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Major Arcana + Mysme

Not many of you know this but I used to be super into witchcraft, had an altar and still own tarot cards. I love tarot art and works that incorporate it (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is a fave) and, having played the (fantastic awesome) mobile game The Arcana, I got a burst of inspiration.

Obviously, tarot have multiple meanings and interpretations and these are my personal thoughts on the matter. Not the word of God.

V - The Hanged Man, Reversed (Martyrdom, sacrifice)

I don’t need to explain this one, do I?

Jumin - The Lovers (Choices, relationships)

I was originally going to choose the hermit for Jumin, but the lovers seems more accurate to his route for me. Jumin is faced with a decision that on the surface is difficult and forces him to weigh his personal values, though ultimately turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

Zen - The Sun, Reversed (Temporary depression, lack of success, temporary obstacles)

The reversed sun card can refer to obstacles and setbacks to a goal, sometimes caused by one’s own unrealistic expectations and naivety. I think this is a good one for Zen because he turned down huge opportunities, faced legit obstacles in his career etc et al. Not to mention Zen’s bike trip because of Echo Girl; an obstacle on route to his career that made him miserable.

Yoosung - The World, Reversed (lack of closure). 

This choice should be obvious, I hope, but the reversed world can refer to a lack of closure in a person’s life that is preventing them from moving on and achieving their goals.

Jaehee - Judgement (inner calling, rebirth)

I chose Judgement for Jaehee because, in part, Judgement implies a realisation and decision to make, learning from the past etc etc, which I think captures perfectly her struggles during her route.

707 - The Wheel of Fortune (a turning point, destiny)

The Wheel of fortune card is about the external forces that impact your life. It refers to cycles and good or bad karma and events happening that you may not be aware of, leading your life in a new direction if you are willing to undertake personal growth… a lot like 707 coming out of his shell to both the RFA and MC after learning about Unknown and Mint Eye.


I don’t know enough, sorry! Dark Cheritz give us Vanderwood development.

Saeran/Ray/Unknown - The Moon (anxiety, illusion)

The moon card can refer to events not being quite as they appear to be and anxieties based on the projection of fears and past experiences, which is a pretty true representation of Saeran’s experience at Mint Eye and his feelings towards 707

Rika - The Devil (imprisonment, bondage)

The devil card most commonly refers to destructive behaviour and chains we allow to imprison us, like alcoholism and other addictions. Rika refused treatment for her illness and her perspective at Mint Eye was very much indulging in the chains that imprisoned not only her but many others.

Requests: Love your bullet point thingies!!! There soo good!!! Do you mind doing a friends to lovers one with the8? Thank you!!!!
May I ask how being best friend turned lovers would go with Woozi, Seungcheol, Seungkwan, The8, Jun and Joshua go? Thank you~♡♡♡♡
Member: The8 (svt)
Genre: angst/fluff wow I keep doing that with these aus whoops
A/N: this makes for four down and two to go in this set,, I did the ending sans relationship fluff this time because I found it more satisfying like this

