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bts// you wanting a threesome with another member


you had been thinking about it for a long time. you weren’t sure if you should ask jin about it or not because he was kind of vanilla when it came to things like this. but soon, you managed to get some confidence and ask him. he would be a bit surprised at first, not thinking that you would be into that type of stuff. 

“uh yeah sure, but with who?” he asked, his hand settling on your thigh. now, this you had been thinking about for a while. you wanted jin to also be comfortable so you thought about it for a while. 

“namjoon.” you almost whispered, a bit embarrased. you had always found namjoon hot. 

“then namjoon it is jagi.” jin agreed, giving your thigh a squeeze and kissing the side of you head.

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as soon as the words left your mouth he would be turned on. the thought of sharing you for one night with one of his best friends made his cock twitch and his mind full of new images. he would bit his lip and scan your body with his eyes as he sat down beside you. 

“of course baby. who do you want? i’ll ask them tomorrow at work.” he spoke, his words full with lust.

“hoseok.” you smirked, knowing that he loves the idea. 

“then hoseok is what you’ll get.”

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i think he would be unsure if he wanted to do it or not. he would love to pleasure you in a new way but he wouldn’t really like sharing you. you would assure him that you love him and only him, this was only sex to you with the other member. after you saying that he would be on board.

“okay,” he kissed you, “what member?” 

“i was thinking jimin.”

“perfect.” he smirked.

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rap monster

you wouldn’t be nervous or embarrassed to ask him for a threesome, knowing that he would love the idea. you and namjoon always wanted to try new things in bed, so this would be good. you would sit down with on the couch and ask him.

he would chuckle, “i like the sound of that jagi.”

“good. i was thinking jin oppa.”

“this will be a fun night, i can promise you that.”

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you would be anxious to ask him. he wasn’t vanilla but you weren’t sure how he would take sharing you with someone for a night. he was very insecure about losing you to someone else over a threesome. but when you did ask him, you reassured him that you would never leave him for someone else. so, he thought about it for a few moments and agreed to it. he loved the images of you being filled in both holes. 

“okay baby, which member would you like?”

“i was thinking oppa hobi.” 

he would smirk as you said that, loving the idea now, “i’m sure he would love to pleasure baby.”

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you and tae loved sex. you loved trying new things so when this came to your mind you weren’t scared to ask him at all. you waite duntil he got settled down from work and sat down on the couch. yopu sat down on his lap and kissed him deeply before asking him. 

“with who?” he would giggle, kissing your neck. 


“mmh, i can’t wait.”he would groan, his eyes rolling tot he back of his head, already getting hard. 


 sinc eboth of you would be pretty young i think both of oyu wouldn’t really be comfortable with it at first. but when both of oyiu took your time to actually think about it, you both get so damn tunred on, not being able to wait. 

“okay let’s do it, but with who?” he would ask with giant smile.

“maybe taehyung?”

“yeah. that’ll be great.”

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The Normal Place, 8PM

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Donatello (2014/16) x Reader


Prompt: “Hi, I was wondering if I could request a little Donnie? Something like he gets a text message from a wrong number and they start having conversations and then she asks him to meet up and he isn’t going to but Mikey finds out and he goes to meet her in Donnie’s place and he finds out and goes after him? Sorry, got a little carried away with the idea as I was writing it. Thanks sweetie x” @girl-next-door-writes

Word count: 1244

Warnings: Swearing

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

Normal place, 8pm – [Y/N]’ That’s what you had sent to the number you thought was your best friend’s new one, but turns out, it was actually the number of the best thing that had ever happened to you.

You’d gotten the number from her that morning, where you always met up before the day started. She brought the coffee and you just managed to bring yourself. Morning people, right?

“M’lady, your usual.” She winked at you, handing you the warm cup. Muttering a thank you, you hid your face further in your black and green striped scarf from the bitter winter wind. Whilst you were concentrating on the icy sidewalk, she handed you a strip of paper and rabbited on about a new phone. Nodding slowly, and shoved it in your pocket and didn’t think about it again until the evening. Even then you forgot, and tried texting her old phone number.

Deep under New York City, laid the sewage system where 4 familiar heroes and their father lived. As of right then however, our beloved paladins hadn’t any major crimes to worry about, and so they worked on their hobbies. Donnie’s being electrical work and making innovated creations from scratch. These new phones he had made for him and his brother could connect to any device in the world, including new smartphones like an iPhone or Samsung. Using an old SIM card he found in a trashcan, he developed it even farther; taking the limits further than any human mind ever was able to.

That night he tested it, texting back and forth between the two other phones, jumping from roof to roof and placing the phones in different areas to test the connection rate. It was so exciting for him; he could feel his heard pounding in his chest as every test passed again and again with flying colors. His heart only stopped though when he got a message on his own phone, from a number he hadn’t imputed.

Normal place, 8pm – [Y/N].

He couldn’t comprehend. Whoevers SIM this was previously hadn’t updated their contacts on their new number, clearly. For science (to see if the message would send back) he texted back.

‘I’m afraid you have the wrong number.’ It was simple, short, but he got a reply instantly, the tone making him jump as the phone fumbled in his hands.

Oh yh, sorry about that’ Smiling slightly, he stared down at the screen as he watched his thumbs tap a reply slowly. Was he really doing this?

‘No problem, it was the highlight of my evening.’ A small smile curled at his lips. The fear that the person would ignore him grew every second, but it vanished when he heard the ping.  

‘You must have an extremely boring life.’ He chuckled, pushing his glasses up as he tapped away a reply, all the while making his way home.

