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(1) so in english i had a presentation abt harry styles n the oversexualization of underage boys in the media. anyway we got this ugly ass bith in my class who always got somethin to say abt somethin n his musky ass be raisin his hand when i said harry a feminist (dont quote me, this was b4 harry opened his ugly ass mouth abt shit he dont know abt) and was like, wmyb is v. anti feminist so how can he b a feminist. so i went tf off on him like boi u b wearin a feminist shirt rn but i saw ur

(2) fb profile pics from 2010, wearin ur ‘make me a sanwich’ t shirt n i<3boobies bracelets so how tf u be out here judgin some shit he sang 6 yrs ago? i went tf off right, n i got the sickest applause, an a+ on my presentation n i just graduated and when we had like the last day of school my teacher mentioned how funny that shit was. its the only time harry hasn’t been an invoncenience for my life



DISCLAIMER: this is gonna be a long post, I apologise in advance.

So yesterday this post came up on my fb timeline, written by someone who’s business is connecting grooms to riders in need. I thought I could move past it without saying something but I can’t.

I am a groom. I love my job. I also love my horses. I would give anything for them, they are my life. In my current job, when I was full time, I started work at 8am. We stopped for tea at 11am, lunch at 1pm and then we did evening yard chores at 3pm till finishing time which ranges from 5-6pm. I got a day and a half off work each week, getting paid more than minimum wage per hour and 6 weeks paid holidays. I was “on the books” aka I paid taxes on my wages, I was a “legal” worker. I’ve been in this job for 2 years and 2 months and I’m very happy.

In my very first job as a groom I was 18 - I had no idea really what to expect. My days started at 7:30am. I was allowed 10 minutes for breakfast once the 16 horses were all hayed, fed and mucked out by me. Then it was straight back to work till 6? 7? 8? 9? In the evening - I never knew when I’d finish up, it depended entirely on the whim of my rider. If he decided that he wanted to ride a horse at half 7 I had to be there to groom them, tack up, leg my rider up, put up jumps and then when he was finished and gone home I’d untack, wash off and feed everyone their dinner and then clean all the tack for the next morning before I could go inside for my own dinner. I was supposed to get 1 day off a week but that very rarely happened. If I wanted to take 2/3 days off to go home I’d have to work ¾ weeks in a row to “earn” those days off. Even then I would be bombarded with texts of “where is this” and “what does this one get fed” while I was away from work.

On show days I would get up at 3am and if I was very lucky I would be in bed by 11pm. But only if I worked my ass off and went without food for the entire day.

I was paid €200 a week regardless of how many hours I had worked.

I lasted 6 months in that job. I came away with depression and anxiety that I still suffer from. “But why didn’t you just leave?! How could anyone work in those conditions?! It’s not fair!” Because people like the person who wrote that fb post were telling me it was “normal”. You aren’t a “proper” groom if you complain, if you take days off, if you’re “watching the clock”. What fucking bullshit.

Are you telling me young grooms getting into the profession should be “happy” and “feel privileged” to work with these amazing animals when they’re getting no sleep, no free time to themselves, no holidays, terrible pay? “But they’re getting accommodation included!” Yeah I had accommodation included too - it had no heating, was overrun with mice and I had one plug in radiator to keep myself warm. But oh yes that definitely made up for my lack of wages.

So for anyone deciding whether or not they want to be a groom I have this advice for you.

Being a groom is like having any other job. You have the right to know your working hours, you have the right to days off and you have the goddamn right to AT LEAST minimum wage per hour. You are a human being, you are not a robot. It is not normal to be treated like dirt, it is not ok for you to feel abused or unappreciated, you are not something that can just be thrown away. Stand up for yourself. If your job isn’t up to scratch then leave, get the hell outta there because there are jobs out there like my current one where you will be a valued member of a team and you will still be able to live your life.