  • You and Minghao met in your first year of uni
  • You two lived in the same dorm, it was one of the smaller ones as well which left for lots of moments for you two to bump into each other 
  • After a while, you two got around to talking and it led to hanging out in the cafeteria and at each other’s dorms when you had homework and didn’t want to deal with it alone 
  • Movie nights became a regular occurrence as well, and you seemed to get along with his roommate Jun and all his other friends when you met them
  • It was a casual friendship, you guys didn’t often get deep with one another or tell each other your life stories 
  • You were both there for each other if you were distressed, sure, but for the most part your friendship was just hanging out and talking about school and what’s going on throughout campus and what your favorite things were 
  • You guys breezed into your second semester of university, Minghao perfectly content with how things were going 
  • But on your end,, you felt a bit unsatisfied with this sort of relationship 
  • To be honest you had begun to fall for Minghao,,
  • He was a relaxing person to be around, and you couldn’t help but find it easier to be yourself when you were with him
  • Plus he was so passionate??? And hardworking??? And it was a bonus that he was cute as well 
  • He certainly had a charm about him that made you fall for him 
  • Minghao didn’t feel the same way though,,, you knew this very well
  • There was no romantic affection held in his eyes when he looked at you, he never did anything like wrap his arm around you or hold your hand 
  • When people asked if you two were dating he would just laugh and shake his head and say you weren’t his type and you guys were just friends 
  • To say it didn’t sting would certainly be a lie- here you were pining away for Minghao and wishing he would open up to you a little bit and he was indirectly rejecting you in front of other people 
  • But you would force a laugh along with him, wanting to hide this little infatuation you had with him
  • Because you didn’t want to continue liking him really
  • You had a feeling that it would prove to be a futile crush and that nothing would ever come from it 
  • It’s really not that easy to just get over a crush though, especially when it’s on someone you’re good friends with 
  • So you kept silent as the year ended, hoping that the break before the next semester would help clear your head and get rid of your feelings at least a bit
  • Honestly you felt like it worked for a while??
  • Like you were able to work and see your old friends in your hometown and even wound up having a casual fling
  • He wasn’t really anything special tho just someone you found cute and funny and seemed to like you but it ended after a couple of months just because there really wasn’t any sort of spark 
  • Minghao was never far from your mind, but he didn’t seem to quite consume it the way that he used to 
  • When you went back to school you felt refreshed and ready to fully get over Minghao
  • lol you thOUGHT
  • Things were going fine at first when you saw him again
  • Like your feelings definitely weren’t gone,, but they were quieter now, and it stung a bit less when he laughed off the idea of the two of you dating 
  • You told yourself that he wasn’t looking for that kind of relationship, certainly not with you at least, and that he wouldn’t open up or anything of the sort 
  • You thought that sort of thing was important to a serious relationship, you had to be able to get deep with each other 
  • And Minghao just didn’t have that kind of closeness with you
  • Or so you thought anyways 
  • Wow reader you’re thinking a lot of incorrect things lately because around a month into the semester you heard a rapid knocking on your door
  • You had been scrolling through insta so you knew no one had texted you to say they were coming over so you were like ?? 
  • But you got up with a shrug and answered the door anyways
  • You were surprised to see Minghao with a panicked expression on his flushed face, his breath a bit more labelled than usual
  • “I really need to talk to someone right now and you were the first person I thought of”
  • Oh boy that had your heart beating a little faster but the concern overshadowed it as you nodded and told him to come in 
  • He sat down on your bed with you and hurriedly began to explain that his mom had an accident and was going into surgery
  • And he told you that he was scared because he couldn’t be in China with her and he really didn’t want to lose her 
  • As he spoke you found yourself wrapping an arm around him as the other one gently rubbed up and down his forearm to comfort him 
  • He was leaning into you a bit as he told you his worries and looked at you with tired but grateful eyes when you offered him words of reassurance 
  • He thanked you and you guys wound up lying next to each other in bed after that, talking for a long time
  • You didn’t touch him more than a simple brush of the arm, but your presence was enough for him to feel better
  • You guys talked long into the night, the only eavesdroppers being the tree outside your partially opened window and the flickering stars in the sky, barely visible from your bed 
  • He told you about growing up in China and how he had grown close with his mom and what it was like to come to Korea on his own 
  • And you told him about your own childhood and the burdens you felt from your family and how you were worried you weren’t going to be as successful as those around you 
  • (but of course you’re going to be successful reader I love and support you okay anyways)
  • You guys really bonded that night,, and you found yourselves falling asleep after meeting each other’s gazes for a long time
  • When you woke up, Minghao was gone, leaving a sticky note on your wall saying that he had a morning class he needed to get to but he was grateful you talked with him last night
