i got that from okami


Revisit Human!Cloudjumper concept

The two at the bottom were what i used to go with but it changed overtime, still, I kept these aspect I’ve always see in him since the first day I saw his character; the tribe-y feeling, him buff-y-ness, huge jaw line and the braids. The mask idea came after I watched Okami and got that idea from Oki and Samickle  that it would fit him better than the helmet (something I’ve always put on my human dragon design as a equivalence their horns). Those fur/fake hair(?) that came with the mask replaced his flap-things(?) on his head, covered up his real hair that as lion-like wild but I also want him to look attractive and majestic in it too and for some unknown reason, I have to look up Bigby Wolf for that.

let’s be real here, in this AU the idea of human!cloudjumper kidnapped Valka to live with him for 20 years’ kinda ????