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Happy 23rd Birthday to Monsta X’s main vocal Yoo Kihyun

  • Can we appreciate the fact Hades offered Nico a room at his palace in the Underworld in case his son dies in battle, because he doesn’t want Nico to feel like he’s got nobody and that he’s got his Dad no matter what? That’s some special treatment there. Nico doesn’t even need to be judged or whatever to be placed in Elysium or any fields in the Underworld–he’ll go straight to the palace.
  • Can we appreciate the fact that Hades’ gift to Nico’s birthday was a French zombie–who was a professional racer–to be his son’s chauffeur that Nico can summon anytime and anywhere to take him literally any destination in the world?
  • Can we appreciate the fact that Hades protected and saved Nico (and Bianca) when Zeus wanted to kill his Italian children, because Zeus didn’t want any child of Hades to be the child of the prophecy (and lost his beloved Maria di Angelo in the process)?
  • Can we appreciate the fact that Hades wanted Nico to be an exception from all his children in the past, and wants Nico to be genuinely happy despite fate’s cruelty to any child of the Underworld?
  • Can we just appreciate this one last fact that Hades loves Nico so much and obviously his favourite child because he knows his son suffered the most than any demigod simply because Nico is his father’s son?

I got bored of feeling depressed, so I got to thinking… I wanted to get my love for skating back.” -Yuuri Katsuki 

Happy Birthday Nana ( @bokouto ) & Yuuri , my adorable bday twins°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


Happy birthday to the actual light of my life, Kim Wonshik. There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am that you exist, that you make music, that you’re a part of VIXX, that you’re such an angel and such an amazing human being. You cheer up my days when I’m feeling down, and I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without you here. Thank you for existing Kim Ravi ♥


happy birthday to my one and only baby angel!! i hope you’re spending the day smiling countless times and laughing so much that your stomach hurts but in a good way i wish you happiness always. if i could give you the world, the sun, the stars, every drop of joy, love and respect, i would, and maybe i’ll get to one day. you’re the only one i hold onto when things get rough you’re my sweet escape you keep me sane you’re the rush of happiness running through my veins. you have this ability to create this atmosphere solely filled with happiness and positivity for me there’s no space to be sad whatsoever i’m honestly so thankful. and i will always be thankful to have the greatest privilege which is to love you i learned a lot of things from you that i will keep with me forever. thank you ❤

happy 24th birthday, park chanyeol • 92.11.27

@victuuri-week Day 4 - *Smash Bros voice* FREE FOR ALL!!!

*cough* Sorry, I’m reading it like this everytime lmao. I love mermaid AUs too much, and since I used the “Mythos AU” day with something else, I decided to do it today! It’s my birthday, so i’m happy I got to draw some mermaids for today XD

Just a feel HCs to go with this pic (english isn’t my first language, sorry if anything comes out wrong or doesn’t make sense):

  • Yuuri had a really bad breakdown and tried to kill himself by jumping on the stormy sea. 
    • Viktor was just swimming by when he found Yuuri, already passed out, and without even thinking saved him and carried him to the beach.
    • Yuuri regained his senses momentary, and the only thing he could say when he saw the figure leaning over him was “Beautiful”.
  • Viktor gets immediately smitten with this human, but he know he shouldn’t stay for longer since anyone could see him now out in the open (he was already going to get in trouble for letting this man see him). So, full of regret for not being able to stay by his side, he jumps back on the sea, and watch from behind some rocks as someone founds the man passed out and calls for help.
  • Yuuri wakes up in a hospital, his entire family crying and hugging him and begging him not to do that again. He immediately feels bad for giving up so easily and making them cry so much, and hugs them back, apologizing.
    • Later, when they are calmer, he asked who was the long-haired man that helped him off of the sea. But everyone just seems confused by this and inform him that he was found lying alone at the beach by a passerby. 
  • But Yuuri was sure there was someone else, and when he gets discharged, he goes back to the little beach, looking at the sea, without really knowing what to do. 
  • After that, he goes there everyday, and while that worries his parents, he actually seems a lot less down when he is by the sea, so they let him go (Mari keeps messaging him every 5 minutes to be sure he is alright, tho).
    • Everyday, there is a pair of cerulean eyes underwater staring back at him.

…I got carried away lmao (I didn’t had this written down and came up with some parts rn, sorry if it’s messy XD). Thanks if you read this all!!

Commission Me!


Happy Birthday to my favorite girl! We got to see many sides of you this past year, your smarts, your baking, your laughter, your tears. Thank you for being my precious baking angel whose heart is so big it’s ridiculous! You are so so considerate and funny and dorky it hurts me sometimes :/ I love you so so so much you have no idea; I would write paragraph after paragraph about why I love you but I have to stop before I get carried away~

 Happy 23rd/24th Birthday to Son Seungwan, Red Velvet’s beautiful power vocalist and hamster! All I wish is for you to be healthy and happy, alongside your members always! (Because I am sure that is what you’d wish as well)



18 Shades Of Rose



and I’m anxious to show you what I got you as a present! So I’m turning 18 and giiirl it’s been a rough year for me. So to show you my appreciation and greatfulness towards you and all of your support I present you with my BIRTHDAY SPECIAL VELVET LIPSTICKS! They’re called “18 shades of Rose”, because..you know my name’s primROSE and I’m turning 18 lol ok ok you get it.

So I created 18 lipsticks for my 18th birthday!! Hope I still have this brand by the time I turn 50, that would be fun lol
So without further ado, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey! Here are your very own pack of 18 shades of Rose, enjoy!

With love,
Primrose Smith
Primrose Cosmetics

18 shades of rose-y colours velvet lipstick.
Bold, matte and long-lasting colour with 24hr hold.
It’s lightweight, velvety texture and non-drying formula gives extreme comfort that doesn’t smudge!
From sassy reds to vibrant pinks and purples, to some bold blue and green shades, there is a colour to suit every occasion

The formula is smooth, water-proof, kiss-proof, long lasting and cruelty AND vegan free.


Do not steal.
Do not re-upload.
Do not recolour.
Respect the rightful creator/ owner.
Aways give credit to the creator when you use the product (tag me @primrosesmithuniverse)

Don’t forget to turn your notification on for my blog to never miss a new release

Special thanks to the amazing @floydiansim, all photos credits


Baby, you’re like lightning in a bottle

I can’t let you go now that I got you

And all I need is to be struck by your Electric Love.

Happy birthday to My first love! I used Poinsettias (The December birth flower), Narcissus (The ruling flower of planet Jupiter), and Sasanquas (Makos favorite flower). I have a speed paint I will upload soon!

Edit: Here’s the speedpaint as promised!

12x12 Episode Review - Still Screeching...this time about the colour “Peach”.

I gave my 12x10 episode review the title “Pterodactyl Screeching into the Void” because I was so happy about it I couldn’t help but scream with glee at practically every moment. I also said this: “I feel like there is so much to talk about in this episode that fandom will be chewing on it for months if not years to come.” I still believe this, I just didn’t expect that two episodes later I would be reliving this exact same thoughts and feelings. I considered 12x10 to be a one off, a glorious gift to fandom wrapped in a big destielicious bow. Clearly, we celebrate our fandom birthday only two weeks before fandom Christmas because we just got ANOTHER gift wrapped in an even BIGGER destielicious bow and I can hardly contain my glee. (baring in mind fandom Christmas falls on the tenth anniversary of tumblr and close to valentines day I can’t help but feel this was planned - PRESENTS ALL AROUND)

But anyway. Lets talk meta. Once again I am very late to the party as I doubt I will be posting this any earlier than Saturday evening when you have probably all been talking this to death for the past two days. But eh, I’m gonna do my thing and hope you all agree, or aren’t bored by now if everything I talk about is stuff already gone over by my fellow very talented meta writers.

