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Hey guys! I am so unbelievably happy to announce that my secret project is officially finished! After four solid months of work, Table Fables is complete. 

Now, Table Fables is a labor of love - 84 illustrated pages of item tables and generators to make dungeon masters’ lives a little easier. Inside you’ll find a ton of cool things including but not limited to: a full character generator, a disease generator, a kingdom generator, potion generator, a magic items table, a scavenging table, a curse table, a dream table and a ton of other little fun things!

If you want to check it out on Amazon, click here! It’s a super cheap, fun little book meant to make DnD a little more interesting. Thanks for reading! 

defenders of the universe

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“It’s…. I feel really bad for him. I wanna give him another hug, but this stuff doesn’t come out of clothes easy…”

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Jonsa AU: Poldark

(i don’t watch the show but basically i saw the promo photos for season 3 of poldark and gasped really loudly and then proceeded to make this at 1am in the morning. what are priorities?)

Let me Hear your Battlecry 1/5

Decided I’m gonna post this in Parts like I did with LSS.

The Moby Dick has surfaced and Sengoku’s teeth are clenched hard. This was not part of the plan, the Yonko wasn’t supposed to be capable of that. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

“You haven’t harmed my precious son, have you, Sen-”

However, Whitebeard is interrupted, rather rudely at that, by the sudden surfacing of more ships. 

From the startled look on the Yonko’s face, he clearly hadn’t been expecting it either.

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Jon Snow

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Me  @ hearing the blasted leaks. 

I finally made new NejiTen picture! (Sorry for not being very active recently)

This is how our favourite couple looks after having a “good time”. If anyone is wondering how exactly that quality time looked like and why the hell are there peaches everywhere, read the The Fruit by @fanfictioner22!

Have a good reading and let me know how do you like the picture by reblogging. Sharing is Caring! ;)

Daddy Duties

Simon Dominic (AOMG) x Y/N (Reader)
Genre: Family / Romance
Count: 2,083
Warning: Fluff
Rating: G
Requested: By @thessamd and also a few other anons who wanted Simon D fluff! Sorry for the long wait! I hope you all enjoy it :)
P.S. I’ve always wanted to call Simon daddy ;) ayeee

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“Kisa, come on, baby,” Simon urged as gently as he could in his gravely voice. His one and half year old daughter was currently trying to rip off a leaf on the plant in the lobby of the AOMG building. When she didn’t budge, he took her tiny fingers in his grasp and lead her down the hall, smiling when the front desk girls cooed at her.

His dark eyes trailed after the little tyke when she unlatched herself from his hands to run down the hall and into an open elevator. Her curly hair was tied in two messy pony-tails, obviously done by none other than himself, and bounced just as she did when the door closed behind him. Her Jordans matched his, as well as their coordinated outfits, which was just light denim jeans and black long sleeves since it was nearing fall. She was babbling in her baby language but when the doors slid open, she was sprinting once again.

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Sketching non chibi Promptis~

College AU thingy…

Where Prompto never greet Noctis on High school and ended up having the Prince of Lucis as his roommate during his second year on college :D

Idk what Major will Noctis pick.. so I put it as “???” for now

i had a dream about these two random guys getting together and it was the sweetest (and angsty-est) thing at the time - i was so invested! i just had to draw what i remembered!

might make a comic about these two one day once i flesh out their stories more

hope you enjoy this little doodle dump - had a lot of fun bringing them to life :)

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+ Jealousy.

Um, so remember how I said I was gonna cut myself off at 1500 words max? Yeah, I failed. This is +4k. It spiraled out of control and I’m like 95% sure there is a part two for this. If you guys are up for it of course. 

This is AU/AH role reversal of sorts, in which Klaus is Caroline’s assistant.

Klaus had always been good at keeping secrets. Ever since he was child, he managed to keep everything sealed inside of him. He kept his love for art a secret from his father. He kept the pain of his father’s slaps a secret from the world outside the confines of his home. As a teenager, he kept his sister’s boyfriends in check without her knowing. And he managed to keep his job at a bakery a secret from his family. At eighteen, he left his address a secret from his family until Elijah found him, relief on his face and hurt in his eyes and it occurred to him that this should not have been a secret. And through it all, what he learned to do best was to keep his feelings secret. With time, he learned to simply keep them in check. So it was no surprise that Klaus’ best hidden secret was his infatuation with his enchanting boss, Caroline Forbes. But it was a surprise to him that his feelings towards her continued to spiral out of control.

He met Caroline at 23 years old, freshly graduated from college, fascinated by the smashing success of her magazine at only 27. He went in for an interview for the position of her personal assistant, his tie slightly off-center and his palms sweating. His chances of actually snatching the job were slim to none. He had no experience beyond his time at the bakery which sustained him through university. He had no network to fall back on which could recommend him to her. But he was determined to go through with the interview. Caroline Forbes, he believed could teach him a lot. Fixing his glasses on his nose once more, he braced himself and walked in.

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I headcanon that ocean merformers have no chill when courting humans. aka they have no tact in subtlety. they're so far away from the shore that they're just #clueless. basically like epic heroes, except from the far-from-the-shores thing. unrestrained and just majesting their way through life, especially in courting a human. (and omg i can't help but imagine megatron or op holding a fucking trident. if tyrest were a merformer, he prolly would.)

Yes!  This!  Yes to all of this!!!  XD

While many ocean merformers prefer to just majestic their way through life in peace, some are high key obsessed with protecting their tiny, fragile, land dwelling neighbors, especially Optimus’ pod.  They have a strong desire to protect all humans, but they have a special connection to a group of marine biologists that inhabit a small research vessel called the Lost Light somewhere in the north Pacific.  Optimus believes that by working with the humans, they can better protect their ecosystem and help the humans understand more of their world.  (It goes without saying that the Lost light has never once encountered any storms or rough seas.)

While their leader tends to be more of a watchful guardian, many of Optimus’ fellow mers (coughcoughRodimuscoughcough) make no qualms about getting involved with humans.  Both the humans and mers find the cultural exchange fascinating, and the mers’ knowledge of the ocean makes their assistance invaluable.  A few mers will even use their shapeshifting ability to come aboard and hang out/party/flirt with the members of the crew until a grumpy Poptimus Prime has to call them back home.

And then you have mers like Tyrest who seem to enjoy making things difficult simply for the fun of it.  Maybe he finds humans inferior, maybe he’s just jealous at all the attention Optimus and his pod are getting, but either way, he seems determined to try to sink whatever human ships enter his territory, via large, magical trident-controlled whirlpools.  Optimus has lost track of the number of times he and his podmates have ha to put a stop to his nonsense.  “For frag’s sake, Tyrest!  Stop trying to drown all the humans!  They are trying to help us, you moron!  Do you WANT to live in an ocean with no ice caps?!  I didn’t think so!!!”


Part 01: A few days ago I had some problems and I even stopped talking to some people, first because I was not in the mood for it and second because I didn’t want to bother you. I thought about deleting this blog and sometimes I think about doing it, but I have lots of friends and I don’t want to lose them. I would miss you a lot if I left. I want to thank some people who helped me by sending me messages and also giving me edits (I don’t deserve this) but thank you very much ♥

Part 02: My classes started in a few days and that means I will not go in here often, so I’m sorry.

Part 03: Part 3: I got 7k+ \o/ Thank you so much guys!! Love you ♥

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