Horses are my everything - without them I don’t know who’d I’d be. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my days off when I get to relax and switch off. That doesn’t make me any less of a groom, it means I’m looking after both my physical and mental health. You can still be a great groom and be paid proper wages, you can still be a great groom and take days off, and you most definitely can be a great groom and know your working hours.

Need some help

I’ll make a proper sale post later, but now would be a great time to place an order if you’ve had something on your mind. Maybe a niffler, or a merbunny, or a doll of your favorite character that there never seems to be merch for? You see, for the past three years our gas company Eversource has been sending our bill to the wrong address, though we have been repeatedly trying to wrangle it. We finally got a bill for $800 when they showed up yesterday to turn off our gas, even though we’d already made a partial payment. Finances have been pretty much terrible anyway, to the point where I’ve been contemplating shutting down the shop this year, but I managed to reverse the switch off by basically emptying my account, since we can’t get an actual person on the phone to work out any leniency for their error (and not to mention two ex roommates worth of bill, as well)… So I need help. Share a link to the shop on FB! Reblog some favorite designs! Talk about how neat your purchase was and how I’ll make *anything* custom to your little corner of the internet.

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Ruined my stepsister's birthday and got her banned from all clubs in town.

(warning: long story)

BACK STORY: When I was 12, my mom got married to a halfway decent guy. He’s not bad, but he’s not great either, but he made my mom happy and that’s all that I cared about. In fact, I cared so much about her happiness that I was willing to endure 6 years of living under the same roof as his self-obsessed, obnoxious, spoiled daughter, Amy. The entire time we lived together, she would project all of her insecurities onto me in the form of insults. Being young and wildly insecure about myself, these daily insults well and truly cut me to the core and just continued the cycle of crippling insecurity.

When I started “talking to” a boy for the first time, Kyle, she all of a sudden developed an intense infatuation with him and told me I was forbidden from communicating with him from then on. I was insecure but I was not a pushover. When I didn’t listen to her demands, she took it a step further and told Kyle I had ongoing relationships with several other boys (untrue), which he unfortunately believed. I was completely crushed. She then swooped in and took every opportunity to rub it in my face that she “won” him (i.e. inviting him to my birthday parties at home, inviting me out with her only to later reveal I would be thirdwheeling on their date, making him compliment me and then gloating about how she had such a nice boyfriend, etc). This sort of thing happened countless times, not with just boys but with friends and even workplaces! They ended up dating for two years and, although they had a nasty breakup, Kyle and I remained on good terms, which drove her up the wall. She would constantly ask me, “So did you guys hook up behind my back yet?” while claiming to have moved on already.

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Important things to keep in mind about the Ghost drama

So I had some late night thoughts… and im itching to get it out.
Now let’s re-evaluate this lawsuit drama. Let’s take the lawsuit out of the equation and look at things more objectively.

Let me start off with throwing in my unpopular opinion (trust me, just read this post thoroughly):

I honestly don’t have the best impression of Alpha. I think he’s unprofessional and naive (his musical talent doesn’t apply here)

1) Ghost’s IG maintains a strict and specific format on each post revolving around the band’s activities. So what did Alpha do? He posted a photo of him getting his wisdom tooth removed by his wife on the band’s Instagram.
When I first saw Alpha’s photo, I honestly thought he meant to post it on his personal profile. But the caption intended it to be otherwise (it was signed off as Alpha)
Like how was this relevant to the band’s music? Were you just trying to show off your super hot wife?? ¿¿¿ I personally don’t get it. I got it now, he used his band’s exposure to promote his wife’s business. How professional 🙄

2) He took advantage of Ghost fans to hurt Papa and the new Ghouls by airing their personal private drama on his Facebook account. All it did was divide our community apart. A community that him and his band mates created. All I got from that fb post was how his drama serves more importance than the well being of his fans/community

3) Alpha’s whole new PRIEST project: The masked leader, the cult like image that shares similar qualities to Ghost. It’s a different genre for sure, but it doesn’t change the fact that it does share its similarities to the band. It screams passive aggression to me. 
I can’t help but to think that he’s petty how he’s not getting the recognition as he did in Ghost. And now he’s trying to gain sympathy from his Ghost fans in hopes that they’ll abandon Ghost and check out his new project instead (Which is working in very small numbers)
Now let’s take us back to a few months after the Ghouls were let go:
Maybe his past band mates felt used and now they’re finding an excuse to get their revenge on Papa for firing them.