You continued texting this random person, whose name you learnt was Donatello, Donnie for short, and it was also the highlight of your evening. Even though it had only been a few hours. When you texted your friend, she told you that she had to study for a math test, which left you quite lonesome, but texting Donnie made up for that, until you got an idea.

‘You live in New York City, right?’

‘Yes… Should I be worried that you brought that up?’ You chuckled, staring at the phone. What if he wasn’t what he made himself out to be?

‘Would you like to meet up?’

Donnie felt his heart stop and his throat run dry. How could he meet up with her? Instead of replying, he set his phone on the desk in front of him, going to grab a drink of water.

Unfortunately, Donnie hadn’t remembered to lock his phone away from prying eyes, and Mikey was itching to see who his older brother had been texting for the past 3 hours.

When he saw the name, and the conversation he was shocked. How come his brother got so lucky? To find a pen pal; Mikey had stared at his new phone all night since Donnie had given them to them, trying to get April to pay the slightest bit of attention to him (she was working a night shift) but Donnie had been getting all this attention, and he didn’t even seem the slightest bit excited about meeting this person.

‘Sure. Johnny’s Pizza Place in 20 minutes’

“Mikey, what’re you-” Mikey rushed past his brother, barging into him in the process. Before Donnie could shout to him, he was long gone. And then he realized why when he saw the text back.

‘Sure! Can’t wait to see you :)

You were excited to say the least, and he’d asked to meet up in a public place, so that must be a good plan right? You changed out of pajamas into a nice outfit, smoothing it out before rushing out of the door. Getting there was easy, but staying in one place was hard. You paced quickly, biting your nails and wondering whether what you were doing was a good idea.

Mikey had gotten there in no time, Donnie behind him yelling curses at him. He wasn’t the swearing type, but this made his blood boil. Now he knew how Raph felt.

Speaking of which, the 2 older brothers had raced off after them, wondering what was actually going on. Curiosity got the better of them.

You waited and waited and you were beginning to lose hope, until you heard two voices in the alley next to the pizza place, one a little more conversant than the other.

“Donnie?” you called out, and you could literally feel the two voices freeze as you stood at the end of the alley. There were two large figures, both pushing and nudging each other to stop talking. Maybe this was a bad idea. “Come into the light?”

The two voices muttered to each other, which followed by two more thuds.

“Please? I won’t bite…” you mumbled jokingly, scratching the back of your neck. Slowly, the now four figures got closer, the tallest at the front, before he stopped.

“L-listen… [Y/N], don’t freak out. Please…” Smiling you stepped forward. Taking that as an answer, Donnie also stepped forward, his glasses glimmering first before he was completely on show under the single street lamp in the alley. For a while, neither of you said anything, until three more turtle mutants came up behind him. All four shared the same air of nervousness.

“Well, I can deal with one, but I’m not into polygamy guys.”

This Means War (part 2)

Summary:Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman (based on the movie)

Word count: 1,360

A/N: hey guys part two! Hope you enjoy it.

This Means War (Masterlist)

You check the picture on your phone once more before you walk up to the blonde Adonis sitting outside of the local coffee shop. “Steve?” He looks up, “Hi, I’m (Y/N).” You take off your sunglasses and extend your hand.

“Oh gosh, hello. How are you?” He stands up like a gentleman and shakes my hand.

“Uh, very nice to meet you.” You can’t help but stare at the handsome man infront of you.

“You too, um…” He obviously felt the same because he couldn’t take his eyes off of you. “please, sit, sorry yeah.” He waited until you sat down before he sat down too. “Wow, it’s like- you’re really, really beautiful.”

You grinned, “Could you say that a few more times, because you’re voice is amazing.” You both laugh. “I feel like I need to apologize again for that bizarre profile-”

“No, no.” He shakes his head trying to assure you.

“-my friend Daisy is…” You huff.

“Oh, no. I think everyone should have a friend who’s a spaz.” He chuckled.

“I think I’m going to have to kill her.” You joke.

“Well, actually… I might be able to help you with that .” He nods.

You laugh. “I’m kidding.”

“So am I.” He smirked.

After a bit more conversation you asked, “So tell me something that’s not on your profile.”

“Um,” he thought about it. “I have a son.” He nods.

“Oh you do?” You smile.

“Yeah, his name is James,” you grin.“ He’s seven, and he’s really lovely, really lovely.”  He spoke admiringly.

“And his mom?” You asked.

“Couldn’t work.” He shook his head, “how about you?”

“Um, no kids that I know of.” You joke.

“Okay.” He chuckled.

“And no ex-wives either.” He smiled. “I have a very important question to ask.” You point.

He nods, “good, go on.”

“Have you ever been or do you ever plan on being a serial killer? ”

“Uhh, well I mean you’ve gotta keep your options open.” He joked. “but no.”

“okay good answer.” You both laughed. “So you’ve never killed anybody with your bare hands?”

“Not this week.” He chuckled.

“Great.” You smiled happily.

“(Y/N), you’re incredible.” He grinned.

“You’re not so bad yourself. “He chuckles.

"Alright, well I’m gonna go rent a movie and take a cold shower.” You start to pack you things up.

“I will too.” He smirked.

“Okay.” You chuckle. “And wait for your call for the next-” you check your watch,

“five minutes.” You both say simultaneously and laugh afterward.

Later on you were making your way down into the movie store. You glanced around not seeing many people. You smile to yourself thinking back to your date with Steve. He was such a great guy. He seemed so perfect.

You headed to the drama section and reached for your favorite movie, apparently someone else had the same idea. “Oh I’m so sorry.” He pulled his hand away.

“No I’m sorry, you take it.” You offer.

“No no no, that’s okay. You take it.” He smiled.

