i got this from my phone

Yikes. I work as a weekend shift manager at a coffee/donut/ice cream place (I think I’ve submitted before?). Anyway.

I got a call today from a very angry lady. She wanted to know if my store and another store in the area were owned by the same person. I said that they are, as well as managed by the same person. She asked to speak with that person but I let her know that she had the day of. So she asks for the next person up in the management chain by name. She got upset when I told her that she doesn’t work weekends and I cannot in fact give out her cell phone number.

She she settled for me. She proceeded to complain to me for 10 minutes (not even exaggerating a little). About someone who was mean to her at the OTHER STORE. Way out of my power lady. I don’t even know what she expected. She just complained a lot, told me she was never going to a *franchise name* again. Like okay, that sucks I guess, but??? Then she ends the phone call by telling me that I need to fire who was mean to her. Like. Yeah. I’ll get right on that /heavysarcasm/

Ride With Me (Part 8)

PAIRING: readerxbuckybarnes au


WARNINGS: light swearing. 

*(Y/N)’s working double time to cover Wanda’s shift she is confronted with a handsome stranger who is as dangerous as his silver tongue   

 I did it, I bloody did it. A whole day spending time with my Aunt and Uncle and I was still able to write this chapter. I may suffer for it in the morning but who cares, I can sleep when I’m dead ahaha 

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“It’s been over a month (Y/N) and you didn’t call of course I was going to worry” You rolled your eyes as you shimmied into your jeans.

“I’m sorry Jess, I really am. Thing’s just got a little crazy” you trailed off trapping your phone between your shoulder and ear as you fiddled with the button of your jeans.

“This is my point, you left to get away from crazy. Now you’re six feet deep in Sheild and Red Skull shit,” You sighed knowing she was right.

“How are things on your end? How’s Trish” You asked tentatively.

“She’s ok, coping as best as anyone can. She still didn’t think you had to move away”

“It was the best thing for everyone if I left Jess, you know that” you pulled on a shirt as you did your best to sort out the bird’s ness that was your hair.

“I know, I know. It still sucks” Jess huffed, you could imagine her now. Stood on the sidewalk smoking glaring at any passerby.

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On the Line (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A request fill for anon who wanted angst with a fluffy ending. Spoilers for 11x11 “Entropy” if you aren’t caught up. Everything italicized is from the show, not my words. Hope you all enjoy it. xx 

“I don’t understand why you keep asking me, Y/N! There’s nothing to tell!” Spencer was raising his voice, darting around the bedroom grabbing his coat, gun holster, and pistol, placing them on his person with over-exaggerated movements. 

“There clearly is and you’re hiding it from me!” You said from your spot on the bed, watching him helplessly. Ever since he got back from visiting his mom, Spencer was slowly distancing himself from you. The phone calls on his trip were short spoken. The fights you’d been having were more frequent. Instead of spending the rest of his time off together, he had hid away at his desk and ignored you. When you spoke up about it the first few times it happened he’d deny it, but then he started leaving abruptly without any reason, taking phone calls outside, and become increasingly more suspicious. Every time you pressed him about the situation, it’d escalate into a screaming match.

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Hello! Do you think you can do prompt #45 with Jeffmads? :)

Thomas woke up with a cry, sweat dripping down his face. James was dead-no he was alive. He had to be. He crawled out of bed and picked up his phone, sitting on the edge of his bed, calling James. James picked up quickly, groaning into the phone, speaking groggily. “Wha? Tommy it’s” There was silence as James searched for the time. “Way too early.” He concluded.  “I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” Thomas admitted, feeling wetness drip from his eyes. He was crying. He sniffled slightly and James’ voice got soft. “What was the dream about, baby?” He asked softly and Thomas shook at the memories. “You killed yourself and it was all my fault. I- I told you to. The worst part is it’s not far from the truth, in junior year I used to bully you and-” He was cut off by a light, sleepy laugh. “Listen to me, love, junior year is behind us. We’re seniors now, and I’ve forgiven you. I never hated you for it.  Never will. I’m not leaving you anytime soon. I promise.” James promised and Thomas felt his heart soar. “Th-thank you, Jemmy.” He stammered, still shaking slightly. “Now, how about we talk about aliens until you’ve calmed down?” James offered and Thomas slowly went back to lying on his bed, listening to the soothing sound of James’ voice, occasionally talking himself. Finally he calmed down, but by then it was eight AM. “I’ll drive over to your house.” James decided. “We can go get a slushie.” Thomas smiled and quickly walked over to his wardrobe, looking through his clothes. “I love you Jemmy.” He whispered into the phone and James responded instantly. “And I love you, Tommy.” 


Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Alina has been complaining about her Router for a while now, and I figured, Rick could have a look at it. Looks like I showed up at the “right time” just when Jerry annoyed Rick to fix his phone. He probably just got a key stuck again or something.


Some stuff from my bday!
My best meito gave me gift art, so happy~! Her Motsu-kun so BEAUTIFUL(⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷ ⌑ ᵒ̴̶̷⸝⸝⸝)✨ Then Schon gave me a musik!(as what I call itXD) uguuu Mikan Zombie♥♥♥

Cuz I woke up late this morning, I missed breakfast and uncle got me my fave(mamacchi prolly told him about Mozart TirolXD). Then played games with cousins! Last time I played PriPara was last yr March ahahaXD but I always have my latest priticket on my walletX9 then otouto-kun treat me SAO movie! UGUUU KLEIN SO HANDSOME ESP HAIR DOWN♥♥♥ sadly he got out earlyT~T

/tho I witness her cutting my boy in half in front of me after I put down my phone. Ouch.

Other gifts are the videos and edits and ofc the greetings!!!

Again thank you very much♥♥♥

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[Ehh, I’ve been avoiding talking about or posting about this but since I can feel my will to write being blocked a little by it, I figured I’d post a little thing. Basically, I’ve been stressed out this whole month and have been brushing off and shoving things under the rug. There’s some details below the cut for those who wish to read them, but my activity may be a little wonky from here until April. I don’t think it’ll be anything major, but if my writing seems a little lackluster or I’m slow to get stuff out, it’s because RL is still weighing on me a little bit, so I am sorry if you end up waiting. 

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greetings. i am !boobs! anon. i have gathered that you've fallen asleep. but that's okay, better actually. like living a fantasy life. i woke up the next day, feeling a bit groggy from the lack of sleep. i check my phone and immediately log on tumblr. i've got quite the following there since i'm trash lol. a little notification popped up. an anon? hm. i check what they want to say. "!boobs!" "i fucking love my followers," i breathed as i went back to sleep, praying that anon wasn't real. 👉👉

I was actually watching The 1989 world tour on iTunes and it was incredible and I can’t stop walking around my house like I’m on a stage help me

“I felt like sometimes she didn’t want me born. I was like Cinderella—even though I was a dude. She blamed me for everything. Maybe it’s because I was ugly, I guess. Girls were all running from me. My brothers were better looking. When I grew older, it was all about money. Mom and I never discussed anything personal. It seemed like she always wanted something from me. One time I called her crying, because I was trying to quit marijuana, and I felt really depressed. She just told me: ‘You’re wasting all that money on weed. You could be giving it to me instead.” She used to cash my student loan checks. One time she even used my social security number to get a credit card, and I didn’t even know until I got the bill. So I detached myself from her. I stopped answering the phone. Then two years ago she called to tell me she had cancer, and she needed an operation, but I didn’t even answer the phone. I thought she was tricking me again. She left a message, it said: ‘Michael, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you. I love you. And I know you love me.’ And I just ignored it. And she died. And I’m haunted by that. I’ve been trying to write about my life lately, but I can’t get past my mother. I wish I could just start my story with that phone call. With her saying that she loved me. The only other time I ever felt love from her was when I tried crack cocaine. I was a teenager, and I had been using for a couple weeks, and I went in her room to ask for baking soda. She started crying, and she looked scared, and she said: ‘Michael, why do you need baking soda?’ And I felt love at that moment. And it was so strong that I quit doing crack right then. I never used again. I didn’t go to a program or anything. That’s how strong that feeling was.”

