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if you’re an fp! here’s some useful phrases to say to ur bpd pal/partner!

+ “i still love and care about you, but at the moment i am angry right now and i’m not talking to you for a certain time period, and i will talk to you again at ________”

+ “i’m going away for a while/i might not have internet connection, so i’m not going to talk to you for [time period], and i want you to know that i’m not ignoring you”

+ “my connection is bad right now, so i might not see your message, but i promise i’m not ignoring you!”

+ “i’m vagueing someone on [blog/site] right now, but i want you to know that it’s not about you”

+ “you’ve done [something they’ve done wrong], and that makes me uncomfortable/that’s not right. i still love you/care about you, but i need you not to do it again because [state a reason why].

+ “if i suddenly go offline, that means i’ve gone to sleep/my internet got cut off, and i wasn’t trying to avoid you”

+ “i’ve made a new friend/met someone new today, but i want you to know that you’re still my [best friend? number one? beloved partner? you can choose!]

+ “daily reminder that i love you and i care about you!”

@keylimepidge oops I meant to post this one before the haunted house one sorry 😵 Anyways I love the idea of Shiro constantly ruffling her hair and complimenting her. This little pigeon deserves all the head ruffles. (plus her hair has got to be like the softest and most fun thing to play with let’s be real )

Thank you so much for the request! I love your writing btw!

(This post was drawn for my shidge request post. I am drawing and posting in the order I received the requests. I am almost done with all the requests.)


//2017.07.05// 9/100 days of productivity

Woke up today with the feeling that I was behind on life and that my life is a mess because many of my legal documents are a mess. There are things I want to do but because I don’t take the initiative to ask for help sometimes, I don’t have the opportunity to do it and it ends up being too late. I really wanted to stay in bed and sulk but managed to motivate myself to work on biology and do a lot of research on viruses. 

But life has no blueprint. There is no right or wrong way to live and everyone moves at their own path, carving it out as they go along. Although it’s hard to believe, you’re doing everything just fine (says me lol). Just try your best and strive to get better at what you like to do because what’s life without a little hard work? right?

all the wording got messed up cause tumblr didn’t post it the first time and I had to write everything all over again and now it sounds bad

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TFW you make a tumblr dedicated to following a webcomic through Snapchat but it stops updating before Christmas

I mean… I made this blog on day one of the Homestuck Snapchat being a thing. So I definitely got a good few months of regular updates and the entire “end credits” Snaps logged as they were posted… and this blog is here for when/if we get an update again. I see nothing wrong with it.

(So sorry for the awful quality, the shadow and all the pencil smudges! It’s on A3 paper and oh my… Hopefully you can still see yourself okay :3)

Thanks for 100+ followers!!! I tried to get all the dailies I could find that were following me including side blogs but I’m super sorry of I missed you or got it wrong! Thanks again to:

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And thanks to everyone else that is following that isn’t a daily and to all those that have followed after 100 :D You are all so lovely and kind and all of the follows have been a wonderful support for me :D Thank you! 💙

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I've seen someone send an ask to another blog saying that Zuko is more entitled than Aang because of that one scene in The Beach episode where he got mad at that guy talking to Mai, the blog had a nice answer to counter this but I'd like to know what you think over this stupid claim lol?

Zuko apologized for his behavior, corrected it, and never repeated it again. The narrative acted like it was wrong, and it was a one time jealousy fit. Aang consistently acts like he owns Katara, and the writers act, in the narrative, like it’s okay. Zuko’s act was treated as wrong. 

Aang’s entitlement being wrong is NOT about Aang. 

If it was about Aang, that would be a character flaw, and  it would  NOT be a writing problem or representation problem on the show. It’s treated as WRONG. 

The problem is the writers excuse it, treat it as fine, and move on. Aang is fictional, Bryke is real. 

They’re the entitled males here, and it’s gross. 

2,000 Followers and Special Announcement!

Y’all, Holy. Shit. 2,000 followers??? :O

Thank you so much, Shrinky-dinks, for coming to my blog and listening to me talk about stuff. I’m sure you’ve heard this all before, but I wanna say it again - I would never have gotten this far without y’all. <3

So to celebrate, I’ve got someone for y’all to meet!

Say hello to Brainy!

Huh. Brainy, you look a little angry. Is something wrong? 

Wait, where are you going with my DSM-5??

…You know what, you can borrow that as long as you need to, Brainy. 


Huge thanks to @scriptcanuck for these fantastic drawings!

