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“Before we were shooting the season, our diet was very strict during training, Dom and I went to the same restaurant every night because we knew we could get meat and vegetables, so we became regulars at this restaurant in Toronto. And thankfully, our craft team was really good this year on the set. We could ask for protein shakes whenever we wanted, and every morning when I got to my trailer, there was a coconut water, green tea with lemon and honey, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich waiting for me. It’s a very solid breakfast—although not the healthiest.”

them: can you rap?

me: you tell me


them: holy shit

@anclrewjosten​ asked me to expand on the dating season of my Foxhole Court meets the Amazing Race headcanon/AU so here goes:

  • recap: all the Foxes met on the Amazing Race years ago, Allison & Renee, Andrew & Neil, Matt & Dan were all on different teams originally but hooked up on/after that race and have now been invited back for Amazing Race: All-Star Couples
  • all the teams remained friends after they left the Amazing Race, their group chat names change based on their experience on the first race. It starts with “THE AMAZING DAN AND RENEE” because they won, it changes to “Neil Boyd” or “Matt Josten” because of all the fan theories that they were husbands, once it’s “Coconut Head Kevin” but Kevin changes it to “Aaron’s Coconut Rage Issues” because it was Aaron that threw the coconut that smacked him in the head
  • everyone this season is racing for 1st place and the right to change the group chat name
  • Phil comments on how, despite having found love on the race, Andrew still doesn’t smile that much - the editors have to edit him flipping Phil off but they really don’t want to
  • everyone places bets on how long it will take for Andrew to smile on camera, they get close after leg one when Neil and Andrew take first place and Neil kisses his forehead, his cheeks, his nose, his whole face really, in excitement. Andrew clenches his teeth and buries his face in Neil’s shoulder until he composes himself
  • Neil and Matt still act like husbands whenever they’re anywhere together: waiting outside roadblocks for Dan and Andrew, passing each other while running so they hug each other mid-run at full speed
  • the only time Neil doesn’t bro it up with Matt is when they’re on airplanes together because Neil and Andrew spend the entire time on their flights going over strategies (and it’s only 80% to keep Andrew’s mind off his fear of heights and flying)
  • the three couples decide not to ever U-turn each other, one of the random teams they don’t know U-turn Neil and Andrew - they don’t come in last because Neil & Andrew kick ass and race through both detours and a different random couple team gets eliminated but the Foxes make the the race a living hell for the couple that U-turned Neil & Andrew, it takes them two legs before they’re eliminated
  • the camera crew might not be able to catch Andrew smiling (because he doesn’t do it) but they are surprised at how often Andrew and Neil are kissing on camera, not even trying to hide it, they kiss each other all the time, on the lips, forehead, cheeks, one time Andrew kisses Neil on the back of his hand and one of the camera guys almost faints from how cute it is (the show was planning on giving them a much different, dramatic edit since Andrew is so ‘emotionless’ but they end up getting the most adorable loving couple edit)
  • after the angry and bickering edit Allison got on the last race, the editors are surprised to find Allison is much more chill and Renee doesn’t have a single explosive bone in her body. Allison rants and gets loud but never at Renee, she kicks something in frustration but as soon as she’s back with Renee she just calmly leans against her and sighs “that challenge was dumb” to which Renee replies “yes but you did it and I’m proud of you” “good, let’s go win”
  • Dan and Matt are the powerhouse couple, they can do everything, they’re both buff as hell, both energetic and passionate, they’re always racing ahead and doing the physically intense detours. and they’re always supportive and kissing each other but the cutest couple edit was already taken so they focus more on damn look at those guns and communication skills as they both lift up those rocks damn
  • there’s a roadblock where you need to complete the task where you have to go down a runway wearing heels and perform a routine - Allison kills it, surprising no one. Dan kills it, surprising everyone except the Foxes, no one expects Andrew to be able to walk in heels let alone move his hips like that (the camera guy actually faints this time)
  • Matt comments on how maybe Andrew should wear heels all the time because then he wouldn’t have to get up on his tip toes or haul Neil down by his neck for kisses but Neil says that Andrew doesn’t need anymore weapons (heels are painful Matt, I know Neil but think how cute, shut the fuck up Matt I actually like him short, I’ll f*cking kill you both)
  • the three teams end up being the final three teams (no one is surprised), it’s the most hectic final leg ever and all bets are off - they don’t actively try to trick each other but they don’t help each other in any way, they trash talk each other but in weird inside joke ways that don’t sound that mean but Matt gets so offended when Andrew shouts “Neil Josten can’t succeed at anything in life” at him that Matt stops mid-run to talk up Neil’s success story, “Navy Blue is not your color, Neil” Allison shouts and Neil starts running backwards to yell “Navy blue brings out my eyes!”, Dan is constantly saying “mediocre” and “weak” to anything the other teams do, Renee doesn’t say anything mean about anyone ever but stares at them until they get uncomfortable. The editors have to edit out all of Neil’s trash talk because it gets very specific, very long, and everyone just sort of stands around stunned for a moment before continuing to race
  • Neil and Andrew win but it’s one of the closest finals ever, Dan and Matt are in second, Allison and Renee in third. The other Foxes demand to know who won but they can’t tell anyone until the show is out and finished so the group chat name changes constantly to different guesses until they either run out of options or get strangely specific “Andrew threatened Phil until he gave him and Neil first place”, “Allison bribed Phil”, “Matt and Neil won” (they weren’t a team this time, doesn’t matter they still won together), “Kevin got hit with a coconut again” (I WASN’T EVEN ON THE RACE THIS TIME)
  • the group chat has never been more active than when the season airs, they all live text each other while watching it, guessing at who wins the leg, who gets kicked off, oh damn that team really fucked up they will actually die if Neil and Andrew go home this leg, wow Neil and Andrew are insufferably cute in this edit make it stop, WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO WALK IN HEELS ANDREW, Dan did you really give Matt a piggyback ride? i was tired and she’s so strong
  • they all get together at Allison and Renee’s place to watch the finale together, they turn it into a drinking game (every time Neil & Andrew kiss, Matt says “you’re the best” to Dan, Allison tells an inanimate object she’s going to sue it) and at the end of the night the group chat changes to “THE AMAZING NEIL AND ANDREW”

