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Night Rider

“we have to go. Come on Jughead, man everyone’s going, if we don’t show up the Serpents are gonna think we don’t care.” the lanky, blonde teen named Richie leaned lazily against the beat up pickup truck outside Jugheads trailer, impatiently swallowing down the rest of his beer.

Jughead Jones was bent over his motorcycle, a cigarette dangling lazily from between his lips as he peered around the engine “I don’t care what the rest of the Serpents think, we do enough for them anyway, we’ve been part of the gang for years now, we don’t need to hang out at those ridiculous bars. you go if you want, I’ve got stuff to do.”

Richie rolled his eyes, “I’m not going without you. We gotta go, come on just this one time, I’ll buy you all the burgers you want.” the tall blonde wiggled his eyebrows and shoved his mysterious friends shoulder.

Jughead straightened up and crossed his arms, raising a brow as Richie folded his hands and mock pouted, Jughead finally cracked a smile and shook his head
“whatever. lets go,” he wiped the grease from his hands on his jeans as Richie stared incredulously at the tall, dark haired boy

“you cant go like that, you’ve gotta get changed. you’re covered in Grease.”

Jughead wrapped an arm around his friends shoulders putting him in a headlock “you scared of a little dirt Richie Rich?” he teased, tugging the blonde boy away as both the teenagers mounted their bikes, straightening their leather jackets, the snake shaped S displayed proudly on the back.

The Whyte Worm was one of the worst bars in Riverdale, it was located deep in the Southside and was nothing but a room filled with a broken down pool table and cheap décor, alcohol littering every corner, it was the kind of place Jughead absolutely hated but found himself in more often than he would like, he stood outside the wooden doors, his hands clenching into fists as he rolled his neck back, he hated this, all of it, being a serpent, keeping up appearances. It was exhausting and lately he found it harder to sit back and be nothing more than his fathers son, he just wanted to be Jughead Jones, whoever that was.

“come on, I bet they’ve got peanuts again.” Richie breezed past Jughead, his hands out as he headed into the bar. Jughead rolled his eyes again, slipping a cigarette in between his smirking lips. It was gonna be a long night.

the Worm was as crowded as always and Jughead instantly felt the familiar itch he always seemed to get in overpopulated spaces take over his body, the familiar crew was sprawled around the bar but there were a few unfamiliar faces as well. A red haired boy in a tight maroon Tshirt was leaning against the bar, his eyes trained on a girl with matching red hair and her friend, the friend had a fairly expensive pair of pearls on and both the girls were clearly drunk as they danced loosely to the old rock song playing through the juke box, his eyes shifted to a tall Asian boy with shoulders built for the football field, he was leaning close to someone who made something shift in Jugheads stomach.

She was something from an old 1950s noir movie, her silky honey blonde hair was left loose in perfect waves, her cherry red lips stood out against the porcelain of her skin and the startling bright green of her eyes, her body was built for sin and even underneath the tiny white dress she wore he could see curves that were made to be held. Beautiful didn’t even begin to describe it. Her fingers were tapping on the bar counter as she laughed at something the boy beside her said, she looked at ease, but the tension in her shoulders told a different story, unlike her drunk friends she seemed to be perfectly sober as she glanced around the bar and sipped on a water bottle.

“she’s something to look at huh?” F.P Jones was beside Jughead now, his hand laying heavy on his sons shoulder.

Jughead shook his fathers hand off “what’s she doing here?” he asked coldly.
something like hurt flickered in the older mans eyes before he quickly covered it

“guess they just wanted to have night out, not much to do on the northside, everyone wants a taste of the southside every once in a while. but that one? the pretty blonde in the dress? as odd as it is, I think she fits in the best here.” he chuckled, slapping his hand to jugheads back before backing away and into the crowd.

By the time Jughead looked back to the bar the blonde was gone, her tall friend was chatting up some Serpents daughter by the bar. He glanced to the door and saw a swish of blonde hair and a flash of long legs, putting his cigarette out with the toe of his combat boot he took a deep breath and made his moves towards the door.

she was leaning against the wall, the water bottle still clutched between her hands as her head was resting on the dark red bricks, eyes closed and toes pointed. Jughead pulled another cigarette out and placed it in between his lips, wiping his sweaty palms on the pockets of his jeans, he leaned beside her on the wall

“nice night” he mumbled, the girl in the dress’ eyes snapped open and she stared confused at the leather jacket wearing boy

“sure is, I love summer nights.” she sighed dreamily

“I get that.” he smiled at her warm eyes, “ Jughead Jones. I’ve never seen you here before, you new to town?” Jughead smirked, puffing on his cigarette
with twinkling eyes Betty giggled

“ I’m Betty Cooper, what do I not fit in?” she glanced down at her dress playfully “ maybe I should get a leather jacket.”

jughead grinned
“ might not be such a bad idea.”

