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HAIRvolution of @therealjacksepticeye - UPDATED 2

Hello community! 

It has been another half year and 2 more rows of hair shades and styles have been added to this chart. 

Through this half year we experienced the entirity of Anti-pocalypse on halloween and his comeback during pax. Pax itself. Some more amazing long gameplays like Oxenfree and Night in the woods. More insanity and collabs. RYC 100. And some streams to top it off.

I have to say I have driffted a bit away from the channel. I found other things I got exited about and watch, but I never want to leave completly, or not just yet :) Sean and this community are too precious to me still.

//firealapaca.    please do not repost to other sites, if you want to- ask if I permit it. I will be removing all stolen versions on instagram, facebook and everywhere else.

Advice I wish I got told while my heart was breaking.
1- Stop pretending like you’re happy all over social media just because you think he’s going to see it, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.
2- Please don’t keep letting strange boys into your bedroom, they will not make you forget him, maybe temporarily but when the lights are off and you’re all alone, the ache will be back and it’s only going to come on stronger.
3- Learn to survive alone, you only need your own self stop depending on others to make you happy.
4- Stop checking on his Facebook page, he hasn’t posted anything new.
5- He isn’t going to text you, leave the house without your phone every once and awhile instead of gripping it so hard in your hand waiting desperately with agony for him to miss you.
6- It’s okay to cry. You’re not pathetic for still being stuck on him, it only makes you human.
7- Write, write until your wrist is aching, find peace within the ink and paper share your thoughts freely until your heart is throbbing, write his name over and over, explain how angry you are, burn it, tear it up. You have every right to be mad, as long as you’re not taking it out on yourself.
8- Learn to do you, use this time of freedom to explore yourself, find out who you truly are. Give yourself time to breathe, you owe it to yourself.
9- Wing your eyeliner, wear that dress, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat “I deserve to be loved, I am here and that is enough” over and over, memorise it, yell it, sync it far into your mind, remind yourself there is only one you and there is nobody who can replace that.
10- Smile more, laugh until your lungs hurt, sing so loud your throat starts to dry out, dance in front of the mirror, treat yourself, take chances don’t be embarrassed to be yourself.
11- Break something, scream, your feelings are valid and it’s okay to explode sometimes.
12- Stop looking at photos of her, stop comparing yourself to her and beating yourself up because your beauty is different to hers, stop despising yourself for having shorter hair or a different body shape, it wouldn’t change the reality that he’s with her now, so don’t waste your precious energy wasting away at the thought of him and her.
13- Take your broken pieces and build a fucking castle, don’t let them knock you down, you are stronger than them.
14- Just because he stopped loving you doesn’t mean you have permission to do the same, you are worthy of all the love in the world and you deserve no less, don’t let him leaving determine your worth. You are loved and you deserve to be here, don’t let them convince you of the opposite.
—  B.L letters I never sent

Tbt Hannigram social media updates during their one year anniversary! I just went with the US air date of wotl + 1 year. As expected, Hannibal is all about traditional celebrations while Will likes to pretend he isn’t stupidly in love, nope, not at all, even as he posts a picture of their afterglow on his neglected Instagram (sharing it on Facebook where he has reached a staggering total of 10 friends, all of which want Hannibal thrown off a cliff). They probably celebrated more like this after doing all these Normal Couple Things.

I got this idea after seeing this super adorable funny post by @byk23. It’s canon as far as I’m concerned.

college boyfriend!minghao

Originally posted by mountean

  • bless the cutie that requested animal shelter volunteer minghao, i ended up meshing it with another request for college bf!minghao bc i can do whatever i want
  • sfklasjd jk jk
  • now, minghao has always had a strong connection with animals
  • ever since he was a kid, he always just had this intense empathy for animals, so much so that it kind of drove his parents crazy???
  • like minghao would grieve for hours if he accidentally stepped on a bug, or he’d take a whole hour out of his morning when he knows he has to get to school just to help a momma dog and her pups get somewhere safe away from traffic
  • i mean the boy just loves animals to death
  • loves them more than humans tbh
  • so it’s no surprise that minghao became an avid animal shelter volunteer from high school well into his college career

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Clip - “Gratulerer med bussen” (”Congrats on the bus”) - at 12:11, 24.04

(Sana’s searching the web for how to get 300.000 kroner through loans. She gets a message on Facebook.)

Message from Yousef:
I’m hurt because you never answer my meme

Sana replies:
The kids around you are hurt because you’re chatting during work hours

Hah! I’ve got Mondays off. Thought you were smart now

How’s the russ bus coming along?

Great if you tell me how I can earn 300.000 kroner quickly

Sara (off screen): Hi! We uh…heard you got the bus. Congratulations.

Sana: Thank you.

Sara: And…we were wondering about something.

Ingrid: Would you be interested in merging with us?