Vegan is boring, all you can eat is cookie dough bliss balls covered in chocolate and drink chocolate thick shakes… YEAH THATS MORE LIKE IT 🍩🍪🍫🍨
Guys, I was never into making bliss balls. It always felt like so much effort and I never had the right food processor for that. And if I really like a product, expect paragraphs from me because @fit_mixes is the best thing since sliced (gluten free) bread 😼
But honestly, this was my FIRST TIME making these babies and they turned out to be perfect all thanks to @fit_mixes which is a DIY protein ball mix. No blending required! Just add a bitta coconut oil, rice malt syrup, stir well and THATS IT.
Here we have chocolate and chia, vanilla and coconut, and my personal favorite: COOKIE DOUGH. I got a little creative and dipped it in melted #vegan dark choc… LIFE CHANGING 🍪🍪🍪

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BTS Discussing Following Activity

NJ : “Hey, hey listen boys. There’s no need to follow non-related music. Got it ?”
JK : “But what about Pewdiepie, he hel-”
NJ : “There’s no need excuses. Got it coconut head ?”
Sg : “I think we better follow him too right. Besides JK can get close to him.”
JM : “I agree with Jungkook.”
Jn : “Sons, hear from dad. Okay ?”
JH :”I think Yoongi is right. Dad please let him be.”
NJ : “No is still no for me.”
*BTS Unfollowed Pewdiepie*
V : *secretly following Gucci*
V : “Phew, I thought I’m gonna get caught.”
In the next morning :
NJ : “V, come here we need to talk.”
V : “Damn, he found me guilty.”
NJ : “Remember what I told you about yesterday?”
Jn : “Ssshhh, there’s no need explanation. Whatever the excuses, no is no.”
*BTS Unfollowed Gucci*

Soon after :
*Halsey and BTS followed each other*

What’s gonna happen next ? We don’t know

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coco oil disaster reporting: I'm okay! thank you all for the care! my hair is still kinda funny from all washing but it looks okay now. I'd ask for RFA+3 react @ MC messing up her hair (dyeing/haircut), maybe put this in your queue? thank you loves!

I’m actually really glad to hear that your hair is doing better and tbh I was talking to myself (don’t judge) about my hair and started to wonder about yours the other day (wow that’s probably creepy im sorry) so I’m glad I finally got to your request ^^;; ~Admin 404


-He’s probably the one who helps you mess up your hair?

-MC! He dyes his hair! He can totally help you dye yours!



-Cries with you when you see the results


-He finds a beauty club on campus and joins, hoping it’ll help him figure out how to fix your hair

-You won’t let him near your hair anymore, at all. He has to pat your back when he’s consoling you for weeks afterwards because you’re very serious about not letting him touch

-Begs to go with you to the beauty parlor to watch them fix it though!