*I believe that Ghost was intended to be a solo act from the very start. *

If you look at the band from a visual pov, Papa has always been the spokesperson/face of Ghost. You think of Ghost, you think of Papa first. 
I can see/interpret how the Ghouls’ presence were initially used to strengthen that cult-like image to band, which is fair and a smart business decision to attract an audience. It’s unique, it’s bold, it’s loud, and it’s a head-turner (Insert their red carpet Grammy videos)

Now somewhere along the way, the Ghouls started to catch the attention of the audience because of their strong stage/media presence (Think of it as Gru and his minions from Despicable Me. Gru might be the main character, but those cute ass minions caught the heart of many as well)
And maybe Papa wasn’t okay with that and it’s not what he wanted when he wanted to become a solo act.
Since The Ghouls agreed that he would be the band leader, Papa can do whatever he pleases with them.

So Papa, why not just hire random musicians/stand ins if you wanted to go solo in the first place?

1) Renting musicians aren’t cheap, especially if they charge x amount of personal rate/show. It’s better to start off with a bunch of close friends and settle in on an agreement than having to comply to a rented musician’s compensation . You’ll have to deal with more legal paperwork and later on someone will always want to demand more money or exposure.

#2) It takes money to make money. If you take a look at their costume designs and their set designs on stage, it takes up a lot of artistic design components. 
Costume designers/Set designers don’t come in cheap. At all. Now imagine having to pay for those bills when you’re a relatively small band? We’ve had 3 Papas with 4 different costumes and 2-3 Ghoul costume designs for each band member. That’s at least 6 different costume designs. Normally, rock bands just wear store bought clothing (most of them are normally sponsored by the brand) but since Ghost has such a strong/specific visual image that they can’t get away with your seasonal Halloween attire. It’s crucial for them to invest in more money into this area because that’s one of the main reasons why they got famous in the first place.

So being in this type of band, it won’t have the greatest starting salary when you’re constantly paying off those bills. I won’t be surprised if they were still in debt within the first couple of years of touring.

At the end of the day, if this whole theory is true, then I get why they’re mad at Papa. I would get why Omega isn’t suing him because maybe he saw Papa’s true intentions and didn’t agree with it? And maybe he still wants Papa to come back to MCC if Ghost decides to disband after this feud, and not let a lawsuit cut ties on what’s left of their friendship?
(All of this is based off of my assumptions so don’t rely on me as a solid source.)

TBH I just want some objectivity brought into light because I’m seeing a lot of blinded/biased judgement. It really does hurt to see this community being divided by Alpha’s reckless Facebook post.

Transwomen and vagina envy

It’s never before been so obvious how wrong Freud was. Womb and vagina envy is everywhere. These men are so fragile that they wont allow women to so much as mention their vaginas or discuss amongst ourselves the specific experience that comes along with having one. Yet they enter leftist circles and try to extort other young people to pay for unnecessary surgery to invert their dicks into a permanent surgical wound that somewhat resembles a vagina. These so called “neovaginas” are fine to talk about and celebrate. And it’s fine for transwomen to sexually fetishise females and their anatomy, but only for their own gratification.

In order to project and deflect from their delusions and envy they call us “genital fetishists” and play mental gymnastics to conclude that saying “women have vaginas” means “women are vaginas”. I remember in my lib fem days I was part of a large FB group with a few transwomen. One of them very clearly got his rocks off by posting pictures of his penis with no warning (nudity in this group was always posted in comments or under a CW). If anyone questioned the existence of a dick pic in a “feminist” group they were bullied into silence. The same transwomen eventually purchased a neovagina and of course posted even more pictures. He called his neovagina a “cunt” and posted pictures of himself masturbating, encouraging other women to do the same. This was a very liberal sex positive group, but surprise surprise, no actual woman did it.