“You sure?” You ask.

“You know what?  You’re not gonna like it. Is got a Twist ending. You’ll see it coming from a mile away.” He shrugged.

“And how would you know what I like? "You smirk.

"Well I know movies. And women. ” he smiled, his bright blue eyes burning into your soul.

“Really?” You pretend to be impressed.

“Mhm.” He nods.

“Okay.” You put the movie back. “Well then, why don’t you tell me what I want?” You smirk.

He smiled to himself, and leads you over to the suspense and hands you a movie. “The lady vanishes?” You raise a brow.

“Mhm.” He nods, a proud smirk on his face.

“Why is that?” You ask looking up at him.

“Well, firstly you can never go wrong with Hitchcock. Ever. It’s got comedy, drama, romance, it’s a thriller. It’s classy, but not stuffy. And it’s a little obscure, so if you haven’t seen it you’ll thank me for introducing you to it. If you have, you’ll know what a good choice it was..”

“Well…I have seen it.” You say.

“Mhm.” He grins.

“And it is a really good choice…” you trail off.

“Mm.” He smirks.

“However,” you point out, “not as good as Rebecca, notorious, vertigo or pretty much any of his films from 1960 to 1972. "His smirk drops, "in fact, it’s sort of a second tier title.”

He chuckled nervously, “a second.” He mumbles to himself. “You know what? Scratch that-”

You sigh, “Look, I see you surveying the prospects that one over there in foreign? To much angst. This one in the sweater set picking out animated movies? That girl will have your children named before breakfast.”

He chuckled, “The problem is, no one looks like a clean getaway. I get it you come in here looking for a girl renting a movie clearly she doesn’t have a date for the night. We’re easy targets. You look like the kind a guy interested in a one day rental if you know what I mean. But if you knew anything about Woman or anything about me, you’d know I’m perfectly capable of choosing my own movies.” You grab the sea movie that you have chosen when you first walked in. “But thanks.” You glance at him. “Happy hunting.” You walk past him leaving him standing there shocked.

At work later on in the week you were standing infront of the group that had tested a new rotisserie grill.

“Good morning everyone.” you smiled.

“Good morning (Y/N) . ” they smiled back.

“We are here today to talk about grills. Does anyone have any first impressions? ” you look down at your clipboard before looking up.

“I like the rotisserie feature.” A lady in pink raises her hand.

“Perfect, that’s very helpful.” You take note.

A familiar voice speaks up, “I don’t think it heated up fast enough. ” you frown and look up. “Like something was wrong with the motor, maybe the spark was dead..” he put the news paper down and you internally groaned when you saw the same guy from the movie store.

“Actually sir, there’s nothing wrong with the spark some people think grills just burst into flames at the slightest touch, it doesn’t work like that. ” You smirk “does any body have any useful opinions? "You look out at the crowd.

A lady in blue raised her hand, "I thought the lid was hard to handle. ”

“Mhm.” You take note on your clipboard.

“Ugh the lid!” The same annoying man groans, “what a pain, right? I just felt the whole thing to be a bit stiff, uptight, not really user-friendly. ” he insinuated.

“Well I think it depends on the user. ” you glare at him.

“Mm, it just so happens I have a lot of experience with grills. I’m something of a grill master. ” he stands and begins to walk over to you.

“Uh, this is a sophisticated grill. Not sure if you’ve dealt with one of these before. ” you fake pout.

“Or maybe A grill like this is just so scared of being burned that it stays on simmer and never really heats up all the way…” he gets really close and his hand goes towards the grills.

“Don’t touch my grill.” You glare at him.

“I don’t think a grill like this can handle a guy like me. "He smirked looking down at you with his piercing blue eyes.

"I think it could.” You cross your arms.

“Really?” He smirked.


“Prove it. 8 pm. Barcelona. Tomorrow.” He stared down at you.

You scoff, “I don’t think so.” You look away.

“Alright, I just I could stick around a little longer, talk about grills. Charcoal or gas, number 19 what do you think? "He looks out at the crowd.

You groan, "if I say yes will you leave? This is my job.” You mutter.

“Eight pm, tomorrow.” He smirked triumphantly.


“Fine.” He smirked.

“Fine.” You glare before looking away.

He checked you out and leaned forwards slightly taking a sniff, “you smell nice.” You roll your eyes and he chuckled before walking out.

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should’ve known;

pairing: SethxReader
summary: You should’ve known better, but you loved him too much. 
warnings: mentions of cheating, a lot of angst.
word count: 1,453
notes: Okay, first off, I wrote this a while ago, back when Seth was still in surgery and stuff. So this is a couple of weeks old. Second of all, I saw “Is there someone else?” from this sentence meme and this popped into my head. It’s short, just a drabble, and I haven’t really written angst in a while, so hopefully it’s okay! I have an idea in my head for a sequel, so if you guys are interested in that, let me know! 

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David Pastrnak #1 - Mistakes

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A/N: omg i am so bad at writing angst…. probably because I am a Sensitive Child™  who can’t deal with conflict and is suck a sucker for fluff. but i give it my best shot so I hope this is good!

for the anon request: could you write a David Pastrnak imagine? something like super angsty but ends in fluff, if you can that’d be great, thank you!