-Literally praises your hair 27 times a day once it’s actually the colour you wanted, because you look so good!!! He tries to tell you that you were beautiful before but the glare you give him makes him hold his tongue

-You considered messing with his hair the next time he did it

-But realized that would be tERRIBLE and you weren’t sure you could deal with the poor baby’s crying poor bby ;A;


-You were just… simply getting ready for a night out with your boyfriend

-You couldn’t just go out in some comfortable clothes, nnooo

-You decided you had to dress up- jewelry, makeup, hair, the works


-So when you attempted to curl a piece of your hair and attempt to simultaneously talk to Zen, you thought ‘Hey, it’s easy, I can do this’

-You were wrong

-Did you know you could set the curling iron too high? No, of course you didn’t, because you didn’t read the instructions

-’Oh no,’ you thought, ‘I know how to curl my hair. I don’t need this. What’s it gonna say? Step one: curl your fucking hair?’


-Because that curl? Completely burnt off

-You now have a missing chunk of hair and the house smells like burning hair and no amount of candles can cover it

-Trust me, Zen tried. After over-reacting and practically dropping to the floor, mourning the lost chunk of hair

-Who’s more upset, you or Zen?

-You’re crying, he’s crying, everyone is crying up in this house

-He tries his best to try and help you hide it

-Luckily for you, it’s in a spot that it can be easily blended in until you decide what to do to fix it

-So he helps to style your hair in a different way until then!

-Always coming home with adorable hair accessories to mix up your hairstyle!

-And when you’re upset, he’s always there for hours at a time telling you how amazing and beautiful he thinks you are, and refuses to stop his speech until he knows you’ve forgotten all about your hair disaster (at least for the moment)

- seriously has to buy like 20 more candles to help the burnt smell in the house


-You just wanted to do a nice, relaxing, hair mask while you took a hot bath

-Did you buy a premade one at the store? No no of course not

-Your Pintrest loving ass had to make a homemade one




-Hours upon hours you’ve spent washing your hair and you just. Couldn’t. Get. It. Out.

-So when Jaehee came home and heard the water running she was obviously concerned because??? You texted her like a million hours ago that you were going to take a bath

-Did something happen to you??? Were you hurt??? OR WORSE???

-*Judo kicks down the door*

-Sees you just sitting in the bathtub, running water over your head, quietly sobbing

-*Mother Jaehee instincts kicking in*

-You explain what happened and she just laughs at you??? Like stOP LAUGHING MY HAIR’S A MESS

-She spends the rest of the night helping you strip your hair of the terrible mask you attempted, doesn’t stop until she knows your hair is gonna be okay

- that and she doesnt want that gross oil feeling all up on the pillows mc, keep it away from her at all costs


-”Why in the world did you attempt to cut your bangs yourself?? I have a hairdresser. Why didn’t you just make an appointment”

-You sat in the middle of the bathroom floor in defeat, a large chunk missing from your bangs, where you’ve been sitting for hours, crying on and off

-He stares at your hair for a good while, without saying a word. He’s trying to assess the damage, not judging you, stop crying MC

- mc, he has money, JuJu can fix this for you

-Bang extensions? Bang extensions.

-At least until your actual bangs grow out and you can style them

-He always tells you how beautiful you look, no matter what

-If he could, he’d fix it himself, but he knows that he’d just make it worse so he let the professionals handle it

-But he is a little…mothering? Always hovering and running around both you and the hairdresser

-Loves showering you with compliments no matter what your hair looks like, but he hides all the scissors from you. No joke. You can’t do any crafts without someone having to get you scissors. They check up on you every now and then. juST LET ME CRAFT, JUMIN, PLEASE

-You once threatened to cut Elly’s fur if he didn’t stop hiding the scissors

-But all that did was make sure that you only got safety scissors and a designated scissor handler daMMIT JUMIN


-You wanted to go for just a little trim of your split ends!

-The love of your life just wanted to scare you a little bit without realizing you were a little busy!

-Cue the fact that you now have a chunk of hair missing. What was once flowing, long hair is now as short as Jaehee’s. Only in one spot. Just one.


-He told you he loved it, you can just be unique with one spot shorter than the rest!

-”It’s a fashion statement, MC! It’s fabulous!”

- im gonna shove this fucking “fabulous” pair of scissors up your aSS SAEYOUNG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

-Runs away from you and your fury, scissors in hand.

-He comes back later, plopping one of his wigs on top of your head, kissing your cheek in apology

-Promises to get you an appointment with one of the best hairdressers! He’s gonna get this fixed!

- news flash, the hairdresser is him in disguise. He actually did a fantastic job at fixing your hair

-He’s so cute though! After he gives you an adorable (and flattering) new hairstyle, he can’t stop taking pictures of you??

