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I drew this for a friend who really liked Reaper when they were down. It seemed to help a lot. Recently, I haven’t been feeling all that great myself, and looked at my own lil’ Reaper doodles here to remind myself of a few things I try and tell others. 

I figured maybe some of you could use it too. So I’ll post ‘em. 

This was probably my first time ever drawing that mask. Started to get the hang of it when I got to the last panel. 

Jaehee gets a call from jumin who's desperately looking for help
  • Jumin: Jaehee ohthankgoodness you picked up
  • Jaehee: Well, of course Mr. Han, it's my job. Also, you texted me and said it was an emergency, what is it?
  • Jumin: I-I'm shopping for MC and I don't know what to get
  • Jaehee: Excuse me, did I hear you right?
  • Jumin: I'm looking for a gift for MC I- please help
  • Jaehee: Oh um, MC and I discuss makeup a lot when we hang out, it seems to be her passion, so maybe if you got her a lip-
  • Jumin: Ah! I know what to do?
  • Jaehee: oh I didn't say what shade y-
  • Jumin: I'll buy her a Sephora location! She'll love it! Thank you jaehee
  • Jaehee: waitthatsnotwhati
  • *Jumin Han has ended the call*

Percy and Credence’s Fancy Party: Part 2

Credence: It’s actually a really funny story. We were hanging out. And suddenly, I was like “What if we got married tomorrow?” And he was like - 
Graves: Fine. 

(Parks and Recreation; season 3, episode 9; Andy and April’s Fancy Party)

Part 1 Part 2

Jakob Chychrun #3

Requested by Anon:  Hi I was wondering if I could request a Chychrun Drabble where he gets jealous when the reader starts hanging out with a guy in their class?

*Here it is!!! Enjoy! :)*

Word count: 917

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Jakob Chychrun reached for your phone at the same time you did. Blame it on his hockey skills, but he actually got to it first. Now, on a normal basis, you would be furious that someone deems it their right to read your unread messages but, because he’s been acting like a big baby the past few days, you let him.

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Since I saw a bunch of others putting up their @naruhinafanzine pieces I figured I should too.

I was given “Spring” for my prompt so obviously colorful flowers and plants were important. XD Finding nests with eggs that are about to hatch was something I did in the springtime when I was this age and that’s why I chose to have them doing just that. They’re also having a picnic lunch though most of that got covered up by the hanging flowers. lol I also experimented with a ton of new things on this one especially with the composition and depth of field (basically: making objects in the foreground and background blurry and out of focus).

I will not get my copy of the zine until I return home (I am traveling atm) but I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone did! Major thanks to @artistari-chan for organizing this whole project and for including me in such an incredible pool of talent. :)

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Sooo guess who just picked up 3 shifts for this girl who got taken off the schedule bc she calls out all the time for bullshit reasons? Guess who now has to cancel plans to hang out with their crush (and maybe soon to be gf) ? THIS GIRL! Like I know I technically volunteered to pick up those shifts but like I wasn't gonna be a dick and be the ONE person who didn't take any when everyone else took some. Fuck coworkers and Fuck inadvertent cockblocks

If he/she’s the one he/she will understand a reschedule. Great life long relationships count on both parties being there during a storm, after, and always. On the bright side, this is a good way to see if he/she’s patient and willing to give things a real chance. Good luck! I hope he/she’s the one! -Abby


Alright! I’ve cleaned and rearranged Dantes cage. Changes made:
Much deeper substrate, like an inch and a half deep now. More branches, I’ve got another cooling down after being in the oven as well that will be put in soon. Moss in one hide, his PVC tree has been moved to the opposite side of his cage, a fake plant was added, each piece of wood he has is now leaning up against something. Hopefully it is interesting enough to get him active again! I really want to get more fake leaves in there to hang off the branches.

UM im feeling better! guess what uhh

a few things!sorry if this is long
I was able to convince my mom to let me see my best friends tomorrow! im getting mt nails done for the first time im so excited… afterwards we are gonna go home and smoke and hang out!

and later this week or next week im getting SHROOMS!finallh its been too long

and on my bday im making crepes then going shopping for black light posters and bubble tea & then i am getting my nose pierced and a haircut and then getting sushi!!!!!!!!!IM SO EXCITED! Things are going my way

i also got 60 dollars today!

