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glinda for day nine ✨

Brandon Sanderson has taken  preparations in case of the worst

Brandon Sanderson revealed the following in case of the worst possible scenario - his premature “departure” and what is gonna to happen then with The Stromlight Archive series.

“On one hand, I’m 41, with a good 30 years of books to write. And anyone will be nervous confronting their mortality.

 On the other hand, I had the experience working on the WOT to accustom me to these sorts of ideas. I have a good team in place, and am an outliner. I could, and will, have things in place so near finished series can be finished by someone else for the fans.

 I am looking at getting a really good outline for books 6-10 of Stormlight ready. That would kind of be my cutoff, I think. If I got sick with a terminal disease tomorrow, my instructions would be for my team to release the notes. 7 out of 10 books are just too many to release posthumously. But 5 would probably work, on the extreme edge. 

Better that none have to, but I would rather know something is in place. “ 

40k pet peeve of the morning: vehicles with transport capacities of 5 or 10 instead of 6 or 12.

Fuck you I wanna put a full squad AND an HQ in there you fucks how else are my officers supposed to do their fucking JOB?!

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"Hey Waluigi, this is about your brother- your REAL brother, Luigi. He... his Terminal 7 started acting up. he escaped the compound, and he fought his way back to Mario. Well, his limp body, anyways... He murdered so many people on his way there. Please, if you see him, call someone to detain him. It's painful, I know, but that was going too far, even with that horrible disease. I fear for my life as well as yours and Wario's. Please make sure he's stopped." -Bowser


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Yesterday I went into work on my scheduled time, and it turned out they changed it on me. Literally they didn't even bother to tell me. I wouldn't be as annoyed but I was running off of 3 hours of sleep, no breakfast, and I have to drive damn near a half hour to work. Literally they changed my time to night shift. Now I'm kinda sketchy to go it today out of fear they changed my night shift to morning shift and didn't bother to tell me

That is how I got transferred out of my first store. I had Monday’s off forever so I can go to doctors appointments. I got a call from the head cashier telling me I was late. I told her I don’t work on Monday. She said to come in or I was terminated. I got there and showed her the polaroid (it was before cell phone cameras.)  that proved I was off. She told me I was terminated and tried to get me to leave before I could talk to the management. Me being the 1yo hot head I was screamed F-YOU and rushed out. But I was a little too aggressive with the door to the counter and knocked the wall down and all the cartons of cigarettes went everywhere. I believe I broke the door on my way out too (they never mentioned if I did or not. But I know I knocked it off track.) I then drove straight to the district manager and had a meeting with him telling him everything that happened. Since I told him before she did what a mess I made he wasn’t that angry with me, I guess he didn’t want issues from her changing the shifts around. He offered to put me into another store and drop the whole matter. After what I did leaving that store I took the offer without a second thought. I never found out if she got into trouble for changing the schedule but I didn’t have to work with her again until after I was in corporate and I went to the store where she was a dept manager to train. I have no idea if she remembered me or not but she never said a word to me the hold year I was there. 

Moral of my story is if at all possible document your schedule and hours worked and don’t trust them to not mess you up. 


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remember when yall sold shit diet pills

Nope because I never did!!!!! I have actually only had a big account the last year or two. When all the blogs like pizza etc got terminated I had like 10 followers so go message the accounts that actually did not me because I didn’t do shit

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Businesses with a strict rule that if you can't come in to work for whatever reason (Sick, family emergency, etc.), you have to find someone to cover your shift is incredibly bogus. I once got threatened with termination on my own birthday because I had asked SEVERAL people to cover my shift and not one person said yes. (Mind you, I covered these people's shifts constantly) and I had a tattoo appointment scheduled that I could NOT get out of.

the signs as rpc excuses
  • aries: how would you feel if YOU were on the opposite side
  • taurus: i have anxiety and this is making me uncomfortable
  • gemini: this is the internet, there are no trigger warnings in real life
  • cancer: i'm popular and you're just trying to ruin my name #NobodyCanDragMeDown
  • leo: i got a terminal illess *insert pics that arent even the person shaving their head*
  • virgo: i was hacked?
  • libra: i'm only 15
  • scorpio: i've actually had personal issues with *thing they're being accused of* in the past :/
  • saggitarius: it's none of ur business, leave them alone
  • capricorn: i was bullied in the rpc 2 years ago
  • aquarius: educate them nicely, coddle them, spoon feed them, dont yell and start dramaz
  • pisces: my friend was on my account
Visions - Oliver Queen

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Prompt- “Can u do oliver queen/reader pls? Where reader is a nonfighter part of recent member for arrow team. She has vision of people in trouble. First time they met is because she tries to warn him a threat on his life. Pls?” -anon

Word count - 1,940


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Crushing On My Manager (Xiumin)~ [Part 2]

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It’s been a nice three months working with the boys. I’m starting to get tired but I couldn’t let the boys know, they have too much on their minds at the moment.