Reddit has many examples of men expressing violent rage and jealousy over the anatomy of females, you don’t have to look too far to find them.

Women, talk about your vaginas. Talk about your periods. Make all the vagina art in the world if that’s what you want to do. Sex based oppression is real and you need a vagina to experience it. Don’t let these disturbed homophobic misogynists call you a “vagina fetishist”. Laugh in their face at the projection and absurdity of that label.

Men, your penis will never be female, no matter how many women you get chanting your false cultish mantra “transwomen are women”. You have a right to exist, a right to be gender non conforming, a right to not be discriminated against in employment, housing, education, etc. but you do NOT have a right to our space, our time, our bodies. We will persist. Every time you sexually harass us in the name of “trans activism”, more women turn radical.

Okay so first time submitting here so here we go:

I’m the general manager at a froyoz yogurt shop. We recently hired this one girl and omg!!!! So when we first told her to come in for an interview, she did, but took so long getting the paperwork back to us. She kept giving is different “excuses.” I only say it like that because I can’t validate any of them. But first is was the flu, then a stomach virus, then a car accedent. But my then district Manger REALLY wanted her for her personality so we had he back for another interview. The 1st and 2nd interview were a month apart, btw. And she’s only 16 years old. So we eventually get her working and I told her all the ropes: that we have a GroupMe where we all communicate cause not all of us has a fb, I also added her to our group chart that day and how to request off days and all that jazz. So yeasterday she was scheduled for a night shift which she never showed up for…. I get a call from my shift leader 30min after she was supposed to start to tell me she’s a no show. So we both call and text her. Nothing for a good hour. Then the texts me back and was all “I never got a schedule.” Like????? What????? You clearly got a schedule. So I reminded her that we, ya know, have a GroupMe. And she was like, “oh I didn’t know that’s where everything was posted. I’m sorry. I do remember you sending me a invite to it but I don’t use that app so I didn’t join.” What even??? Like I specifically told you all this info and you just disregard it. Like how are you gonna know everything, girl?? And she never mentioned yeasterday that she WASN’T coming in that night. And my shift leader texts me after his shift and this fucking girl never showed up at all. So he had to close the entire store my himself :/


I found some production stills from Only Children, the avant-garde show Brandon did at NYU. Yes, the one he got naked for. He’s obviously not naked in these. The person who posted these would get kicked off of FB if he did that. This cast is WILD. The girl in the pink is Molly Hager from Waitress. Liana Hunt from Newsies was also in this, as was Ali Stroker, Nik Walker from Hamilton, and Shaina Taub.

Peep the AMAZING Jewfro on almost-22-year-old Brandon.


I put on my lipstick four hours ago, just ate lunch, and it still is flawless. I’m wearing Blu-Red, and have another slightly deeper red called Fly Girl in stock if you’re looking for some liquid lipstick that doesn’t budge or dry out your lips 😍

tip of the day–Lipsense can be easily removed with the Neutrogena face bar! It’s waterproof, but with the face bar, it slides right off. I got mine for a dollar at Walgreens 🙌🏼

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so, not sure if this is a funny story but i thought i’d add to the growing up ugly tag. story time, noot noots. 

 in 6th grade, let’s get one thing straight. i was pretty nasty. i got acne before everyone in my grade so everyone would see my face and go “the fuck is on her face?¿¿???¿?¿”. i really didn’t care tbh. i wasn’t bullied directly so i didn’t give a crap?? so anyway one day, on the bus the friend of the guy i liked asked me “hey if ______ asked you out would you say yes?” at first i was like “ uh idk ”. bc i was thinking what why?? but part of me was a little excited. i mean was it possible that someone liked me?? i got caught up in my thoughts and before his friend left the bus, i called to him and was like “uh actually yeah sure” and sank back down into my seat. now, the guy i liked had the same bus. and, to make it worse, he had the same stop as me. the entire ride back to our neighborhood, he didn’t day a word ( how i didn’t get that this was a joke??? Idk i was a dumb fuck ). me being the naïve lil asian girl i used to be, i didn’t care. i was excited. as far as i knew, i had my first boyfriend. so when i got home, i tried to change my fb status to “in a relationship” (but to play it off i tried to put in a relationship with cheese bc fUCK CHEESE IS GREAT). 