Sara: See, ‘cause we were thinking..you’re only five. And we’re twenty. And there are twenty-five seats on the bus, so we thought it maybe could be a match?

Sara: And..we know that we haven’t been the world’s best friends, but we don’t quite understand why.

Sana: Because you called Vilde a slut at the Borkis pregame in October 2015.

Sara: Oh. I’d completely forgotten about that, but sorry..for that.

Sana: We’ll merge…on two conditions.

Sara: Okay?

Sana: You pay for the bus. And I’ll be the bus boss.*

Sara: Er..we would have to discuss that with the girls-

Sana: Either we make a deal now, or there’ll be no bus. 

Sara: Yes. Okay. Then we’re in.

Sana: Good! Send me the names of all the people on the bus, and I’ll call in a bus meeting.

Sara: …okay? 

(Noora, Vilde and Eva approach)

Vilde: What did they want, did you speak to them?

Sana: I’ve got news. Where’s Chris?

Eva: In Berlin. What’s up?

Sana: We’ve merged with the PepsiMax squad.

Eva: Are you kidding? 

Vilde: What does that mean?

Sana: It means that they pay for the bus, and I’ll be bus boss.

Vilde: Why are you gonna be bus boss?

Noora: You mean we’re merging with PepsiMax?

Sana: Either we’ll have to merge with the PepsiMax squad, or there’ll be no bus. So we’ll need to have a bus meeting this week. Eva, can you host?

Eva: I can’t host again, like..ever.

Sana: Noora. The flat share?

Noora: Those girls are not entering my apartment.

Sana: Vilde?

Vilde: Er…no mom-

Sana: You mom is not doing a wine evening, Vilde.

Vilde: Why..why can you host for once?

* bus boss - I know it sounds awkward, but to be honest there’s so much russ lingo in Norwegian which simply doesn’t translate to English, so bus boss it is (It’s a literal translation).

Also, Sana is asking Sara and Ingrid to actually prepay or to pay in advance for the bus - it’s an expression we use in Norwegian: “Å legge ut penger” (literal translation: to leave out/place out money) - it means when you pay for somebody and they pay you back at a later time. Right now I can’t seem to remember if there’s a word for that in English.

Harry Styles - Supports Girlfriend Imagine

[I rather like this one! Hope you do as well! Enjoy!]

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a bughead au where they're in their 20s and hiding their relationship? Archie goes over to Betty's and sees male items (shoes, razors, deodorant, shirts etc) neatly placed around Betty's house almost like someone else lives there. Jughead then walks into the house with his own set of keys and archie figures it out


“Ill be home in an hour, I love you.” He whispered against her lips as he lifted his bag from the hook on the door.

“Love you too.” Betty smiled, leaning against the door frame, waving lazily as her boyfriend headed out for his meeting with his publisher. They had made plans on a quiet night at home but an emergency at his cover shoot was pulling him away from his warm bed and his beautiful girlfriend.

He mumbled complaints as he headed out, tucking his head into his hood to avoid the ever present rain.

Betty closed the front door and flopped down on her couch, it was early may and the flower shop she had just bought was booming, she had always been obsessed with flowers, it was her dream to open her own florist shop and now that dream had come true. She was proud and she felt accomplished, it wasn’t what her mother had wanted but with age she had grown out of that perfect girl next door image and was now a successful 25 year old woman living with the love of her life.

As soon as she shut her eyes, she was interrupted by the banging knock on her front door. Rolling her eyes, she smiled. Jughead was always forgetting something. She opened the door with an eyebrow raise

“What is it this…” she was cut off immediately by the sight of the familiar red headed boy she hadn’t seen in four years.

“Archie?” She whispered, shocked to see him at her front door.

“Hey bets.” He shrugged his shoulders and shot her a beaming smile as he gently pushed past her and into her home. He looked the same, same silly strut, same goofy smile.

“ what are you doing here arch? Where have you been? It’s been years.” She stated, crossing her arms over her chest.

He turned to her with a distant look in his eyes
“ I’m back in Riverdale for good, I went off to LA for a bit, tried my hand at music, didn’t work out. I got a job here, I’m gonna be working for dads construction, probably take over. It’s what I was destined for anyway. What about you? I have you on facebook, you’re so secretive. There’s hardly anything on there. Ronnie wouldn’t even add me. What’s up with that?” He looked around her apartment as Betty stood there helplessly “hey can I use your bathroom?” He asked.

Betty just nodded, so much was happening she felt her anxiety building. She couldn’t tell him about her and Jughead, the poor boy had had enough disappointment she didn’t wanna add to it. She looked around frantically, moving to flip Down the pictures of her and Jughead, she pulled down the framed photo of the two of them at his first book launch, and she quickly grabbed the notes he wrote her that she kept laying around the house.

“Betty?” He asked from behind her. She turned sharply, her yellow dress flying behind her
“What’s up with all the dude stuff in your bathroom? Shower gel? Deodorant? There’s even boxers on the floor? You got a boyfriend?… a husband?” His eyes were accusing and he looked… hurt?