Starting with the obvious, Director Dick Speight Jr and Writer Davy Perez made this episode an homage to Tarantino movies. Specifically Reservoir Dogs which has so many ties to this episode both visually and subtextually that it is kind of difficult to keep track of my thoughts on it. I have to confess, I hadn’t ever watched Reservoir Dogs all the way through prior to watching the episode because it never really interested me. However, after watching the episode for the first time Friday lunch time I decided that it was in my best interests as a meta writer to give it a go. I watched it and tried to take in everything Tarantino was saying and doing with this movie… 

Being a meta writing, destiel shipper with heteronormative goggles permanently removed since watching this show guess what the first thing I picked up on was? That’s right Mr White and Mr Orange… what WAS going on there anyway? Because these guys didn’t know each other very long but they became VERY close by the time of the heist. Poor Freddie and Larry. Such doomed tragic lovers… do we have a ship name for them yet? Frarry? Leddie? Or maybe just “peach” (hence my title)

I believe that when Perez was writing this episode he had a SPN character in mind for each character in RD (mostly anyway). Cas is obviously Mr Orange (the bleeding out from the stomach thing gives it away as does Davy’s tweet here. Here is who I think the rest of the characters are supposed to be:

Dean – Mr White (duh)

Mary – Mr Pink

Wally – Mr Brown

Sam – Nice Guy Eddie maybe? I struggled here

Crowley – I wanna say Joe. (though I also kinda think Ketch would be Joe here… its not too obvious)

Remiel – Mr Blonde (“yellow” hair)

Explanations and various meta under the cut. This gets long:

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{Birthday Celebration}


Birthday Celebration: Newt Scamander x Reader Imagine

Based on the two requests I got from these darling anons:

Anonymous said: i know this is really over used in a sense, but can i request a protective newt imagine???? something about it makes my heart melt 💝💝💝💖💖💖   

Anonymous said: Hi Belle :) can I request a one shot where the reader gets drunk and confesses how she feels about newt? Thanks , love ur blog :)    

Possessive Newt? Drunk Confessions?? These are never done enough for me, Nonnies, this stuff is my ultimate TRASH. I thank you so much for the requests! I combined them because that’s where the creative juices were flowing, but I made it extra long for you <3 I hope it brings you much joy!!! *blows kisses*

Word Count: 6443

Warnings: Drunkenness and alcohol, mentions of plans to drug someone.

Originally posted by hardyness

“What about this one?” Queenie turned in a slow circle for Tina and you, who were sitting in the waiting room inside the dressing room of a shopping mall, located a few blocks away from the Goldsteins’ apartment in New York City. You and Tina were done shopping, having picked out your dresses. Tina’s was long, black, sparkling, and sleek; yours was purple, strapless, and knee-length. It hugged you in a way you weren’t used to and still weren’t quite sure that you liked, but the girls had begged and complimented you so much that you had eventually caved in and settled on it.

Queenie was clad in a salmon colored cocktail dress, a dress that looked wonderful with her blonde curls and radiant smile. It was stunning and honestly, Queenie probably looked great in anything she wore.

“You’re so sweet, honey,” she smiled wider as she read your thoughts.

“Get it, Queens,” said Tina. “It looks fantastic.”

Queenie quirked an eyebrow at her. “Now Teenie, I know you’re telling me the truth, but I also know that you are ready to be done shopping and don’t want for me to keep on looking.”

You laughed and Tina smiled guiltily. It was true that the three of you had been out for most of the day already and that shopping had been a large chunk of it. Queenie had wanted a few things for her birthday that day and you were wrapping up one of them now.

She had wanted to start it with a girl’s day, have dinner and cake, and end the festivities by going out that night. The three of you had had coffee and breakfast pastries at Jacob’s bakery, during which you all had sat in a corner and chatted and she had made intermittently made doe eyes at Jacob while he worked behind the counter.

Jacob’s memory, though not perfect, certainly had not erased Queenie and they had picked up their relationship almost exactly where it had left after the fiasco in New York City a few months ago. After your pastries and coffee you had headed out to do some shopping.

You, Queenie, and Tina had bought the dresses and were leaving the shopping center now, walking down the street. It was wintertime and the cold air nipped at your faces as you walked, stinging your cheeks. The air fanned out around your mouth as you exhaled. You wondered briefly if it would snow here - it didn’t get much snow where you lived in London. Mostly just rain.

Tina was talking about work, her newly reinstated position of Auror. You listened for a few moments, and then she and Queenie were talking about something specific at MACUSA that you couldn’t follow, and you let your mind drift.

You and Newt - who had attended Hogwarts together, but had not really gotten to know each other until later, after you became his traveling apprentice and editor when he went off exploring the world to write his book - were back to visit Jacob and the Goldsteins. Queenie was absolutely thrilled that the gang could be back together for her birthday.

Newt’s manuscript was finally done and submitted. The book would hit the shelves of England next week. You were both quite proud of it, so now all that was left was to see if it would sell well. To take an official vacation of it all, Newt had taken you, his creatures, and himself back to New York for two weeks, having been prepaid a decent amount from the publishing house.

You had to admit, it was nice having the book done, but it was also a bit unnerving. You had traveled with him for almost two years, and you knew he had traveled even longer before that. Both of you were quite unsure what to do without the deadline and work load of the book looming over you constantly. It had been a strange week. It was a bit sad, as endings always were, but it was also quite nice, of course. Although, you did wonder what would happen to you and Newt from here on out now that he had no need for an official traveling apprentice or an editor, and the thought depressed you. You loved the creatures more than anything - except for maybe Newt himself. You had grown far, far too fond of the quirky, blonde haired man.

You weren’t sure when you it had started. Was it that time you had walked in to find him shirtless, back to you, pressing plants together and grinding them up at his work table, scars zigzagging across his skin and muscles flexing as he worked? Was it after that, when the two of you had escaped successfully with Frank, having captured him from captivity? Or was it no singular event but something gradual, as you had watched him care for his animals with such tenderness and found out how kind and wonderful he was?

You weren’t quite sure.

All you knew was this: the thoughts that crossed your mind about Newt at times were unprofessional at best, inappropriate at worst, and they had gotten more and more frequent the more time you had spent together. And this was another reason you were quite glad not to officially be his apprentice anymore. It was quite awkward having feelings for your boss, even if had always felt more like a friendship and never a formal, working relationship.

The three of you had reached the door and you snapped back to reality. Tina was fumbling with the keys in her purse, the shopping bags shifting in her arms as she pulled them out. Queenie, however, was looking at you, eyes far too knowing for your liking.

“I won’t say a word,” she said to you, winking, and you flushed.

“Huh?” Tina was putting the keys in the door now, distracted and thinking that Queenie had said something to her.

