeth, he knew you would be in some pain so he tried to get it over with. Slowly sliding inside of you he listened to you cry out, he was hesitant about to pull out when you objected telling him you wanted it to hurt and in his mind technically it still was punishment. Giving into your demand he slammed his hips forward until he was buried inside of you. Both males stopped moving, Namjoon’s fingers came around your waist to circle against your clit calming you down a bit. They both whispered sweet words and dirty little sayings into your ear getting you to relax for them to move. Standing up made it a little better, you knew if you would have been laying down you would’ve had to stop. Nodding your head, you gave a hard clench around both men who took that as an okay to keep going. They set a rhythm when Namjoon pulled out so would Hoseok both men gripping your body and slamming into you at the same time. Choked cries left your lips as you took the rough thrusting, different nail markings in your body that you knew would make you sore for sure. Your hips couldn’t move between the two so you just enjoyed it, your eyes drifting shut as you listened to the heavy breaths each male took or how they silently muttered your name followed by strings of curses. You kept tightening around them both, trying to contribute to their pleasure in some way, Namjoon went back to rubbing your clit while Hoseok aimed for your spot fucking you as hard as he could. It didn’t take long for the combination to have you sobbing and begging for release, and this time around you waited until you were given a yes before you started to cum for the both of them. Namjoon was the next one to spill his cum milking your tight asshole as he gave you every last drop a lot coming out of his member. Hoseok kept it up, not wanting to cum because he loved the feeling of being buried deep inside of you. Your head rolling forward to rest on his shoulder you held him trying to bounce yourself on him and it was your turn to mutter sweet nothings in his ear causing him to groan and give into you. He spilled his cum inside of you, his legs shaking as he held you up. Namjoon slipped out of you going to get a towel from the bathroom and Hoseok carried you to the bed sliding out of you. You felt sore and empty put content, letting Namjoon wipe you off you reached blindly for Hoseok who pulled you into your chest rubbing his hands up and down your thighs to aid the throbbing. Namjoon soon joined you both on the bed doing the same thing causing you to pass out from contentment and exhaustion.

Chocobro Scenarios

So a cute little idea I thought up the other night, and I thought I would write up. It got me thinking to all the different kinds of reactions people would have in this situation. But we know we can always trust in the Chocobros to support their s/o in whatever crazy plans they drag them into.

SFW with suggestive themes

Chocobros x Reader (Gender Neutral)

The Chocobros take a trip to the lingerie store with their s/o.


  • Noctis had a rare free day to himself and his s/o asked if they could do a little shopping in the morning. Promising that they would be back by afternoon to relax for the rest of the day, and that they could even take a nap.
  • Excited about the prospect of spending time with his s/o, making them happy and getting what he wanted was a definite okay in his book. So he agreed.
  • It wasn’t his favorite thing to do, but he knew they enjoyed it, and he would never admit it. But he enjoyed spending time out in public with them, because he was able to show off what an amazing s/o he has.
  • They went into a few stores, just browsing mindlessly before his s/o decided it was time to go into the store that they had set their mind on even before the trip.
  • “Hey Noct, I want you to help me pick out a new outfit. You can pick whatever you like, okay?”
  • He gave a nod in reply and let them take his hand and bring him into a store he had never been in, or really noticed, that was across the street.
  • Walking in, he immediately knew what his s/o had dragged him into, and his face went beat red.
  • He tried to make an excuse of why he had to leave, but they weren’t having it.
  • “I thought you might like to pick something out for me to wear. Whatever you like. Just for you to see.” They say with a wink and a smirk.
  • Noctis takes a deep breath before pushing away his embarrassment and deciding it was an offer he quite liked. So he marched further into the store with confidence and started looking around.
  • Once finding something, he walked back over to them as they ideally browsed, and handed them a lacy blue and black set, complete with a corset and matching panties, along with a garter belt and black thigh highs.
  • His s/o nodded their approval before taking it in hand and going to the register to buy it.
  • Noctis followed along quietly and stood behind them, before the cashier made a comment to the prince and he took their hand as soon as they were done and took their bag, walking as fast as he could before making it outside.
  • Walking away from the store, his s/o looked up at him with a smile. “Sorry for dragging you in there, but I thought you might like to pick something you wanted out.”
  • “It’s okay, you’ll just have to make it up to me tonight.” He said with a light smirk, leading them back in the direction of their shared apartment.


  • Ignis needed to go out to the shops and get a few things, and his s/o decided to accompany him.
  • Going through some food stalls and in and out of shops for possible potions and materials the prince or their group may need, his s/o followed behind patiently. Making idle conversation as they walked alongside him.
  • Noticing they would pass by a certain shop that peaked their interest, a small smile came to their face before turning to Ignis as he glanced at some fruit in front of a shop.
  • They grab his hand to get his attention before he turns to them with a quizzical look.
  • “Can we pop into that store over there? There’s something I think we may need to get.”
  • He looks up to the shop that they pointed to, not having remembered been there before, but not seeing any harm to take a look, especially if his s/o showed an interest. “Of course, let’s go have a check inside then.”
  • They lead him to the store and walk inside. He is quickly aware of what kind of shop it is as he looks around at all the intimate attire.
  • He just chuckled to himself as he looks at his s/o, who has a smirk on their face, knowing exactly what they would be bringing him into.
  • “I thought it may be a good idea to take a peek in here, see if there was anything you may like that I could get for you.” They say with a knowing look in their eyes.
  • “I think you made a very fine choice. I think I’ll go do just that.” He says before walking with them through the store, taking things from their place on the pegs. Holding things up next to them to see how it may look, checking for good colors and sizes. Taking this opportunity to pick something he knew would be perfect for them.
  • Finally deciding on an ensemble, one which was a matching red set with silk bra and panties, along with a little silk and transparent robe to go on top.
  • Happy with his pick, he went to buy his selection for his s/o, insisting on paying for it himself. Before it was put in a bag and handed back off to him.
  • Exiting the shop, he heads back in the direction to their apartment.
  • “Are we heading back? I didn’t think you were done shopping.”
    “It seems I have more important things to attend to back home. I’d like to sort and look at the purchases we made before I assess what else I may need to buy.”
  • His s/o was just happy Iggy was as excited as them to try on their newly bought articles. He was bound to love it. And it made them even more excited to think Ignis planned to purchase more of the kind, in the future.