Betty smiled before glancing away
“ my friends wanted to come, they love places like this. I don’t think.. Its not really my scene.” she shrugged slightly, her eyes coming up to meet his.

Jughead stared deep into her grassy green eyes, they were hauntingly beautiful, in a show of bravery he reached out for hand

“lets go then.” his eyes shifted to his motorcycle and Bettys followed, hers getting wide before she smiled slightly

“really? you’ll..you’ll take me?”
he brought a hand to the back of his neck

“I don’t have a helmet or anything…” Jughead trailed off.
with one final glance at the bar, Betty gripped the dark haired boys hand

“ come on Jughead Jones, the night is young.”

he laughed as the Beautiful blonde girl next door pulled him to the row of bikes.

the night was still young.

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I often stay up at night thinking about that hand gesture when Victor is holding Yuuri's hand and Yuuri is the first to let go and Victor stays there for a moment. Hanging. Waiting for his touch to come back? HOW SOFT AND TENDER AND DESPERATE FOR AFFECTION IS HEEEEEE

can you imagine what it was like for him to let go? how hard it was to send his life and love onto the ice for the last time? how it must’ve felt like his fucking heart got ripped out of his chest the moment yuri let go? for months victor’s idea of life and love and home was revolutionized into the shape of a person, and now that person is slipping out of his grasp.

no, no, no, come back. come back. i need my heart.

letting someone you love go is never easy, especially when that person is at the very foundations of everything you believe makes life worth living. when they’re the one who gave you a new, exciting outlook on life. when you’ll be completely lost without them. and despite everything, victor lets go. that’s how much he loves yuri.

  • my manager: kurt, go take the window so alex can eat.
  • kurt: who?
  • m: alex! read the nametag!
  • kurt, turning to me: your name is alex now?
  • m: YES it is and if you give alex any trouble about it your going to be hearing from me! we don't use that other name anymore, got it!
  • kurt, turning to me: hell yeah dude, how's it hanging alex? alex, alex, alex, gotta remember that. //gives me a big bro fist

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Could we get some Chara and Frisk hanging out? "Ghost" form Frisk or not is up to you, I just really like your style for them. :D

Frisk has the softest, puffiest, most squishable looking cheeks in the whole universe.

Or at least that’s what Chara says. Nobody else can see the ghost so you’ll have to make do with their word.

- Poisond

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I don't want to seem bratty but I'm over how much focus is on noora this season. Like, her story was done. Over. She left William. The reason is season 3 was enough for me. There has been so much wasted time on her shit when we could have been given amazing growth and development in Sana's friendships with the other girls or even other people. What about Chris? Or eva? Jamilla? Isak? ANYONE?! ugh, I feel like nothing has happened even though it is episode 6 already.

big mooood. honestly, imagine if instead we got scenes of vilde realizing how she’s been behaving and turn it around, the girls and sana growing closer, sana connecting jamilla, sana and even talking, sana and chris hanging out at sana’s and chris asking her if any of the guys in the balloon squad are single……….MAN.

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Inouka for the ask meme? I love him but i dont hear a lot of people talking about him and I want to feel validated...lol


First impression

Adorable and impressive! I didn’t think he was a first year because he’s so tol and then his lil friendship/rivalry with Hinata right off the bat warmed my heart.

Impression now

HE’S GOT SO MUCH ENERGY GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR ENERGY YOUNG ONE. I love how determined he is and how proud he was that he got the hang of blocking Hinata. He seems like such a nice little bean and I was really sad when Lev took his spot as a regular!!! 