“Nothing,” Queenie thrilled, with another covert smile in your direction.

When you arrived upstairs, all dumping your bags unceremoniously on the couch, Newt was nowhere to be seen. That wasn’t surprising to any of you. You all knew exactly where he would be.

Queenie and Tina were heading to the kitchen to start preparing some tea and coffee. Jacob would be here any moment, having promised to cook dinner with Queenie (”The No-Maj way, oh, I’m so excited!”). Tina called over her shoulder, “Y/N, go tell Newt we’re back and having dinner soon, will you? You know how he gets all carried away down there.”

“Of course,” you agreed, nodding. She was right; Newt often forgot to check a clock when he was dealing with his creatures, especially for social events. He didn’t particularly enjoy them.

You glanced at the clock. It was 5 PM. Queenie was bubbling over with excitement about dolling the girls up in her bedroom together after dinner when the doorbell rang - it must be Jacob. You’d greet him when you got back up, you thought, heading to the bedroom where Newt’s suitcase was. It was definitely wise to alert Newt as soon as possible to the timing of everything.

Clambering down into the familiar suitcase - your home for the past two years, you thought fondly - you found Newt at his work table. There were plants and liquids and vials scattered everywhere.

Newt himself was holding a white mortar and pestle and vigorously smashing some herbs inside, his white shirt splattered with dirt and mud and his sleeves rolled up over his forearms. His blonde hair was draping over his forehead, lips pressed together, his face screwed up in concentration as he worked. Your heart fluttered.

“Knock knock,” you said, and he jumped and whipped his head around, apparently not having heard you enter.

“Hello Y/N,” he greeted, flashing you a quick grin before continuing his work. “How was it?”

“Really fun,” you told him enthusiastically. “Queenie’s over the moon about it all. Jacob just got here and they’re cooking, so I’m supposed to tell you dinner is going to be ready soon.”

“What?!” He stopped and turned to look at you. “What time is it?”

“About five,” you answer, and giggle as his eyes widen because his reaction is so predictable.

“Merlin’s beard,” he muttered, throwing down the mortar and pestle. “Already! I completely-”

“Lost track of time?” you offer knowingly. “We figured. That’s what I’m here for.” You smile at him.

“As always,” he said, sending you a grateful look. And then his eyes flickered with something unrecognizable and he cleared his throat. “I’ll be up soon.”

“Okay.” You smile once more and turn to head back upstairs, but not before you caught a slight frown grace his features, a troubled look in his eyes, as much as he seemed to be trying to hide it.

You could read him quite well by now and you wondered if everything was all right. You didn’t want to pry; and besides, you guessed it had to do with the social plans for the evening, as well as leaving behind his babies.

The food and the table was ready to go and looked amazing a little less than an hour later. Of course it did, pairing Jacob and Queenie’s kitchen skills. There were rolls and salads, mashed potatoes and gravy, and large bowls of a delicious looking soup steaming on the table. “It’s French Onion,” Queenie supplied happily. as everyone came to have a seat. “Jacob’s recipe. Doesn’t it smell amazing? And I mashed the potatoes myself - by hand!”

Jacob grinned bashfully as Queenie positively glowed with adoration for him. “It looks fantastic, you two,” said Tina, shooting you a grin at the infatuated antics of her head over heels sister. You grin back.

Conversation was lighthearted and happy during dinner, sprinkled with laughter. Jacob’s bakery, work at MACUSA, the completion of Newt’s book were discussed; Queenie bubbled excitedly about the No-Maj bar she was wanting to try, the entire evening peppered with her contagious laugh and her flirting with Jacob. Jacob had missed Newt’s creatures since they had seen each other last, and Newt caught him up on them all, the pair of them deciding to go down together when the girls were getting ready. Teasing jokes from the men ensued about how long girls need to get ready, anyway.

You found yourself glancing at Newt every so often throughout the whole thing, how he laughed and smiled. You couldn’t see any trace of the earlier frustration, or whatever it was that you had noticed.

Finally, a cake Jacob had brought and made himself was hovering over the table after dinner and sparkling with lit candles in celebration of Queenie, beautifully and laboriously hand decorated with pink and green and yellow roses. You all begged Queenie to wear a birthday hat and she complied with grace, giggling, standing up to blow out the candles while everybody cheered and clapped.

After indulging in Jacob’s amazing cake it was time to get ready, so you followed Queenie and Tina into their bedroom and you all gathered around the vanity while Jacob and Newt headed down into Newt’s case, Tina calling out dire warnings to Newt about not losing track of time. It took some time to do each of your makeup, despite having the advantage of magic. Conversation was fun and light for the next half an hour - finally, the other two were finished and there was just you. Tina was already changing into her dress across the room, bare back to the both of you, and Queenie sat in front of you, carefully supervising the brushes that danced across your cheeks and the mascara that pulled itself through your eyelashes,

“All done!” Queenie squealed after about fifteen minutes, looking at you with definite pride in her work. “Teenie, will you check on the boys while we finish getting dressed?”

Tina nodded and left the room and you took a cautious peek at yourself in the mirror. It really was spectacular, you decided, after a moment of appraisal. You hardly ever wore makeup. After all, what was the point, working with the creatures and plants all day?

Your cheeks were now tinted slightly pink, your eyes popping in a way that you had never believed possible. It was beautiful, girly, but quite dark; there was almost a seductress look in the smoky look that Queenie had achieved around your eyes.

“You’re going to absolutely turn heads, honey,” Queenie said, winking.

“Thanks, Queenie,” you said. “I love it.”

You were sad, suddenly, that you didn’t live closer to the Goldsteins. They were fast becoming like sisters to you, and you had thoroughly enjoyed your time with both of them that day. You never wanted it to end, this time in New York. But too soon, you and Newt would be boarding the boat…back to what?

No Goldsteins. Starting a new job, something that would likely always seem mediocre compared to these past two amazing years. Slowly drifting apart from Newt and keeping up every once in a while, as life seems to go.

Your heart clenched suddenly, painfully. You wanted none of this to end.

Queenie was handing you your dress. You hadn’t even noticed her grab it. “Here you go,” she said, giving you a soft smile. You nodded and started to change together and in a minute, you were ready to go, having shimmed into your dress and picked up your jacket. You followed Queenie to the door. Hand on the knob, she turned back to look at you, eyes warm. “And honey?” You cocked your head, waiting. “You should just tell him,” she stated simply, with a grin, and then opened the door to the living room, leaving you standing in the doorway and tingling with surprise and slight embarrassment.

Collecting yourself with a deep breath, you stepped out into the living room. “Y/N!” Jacob called out kindly. “Look at you! You ladies all look just wonderful tonight.” Queenie was already on his arm, smiling radiantly. He and Newt were waiting by the door, both clad in dress pants and button up shirts.

You realized you had never seen Newt dressed quite like this before, and it really suited him. You felt your cheeks warm up, avoiding looking up at his face because you suddenly didn’t trust yourself to look for too long, shaken by Queenie’s casual comment. “Thank you, Jacob. That’s so nice of you,” you said, smiling shyly.

