i got the arts

This was supposed to be a quick coloured sketch but it took me way too much time and it’s not exactly how I wanted it to turn out. Buuuut,it’s our boy, Mateo and I felt bad not posting it. 

I just love the close connection Mateo has with his grandfather despite having never met him. Through his heritage, his mother’s stories, the books Alacazar left behind,  Mateo has a deep bond with him and hopes that one day he’ll be a worthy royal wizard, like him.

I can’t seem to draw/focus today which is a shame because I had a vicious attack thing planned for @mushroomminded in response to that “wonderful” Nuclear Winter AU that’s destroying everyone. So I just tried to write it out instead.
Btw I wrote this out at work in tumblr drafts so please forgive any errors as I didn’t exactly take time to edit it.

Mad Max post apocalyptic AU. Makes a few references to the 2015 game but you don’t really need to have seen any of the movies or played the game to get it.


Pau wished he was back inside, back under the heavy shadows of their home and in the deep coolness of the caves. Instead he was out here under the morning sun, squinting into the horizon with the bleached sunlight scoring the back of his neck. The dusty tarp stretched over his lookout did little to stem the heat that was steadily rising as the sun rose higher. 

He itched for a cigarette. Instead he worried his teeth into his dry lower lip and shifted his weight slightly, angling his crossbow down a little more. The rocky cliff face cast a long shadow across the wastes, blue-purple against the pale reds and yellows. The tips of the shadows pointed West, towards the deep curls of sand dunes and, much farther out, beyond Pau’s line of sight, the edge of Jeet’s territory where it faded into The Great White. At his back, he could feel the Big Nothing gnawing at his nerves.

With an audible sigh, he settled back against the rock face and readjusted his goggles. His gaze never strayed from his constant sweep of the horizon.

They were late.

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