“I..” she started before his eyes shot behind her

“Is that… Jugheads beanie?” He practically whispered, darting around her to grab it from the couch.

“Archie listen…”

Her heart was racing and she felt her fingernails dig into her palms, she hadn’t done that since high school.

As if it couldn’t get worse, she heard the click of the front door unlock and she felt her heart in her stomach

“Hey love , my meeting got cancelled halfway there, i swear to god that mans an imbecile. Wanna order….” Jughead stopped mid sentence, his eyes darting between his former best friend and the current love of his life. Assessing the situation quickly he spotted his girlfriends balled fists and Archie’s slack jaw, he moved to Betty’s corner so fast he hardly had time to blink

“Jug? What the hell?! What are you doing here? Do you live here? Are you two…” he trailed off, eyeing the pair in what seemed like disgust

“Together.” Jughead finished. His arm draping over Betty’s shoulder and squeezing
“We’re together. Have been for five years, were happy and if you can’t accept that, you aren’t welcome in our home. You were my best friend Arch, you cut everyone off. You don’t get to be angry.” He practically growled.

Betty nodded against him,
“We didn’t mean to hide anything from you but you haven’t been around, we have a new life now Archie.”

“No one told me, no one even let me know. What about facebook I..” he finished lamely

“That’s not the kind of couple we are, we’re private. You hurt us when you cut us off like that, that’s why Ronnie won’t add you, did you know she’s married? Pregnant too.” Betty said simply, squeezing closer to Jughead.

“What? She’s.. to who?” He was defeated now, maybe he thought everything would be the same when he came back, Maybe he thought both of his high school sweethearts would be pining after him after all these years.

“She married Reggie, he coaches football at Riverdale high he’s the gym teacher too, Veronica Runs an interior decorating company from home. They’re happy together, they’re a beautiful couple.” Betty finished softly, looking up at Jughead who nodded encouragingly and looked into her Eyes with complete adoration.

“Things have changed pal.” He said looking up at Archie who was slowly making his way to the door, shoulders slumped.

“I’m back now, doesn’t that count for something?” The redheaded boy said lowly.

Jughead and Betty both nodded

“It’s gonna take time, but you’re still my friend, you’re still our friend.” Betty said placing a hand to his shoulder, soothingly.

Jughead nodded
“ meet me at pops tommorow for breakfast, I think we’ve gotta couple things to talk out.”

As Archie nodded solemly on the front porch of the cooper jones residence, he stared at the couple hand in hand looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, as the door closed slowly

Things most definitely had changed and maybe.. maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing

Important things to keep in mind about the Ghost drama

So I had some late night thoughts… and im itching to get it out.
Now let’s re-evaluate this lawsuit drama. Let’s take the lawsuit out of the equation and look at things more objectively.

Let me start off with throwing in my unpopular opinion (trust me, just read this post thoroughly):

I honestly don’t have the best impression of Alpha. I think he’s unprofessional and naive (his musical talent doesn’t apply here)

1) Ghost’s IG maintains a strict and specific format on each post revolving around the band’s activities. So what did Alpha do? He posted a photo of him getting his wisdom tooth removed by his wife on the band’s Instagram.
When I first saw Alpha’s photo, I honestly thought he meant to post it on his personal profile. But the caption intended it to be otherwise (it was signed off as Alpha)
Like how was this relevant to the band’s music? Were you just trying to show off your super hot wife?? ¿¿¿ I personally don’t get it. I got it now, he used his band’s exposure to promote his wife’s business. How professional 🙄

2) He took advantage of Ghost fans to hurt Papa and the new Ghouls by airing their personal private drama on his Facebook account. All it did was divide our community apart. A community that him and his band mates created. All I got from that fb post was how his drama serves more importance than the well being of his fans/community

3) Alpha’s whole new PRIEST project: The masked leader, the cult like image that shares similar qualities to Ghost. It’s a different genre for sure, but it doesn’t change the fact that it does share its similarities to the band. It screams passive aggression to me. 
I can’t help but to think that he’s petty how he’s not getting the recognition as he did in Ghost. And now he’s trying to gain sympathy from his Ghost fans in hopes that they’ll abandon Ghost and check out his new project instead (Which is working in very small numbers)
Now let’s take us back to a few months after the Ghouls were let go:
Maybe his past band mates felt used and now they’re finding an excuse to get their revenge on Papa for firing them.