You glance at Queenie, whose eyes flickering away from where Newt was standing and then she grinned mischievously at you. You again fervently thanked the fact that you had blush on. “Isn’t she just a doll?” she gushed. “Newt?“

You narrow your eyes at her and she gives you a perfectly innocent look before you hear him say from across the room, clearing his throat, “O-of course. Very lovely.” Your eyes flicker over to meet his, momentarily, and he gives you a small smile, shuffling his feet.

You smile back, shyly, before his eyes flick away quickly and Tina suggests that you all get going.

It was much colder now that the sun had gone down than it had been earlier that day, walking through the city with Tina and Queenie. Everyone’s breath was fogging out in front of them and the sound of high heels clicked across the sidewalk. Your bare legs were absolutely freezing. You hugged your jacket closer to you with a bit of a shiver.

“You’re freezing in that dress, aren’t you?” You hear Newt’s voice from beside you, eyeing your obviously cold form with raised eyebrows.

“No,” you hissed at him defiantly. Your teeth chattered, and he laughed. “Okay, a little,” you admitted. He began unwrapping his scarf. “No!” You protested. “We’re Apparating in a few minutes and then we’ll be there. I’m totally fine.”

He took no notice of your words and wrapped it around your neck. “Just a few minutes is still too long for my liking,” he pointed out.

The bar that Queenie had chosen was quite large from the outside, and the building was very fancy looking. Two men were waiting outside to look you all over before you went in, eyes drifting over the women appreciatively before nodding and allowing you all inside. You all followed Queenie to a table; she led the way, her arm hooked around one of Jacob’s.

You all settled into a booth, taking off coats and scarves and chatting. Queenie ordered a round of shots and Newt excused himself, mumbling something about scotch. A waitress came over a few minutes later and set down a tray with a gigantic round of the shots. It was clear and you knew it was vodka - you didn’t drink much, and you were a bit wary of shots and vodka in general. You weren’t sure you wanted to take any.

“It’s my birthday, Y/N,” and you looked up to see Queenie pouting at you from across the table. “Come on, take a few with us.”

“Queenie, that stuff affects me pretty strongly,” you say, laughing.

“Then you’ll just be an adorable drunk,” she said, and Tina giggled from across the table. She had already had one drink and had a content smile on her face.

“I don’t know…” You said, still wary.

You all waited a few minutes for Newt to return so you could all take the first shots together, but he didn’t return right away. Finally, Jacob scanned the crowd looking for him. “Where did he…ahh. I think we should just take them. He looks pretty busy.” He smirked a little and jerked his head in the direction of the bar. The four of you looked over to see Newt talking to a girl at the bar.

You couldn’t see his face but he seemed to be enjoying the conversation; a half consumed scotch was next to him and he wasn’t making any attempt to come back to the table. You could see her face, though, and she was beautiful. Blonde, long legs, perfect bone structure, flirtatious eyes. She laughed loudly and put her arm on his shoulder as she said something.

Suddenly, the room was shrinking and cold, and your heart gave a painful squeeze. It began to race and you averted your eyes, unable to look any longer; a bitter taste entered your mouth, along with the terrible urge to go strangle the woman senseless. You knew you had no right to think any of this whatsoever - but at the moment, that thought only made you angrier.

“Let’s do them,” you suggested quickly, hoping the others didn’t notice how hard you had to work to keep your face neutral. You especially did not dare to look at Queenie, though you felt her eyes on you. It was her birthday, her evening, and you refused to let your unwarranted jealousy ruin it.

Ten minutes and six shots later, you were strongly feeling the effects of the alcohol and feeling a thousand times better. It was lovely. You refused to look back over at the bar, instead focusing your attention completely on the four at the table. The conversation was getting louder and louder, more and more giggly. Jacob had just told a particularly funny story concerning a strange customer, one that had you, Queenie, and Tina howling with laughter, when Newt returned to the table.

He had a full drink in his hand, so he must have finished the other. His cheeks were flushed. Whether it was from the alcohol or the other pretty blonde, you really didn’t want to know. He grinned at you all as he sat down again.

“So, who’s the blonde?” Jacob asked curiously, mouth curved into a mischievous smile.

Newt shrugged, giving Jacob a quick glance before blinking down at the table awkwardly. Then he asked, pulling out a piece of paper, “What’s this mean? These numbers here? Then she said to call her.” His face was full of confusion.

Your hand stretched out almost automatically for another shot glass, a strange ringing in your ears. You hoped the small quake in your hand wasn’t noticeable, but you supposed if it had been it could be easily attributed to the the shots.

Jacob laughed at his confusion at something so simplistic in the non magic world. “That’s what girls do in bars when they want to see you again. She gives you the number, you call it with a phone, and you get a date.”

“Date?” Newt repeated blankly.

“Yeah,” Jacob said. “You should just invite her over here though, you’re both already here, you know. She seemed interested.”

“Jacob-“ Queenie began to interject, her voice full of protest, but you drowned out the rest of her words by standing up suddenly, loudly, gripping the edge of the table tightly with your fingers. Your knees had bumped the table and your brain was fuzzy, the shots clouding your judgement and confusing you. Even you were quite surprised to see yourself standing there.

Everyone stared at you, eyes wide, waiting. Hastily, you mumbled, “Drink,” and slipped out of the booth. You walked purposefully to the bar, stumbling a little.

You had only just got there and told the bartender what you wanted when a man already sitting there turned and said to you, “Why don’t you let me buy it for you, doll face?”

You were too hazy to notice his eyes scan your body up and down, slowly, in a way that, had you been sober, would have perhaps made you uncomfortable. So you just shrugged and nodded - your altered brain telling you it was a free drink, after all - and sank down in the chair beside him. The drink came with a clang in front of you, a clang that seemed louder than it actually was in your drunken stupor. You leaned forward and took a sip from the straw.

“So gorgeous, you are,” the man drawled, “What are you doing here on this fine evening?”

“It’s my friend’s birthday,” you answer him, looking up, eyes trying to focus on his face. It took a few moments, but you finally did. You decided he was quite handsome.

“Ah,” he replied, “Well I’m glad you decided to join me for a drink, then. I’m honored, pretty lady.”

You stayed there for the first drink and then started on a second one, desperately trying to forget about the blonde man at the table across the room and ultimately afraid to look back, afraid to see the long-legged blonde sitting in your old spot. Somewhere in your mind you reprimanded yourself for Queenie’s sake, and you knew you would have to go back after this drink.

The man at the bar was friendly enough; perhaps too much so. You didn’t even remember his name. You were not in the right state to notice that his smiles were more like leers, that his touching was perhaps too frequent, and that they lingered longer than usual on your skin.

You dizzily excused yourself to the bathroom and came back, fully intending to finish that second drink, go back to the table, and get over yourself.

He smiled at you widely when you came back. “Here, finish this up, darlin’.” He pushed the drink at you and numbly, you sat down again and reached your hand out to take it.

“Y/N, don’t drink that.”

An all too familiar voice came from behind you, a voice that you had grown to adore over the past two years. But there was something entirely unfamiliar about it at the moment. It was like ice, cold hard fury radiating through every word that he spoke.

You turned over your shoulder to see Newt hovering behind you, his face twisted in unmistakable anger. You had seen him angry before - when he found creatures that had been in captivity and treated terribly, for example. But it had always been harder to see - he was normally so mild. He would just clench his jaw, or become quiet or brooding for a while.

