i got the ball

That Catch22 of like.

Getting annoyed at people for being all “lol at anyone fake-deep who thinks they understand what’s going on on Twin Peaks”

But knowing that explaining that 1) you’re not supposed to immediately understand how everything fits together, it happens gradually. The man has more freedom to indulge his weird brain this time sure but the formula is very similar to the original story, and even then, we didn’t get all the answers, and 2) Dude they just showed where Bob came from….

….just makes you look and sound exactly as pretentious as implied XD

I’ll be over here enjoying my infuriatingly drawn-out nightmare fuel.

i didn’t know where to go with this comic (i had a whole draft drawn but it didn’t feel right to me), so i’m just gonna post my fave part ok. *dies*

You have no idea what it means to see beautiful black people decked out in all regalia in a full on costume piece, where they’re not slaves, but are kings, princes, princesses and people of the court. I don’t care if it’s not a critically acclaimed series. If white people can have trashy dramas that go on for 15 seasons, then let POC, let black people have theirs.

As soon as I sat down to watch and saw Lucien Laviscount as Romeo make his way across the screen, a beautiful black prince in his gorgeous “fourteeth” or “fifteenth century” (because this show is all over the place with their costumes) attire, Medalion Rahimi as Princess Isabella looking like a QUEEN or Lashana Lynch and Ebonée Noel as Rosaline and Livia looking divine at the ball, I got a little misty eyed. I felt like a little girl when I watched Brandy’s Cinderella for the first time. Please, don’t take this away from me.

Unknown: (grab his nose or boop it?)

Yoosung: What are you d– oh!

definitely boop it

the signs as 'life on the murder scene' moments

aries: “better stay on that side of the street, motherfucker. i’ll knock you out.”

taurus: frank trying to take a shower by the fence on warped tour

gemini: their adoration for new jersey/anytime they mention something about how grimy it is

cancer: ray putting his hand in a cupcake during a serious talk and thinking it’s hilarious

leo: the kickball game - “easy peasy pumpkin peasy. pumpkin pie, motherfucker!”

virgo: mikey straightening his hair on the bus and complaining about being recorded

libra: “i’m sick of seeing my face but i’m allowed to be sick of seeing my face because it’s my fucking face”

scorpio: almost drowning on the ghost of you set - “when my balls got wet, that’s when i got scared”

sagittarius: the band forgetting ray at the truck stop and driving away

capricorn: when they sell 11,000 records and mikey says his mom probably bought 10,999 of them

aquarius: gerard getting kicked out of his old band for not knowing how to play sweet home alabama on guitar

pisces: gerard reminiscing about playing peter pan as a kid - “everything i had built, i had ruined”