the next day, when i got to school a few girls in my class asked me if he and i were dating and me being the dumb fuck, i said yes. the whole day was weird. people were whispering and laughing and i didn’t know why?? so i just ignored it. but eventually, i heard that it was all a gag. 

see, during my 6th grade year there was this thing called “zapping”; what it was was that your friend grabbed your hand, wrote a time on the back of your hand and a name on the inside of your hand. if you looked at the name before the designated time, you had to ask the person whose name was on your hand out. 

but, what the guy’s friend wrote was “the ugliest girl in school”. when i found out, i was beyond embarrassed. i was mortified. i was mildly upset but i didn’t let anyone know. not even my friends. typically i didn’t care about appearances, so i wasn’t really upset. just embarrassed about my actions. because how could i, an ugly acne faced girl, get asked out by a guy like him? so anyway, on the bus when it was just me and him and a few others, i noticed he was staring at me. well, a better word to use is glaring. he was glaring at me. so i moved to the back (where he and the cool kids sat) and said i was sorry and that i didn’t know and didn’t mean anything by it. he simply shrugged and mumbled “whatever it’s fine” and put his earphones in. i felt upset mostly bc i knew he was angry with me bc i embarassed him by thinking i had a chance. 

but anyway look at me now

i’m a cute af boy-o

so fuck thAT SHIT

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Sorry your old account was deleted 😫

:( Thanks. It’s ok. So I reblogged a dick pic one morning, and like 20 mins later got a text from a friend, “Girl, your Tumblr is on FB.” So I’m like FML. Somehow a Tumblr update defaulted my account to post to Facebook.

The fucked up part is that I didn’t even know how to change that setting. I had to search to know how to turn it off. Regardless, I had to delete the account because I didn’t know who had it.

So like half an hour later I went back to get my deleted account back, but a spam company had already seized it and registered some bullshit to it so that anyone going to my address would see their advertisement. I’m half suspicious Tumblr changed the setting and indirectly pushed me off so they could sell it to someone. Why TF would an NSFW blog be allowed to post to FB?

Worst part is I lost the amazing dick pics I had reblogged for two years (and this amazing reblog where this chick sings about pizza), but on the bright side, no one trolls me now! 😁👍🏼

i’ve been having the worst month financially (got hit with four overdraft fees that put me at-$160, my phone broke and it might be unfixable and i don’t have money for a new phone or even to get it fixed), relationally (i’ve been getting into fights with my sister and friend/roommate, found out this guy was was talking to and i thought we were friend blocked me on fb) and emotionally. my depression and anxiety have come back so strongly these past few month, i’ve been crying all night and just having anxiety attacks every day. I literally started crying at work yesterday and today.
To top it off this dude I was messaging is threatening to send my nudes to my family because he thought I was curving him.

it seems like everything is going wrong at the same time and it’s too much for me


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Trying to finish a book off of my sons required summer reading list so that I can read a book for me. Some moms got together on the school FB page outraged that one of the books discussed sex!!!!! So of course I decided to actually read the book as opposed to just ranting about it- and as I figured– it was not as graphic as they wanted us to believe. Coming of age stories don’t usually shock me anymore. Especially this one. Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher and I see and hear things that a lot of parents don’t. I just think it’s naive for parents today to automatically say, “Not my child!”

Anyway I did not intended to rant this afternoon.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday.

