i got this from the bluray

Things I’ve noticed while watching the Labyrinth bluray for the first time that I didn’t notice before:

•There’s a whole lot more glitter than I remember.

•Jareth’s grey pants have a pattern on them.

•The blue screen effect is much more noticable. (Not really surprising)

•A lot of the puppets have red glowing pupils.

•I notice a lot more of the hidden faces.

•The wild gang guys have a little green on their ears.

•So much glitter.

•Jareth’s makeup goes from his eyes all the way down his nose.

•In the ballroom, Jareth’s got glittery blue highlights in his hair.

•Ambrosious has horseshoes.

•The spigots on the fountain in the goblin city are placed very deliberately…

•There are two milk bottles outside the door to the goblin castle. This means there’s a milkman. I don’t know what to do with this information…

•There’s a whole lot more velvet in the costuming than I remember.

•Sarah has posters of Evita, Cats, and La Cage aux Folles in her room.



Dear HBO and NBC;

I would literally buy a whole ‘other set of blurays or iTunes episodes of the whole of GoT if there was a Leslie + Seth Commentary track option, i wouldn’t even steal it from the internet like everyone in australia


Some recent doodles!

We watched Moana recently, it was so good. We watched it again yesterday for the director’s commentary. Could not fault it!

It was essentially a present from my husband since I kinda missed my birthday from being sick. He got me Moana on Bluray, the Moana soundtrack, and an ocean scented candle to remain on theme XD.

Also got to spend a birthday voucher at Kikki.K, due to the midyear sales stacking on my voucher I ended up getting 3 large planner refills/kits for free!

The second picture is a DnD character I played named Versailles! She was School captain at her magical school, as well as captain of the hula team.


Not-lead characters that I adore beyond reason: An Advent Calendar

Day 10: Scott ffolliott (George Sanders) - Foreign Correspondent [1940]

Speaking of tweedy Hitchcock BAMFs…here’s another cut from the very same cloth as Gilbert and Hannay. And oh, isn’t it refreshing to see George get to play an almost-heroic role? Scott is the prince of sarky asides, and pretends to be as lazy and as louche as they come, but underneath it all he’s actually pretty serious and dedicated, and definitely (something that George often isn’t) on the side of the angels. He lounges comfortably in a long line of British gents who quip in the face of danger, something I adore a lot. 

I know it would be hard to throw a stone in Hollywood in 1940 and not hit an english ex-pat actor (I know George isn’t really English, but let’s pretend he is, eveyone else did) but it’s interesting that Foreign Correspondent is a kind of trans-atlantic marriage, what with Scott harking strongly back to 30s Hitch, plus Herbert Marshall (Murder!), Edmund Gwenn (a ton of 30s British films) and its part-London setting. It’s like Hitch is throwing the America audiences (in the Mary-Sue form of Joel McCrea) into a montage of his previous films, and watching them flounder around until they get their bearings, while the English audiences cringe a bit at this brash American, yet by the end somehow he’s become incredibly likeable. Maybe this is why it’s one of my fave Hitch films. 

Or maybe it’s because of George. Look at him, effortlessly suave in his cable-knit jumper and tweed jackets, switching from indolent to threatening to heroic to silly in a heartbeat. There are few actors with as great a talent as George who spent their time in so many shit films, so it’s a tremendous joy to have his Scott ffolliott, a genuinely great character in a highly entertaining film. 

i need some fair opinions pls :/

So, as some of you may know, I’ve been uploading a few performances from the new Cosmic Explorer BluRay. Personally, I know that there is a demand, and most of my Western viewers are really enjoying the uploads!

But on the contrary, the Japanese fans are seriously angered at me right now. Here is one surprising comment I got (translated):

prfm-uk has no manners or morals as a fan.
He can not understand that what he is doing is an act of harassing the three members of Perfume.