  • And once again,, you found that you had fallen hard for him 
  • Your feelings were even stronger now that you knew him on a better and more personal member and had actually fallen asleep at his side 
  • You found that you rather liked being there,,,
  • Question bounced around your mind, like did last night mean as much to Minghao as it did to you? Was this a step forward towards changing your relationship from platonic to romantic? Did he have any feelings for you?
  • You were distracted all day until he texted you in the evening that his mom’s surgery went just fine and you let out a breath of relief for him 
  • He asked if you wanted to grab a bite to eat with him and you found your heartbeat pick up as you quickly agreed and threw on some clothes
  • You met him at a diner and were a little surprised to see Jun and Mingyu there with him 
  • You had just kind of assumed it would be the two of you but you smiled and slid into the booth next to Mingyu anyways
  • Nothing seemed,,, different really
  • Minghao still treated you like normally did and the conversation between the four of you touched on his mother’s operation, but also on other topics, like it normally would
  • When you all finished, Minghao told the other two that he was going to walk back to the dorm with you 
  • You felt a spark of hope in you when he said that and the walk was had with a comfortable silence surrounding the two of you
  • When he walked you up to your door, you could feel your heart beating hard in your chest as your mind raced with thoughts of him confessing to you right there at your door
  • He turned to you with a smile and said “I just want to tell you thanks for talking with me all last night”
  • And you smiled back at him and said “Of course Ming- I’ll always be there for you
  • Minghao’s smile widened a bit as he put his hand on your shoulder and you felt every nerve in your body spark to life at the touch
  • Here it comes… you thought
  • “You’re a really good friend (Y/N)”
  • Excuse me what now
  • “Th-thank you?” you blinked, surprise filling you at his words
  • “Well I gotta go now, I have a test tomorrow and I need to study, thanks again, I’ll text you if there’s any important updates”
  • And with that he was off and you were left there to stare forward in shock and crushing disappointment
  • You had totally just been friendzoned hadn’t you? 
  • You groaned as you turned around and walked into your dorm room, shutting the door a little harder than necessary 
  • Yeah, you were totally just friendzoned
  • You moped around for a few days after that, making excuses to avoid hanging out with Minghao 
  • But you honestly felt bad about it because like,, he didn’t do anything wrong?? It wasn’t his fault he didn’t like you back or notice your feelings for him,,
  • Plus even if you weren’t dating, you still wanted to be his friend at the very least,,, and who said you still didn’t have a chance?? No one 
  • So you texted him asking if he wanted to hang out later that night after your classes were over 
  • Only to have your heart sink when he replied with “Sorry, let’s raincheck that!! I have a date tonight :)”
  • Okay maybe he was saying you didn’t have a chance 
  • Honestly that really hurt though,,,
  • Like he had laughed off the idea of dating you, and he wasn’t exactly flirty with you either, but he had never outright rejected you or dated anyone else
  • You always had a little bit of hope to hold onto,,, but now you could feel it being crushed under the big boot of reality 
  • So,,, what else could you do but mope around for a bit longer
  • You saw on Instagram after a couple of weeks that yes, Minghao and this person were now “official” and going steady
  • For your own sake, you avoided him as much as you could after that 
  • But to be honest it wasn’t like he was texting you as often anyways 
  • Most of his free time was now being occupied by his brotherly group of friends and new s/o
  • He didn’t have as much time for you now, and he had even less as the months went on
  • Suddenly there was no more movie nights, no more homework cramming sessions, no visits to the burger place, and definitely no more late night talks like you shared that one night
  • It was a bit… lonely honestly
  • It wasn’t like you didn’t have other friends because of course you did
  • It was just that you were without your crush now
  • Even if you weren’t together, at least you used to be able to talk to him and hang out with him
  • But as your second year went and your third year began in full swing, you found moments with Minghao few and far between 
  • You knew you still liked him, even if you had tried to deny it or go on dates with other people 
  • When Minghao broke up with his s/o halfway through third year, you two still didn’t see each other as often as usual
  • Sure, you now met up with him once every few weeks, but it just,, wasn’t the same
  • You knew that was mostly your fault, you were more withdrawn around him than before and you had thrown yourself into your studies to give you an excuse not to go out with him and the guys 
  • It just hurt you to be around him, because even if he wasn’t with someone anymore, he had indirectly rejected you enough times for you to have grown tired of it 
  • Besides he was handsome, talented, sweet, caring,,, all sorts of wonderful things that you had grown to fall in love with about him 
  • Surely he would date someone again in time
  • The whole thing made you a bit of a recluse,, you weren’t so eager to go out with friends or exercise or anything anymore and preferred to just stay in the comfort of your dorm room 
  • You were a bit ashamed about how a boy was affecting you so much,, but you couldn’t really help yourself, you had fallen in love and didn’t have any sort of rebound 
  • When the break between your third and fourth year rolled around, you found yourself not heading home, but instead taking a small pinch of your savings and money from your parents to go on a trip 