  • Having gone out on a lunch date with his s/o, they were wandering around the town, just browsing the surrounding shops.
  • Prompto seeing a thing or two, or a store that they would check in to see what they may have to offer.
  • Before he asked his s/o if there was any store they had wanted to look into.
  • They had just the idea.
  • It was a little bit of a distance, but since it was a nice day out, and Prompto loved spending time with his s/o just walking around and talking with no plans to be had, he didn’t mind.
  • They walked up to a shop that had no indication to what it might be, but as far as Prompto could tell, it was a clothing store.
  • But he didn’t mind either way, happy to go wherever his s/o wanted to go.
    Hand in hand, they led him into the shop.
  • It was instant realization as soon as they walked in the door exactly what kind of store it was. And it was just as instant the Promptos freckled cheeks lit up in a deep blush.
  • Standing stock still, his s/o had to convince him to walk further into the store with him, but he was so nervous he found it hard to do anything but stay still.
  • “Pick out anything you want, I want to wear whatever will make you happy, whatever you would enjoy the most. And I’ll buy it. This is all for you.”
  • He needed a minute to collect his thoughts that immediately went to a less innocent mindset, before he nodded slightly and bravely walked further in the store.
  • It took some prompting, but he eventually wasn’t so embarrassed as he saw other couples probably with similar intentions as his s/o’s.
  • And after some thought, he had decided on an outfit that he thought would compliment them the best, and could only think about how much he wanted to see them in it.
  • Picking a forest green, lacy and transparent one piece, he paired it with a darker green short skirt and white thigh highs, before handing it to his s/o to take up to the register to purchase.
  • Although he was nervous to be there, he could only think about how amazing they would look in what he picked out for them.
  • After paying and bagging the new outfit, they head out the door. Prompto grabs their hand and starts off to home at a faster pace than their leisurely walk they had been on before.
  • “Someone in a hurry?” They say with a chuckle.
  • “Of course! So let’s hurry home.” He says with a slight blush to his cheeks again, but you weren’t gonna complain. When you surprised him with things like this, he was always easily excited to see them through.


  • Unlike most, Gladio was very straight forward and wasn’t afraid to show his attraction for his s/o, even in public.
  • So that morning they had asked if he’d like to accompany out for a little shopping, being they had a day to themselves for once.
  • Gladio shrugged, not minding the idea of strolling through town in the shops with them, he hadn’t much else planned for the day.
  • So the both go into town around noon, walking through the streets with his arm around his s/o’s waist, pointing out things of interest.
  • As they walked, his s/o noticed a little shop up ahead that they knew would be a good idea to check out again with a certain boyfriend that had accompanied them today.
  • “Hey Gladio, I thought we could go check out that shop over there.” They say, pointing to a store Gladio didn’t recognize. But he agreed nonetheless, seeing no harm in looking inside, and it was his s/o’s idea to walk around and check out shops anyways.
  • They stepped inside and as soon as Gladio got a good look around, he let out a hearty laugh before turning to you with a wide smirk that showed off his teeth.
  • “Its like you know me too well babe. How did you know I wanted to get you a new outfit?”
  • “You mumbled something the last time, the other night, so I thought we could come check out this shop, and I’d let you pick out whatever you want.” They say with a wink, motioning to the store with a wave.
  • “You’re the best.” He takes their hand and walks along, scouring through the store for possible new choices he had yet to see them in.
  • There was a large selection but in the end, he found something he had the most pull towards. A black, lace up corset with matching black panties, and fishnets that he just couldn’t say no too.
  • Knowing him well, as his s/o passed by another section, they picked up a pair of heels to before heading to check out and buy their items.
  • And once his s/o’s items were bagged, he took it for them and headed back outside into the street.
  • All the while, Gladio whispered things he would do once his s/o got back home and was able to model their purchase for him.
  • It was his s/o who grabbed his hand and walked in a fast pace to get back to their apartment.
  • “If you end up ruining this new outfit like the last, you’re buying me two new pairs.”
  • “Well you better start deciding what you want when we go back there again in the next few days babe. Because you know I won’t hold back.”
  • There was no objection from his s/o as they hurried home.



TITLE - Christen the throne

SUMMARY -  On your one year anniversary you decide to  surprise your husband with your filthy side .

WARNINGS -  EXPLICIT SHIT , smut , fingering , blowjob 

PAIRING - Thor x reader

WORDS - 2.5 k +

A/N -   This is re- post since I deleted it the first time . 

Taw @supersoldierslover you are amazing and I am very grateful for you . Thank you so much .


This was requested by @marveloussssworld . I tried my best since I usually don’t  write for  Thor . But I hope you like it Leelee.

365 . 365 days that you had been married to Thor Odinson and tomorrow was your anniversary.

You were born to asgardians and you had lived with your parents all your life . Your father worked for the King of Norse Gods Odin  while your mother was a painter by profession . Since your childhood you were quite familiar with King Odin’s castle . You visited it quite often with your father . You thoroughly enjoyed the vast expanse of the hallways, the beautiful gardens and the scenic view from the high balconies .

It was at the age of 14 that you had first met with Thor , King Odin’s son . He was a rather well behaved boy unlike his brother . Long blond locks that you would run your hands through for hours a day speaking about the most silliest of things . Years of being together and quite inseparable you had both realised that somewhere along the road you had fallen for each other .  Love between a heir of a dynasty and a commoner was not appreciated . It took days of convincing until one day ,  Kind Odin for the happiness of his son , accepted that you two belonged to each other .

