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Brady Skjei - Rope Swing

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Can I request a “adventures with Brady and his 4’11 girlfriend who can’t reach anything” type of story?

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Being a girl that was only 4′11 was a complete struggle. You always had to ask your boyfriend Brady Skjei to help you get things off of the top shelf, and boy did he love teasing you about being short. One day you were sitting in the living room watching Fixer Upper when Brady came running into the apartment. “Y/N go put your bathing suit on, we’re going on an adventure.” “Brady, babe I love you but I’m a little scared, You remember what happened last time we went on an adventure.” The last time Brady had the amazing idea of going on an adventure, you ended up with a concussion, and poor Jimmy was dragged along and got some kind of stomach bug. “Yes I do, that was a horrible idea but I promise this is somewhat safe.” “Somewhat safe?” “Just put your swimsuit on and lets go. Please?” He gave you that cute puppy dog look that you just couldn’t say no too. Curse his gorgeous face. Unwillingly, you went into the room and put on your black one piece swimsuit. You purposefully took your time to bug Brady, plus it was a little pay back for using the puppy dog eyes on you. You walked down stairs to a very impatient, pouting, man child. “Finally, jeez you were taking forever.” You just rolled your eyes. After Brady got everything you need for your surprise adventure you were on your way. 

 An hour later you were still on the road. “Brady are we almost there, and where the heck are you taking me?” “Babe, we’re almost there and its a surprise, so stop asking, I’m not going to tell you.” “Fine.” About thirty minutes later, you pulled into a little secluded lake. “Babe we’re here.” he sang. “Are we allowed to be here? I don’t want to go to jail for trespassing.” “Yes we’re allowed to be here, I talked to the owner, pulled a few strings and he’s letting us swim for the day.” You loved to swim, so you immediately took off running towards the cool water. “Y/N wait for me.” You looked back and said “Last one in is a rotten egg.” You bolted for the water and did cannonball off the dock, Brady not to far behind you. “No fair, you got a head start.” You stuck your tongue out at him. “Whatever, you’re just mad that you got beat by a girl.” Then Brady got this mysterious look in his eyes. “I don’t like that look.” You watched Brady get out of the water and walk towards a tree. Thats when you noticed a rope swing. You have always wanted to jump into the water by using a rope swing, but growing up you were to short to grab it. You knew Brady was going to bug you until you got on the rope swing, you were already mentally preparing yourself.

Brady got on the rope swing with ease and made a huge splash. Once he came up for air, he looked at you with a huge smile. “What are you waiting for babe?” You slowly got out of the water and made your way towards the rope. You got up on top of a rock and looked at it. When you reached your hand out to grab it, you could just barely touch it. You reluctantly liked at Brady and said “I can’t reach it.” “Keep trying babe.” Huffing you kept trying until you looked at Brady with an angry look. “Either you help me or I’m going back to the car. I’m getting cold.” Brady got out of the water and reached with ease and slung the rope towards you. When you finally got the rough material in your hands, you looked at Brady and said, “Now was that so hard helping me.” “No but I love when you beg for my help.” You just gave me an annoyed sigh. “C’mon babe don’t get mad, it’s cute when you struggle.” He started to lean in, you decided to lean in as well but at the last minute you turned and ran to get a good jump on the swing. Once you came up for air you looked at Brady. You gave him an innocent look, “What? You told me to jump.” Brady slowly began to walk into the water with an evil glint in his eye. “Brady what are you doing?” He didn’t say anything but kept getting closer. You tried to get a way but Brady got to you faster than you thought. He tackled you into the water. You both came up for air and you splashed him in the face with a hand full of water. “Brady that was unnecessary.” “No, it wasn’t Y/N. You totally deserved that.” Heathen wrapped his hands around your waist and leaned in. He gave you a sweet, yet playful kiss. You both began to swim and play around until the sun began to set. “C’mon babe, lets got eat. I’m hungry.” You got out of the water, Brady started to set up the picnic while you tried to dry off. 