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You tag bathedintheriverstyx a lot in stuff. You shoudnt associate yourself with him he's a bad influence he posts nudes.

Okay, for a start it’s just @bathedinthestyx without the ‘river’.
Secondly, he’s a bloody wonderful person and one of the kindest souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to. So what if he posts nudes? I have done too. Plus, he’s got a beautiful body and he should be proud of it, why not show it!?
Finally, don’t presume to tell me who to hang out with if you won’t even show who you are! It’s SO rude, it’s hypocritical, and it costs nothing to mind your own damn business

V Headcanons

I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE REQUEST & ANSWER FOR THIS (but I made it extra long to make up for it)

▪V loves The Beatles, and has every single album both downloaded onto his phone and each of the vinyl albums (they were a gift from Jumin)
▪Like just imagine him in a robe, messy haired and flipping pancakes on a griddle while he listens to “Here Comes the Sun”, “When I’m Sixty-four” and “We Can Work It Out”
▪adores orange juice & eats things like Special K and fruit parfaits for breakfast
▪it’s canon that V likes plants so let me expand on that
▪he probably got sad when he lost his sight because he couldn’t really appreciate their beauty anymore but if he got the surgery he’d have plants EVERYWHERE
▪like, every countertop, his nightstand, his bathroom, living room, and balcony (if he has one) are all covered in plants, plus he’d have some hanging from the ceiling
▪he’s super gentle with them and cares so much for them, so if one starts to wilt it depresses him my poor child
▪has a little bistro chair and two tables on his balcony. He likes to sit there in the mornings while drinking his coffee and listening to the heavy bustle of the city traffic
▪deserves love and happiness
▪hangs all of his photographs on the walls and if there’s not enough room, he’ll just stack some against the walls (semi-canon?)
▪likes flea markets!
▪once he lost his sight completely, he started buying furniture and decorations based on what they feel like
▪if you tell him something is ugly, he’ll just smile and brush your hands over it
▪"close your eyes, MC. Beauty isn’t what something looks like, but what it feels like. I don’t know what you look like, but I imagine you’re very beautiful.“
*ugly sobbing*
▪would never ever complain when you’re with him because he cares for you very much and loves you like he deserves to be loved & cared for

▪V adores pie, especially apple cinnamon pie and peach pie
▪doesn’t keep up with current events or slang so if you reference something, he’s most likely going to be confused
▪it genuinely breaks his heart when he logs onto the chatroom to see Yoosung or the other members dissing him or questioning his decisions
▪it makes him sad because he considers the RFA his family but he believes it’s better this way because this way they don’t have to shoulder the pain he has
▪so on days when it gets really bad, he’ll lay on the couch and put a record of either really soft jazz, Elvis Presley, or classical music on and just pay attention to the music
▪probably super nostalgic and would keep a box or two full of ticket stubs (like the one from the night him and Rika met) plus other little memorabilia.
▪got really into scrapbooking at one time tbh and now likes to make his own photo albums with little scrapbooks inside
▪It’d adore him (expanding on my RFA Gives Elizabeth 3rd a Bath scenerio)
▪He’s pretty neat but imagine scatterbrained and messy V
▪like camera lenses and photographs (some waterlogged and with sun damage) strewn everywhere, empty film cartridges and coffee mugs littering his breakfast bar and coffee table
▪his bed never made and there’s this morning’s toothpaste crusted to the sink bowl and his slippers separated and in different places I live for messy V
▪imagine V genuinely happy and smiling

So I already have one 2017 wall calendar, but I got a couple of free ones a few weeks ago and I was finally getting around to hanging them up when

…wait a sec…

It says that on every page.

So, yes, this is the year that every Wednesday is canceled due to a scheduling error.

Vent/Looking for advice


ok I need to get this off my chest but I’ve been talking less and less to my friends and I’m concerned.