But this was entirely different. He was glaring at the man behind you with an unmistakable hatred. “Newt?” you squeaked, confused at his sudden appearance and even more so at his hostility. “Why not, what’s-”

“Hey man, come on, I’ve been talking to the lady, so move along,” the man protested loudly. But to your incredible shock, Newt lunged forward with lightning speed and grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling the man’s face close to his.

“Newt?” you tried again weakly, dizzy, confused. He didn’t answer or look at you, too focused on the man in front of him. This behavior frightened you. You had never imagined Newt, sweet and shy and awkward Newt, was capable of such things. Your head was spinning just a little and you wondered briefly if you were imagining it.

Newt spoke to the man in a menacing voice, his words coming out as a harsh growl, something feral and foreign in his calm personality. You shrank back automatically at the tone, eyes wide.

“How dare you,” Newt snarled, his voice shaking and a hard line in his jaw. “How dare you ever even think of doing such a thing to her. I’m going to take her with me now, and if you even so much as send one more disgusting glance in her direction tonight…” He leaned forward closer, so he was right in the man’s face. “I will most certainly hurt you, and I will also very much enjoy it.”

He had been so frightening, so threatening, his last words spoken with pure malice, but when he released the man’s shirt and turned to you sitting there, eyes wide with fear and confusion, his face softened, though the anger didn’t disappear. The man still sat there, apparently too stunned to move, though his eyes were narrowed at the back of Newt’s head.

“Come on love,” Newt said to you gently, though his voice still contained a hard line of anger and slight desperation. “Let’s go. Quickly.” You felt his hand on the small of your back, gently nudging you out of the seat. You complied numbly, almost afraid not to. You had no idea what was happening. You couldn’t help but notice how Newt had positioned his body between the two chairs as he helped you out of the chair, as if shielding you from view.

You clung to his arm as he led you, stumbling and drunk, away from the bar. You felt that his arm was shaking and when you peeked up at him tentatively you saw that his jaw was still clenched painfully tight. “N-Newt,” you mumbled, your words a slight slur. “W-What’s wrong…?”

A muscle twitched in his jaw once more, his eyes burning all over again, but when he spoke to you his voice was kind. “Don’t worry about that now, Y/N. I’ll explain everything when we’re out of here. But I want us to leave. Immediately.”

You were almost to the table now; you could see the other three sitting there, waiting on the both of you, relief evident on their faces when they saw Newt with you in tow. It only made you more confused.

“Why would you leave your drink like that, Y/N?” he burst out suddenly, exasperatedly, his voice full of sudden irritation. “You should know better than that!”

“I-I’m sorry,” you mumbled, feeling suddenly ashamed and terribly saddened that he was lecturing you. Your eyes filled with tears. You were still trying to process exactly what had happened. Your brain was sluggish, lurching behind but trying desperately to keep up, trying to understand. You reached the table and Newt deposited you in your spot next to Tina. “I need to go have a word with the bartender,” he muttered, and with one more glance at you, he hurried off again, his shoulders still hunched in unmistakable anger.

“Oh thank goodness,” Tina breathed when you were next to her again. Jacob’s face, too, was extremely troubled.

“We were so worried, honey!” Queenie exclaimed, reaching across to take your hand. “You need to be more careful. There are bad men out there.”

More tears welled up in your eyes. You had ruined the evening and you felt like an idiot. Newt and Queenie had even had to lecture you - what a mess you had made. Your thoughts spiraled out of control in your stupor; Newt was angry with you and likely thought you were a child, he had a beautiful girl’s phone number, and in one week you would start drifting apart.

“I’m sorry, Queenie.” It came out as a mortified whisper, tears spilling over your eyelids without warning. The words stumbled out of you, tripping over themselves in your haste to apologize. “I’m so s-stupid. I’ve ruined your birthday. This is why I don’t d-drink.”

“Oh, no!” Queenie exclaimed, shaking her head vigorously. “No, not at all! We’ve had such a good time. Don’t you think on it. Nothing that happened is your fault. A woman should be able to enjoy herself in public without something like this.” She rubbed your hand soothingly, brows furrowed. And then she added, in response to things you hadn’t said out loud, "And Y/N, he’s not mad at you, don’t you worry. He’s just so scared, honey. His head is still absolutely screaming.”

Tina took your other hand from next to you and smiled encouragingly. You gave her a watery smile back, grateful and sad all over again for the Goldsteins. Newt returned, his cheeks still red and eyes still very troubled, but it seemed he was calmer. “I’ve told the bartender,” he said.

As if from a distance away, Tina’s voice came from behind you. “She’s really shaking. I think she should go home.” You hadn’t realized you were, but now that she spoke the words, you realized she was correct. Your hands were jittery in your lap.

“I’m certainly taking her out of here this moment,” Newt told her. His eyes drifted to you, the tears running silently down your cheeks, and he extended his arm out to you. You saw the softness return in his face. Obliging, you slid out of the booth and took Newt’s extended arm. He pulled you over and latched it around your waist, holding you steady so you wouldn’t stumble. “We’ll be going now,” he told the others.

“You sure you two will be all right?” pressed Jacob. “We can all come. We don’t have to stay longer.”

“Jacob,” Queenie said, giving him a meaningful glance. “Let Newt take Y/N back. She can rest a bit.”

Jacob seemed to understand something from Queenie’s expression. His eyes flickered between you and Newt. “Ah,” he said, nodding. “Of course. Erm…let’s stay a bit, then. Feel better, Y/N.” His eyes were sympathetic.

“Make her drink water, Newt,” Tina instructed him. “A lot of it.”

“Sleep well, honey,” Queenie said, smiling at you. “Go relax.”

“Thank you, Queenie,” you mumbled, still slurring. “Happy birthday.” The three waved and you gave them all a smile.

Newt steered you out of the bar. He was gripping your waist very tightly, refusing to let you move even a few inches away from him. As soon as you were outside in the fresh air and walking on the street, you mumbled, “I’m sorry. You w-were right. I was stupid, I d-drank way too much…”

Newt pulled you into a side alley and you expected him to pull you into Apparation. But instead, you felt him tug you to his chest very tightly, sighing. “No,” he murmured to you. “I’m sorry, Y/N, this isn’t your fault at all. It was his, of course. I shouldn’t have snapped. I was just tense and afraid. I’m sorry,” he said again urgently, rubbing his hands across your back.

You shivered standing there, wrapped in his arms, and even though it was cold outside, you were certain that wasn’t what it was from. The alcohol was still keeping you relatively warm and Newt himself radiated a very large amount of body heat. Newt, however, looked at you and frowned. “You’re freezing, of course,” he muttered.

Taking you into his chest again, he Apparated, pulling you with him. He didn’t seem to care about secrecy tonight, because he had Apparated you both directly to the Goldstein’s front door. Luckily, no one else was out on the street at the moment. He pulled out a key - you hadn’t even noticed Tina give it to him, and you wondered how much else you had missed in your drunken state - and clicked the door open.

Once inside the apartment, he helped you to the couch and disappeared to the kitchen, returning almost immediately with a glass of water. “Drink it,” he commanded you, though his eyes were tender. “And then you’ll drink more. We can’t have you sick tomorrow.”

You obeyed, tentatively taking sips as Newt watched you carefully, eyes full of too many swirling emotions for you to recognize, especially at the moment. After your first glass, he refilled it.