  • It wasn’t a trip to get over Minghao, because you knew that once you saw him again you would be right back at where you started
  • No, it was simply a trip for you to explore, to see things you had never seen before, to change as a person a bit 
  • Honestly,, it was really healthy for you too
  • You weren’t thinking so much about your school and your personal life, you were getting more exercise than you had in months (and you know exercise literally makes you happy), you were eating something other than your crappy college food
  • You were finally getting some s u n s h i n e crazy I know 
  • By the end of it, you found it easier to be around people again, easier to laugh and smile, easier to not think about your rejection 24/7, easier to just be… you again 
  • When you got back to uni for your final year, you started going out with friends more and stopped letting your studies and heartache eat you up so much 
  • You even found yourself hanging out with the Seventeen gang again
  • You limited your one on one interaction with Minghao as much as possible, trying to keep at least one other person around the two of you when you were together
  • You didn’t see him gazing at you with unanswered questions in his eyes and longing laced into the frown on his lips 
  • You didn’t notice the annoyance he felt when it was hard to get you alone or the difference in the way that he looked at you 
  • It wasn’t until the beginning of your final semester there that you heard a knocking at your door one night 
  • When you opened it, Minghao was there, an unreadable expression on his face and you felt the vaguest sense of deja vu 
  • “I need to talk to you” he said and you hated to admit that the words did something to your heart as you let him in 
  • Like the night in second year, you found yourselves sitting on your bed and he turned to you and you were a little surprised to see sorrow in his eyes 
  • “I miss you” was all he said and boy if you weren’t surprised before you certainly were now 
  • “I miss you” he repeated “We used to be so close, and then I was stupid and started dating someone who wasn’t even loyal-” you were certainly going to ask about that later “-and then you shut yourself up in your room for like an an entire year and I couldn’t see you as much and it sucked. And now when I do see you, someone else is around and that sucks too”
  • You took a moment to try and collect your thoughts, disbelief still keeping you reeling
  • Without thinking you told him “I wanted to distance myself from you because you friendzoned me” 
  • He froze as he looked at you, the gears in his brain turning as he remembered the night where that happened 
  • And then he groaned in annoyance, not at you but at his past self for being such an idiot, and buried his face in his hands
  • “I’m sorry” he muttered “I hadn’t realized my feelings for you”
  • “Feelings for me?”
  • And that was how Minghao confessed to you 
  • He told you that his feelings had started a little while before the night he came to you for comfort, but increased ten-fold that night
  • He didn’t really want to realize them though, because you guys had been just friends for so long that he doubted anything would happen, so he dated someone he found attractive enough to distract himself
  • And it worked for a while but not for long, and his s/o had grown jealous hearing stories about the two of you so they cheated on him and then broke up with him 
  • After that, he really couldn’t deny his feelings for you, and now here he was, pouring his heart out to you once again and looking at you with a desperate sort of hope as he asked if you would forgive him and accept him into his heart
  • A part of you wondered if you were dreaming- the universe was offering you everything you had wanted for years on a silver platter with such ease that you had to pinch yourself just to be assure that you really were awake
  • You were, of course, and you found yourself nodding as he wrapped you up in his arms, muttering soft “Thank you”s 
  • Your relationship was slow and awkward the first week or so, him stopping by your dorm to hang out with you almost everyday
  • But it had been awhile since you two were close, so it felt a bit new, even more so since he never used to touch you and now suddenly he wanted to hold your hand and kiss your face 
  • But then the first kiss happened and after that everything seemed to relax
  • It was a bit clumsy, really, you sitting in your desk chair and him crouching slightly to reach your height from where he was standing and trying not to wince at his knees protesting at the awkward angle 
  • But once his hands were on your cheeks and his lips found yours, he found that he didn’t mind it much
  • After that, the tension between the two of you thawed and you found yourself smiling with gusto nearly every moment you were with him 
  • Although the end of the year was looming over your heads, you both ignored it for as long as you could, wanting to enjoy your few months together for as long as you could 
  • You two really did have fun,, going on dates at least once a week, quizzing each other for tests and doing homework together, spending nights tangled up under the covers together because sometimes it was hard to find time for each other during the day, taking long walks around campus with hands locked together, spending nights talking for hours 
  • But as the word “finals” began to buzz around the school, you found your shared touches holding undertones of desperation and woe because you knew you probably weren’t going to wind up in the same place as one another once graduation came 
  • It was the night after your final test that the two of you finally tucked yourselves into bed, nuzzling close to share heat and strength as you finally discussed what you were going to do after graduation