Viktor getting on Yuuri's nerves on purpose
  • Viktor: *Instagram video taping Yuuri making breakfast* You guys, we decided on a lazy day, he's making me breakfast.
  • Yuuri: Stop taping everything I do, your fans will unfollow you.
  • Viktor: *offended* well if they are really my fans they'll love seeing your ass while you make breakfast as much as I do.
  • Yuuri: *Turns around facing camera with wide eyes, before letting out an exasperated sigh*
  • Viktor: Alright guys, he just got out of the shower, look at that glistening body!
  • Yuuri: *Wide eyed towel around his waist* *while grabbing nearest thing, which is a pillow* Viktor, I fucking swear to god!
  • *Video ends with pillow knocking the phone down and Viktor laughing hysterically*
  • Viktor: *giggling like a school girl, video taping their walk in closet*
  • Yuuri: *exasperated from inside closet* where are all of my shirts, Viktor?
  • Viktor: I don't know they aren't my shirts.
  • Yuuri: *walking out of closet, fresh sweat pants on, no shirt* I know you took them, where did you put them? *Is annoyed at himself for chuckling*
  • Viktor: We aren't going anywhere, you don't need a shirt.
  • *Video ends*
  • *Now on couch, each on opposite ends, watching TV*
  • Yuuri: *Wearing a shirt that's obviously too big for him*
  • Yuuri: *rolls his eyes at the camera* stop taping me!
  • Viktor: THE CUTEST
  • Yuuri: *is on other couch now, away from Viktor, focused on TV*
  • Viktor: Babe, please come back.
  • Yuuri: *looks at camera before rolling his eyes* Not until you put your phone away.
  • Viktor: *pout in his voice* I need to document how much I love you for the world to see ~~~
  • Yuuri: *presses lips into sharp line while looking at him*
  • *Yuuri now being cuddled by Viktor on the same couch*
  • Viktor: He came back!
  • Yuuri: *laughing*
  • Viktor: Gimme a kiss.
  • Yuuri: Not on camera.
  • Viktor:
  • Viktor: We kissed at a competition on the ice.
  • Yuuri:
  • Yuuri: *Gives him a kiss*

Don’t let Donald Trump’s antics distract you from what’s really important (Vox):

Here are a few news stories that broke between the time I left work a little early on Friday afternoon and the time my toddler went down for his midday nap on Saturday:

The Hamilton blow-up — because it’s easy to understand, bizarre, and connects with a pop culture phenomenon — has naturally ended up getting the bulk of the news pickup. One potential reason is that Trump’s tweets are public, whereas it took diligent reporting by the Washington Post to get the hotel story. The idea is that other prestigious outlets may be disinclined to pay attention to a story the Post “owns” and to give due credit to its significance.

Meanwhile, a second-order controversy even broke out among the people I follow on Twitter as to whether the Hamilton audience booing Mike Pence in some sense played into Trump’s hands.

hold up

the TARDIS is a phone booth
but she’s also a super intelligent sentient being

was the TARDIS the first smart phone?

Someone asked me a question about Victor, Yuri, and their relationship. Since I thought it would be interesting to do some analysis, I decided to rewatch some episodes and look for quotes to screencap (I’ll be working on that later on). I was rewatching episode 2 when we get to that scene of Victor banging on Yuri’s door, telling him to sleep together, and Yuri basically locking himself in. 