“I’m confused,” you finally confessed in a low voice. “Wh-what happened?”

Another flash of anger in his eyes, another hardening of his jaw; his face was contorted once more, though after a moment’s effort and a deep breath, he seemed calmer. “Queenie heard his thoughts,” he told you, brow furrowed and eyes burning all over again. He reached out to take your hands. His were warm, but you noticed they were shaking ever so slightly. “He drugged your drink. You had told him you were there with friends, but it seemed he had specific plans, very careful, explicit plans on how to get you away and alone. That’s why I overreacted to you. I didn’t want you there another minute.”

He swallowed hard and you looked into his eyes. When he looked at you, the anger was still smoldering in them, but it was next to something else. “He’s very lucky we were surrounded by witnesses,” he muttered sharply, more to himself than to you.

You were still shocked at this side of Newt, this anger and aggression you had never seen before. Horror rose up in you at the implications of what Newt had told you, what would have happened had Queenie not heard, had Newt not come to help you…

You set your glass on the table and threw your arms around his neck, hugging him. “Th-thank you,” you whimpered, tears spilling out of your eyes all over again. Soon you were sobbing horribly, overwhelmed by the range of emotions that evening and the possible outcomes and the effects of the drink. He waited you out, rubbing your back.

“You need to go to bed,” Newt whispered soothingly, after your tears had subsided and your breathing had slowed somewhat. “I think you’re very drunk, love.” He pulled back to look at you, tucking hair off of your damp cheeks with a slightly amused look. The anger had gone from his face again.

“Yeah, well,” you mutter darkly, your brain completely fogged and disconnected from your mouth. “The other o-o-option was to watch you and your h-hot date.” You frowned, mind hazy, and stood up. The room swayed - you clutched your head and stumbled.

Newt was standing next to you in a heartbeat, steadying you. “What did you just say?” he asked you breathlessly, eyes wide.

You frowned deeper, peering up at him confusedly. The room was still spinning a little bit. “What?”

“Are you talking about that blonde?” Newt asked you, seeming genuinely confused. “You think I was actually going to go on a date her?”

“Of course.” You hiccuped. “L-look at her.”

Newt laughed out loud, gazing at you with clear affection in his eyes. “You have no idea, do you?” he murmured tenderly, shaking his head. He was now gazing at you with a ferocious intensity, but you hadn’t heard him and you were not paying him much attention.

You had begun to ramble. Something very, very deep in your brain told you to stop, that you may seriously regret all of this talking tomorrow - but your mouth still seemed to have other ideas. The words came stumbling drunkenly out of you as if on autopilot, as if forgetting exactly who you were speaking to. “You’re going to have this date with this blonde and I’ll h-hate it but will be too m-much of a coward to say a w-word and then you and I will go back to England and start to drift apart, w-won’t we? D-do you have any idea what it feels like for me to be around y-you…?”

You trail off, mouth and eyes suddenly wide as you gaze into Newt’s green ones. “No, I don’t know,” he said, very quietly. “Tell me. What does it feel like?”

The air suddenly became very charged in the room. You felt as if you couldn’t breathe. You look away, a blush beginning to burn across your cheeks, but suddenly one of Newt’s hands are on your chin, forcing you to look up at him.

You frown deeply, moving your eyes down and away, ripping your chin out of his grasp and mutter, “I r-really like you, is that wh-what you want to hear? So y-you can feel sorry-”

But you couldn’t continue. Newt’s lips had pressed against yours and all of the sudden it was like there were fireworks going off in your mind. It was soft, full of such tenderness; he tasted slightly like whiskey and his lips were so warm

He didn’t kiss you for very long at all, and you made a sound of blatant protest, but when you opened your eyes he was shaking his head, smiling at you warmly. His beautiful, freckled face was so close to yours that you still were momentarily stunned by it. “No more kissing when you’re like this, love,” he explained a bit regretfully, his breathing quite a bit quicker than usual. “And not after everything tonight. It’s not right. You need rest and a clear mind.”

His eyes had the familiar sweetness back in them and he pressed his lips to your forehead, letting them linger there for a long moment. You closed your eyes, enjoying the feeling of it. “But to answer your question,” he continued, eyes shining at you and his voice suddenly much huskier, “That was actually exactly what I wanted to hear.”

“It was?” you whisper, hardly daring to believe it.

He suddenly scooped you up into his arms easily and you couldn’t help but giggle when he looked down at you. You saw adoration and slight exasperation in his eyes, and he cradled you close to him. “You beautiful, silly woman,” he told you lovingly, brushing more hair tenderly from your face as he started to walk you to Tina and Queenie’s room. “I’ve been utterly mad for you. How could I not be?”

Your heart felt like a balloon - it was expanding so large and fast that you seriously wondered if it would burst out of your chest. You sigh contentedly, letting your head rest against his chest as he carried you to your bed.

As it turned out, you thought to yourself happily, it seemed that you had plenty of things to look forward to in the future, Newt included.


Okay guys, I’m going through a lot of stress right now so I’m sorry, but I won’t be posting much this week, but here’s an updated version of my masterlist for your imagine reading needs! ilysm! (BTW you can still keep sending in requests, I’ll get to them soon!)



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  2. Private Training Sessions
  3. I Love You ‘Til the Sun Dies
  4. I’ll Protect You
  5. Complimenting your Piercing
  6. Without You
  7. Comforting Eric after a Fight
  8. Cleaning Lady
  9. Sparring with Eric
  10. Sassing Eric Part 1 and Part 2
  11. Beating Him in a Fight
  12. The Proposal
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The Maze Runner:


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  2. Special: Eric vs. Minho Crossover!


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The Hunger Games:


  1. He saves you
  2. He falls for you on his victory tour
  3. Cato catches you sneaking into the gym


  1. Your birthday


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  1. On your period

Updated version:  Masterlist

Stood Up

As it has been requested repeatedly, I have decided to make a part two to Stood Up. This story got way more love then I thought it would receive and is one of my highest loved imagines so far! So thank you!. I wasn’t originally planning on uploading this today, but as it is my birthday tomorrow (February 17th) and I will be busy, I thought I would just post it instead of making you all wait another two days. So here you go!

Request: Archie/jughead: 14)“I promise that i’ll protect you". -Archie 17) “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.” - y/n31)“Never thought that all this would happen because of one tiny moment.”-y/a18) “I think you’re worth much more than that.”- jughead 4)“You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”-jughead

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Requested by: anonymous.

Warnings: hurt/comfort.

Originally posted by noahsweetwne

“Y/N… I’m not sure how to tell you this… but-”

You turned, confused as you stared at the concerned looking Jughead. After your guys ‘date’ you’d started to hang out with him a bit more and eventually you guys had blossomed into an amazing friendship. Though, what Jughead had said that night was right, and after Archie apologized you’d accepted it and everything fell back to the way it was.

Only thing was now you had Jughead as a friend, a pretty great one at that. He hadn’t been happy when you told him you’d forgiven Archie, but he’d accepted it and told you to just be careful. 