-The group chat is spammed with candids of you and everyone else thinks it’s absolutely adorable! They all love your haircut too <3


-Okay but he’s the one who fucked up your hair

-How was he supposed to know just how much coconut oil was supposed to go in your hair? He’s never done it

-’The more oil, the more it’ll smell like coconut, right?’ is what he thought to himself

-Smh this asshole was just thinking of himself- he wanted to spoon you and just lose himself in a sweet coconut scent

-”Here, you said you wanted to try a hair mask thing, right? I researched and found that coconut oil helps… I got you some! Let’s go shower”

-Like hell yeah I’ll go shower with you Jihyun, who would turn that down??

-But now you regret it. You regret it and you wanna pour the rest of the bottle over his head

-Obviously he’s apologizing like crazy

-Sounds like he’s on the verge of tears and you can see the guilt splattered across his face


-He’s calling everyone he knows, looking all over the internet, anything he can do to help your hair

-Even calling some famous hairdressers he’s met overseas

-*Lays napkin on your head* “Sit with this on MC, maybe it’ll soak some of it up”

-Like clockwork, he’s changing the napkins on your head

-Well he got what he wanted- your hair smells like coconut. So does your whole bathroom. And house. And everywhere you go. He can pick you out of a crowd by following the coconut smell


-Also does his own hair

-Refused to help you dye your own because??? He’s not taking responsibility if something goes wrong

-He should have knocked on wood because…. You fucked up. Real bad.


-You MCFucked up(™)

-He walked into the room as you stared in disbelief that your hair was dry, coarse, and just all around dead

-What did he do? Stared blankly, finger-gunned, and walked out of the room. whAT THE FUCK SAERAN GET BACK HERE AND CONSOLE ME

-He sat in the bathroom while you dyed it *insert whatever colour you want here* hoping maybe the dye would bring it a little life?

-It Did Not.

-He bought you a few different hair masks and damage repair shampoos hoping it would help, and help stop your crying

-You made him promise to help you with your hair the next time you decide to do it. He agreed because jesus christ MC why would you do this to yourself okay but??? This whole part vof the hc is literally what i did when i first bleached my hair ;A;

-Seriously though, he helped no matter what you wanted to do from then on. You wanted to retouch the colour? He’s helping. You wanna change the colour? Also helping. You want it to go back to a normal colour? HelPING.

-Literally always on the internet looking at different articles on how to help repair hair damage, how to keep it healthy, different products you could use, he is not gonna let you do that again because??? He loves your hair and actually felt terrible when you cried about it

…He’s really determined to join that scarf club.

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“Just food?” | One-Shot

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook & Reader | Maknae line is mentioned

Genre: Fluff & Humor

Warnings: None

Word Count: 510 words

 Jungkook looked shook, “WHATT? Y/N ARE YOU SERIOUS?” 

Originally posted by jjks

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beauty guru

“Why is your bag so heavy?” I huffed as I held her backpack in one hand. “I received a lot of new stuff the other week, which I’ve been dying to try out” she explained as she took the bag from my hand and placed it on the floor. “You mean try out on me?” I said with a raised eyebrow. She looked up at me with a cheesy grin, as she crouched down and rummaged through the bag.

She placed every product in a pile on the living room floor. I laid on the sofa, searching through the TV, but watching her every now and again as she read the packaging of things intensely. “Ok Shawn, I’ve got something for you” she said as she held a product in her hands and ventured on her knees to the sofa. She knelt down so she was in line with my face. “What is it?” I asked as I propped myself up on my elbows. “It’s a herbal face mask from Origins it has bit of green tea in it, they do really good stuff” she said as she opened the packet. I glanced down at what was in her hands before she tried to put in on my face. “It looks like dirt, are you sure they didn’t just send you foreign soil?” I laughed as I dodged her touch. “Stop being such a baby, this will be good for you” she sighed as finally managed to reach my face. “Is it gonna make me look like a tomato?” I said as I frowned. “No,” she said as she smudged it across my cheeks. “It’s going to leave your face feeling refreshed and revitalised.”

I rolled my eyes as the smell of green tea filled my nostrils. “Hey, watch it” I sighed as I felt the cold touch of the product land on my collarbone. “Sorry,” (Y/N) giggled as she reached over my face for my right cheek. “You have really small hands,” I said, as her hand took up my view. “Thanks?” (Y/N) said in a voice which suggested she didn’t know whether that was a good thing. “There,” she said as she sat back down and wiped her hands with tissues. “How long do I have to stay like this?” I asked, already wanting to wipe it off. “It says ten minutes,” (Y/N) said as she read the package. “You’re kidding,” I said in a defeated tone. “Oh stop, that’s hardly anything” (Y/N) said as she stood up, placing a kiss on my forehead before retreating back to her pile.