*I believe that Ghost was intended to be a solo act from the very start. *

If you look at the band from a visual pov, Papa has always been the spokesperson/face of Ghost. You think of Ghost, you think of Papa first. 
I can see/interpret how the Ghouls’ presence were initially used to strengthen that cult-like image to band, which is fair and a smart business decision to attract an audience. It’s unique, it’s bold, it’s loud, and it’s a head-turner (Insert their red carpet Grammy videos)

Now somewhere along the way, the Ghouls started to catch the attention of the audience because of their strong stage/media presence (Think of it as Gru and his minions from Despicable Me. Gru might be the main character, but those cute ass minions caught the heart of many as well)
And maybe Papa wasn’t okay with that and it’s not what he wanted when he wanted to become a solo act.
Since The Ghouls agreed that he would be the band leader, Papa can do whatever he pleases with them.

So Papa, why not just hire random musicians/stand ins if you wanted to go solo in the first place?

1) Renting musicians aren’t cheap, especially if they charge x amount of personal rate/show. It’s better to start off with a bunch of close friends and settle in on an agreement than having to comply to a rented musician’s compensation . You’ll have to deal with more legal paperwork and later on someone will always want to demand more money or exposure.

#2) It takes money to make money. If you take a look at their costume designs and their set designs on stage, it takes up a lot of artistic design components. 
Costume designers/Set designers don’t come in cheap. At all. Now imagine having to pay for those bills when you’re a relatively small band? We’ve had 3 Papas with 4 different costumes and 2-3 Ghoul costume designs for each band member. That’s at least 6 different costume designs. Normally, rock bands just wear store bought clothing (most of them are normally sponsored by the brand) but since Ghost has such a strong/specific visual image that they can’t get away with your seasonal Halloween attire. It’s crucial for them to invest in more money into this area because that’s one of the main reasons why they got famous in the first place.

So being in this type of band, it won’t have the greatest starting salary when you’re constantly paying off those bills. I won’t be surprised if they were still in debt within the first couple of years of touring.

At the end of the day, if this whole theory is true, then I get why they’re mad at Papa. I would get why Omega isn’t suing him because maybe he saw Papa’s true intentions and didn’t agree with it? And maybe he still wants Papa to come back to MCC if Ghost decides to disband after this feud, and not let a lawsuit cut ties on what’s left of their friendship?
(All of this is based off of my assumptions so don’t rely on me as a solid source.)

TBH I just want some objectivity brought into light because I’m seeing a lot of blinded/biased judgement. It really does hurt to see this community being divided by Alpha’s reckless Facebook post.

How to Spot a Fake “Daddy."

1.) He asks for nudes and insists you do whatever he says within hours of meeting you.
2.) Doesn’t give you structure. Doesn’t act like a Daddy. There are no rules. No bed times. Nothing.
3.) His compliments exclusively focus on your appearance, so he says things like “you look great” and “your boobs are amazing”, but you never get a compliment on your personality or character.
4.) Is suspiciously quick to punish you. You’re always being told you’ve “been a bad girl”, you always feel like you’re not doing enough to make him happy.
5.) He’s only ever really engaged in the convo when he needs something. Other times he’s distant and barely tolerates you. You feel like you’re bugging him.
6.) His profile icon is a picture of his dick, or of him shirtless, or something dumb like that.
7.) He never really feels like your Daddy, the relationship feels empty and hollow. You still feel alone.
8.) Calls you pet names so often that it becomes nauseating. Ends every sentence with “little one” and “princess” and “little girl”; it comes across like he’s trying too hard.
9.) He doesn’t seem interested about learning more about DD/lg and BDSM. You won’t find him reblogging long text posts such as this on his blog (instead it’ll be 100% sexual content).
10.) Can be very mean and hurtful when he doesn’t get his way. Doesn’t understand how sensitive littles can be and is quick to make harsh personal comments.
•Please help spread the word about these people. Reblog this. Like this. Share this with a friend. We need to put a stop to this behaviour NOW.
(Note that I got this off Facebook didn’t write this myself)

Part 15 - Dear Cyrus 2

(Continuation of previous chapter Part 14 - Dear Cyrus)

Well that night I didn’t really drank much but he did. He was just leaning on my shoulder as the silence took over most of the time. I didn’t know how to react to him so I guess the best I could offer was being there for him.

Its funny how its our first time meeting each other (for the main reason of just having fun) but here I am with a brokenhearted man beside me. Man I told myself I’m digging in some deep shit that I shouldn’t here.

We didn’t really text much after that night, but I went on stalking him on his social media, basically just checking him out. My fragile memories could recollect of me asking him if he was free a night before his birthday and we both were horny and so we did made an appointment to meet at his place.

Cyrus : Need a fetch tonight ?

Me : Nah its okay. I can take the taxi, you could drive me home after.

Cyrus : Okay then. Becareful. Text me when you’re here

Me : Yeah about 15 mins. btw Do you like chocolate or oreo more ?

Cyrus : Oreo. Why ? 

Me : No la. Just asking. text you when I’m nearby

I get to know his birthday through his Facebook so I wanted to surprise him since tomorrow its his actual birthday. I went off to a bakery store and bought a whole oreo cheesecake for him and got him worried because I was late :

Cyrus : traffic jam ? took you 1 hour ?