Your love that originated from childhood innocence grew into one of unbreakable bond of adulthood . You remembered how your feelings changed for him over the years .

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Word count: 2365 (how did I write that much holy fuck)

Pairing: Michael Gray x Reader

Warning: so much smut (18+ please guys), dirty talk, oral (female receiving), lots of cursing.

Send me a request.

“You fuckin’ bastard!” You screamed at your boyfriend, Michael. You had just found out that he had slept with another girl. “Get the fuck out of my flat, now.”
“(Y/N), please. I was drunk, it was a mistake. It meant nothing.” Michael begged.

“I trusted you, Michael. You fuckin’ betrayed me. Get out.” You yelled. Michael had no choice but to take the bag you thrust at him as he was forced out the door.

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Blurred Lines

Originally posted by daehyeons

Pairing: Daehyun x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count:  3.7k

Warnings: Daddy kink, voyeurism?, sexting… 

A/N: This took forever I’m sorry. I hope you guys like it! Thanks again for voting!!

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Wrapped-Peter Hale Smut



  • Peter smut where he is always dominant and you show him you can be as well.
  • The reader is dominant, peter smut

Warning: smut again. What is it today with the smut ones ? hahaha sorry( not sorry )

Peter Hale could be described by a long list of adjectives, of which more than half , had a negative meaning.

One of them would be ‘’Dominant’’.

You didn’t really mind at first, in fact it was part of his charm and one of the aspects you liked about him. Demanding, needy and yet stiff and proud. The sex was great, and by great you mean really. Really great.

Even though you used to consider yourself quite dominant as well, you never had enough will to stand up to Peter. Whenever it came down to the two of you , you would always surrender to submission.

‘’he’s got you wrapped under his finger.’’  Derek told you as you sipped some hot coffee down your throat.

‘’That is a big fat lie. ‘’ you answered back and Derek raised an eyebrow at you.

‘’ look, I don’t want to be the one saying I told you so, but I don’’t want to be the one picking up the pieces after he’s done with you either..’’ Derek said heading towards the door.

‘’ that, my friend is not an option. Your uncle and I are purely physical. ‘’ you finished your coffee.

‘’ he might be.’’ Derek claimed paying closer attention to your heartbeat.

‘’nope. Me as well. I’m telling you. It doesn’t get more physical than that. Like purely, animalistic, rough attraction expressed in the most physical way possible-‘’

‘’ right. I’ll just go delete that image from my head , and you can keep telling that yourself.’’ Derek exited the room leaving you to wonder.

You didn’t really have any extended feelings for Peter other than lust and want. That was a condition you set to yourself before you even allowed him to touch you. But when he did , it became a sweet addiction.

What if Derek wasn’t only referring to what you two had in terms of relationship? But what if he meant it in terms of sex. You could easily lose Peter to someone more experienced. He always made you feel amazing, but it was always him who took the initiative.

‘’wrapped around his finger.. huh.!’’ You repeated Derek’s words, trying to convince yourself that everything was alright. But doubts and worries, had already been planted in your mind.





Peter had just returned from a stroll at the woods. You heard the key entering, and then the familiar sound of the doorknob being twisted. He could smell you in the house and he smiled at the thought of you two being alone. His big smile turned into a smirk when he also smelled arousal and anticipation.  He climbed up the stairs to the bedroom, wanting to change his clothes. Before he could enter the room, he heard your breathing patter and realized you were in there as well .

‘’Hello Y/N-holly shit!’’ He exclaimed at the view in front of him.

You were dressed in only a pair of black see through garters, red lipstick, your hair messy and a bit tangled from running your fingers through them too much. Your toned skin exposed at him.

‘’ that is one way to end the day.’’ He commented smirking and getting straight to business. He took off his shirt and attacked you with his lips, but before his tongue could race against yours you pulled away.

‘’ I want you Peter.’’ You exhaled, kissing him again, leading him towards the bed.

He kissed you back and started squeezing different parts of your body as if you were his toy. With your kisses you managed to lead him on the bed , finally lying.

Then you pulled back once more and before he could process what was happening, he felt a tight knot on his wrist.

His left hand was tied on the head board with the laced panties you would be wearing. He raised an eyebrow at you.

‘’ what are you doing ?’’ he asked, biting the inner of his cheek.

‘’shut.’’ You lips landed on his. ‘’ up’’ you mumbled against him. He chuckled and pulled back to stare at you again.

‘’ if you’re going to do this. Do it properly., My right hand is still free.’’ He winked at you and you chuckled using the matching bra to the panties to tie this other hand.

You didn’t want this to end. It was the first time you had the upper hand and you had to make sure it would be worth it.

You spread your legs against his thigh, your core touching his jeans as you rubbed your pussy against it, wetting the fabric.   After a few more seconds you climbed off of him and stood up.

Peter’s eyes were focused on you as you stood across of him smirking.

‘’what’s wrong ?’’ he asked you. You smirked a bit more before sitting on the armchair across of him.

‘’ Y/N ? ‘’ he questioned your actions but his eyes widened when you pulled out a vibrator.

‘’Don’t’’ he strictly said.

‘’ you’re not the one giving orders tonight.’’ You whimpered as you lowered the toy to your pink needy core, spreading your legs to give him perfect view of what you were doing. That image of yours pissed him off.

He hated it. He hated how a plastic thing got to enjoy the tightness of your pussy, and not him.

‘’stop using that.’’ He demanded, getting more pissed by the second. You shut your eyes enjoying the feeling of the vibrations sent through your body moaning a bit.

He hated the thought that this might had been pleasing you better than he could.

‘’STOP !’’ your eyes flattered open because his voice came out in a rapsy roar and you looked at him to see his eyes had turned blue.

You turned off the vibrator and climbed onto the bed again.