And then I got this:

And then I noticed Victor’s face and my heart went ouch:

His phone’s right there. What if he watched Yuri’s performance of Stay Close to Me till he fell asleep, wondering how to get close to the one that keeps running away from him? His hair is unusually unkempt (unlike that first time they showed him sleeping), and those tears… 

It appears skaters’ hearts are as fragile as glass, after all.


justrandomeveryday: Story time with jre!
First of all the fan meet was Dope!
Then after was the photo op! They were really strict with phones and you cannot touch the members. So I put away my phone and got in line with KML and friends I met at the fan meet. It was my turn. Instantly Jackson saw me (excited as hell lol) saying “it’s you!!!” He comes up to me close to my face, hands on my shoulders shaking me saying “it’s you!!” And all I could say with a big smile on my face laughing and saying “What’s good!!” 😂 he grabs my hand and shakes it too. I quickly asked (while showing my phone in my pocket) can I record a bit?! Jackson quickly says “yea yea quickly!” Even though security said no before …. hey I got permission from My bias Jackson himself! So as you see in the video, I took out my phone and recorded a bit as he was Saying “HE’S here!” 😂 with JB(he had a sore throat ☹️ hope he feels better) putting up them duces ✌🏼 then security started coming and the host @limited.89 (what’s up bro lol nice to see you as always😁) saying “JRE…” quickly I put down my phone and smiled for the picture… or I bit my lips or some derpy face I forget. I said hi to the rest of the members and during this time security gets in front of the got7 members separating both them from us, but… Jackson then again comes and shakes my hand again and bam bam talking on the mic about watching my videos and mentions Me and @kennyboyslay (he remembers you kenny lol) while shaking my hand (again you are not suppose to reach to got 7 which I didn’t they stuck their hands out to me so ofc I’m going to shake it lol) with a big ass smile on my face laughing I say what’s up to the other members exiting outside the venue! #bless wooow sorry for this long story but it’s still fresh in my mind. And I just really can’t believe it. Also I think it’s funny that I sat in between my bias Jackson and thee bias wrecker JB 😂. Got7 I hope you have an amazing time in Miami! Todays weather in Miami has been beautiful and I hope you enjoyed it as well! Thank you for choosing Miami. 🙏🏽 come again soon.


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 1

ep 1 | ep 2 | ep 3 | ep 4 | ep 5 | ep 6 | ep 7 | ep 8 | ep 9 | ep 10 | ep 11 | ep 12
I’ve been thinking a lot about “us” lately and everything that we were and weren’t and the more I think the more I realize how we fell apart before we even got a chance to fall together. . 
and you know, I’ve spent so much time going through every single message, every phone call, every memory, just trying to figure out where it all went wrong, where we lost it all. But I never stopped to think, what if we never had it right? and now that I’m finally thinking that, I’m realizing how we never even had anything to lose in the first place.
because okay, sure, you were here, and trust me I know you were because I put more emphasis on that than it deserved. So, yes. yes. YES, YOU WERE HERE! but that didn’t change the fact that this was one sided from the beginning. Because, although you were here, you didn’t want to be, your heart was never with it.
It was always me, It was me carrying the weight of our conversations on my back, it was me who was turning your one worded replies into poetry and it was me who made this “relationship” enough for the both of us. and I never even noticed because I was so convinced that you loved me, but the thing with one sided relationships is, they always catch up to you and in our case, the only reason it caught up to us is because there was nothing else to distract me from it because you stopped being here. the only god damn thing you contributed was just physically being here and even that, became too much for you to do.
And I have so much love inside me that I COULD love for the both of us, I mean I have BEEN loving for the both of us and I would of continued carrying this relationship on my back because I saw so much in you that it was so hard for me to realize that there was nothing actually there cause I wanted something to be there so badly. But I can’t make you be here, I could turn one worded replies into something but I can’t make something out of nothing, and trust me I wish I could of. I wish I could of saved us, I used to stay up all night wondering how I could turn back time, How I could save our downfall but now I realize. Nothing could of saved us. you can’t make people love you and you can’t give people things without stopping to ask if they even want it, and in our case I gave you my heart without even hesitating to check if you wanted it. and thats where I went wrong. 
I still love you, but I’ve accepted the fact that we were never real and that we probably will always be just in my head.
—  Your heart was never with me