“I said, leave me alone!” you shouted at him as you marched down the hallway of your apartment building, heels clicking viciously on the hard floor. You had met David Pastrnak a year ago when you moved into the unit next door to his and had immediately become friends with him and the rest of his teammates. You also had a crush on this very same man since then, but he had a girlfriend for the first couple months of your friendship and you didn’t have the balls to admit your feelings for him. You and David were normally attached at the hip except this friendship was being tested on thin ice tonight when David had absolutely ruined your night out when you had ended up running into him at the club. You hadn’t been out in over two months and were really looking forward to a night of drinks, dancing, and picking up a nice one night stand when you ran into David and all of those plans got thrown out the window. You were being chatted up at the bar by a really cute guy, Eric was his name, that you were planning on taking home when he came up to you. David looked between you and Eric and immediately started being really rude. You practically had to push him away but when the other guy started to make a move on you David lost it. He saw Eric slide his hand high up on your thigh as he turned around and pushed Eric out of his seat. He started yelling at him about being a dirt bag and ended up getting you both kicked out of the club  

“(Y/N) listen! For once can you get you head out of your ass long enough to hear me out?” he was running to keep up with you. You whirled around when you heard what he said and tried to control the anger that was coming off of you in waves.

“What did you just say to me?” you spat at him, words practically dripping with venom.

“Can you hear me out for like 30 seconds instead of storming off like an entitled queen who was just offended by a commoner.” David’s face was flushed with exasperation as he grabbed your wrist, tugging to make you look at him.

“Oh, so that’s what you think of me. Let me remind you that you were the one who literally attacked that guy at the club and somehow managed to get me kicked out as well. I haven’t picked up in two months, alright? You ruined my night for what, just the hell of it? I’m not like you David, I can’t just walk down the street and have girls beg for me. When a cute guy wants to take me home, I’m going to say fucking yes.” you ripped your hand from his and whirled back around to your door.

“He was a sleaze bag and you fucking know it. I was trying to protect you.” he countered.

“Yeah? Well, despite what you must think, I am completely capable of taking care of myself, thank you very much.” You stuck your key into the lock and turned it quickly, “Have a great fucking night.” you fake-smiled and it came out as if you were baring your teeth at him. You watched him open and close his mouth at you like a fish once before spinning and slamming your front door behind you. You quickly locked it and marched of to your room, kicking the things in your path harshly and letting hot tears roll their way down your face.


“Ughhh” you groaned into your pillow when your phone wouldn’t stop buzzing for the 14th time that morning, “Who the fuck is trying to get in touch with me right now.” you said out loud into your empty bedroom, “This better be an emergency..” you grumbled.

When you managed to grab your phone off of your bedside table and look at the screen without the bright light making you want to throw up all the liquor from last night this is what you saw:

Missed Call: Pasta (6)

Messages: Pasta (13)

Snapchat: Noodle Boy (12), BMarchy (2), …

“Jesus.” you scrubbed a hand over your face, slowly recalling the events from last night, which did not help your pounding headache in the slightest. You were still so angry with him and you were surprised you hadn’t punched him yourself last night. You turned your phone onto silent and threw it into a drawer before waddling over to your bathroom to get Advil and a glass of water to try and ease your hangover.

You climbed back into bed and tried to see if giving your fight more time would help ease your anger.

It didn’t.

You woke up four hours later, significantly better in terms of feeling like a normal human being again but your anger still hadn’t dissipated. Now you were sitting at the breakfast bar in your kitchen drinking a glass of orange juice and catching up on the messages you wanted to respond to. You purposefully avoided Pasta’s ever growing streams of messages until your curiosity got the best of you. You tapped on your text conversation and scrolled up to the top of the unread messages at 3:30 this morning.

Pasta: shit. I’m an asshole I’m so sorry (Y/N). Can I see you today so that I can apologize in person??

The next several texts were a reiteration of the same idea: that David was an ass/douche/dick/etc. and that he screwed up and that he wants to make it up to you. You huffed by the time you scrolled all the way through, watching as his messages got more and more desperate. You rolled your eyes but could feel the beginnings of sympathy start to swirl low in your gut. You looked at his snapchats and saw that he was in bed, looking like a mess with hair flying everywhere like he had been worrying his hands through his hair, eyes were bloodshot and puffy like he had either been rubbing them or crying, and his messages were getting more and more desperate with time. Brad Marchand’s snapchat to you was response to your ugly face competition from earlier yesterday afternoon and then one from this morning just showed a close up of him in bed as well with the text: ‘what the hell happened to you and pasta?? Has been calling me in distress for past 30 min’

You frowned at that and finally opened up your voicemail and started to listen to the messages that David had left for you. When you started to listen to them, you had to suppress a gasp. If you thought that Pasta looked bad in his snapchats, well he sounded even worse. His voice was so low and raspy, sounding absolutely, utterly wrecked.

Just then you heard a knock on your door. You padded your way to your front door, knowing in your gut that there was a 90% chance of David being there. Sure enough, when you opened the door slightly, there was the man himself, leaning with one arm against the door frame the other hand up by his face, biting his thumbnail nervously.

When he heard the door click open his head snapped up “(Y/N), oh thank god” he sighed out, some tension visibly draining from his face.

“…. What do you want Noodles.”

“(Y/N) I’m so sorry. And I know that whatever I tell you isn’t going to be enough-”

You interrupted him, “You know what Pasta, I forgive you. I’m still pissed but we were both drunk and I honestly didn’t care that much about that guy.”

“Oh thank god.” he sighed out then looked at you expectantly, wondering if you were going to let him into your apartment to talk

“I just have one question for you.” you stood your ground, closing the door just the slightest amount, “What was that guy doing that pissed you off so much.”

David choked a bit and covered it up with a cough, “Um…. Well, I guess.” a blush started to rise high on his cheeks and he shuffled his feet against the floor

“Spit it out Pasta.” you said

“I just really fucking like you okay?” he said all at once,  “and I’ve been trying to build up the balls to tell you for the past month and I was going to do it this weekend but then I got drunk last night with the boys and I saw you looking gorgeous at the bar and I got jealous. I’m a selfish ass who hated the idea of you with someone else that I literally picked a fight in a bar.”