Me : Im fine. Reaching soon.

As I was all excited and smiling walking up to his place to surprise him since he has no idea I knew his Birthday and he thought I came just to have sex, as I knock on his door.

Cyrus : (opening the door)

Me : Surprise ! (lifting up the birthday cake box with plastic) 

Cyrus : What ?! (Surprised and laughing)

Me : I know its your birthday tomorrow..so I bought you a cake. (acting silly)

Cyrus : No wonder you asked whether I like choc or oreo lol

Me : (Walking towards the fridge and open it, putting the cake inside)

Cyrus : (hugged me from behind resting his head on my shoulder with his hands wrap around my waist

Cyrus : Thank you. (In a sincere tone) 

My heart was pounding fast in that heat of moment. I felt something again. I didn’t really utter any words that time. We were just indulging in the silence yet sweet moment of him hugging me from behind while the fridge’s was left open.

Me : Wanna have a slice now ? (broke the silence) 

Took a knife and cut a slice and handed to him saying :

Me : Happy birthday hehe ! (Acting silly)

Cyrus : (took the cream on top of the cake with his index finger towards my mouth feeding me) 

Me : (BLUSHING AS FUCK) (open my mouth and ate the cream)

oh dear god thinking back I was so shy and he was just laughing at me saying I’m cute with my face turned red…I lost count of how many time my heart beat in a second. Unconsciously I lean towards him and gave him a kiss with my eyes closed with my hands holding his waist. As I passionately kiss him on his lips slowly with my tongue tied with his, he put the plate away to the side of the sink. We were making out in the kitchen, kissing each other all the time. His fingers were running through my hair and gently touching my face. Eagerly lifting his shirt up and taking it off I push his body against mine close I move down to his neck licking it gently and slowly as he let out a soft moan 

Cyrus : Let’s go to the room.

As he shuts the room’s door. I found myself lying on his bed looking at him stripping off himself with his pants and undies. His cock is hard on. Laying next to me as we continue kissing my hands were reaching down to his cock stroking it. His rough hands were touching my body feeling my skin next to his, removing my shirt licking my neck, leaving marks on my shoulders as I let out a moan, he moves downwards to my sensitive nipples licking it gently drawing circles, flicking it with his tongue and suck it once in awhile. I felt so turn on. With his mouth doing the job, his hands slowly touching my belly to my wet cock and down right to my hole.

His hands were in between my thigh with his fingers touching my hole I felt even more turned on as if he’s molesting me with my pants still on.

Me : I wanna suck your cock please. 

Cyrus : I’ll rim you first. 

Removing my pants along with my undies he lift up my ass while he was in a kneeling position with his hands spreading my ass to give a better look at my hole. Diving in with his tongue licking my hole with his saliva covered like spreading butter on a bread. God I felt so good that I had to shut my mouth with my hands for trying not to moan too loud. Comes his finger poking my hole fingering me as I moan like a slut. 

I lean towards him an grab hold of his hard cock sucking it like nobody’s business. Eagerly sucking it so hard that I almost choke myself from it. As eager as I said : 

Me : Fuck me please.

He turn around and took a condom out of the box along with the lube. I hold on to his legs and said : 

Me : Cyrus. Do you wanna fuck me without the condom ?

Cyrus : (his eyes were widen and surprised saying) You sure ? 

Me : (shyly nodded my head and turn around in doggystyle with my ass facing him)

Hearing the sound of him squeezing the lube. He got hold of his hands on my ass from behind and I felt his hard on 7 Inch dick piecing through me. We were on cloud 9. Fucking me in and out from behind as we both moan at the same time he lean towards me from the back and smell me and kiss my neck while his hips are moving on its own. My wet cock was dripping precum all over the bed I felt it leaking.

As we slowly adjust the position of me laying fully on the bed while he lay on me with his dick still in me. Our body were sweating, so hot that we’re fucking in madness. My hard cock were begging to breathe so I gently pad on his thigh said : 

Me : Change (moaning)

Both of us woke up we were kissing each other I pushed him down and squat on his hard dick, with my hands holding his cock trying to fit it back in my hole. As it enters both of us moaned in joy. Slowly swallowing it fully in my hole as I felt the hardness I hold my hands with his, gently moving up and down riding him with my shy face expose to his. His hands were on my hips while mine was on his thighs. Riding it even harder as he said : 

Cyrus : Fuck you’re so cute you’re gonna make me cum

Me : I’m cumming too.

As I my hard cock were begging for me to stroke, I felt a hot wave of liquid rushing inside me as he moans :

Cyrus : Fuck fuck fuck !!

Stroking my own cock in a split second I cummed all over his body moaning together. That moment we couldn’t care less of what the neighbor heard.