Nothing had happened since. School started again and a new girl came in, Veronica Lodge, which had in turn allowed her to start hanging out with Archie, you, Betty and Kevin. She was nice enough and even though she had immediately mentioned her interest in Archie, you’d set her straight after telling her you two were actually dating. It didn’t take long for her to start rooting for you two, and was in turn one of the sweetest girls you’d met.

When you weren’t with her and Betty, you were with Archie and if you weren’t with Archie, you were with Jughead. 

It just happened to be one of those times where you were with Jughead, you two were sat in Pop’s, much like your guys date night. You were helping him with his novel that you were so specially the only one allowed to see. But you could tell easily something was on his mind and he was distracted from his writing. You hadn’t said anything, wanting to wait for him to tell you on his own.

“Yes, Juggie?” You answered, regarding him with careful eyes. He pursed his lips, shaking his head as he sighed in frustration. “Is everything okay?”

“Y/N… it’s about Archie…” 

You sighed, slightly expecting him to tell you again that you shouldn’t have forgiven him. But just by the look on his face you knew it was something else, and suddenly all annoyance left you and instead you became worried. Worried at the truth. “Jughead… what is it? What did he do? Is he okay?”

“He’s okay.” Jughead quickly confirmed, almost in anger. “He… oh god, Y/N. I really am sorry, but Archie’s been cheating on you.”

You blinked, unsure if you’d heard his words correctly. Archie had done a lot of things recently, terrible things but despite everything you’d never been suspicious of him for that. You couldn’t quite believe Jughead, so you scoffed, glaring slightly, but you could feel your eyes watering. “What are you- what are you going on about, Jughead? You’re joking right? With who?” The words slipped past your lips, no filter as you stared.

You tried to ignore the look on Jughead’s face that only helped make your heart beat faster. “Ms. Grundy.” Jughead whispered and you froze. 


“He’s cheating on you with Ms. Grundy.”

Your jaw fell open and without a thought, you pushed out of your seat and stormed out of Pop’s, slamming the door behind you. You didn’t want to believe Jughead. You couldn’t but something in the back of your head told you that he was telling the truth. Who had stood you up that night? Archie. Who had been there for you that night? Jughead. What reason would he have to lie to you?

“Y/N!” You heard Jughead but you ignored him, dead set on making your way.. where were you going? Archie’s. You needed to talk to him. 

“Y/N! Please stop!” A hand grabbed your forearm, effectively stopping you and turning you around. You didn’t fight, coming face to face with Jughead as you tried to hold in your tears. You stared at him, hurt and betrayed.

“Where are you going?” He asked, his voice soft.

“Archie’s. I need to talk to him.” You mumbled, trying to keep your voice calm. “Please, let me go. I need- I need to talk to him.”

“I’m not going to stop you.” Jughead reassured, now grabbing both sides of your arms. You barely thought of the fact that Jughead hated skin contact. “I’m going with you.”

You nodded, too upset to say anything and shortly you found yourself in front of Archie’s house. The lights were off, but you knew Archie and you knew he liked to go out for late night walks, so you sat on his porch, waiting. Jughead sat beside you, close enough for comfort but not touching. You’d stopped crying but you knew it’d only last a few minutes before Archie’d show up.

“Y/N…? Jughead?” Snapping your head up, you swallowed your fear at the sight of a sweaty and panting Archie. Standing up and not missing the way Jughead fell in step beside you, standing slightly behind you.

“What are you two doing here?” Archie asked, confused and concern lacing his voice.

“I-I…” You tried but fell short, feeling tears coming back. Immediately Archie took a step forward, concerned but Jughead stood in front of you. Glaring at Archie. Archie blinked, confused.

“What’s wrong? Y/N? Tell me, I promise that i’ll protect you" You scoffed, suddenly angry as you carefully stepped in front of Jughead. He regarded you with a concerned look but all you did was nod, reassuring him.

Archie stared desperately at you. 

“Archie… we’re through.” You said, confidence in your voice as you tried to hold down your tears. Archie’s shoulders slumped and his mouth opened and closed repeatedly. 

“Wha- why?”

“Archie.. I know you cheated on me.” You confessed, laughing bitterly at yourself. “Hell, maybe you still are. But we are through. I am tired of the lies, the cancelling, i’m tired of the sneaking. I tried. I tried to be understanding. I even forgave you when you stood me up! But not anymore!” Archie’s surprised and guilty face fell on Jughead, almost angrily before turning to you with soft eyes. 

“Y-Y/N… I’m-”

“I don’t want to hear it!” You interrupted, staring at Archie clearly upset. You wiped pathetically at your tears. “With Ms. Grundy? Really, Archie? You’re… that’s so wrong. It doesn’t matter though, you’re none of my business anymore.” 

You went to step around Archie, but his hand shot out to grab you, a little too aggressively. You gasped, before another hand shot out and pushed Archie back. You easily recognized the figure as Jughead. “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.” 

Archie dropped his hands, taking a respect step back and you let out a breath you hadn’t know you’d been holding. Huffing. Jughead turned to you, allowing you to walk in front of him as he glared at Archie. Archie looked as if he was about to cry and you almost felt yourself breaking but you shook your head.

“I am sorry. Y/N.” You stopped, your back facing Archie as you whispered;  “You cheated on me! What was I suppose to do? Smile and forgive you.”

Later, you found yourself sobbing against Jughead’s chest as he hugged you. You sniffled, wiping your tears as you pushed from the hug, staring at the tear stains on his jacket in shame. “I’m sorry…” You whispered ashamed.

Jughead shook his head, hesitantly letting his hand fall on your cheek so you were looking at him. “I’m pathetic.” You mumbled, shaking your head.

“I think you’re worth much more than that.” Jughead whispered. You stared up into his eyes, finding an emotion you’d never seen there before. And then suddenly his lips fell on yours and you were leaning against him as he pressed against you. You moaned into the kiss, allowing your hands to fall on his neck as he held your face.

When you pulled away, you were panting but smiling shyly up at Jughead who smirked back. “Never thought that all this would happen because of one tiny moment.”

There ya guys go! Part 3?

anonymous asked:

i am new to ifnt and rly dont wanna make anyone mad but i don't see the big deal abt woohyun. yes he is hot and can sing but why does every1 love him so much? i dont mean it in a bad way jst that i dont see how he is more popular than others. also i dont see how his voice is so different to other kpop singers? but then again i am new so maybe i dont kno wht i am talking about. pls help me to understand more?

You caught me at the absolute pinnacle of my Woohyun feels, which happens every year around his birthday. And therefore (with a little help from my friends) I have constructed this little list of reasons why Woohyun is absolutely deserving of the amount of love he receives from Inspirits and why it’s kinda hard not to love him, even if he isn’t your favourite member…


Woohyun is known for having what many call a ‘power-house’ vocal. You can always rely on him to hit those incredible high notes in INFINITE songs. He’s known for being able to bellow out his lines; his voice is strong, loud and instantly recognisable. But he also pours a lot of emotion into his vocals, every note dripping with it. His solo album Write.. and his subsequent appearances on Immortal Songs 2 showcased another side to his vocals too; a softer side, gentle, quieter but without lacking that trademark emotion in his voice. It really proved he’s a versatile vocalist, and not just there to yell at the top of his lungs (but it’s still incredible when he does). Here is Woohyun performing on Immortal Songs 2. This appearance earned him the highest score for an idol on the show at that point. 