You had to bite at the inside of your cheek to keep from smiling at the boy you’ve had a crush on since you first moved in who just confessed his love to you. Instead you shook your head and laughed a bit before opening the door wider and saying, “You are an ass,” before taking a step forward to eliminate the space between you and grabbing his face with both of your hands. His eyes widened in shock and you pulled his face down to your own and crashed your lips together.

It took David a second for his limited brain cells to process what was happening but when he clued in he wrapped his arms tightly around your torso and lifted you off your feet. When you pulled back the both of you were panting, David’s lips looked red and slightly swollen.

“Come on,” you grabbed David’s hand and pulled him into your apartment, “You can apologize to me over makeup pancakes and then we are going to make out because I have waited too long for this.”

He laughed behind you, “Works for me”


There you go! tell me what you think. Up next: max domi

Ty raised his head and lifted his face toward the ceiling. “Hey.”

Zane didn’t want to talk about what had happened. He didn’t want anything but his lover to be relaxed and normal—as “normal” as Ty got, anyway. “Are you really okay?”

“Yeah, just… there are some things I need to tell you, Zane. And I want you to know from me, not by finding out from someone else like this. But I can’t… I’m just wrestling with what’s more important to me, my integrity or… you.”

Zane blinked at him, taken aback by the subject. He’d thought Ty had been bothered by the fight. He’d had no idea this was what Ty had been thinking. But then, Zane supposed that was part of Ty’s charm, the jumbled ball of yarn inside his brain that no one could unravel. He took a deep breath to steady himself. “I think you need to go with what you can sleep with at night.”

“It’s you, Zane.”

Zane smiled wanly as he reached for the soap. “I don’t mean fuck at night, I mean sleep with. Whatever keeps your mind at rest.”

“I know what you meant.” Zane’s heart did a happy skip as he met Ty’s eyes. He would never get tired of moments like this, when Ty proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Zane was the most important thing in his world.

Roux, Abigail (2012-05-17). Armed & Dangerous (Cut & Run Series) (Kindle Locations 2275-2286). Dreamspinner Press. Kindle Edition.

Special thanks to Wiki!Ami for the quote!

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A prompt idea if you want : Iruka testing jealous Kakashi by playing spin the bottle with Genma. It came from a piece of art with Yamato originally, but it could be great to read it with Iruka Thanks !

I don’t want to appropriate someone else’s content so I’ll just use the jealousy bit. Hope that’s okay, anon. Also, sorry in advance GenRai shippers…

Iruka looked over at Kakashi from where he was standing at the end of the bar with Izumo and Kotetsu.

There weren’t many things shinobi got to celebrate. The end of a war definitely brought out the party in all of them. Even Ibiki was laughing loudly from wherever he was hidden in the crowd.

Iruka quietly left his company to walk towards the group of jonin. “Kakashi-san,” he greeted along with the others. Genma and Gai where near him while he sat on one of the stools. “I’m surprised to see you here.”

“Hm?” Kakashi hummed, looking up at him. “Why’s that?”

Iruka laughed awkwardly and waved his hand, meaning no offense. “I heard you had been wounded pretty badly.”

“I’m fine, sensei,” Kakashi excused lightly. “Nothing a night in the hospital didn’t solve.”

Gai laughed loudly from where he was sitting, legs casted and bandages still on his head. “How modest, rival!”

“You’re worse off than me and you’re here,” Kakashi pointed quitely, as if knowing Gai wouldn’t listen anway.

Iruka laughed a little, watching Gai elbow Kakashi, recounting both of their gallant war efforts. Kakashi was passivly dismissive, not adding or stopping him.

“Hey, Iruka,” Genma caught his attention, but seemingly no one else’s. “Can I get your next drink for you?”

Iruka was a little surprised but he smiled. “Oh, thank you, Genma-san but I was thinking this would be my last one.” He laughed again, rubbing the back of his head under his ponytail. “I’m a bit of a light weight.”

Genma grinned around the senbon between his teeth. “In that case three more on me. I’ve always wondered what sweet Iruka-sensei was like under the influence.”

That brought the attention of the other two jonin. Gai was still laughing. “Iruka-sensei this is a night for celebration and comradery, drink with us! Even the Hokage was here!”

That wasn’t that surprising, or unusual but he had a point. So Iruka nodded, “I’ll get my own drinks though, Genma-san.”

“Nonsense, I offered,” he moved past him, putting a hand on his shoulder and getting to a spot where he could get the bartender’s attention.

Kakashi looked over at him. Iruka blushed and shrugged. Gai was distracted by his drink before jumping into more admiration of the shinobi in the bar with them.

At some point in the night Genma had caught Iruka in a conversation away from others. He didn’t mind. The two worked together often in the Tower. Genma was one of the jonin charged with protecting the Hokage in the village. They saw each other often in passing. He was always friendly though. Tonight he seemed especially friendly in a way that was getting increasingly difficult for Iruka to play ignorant to.

He looked up when Kakashi was behind Genma. “I think the sensei’s had enough.”

Iruka blinked, a little surprised. He smiled and looked down at his drink. “Thank you for looking out for me, Kakashi-san.”

“Mah, Naruto would blame me if something ever happened to you,” he exused with a wave.

Iruka didn’t like that. “Well, it’s a good thing Naruto isn’t old enough to see me like this.” He stared directly at him with another drink.

Genma laughed. “He would probably drag you right out of here. His innocent Iruka-sensei behaving so recklessly.”