Favorite moment


Idea for a story

Pass, I have no idea

Unpopular opinion


Favorite relationship

omg Shibayama/Inuoka is SO FRICKING CUTE

Favorite headcanon

Totally has a crush on Hinata. is that canon or not hmmm idk


SQUEEE he’s adorbs

he just… shoves as much food into his mouth as he can fit

Thanks for asking!! \(^▽^)/

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okay but that scene with steven in that white space looks like fuckin hotline bling

You use to seem so intimidating

Late night when you rule homeworld

Seem so intimidating

Late night when you rule homeworld

And I know when that Diamond cry

It can only mean one thing

I know when that Diamond cry 

It can only mean one thing

Ever since you left the planet you

Got a reputation for yourself now

Everybody feels sorry for you now

Girl you got gems dying got them stressed out

Ever since you left the planet you

Started wearing less and crying even more

People seem have to forgotten who you were before

Hanging with some gems we’ve never seen before 

listen i haven’t watched it yet so keep that in mind but i hate the idea of kara & clark fighting lkke ??? why?!! so this is how the “champion of the earth” thing should’ve happened

first of all, they should have been TEXTING throughout the season since we got the tiniest bit of them growing back toward each other in s1 & he was present in ep 1 & 2 so that would’ve been nice. & a couple times kara could have had just flyaway nothing lines abt hanging out w clark & how they’d scared some ppl tussling & theyre pretty sure some ppl think there are giants in the mountains again etc etc. & then one day clark pops by for a visit & hes like hey u up for an arm wrestle? & kara is like yeah alright & she beats him after like twenty minutes of them just like staring at each other (winn is filming) & hes like btw winner gets to be champion of earth & the surprise is like wHAT & Kara slams his hand down & jumps UP she’s like WHAT & hes like lol whoops best three outta five? & karas lkke (ง •̀_•́)ง nO!! i don’t want to be champion of earth & she flies away & winn is like dont go after her she’s faster than u too lmao good thing u have an amazing jawline or she’d just be better in all things & superman is like winn. & winns like yep bye.

& alex calls Kara who zooms by to pick her up & they go & talk abt this & they talk abt what it might mean & how it feels etc & alex is like ok u have to have a proper fight abt it & yeah idk smth that just feels like family

just me, myself and you

‘It’s just something you do, right? Save the day, be the hero, stay calm and composed in the face of danger…well, we both know you gotta work on that, but otherwise you’re the embodiment of what a paladin of Voltron should be. Meanwhile I just hang around on the sides and watch you shine…right?’

It’s already so late outside. Keith can tell it’s night on Earth even though he’s got no idea how he can do that. They’ve been out here for so long Earth doesn’t even seem like home anymore.

Lance’s words ring out through the empty command chamber.

Keith takes a few moments to look at Lance looking down at the floor, probably paying mind to his own thoughts.

He replies, softly, almost tiredly:

‘You know that’s not right. You’re just as much of a paladin as I am. That’s kind of the whole point of Voltron, you know?’

Lance moves his head upwards, but doesn’t turn to look at the one speaking.

'That’s the thing. I don’t.’

And he’s right, he doesn’t. He wouldn’t.

They wouldn’t.

Their lives had just begun yet the incommensurable pressure under which the Altean heiress and Coran had put them made them feel hopeless in their own skin.

'I’m aware of the fact that I’m a goof.
A pretty good-looking one, but still, a goof.’

Keith giggles quietly at this, something he has probably never done in his life until this very moment.

'A goof shouldn’t be a paladin, don’t you think? I know I’m always showing off and trying to one up you, but really, you just…you give me a reason to go on, you know…?’

Keith had never heard Lance’s voice get so quiet in all the months he’s known him.

He’d never heard Lance sniffle either.

He wishes he could say something that’ll make the both of them feel well again.

Lance beats him to it.

'But I mean…I’m okay with that, you know…hanging around in the dark and…supporting you, I guess…’

Keith thinks it’s so brave of Lance to raise his head and look him in the eyes, even when Lance’s eyes are glassy with unshed tears.

'And if I never get to see my family again…I mean…I’ve got you guys, right?
I feel like such a douche, all of you guys have had it so much worse than me and yet here I am, the only one complaining…’

Silence stretches out between them after Lance’s remark and his head drops back to glare at the metal floor of the castle-ship.

He huffs a breathy scoff.

'Why won’t you say anything…’ Lance says, closing his eyes and covering his face with his hands.

Keith had been scouring the visible chunks of space, leaning back into his command chair, listening to Lance, listening to the ship, listening to his heart.

Taking advantage of Lance’s momentary lack of vision, Keith raises from his seat and tiptoes up to Lance’s command chair.

Starting his line with an endearing insult might be the way to go, but Keith can’t bring himself to do it.


He’s surprised by the gentleness in his tone and Lance’s startle and glistening eyes tell him he’s astonished as well.

The blue paladin nearly jumps out of his seat when Keith’s hands rest of his knees.

There’s a flush of redness spreading across his cheeks.

Keith doesn’t seem to notice:

'Hey, man, it’s gonna be okay. We’re all very different, but so far, so good, right? If you ask me, Voltron wouldn’t have even been here if it wasn’t for us arguing and getting at eachother’s throats so much. I mean, come on, we’re lions!…bro…?’