‘’ do you want to do it yourself ?’’ you asked and he nodded, swallowing a lump that had formed in his throat. His wondering needy eyes were giving you all the confidence you craved , for what you were to do next.

‘’as you wish.’’ You giggled and climbed on top of him. At first he thought you were going to ride him, but then his eyes widened as you kept going further up and up until your core reached his face.  You took a last glance at his lips to see them smirking before you lowered your centre onto his mouth.


He waisted no time. Enjoying the confidence in you as you were sitting on his face. He shoved his tongue as deep into you as he could, the warm air exhaling through his nose tingling your clit. You arched your back and let your head fall back to the feeling. He bit on your inner thighs as he kissed and sucked onto you.

You started rolling your hips against his face giving him access to please a wider range of your body. But then before you could cum, you raised your self back up. Leaving his lips wet and hungry.

You lowered yourself down to his erection and unbuckled his jeans.

‘’ Fuck..’’ he let out as you took his shaft into your hands pumping it. You bended over the cupboard next to the bed and grabbed one of the ice cubes you had earlier brought. You placed the ice cube in your mouth and bit on it, breaking it into smaller pieces. Your previously burning mouth was now icy cold, as you wrapped it around him, flicking your tongue against the tip. Peter rose his lower pack , turning his hands into fists and furrowing his brows.

‘’ good girl’’ he moaned as you kept sucking his dick and caressing his balls. You felt him growing even harder and wider in your mouth and you pulled away.  You climbed onto his member with your back turned to Peter.

‘’ I want to see you.’’ He whined, you pulled your hair on one side as you slided onto himself, slowly bouncing.


‘’ not tonight baby.’’ You moaned as you focused on pleasing yourself. Rolling your hips on him, allowing him to go deeper. He attempted to thrust into you by bucking his hips up but both your hands landed on his thighs forcing him down.

He stared at your back, and your ass as it landed against his skin. He couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to touch you. He shifted, gaining enough strength to release himself from the knots. But you were displeased at his actions. You turned around. Pinning his hands down, You still on top, but leaned down so that your tummy would be touching his. Your hair in one side , your lips inches apart from his. Even though they were parted, you brushed them against his own earning a gasp as you kept bouncing.

Seconds later you felt a tingling sensation building down in your stomach and soon his warm cum was dripping down your thighs.

You allowed yourself to fall on top him. He chuckled and caressed your hair. Trailing patterns on your back while staring at the ceiling.

‘’ God Y/N, you’ve got me wrapped around your finger.’’he breathed out sweat dripping from his forehead and you smiled proudly to yourself.

‘’ on your face Derek’’ you whispered.

‘’what ?’’

Peanut Butter & Apples & Daddy Kink

A smutty story in which Harry likes to jokingly call himself “daddy” and it gets a little too real one night. 

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Arianna Continued

This is a continuation of my fantasy for Arianna @arianna_t6984 on Twitter. Sorry this is taking so long. Have other stories I’m working on other stories I’m working on and also have other shit going on in my life. But here goes.
After we finished with the slave formerly known as Arianna on the treadmill we took it to the dungeon. The slave was already disturbed by the screams of torment we were putting other slaves in. We dressed it in a burgundy corset that exposed its tits. The slave had on garter belts attached to black fishnet stockings and the black strappy heels it was wearing when we acquired it. The slave was not wearing panties so her pussy was exposed. We attached its wrists to a spreader bar then attached each ankle to each end of the bar. We attached the spreader to a chain attached overhead and and lifted it so it was now in suspension bondage. We attached clamps to its nips and pussy. We finally put a head harness ball gag on the slave and it was ready to continue its training.
We put Mistress Sydney in charge of the slave’s first training. She wearing a black leather corset that exposed her tits and pussy with black stiletto strappy heels.
“Hello cunt. Look at you. All hung like the piece of meat you are”
The slave clearly felt the indignation of being referred to as a piece of meat. She soon would learn it was the least of her problems. Mistress Sydney first chose a flogger. She applied it all over the slave’s body.
“Mmmmppphhh!!!!!” As the slave screamed in torment.
“The only thing worse than being clamped is when you pull them off.” As Sydney pulled the clamps off the slave.
Mistress Sydney then switched to a riding crop and concentrated mainly on the slave’s pussy and tits which were sore from the clamps.
Arianna was now in tears.
“Your tears and screams get me horny. Such a dumb whore. A brainless cunt.”
After about a half hour, Sydney released the slave from that particular position. Then she put it in suspension bondage in an x-shape. Gave it some smacks on the ass and then removed the slave’s gag. Then Mistress Sydney grabbed cane which brought a sense of horror to the slave.
“Here’s the deal slut. I’m going to give you 20 strokes with this cane. After each stroke, your to count each stroke and say thank you Mistress Sydney, may I have another. If you miss count or you fail to say thank you Mistress Sydney, may I have another, we will start all over again. Do you understand?”
The slave didn’t answer.
“Do you understand cunt?” As she grabbed the slave by its hair and slapped it in the face.
“Yes” replied the slave in tears
“Yes what?” Again pulling its hair and slapping its face.
“Yes Mistress”
“Yes Mistress who!” Again hair pulling and face slapping.
“Yes Mistress Sydney”
“You’re an absolute pea brain. When ever you address me, it’ll be as Mistress Sydney. Do you understand!”
“Yes. I mean yes Mistress Sydney ”.
“Time for some meat tenderizing.”
Mistress Sydney took a few steps around the slave going in circles. One of the best ways to torture a slave is to make them wait and anticipate what’s going to happen. Sydney faked a few times making the slave flinch. Then finally. Whack!.

"Ouwwww!!!” One thank you Mistress Sydney!“

The Mistress then waited a minute then

"Two thank you Mistress Sydney!!”

About 2 minutes faking it. The slave was totally petrified. And there were still 18 strokes to go. Whack!

“Three thank you Mistress Sydney.”