Like, I want friends of course but I’ve been talking to the barely and I’m worried for myself

My BFF since forever thinks I’m replacing her ever since I got a boyfriend and she doesn’t even think I can call him a boyfriend because he’s not in the same country as me and every time I tell her about long distance relationships she gets pissy. I can ask the simplest of things and she just .. Ugh. I hate typing this so much right now but I must or ill never get help. She wants things her way and sometimes in just not interested or in the mood. Like, when she got a boyfriend I wasn’t pissy and jealous I was happy for her! But no she cant be happy for me…

For my friends in school, my one friend (male) hangs out with me alot and people think that he wants to go out with me even though he’s asexual (for those who might not know it means not being attracted to either gender) and sometime I just want to be alone and walk and wander.

Dont get me started on other school problems, even eating is difficult. I’m not allowed to eat in the classroom with a teacher I usually eat with any more, so that’s fucking annoying. And the only other place is the canteen. Which is disgusting, loud and EVERYONE wants to talk to you. But I cant do that I just want to eat!

it’s the canteen

or the toilets.


I want to cry and my back hurts and my eyes burn. And every day seems lime groundhog day.

(groundhog day is a movie where this one day repeats over and over till the main character does the right thing)

I’m tired. Its nearly 11PM.

night. 💙

aaaa i dont rlly have any good advice srry, but if anyone else does they can reply to thissss

today’s been a good ass day and it’s only 1pm?
1) I got my exam back that I barely studied for and I got an A
2) the class i have right after got cancelled because my professor bought a ticket for the wrong flight
3) the guy i hit up Saturday that I thought dubbed me actually lost his phone and hit me back today and want to hang out
4) and I look fucking good
5) and my period’s ending

And all this on a Monday??? Wild.

Today has been A+. Woke up and got little man to his mom’s. He had a fever this morning but his nurse texted and said he’s doing better. I’m guessing we’ll see more teeth soon.

Went back to sleep when I got home. Amazing. I could have slept like 12 more hours. Went out and finally got more of Jay’s formula - there’s been a shortage in the area and yesterday was the last of what we had. We have two more weeks of supplies now. It’s specialized ketogenic stuff that comes through the pharmacy.

Currently eating a cinnamon roll, doing laundry, and watching Netflix. I’m going to take a bath tonight featuring my new Lush stuff, for which I am stoked.

Picking up Jay in two hours, Sarah will be home after that. Going to hang out with the cats and just chill. So nice.

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Got any Curly and Pony hc? Friendship or 😉😉😉😉

Ima do friendship for now but just know I’m not crazy on the outsiders gay ships but PURLY IS MY FAVORITE SO ANYTIME YOU WANT HCS ROMANTICALLY IM HERE

— pony and curly mostly hang out at school or in public (like going to the drive-in together, etc.)
— like you generally won’t see them hanging out w nothing planned only bc pony has the gang and so does curly so they have no reason to
— pony asks curly abt his reformatory days ((in moderation bc he hates talking abt it))
— if everyone’s busy and pony’s home alone (summer vacation days usually), he’ll invite curly over and cook for him
— like he’ll call him to come over and make blueberry pancakes
— they tell each other stories abt what’s going on in their home lives atm
— and they talk abt cute girls
— curly is the first one to really get pony drunk (after the book since he says he avoids it bc of getting drunk))
— curly always gives pony things when they hang
— either a leather jacket, a switch, etc.
— I think he does it bc he doesn’t have a lot of his own reliable friends

@le-red-queen replied to your post “It looks like you need to uncancel our son, he was at a child’s…”

I want to know how you arrived at a precise figure of 21%. that is some fine tuned mathematics my friend.


  • shaved off goatee when I asked him to: 20% forgiven for any future misdemeanour (so he had that one in the bank, basically)
  • hanging out with friends is cute and shows importance of Friendship (+5%) but not as cute as it being a kid’s birthday party like i was hoping it was (-5%) - cancels each other out, still at 20%
  • i got to see pictures of him at said party: +5% forgiven, bringing it to 25
  • DID have his weird hair still, so 7% UNforgiven bringing him back to 18%
  • eschewing oscars COULD be seen as an act of rebellion against the establishment, which is kinda rad I guess (+5%) but also a lil bit  pretentious (-2%)

so yes - 21% forgiven.