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Posting random characters who may or may not have autism helps no one. It's a misrepresentation of the disorder, it gives people false hope that one of these character will be relatable for them, and it's disrespectful to the authors whose creations you are judging and changing. You wouldn't start something like this about celebrities– don't our fiction friends deserve the same respect?

I was debating on whether or not to even deign to answer this ask but I decided that I’m in a fairly good mood rather than an apathetic one so I hope you enjoy!

There will be no TL;DR because if you’re going to send asks like this, then you are going to READ.

“Posting random characters who may or may not have autism helps no one.” To assume this, you think that I’M solely the one posting them? Lemme tell you that there are over 70 characters currently in my ask box that I haven’t had the spoons to get to. Here’s a screenshot:

I don’t post these. Autistic people do. I just queue them. I’m merely the proxy for these people.

I have well over 1000 followers by now, almost all of which are autistic or suspecting they are. So to say that it doesn’t help anyone is false. It helps the people of the autistic community - and at times it even helps the people of the allistic (non-autistic) community.

I’ve gotten asks from allistics who follow saying that they love this blog because it helps fight their internalized ableism. I’ve also gotten asks from autistic people saying how much they love it because they love characters to relate to. It’s not a matter of “false hope” and wishing a character is autistic, but it’s more or less wanting to find characters in media to relate to. Those bold things are links btw please read them if you really don’t believe that it doesn’t help people.

Along with that, blogs like this do help because it gives people a chance to be able to show off their headcanons in a safe and anonymous way without the fear of getting death threats. Do you know how many autistic people get death threats for merely existing let alone showing their headcanons regarding autism? Tons. I know I get death threats on my main all the time for merely being autistic.

And yet, allistic people love when people throw gender and sexuality headcanons onto characters (especially to either ship or to fetishize - two different things I want to make that clear). So why can’t we autistic people do it for something that’s completely harmless and just for wanting to relate to characters?

So yeah it does help us. It helps both autistic and allistic (non-autistic) people. 

“It’s a misrepresentation of the disorder,” no it isn’t. Trust me my buddy it isn’t. It isn’t misrepresentation of the disorder at all when you have autistic people submitting these characters that they (AS AUTISTIC PEOPLE) relate to. Sometimes they even give full detailed paragraphs of explanations as to why the character can possibly be autistic.

It’s not misrepresentation for a minority to want to represent their respective group.

It WOULD, however, be misrepresentation if I and everyone submitting these characters were not autistic. However, 99% of my followers are autistic so yeah sorry but it’s not “misrepresentation” for minorities to want to represent their own fucking group. Anyways, moving on…

“…it gives people false hope that one of these character will be relatable for them,” so you’re saying that we can’t even hope? You’re saying that autistic people can’t even fucking dream that we get canon autistic characters (of which barely exist)?

You’re literally saying that autistic people can’t even have hope.


And y’know if you read the links I put in earlier about autistic people (and allistic people) finding blogs like this very nice to be able to relate to characters then hm well you’re wrong. Again. But assuming you aren’t going to read them and just skip over this like some prick, allow me to quote an ask I got not too long ago.

“…I’m a pretty new diagnosis, and honestly, I adore this blog, being able to see people who might be like me, and especially finding characters I relate to that people HC as autistic, it’s really really validating. So thank you.”

So hmm I guess you’re just wrong there. You see, yes that is just one ask, but there’s a reason why so many autistic people submit and follow this blog. It’s so they can relate to characters.

It’s so they can have hope.

Of which you apparently don’t even want autistic people to have.

So thank you for saying that we can’t even hope for a better future.

“And it’s disrespectful to the authors whose creations you are judging and changing,” LIKE PEOPLE DON’T ALREADY TAKE CANON CISHET CHARACTERS AND HEADCANON THEM AS LGBT+ FOR “SHIPS” AND SHIT.

So you’re telling me that someone can take a canon cishet character and then proceed to draw them as a part of the LGBT+ community for shipping, but then if we autistic people seek actual relation to a character by a harmless headcanon, that it’s suddenly bad? Despite the fact that shippers do the exact same thing? Just a bit differently?

Which, I’m all for shippers and people headcanoning or drawing/writing canon cishet characters as LGBT+ for Teh Ships™ or to feel represented (assuming they themselves as shippers are LGBT+).

But the main point is that you’re contradicting your own rhetoric and beliefs without even having to mention the other half of the argument. You’re nothing but an ableist hypocrite.