  • He told you he had applied to a dance studio he had dreamed of working at as a kid,, but that it was back in China 
  • And you told him you had been applying to jobs in a town just north of your hometown so you wouldn’t have to stray far from your family or friends 
  • The words “break up” hung in the air, but you were both afraid to say them aloud after so recently finally getting together with one another 
  • But the next morning, as people in the dorm began to pack, you both finally voiced them, agreeing that a long distance relationship with no end in sight would be too hard and that once school ended in less than a week, so would your relationship 
  • You guys spent the day with the boys, who were sad to see their friend go but swore they would see him again, but the days after that were spent with just the two of you inside, wrapped up in each other and not ready to let go
  • But neither of you thought you would ever be ready to 
  • Graduation day was full of tears and promises to keep in contact and hopes that maybe one day his life would find him returning to you 
  • Your bus arrived first, and you exchanged a long kiss, one full of the worst kind of heartbreak and yearning 
  • Neither of you said goodbye, just told each other to stay safe and call often before you climbed aboard and waved as the vehicle drove you away, making you leave behind the boy you loved most
  • You two did make bank on your promises to stay in touch, but it wasn’t often
  • In the beginning, it was constant, but you both found that it made it so much harder to move on when you were talking so much, so you agreed to keep it to a few times a year 
  • You missed him with all your heart, but as time went on, it got easier for you
  • You dated casually every once in awhile, and you heard tales of him doing the same sometimes when you met up with one of the guys 
  • You saw photos of him whenever one of them returned from visiting him, and you smiled and said he looked good just like you were supposed to and did your best to bury the hole in your heart that called his name 
  • You didn’t see Minghao again for many years, and the day that you did was on a joyous occasion
  • Seungcheol was getting married to his long-time sweetheart and of course invited the two of you and the rest of the gang to attend 
  • You didn’t see him at first, but found him just before the ceremony began 
  • As much as you wanted to scold yourself for it, you found your heart leaping at the sight of your former boyfriend 
  • He looked different, older and more mature, the smile on his face mostly familiar but still with the slightest air of difference to it, because although much about him had not changed, just as much had 
  • Although he had missed you and his second family horribly, his adventures after college had been good for him
  • When he greeted you with that warm smile and a hug that lasted just a moment longer than it should have if you two wanted to keep things platonic, you were eager to hear about it and learn what had caused every little shift in his personality
  • While waiting for the ceremony to begin, he told you about working at the dance studio for a while
  • Once Cheol and his new spouse had finally tied the knot in a ceremony so touching and lovely there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience, you two were whisked away to the reception
  • While others began to dance and catch up with one another excitedly, you and Minghao found yourselves glued to your seats at the table next to each other 
  • He told you about how eventually he found himself in Taiwan for a while, then Japan, then even Europe for a few months, and then he was going back and forth between China and Thailand for months at a time
  • He told you all about his travels and the experiences he had gained working for various businesses and companies all over the place, and you couldn’t help but tell him how proud of him you were 
  • When he asked about you, he found himself completely captivated as you told him about how you moved to the same city as the boys after a year and a half of living the small-town life in favor of a new job and better opportunities 
  • You told him how much you loved your job and all sorts of stories about your work and your friends 
  • But it wasn’t long before you found yourself asking him “So, what’s next for you?”
  • A mischievous glint appeared in his eyes at your words, and the smirk that flashed across his face was hard for you to miss  
  • “Well actually, I’ve been offered a job managing a dance studio here in the city” he mentioned casually, sipping his wine like it was no big deal
  • “Wait are you serious?” you said, gripping his arm as he laughed and set the glass down 
  • “Yes, deadly serious,” he replied, a fond smile on his face as he looked into your eyes, which were now shining with happiness the way they had been when you cried for your friend as he got married
  • “You’re coming back?” you questioned, barely believing the words coming out of his mouth 
  • “I’m coming back” he confirmed, and he couldn’t help the delight that flooded his whole body when you threw your arms around him, excitedly telling him how amazing that was 
  • You talked about where he was going to live for a while before he cleared his throat 
  • “You’re not seeing anyone right?” he asked and it was your turn to smirk 
  • “Well not yet,” you hummed and he looked at you in confusion. “I mean I assume once you come back you’re going to ask me out again”
  • The smile that danced across his face and the gentle kiss that was pressed to your cheek as he grabbed your hand let you know that you were more than right
  • And that this time, the two of you weren’t going to have to separate the way you had before
  • No, as Minghao dragged you out to the dancefloor for at least one slowdance, you found yourself feeling quite certain that you were reunited with your forever person for good this time 