With hole filled with his cum I was so worn out and lay on him with both our bodies covered with my cum panting :

Me : (breathing heavily , panting)

Cyrus : (hugging me even though we’re covered in cum) 

Me : happy ? (acting silly)

Cyrus : Yes..much better without the condom. Lets go clean you up.

As we were in the bathroom he kept nagging me to wash properly, making sure all his cum was out from my hole. Insisting to see the water comes out clean. I felt something again. For once a Top that is not selfish and actually care about me after the sex. 

As I got off from the shower I was kneeling down packing my stuff into my bag.

Cyrus : Don’t go first, come over here. (in a sincere tone)

Me : (Walk towards his room as he was laying on his beanie bag and lay right next to him with my head rest on his chest)

I couldn’t recall the conversation that we had that time…All I remember was gently touching his rose tattoo on his leg while he fell asleep with his hands around me. Looking at him fell asleep peacefully. 

After that night. We rarely text each other. Mostly he don’t reply my messages, even if he replied it would be a day later. I didn’t know what went wrong and I was just so puzzled that I stop trying so hard. But what I felt through things that I felt wasn’t fake. Well maybe the sad part was I was the only one who felt it but he didn’t. It all happen 3 years ago till one of the days I met him on the monorail on his way to work.

All we did was just pass by each other smiled. 

Dear Cyrus, its bitter. But yet sweet. Thank you. xo

My head and heart are reeling after yesterday. I left home at 9:45am and got home after 11:00pm.

The funeral was a lovely celebration of Ronnie’s life. There were so many memories, triggers of childhood abuse, lovely people, kind words, good friends. Arsula (his daughter, my 5th sister) posted this on Facebook.

Later in the day I found out an old boyfriend (and fellow cult survivor) died on Friday.

My youngest sister lives with her fiancé off and on. They have a very tumultuous relationship. His mother went into the hospital with liver failure yesterday morning. The doctors say she has a few days at most.

My 11 year old nephew who’s been in a vegetative state since 2009 has a new condition which will lead to a painful death. If he feels pain. The choice is to let him starve to death or wait for his spine to crush his lungs.

The three siblings I went to the funeral with were all drinking heavily yesterday; only one became an extreme asshole, but the other two continued after I called it a night. I had a couple of drinks throughout the day, but I can’t drink much with my afib, and they make it unappealing. I feel like all three of them need to stop, but I feel powerless to make it happen.

Related: my dad spoke at the service yesterday and was sober, but he is still not honest with himself or us about the extent of his addictions.

I’ll post some more pictures of yesterday’s goodness, but today I feel like bawling.


Michael posted a video on facebook today and Tom got a nice mention, prompted by this fan question!

Q: “Are you and Tom Welling actual enemies?”

Michael: “No dude, I love Welling. I just went to his 40th birthday party at the Houdini House. Harry Houdini. It was a blast. He gave me a big hug. Almost broke me because he’s actually as strong as Superman. I love the guy, dude. I think we’re the closest of anyone else in the cast. He and I…Clark and Lex. Ironically, off camera, we’re definitely the closest I think, out of anybody.”

“Tom Welling’s awesome. He’s great. He looks great. He’s charming as hell. I love him. I’m going to get him on my podcast.”

@shawarma-palace and I were bullshitting around the other day about an AU idea where Finn’s picture is being used to catfish someone in a Nigerian Prince scheme. He said I could write it, so here’s my exceedingly silly take.

 “This is outrageous!” Poe stood and paced away from the computer angrily.

 “Mijo, I think you’re getting a little-”

 “A little what? Righteous on mi abuela’s behalf? What if she’d clicked on it?”

 “Well, I mean, that’s why she called me, and I called you. She has good instincts.”

 Poe still boiled with rage. “That’s not the point. What if it had been Senora Hernandez? Or Fatima? These people are despicable.”

 “Well, I won’t argue with you there,” Kes grumbled, feeling exasperated.

 “I’m going to-” Poe’s fists clenched as he sat down again to try and figure out how exactly to punish these assholes for coming after his abuela. It was your typical Nigerian Prince ploy - “Oh, help me, I need a small deposit to unlock my amazing riches - and for credibility they’d even included a picture of the supposed Nigerian Prince. Who was, Poe realized as he was momentarily distracted, extremely good looking. Poe almost reached out his hand to run it over the line in the man’s fade, but caught himself in time before he embarrassed himself in front of his dad. He colored, though, and renewed his frown. “I wonder if this asshole used his own picture.”

 He ran the reverse image search while his dad wandered away, throwing up his hands with a “You do you, Poe.”

 The guy popped on Facebook, surprisingly. Finn Garo. Same pic for his profile, but his profile was unlocked, so Poe could click through all of his pictures - for research, of course. Here was Finn at a party with a red solo cup, Finn sitting with a group of other college students, Finn graduating college with lots of fancy ropes hanging around his neck, someone - his mom? Abuela? - kissing his cheek as he bent over and beamed. Finn at Pride, and at the Women’s March, and at a handful other marches or vigils or protests.