Kakashi’s eyes narrowed, not so subtley saying he wasn’t keen on this situation.

Iruka turned back to the jonin directly in front of him. “Innocent? Well, Naruto would think that.”

“Are you suggesting you aren’t?” Genma’s tone suggested he was extemely interested in the answer.

“Maybe not as much as Naruto thinks,” Iruka laughed before he could have another drink it was pulled away from him.

“And that’s why I think you should call it a night, sensei,” Kakashi said with carefully constructed even tone. Sounding more like a caring friend than anything else.

“Are you sure you can get home safely?” Genma asked while Iruka was moved away from him. “I could walk with you.”

“Oh, I think he’ll be fine,” Kakashi said almost with a dark edge to his voice but he closed his eyes, smiling, pushing Iruka towards the door.

Iruka shook his head as they escaped into the night air outside the noise of celebration and drunk shinobi. He smiled looking over at a disgruntled jonin. “You know-”

“You’re drunk,” Kakashi dismissed anything he could say before he had a chance to say it.

“-I wouldn’t get hit on if people knew-”

“Genma hits on everyone.”

Iruka laughed and swayed a little as they walked. “Then why are you jealous?”

Kakashi didn’t look, sighing and putting his arm across the chunin’s shoulders to steady him.


SHINee as a GPS
  • Minho: If you turn left here it will be faster than taking the highway. Okay now quick, turn left! Okay, now speed up, we want to get there as fast as physically possible.
  • Taemin: Turn left... No wait, right, turn right!! Okay, it has to be over here somewhere. Shoot, you were supposed to turn left back there, okay we'll just go the long way around. Sorry! ^^;;
  • Jonghyun: Turn left. Wait, did you see that dog?? It looked just like Roo ;; Oh my god there's another one. Can we stop and pet them? At least one of them? please??
  • Onew: Now turn left, right? (moment of panic when you don't know which way to turn, so you turn right) Malicious laughter, you thought I meant right, right? okay, but actually turn left, you're going to get us lost.
  • Kibum: What do you think you're doing? I told you to turn left. Okay, make a u-turn. No, I don't care if it isn't legal here just TURN AROUND. Okay fine, we're going this way now, have fun being three minutes late asshole.
sequence error - (707 x mc/reader)

summary: who has their first date after they get engaged?

rating: 13+ (usual 707 route spoilers)

notes: So, this idea actually has been surfing around in my mind since I wrote Phone Call. LOL. But I never got around to it? Ehehe. It’s… okay. I hope you guys like it though! ; A;

those who follow my main may know this already, but the next fic (unless, of course another idea pops in my head) will be staring someone else. :D

now i gotta go finish moving so i can work on that fic~

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anonymous asked:

Okay so .. I'm a film maker, and I want to write short stories to film but I have no idea and I don't want to copy someone else's ideas .. but I got no idea what to write about to shoot ? Do u know what should I do?

I can only speak from personal experience, but here’s a few things that can help me when I’m trying to think of something new.

  • Think about what inspires you. What makes you feel. Is it a place? A person? An idea? Where do you have your best ideas, someplace quiet or someplace loud? See if you can identify what gets you inspired.
  • Think about ideas that make you really feel things, ideas that hit home. What makes you cry? What makes you laugh? Are these things that you might want to write about? 
  • What do you like to write? Adventure? Romance? Cyberpunk? Maybe this can be a jumping off point. 
  • Story prompts and sentence starters. There’s plenty of them floating around.
  • Write something dumb. Just start writing something random. Half the time, when i’m in the middle of something is when I have all my ideas. 

I hope this helped a bit!

anonymous asked:

Y/n feels like the only person who is alone and doesnt have a bff or bf. Of course she has dan and phil but they have eachother so they don't really need her, right (well, that's what she thinks...) Dan and phil try to make her feel better.

“Have you ever been in love? Take the 10 minute quiz now.” Dan read out laughing. You sat starring into the abyss of life wondering if Dan knew what you were thinking. “Wakey, wakey [Y/N]! Are you even paying attention to the names of these quizzes?” He asked.

“Oh yeah. Um. Find out if you’ll marry a glove?” You asked.

“Oh for goodness sake what’s wrong?”

“Nothing Dan. I’m find honestly.” You smiled.

“PHIL. HERE. NOW.” Dan yelled sitting on one side of you.

“What could possibly be so important? Some of us try to upload regularly.” Phil laughed and then stopped. “Are you okay [Y/N]?”

“I’m fine. I’ve just been thinking about stuff.” You said.

“Always dangerous.” Dan and Phil said in unison.

“Ha. Very funny. No but I got this message the other day like, do you ever feel left out of like the universe because everyone is in pairs and you’re just there.” They were silent. “And it made me kind of think like, it’s always been me on the outside. Like even at home and stuff.”

“That’s ridiculous.” Phil said sitting beside you and holding you close.

“We love you so much [Y/N].”

“Yeah but you guys are Dan and Phil, and I’m like just [Y/N].”

“You’re never just [Y/N], unless you let yourself.” Dan grinned.

“Exactly. We love you so, so, so much. You’re not alone at all. You’re not on the outside either. I honestly don’t know what we’d so without you.” Phil smiled.

“Yeah [Y/N] without you we’d get sick of each other all the time and it’s nice to have someone else to hang out with at home at night if one of us is filming.”

“And not to mention you’ve always got the coolest ideas for stuff.”

“Yeah remember that cake we made and that night we set up a tent in the lounge.” They were both hugging you from the sides and you were almost crying.

“I love you guys so much.” You smiled. “Thanks.”

“It’s okay to feel sad sometimes [Y/N]. But it’s good there’s three of us because it’s twice the cheer uppering.” Phil said pinching your cheek. 