anonymous asked:

Yesterday I got out of class and my ex boyfriend that I still have feelings for was waiting for me to get out of class he walked me to my locker then leaned against the one next to mine and said “we should hang out some time like just you and I” it was honestly the most high school thing that’s ever happened to me and I can’t wait to hang out with him

aww that’s cute :) 

Halloween Drabble Event #3 The Bet...

Request: For the drabble thing can you do a request where gabriel and the reader have like some kind of candy bet with each other or something. thanks 

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 545

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When you passed the bunker kitchen, you failed to notice the trickster lurking inside, whose attention you’d caught.

“You know grocery bags belong in the kitchen right?” Gabriel ignored formal greetings, popping out of thin air beside you; eyeing what was hanging from your hand. “Where the hell are you off to?”

“My room. I just got some Halloween candy is all.”

Gabriel leaned in closer to you, eyes peeking for a better examination of the bag. The lollipop in his mouth almost fell out at the anticipation of new treats.

“Hey!” You raised the bag to hold close to your chest. “Manifest your own.”

You mistakenly led the archangel to your bedroom, failing to keep him out before you shut the door. You placed the bag on your bed, where Gabriel began to ransack it.

Gabriel raised a mischievous brow, pouring out the bag. “You’re going to eat all of that? What between now and next year? Come on; you can’t do that.”

“Care to make this interesting?”

“You can’t out-eat the Trickster. You’d lose up against me.”

“That’s not what I was going to suggest. Listen, I bet you that I can eat this all by midnight on Halloween.”

Gabriel took his feet off the table, slowly stalking around the table to hover in front of you. “What happens if you lose?” Gabriel asked, talking the lollipop out of his mouth, twirling the stick in his hand while peering at you.

“I will…”

“Go out with me.”


“You lose, I get to take you out on a date the next day.”

You bit  your nail, contemplating the idea. “Okay. And if I win I get a two-way trip to wherever I want to go in the world.”

Gabriel brought up his hand up to his mouth and chin, pretending to debate the bet for a moment before extending his hand.

One week was not enough time to eat four bags of candy.

Sitting in your room, you had to read over the last page of your book for the third time, the small pain in your stomach was increasing and you knew you had to surrender.

You’d barely begun the fourth bag by the morning of the 31st, and you knew whatever you put into your mouth would later come out. You thought to get it over with and call Gabriel sooner than later. If you were in pain, he may show mercy.


The archangel was standing before you before you finished his name.

Gabriel raised a brow. “Give up?”

You nodded, clenching your stomach. “You win.”

Gabriel stepped closer to you, leaning down to cover your hand with his. You felt his grace move through your hand and through to your torso, eliminating any pain.

Gabriel’s hand was still holding yours when you pulled it away from your stomach. “So, does the gloating begin now or what?”

Gabriel chuckled. “As much as I do love to win. It doesn’t matter.”

“What do you mean?”

“No matter who won, I still got to spend time with you, which will always be a win for me.”

“Awe, Gabe.”

“But, now it’s considered a date.”

You couldn’t help but smile as Gabriel walked out of the room with a click of his heels.