“What other stuff do you have?” I asked, drawing my attention back to the TV as I felt my cheeks begin to tighten slightly. “I’ve got some coconut oil conditioner, lip kits - oh and some false eyelashes” (Y/N) muttered. “I am not testing them out for you, no matter what you do to make me say otherwise” I said, sitting back up on my elbows, feeling a strange sensation on my face as I raised my eyebrows.

(Y/N) threw her head back in laughter. “Last time you made me do that, I swear to god you pulled out more than half of my eyelashes,” I hissed, looking back at the TV. “They grew back eventually,” (Y/N) replied, wiping tears that had left her eyes from laughing. I shook my head, “It’s not good for someone like me. Having to take selfies with fans every single day, and asking them to put on a filter so I don’t look so stupid.” “You’re such a child,” (Y/N) sighed. I pulled out my phone and took a selfie on snapchat. I didn’t use any filters, I wanted everyone to see what (Y/N) was putting me through. I added the caption: ‘I’d drink green tea any day…but put it on my face?’

A couple of minutes later, (Y/N) broke out in laughter as she read through twitter on her phone. “Someone tweeted, ‘Why has Shawn got elephant shit on his face?’” she said through giggles. “I told you it looked dodgy,” I sighed, crossing my arms over my bare chest. “How long left?” “About six minutes,” (Y/N) replied. I let out a huge groan, forcing my tight cheeks to break the mould. “Ok, you’re free,” (Y/N) said as the ten minutes came to an end. I leaped from the sofa and hurried to the bathroom, stopping in the door way. “How do I get it off?” I called out. “Massage your skin with water,” (Y/N) replied.

I rubbed my face for a good five minutes until it was completely off, resulting in my face looking red - just like a tomato. “Does your face feel any different?” I heard (Y/N) say from the door. I looked in the reflection of the mirror, “My face feels horrible.” She rolled her eyes as she leaned against the doorframe. I dried my face and wandered over, placing my hands on her waist. “What’s this?” I asked, tracing my thumb across her lips. “It’s a lipstick, do you like it?” she asked, smiling. I nodded before placing a passionate kiss on her lips. “Very much actually,” I whispered, leaning my forehead against hers. She grabbed my chin, “It looks good on you too, it matches the shade of your face.” Before I could respond, she broke from my hold and ran down the hallway seconds before I chased after her.

Junk Box!

I have now received my November junk box from @shiftythrifting today! Here are the contents:

I love the shirt! My Mom and Brother also enjoyed the pack of glow sticks as much as I did. I honestly want to make the coconut chews sometime. I also got three crystal erasers (first thought was “reminds me of Steven Universe”),but anyway, Thank you, @shiftythrifting !

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I got chimchim im dumping jungcocks ass bye coconut head not before i steal your white shirts tho mmuah *smiles sweetly*


Namjoon: Finally…


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What products do you use specifically for your face?

hello anon! i have combination and acne prone skin, and for the longest time, i was using products that weren’t doing my skin any good. in the summer, i started doing some research, and these are the products that i’ve found to work the best for my skin. 


2-in-1 facial foam: witch hazel + lemon + green tea

this cleanser helps to prevent breakouts. since i have started using it, i have seen a significant reduction in the number of breakouts that i get. i usually use this in the morning. 

2-in-1 facial foam cleanser: green tea + white lily + rice water

this cleanser helps more with acne scars. i often use this one at night. 

facial mists:

rose water double-action toner mist infused hydraspritz

i love this product!!! it smells lovely and is super hydrating and soothing!! it also helps with acne/inflammation. 

herbivore rose hibiscus coconut water hydrating face mist

i actually got this product because i was running out of the other facial mist i mentioned. it’s quite hydrating, and it smells nice too. 


the ordinary niacinamide 10% + zinc 1%

overall a pretty good product. helps with blemishes and balances sebum activity. it’s super affordable too!!


glo skin beauty oil free moisturizer

i’ve been using this product for years and it’s quite nice! but it was recommended by my dermatologist so it’s a bit on the expensive side. 


eltaMD UV shield broad-spectrum SPF 45 

a good sunscreen if you have acne/oily skin. this was also recommended by my dermatologist. 

overnight masks: 

water sleeping mask

this mask is very hydrating!! i like it a lot. i just put some on before i go to bed, and i wake up with hydrated skin!!

snail repair overnight gel mask

i love this mask. it really helped to reduce the appearance of my acne scars!!


apple smoothie peeling gel

makes my skin super smooth without drying it out!! it smells nice too. 

that’s basically it! i hope this helped!! please let me know if you have any more questions and i’ll try my best to help you out!! 💓💓