Then the Mistress then gave 2 whacks simultaneous and the slave was trying to stay caught up but after the 9th one she forgot to thank you Mistress Sydney.

“Oops, you forgot to say thank Mistress Sydney. I guess we’re gonna have to start over”

“No please, you got to go slower ”

“Cause you’re such a stupid cunt”

Mistress Sydney continued. The strokes eventually reached into the 90’s. Then Bruce and Rick walked in. The Mistress decided to let the slave show its cocksucking skills. First Rick put his cock in her mouth. She thought of trying to bite it but she knew the punishment she just received would pale in comparison. After a couple minutes, Rick came in her mouth.

“That’s it whore, swallow it all.”

Bruce took his turn. When he was ready to cum, he came in her face.

Then Mistress Sydney decided she needed relief.

“Lick that pussy bitch”

Come on that’s the best you can do?“ As the Mistress gave it another slap in the face and grabbed it by the hair and smothered its face with the Mistress’s pussy.

"Yeah. Get that tongue deep. Yeah. Ooh. Oooohhh!!! Aaaahhhhh!!!!!!

When the Mistress was finished she took the slave down from her suspension. It’s legs felt like jelly.

"Ok slave. Time to do some horse back riding.”

Arianna was like “what does that mean?”
Whatever it was, it had a bad feeling. Turns out horse back riding was a ride on a wooden horse. Rick and Bruce grabbed the slave and dragged her on the horse and locked her in a metal device that secured her wrists to the ends of the device which also secured her neck. Her ankles were tethered and stretched out to each side. The ball gag was put back in her mouth and nipple clamps put back on. Then the Mistress started flogging it.

The Mistress left the slave on there for an hour. The marks on it were visible but would heal after a few days. Mistress Sydney was masterful at inflicting maximum pain without permanent damage.

Next we put the slave into a strappado so it was bent over and also rope around its neck attached to the ceiling and crotch rope attached to the floor. Then Bruce, Rick and myself all forced our cocks in its mouth. And we did that for an hour and also fucking it in the ass.

After that was done, we gave the slave water in a dog dish and handcuffed it behind its back so it was forced to drink with its mouth. Of course it was very degrading the slave but it was so thirsty that it felt it didn’t have a choice. The slave’s thoughts were strictly about survival. Again we were limiting the slave to water as the first 72 hours, it was being subject to food deprivation.

Then we took the slave and locked it in a metal bondage chair securing wrists, ankles and neck with metal restraints and securing leather restraints around its body. Then the slave was forced to watch on a big screen tv the slave’s mantra which would remind the slave that it was just that. And a fucktoy. Just three holes to be used and abused by men for their pleasure. It would also contain a lot of subliminal messages that also reminded the slave of its situation. Although in one case, this was relaxing because it got to sit down. But basically the slave was being brainwashed. There were electrodes attached that would activate if it fell asleep with a nasty shock.

After 3 hours, we released the slave who’s legs were very wobbly. It was time to retire it. We brought it to a device called an arch back. We would secure the the slave’s wrists, ankles, neck, waist and above its elbows. It was gagged, blindfolded and the only thing it would hear is its disorientation tape. A vibe would attached to its clit for edging all night. A butt plug was placed in its ass, a wired metal dildo in its pussy and alligator clips to its nipples that would activate an electrical shock if it somehow managed to fall asleep or orgasm. This was the second night of 72 sleep deprivation that we subject the slaves to. And the water we give them is laced with a stimulant that heightens their sexual urges. It was another night of torture for the slave.

The slave formerly known as Arianna had just completed its first full day of slavery. It seemed more than a day.

The Escort- Part 8

Grad School AU! You are a grad student, one year away from completing your Master’s degree. Despite your successful life, your family won’t let go of the fact that you are single. It makes your yearly family vacation a living hell. On a whim, you call the number you find on an ad for an escort to events, and you meet Dean. He’s gorgeous, charming, and perfect to help get your family off your back. What more could you ask for?

Summary of Part 8: Dean and the reader date. It’s just a fluffy, smutty snapshot of their life as a couple.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Word Count: 2600 ish

Warning: Smut

A/N: So we’re getting close. There are only a few more installments of this series. Thank you so so so so much for the love you’ve shown this story, and I can’t wait for you to see how it ends. XOXO


January was a blur of happiness. From the moment you woke up in each other’s arms on New Year’s Day, everything clicked. You spent the whole day in bed- having sex, talking about everything and nothing, dozing together- and you couldn’t have imagined a more perfect way to start your year.

And it only got better.

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When he punishes you [G-Dragon | SMUT]
  • G-Dragon
  • Smut
  • Request: smut with G-Dragon, when you tease him in the studio in which are also the other boys from big bang and when you come home he give you punishment..maybe some rough sex?

It wasn’t your fault that you had to do all that to get his attention.

You looked up at your tied wrists, restraining you from any movement.

Jiyong watched you struggle against the bedposts with a smirk.

“You need to be punished,” he told you, voice deceptively soft.

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Originally posted by amnesiaforevor

Request: Can I please request 14 with Coach? It might just be my mind, but I can see that being a really good smut imagine… thank you!! 

#14: “Well, when I said we should get some stockings, this isn’t what I had in mind.”

Author’s Note: I’VE BEEN DYING TO WRITE THIS!!! I was hoping so hard that someone would request this with Coach because it just seems too perfect for him! Thank you to the lovely anon that did <3 I really hope you guys enjoy this one ;) Let me know what you think!!!

Warnings: Lanuage; this is pure smut…like I really got into this;  P O R N

Tagging @xteenwolfwritingsx and @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales because…well, it’s Coach ;)


“It looks wonderful,” I declared, smiling proudly at the fully decorated Christmas tree standing before us. A chuckle vibrated through Bobby’s chest and I glanced up at him only to find him nodding in agreement, a very small smile turning up the corners of his mouth.