Cheater (Luke) Part 6

This is the end of Cheater and I have to say, I’m pretty sad about it. The way I end things is pretty open but I feel like I’ve answered all the main questions surrounding the initial plot. If you want, maybe I can do some sort of epilogue because I’ve really enjoyed writing this. Sorry in advance and look forward to an emotional rollercoaster :-) 

Other Parts | Masterlist

 Three weeks later… 

 It’s been two weeks, four days, thirteen hours and fifty two seconds since Kirsten, your daughter, your love, your everything passed on. Two weeks, four days, thirteen hours and fifty three seconds since your life crashed down around you. 

 It was too late for her, the doctors said. The damage was done and there was nothing they could do to save her in the end. All you could do was say your goodbyes and watch as your unconscious daughter’s life slowly ebbed away until the machines fell silent. The operation wasn’t a success, in fact it ended up making everything worse.

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Gail + Holly Prompt. Holly's kid goes missing, Gail gets injured on duty while saving the kid. Holly refuses to leave the hospital until she can thank the Officer in person.

The achingly long time between realising that Jackson’s hand had slipped out of hers and finding him again was the worst hour of Holly’s life. 

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anonymous asked:

love your work! pardon the length, but...i've been re-watching gmw (brightens my day), & i've been really disappointed at the history re-write to sully the memory of shawn & angela, throw angela under the bus, & prop the katy character. like most, i grew up w/bmw. shawn & angela were my first interracial couple & they were beautiful. on gmw, at every turn it seems like the writers trash angela or diminish shawn & angela's history. it seems like katy/shawn came out of nowhere. what do you think?

First of all, thank you sweet Anon!

Second of all, I think that when the writers put words in Topanga’s mouth like “I’ve never seen Shawn this happy” etc, they are doing a slight disservice to Shawngela. Like, hello, y’all WROTE BMW too, do you not remember the incredible love you had between the two of those characters? No, they weren’t Cory and Topanga, but they still were incredible and insanely in love…just in their own way. Angela was the first and only girl that Shawn actually really cared about through the entire 7 seasons of BMW which for the characters, was some of middle school, all o high school and half of college. So, to say that Shawn has never been in love “like he is with Katy” is uneccesary. Why couldn’t they just have said “I haven’t seen him this happy in a very, very long time”?

But with that said, i think that the point they are trying to make with Shawn and Angela is that not everyone you fall in love with at 16 is going to be the person you are in love with for your entire life. Like Jacobs said, they already wrote the “find your first love at the age of 6 and live happily ever after story” and they don’t want to do it again, and they want to teach their new audience that relationships are fun and passionate and exciting and although most of the time absolutely wonderful, they still sometimes  ultimately fail. And that’s okay too.  You can have more than one great love in your life. Most people do. 

As far as Katy in particular, I mean yes it matches up well with her being Mayas mother, isn’t that convenient. But at the same time, Katy is so different from Angela. Shawn was so hung up on the idea that he and Angela were going to be Corpanga and if it didn’t work with her, it wouldn’t work with anyone. He got SO wrapped up in that concept that he didn’t even stop to think that maybe there was someone else out there that fit him just as perfectly…just in a different way. Angela was level headed, serious, deep, quiet. Katy is loud and silly and kind of a screwball in all the right ways- sometimes a person like Shawn needs a person like Katy. He got so serious, so recluse, so detached from anything happy or exciting or good in the years after BMW…but Katy (and Maya) brought laughter, happiness, spontinately and excitement back to his life. Just like he did for them.  

Angela was exactly what Shawn needed back then. Someone serious to get him to grow up and be serious himself. Katy, is exactly what Shawn needs now. Someone to help him let go, to enjoy life and to just…be happy again. 


I was so tempted to post this on Twitter, but I didn’t wanna start a subtweet storm so here we are, Tumblr. 

I’m very proud of the videos that I’ve been making lately. For the first time, I’ve come up with a series of videos that seem to be doing really well and a lot of people like. At MCM this past weekend I got a very large amount of people telling me how much they enjoyed my British VS American series was amazing. I’m super thankful so many people have been enjoying them because I enjoy making them. It gives me an excuse to film with some friends and just have a nice chat. 

So after I uploaded the second of the series and everything was going great I then began to think “ya know what, it won’t be long till someone tries to take this idea from me” so I would prowl around a bit, but I realised that there really aren’t that many Americans in England. Like… that’s just me on YouTube as a vlogger. Maybe there could be a Brit in America doing similar vids which tbh would be interesting, but for the most part, I’m safe. 

Well I thought I was

But someone just shared a video with me which was basically my idea in a topical way and my initial response was “oh! That’s a good idea. I like it. This will be really interesting.” Like I was slightly bummed I hadn’t come up with it. Twas a good idea. But then as I watched it I realised how fake it was. This person had no experience…no…life in both cultures. This person had read a buzzfeed list and decided to replicate it soullessly. You can’t speak with passion on a topic you literally have no experience in. You can prepare your list, and you can rake in your views even though  so much was so obviously wrong in most of the items in your list because you haven’t experienced it. You’re forcing relatability in a way that’s so unoriginal and gross. 

But then, is anyone that does a video someone else has already done unoriginal? Not necessarily. What can you add to the topic at hand? The content? What personal experience can you add to it? If you’ve got something different then go for it! God knows how many of Phil’s videos have been redone by every YouTuber, but the key thing is like… if you get an idea from another YouTuber… just credit them. It’s okay. We’re all video makers on a silly site, but don’t act like some God of ideas when you clearly aren’t. Just be like “oh so I saw blankity blank do this video on blank so I was like oh man I wanna do that.” Boom. Done. Simple. Since when do YouTubers rip each other’s content anyway? 