Lance looks so crestfallen Keith might actually regret ever opening his mouth.

Yet soon enough clear laughter bubbles out of the blue paladin’s throat and Keith smiles a little.

He’s not prepared for what comes next, however.

His nose suddenly hits the patchy fabric of Lance’s green hoodie specimen as the self-proclaimed goof hugs Keith to his chest.


“The Pyramid at the End of the World” quicktakes:

  • the Previously On/Now intercutting was a neat trick, i like it
  • Bill/Penny are adorable. i love that Penny very much does not believe Bill’s story, but hangs around anyway
  • also i love that the simulation only got it slightly wrong - interrupting UN, not interrupting pope. and that instead of just running, Penny excuses herself. still ‘fuck this i’m audi 500’ but less of a door closed between them, and less - depending on how the simulation was really constructed - less informed by Bill’s fear of, or expectation of, abandonment
  • 'straight and narrow’ lmao
  • 12 playing something twinkly and mournful on the guitar while monologue-ing, i am weak for this
  • is this the new American Football album? delete all your rock star AUs, 12 clearly is an Emo. they filled in as guitar player for Christie Front Drive once, pass it on
  • forreal tho that shot from the floof to 12’s stupid face like i want to stay gen here but
  • (the untucked shirt with unbuttoned collar and cuffs is not helping here. this rumpled can’t-be-fucked poorly-put-together boy. and is the red shirt matching the monks’ red robes like a Thing orrr?)
  • 12’s continuing championing of Bill gettin’ some
  • it’s the butterfly effect 12 was making fun of Bill for suggesting in “Thin Ice”. i am not smart enough to know what this means. good editing, tho, i like how the glass-breaking glasses-breaking inserts pop up as punctuation
  • Erica is great, can she stay? (i’d imagine the casting of a little person was deliberate, 'the right person for the job’ isn’t enough to change what a default, average character looks like. but the role really could have been played by anyone, so the fact that we got Rachel Denning is just, it’s nice, it’s good, the bar is very low but still. representation matters. casual off-handed no big deal rep doubly so.)
  • ”What do you depend on?” “Air, water, food, beer.” you and me both Nardole
  • “Are you following me?” the AV Club described this bit as vaudeville and, yes, it’s such a corny old-school comedic beat, and PCap and Lucas sell it, or undersell it, as a direct bit of physical comedy that’s goofy, yeah, but not unreasonably so and it’s so nice
  • (i do kind of enjoy it when PCap chews the scenery but his ability to toss away lines has been a highlight of the past three seasons and i’ll miss that, in addition to all the other things i’ll miss about 12)
  • Peter Harness, what are you trying to say here? love is consent? is this About something? This feels like classic Harness, like i can see all the shit he loves and insists on taping onto Dr Who, a place where What Peter Harness Wants doesn’t quite belong. the big world-trotting set pieces, the conception of Humanity as a vague blob represented by archetypes, the ill-advised attempt at following real-world rules, the grand metaphors that get fucked to high hell somewhere along the way. none of the stuff between the military leaders rises above 'acceptable i guess’, and it’s mediocre in a way where i can tell it’s meant to be Deep and Insightful, but i can’t figure how. i do know that the aesthetic rubs me the wrong way
  • i will admit that the Doomsday Clock is absolutely the sort of thing DW does well playing off. just it doesn’t quite…doesn’t quite land.
  • 12 knowing Bill has a Look on her face - like that they know how bullshit of a move this is, and that Bill - as kind of the stand-in for their conscience - will disapprove
  • bit of an Arrival vibe here, huh.
  • and a bit of a “End of the World pt II” vibe - the evil defeated, the Dr is doomed by something small. here it’s 12’s flaws that nearly do them in, the lying and hiding, the hubris. compared to 10, whose death was the good in them coming out, just made noisy by their flaws
  • Pearl Mackie hit that ending out of the park, a solid donger. no Harness episode complete without an iffy moment sold by the acting. (it’s not bad, or out of character, and far less obnoxious than “Kill the Moon” or “The Zygpon Fuck You”, but it’s got that same sort of…like the Big Moment was conceived of first, and the character involved was shoved into it. it works better than it deserves to, imo)
  • “tell you what, old man, you’d better get my planet back” ok so maybe some lines are worth contorting your narrative to lead up to cause DANG
  • and PCap, too, that mix of refusing to admit things are fucked and the dawning realization that things are fucked and the ‘yeah ok so this is how i go” anyway when 12 regenerates into 13 i will Die
  • has anyone done the gifset comparing “you look at me and you don’t see me” of “Deep Breath” with the I Can’t See A Single Ding Darn Thing 12 of these past few episodes
  • s/o to whoever designed the 'putting the sonic glasses on’ sound bc it’s not too much but just There enough to underscore the movement
  • the strands-of-your-story, the three fates (ish) prop for the simulation thing is quite nice.
  • i do appreciate that 12 isn’t given, like, Daredevil superpowers, just sunglasses that sort of know the layout of a room and the basic stats of the people inside it. yes their blindness is handwaved away, but
  • what is Nardole i mean really
  • his “okay here we go” when the Dr nearly comes clean
  • is it wrong that like. i’m upset that the next episode is kind of a reset, okay, so we don’t get the Dr panicked and swooning over a dying Nardole?
  • and what is a Twelvedole god the two of them ok
  • “i’m not just sexy” awjgfeghagfwFG
  • “oh, and tidy up your room” like i’m not saying Twelvedole is canon but
  • Bill getting that moment of 'actually fuck you and fuck this what is wrong with you’ AND the 'screw you i’m saving your ass’ beat it’s so good
  • so the Monks are Cybermen right like this is where this is going
  • NEXT ON: Missy! Bill reverse-fridges the Dr! Missy! my heart probably is just gonna fucking explode