“It’s nice,” he said, squeezing my body affectionately to his with the arm that was wrapped tightly around my shoulders. My grin grew even wider at seeing him in this good of a mood, something of a rare occurrence. “I think we just need some stockings to hang up and the place will be all set.” 

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Eat You Up

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun

Synopsis:  Anonymous said: First of all, Congratulations on your 200 followers. 👍 Can you do a scenario where the reader is a very popular stripper and one night t.o.p goes into the club that she works. She gives him and a lap dance and he falls in love with her…

Warnings: It gets a little racy… it is a strip club after all. lol

Author’s Note: The 5th of the 200 follower requests! :) I’m almost halfway done. Either way, I hope you like it Anon! (note: I did not choose a specific song for the lap dance so that you can picture whatever your little heart desires!)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.

Suggested Listening: Eat You Up - BoA


“Tell me again what we’re doing in a place like this?” Seung Hyun asked petulantly.

Youngbae rolled his eyes. “Because, I was here last week with some guys and I saw something that made me instantly think of you.”

“Yes…” Seung Hyun drawled, looking over the interior of the dark, smoky club with disdain. “Because this place just screams me.”

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Throwing Cellphones

                               Feliciano gets himself a sugar daddy

                                Warning: This chapter has NSFW

Once again I remind that I update Throwing Cellphones…very late into Monday, but it’s Monday none the less

Chapter 1 I Chapter 2

                                                     Chapter 3

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Expert - Luke smut

Author’s intro note : Expert Luke shows you what a good orgasm is in the middle of a lecture because what better place than a class to learn? ;)

Bored to death. I had no other way to describe how this class actually made me feel. I had arrived a solid 30 minutes late and sat at the top of the auditorium so I wouldn’t disturb anyone. Seconds later my phoned had buzzed, Y/BF/N was stuck in the metro and wouldn’t be able to make it, probably before lunch. Fucking great, I thought, now I’m trapped here for another two hours or so.

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anonymous asked:

Holy god, I read your teacher/student Olicity and it was definitely the hottest thing ever! Could you please write a sequel to it? Love your work!

In The Library (Olicity, AU, Explicit)

Sequel to In The Classroom. 

AU. Professor Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, his TA. 

Summary: Felicity has taken a night job in the campus library for extra cash. Oliver finds her there late one night.

He found her in the far northeast corner.

Oliver froze right as he rounded the corner, his eyes dropping to the naked curve of her ass, to the soft white lace decorating her panties, to the silky thigh-highs she wore, every inch of her supple body pulled taut where she balanced on the stepladder, a neat stack of books on the little shelf to her right.

Her skirt had gotten caught under the books, lifting it up for anyone and everyone to see what she had hidden under there, for him to see, and she had no idea.

She mumbled under her breath, looking at the books she held before scanning the shelf. She reached to put one in its place before looking at the other spine she held, her eyes flying back to the rows of books as she searched for where that one went.

It was nearly eleven o’clock on a Wednesday night and he’d come down looking for a new textbooks he wanted to make sure were in stock for the new semester, but nobody had been there to help him. He’d waited at the reference desk, feeling a rush of irritation when nobody came.

After five minutes, he’d stepped back there himself and found where his textbooks had been stored.

And then he’d checked the schedule.

‘Felicity Smoak - 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.’

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Daddy *Andy Biersack Imagine*

Being in a different kind of relationship had been all but predictable, especially since you were with him. People abroad warned you, said he was bitter, manipulating, a user. That wasn’t true, at least in your eyes. He was stubborn and set his ways, sure, however you understood what he needed, well beyond what anyone else could provide him.

He took care of you in a way to bandage your past. However, this only worked if you devoted your loyalty to him, which you did. He understood that he did not own you, and always made sure that you knew that the door was open if you ever chose to part ways. You could not leave him, he needed you around as much as you needed him. Love could not define how intertwined you were with one another, regardless of how you labeled your relationship.

Sex played a major role. In order to receive what you needed, you absolutely had to give him what he wanted. One thing that came to agreement was that you must refer to him as “Daddy” unless if in public or in the presence of others, then you were granted permission to call him Andy. Sex always varied upon his desire. Sometimes he made love to you, other times he wanted something special. And if he ever needed to only use you, you were to only fulfill his need until he had finished.

Needless to say, you kept this your little secret.

The mirror in front of you reflected the thigh high socks, connected by a white garter. It slightly came over the lace panties, which barely covered your ass, giving the slightest peek at how perfect it was. A leash hung between your bare breasts and lead to a collar secured around your neck where a silver tag dangled.

“PROPERTY OF A. BIERSACK” the tag read.

Letting out a deep breath, you ventured to Andy’s home office. Doing this still made you nervous, because you never knew what to expect from him.

Pitchy moans and profanities spilled from the office. You peeked into the doorway to see what he was up to.

The computer screen displayed a woman with large fake breasts and huge duck looking lips bent over as a large muscular man pounded into her from behind. Andy sat in the chair shirtless with his hand down his sweatpants, pumping vigorously.

“God damn, she’s a slut” he breathed.

Andy rarely watched porn when you were around, mainly because he had you to keep him busy. Perhaps he thought you were still asleep, since it had still been quite early in the day. You had to admit, watching him pleasure himself was a sight you wished to see more frequently.

“Daddy..” you said quietly. It was enough to get his attention, and once he turned away from the screen and looked at you, he couldn’t stop staring. You look absolutely delicious to him, ready to pounce onto like a hungry Lion to a Giselle.

You walked toward him slowly, hips swaying side to side. He watched your every movement, licking his lips. You blushed, leading innocence to linger about. When you got close enough, he pulled you down onto his lap, feelings his stiffened bulge poking at you.

“I wanna tear you up” He licks up your shoulder, then giving it a soft kiss. You began to grind slowly on his lap, rolling your hips every direction. His hands ran all over you, enticing you to dance even more.

