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  • Jason: Oh pull over here!
  • Roy: Jason, come on I don't have time for this.
  • Jason: This is where I grew up.
  • Roy: This is the Wayne family estate?
  • Jason: This wasn't the wayne family nothing. This is where I grew up in foster care.
  • Roy: Oh, I'm sorry
  • Jason: Me and two other guys, and a girl with messed up fingers. I'm Lucky I got outta here.
  • Roy: It's not luck. I mean you got out of here because you’re very talented, and people love you, and... are you peeing?

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teen wolf? (if you've seen it)

I HAVE SEEN IT AND I LOVE IT, I’ve only seen up to the end of season 4 tho and I haven’t watched it in a while so go easy haha (I really should catch up)

• The character I least understand: Least understand is probably Alison. I know I might get Destroyed™ for this but I used to hate her, like with a burning passion, but over time I realised I didn’t actually hate her so much as I didn’t agree with a lot of her choices and I didn’t understand why she did what she did. So, I ended up appreciating her character even though I couldn’t relate to her.

• Interactions I enjoyed the most: THE HOT GIRL CONVERSATION BETWEEN ISAAC, SCOTT, AND STILES. Also every single Sciles broment from season one, all of them.

• The character who scares me the most: Peter. I love his character but even when he’s “helping” he’s not really helping. He’s got this massively violent nature that goes unchecked and they’ve integrated him back into their lives more than once. He just scares me because he’s so shiFTY! AND EVERYONE LET’S HIM BE SHIFTY!

• The character who is mostly like me: Probably Stiles, I’ve been compared to him by my friends as well. (I think it’s the sarcasm)

• Hottest looks character: L Y D I A, hands down, fuck me up with that good shit. 👀👀👀

• One thing I dislike about my fave character: It’s Lydia and I did like that she’s fictional/not in love with me.

• One thing I like about my hated character: Kate, BITCH WONT D I E but I guess it’s cool that she’s persistent, she has goals.

• Quote or scene that haunts me: The Aiden scene (the scene of which we do not speak), I actually watched this episode at school in a free period, I came home sobbing my eyes out, literally gasping for air. My brother almost charged out of the house to go fuck someone up when I got home a mess. I still cry when I see it.

• A death that left me indifferent: Alison’s mom. I’m sorry, but like when that happen I cried (because I’m a wuss) but only for Alison. Like, the scene itself was so touching in a way but I didn’t care enough about her to be cut up.

• A character I wish died but didn’t: I don’t think I have one??? The only characters I wanted to die we’re the bad guys and most of them did. (unless my memory is wrong and Kate is still alive, if so, that bitch.)

• My ship that never sailed: Me x Lydia, my best friend calls it Amidya and it’s my OTP.


Gone With the Wind

So I totally messed this up. I, for some reason, thought @kittenofdoomage‘s Movie Quote Challenge ran until January 31st … which turned out to not be the case at all. But this idea had been burning in my brain ever since I got my prompt, and I feel like today, the 77th anniversary of Gone With the Wind, is a poetic kind of culmination. Sorry this is so late, but I hope you guys enjoy.

RATING: Mature
CHARACTERS: John Winchester, female reader, Sarah Blake, Donna Hanscum (mentioned), Bobby Singer (mentioned), minor original unnamed characters
WARNINGS: THIS IS AN AU–characters are actors on the set of Gone With the Wind in the late 1930s; language, angst

PROMPT: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

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It was the last day for you on the movie set, and you couldn’t be happier. The past months had been nothing short of a roller coaster, and you’d be damned if you’d do another film for a good long while after this one.

Of course, this wasn’t just a regular movie. No, this was an epic tale of times long past, and somehow certain to give America the hope it needed in such dark times.

You stared into your teacup, letting out a breath. At the sound of something behind you, you lifted your head, looking into the mirror of your vanity, which gave a perfect view of the door behind you.

“Miss Y/N? They’re ready for you in makeup.”

You smiled at the young man who’d knocked lightly on your trailer door. You stood up, taking one last sip from your cup of tea, then sliding your feet into a pair of slippers and following the boy out to the makeup trailer. You faltered just a bit when you passed by his trailer, doing your best to keep looking forward instead of at him. He was standing outside the trailer door, a white shirt on with his brown pants and suspenders, hair tousled like he’d just woken up, which …

“Excuse me, what time is it?”

The young boy in front of you looked at his wrist.

“Half past eight, ma’am.”

You nodded. He had just woken up. Which meant the cigarette he was currently smoking was his first of the day. You quietly coughed into your hand, more to clear your head than your lungs, and stepped into the makeup trailer. Sarah walked over to you, a wide smile on her face, dark hair pulled back and twisted up.

“Last day, Y/N. You ready?”
“God, yes. I’m ready to get this over with.”
“You’re not going to miss us?”