And finally… the part that REALLY got me in all of this. The part that made me literally sit back and wonder if you were a troll or not.

“You wouldn’t start something like this about celebrities– don’t our fiction friends deserve the same respect?”

Celebrities are literally real people.

Fictional characters are FICTIONAL. They’re not real in the slightest.

And if you’re fictionkin or a fictive or whatever, then it still doesn’t count because these are fictional characters from THEIR respective media. No one is saying that YOU (as that character assuming you’re fictionkin or a fictive) are autistic lmao.

Anon, if you’re fictionkin or a fictive, then maybe stop thinking things are all about you for once? And consider that maybe another fictive or fictionkin of that character is autistic.

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hi~ could you recommend me some blogs that post mainly / only Taemin?

I’ll be glad to! a small note before we get to the recs, though: I don’t follow a lot of these folks since I’m a picky disgrace, but I’ve seen them around enough to know they are /great/ and I’m sure you won’t regret following any of them :’)

these are mostly taemin biased ot5 blogs rather than only taem blogs, btw~

@leetaee - @6-v-6 (ot5 stan until he dies but Undeniably a taem hoe) - @bluehairedtaemin - @flower-taemin - @celes-tae@amethystaem@bluetaemin - @kitaecat - @taeminning - @taemcutie - @taeland - @taelees - @leetaes - @littleprinceu - @taemdeok - @taem-s - @kagayakimasu - @leefrancescosbananamilk - @silktaemin - @angeltaem - @softestaem - @taestory@taeminagh - @prxncetaem - @acebytaemin - @taemmin - @dibidibidisn - @taeskey - @taebabys@taeminhas2hands - @shawollet + @fytaem, @inblueroom and @shineelove5 for updates and/or official pics!

p.s.: if you were @’ed here and I got your bias wrong, please do tell me and I’ll fix it up ;o;

so i thought this would be fun to do !! i do this on my youtube, so why not do it here ?? it’s an awesome way to share with you guys what i’ve been really digging this month + you guys know i’m all about sharing and ~exposing~ other peoples posts (aka. i reblog a shit ton). it won’t be a long list, but hey ! who carez (not me). lets jump into it !!


  • @grimcookies auli’i hair; this is my favourite hair to use…….and i’m definitely going to over use it, but idc because it’s so gorgeous and simple and i !!!! just love it sm thanks 4 making it brother
  • @crazycupcakefr mary dress; this dress is so feminine yet not too feminine, if you get what i mean ? it uses that amazing top from the bowling night stuff pack and it just works so well !! i love it


  • @cupidjuice i love love LOVE her gameplay, especially with the gloom family. the pictures are so pleasing to look at- her edits are really pretty i guess ?? idk i just love looking at them 
  • @eefahsims i love the way she edits her gameplay pics- again, they are so pretty !! and i’ve definitely drawn inspiration from her when it’s come to editing my own pictures. 
  • @sycsh i adore the ‘bloody legacy’ they’re doing- it’s edited and portrayed amazingly and i get so so so excited when i see it come up on my dash. (plus mads is adorable !!!!!!!!)
  • @surprisepeach pretty sure he already knows this, but i am a hoe for his edits like SHIT FAM !!! they r just so GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u for blessing my dashboard with them
  • @sportingsims their alderson legacy is rad- it is soooo dramatic (and a little controversial, but hey ?? who cares ?? not me !). i’m a little behind in it, but it’s fun 2 go back and catch up on it. i !!! love !! drama !! (in a story, fyi.)
  • @wrenpity adore her edits !! probably one of the only non-gameplay blogs i really enjoy following. + the speed edits are so much fun (and kind of relaxing ?) to watch !!
  • @noonicorn her story ‘desolate’ is amazing !! if you’ve been here a while, you know i love anything post-apocalyptic so !! i love !!!


  • my new theme !! i wanted something different 2 what other simblrs have, and i feel like this really suits my personality and the aesthetic i strive for here at desertbloom dot tumblr dot com. 
  • @grimcookies​ for helping me w/ stuff and thingzz (like picking a new theme lol)
  • potentially the new parenthood game pack ?? maybe i should wait until next month 2 really decide that

so thats all for this month !! hope u guys liked this ?? idk but i’ll do it again bc it was fun lol 

[also- if i got anyones pronouns wrong, let me know !! i checked all the blogs 2 make sure] 

                        PSA – Tumblr’s common roleplay courtesy.
                                                  Aspect: Stealing

Tumblr is supposed to be a fun place where we all feel comfortable to write and share our thoughts – but it really gets problematic when we can no longer do that due to negativity and fear.