so this morning i tweeted whistler asking if i could bring him some donuts to the festival they’re playing near me, got confirmation that he would love that. so i get the donuts and he hasn’t replied to me since but i end up just hanging outside the stage they were playing. i caught i think most of their set, i could only see zach from where i was standing. i waited outside the fence seeing if anyone would walk outside the gate. all 4 of them were talking with photographers & such so i didn’t wanna yell and interrupt. whistler came out the gate after a while so i yelled for him and gave him the donuts!! he pulled me in for a hug and he sounded not good :( but yeah i chatted with him for a little bit then let him finish putting gear away. didn’t catch any of the other boys but !! whistler got his donuts

So it’s been ambiguous for a while but I think I’ve finally seen enough circumstantial evidence to come down firmly on one side. Stan isn’t a skeptic, he knows perfectly well how stupidly magical this town is, he’s got a fucking Cipher rug in his shop among other things. He’s playing dumb for reasons that are currently unclear.

Anyway, if you have something you want to say, if you just want to hang out and shitpost about college football or whatever, just follow the link in the header to my discord server! We’re always happy to meet new people.


This race was miraculous. My big goal was a 2:15 finish, which would have been a 4 minute PR for me. Mostly, Heather @littlebean-jellybean and I just wanted to run, talk, and enjoy hanging out for 13 miles.

But then.

All of a sudden by about mile 9, we were just behind the 2:10 pacer. And we stayed there. And stayed there. And even though I was DYING the last two miles, Heather was the peppiest, cheeriest, sweetest person you could ever hope to run with. And the last tenth, we hit it and crossed the finish line so freaking fast and happy. So I finished with a NINE FREAKING MINUTE PR today and I got to meet one of my best online friends (who is now also one of my best real life friends) and even though I almost passed out/puked in the gutter after coffee (I guess sugar and my stomach aren’t great friends after running that far that fast…), I would not trade a single second. Perfect weather, beautiful city, incredible friend. ❤😻🏃🏻‍♀️❤


Ahem. Ok, I’ll stop with the capslock now. Just wanted to get your attention my loves!

@licieoic and I have finally finished writing the Star Force series finale screenplay - the episode in which Belle had a cameo role!

(I say we’ve finally finished, what I mean is I’ve finally got my ass in gear and written my parts - Licie’s had hers finished for the last couple of years… *hangs head in shame*)

It’ll take us a little while to edit and reformat, but it should be coming to a screen near you soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Seeing Rumbelle’s happy ending finally gave me the impetus I needed to get the Star Force folks to theirs as well. 

*starts humming the Star Force theme song…*

You can take a look at the other Star Force episodes that we’ve written here on AO3, or in proper script format, the way the actors would have seen it, here.


had an awesome time at the overwatch gathering!!!! I wasn’t the best Hanzo but I’m really happy I got to be a part of it!!!!

The reaper is the new friend I made! The mccree was super nice and we held hands for a mchanzo pic haha. Everyone was so kind and lovely, I loved hanging out with you all!

Police dva is @riolugirl111
Graffiti tracer is @thehumanoidandroid

Let me know if you’re in one of these!