 As Poe kept clicking through Finn’s profile, he forgot his original intent and got sucked in full on cyberstalking this Finn guy. He was gorgeous. He was into social justice. He had earned his Bachelor’s in … in…Computer Science. Poe perked up in his chair again, and he’d clicked on the Facebook message button and sent off the note before he’d thought better of it.

 Poe: Listen, buddy, what you’re doing is despicable. You pick on little old ladies? Why don’t you come pick on me instead?

 Poe watched the three dots cycle through.

 Finn: I’m sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about?

 Poe tapped the keys of the computer angrily as he sent a screenshot of Finn’s picture and the Nigerian Prince email.

 More dots.

 Finn: Oh, shit. Wow.

 Poe furrowed his brow.

 Finn: Um. Yeah, that’s definitely me, but I didn’t write that email.

 Finn: Not that you have to believe me, but. Um. Who would be stupid enough to use their own picture?

 He had a point.

 Poe: You have a point.

 Poe burned bright red now.

 Poe: Um. Yeah. I didn’t really think that through.

 Poe: I saw you were a Computer Science major and I kind of saw red.

 Finn: Should I be flattered? I think I should be flattered that they’re using my likeness for a *prince*

 Poe snorted.

 Poe: Idk, buddy. I guess?

 Poe: Sorry to disturb you, your highness

 Finn: lol

 Finn: I’m going to have my friends call me that.

 Finn: but seriously, I feel bad

 Poe: Well, I mean, you’re as much a victim as my abuela is

 Finn: Did they scam her out of a lot of money?

 Poe: No, she’s smarter than that. But it’s the principle of the thing.

 Finn: Sure. Anyone comes for my grandma, I’d react the same way.

 Finn: I’m sorry, man.

 Poe: Thanks. And, um, sorry for wildly accusing you.

 Finn: Water under the bridge.

     Finn Garo has sent you a friend request.  

 Poe: Really?

 Finn: Eh, I’ve made friends in weirder circumstances. You should hear the story of how my friend Rey and I met.

Poe: :chinhands: Tell me more.

Everything is so unreal. I woke up at 4am this morning, with a plane to catch and a great mood cause tomorrow I’m going home. My flatmate got up at 5am to give me a lift to the station. He’s the sweetest. I got on the plane, I read a book, I slept a little. I landed, took off the airplane mode and a Facebook notification popped up. My friend tagged me in a comment to the news. I froze, I shrugged. It couldn’t be true. I opened the browser, typed his name. Some articles, the Wikipedia page changed to the past tense. Chris Cornell was. There I lost it. I cried, a lot. I got on the bus to Venice, I don’t even know how long it took to get there. I arrived to Venice, I texted my brother, I called my mum. She asked me if I was being serious, I never cry, I never care for anyone. Well, it’s not like people in real life ever did so much for me as that stranger on the other side of the world. My heart is aching, physically. The world keeps turning. I pressed play, Rusty Cage. I brushed my tears away, I put up a brave face and I headed off to some sightings. Saint Mark Square, Rialto’s Bridge. Soundgarden still playing. I headed to the station, I got on the train to Rome. I will be there in four hours, more sightseeing, a hostel. Chris’s voice still in my ears. Tomorrow I will take my exam and I’ll fly home. Life goes on. And I still can’t believe he’s not here anymore. Not when I’m listening to him right now. Not if I think of how much we lost already. Barely a year ago I was at his concert. He smashed it. It was a small gig, we were practically in the same room, I had my Temple Of The Dog t-shirt on. I sang along with every word. I’m hanging on to that memory. Chris Cornell is.

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Absolutely love your writing. Can I ask you to write a little something? I'm dying here waiting for the finale! I know Kurt is not getting down on one knee this season finale (maybe soon) but could you write something along the lines of him asking Jane to be his girlfriend?? 😊 Thanks, again you write the best fics!

Hey there! Thank you so much! I’m dying for the finale too! Not so long now!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little ficlet.

Tasha grabbed her arm forcefully and dragged her into Patterson’s lab. It had been almost two weeks since they brought Shepherd down and while she’ been given some time to figure out what she wanted to do next, the team were back to work. Those two weeks had been a dream, almost unbelievably good. Sure, there were the truths about her past coming to light from Shepherds interrogation, but there was also finally being free of her and finally being with Kurt that balanced it all out.

He was also back at work like everyone else but they spent every minute that he was not at the office together while according to everyone else, Jane was just considering her options. One of them was joining the team officially, but she had not decided yet.

She was back at the NYO today to help with some of the reports but before she could report to anyone, Tasha had grabbed her and pulled her.

“Ok, ‘fess up!” she said the moment Patterson had kicked the last of her techs out of the lab.