Stealing people’s efforts, even if they are just non-existent things in the internet, specifically on Tumblr, like someone’s own icons, headcanons, theme codes, phrases for certain muses etc. is simply not okay.
In most cases, if not all, people end up getting hurt. Deeply emotionally hurt.
And not only the party who got stolen from but also the thief since from my long Tumblr-experience, in most cases, thieves will always be found out.
It’s a stressful situation for anyone, even people who have nothing to do with it when then drama starts, so I beseech you all to simply not let it happen to begin with.
In the worst case it also makes people leave their blogs, their beloved fandom or writing/roleplaying altogether. And this should not happen.

Naturally people always will have different opinions and views; I personally know of a few people who are feeling rather proud to be ‘stolen from’ than actually being angry, but this is NOT the majority. And everyone on Tumblr should be simply aware of it that the greatest majority of roleplayers are not fond of it. From my experience more than 80% of all Tumblr-users would be extremely angry if they were stolen from.

I explain this in more detail now:


I do know of quite many roleplayers who take their time and put over hundred of hours of work for making their icons. Testing shades and styles, finding art and also cropping it by themselves – and this naturally takes time.
Of course there is also a second type of it, people like me, who spend less time on it and are fast in finding art and cropping without thinking about editing for too long.
But it does not matter whether someone has put 100, 50 or only 5 hours in making their icons – they have still put some time in it.
Personally I’d say cropping icons is what takes the most time.

Borders can be prepared and made beforehand, usually people also use the same border for several roleplay-blogs they run; and mostly if people use a specific icon style, they have the PSD for it so that they can easily reuse it for several blogs as well.
Cropping icons is like finding the art, putting it into psd and then ponder about what part of the picture you even want to use.
How much should be seen? What shouldn’t be seen in it? What do you want to express with the icon? It often depends on how you crop it.
I personally spend the most time preparing my icons for the actual editing; and this step is the one of cropping.
If you simply save someone’s icons, these aren’t meant for you. They are not your style, not your interpretation of your muse. These are not your muse.
Even if you spend some hours in putting layers over it and changing lightning effects etc., these icons will never be yours. They don’t contain your thoughts. And it is like a slap to someone’s face who has put so much effort into making it as well. 


There are roleplayer who simply write for fun or because they like the character they roleplay – but on Tumblr there are also many passionate writers like I am, for example, who try to give their muses a soul. A life, a backstory. Emotions, qualities and flaws.
People write it down in headcanons – these are personal views, a personal interpretation of someone and should be respected as such.
To simply claim these ideas as your own will not help you to write your muse better or even understand it better.

I usually spend more than a hundred hours to shape my muse’s portrayal; I think about it when listening to music or when I simply do nothing. And I know many who are like I am.
Headcanons are often viewed extremely personal; and simply stealing them is just wrong.
If you have seen an idea and truly like it, try not to copy someone’s portrayal completely. Taking aspects is usually fine – and to be on the safe side, just mention the roleplayer you got this inspiration from. People will appreciate it if you put credits for someone’s thoughts, for someone’s soul rather than simply stealing it.
But I repeat once again, simply stealing a whole portrayal by taking all headcanons is simply no-go.
The biggest fun from roleplaying comes from giving your muse this soul; and if you just steal your muse’s parts from different blogs this muse is not yours, but just a broken fragment.


Not everyone is talented or even good at coding, especially those who do not roleplay for too long.
Taking open resources, like editing a theme which the creator intended to be taken from people to enjoy it, are totally fine. But there are also those who code their themes from scratch; who put some thought into it and even developed their own complete style in creating them.
I don’t personally code a lot, but I know of people who coded their themes from the scratch, without any base code, and I do know how long it takes. Especially if people seek perfection and want to add all of their ideas they often take more than ten hours in creating it.
Copy pasting such code and stealing it, without naming from who it was, is like stealing someone’s creation in reallife and claiming it as your own.
Think about it for a moment; do you want to be praised for something which you haven’t even made yourself? Would you claim an award in reallife as your own for something you have stolen?
I know the views of a few people who are coding their themes for many years already – and for them themes are extremely personal as well.