After you guys ate, you were both cuddle up on the picnic blanket and were looking up at the stars. You propped your chin up on Brady’s chest and looked up at him. He looked at you shyly, “What?” “Nothing, thank you for bringing me here. This was probably the most fun have had in a while.” “You’re welcome babe.” He leaned down and gave you a sweet kiss on the forehead. You laid you’re head back down on his chest and looked back up at the stars, “I love you Brady.” “I love you too, Y/N” 

Thank you for requesting, I hope you liked it! 

Marco Polo: Kirk x Reader

Why had you let Marco drag you to this boring party full of insufferable wanna be celebrities and agents that you didn’t know or want to know?

You’d hoped he might introduce you to someone who’d give you inside information on how to get a leg up in the business, but Marco was more interested in chatting up pretty people to help you any.

Empty glass in hand, you strolled out into the pool area to see if you could find him.

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kurokawahitaki  asked:

AoImaFukuMayuHimu's s/o can't swim after one time she almost drown from having cramp leg. She complied to learn and they visit the pool. Again, she got cramps because she's too tensed, and they failed to realized cause her bikini is too distracting.

You know, I can’t swim at all. Never learned it and I’m frankly a little scared to try. I’m very much not an aquatic creature. ( ̄д ̄;) Here goes, difficult times for Aomine, Imayoshi, Fukui, Mayuzumi, and Himuro! (・∀・)ノ I might have strayed with the cramps and being tense, though, I didn’t really want to repeat the same thing over and over. I hope that’s okay.

Also, Happy Birthday to you! (´ ▽`).。o♡

“Swimming is ridiculously easy,” Imayoshi drawled with a mocked sweet smile. “And your body has a perfect build to swim.”

You threw him a deadpan glance.

“Right. Which part did you mean by that and what exactly did you want to say instead of swim?”

Imayoshi wrapped his arm around your waist and pressed you closer. He chuckled. He was his usual composed and sarcastic self and as weird as it might have seemed, it was pretty calming. If anyone could efficiently teach you how to swim, it definitely was your boyfriend.

You had to admit he looked better than fantastic in nothing but his swimming shorts. He wasn’t exactly tall, definitely not when compared to other guys on the court, but he was still well built, pure eye candy. He also left his glasses in his locker and although he looked damn good without them (honestly, he looked good with his glasses on, too), you couldn’t help but wonder just how much he could see.

The answer was: he could see enough.

And you discovered that fact in the worst way possible.

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Preference #80: "Cold"

Harry:  “Trust me, it’ll be loads of fun.” He says in a hushed voice. Some how Harry convinced you in the middle of the night to sneak out of the hotel and down to the beach to skinny dip. He pulled his shirt over his head exposing his strong back, and stepped out of his shorts, slowly creeping his way to the water. His tan bum barely visible on the dark beach. As soon and the wet sand touched your toes, you stepped back. “C’mon, sweet heart I promise no one will see us.” He begged, “plus I know for a fact that you want to have sex in the ocean.” He was literally naked, in waist deep water and taunting you. You stared at him for a second before giving in. You untied your swimsuit and hurried to the water. Your hands covering your boobs. You got about mid thigh when it hit you how cold the water is. But it was to late, Harry picked you up throwing you over his shoulder. Taking you deeper into the water, before throwing you in. “It’s freezing,” you shriek, splashing him back. He pulled you flush against him.  ”I can think of a way to warm you up.” He said, his lust filled green eyes glowing in the moonlight. And he was right, you already felt like you were melting when his lips crashed against yours.

Liam: For the past few weeks you and Liam would play pranks back and forth. Like air horns and snow balls nothing major. Untill the boys started video taping, And it turned into a full on twitter war. Team Y/N vs Team Liam. So tonight, you stand off to the side of the stage, watching as he bounced around. All the boys were sweaty and tires by the end of the show, the stage covered in confetti and water from the dozen of bottle they bring up. Liam danced around near the edge of the stage, singing the final lines in What Makes You Beautiful. When you turned around to take some pictures of the crowd. You snapped a few reading the signs the fans had made. Just as you could make out the words on a large red and white sign, “LIAM POUR WATER ON Y/N!” Some ice cold liquid fell from above, soaking your hair, and your entire back. You turned around and looked up, where Liam and Niall held a now empty bucket. “Liam,” your scream drown out by the loud speakers. Liam’s voice boom over the speakers. “I think that’s one for team Liam.”