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I saw this video a while back on FB where this man had a beard (I think) and he had a little baby girl (like 6-7 months). Well he shaved his beard off and when his little girl saw him she started bawling her eyes out. I could imagine that happing with Harry and his little girl when he got his hair cut for Dunkirk. It's breaking my heart just thinking about it. Hiding her face in your neck sobbing. :(

He’s on the verge of tears too because she’s SO SAD and her little face crumbles the moment she sees him. Like: ‘Who is this man?’ and she instantly smushes her face into your neck and eyes this ‘stranger’ carefully. Harry’s got his arms open and the biggest grin on his face. “C’mere, baby. Come see Daddy. S’alright.” It’s definitely not the reaction he was hoping for. 

“Who’s that?” you murmur, bouncing her on your hip. “Is that Daddy? Where’d all Daddy’s hair go?” You give him a little apologetic smile and cuddle the baby closer, trying to console her as she continues to whimper into your neck. “Ooh, babe.” 

And she just wails when you try to hand her off to him, trying to cling to you. 

“Hey, hey, s’okay, lovey. S’Daddy, you’re alright.” But she’s not having any of it. Eventually you just have to kind of place her in his arms, and she fusses for a moment or two, her plump little lips wiggling  before something clicks and she quiets as she studies him. “Hiii,” Harry coos, with that same, big grin. “Hi, my little birdie.” 

She reaches up to pat her palm against his cheek and grab his chin as if to say, ‘There you are,’ and he giggles softly. “Here I am.” 

And then she cracks a gummy smile and nearly headbutts him with an open-mouthed, slobbery, baby kiss. xx.

about that Petition..

BA here:
well, I confess to being surprised, nay gobsmacked, by some of the reactions to that Petition post. I genuinely thought that the Shriekback FB page was as bubbly as bubbly can be and all our liberal chums would say ‘good for you, Shriekback’ and some would sign up and - while terrifying shit continues to happen - at least ‘we’ would have struck some small blow against the forces of encroaching darkness and on we would go..
However, as you see from some of the above posts (on FB), this small but unequivocal sign of where we stand in the present schism, has got some people quite pissed off with us (copies of ‘Tench’ and ‘Care’ on the purifying bonfire - didn’t see that coming)
Now, this is suprising to me in 2 ways:
1) I genuinely did not think that the Venn diagram subset: Shriekback fans/Trump voters existed. No, really.
2) I never thought anyone who had listened, even glancingly at our music, would imagine we were anything other than a veritable blizzard of faggy, liberal snowflakes who had listened to far too much ethnically suspect music and would, of course, side with our politically correct, lefty, sexually ambiguous pals when it came to it (even ’Suck’ doesn’t - er - specify, for Chrissakes).

Shows how deluded you can be, I guess: ’to know yourself as others know you’ eh?’ I do wonder what such people liked about our tunes anyway?
Or, conversely, what they see in Trump, especially now the mask is off and it’s hard to see how any regular person (as opposed to a right wing plutocrat) imagines they will benefit from the Donald presidency as it sets itself up to engulf the democratic process and much else.
As for the comment that, as musos, we really should not bother our pretty little heads with politics, well, really, that’s just rude and condescending and fuck off. It sounds like a version of Steve Bannon’s admonition to the ‘media’ to just ‘shut up’.
You know if he could make you he would…
I would say that Shriekback, over the years, have always been a politically aware band although not an engaged one - we never saw the fashionable post-punk revolutionary stance as anything more than a marketing device and, mostly, everyday politics just seemed, you know, a bit boring.
It’s not, I think, necessary to point out that we’re now about as far away from those happy, stoned, armchair-socialist days as it’s possible to get.  This is all very dangerous, very troubling and we (you, in the US, on the sharp end, but all of us, inevitably) will be affected profoundly, on a day to day basis by it. Shit just, indeed, got real.