General writing (also phrases for muses) etc:

Okay, this is my bread and butter. So this will all be written from my point of view.
I am writing for 15 years already, novella that is, and I also aimed to be an author in reallife. So much about my ambitions.
I carefully think about how I portray a muse – how I describe their thoughts, their actions and also how I actually portray them as whole. I often imagine to touch a part of them which is only visible for me and make it be visible for anyone else. I try to let their soul shine.
And I make it happen due to my long writing experience. I have learned how to write to make it appealing for people (at least in my first language, in English I’m still rusty) and I write every muse of mine differently. Of course people will probably always recognize my ‘signature’ whatever muse I’m writing – but this does not change that my writing slightly differs because I also have different thoughts for different muses.
This whole aspect is extremely personal for me as well; and if someone were to steal it I’d be extremely mad.
In the past duplicates literally tried to imitate my whole writing style; even going as far to take whole paras without changing a single word of it.
Writing is my true passion and I literally put heart blood in it; if someone steals my writing I do not view it as ‘hey someone likes what I write’.
If you like someone’s characterization, you don’t go and simply take it. Or at least attempt to take it – because I am honest with you, you can’t steal someone’s writing style.

The conclusion:
Everyone has their own style. Their own views and also their own focus when roleplaying.
But it always involves passion and especially effort.
Taking any of it and claiming it as your own is never okay.

Once you have your own style you will have more fun on Tumblr and can actually be proud of it.
And you know you don’t end up hurting someone’s feelings, even your own, by stealing.

Don’t get me wrong. It is not okay to send in hate, even to little thieves.
You rather have to try to open their eyes so that they don’t do it ever again and so that they can actually reflect on their doings.
Sending in hate is a complete different aspect I’d also like to address at one point – because it is never okay to send in any hate. Never. Not even in stealing-cases.
HOWEVER; stealing should not be tolerated.
People are allowed to do mistakes, of course; but they have to realize what they did was wrong. And in this case they have to apologize. Whole-heartedly, not vague and also in public, about what they had done and that they won’t do it again. Otherwise they don’t learn. 
Moving on, ignoring those cases does NOT help anyone. Even not the thieves.
For example, I personally do not interact with thieves who have yet to apologize for their doings. I give people second chances, but they have to earn it.

So I beseech anyone who roleplays on Tumblr to not steal to begin with. People end up getting hurt. People will lose their interest in roleplaying. Keep this place fun and safe for everyone!

DAY 3267

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Mar 8/9,  2017                  Wed/Thu 1:49am

So .. of the many that read the Blog you may have noticed that the time consumed from the previous DAY to this DAY has hardly been 17 mins !

Which is quite alarming .. because normally the Blog takes about 2 :37 hrs to compose and print ..

Any way ..

So we are back again and in the midst of another missive, which hopefully shall get registered in a jiffy .. before the guardians of the Blog .. the two truly committed guardians - Rochelle and our lady from SanFrisco, Renate, begin to wonder if I have missed pressing the dreaded button for posting the material .. and then there are the other vigilantes - Sachin and AG and Prashant and so many others that keep correcting details .. “you’ve got the date wrong sir” or “the DAY numbering is incorrect” .. thank you people thank you Ef , whatever would I do without you ..

The making of ad., films is a challenge .. what would require 3 hrs to convey on film takes that amount of time, to convey in 30 secs .. it is an art, and a difficult creative exercise .. the writing, the concept, its shooting its PR and marketing, all go down in that 1 shift of work in the studio .. days are important because the contract defines number of days required in a year .. etc ..

But it is great .. the time spent for those ad., shoots .. the amount of studious looking men and women .. the concentrated charts and time lines and different jobs for different assistants is fascinating .. the execution is mostly done by the AD’s .. and that bunch of experts that sit sombre faced in front of the monitors, minutely discussing the angle of a leaf in the distance in the frame with such dexterity, that you must get to marvel their desire on focus .. it is a joy to be in their company .. mostly for fun reasons .. but all work oriented ..!!

The makers and directors that have migrated from Ad., film making to Movie making is astonishing .. and progressive too .. and rewarding as well .. they bring with them a culture that blends quite convincingly with the content required for film .. their ideas and stories are somewhat different .. and they strive for novelty .. if a large number of recent years films have enjoyed a different story line and thought, it is largely due to the inputs that have been brought in by that special Ad., film maker .. so many come to mind ..

The film is on release .. SARKAR 3 .. and there is a deluge of posters and art work that gets carried on the social media platforms .. thank you so much .. there is a speciality on the minds that go into the understanding of SARKAR and I did give some impressions to journalists .. may be I should put it up on another Blog .. I will …. good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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Hi, absolutely love your art and may or may have not cried over it multiple times*cough* uh- how would you feel abt a thing called bnhastuck?