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I just got a Linked In request from this shitty dude I used to hook up with YEARS ago who wouldn’t ever kiss me on the mouth, would talk shit about my body, and never would go out into public with me. 

First off, I only have linked in because I was trying to confirm if the Minister of Finance for Honduras had “poked” me on Facebook (he had) and secondly, I stopped hanging out with this dude not because he was mean to me (he was way hot and looked like Prince) but because I dropped my scarf behind his chair in his room and discovered a collection of bottles filled with pee.  Like….a lot of bottles. 

I have tried deleting Linked In a million times and STILL get emails from them. It drives me crazy. 

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can you give me your Gayest ™ DallyxJohnny headcanons for,,,,science,,,

Yes of course,, for science,,

- Dally, not being a morning person, will NOT let Johnny get out of bed. As soon as he moves Dally’s arms are around his waist in a death grip and he’s aggressively cuddling him.

- Dally once took Johnny to NY to meet his grandmother, whom Dally loves vv much.

- Dally dirty talks to Johnny in Russian

- modern AU! They’re Facebook married

- hickeys literally everywhere,,

- Dally have Johnny his ring, Johnny wears it on a chain around his neck a almost never takes it off.

- Dally called Johnny “his own personal angle” because he believes with all the wrong he’s done he’ll never get to make it to heaven.

- Dally also calls Johnny “baby” a lot.

- the night before they got before they got married, Dally cried literally all night long and wandered how he got so lucky to get Johnny.

(Not the best, I’m sorry! But I hope you like them Hun!)

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How did you and your boyfriend meet?? You guys are so cute!

Awww thank you!!! I actually love this story so much because it’s literally from a fairytale but it’s real and I am still in amazement about it.

We actually met on the train and on tinder. When I first came to Switzerland, I went to a festival with my friend in Lucerne and when I was coming back to Zurich, I was on the train by myself, hungover as shit and looking like trash. The next thing I know, I see a beautiful man with blonde hair and blue eyes board the train and sit right across from me. I was so mad at myself for looking like trash but when I looked up he was staring at me. I thought he was staring at me because I was sweating beer and had leftover mascara on my face, but when I looked up again he was still staring and when our eyes, met he smiled. I smiled back. We kept making eyes at each other and when the conductor came to collect my ticket, I said something in English so after the conductor left, he looked at me and said, “Are you lost?”

I was not lost. I have taken this route from Lucerne to Zurich HB a million times. So I said, “Yes. I am very very lost.” He knew I wasn’t lost and I knew he knew, so it was really just his way of breaking the ice.

We talked so much that I almost missed my stop and when my stop came, I literally had to run off with my suitcase. The moment the doors closed behind me, though, I realized I. Had. Not. Given. Him. My. Number. 

I was devastated. I was like well, fuck. I will never see that beautiful human again. 

Later that night when I got home, I decided to open up tinder because I had already tried searching “Michael, Zurich” on Facebook which you can imagine came up with 10000 results- none of which were him. So I thought, hm maybe he’s on tinder. 

I opened the app, changed the location settings so that it would reload and get rid of my NYC matches, and boom. 

I’m not even kidding you, anon, he was the first one. THE FIRST ONE. 

I know that it most likely has something to do with the fact that our GPS locations were next to each other for so long, etc, but I like to think it was magic.

So, my heart was racing and I swiped right and WE MATCHED IMMEDIATELY. Turns out he was looking for me too.

We talked all night, went on our first date the next day, and the rest is history.

I’m laughing because I was talking to my brother about BTS and the types of dads they would be and he just stopped and got super serious and was like;

“Yoongi would be that dad from the meme where dads recreate their daughter’s social media pictures to embarrass them.”

It’s so true too! I can already see Taehyung being at work or something and getting a flood of text from his and Yoongi’s daughter.



**insert picture of Yoongi recreating one of their daughter’s aesthetic pics from facebook. **

Taehyung just sighs because really it’s Yoongi’s only day off and he’s bugging their daughter rather than sending him sexy nudes? HOW RUDE!

Taehyung text Yoongi.

“Can you please stop making our teenaged Daughter’s life a bother.”

Yoongi sends back a selfie of him pouting. It’s so cute Taehyung rolls his eyes and texts him back.

“Nevermind go have your fun, I love you.”

Chapter 1 - AINIY

Summary: Dan has always been a goody-two-shoes wallflower. He’s never gone out of his comfort zone once in his life, always living in his happy world bubble. Phil is a realist, a punk with an agenda, never one to settle down. When these two troubled souls finally collide, their lives just might change forever.

Paring: Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil

Genres: Teenage!Phan, Drama!AU, Fluff, Smut!

Word Count: 1,767

Warnings: Mentions of violence, blood, fights, crimes, illegal drugs (marijuana), underage drinking, cursing and mentions of depression.

A/N: I know there are bits of the plot that might not make sense, like Dan and Pj knowing each other, just go with it lol. 

Story under the cut.

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