You gave Sarah a smile.

“Oh, honey. Of course I will. You, I’ll miss terribly.”

She didn’t comment on your emphasis on the word “you,” immediately picking up on what you left unsaid. She went to say something, but the door opened, and by the look on her face, you kept looking straight ahead.

“Good morning, ladies.”

Your eyes drifted shut at the deep, raspy voice that rang through the trailer. Sarah, you knew, was smiling, because she was kind.

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When I see you today, I really hope I bite my tongue. I hope I ask you how you’ve been and I hope I never tell you I miss you. I really hope I don’t tell you that I let someone else touch me last night or that I cried for thirty minutes on the phone with my friend because of how wrong I felt or how I showered for an hour scrubbing at my skin until it was raw to get the sick feeling off me. I hope I just tell you that you look well and that I don’t ask you to come back.
—  I messed up and I’m sorry

(Awww shit. I got an accidental message but I messed up the draft so I deleted it but that also took the message from my inbox. There is a copy in my e-mail. But Im just gonna say my muse is not Mordecai. She is on his side but not Mordecai
She likes to help others like I do. So here is the copy of what appeared in my inbox. And the answer in character of what it should have been. )

“I’m drunk!! Ok so you don’t have to say anything sweet back, but as someone who has survived several traumas, I want you to know that you are important, and you might not think you’re sweet, but deep under all of your experiences, I know that you are. Please try to connect with your preciousness and know that your experience is individual and special and important. Thank you for being you. We love you, Mordecai!”

She looks at the message. It was sweet but kinda wrong inbox

“Um @tempus-fractura, I think this was meant for you. ”

Today I was asked what my views are on exams. And here’s what I have to say. Exams are the dumbest thing high school students have to write. I understand all the provincial shit, and test throughout the year. But exams aren’t even based on if you know how to do it or not. It’s based solely on your memory. Like sorry to tell you but whether I write a bomb ass exam with a 90 or an exam that gets 50. In a week or even a day I’m not gonna remember that shit! You are putting so much stress on teenagers for no reason. When we were in elementary school we didn’t write an exam and we still got a final grade based on stuff we did that year… What makes high school different? All exams do is lower your mark. Most of us don’t even know what we did last Friday night and you expect me to remember the shit I did in February. I’m sorry but if you ask me that’s fucked up. Just like our education system!
I couldn’t understand my feelings. I couldn’t because they were so new to me. I was lost with myself. I wasn’t confused about how I felt about you, I was confused about how deeply i felt for you because I didn’t know you all that long. I only care for three people as much as I do you, my mum, dad and niece. So for me to feel this way about you, I don’t know what it is, I can’t pinpoint it at but it really scared me you know. I hadn’t been in a situation like that before and I was scared because even early on, I already knew I was in too deep too quickly. You saw me, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry you got caught up in it all. I really never ever wanted to cause you any hurt or harm. Just know that please. It’s not a game for me, I don’t just say it for fun but Amy, I really do love you. I’m sorry you never got to see that. I was scared to express it because I know the kind of person I am. I’m intense and my love is intense. The thought of losing you was too much, some days I got very overwhelmed by literally everything. Someone would say hello to me and I was just like ‘oh my goodness, not now I need time to think!’ Every day I kick myself hey, because I really did mess up a chance to be your friend or just to be relevant to you in someway. I miss you and this missing you business hurts. A lot.
—  Stroke-my-moustache.tumblr.com
Even if you’d never get old or even get fat,
and your dog could take itself out,
and everyone loved you, and you always slept well,
and you never got sad,
and all your teachers all thought you were a genius,
and no one ever broke up with you,
and every scholarship was a full scholarship,
and the world wasn’t a mess,
and your body looked good all on its own,
and every day, in every way, you felt just like you wanted to feel
you’d still run


Literally in love with this quote sorry guys

God i keep hearing it in my head
this is a bad movie on replay
me, saying “this is what I want, now it’s your turn, what do you want”
you saying “I have to think but to be honest i don’t want anything right now”
me asking “not even to be friends?”
and you, i can’t remember if you replied but i don’t think you did
we haven’t talked since then, i keep almost going back to you but what am I thinking?
you have clearly moved on, if we had been dating this would be a breakup
if this was a show, the series finale just aired
the problem is i still feel like i’m on episode one, season one
don’t close the curtains i’m just starting to learn my lines
don’t leave the theater, i just bought popcorn and i’m starving
don’t shut off the television, i just fucking got to the living room
this has got to be the world’s worst director, why do they keep calling “cut!” when nobody has messed up
just let us finish the goddamn scene and see where it goes
i promise the ratings will go through the fucking roof
instead you’ve just got this one line on repeat
me asking
“not even to be friends?”
and you
not replying
letting that be enough.
—  This silence is like a loudspeaker shouting “I NEVER WANTED YOU I NEVER WANTED YOU I NEVER WANTED YOU”– Lily Rain
I am sorry.
I am sorry if the thrashing in my head is too loud, and it’s ruining your day.
I am sorry if I seem to be staring at you, let me assure you, I am not. It’s just that sometimes the thoughts in my head get too heavy, and they leave me hanging and zoned out.
Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night, and I find myself bleeding, that’s how rough my thoughts can get at 4 in the morning. In case you were wondering about the scars at the back of my neck, now you know how I got them.
I know what you’re thinking.
She’s messed up.
I know I am. I know I am not ok.
Something’s wrong with me, because I can’t sleep most of the time, and I spend my days thinking about ways to isolate myself from the world, and my nights achieving them.
I am sorry if my existence is a burden on you.
It’s a burden on me too.
—  zosraus