You stood up and slid your hands over your chest, pushing your hair back, away from your breasts. Turning around, you bent over, giving Andy a view of your ass. He squeezed it, and gave it a firm slap, chuckling to himself.

“You’re a cutie.” he teases.

He pulled you back onto his lap, but this time you were facing him. Andy left small, gentle kissed along your collarbone, all the way up to your forehead. He wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his head onto yours.

“So tell me, Baby Doll” he says. “Who do you love?”

You looked at him, putting a finger to your bottom lip. “I love you, Daddy.”

He smiles. “Good Girl.”

You then continued to grind on him, rubbing your tits against his chest. He was fully erect and ready to rip into you. You couldn’t wait until he did such.

“Have you been good lately, baby doll?” He asks.

You nod.

“You know what I’ll do if I find out you’ve been naughty, don’t you?”

You remembered the last time you misbehaved. Andy took you downstairs to his basement where he had set up a torture room, or so as you called it.

He had several contraptions set up, such as a wooden cross bolted to the wall. On it hung heavy chains and restraints. Another that scared you was the cage he had in the far corner. He had told you that once he would lock you in there with him he would then fuck you while he had one of the heavy chains around your neck. Of course, he’d never damage you too badly, but he’d make damn sure that you learned your lesson.

Although he never tortured you, he did punish you. You had been back talking and cursing, which was against Andy’s rules.

He took you down there and made your crawl on your hands and knees for him. He called you names and snapped a whip at you. He shoved over sized toys inside of you and tried to make you ride them, even though they were too big to handle. After, he bent you over a steel table, tied your ankles to its legs, and fucked you raw, telling you to say things about yourself that weren’t true.

After, he cared for you and made you feel like his princess again. He assured you that he did not mean those things, but rather did it to teach you a lesson about what disobeying will cost you.

You didn’t want it to happen again, or even worse.

Andy rubbed your thighs, making his way to your lace panties. He rubbed your clit through the soft material, making you grind harder onto him.

He pulled his hand away. “Play with yourself, baby.” He commands, kissing the corner of your mouth.

Your hand pushed past the elasticity band. You felt your wetness, inserting a finger into yourself, working it in and out. Andy let his hardened member spring free from his sweatpants, standing erect, almost reaching his bellybutton.

Your mouth watered and you were coming close. Andy watched you as his cock twitched against him, yearning for stimulation. Before you reached you climax, he pulled your hand away and lead it to his lips, licking and sucking your juices from your fingers.

“You like that, sweetie?” He kissed your and and tangled his fingers with yours.

You smiled shyly, turning your head away to hide your bashfulness. He really new how to do the right things to make your heart flutter.

Andy kissed your cheek as he wrapped the leash around his fist and yanked it forward, smashing your body into his. Pre cum streaked along your stomach, feeling the warmth of his dick.

He leaves wet kisses and love bites around your neck. You want more of him, and you’ll do whatever to get it.

“Look how horny you made daddy.” Andy coos into your neck.

You looked down at his twitching cock, begging for release. It make your mouth water with need. You loved sucking his dick and swallowing his cum.

“Can I play with it?” You ask Innocently.

“I’d love you to, babe.”

You climbed off of his lap and lowered to your knees, spreading his knees apart. Andy slouched in the chair, awaiting to be pleasured.

Taking the large girth in your small hands, you kissed the wet tip, then all the way down his shaft, running your bottom lip back up. You stroked it a few times, making him groan and shiver. Your tongue lapped at the leaking fluids from the head, swirling gently at the small opening of the tip.

Andy bucked his hips. “You’re so fucking sexy, baby.”

You closed your lips around the head and sucked, tasting him thoroughly. You pulled away, making eye contact with Andy. Your lips strung saliva, connecting back to his solid cock.

He watched you carefully, pulling your hair back, as you took him down your throat as deep as you could, then back out, only to repeat it. He bucked his hips, and moaned out.

You removed your lips and pumped him hard, sending waves of pleasure up his spine. With a single grunt he released, all over your hand and pretty face.

Andy sat with his eyes closed for a few seconds before looking down at you once again. A big smile spread on his face. He watched you lick his fluids off of your hand, savoring his unique taste.

“Did I do good, daddy?” You stood up and sat back onto his lap, straddling him.

“You did very good, my baby.” Pushing some hair behind your ear. He licked the remaining bit of cum off of your chin.

You pecked his lips as he picked you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. He carried you into his bedroom, where he lay you down on the bed.

He then crawled in bed hovering over you. Your legs wrapped back around his waist where his erection grazed against your panties.

“Baby, let me see..” Andy trails off. He hooks his fingers around your panties and slides them all the way down your legs. He wraps your leash around his fist and yanks you forward, almost crashing into him.

“Listen to me,” he hisses “when I do this, you better not squeal, whine, or say a damn thing. Understood?”

“Yes, daddy.”

Andy aligns himself up to your crease, brushing his length against your folds, up and down. His warm shaft teased your opening as you grinded along with him.

You couldn’t help but moan.

He pulls away and lowers himself to your ear. “What did I just tell you?”

Stiffening your lips, he proceeds to tease you, this time poking his leaking tip and your clit. He rubbed against it in circles to get it even more wet than before.

“Daddy..” you whimper.

Andy gets off of you and grabs a fist full of your hair. He pulls you into a sitting position and then removes your leash and collar. He discards them across the bedroom where he then grips your throat.

“You’re a disobedient fucking thing.” Andy spat. “I’m taking you downstairs.”

He stands up, pulling you by the wrist. You plead and beg him not to; it was the worst punishment you could receive.

Andy drags you along, not caring how sorry you were or that you were scared. You even attempted to pull yourself away, but it was no use. He was tired of hearing it.

You’re thrown over his shoulder and taken downstairs to the basement. It was cold and dimly lit. Then, you hear the sound of metal clicking, where your naked body hit the hard floor.