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i just got around to watching ice cave and can i just say i am?? LOVING this new trend of episode where the bears hang out with charlie by choice and not out of pity AND they don’t get angry at him for little mistakes any more !! like in private lake i was half expecting that cute scene where charlie talked about how happy he was to hang out with the bears to end in a joke but ?? they all just agreed!!! and even though he was the one who posted their location, the episode didn’t end with ‘the bears get angry at charlie until he fixes things,’ it just ended with them working together to fix things? AND they invited him to play board games and cheered him on and !!!!! i’m so proud of these friends they’re so good,,,

Not My Type Pt. 2

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(A/N: Hi this is the thing I didn’t wanna post yesterday bc it was bad. I’ve got too much in my life 2 bother rewriting it so eat the hell I guess.)

Request: “Maybe connected to the arcade imagine for beverly, like they’re all hanging out at the quarry and the boys want to know how bev and reader met. The girls share tje tale which includes the reader writing poems for bev and learning to play guitar just to sing for her. Something fluffy and cute. 😊 please and thank you.”

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That one time Harry Hart thinks Merlin is dating James Bond

Note: I just watched Skyfall for the nth time last night and this Merlahad idea came up to me, as Mark Strong and Daniel Craig are close friends. I was just gonna write a short post but it got away from me and I ended up writing the full fic. Nothing NSFW. This fic should take place before TSS, may be in the early 2000s

Summary:  Merlin and 007 are close friends. They’ve known each other since they were young and living in Scotland. They lost contact for a while but saw each other again in London so they became close again. Harry Hart, of course, doesn’t know that so he gets jealous over that other hot guy Merlin hangs out with.

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when my dad died, the most fucked up amongst the family was the dog. She loved hanging out with him when he got back from his late shift, and they’d snore together. When he died, suddenly, Chelsea would sit by the door waiting for him, and there isn’t a langage to convey that he wasn’t coming back again, so she would just wait by the front door. And everytime it opened you could see the disappointment. Can’t explain. It just was, and frankly it made the disastrous week even worse. When I moved out of my parents place, it apparently was the same thing with me, but she would be so happy wheni came back home. And now I don’t know if ill be able to see her before she gets puts down, and it really is fucking me up two klonopin style. Things have been bad this late summer but honestly, this is the worst. Goddamn dogs man. 


this is really random but i’m so grateful that taylor has brought these lovely ladies in my life and i just feel like broadcasting this to the world on this lovely friday eve. @taylorswift i want to introduce you to them and for you to love them as much as i love them. 
@monica-geller top left aka jess. i love her so much and she has become a mother figure in my life and always knows how to make me smile. @lastskiss top right aka liz. she has become one of my closest friends and we actually hang out regularly and that’s because of YOU!!! she has been in my life for so long and has helped me through so many dark nights and i owe her my life and love her dearly. @papersairplane bottom left aka ariana, i first met her in nyc during the 1989 tour and i got to hang out with her again since then. she’s the funniest person you’ll ever meet and such an amazing listener & friend and i love her. and all 4 of us in the btm right even though we haven’t all met together, 3 of us have and we added ariana’s bitmoji because that’s the best we have rn but it’s cute and she even brought her bitmoji cat so it really is a party

Got a lot of artwork done today, and I’m hanging off the sober train by my elbow with my legs dragging behind me, but I’m climbing back on.

These pickled mushrooms are good. Been drawing for seven hours in a row. Now I’m gonna kick back and watch some fucking movies.

Feeling pretty good.

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headcanon: naba is the first person connor came out to. (I just came out for the first time recently, so it's been on my mind lmao)

snsnsbhfhrh I like that. Like, everyone knows, because he’s who he is, but… The first time he outwardly admits to it is when he’s hanging out with Naba. They’d been friends since the beginning of his mission, so by the time that the Book of Arnold comes around, he’s come to trust her. He knew that if he told the other Elders, they’d be assholes about it, so he comes to Nabulungi first.

They’re talking or whatever, sharing stories about their days and what kind of people and situations they encountered while proselytizing. They gossip and laugh until it falls silent and Naba asks Connor what’s wrong, since he seemed nervous. Con reveals that there’d been something on his mind, something that he just had to tell someone. He stutters and trips over his words, struggling to let the words slip through his lips. Naba stresses, thinking that something terrible had happened, like that he’s terminally ill and dying or something.