Like I said, my issue was less with the ripping of content and more the vapidness of the delivery. Like for the love of God make videos you like. Wouldn’t it be odd if I made a video called “Scottish school vs Russian school” by myself in my room? Yeah because you obviously know I have no actual life experience with any of it; I’m just stealing someone else’s content either via a buzzfeed post or a video, or an article or whatever in an attempt to be relatable to people who I could only hope would see through the whole facade.

Everything is super chill. Nothing really even matters that much. I was just a bit miffed and wanted to vent a bit. I feel much better now. I’m going to bed. Hope y’ave a nice night! 


I got this idea from someone else hehe but I thought it would be fun!!!
I’ll do them tm!!!
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   Warmth finds your nose which brings awareness back into your body, and you pull the covers up to your chin without opening your eyes. Chocolate. That’s what that smells like. Why is chocolate so close to your nose? You dare to peek open an eye and the light wanes, allowing you to see a white mug being held to your face by a Winchester. The short one. You think. You close your eye again before you really have the chance to register what’s going on.

   "Told you it would work!“

   "Shut up, jackass.”

   "Whatever bitch.“


   It’s too early for this level of laughter. What is even going on? Who dared disturb your most precious sleep? Crowley better be on his goddamn way with legions of demons ready to attack and take no prisoners for you to be even half awake right now.

   "What. Did. I. say. About waking me up before the stupid, god forsaken sun is awake?“ You manage to mumble between flashes of dreams still clinging to your mind.

   "Yikes, well someone woke up on the right side of the bed today.”

   "You won’t mind it when you see what Santa brought you! Or Father Christmas, or whoever comes for you on Christmas. He was skimpy on the wrapping this year.“

   "Do you think we should have made a Tio de Nadal?”

   "Oh god, the poop log?!“

   "The gods would LOVE to see that come back!”

   "Wait, guys…“ You mumble, begrudgingly looking up at them from your motel twin bed. "It’s Christmas?”

   "Happy Yule!!“ Sam smiles down at you with beams of light bouncing like daggers from his teeth into your eyes. Dean pushes himself off the wall beside your bed to offer your the cursed mug of what must be hot cocoa. You can practically see his spaded red tail trying to hide behind his legs. You know who wasn’t on Santa’s dumb list, or who definitely shouldn’t be.

   "Yule?” You sit up and accept the mug, pushing hair from your face. “…What time is it, even?”

   "5 AM,“ Dean chimes in, "Wanted to celebrate early so we can hit the road this afternoon.”

   The boys get you out of bed and you all sit around a small coffee table, boys on the couch and you in a chair across from them. Sam is the first to hand out presents wrapped in newspaper. You see what they meant about the wrapping paper now. Dean opens his first and is thoroughly pleased to find a brand new gun polishing kit. You open yours and uncover a heavy, rectangle box with a latch. You open it to reveal a beautiful tactical knife. You assume it wasn’t meant to be pretty, but the way the wide blade is so shiny and expertly carved gives you a sense of artistry. “Thank you, Sam! I love it!”

   Dean is next, giving you and Sam bundles of newspaper. Sam rips into his and pulls out a large, leather bound notebook with a devil’s trap embossed on both sides. “Had it custom made,” Dean explains, “thought you could start your own journal like dad’s.” Sam’s smile is sentimental and looks an inch away from hugging Dean, but just gives a “thanks, man,” instead.

   Yours is a bit bigger and plush. You tear into the newspaper and pull out a leather jacket similar to the ones Dean wears. Before you have the chance to say anything, Dean says, “Wanted to make sure you’re a hunter with style.”

   "Thank you so much, Dean!“ It takes you a moment to realize what’s missing. "Oh man, I totally forgot that I even bought you guys stuff because I picked them up so long ago! I always liked to get Christmas started early, but I must have lost track of time. Hold on just a sec.”

   You jump out of your chair and over to your suitcase by your bed. You ramble through the contents but don’t find anything. You pull out the tote bag you keep your more personal items in and search the insides. Nope. Nowhere. Ugh, where did I put them?? You remember catching a homeless man toying with your bags when you had left them outside the motel to help the boys carry their stuff in. That must have been it.

   You glumly walk back and say, “I’m sorry, guys. I think that man from before must have stolen your presents… Everything else was in there, though, oddly enough.” But then, an idea strikes you. “Wait! I’ve got it! We don’t have to leave for a while, right?”

   "It’s okay, you don’t have to go out and buy us anything,“ Sam says. "It’s just nice to get to celebrate with someone new for a change.”

   "No,“ you say, "I don’t need to! You guys don’t know a little secret about me.”

   Sam and Dean look at each other with confusion reflecting between them. They look back at you and both ask, “What?”

   "I can cook!“

   Thanks to the sweet baby Jesus that you had all gone grocery shopping before checking into the motel. You raid the fridge and get to work. Fluffy eggs, bacon, and bell peppers steam as you cut open toasty breakfast burritos, Dean’s mouth visibly waters as you take your french toast carrerol out of the oven, your biscuits would blow away if they were any more fluffy, and you finally have Sam’s unwavering attention as you roll your fruit-kebobs in the strawberry sauce you made from scratch. Crisis averted.

   "Sweet mother of god,” Dean moans as he mouths his burrito. Predictably, Sam is inhaling the fruit-kebobs almost faster than you can make them. Honestly, this is your new definition of happiness; watching how the Winchesters drool over your food, smiling and laughing for a change. It’s a merry Christmas indeed.