Niall: You were standing with Paul inside the clothing and hair tent, on the pier. The boys were here filming something today, and Niall dragged you along. It was freezing outside so he told you to stay inside. Which was fine because you hate the cold. You can hear the fans from blocks away, and the sound of Ben talking to the boys clearly from the other side of the thin tent. But you stayed right were you were in the makeup chair with one /leg crossed over the other as your scrolled through twitter. You message a few one direction fans back, and re-tweet a few, before you feel two icy hands on your cheeks. The cold shocked you, causing you to yelp. Niall smiles at you, his blue eyes wide with amusement. You can see him in the mirror, his usual pale white skin, flushed red. His nose the same intense color. Compared to his skin his eyes looked almost gray. ”Niall, your hands are freezing,” You groan. He pulled his hands away, and picks up the orange hand warmers everyone had. He gave you a quick kiss on the cheek, “sorry luv.”

Louis: You rolled over in bed, the sheets cold underneath you. Even under the heavy blanket you were practically ice. Louis on the other hand, is warm. He lay next to you on his back, one arm tucked behind his disheveled bed head, the other near yours. You could tell he was sleeping by the way his chest rose, and fell slowly and evenly. “Louis,” You whisper. “Lou,” You say a bit louder this time. His sleepy blue-gray eyes fluttered open and landed on you. “Hmm,” he breathed out. “I’m freezing,” you explained through chattering teeth. His gaze was constant, when he let his head roll in your direction, and turned onto his side. He closed is eyes and reached out for you. “C’mere.” He whispers tiredly. You into his arms, pressing your frosty hands onto his bare chest, enter twining you legs with his. “Christ,” he hisses flinching under you fingers. “You’re freezing.” He pulls you tighter against him, your body quickly warming up next to his. “Thank you Lou,” You say quietly, before you realized that he’d already fallen back asleep.

Zayn: After an unusually “rough night” with Zayn, he felt horrible. He was to hard on you. He was about 99 prevent sure you didn’t even like it. Leaving bruises on you hips and thighs. As well as dark purple marks on your chest and collar bone. He felt bad and so he thought he would make up for it by making you breakfast. He got up early and pulled on a pair of socks sweats a tank and beanie. He shuffled into the kitchen dragging his feat across the floor. Zayn knows he’s not an a+ chef, but he’s so proud if the food. Waffles, eggs, toast, fruit, and juice all ready for when you want up. Except you slept longer than planned and Zayn didn’t have the heart to wake you up. When you dragged your self down the stairs glowing from the previous night. The first thing you saw was the table of food. The a very tired Zayn dozing off in a chair near the back if the table. “Oh my gosh,” you squealed picking up a plate of eggs and popping some in your mouth. ” they’re cold.” You poke. “It’s a I’m sorry present.” He admits. “For what,” you ask, you couldn’t think of one thing he could have done. “The marks? Last night?” He said unsure if you were still talking about the same thing. “Last night was great,” you burst his bubble. “Last night was so great!” You repeated picking up the plate of fruit and bring it to the bedroom. “But thanks,” you shout from the bed.

So there is that, sorry kinda has to bore through writers block got this. It’s rough. Please asj us some questions, ask anything. We really love hearing from you.

-Aria xx

anonymous asked:

I really hate my body. My thighs are to big, my arms are chubby, and my stomach is just gross. All of my friends are really skinny so I can't help but be insecure. This weekend we are having a pool party with lots of cute boys and I hate the way I look, what can I do?

Honey let me tell you something. I am a bigger girl. I’m not skinny in any sense of the word and it used to tear me apart that I wasnt’ skinny like all of my friends. And you know what? One day I said “Fuck this! I’m fat but I’m beautiful so who gives a fuck.” And I’ve had that attitude ever since. Some days are a bit harder than others but for the first time since I was young I feel happy and confident.

I shop at the plus size section of forever21. And guess what. I got a high waist bikini this summer that my friends bought me last year for my birthday. I may be fat but I look fabulous.

Its all about confidence love. You have to change the way you view yourself. Once you view your own self worth as higher, others will too. So buy a sexy swimsuit. You’ll look fantasic in it. Who cares what anyone else thinks. Once you start thinking like that, things start looking up. I promise.

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