Despite being scolded by Perfume Official (when did this happen lol) at the time of sale of TOKYO GIRL, he scattered the sound source of the instrumental and Houseki no Ame and repeatedly troubles Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu this time as well.

I think that he is no longer a Perfume fan, but rather an anti-fan; harassing Perfume members and enjoying annoying and vandalising behavior.
I have reported him to Perfume Official and fan club PTA, so I hope that the officials will come on Monday and give prfm-uk severe punishment.

And the YouTube world is not sweet.
I have seen a lot of uploaders who repeat such acts and that can not understand manners, but these kinds of people will sooner or later be subject to punishment and disappear from the world of YouTube.

If prfm-uk wishes to act as a fan for a long time, he should keep good manners and rules on YouTube, but I do not think that this person can understand it.

- fan service sweet fan service bitter

Yeah, people aren’t happy :0

I have two main lines of argument here:

  1. Amuse has monetised my videos, meaning that they get all of the money from the adverts on my videos. They haven’t blocked them, meaning that they are fine with the actual uploads.
  2. If you are a true fan as dedicated as you say, then you would have bought the DVD/BluRay regardless, and many people have already pre-ordered it.
  3. Me uploading clips from the DVD evens out the playing field in terms of people saying “I’ve bought more Perfume stuff, so I’m a better fan!” so people who can afford it will still buy the DVD, while others can enjoy snippets of it online so they know whether or not to save their money up for it.

But I’m not gonna go ahead and say that I’m right and everyone else is wrong. I’d really like some opinions on what to do here. Thank you! prfm-uk out <3

The Magical Girl Babysitter

Orphan Brigade [Baby Years]: The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager.

Kdin was nervous. That much was evident. It was her first time babysitting and it didn’t seem like an easy job. From what she had heard, there was three small boys who could raise hell. 

She had dressed simply, jeans and a Sailor Moon t-shirt partially hidden by her hoodie. 

The dad, a moustached man named Geoff, gave her a short explanation of where everything was in the penthouse before escaping for a date with his girlfriend. 

Kdin took a deep breath before heading in to meet the kids.

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anonymous asked:

Has the cast and crew for "Voltron: Legendary Defender" ever talked about the possibility of getting the series onto DVD/Blu-ray? I'd heard that Netflix only considers releasing some of their shows on Blu-ray Discs for only their really popular and profitable shows like "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones". What is that dependent on, anyway? I know that view counts and revenue they receive from fans legally supporting the series determines whether the series will be put on physical releases. (1/2)

But do sales of tie-in books like the handbook and comics and toys factor into whether the company decides to release the series on physical discs? “Young Justice” got cancelled by CN because of low toy sales before they decided to renewed it after a few years. Imagine all of the cool stuff that can put onto the Blu-rays: cast and crew interviews, behind-the-scenes recordings, bloopers, in-depth explanation of the characters and terms, concept artworks, and other special featurettes! :D (2/2)

I’ve gotten a few asks about this, so I went ahead and posted the quote I keep referring people to. I think the original interview got buried under the influx of information from SDCC.

Lauren and Joaquim seem confident that a BluRay release will happen, but didn’t have any specifics to give. 

I don’t know how or when Netflix decides to offer physical copies of their originals, or anything about Young Justice’s cancellation, but it would be really amazing to see more behind the scenes stuff and extras on a DVD release! I hope we get one sooner rather than later.


Over the holidays i transplanted my components over to a new case. I wanted one that separated the power supply from the other hardware, had better frontal air intake (with a dust filter), and had a full size panel window. The Air 540 delivered on all of that. Behind the motherboard is an adjoining compartment where the power supply, extra hard drives, bluray drive and the bulk of the wires are stored. It was a tight fit and time consuming to install, but i got it all in there.