Hang in there, all our friends in the US.
Stay vocal, stick together.
We’ll get through this.

now this:


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Can I have a BTS reaction to where your guys' child (preferably baby, but it's okay if not😊) sneezes so hard that they fall backwards? I luv ur blog💖💝💘💜💙❤️💚💛

AWWWWW ANON THIS IS SO ADORABLE I CAN’T EVEN.. *runs away and hugs teddy bear tightly*. BTS ft babies are the cutest thing on this earth.Thank you for requesting~ Here’s BTS reaction


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Namjoon :

*Falls backward with a shocked face before he breaks into a smile*

“Ooohhh my little one just SNEEZED!!Daddy is so so so PROUD OF YOU” DAYUMM…Y/N, I think our son will blow away the girls with his sneezing “

Originally posted by vminv

Jin :

*hides his face in case the baby’s saliva hits his face*

“ oh~ Our baby is growing up very well…*pinches the baby’s cheek * But baby…you know that sneezing in daddy’s face is very impolite! Y/N, please teach her to not sneeze in my face.My skin is sensitive “

Originally posted by booptae

Jimin :

*Smiles sheepishly cause’ he’s proud of his baby no matter what*


did he just said he gave birth to a child?wathever…its jimin lol

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Taehyung :

*Gasps in happiness as he falls off his chair*

“OMG Y/N, OUR DAUGHTER’S JUST SNEEZED!!! DID YOU HEARD HOW BEAUTIFUL IT SOUNDED?! How come our baby looks so cute no matter what she does!″

did he just called a sneeze beautiful? lmao

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

Jungkook :

*Claps like a proud Seagull dad*

“ Whoah, even his sneezing sounds extra manly!!! Look at this babe! Our son is gonna be Jeon Cena #2 .He’ll be breaking hearts just like how I used to wreck bias lists in the past”

Originally posted by hugtae

Hoseok :

*Hyperventilates and fans himself ,cause’ he’s astonished*


Originally posted by yoongbeans

Yoongi :

* grins like a nostalgic grandpa*

“Yoongi Junior, You got so much swag , I even fell off my chair when you sneezed. See this everyone , IT’S MY SON!!! MY SWAG HAS BEEN GIVEN DOWN TO THIS GENERATION!!”

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Hi there! I wasn’t sure if you were okay with being revealed so I’m just replying as anon. :)

I don’t think you’re delusional in the sense that it’s not the first time I heard that this self insert one way trip to hell ticket single handedly destroyed bleach. People /despise/ ori and they have been doing so for years. Yet Kubo keeps shoving her down our throats, he is not very good at taking a hint! Her character design sucks, her deus ex machina plot hole powers sucks (I talked about it before, but her powers literally make no sense given the narrative), her obsessive compulsive behaviour sucks, her seiyuu grates on my ears like someone poured shredded glass inside them. She got way too much focus and did shit with it. The thing is… it’s very, very difficult for me to hate on female characters (because they already get that enough, specially from females who are disappointed in their stereotyped portrayal), and I am known in my circle for actively defending any and all type of female charas. In fact, ask me which other female chara I dislike so much besides this girl, and I cannot give you one name. There are characters I dislike and I just accept them as flawed or simply ignore them, after all, humans have flaws too. But damn, Kubo put my patience to maximum endurance test, and then some. I rooted for Ori even in HM arc… yes, even in that scene she begged to Ichigo’s corpse. But the FB arc just killed it for me, it was utterly disappointing how much she failed to grow and learn even in time skip. I would be willing to give her a chance as a grey character if Kubo did more with her character, but my whole issue is that Kubo passed her off as someone acceptable and positive. I think Kubo was aiming for maximum damage with the ending, because if say.. Ichigo x Tatsuki got canon I can imagine people would be like “wtf where did that come from” but wouldn’t be so outright disgusted with it. Ori, though, just makes me sick. I absolutely hate what’s become of her after the 17 month time skip and she grew even more detestable in last arc. Kubo being Tiddy fanboy anything is possible, but I am the last person to believe she has the power to reject reality of that level. I can, however, at least say it’s not the first time I hear Ori being root of all evil. I mean, why else would you have this:

(This isn’t even a female only list and yet she is number 5 and I don’t hate any of the other top 4.)