5x10 – Abandon All Hope

You got another plan? You got any other plan? Those are Hellhounds out there Dean. They’ve got all of our scents. Those bitches will never stop coming after you. We let the dogs in, make a break for the building next over, and I can wait here with my finger on the button. Rip those mutts a new one. Or at least get you a few minutes head start anyway.

“can you do one where you accidentally say something and he gets angry and doesn’t talk to you and you act all cute until he finally speaks”

you didn’t say who, so i just did luke 

also, i’m sorry this really sucked

“Wait, wait this one’s funny.” Luke started laughing before he could even get to the joke while Calum watched him, eager to hear what Luke had to say, and I stood off to the side listening to Luke butcher the joke. “How many laughs does it take to make a squid- wait no that was wrong, hang on. How many tentacles does a squid- fuck! I forget it how it goes. Something about a squid, I don’t know but it was funny!” Luke laughed again and I rolled my eyes. “You’re fucking stupid, Luke.” I walked over to where they were standing and looked at Calum. “The joke is: ‘how many tickles does it take to make a squid laugh?’ It’s really not that hard to remember.” The smile on Luke’s face slowly disappeared as he folded his arms across his chest and began to walk away. I threw my hands in the air and shouted to him, “Where are you going?” but he didn’t answer so I shrugged it off and continued to talk with Calum. 

Later, when Calum had left, I walked inside to find Luke sitting on the couch with his eyes glue to the TV screen. I plopped down next to him and rested my head on his shoulder and my hand on his knee. “I’m hungry, do you wanna go get something to eat?” When Luke didn’t answer, I looked up at him. “Luke,” I said, poking his cheek. Again, he didn’t answer. “Hellooo, Luke. Yoo-hoo!” I waved my hand in front of his face but he just pushed it away and continued to stare at the screen. “Are you mad at me or something?” I pouted, coking my head to the side. Still no answer. “Luke, answer me.” I whined, poking his cheek again. But he didn’t budge so I got to my knees and brought my face close to his. “Luke, please don’t be mad. I’m sorry for whatever it was that I did, honest.” I could tell by the look on his face that he was trying his hardest not to speak to me.

Bringing my face closer, I softly began to kiss all over Luke’s face. Staring from his cheek, I made my way down his jaw line and neck, then came back up to the front of his face and kissed his other cheek going to his forehead and stopping at his nose. Luke liked when I kissed his nose, he thought it was cute.

I straddled his waist, cupping his cheeks and in my hands and kissed his nose one final time. Just then, Luke let out a quiet laugh and brought his focus to the floor, still trying his hardest not to look at him. “Luke!” I laughed, pulling his face up to mine. “Hey, answer me!” I said, looking him in the eye. He finally looked at me and we both laughed. “What did I do? Why are you mad at me?” “You’re a bitch, that’s why.” Luke pushed me off his lap and stood up. “What?!” I asked, genuinely confused as to what he was talking about. I followed behind him and stood, looking up at him with my hands firmly on my hips. “How am I a bitch?” “You’re so judgmental all the time, and you’ve always got something negative to say towards me. You make me feel like shit, a lot actually.” Luke’s face dropped and I could tell he was getting upset. “What did I say?” “You said I was, and I quote, 'fucking stupid’ because I kept messing up the joke I was trying to tell Calum. I was just laughing so hard I couldn’t remember it, you really didn’t need to get all bitchy and rude about it.” Luke shoved past me and walked back to the couch. .“Luke, I’m sorry.” I said quietly as I sat down next to him. “I didn’t mean to upset you. You know how I am; I’m just a very outspoken and blunt person. I really didn’t mean anything by it.” I turned his head so he would look at me. “I don’t think you’re stupid, and you know that. I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?” I gave Luke the biggest puppy eyes I could make and pouted my lip. He cracked a smile and laugh. “Okayyy, you’re forgiven.  But it’s only because you’re cute!”

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