-Corsair Carbide Air 540 Case
-ASUS Z97-Deluxe Motherboard
-Intel Core i7-4790K overclocked to 4.8Ghz Cpu
-Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB 2400MHz CL10 Ram
-Nvidia GeForce Evga GTX 980 Ti Hybrid overclocked to 1410Mhz Videocard
-Samsung 1TB 850 Evo SSD
-Crucial MX100 512GB SSD
-Crucial C300 128GB SSD
-Western Digital 6TB Caviar Black HD
-Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black HD
-Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black HD (External Backup)
-Western Digital 3TB Red HD (External Backup)
-Western Digital 3TB Green HD
-Evga 1000w G2 Supernova Power Supply
-Corsair Hydro Series H105 Liquid Cpu Cooler
-LG Bluray Drive
-3 Corsair SP 120mm High Static Pressure Fans
-2 Corsair 140mm Fans
-Evga White Power Supply Cable Set Individually Sleeved


Walkure Cafe at Q Plaza in Shibuya! Everyone got a random coaster, a sticker sheet, and one drink included with the ticket. I drew Reina and ordered Kaname’s Pine Cider. One dude a few tables over ordered five, so I guess he really likes Kaname while I’m just some casual pleb who didn’t even bring a yellow glowstick.

The walls were decorated with various artwork and concert photographs, and some music video costumes were also on display. The ninety-minute show was basically an ad for the 2nd Live Bluray. The first half was interviews with the girls which I pretended to understand, and the second was a selection of songs from the concert. That said, it wasn’t a bad way to spend a rainy afternoon.



I really appreciate everyone support for this blog to go this far ( I didn’t expect that in the beginning tbh ) and thank you so so much for loving my arts and ameripan :3

So, to celebrate this special event, I will upload a special AU which I worked very hard in the previous month ~

Yes , I think you guys can guess it out :P

Inside Out AU !

I can say this one is the one I worked hard the most, so I really hope you guys can reblog for everyone to read :3

I just made it like the short strips to introduce characters, the rest will be some scenes in the film ( so that I can avoid spoiled for those who haven’t watched the film ) enjoy ^ w ^)

You guys can imagine from this part it’s like the trailer :P

And this is why I choose England to be Disgust ~ Sarcastic at it fineness XD

I completed this AU just in time the film got the bluray version so I promo for it btw XD If you haven’t watched it, I recommend since this is a great film and also very touching ( ´ ∀ ` ) 

For who doesn’t know, yes Matt’s mother is fem!England and his dad is France ~ ( I just couldn’t think of anyone else ..) The cooking island I drew by myself, and ice-cream town is referenced from the film “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” ^^ There are more aspects in Matt’s mind but I just can draw this much since my energy is limited……(ノ_ _)ノ

The characters were created by my point of view, please respect it ( since I saw some people judging it and compare to other versions, which make me pretty sad though ..) But anyway, thank you everyone so much ! Please continue to support me in the future -ω(´•ω•`)♡ ( and sorry for the super long post XD )

Day 23 of Inktober. I drew the main character of the show, “Gurren Lagann”. From left to right, Kamina, Simon, and Yoko, riding the mech, Gurren. “Gurren Lagann” is one of my favorite anime of all time. Thanks to my bro, dad, mom and Laura, I got this show on bluray about a year ago and can watch it anytime. A fantastic show that finds new ways to break limits.This was a pretty tough picture but it came out good. Enjoy!

Was checking out old SPN fics… and found some as old as Livejournal days. Oh wow.

All bottom Sam, of course. Wincest’s always been my OTP. Watched the show for it and will be forever giggling for this damned ship.

I miss Gabriel. Sabriel’s always the second after Wincest. Daaamn I miss Gabe more when Chuck mentioned the name. I wanted to cry!

Might reread some old fics I’ve saved before sleeping.

I still think SPN should’ve ended in Season 5. Loved that Season. Got a Bluray set of it, bought online from Japan, so I can also enjoy it with japanese dubbed voices.

I should rewatch some eps in that season once I have time.

Aaah, thanks for bearing with my SPN spam.(; ゚゚)