Awwwwwwwww thank you!!!!!! And @syblatortue has been drawing some of the kids as trolls now and again and I still haven’t stopped crying over how great every and each design is so I guess you might say I’m not adverse to it lmao

Anon said: kiri and kami need a good snuggle

So does most part of the UA student body, tbh… most teachers too, actually. Most pro heroes as well. Yep. 

Anon said: Do you follow any Haikyuu!! or My Hero Acedemia Fandom blogs on tumblr, if so which ones (Luv ur work)

Most of what I follow are more or less fandom blogs honestly haha I don’t think I can list all of them but I do follow stuff like @dailyhaikyuu or @dailybnha or @fymyheroacademia ??? I follow @daily-bakugou and @mina-ashido-love and @haikyuus and @foreverhaikyuu and @heroacacaps and @heroaca-anime and @bakushima and @bokuukuro and…uh. Yeah. Anyway it’s a lot of them.

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The Liam/Louis house is a mess. It's been pushed as Louis' home but Liam is the one who has taken multiple pics there (haircut, playing fifa with paddy, yesterday's bathroom pic). Today the Sun is reporting that it is indeed Liam's home, but he is renting it out, so that he can focus all his attention on Cheryl in the UK (sea otter face). Honestly, this all makes less sense than the time Zerrie went house hunting for a dream home despite already 'living together' in their 5 bed dream home.

It is, as we say here in this corner of the tumblr webs, a goat rodeo. But you are right, The Sun is reporting that is Liam’s LA Bluth Model Home that he’s put up for rent to be with Cheryl  (ohmygod I can’t even type that with a straight face). Its funny how Cheryl called them up they got the tip off for that!

I think these homes are either owned by the label or investments between more than one of these 1D dudes. Its extremely common for record labels to own and purchase real estate. But what’s more, as rich as 1D are with their Scrooge McDuck boy band millions, that house is $10 million dollars and the maintenance fees on that fancy koi pond/spa/resort are insane if one of them bought it, but if two or more purchased? Way more doable. 

I’m going to just put this out there again, because the rule still applies for Loammy’s UK Bluth Model Home as it does for the LA Bluth Model Home. Why is it, that after owning these homes, they appear exactly as they were staged by their previous owners, even down to the original throw blankets and knickknacks? Liiiiiike

Loammy never seems to make any renovations, add any decorations or any kind of personal touches (not even a single throw pillow, my dude?) . But the thing is, the inside of these homes have been released to the fandom and the press, so if you’ve got stunts to legitimize, its an easy way to that.

And lastly, for all that folks think its Liam’s house (and I mean, he’s been photographed at the house enough times that its totally a plausible thing to assume), real estate blog Yolanda’s Little Book absolutely insists that it is nahhhht Loammy’s house:

EDIT again (9/16/16): Some fans think we’re crazy but though we briefly amended this post earlier (and received quite a bit of flak for doing so), we just got off the phone with Mr. Deep Throat who refused to budge and was absolutely adamant that this is Mr. Tomlinson’s estate and NOT Liam Payne’s. “Poppycock!” he said when we told him how many, many Directioners have been saying we were wrong (okay, he didn’t actually use that exact word). We know Mr. Deep Throat and he is not the type of person who tells lies. So we’re editing this post back to its original form. 

ETA: When the house originally went up for rent around March 7, a flurry of articles listing Louis as the owner from publications way more reputable then The Sun went out, including Architectural Digest:

In other words, everything is fucky and nothing makes sense and its just another day here in the 1D hellmouth. 

Happy Easter!

You Write Sherlock’s Blog?

So, because of my comment (the last one) on this post, I decided to do some digging. You see, the blog is one of the major factors that messes with the theory that Sherlock has been in a coma since the fall. So, under the cut is me messing with ideas and interpretations of John’s blog with the idea that Sherlock’s been writing it since the fall, in his head. 

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ah shit, I started posting to the wrong blog again. MY BAD EVERYONE. we will now return to our regularly scheduled content, which is to say i have a few more comics in the works! hopefully those will make up for my shoddy blog-running skills fffffff

ps. i got an overwhelming amount of asks telling me how excited you are for this comic briefly returning. if i haven’t responded it’s not because i don’t care, it’s because there were just SO MANY. i love and appreciate each one and i hope you enjoy the content i have planned for the future!!