He is (in my opinion) one of the best live singers in kpop at the moment. I can’t think of many people who could hold a candle to him, really. Yet he is still improving and working on his voice; he still admits he has far to go. 


Woohyun is known for being the ‘fan idiot’ in INFINITE. He’s got a different heart for every occasion and is usually credited with popularising the ‘finger heart’ that everyone uses nowadays. In 2012 he came 3rd in Weekly Idol’s Fan Service poll (as voted by idols), and the video shows some good examples of him showering Inspirits with love. He consistently refers to fans as his ‘girlfriends’, to the point his twitter bio even says it (팬=여친 fan=girlfriend). But his love for Inspirits runs deeper than superficial hearts and displays of cuteness. INFINITE and Inspirits have had a close relationship since debut, and it has continued on to this day. During One Great Step, INFINITE’s first world tour in 2013/14, Woohyun personally went out to buy roses and small rings to present to fans at their shows, spending his own money. He wrote and composed the song ‘함께 (Together)’ during OGS, and dedicated it to Inspirits, saying it was about fans (see the lyrics here). 

At Dream Concert in 2016, Woohyun performed as a solo artist for the first time, and even other fandoms began to feel jealous at the amount of attention he gave to Inspirits. [Even more reactions here] He sang just for them, never taking his eyes off their section of the crowd and taking out his earpiece to listen to them singing along. Okay, so later all of INFINITE roasted Inspirits for not being able to sing well, but at least Woohyun then tried to explain how to sing properly.

It should be noted too, that after this performance, Woohyun and INFINITE gained a lot of new fans who were impressed by him. 


As I mentioned above, Woohyun wrote and composed ‘함께 (Together)’ for INFINITE while they were taking part in their first world tour. During their movie, Grow, which showed the behind the scenes of OGS, you see Woohyun jumping up in the middle of eating to go and compose. 

He was excited about this song and wanted to share it with the rest of INFINITE once he was finished, asking them to contribute to the lyric writing too. Then his solo album Write.. was released in 2016 with 3/6 tracks having Woohyun’s direct involvement: ‘향기 (Scent/Nostalgia)’ which was entirely written and composed by Woohyun, and ‘Gravity’ and ‘Everyday’ which Woohyun co-wrote and composed [source]. You could tell he had worked extremely hard on these songs, and could tell how proud he was of them when he spoke about them in interviews. Whenever Woohyun takes the stage, you know that the energy and enthusiasm he exudes isn’t just an act… He truly loves singing, is passionate about performing and wants to share his talent with the world. For example, look how stupidly in his element he is performing Everyday in Singapore during INFINITE’s second world tour ( © Honey Tree ) :


Those were just three main points focused on Woohyun as a singer, performer and idol. There are so many other sides to Woohyun too, and so many reasons to love him. 

  • He loves cooking, and his instagram is full of videos of him making food
  • His relationships with the other INFINITE members are really sweet. Just one recent example would be: even when everyone was teasing Sungjong and being kinda mean (including Woohyun), he did then reassure him that there would be plenty of INFINITE schedules soon and that he needn’t worry. He’s also super affectionate with the others, and you’ll often find him touching them or correcting their hair/touching their face/leaning on them.
  • Actor Woohyun!!! He’s been in multiple dramas, but my personal favourite is Hi School Love On, where he played Shin Woohyun… Please watch it if you haven’t already, it’s so good (and it’s all available on KBSWorld’s youtube channel with subs, here)!
  • His friendships with other 91 line celebrities, especially SHINee’s Key with whom he debuted as the special sub-unit ToHeart in 2014
  • Like you mentioned, he is ridiculously good-looking and is known for not having had any surgery - that nose and that jawline are aaaaallll natural, ladies ~~ 
  • He loves football and plays for FC Men (FC 멘), an all-star team affiliated with the Suwon Bluewings alongside other celebrities. 

My closing statement is this: usually when you stan a group you’ll have a favourite member, one you look at more than the others, one you might pay a little more attention to during MVs or performances or shows. But then often (and in most cases when it comes to my Inspirit friends), you end up loving them all. Your bias might even change (maybe even many times). You’ll find it hard to stick solely to one member, especially when the rest of the group are so damn lovable. Soon enough, you realise you’re OT7 biased and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Do yourself a solid and give Woohyun a chance. I’m sure you’ll see why everyone likes him so much in no time. 

Angel’s Wings

Characters – Cas x Reader, Sam, Dean

Summary – It takes a near death experience for the reader to find out why she can see an angel’s wings.

Word Count – 5,983

Warnings – Canon-type violence

A/N – When I hit my 500 follower milestone, I did drabble requests. I only received two, so I am turning them into full one shots instead! This one was from @trinityjadec: “OH MY GOSH CONGRATS YOU DESERVE SO MANY FOLLOWERS!!! Could I have Cas and something with his wings? (still have an unhealthy obsession) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK”

Here you go, Trinity!  I hope you enjoy it and I’m so sorry for the wait! 

Also written for @percussiongirl2017’s I’m Finally Legal Birthday Challenge.   I got #37: Why can I see your wings?  And the song “If I Died Today” by Tim McGraw

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You would never forget the first time you saw Castiel.  You were sitting in the bunker library with Sam, discussing a possible vampire case up in Omaha that you’d been trying to research for several days, when the front door opened and Dean began descending the stairs with another man you’d never seen before.

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#BestLeaderJBDay (jan 6, 1994) 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

it’s your special day, jaebum!!!!!!!!!!!!  you are another year older today, so i’m gonna take a paragraph or so to be all sappy over you 😚  when i first became a fan of got7 last year, you were the first member that caught my eye.  your heavenly voice captivated me, and yes, so did ur angry jaw 😁  and then when i started watching more videos, i fell in love with each and every little thing about you.  everything from the way you move to how friggin’ amazing of a writer you are to how much you care for your fellow members ( i 👀  those heart eyes, mister! ) to how much of a big mushy, marshmallow you are underneath your ‘chic & sexy’ persona 💕  jackson might have ended up as my ult, but you will forever and always hold a huge piece of my heart because a girl doesn’t forget who catches her heart first 😌 


i hope your 24th year is the best one yet, and i hope you get spoiled with lots of cake, cuddles, and gifts today 💓 


texts from last night: seventeen
  • s.coups: im gonna fight the coyote
  • jeonghan: idk if i deserve a medal or a one way ticket to hell
  • joshua: the 666th photo in my phone is of him and if that’s not a sign that he’s secretly the antichrist, idk what is.
  • jun: i know you like got hit by a car but do you want to come to my birthday pardi
  • hoshi: don’t put me in that position. i am not qualified to be the responsible adult here.
  • wonwoo: i could tell my life story through kermit memes
  • woozi: also i feel like death. but like. in a good way
  • dk: please come to class. i miss you and i have a horse mask
  • mingyu: you gotta do what you gotta do. like how i gotta drive in the rain to go get chicken nuggets. i just gotta.
  • the8: i just had a 10 minute staring contest with my dog. can you come over?
  • vernon: i have 35 pounds of pennies. need any?
  • seungkwan: i just loudly threatened to kill a self checkout machine
  • dino: went to open youtube this morning, and the last search was “ten hours of whale sounds”

late night dates with jeongguk for @jeondiary ✨✨✨

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