When Connor manages to finally muster up the courage to admit that he’s gay, Naba smacks the back of his head. She yells at him for making her worry only to tell her something she already knew. When she registers the fear on his face and the tears in the corners of his eyes, she sighs heavily and wraps her arms around him. She squeezes him tight and tells him that it’s alright, that nobody gives a shit, and if they did, he’d probably be killed by then. She offers to beat the shit out of anyone who gives him crap, even getting Mafala in on it.

Soon after Connor comes out to his Boys, a new Commandent was written into the Book of Arnold. “Thou shalt not "turn it off.”

(CONGRATS ON COMING OUT BTW!!!! I hope you’re safe and well. I’m here for you if you ever need anything!! Proud of u, nonnie!!! ❤💛💚💙💜)


Just some of the millions of photos from the MCM expo and adventures with the incredible @littlebean-jellybean!!!

1-5 at the expo!
6- crafting because Heather says I have to hang my medals up instead of leaving them all sitting on a shelf 🤣
7-8 shakeout run featuring the most adorable tiny puppy (our running store manager just got her)
9-10 breakfast and hipster coffee this morning 😍

me and this girl just got dunkin donuts coffee right and its our first time really hanging out and she’s not actually raised american she’s arab and raised in italy and she and her other arab friend joked before we left “we’re arab so we dont get sarcasm” and i was like ??? and this entire like time we’re at dunkin donuts im just firing off sarcastic comment after sarcastic comment and i swear you could see like question marks over her head and she kept asking if im serious lmao

like i didnt realize american sense of humor must be so fucking weird but it is

So my dream last night combined Game of Thrones, Ripper Street, and the Old West….and a little bit of video games, just because there were Respawn capabilities.

So, we had a plan to save the old west town. But I found out that the scoundrel Yankee surgeon Homer Jackson was double crossing us and not being honest. So I screwed up his plan by doing the same thing he got the young boy to do. But Jackson was so upset, said I didn’t understand his plan, and, “You won’t get 40 yards in there before they’ll hang you!”

But Jaime Lannister knew we could do it, because he loved me, and together we would beat Cersei. Of course she was furious in the cold callous way of hers, but Jaime finally saw her for who she was and wanted nothing to do with that life.

And I knew, that even if I had to sacrifice myself, we would save that old west town because I had known Jaime’s love and that was enough. There would be justice, one way or another.

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the last zane vlog i watched was when he dyed his beard. i lost interest (this might not be a valid reason) once he started hanging with her and bc he really did change. now that we got some tea, so im tuning in this week

he may not post this week which would be completely understandable! but yes i am so ready to see if his content starts to change again now that she’s out of the picture

So guys today I am high-key freaking out; I’ve been invited over to hang out with someone from work (platonically, I mean).

I don’t make new friends very easily because I’m withdrawn and a bit weird and I don’t have a lot of free time for socializing. People who wanna actually like… talk to me and spend time with me (without wanting to sleep with me) make me feel, like, incredibly emotionally overcome… this girl’s pretty cool too, very smart and very funny…

So I’ve got like wine and movies picked out and probably too much food and an anxious lil knot in my stomach, please everyone wish me luck…..


I am someone who doesn’t care about idol dating shit basically. All I think is bang pd she asked me who do I ship. When I answered no one, she suddenly start getting annoyed and said 

“oh I forgot that a person without a heart cannot ship other people becuz they can’t relate and feel like normal people do. you should be thankful I hang out with you" 

(no girl, she cling on to me bcuz she is a bts saesang fan and no one wants to be near her) 

She provoked me and I got a bit pissed so I said 

“you know that I never believe in this jungri ship and stop being a freak. you always force me to ship jungri when I’m not even that interested in who bts like. what a freak”

she slap me across the face and splash water to me in front of the school cafeteria and scream something like


I had no choice but to give her a punch so she faint and I got a 1 week suspension and she got kick out of the school. This jungri shit is giving a slap across the face and it still hurtso I want to know what’s the big deal of this jungri shit anyways.Literally a slap across the face and a wet uniform and got back home to be whipped by my mother 5 times. I will never forget this. I am hurt and I didn’t gain anything from that either. Being humiliated publicly is too much for me to handle. I hate this.thank you so much jungri shipper