Andy had thrown you onto the floor and locked the door to the basement. He went over to his metal table (which closely resembled to one of a morgue) to look for what he wanted to use first. As if you weren’t already afraid, you were horrified now.

“Daddy I’m sorry!” Your voice shook. “I don’t want to be down here!”

Andy gets down low and crawls toward you, his face twisted a wicked grin. This wasn’t Andy, your lover. It wasn’t Andy, the one you fell head over heels for and called “Daddy.”

No. This was something far more demented and sick.

The closer he crawled toward you, you made an effort to move back further away. Your breathing became quicker, creating a sense of panic throughout your whole body.

Andy pounced forward and strained your legs with his. “What’s wrong, baby doll?” His long tongue licks over your lips. “You scared?”

The taunting tone in his husky voice made you crazy on the inside. Even if he did scare you, your body still wanted him to pleasure it.

“Let me see your pussy.”

Your legs parted gingerly, unsure if it’d be a safe move.

While he forces his fingers into your tight hole, he barks evil obscenities at you, as well as makes you say some humiliating things.

“You’re a filthy fucking animal.” He fingers you harder and deeper. No matter what he says, you can’t help want more pleasure.

Removing his fingers, he licks your juices off.

“Mmmm.. Tastes like little slut juices.”

Without any further preparation, he pulls a toy down from the shelf above and forces it inside of you all at once.

You squeal in pain, arching your back. The silicon dildo ripped through your walls. Andy fucks you with it at a violent pace. Your head thrashed from side to side as you screech out in pain. Your lower half is being torn to shreds by something that’s too big to even be down there.

He pulls a fist full of your hair and spits in your face. “Who do you fucking belong to, slut?”

“You, daddy.” You cry out.

“Yeah, you like this, don’t you?”

The toy is then torn out from inside of your gaping hole. Never had you been so stretched, and it didn’t feel too good.

“Ride it. I want to watch you fuck yourself.”

He holds the dildo for you to reposition over it. The tip of it pressed against your entrance. You weren’t sure how you were going to ride it.

Your over thinking made Andy grow impatient. He placed both hands on your hips and forced you all the way down. The toy tore between your walls. It’s immense pressure was almost unbearable.

To relieve yourself from some of the pressure, you moved yourself at a slow pace. Your knees pushed you up and down that made your fluids drip from the toy onto the floor below. After a little while, the act became very erotic. Feeling the over sized dildo penetrating your wet pussy felt amazing.

Andy sat in front of you, spreading his legs apart. He pulled you forward by your hair where his cock stood erect. He slapped the member against and slicked his messy pre cum all over your face.

“Look at you. You’re a dirty bitch.”

He gets up and goes back to the metal table. Hanging above it, he pulls a leather bull whip. He unravels it and cracks it a few times on the floor beside him. You steadily get off of the dildo, making sure you wouldn’t hurt yourself.

The disturbing smile returned to your “daddy’s” face. He came toward you again, lashing the whip in your direction. You gasp and crawl backwards as the rough end licks against your ankles.

Your eyes well with tears when you see the welts and broken skin that covered your ankles.

“I don’t like this!” You cry out.

“No?” Andy tilts his head. “Why not, baby doll?” He bites lip, fascinated by your fear.

“It hurts and you’re scaring me!”

“Aww baby, it’ll all be over once I’m done with you.”

He cracks the whip into your direction until you run out of somewhere to go. The back of your head hits a metal bar. As you look up, you noticed that it’s the cage.

“Get in there.” Andy barks.

You begin to sob and shake your head. Physically, you were done with this. But you couldn’t bring yourself to yell out the safe word.

Andy whipped your thighs, earning a pitchy squeal from you.

“Do as I say, fucking whore!”

Obeying, you crawl into the cage. Andy follows behind you and pulls you by your hair to make you stand up. His hand cups your chin, forcing you to look at him.

“Look how broken you are.” He taunts, licking your tears off of your face. You turn your face away, but he pulls it back, licking all over it, mostly lapping at your lips. “I love making little whores like you cry.”

“Stop it!” Using what strength you had, you shoved him back.

Bad move.

Andy gripped your throat and slapped you. Hard. “I’ll do whatever I fucking want to you.” Both his index and middle finger force inside your tender hole. “You’re my filthy cum whore. You belong to me.”

Your knees were killing you. They had been bruised and scraped, which could barely support you, especially after how hard you’d been fucked by that huge toy.

“Tell daddy how much you like it.”

“I love to be finger fucked by my daddy.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I’m a no good slut.”

Andy spins you around and forces you down on all fours. He shoves his solid cock inside of you and thrusts in and out at a vicious pace. The whip is placed around your neck, so Andy can pull on it while he savagely fucks you.

“I wanna cum deep inside your pussy, bitch.”

Skin slaps against skin as he rides you out. You sob and whimper while he uses you to get off. Even though this is an emotional blow, you still find satisfaction in the whole situation.

Your body fell limp while Andy still rammed into you. Small whimpers fell from your lips. You weren’t sure how much longer you could last.

“I know, baby. I’m almost done.” Andy’s voice calmed you.

Minutes later, Andy released inside you with a grunt. His seed spilled down your thighs and onto his. He pulls out and helps you up.

Your legs are still shaky as well as you are in shock. Andy takes your hand and guides you back upstairs where he begins to run a bath for you.

You noticed the scrapes and bruises all over your body. More tears rolled down your face.

How could he feel comfortable with doing this to you?

Andy strokes your cheek, then leans in to kiss you.

“Hey, no more crying, okay?”

You hug him and sniffle into his chest.

“I love you.” Andy rubs your back.

“I love you too, Daddy.”

Be Mine

TITLE: Be Mine 


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: fluff / romance / angst

FIC SUMMARY: OC loses a bet with Tom. But is she going to lose something else entirely? 


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Well. This was not supposed to be short but it also wasn’t supposed to be this long. It felt good writing it. At the same time I have a lot of work to do. Tell me what you think!

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