They’re more tired than me anyway with all the promotions and recordings.
Through these three months, I’ve sort of…should we say, developed feelings? I kind of like Xiumin. He’s kind and quiet, yet he’s also charming, cute and fun. We’re awkward with each other every time we’re talking. Either I start blushing or he starts rubbing his neck awkwardly.

But onto another subject, we were at the airport right now, flying back to Korea. I was beyond tired because I had only 45 minutes of sleep. My head was pounding and only got worse when the giant crowd of fans were screaming and shoving around to get a glimpse of their boys. Security was holding them back just fine, none of the boys were touched (thanks to me).

We boarded the plane, I took the window seat and sighed in relief. Someone sat down next to me and I looked up. Xiumin. I could feel my cheeks start to heat just looking at him.

“Hi, Xiumin.” I greeted. He gave a shy smile back before his eyebrows furrowed.

“Are you okay? You look exhausted.” he stated.

“A bit, but I’ll be okay.” I yawned. He shook his head.

“Take a nap for a few hours. I’ll wake you up when we land.” he offered his shoulder to me. I smiled with a ‘Thank you’ before resting my head on his shoulder before dozing off.


My seat on the plane was right in front of Umin and Manager Dongsaeng’s. Sitting next to me is Chanyeol, of course.

Some of our fans were also flying to Korean and they were on the plane right now. Some were whispering and freaking out, pointing towards us. I grinned for some pictures before sitting up and turning around to look behind us.

Our Manager was sleeping on Minnie hyung’s shoulder. I smirked at Xiumin, he gave me a deadly look.

“It’s so obvious that you like her, hyung.” he whispered. At this sentence, Chanyeol also got up and turned to us.

“Stop saying that, what if she hears you, idiots?” hyung asked. I chuckled.

“It’s obvious she likes you too.” Chanyeol added. I nodded, agreeing.

“She doesn’t, stop saying stuff like that. I’ll hit you guys when we get home.” Xiumin threatened. At that, the two of us laughed.

“Please. Hyung, you two can’t be more obvious. Everyone pretty much knows you two like each other. Even the fans do. See? Look, they’re looking and taking pictures and giggling.”  I pointed out. He rolled his eyes and shook his head, avoiding our eyes and looking at Manager Dongsaeng.

“Hyung, just ask her out.” Sehun, in the seat behind them also stood up.

“Mind your business, maknae.”

“Hyung, we’ll support you, just ask her.” Kai popped up next to him.

“You need girlfriend anyway. You’re not going to be 25 forever.” Chen, sitting next to them butted in. We all grinned big at the two of them. Xiumin let out a big sigh.

“She’s our manager, that would be unprofessional. What if she gets fired? You know there’s a 'No Dating’ policy in the company.” he reminded us, making us all frown.

“Kkaebsong.” I mumbled before getting back to my seat, the rest followed.

“We’re not going to give up are we?” Chanyeol asked.

“Nope.” I answered before creating a group chat with all the members besides Xiumin and our dear Dongsaeng.

Through the rest of the flight, we were creating a plan to get the two together. Once the plan was successful, I decided to scroll through Instagram. Something caught my eye;

Oh my god, look! These two look so cute together, I swear to God. I don’t know if they’re dating or not but I totally support it! #Xiumin x Manager Dongsaeng!

I started laughing and showing Chanyeol. Everything I scrolled to, everyone was freaking out about the picture of ____ sleeping on Xiumin. Many even supported it, they actually wanted a relationship to happen between the two. I know this will spread like wildfire and it only made me want to help it.


Someone was shaking me awake. My eyes opened and started to adjust to the light.

“We’ve landed Dongsaeng-ah.” Xiumin announced. I instantly got up as soon as it was allowed and everyone was rushing out. Baekhyun was grinning for some unknown reason as we walked down the terminal.

I got security to create a barrier to stop the incoming fans that were about to trample us. We aboarded the car that was waiting for us and I got a text. It says that we have a manger meeting once I got back. The boys have the day to rest before going to practice tomorrow.

I told them I had to go to a meeting so they went to take a nap and do whatever they usually do.

When I arrived at the meeting room, and our very own founder was there and no one else. Bowing out of politeness I took a seat.

“It seems that some fans have come to new conclusions. Are you familiar with this picture?” he showed a photo on the screen. I gasped when I realized that it was of me, sleeping on Xiumin’s shoulder.

“They’re thinking or starting to think that you two are in some sort of dating relationship. Care to explain?” he crossed his arms. I started stammering.

“S-sir, I was very tired and was taking a nap, Xiumin-ssi and I don’t have a dating relationship, believe me. He was offering his shoulder for me. It’s my fault that I took it, don’t punish him.” I said with all the air I had before taking a deep breath. He started to chuckle.

“I’m not saying that I’m against it. The fans seem to love the fact that you two are "together”. They even want it to happen.“ he smiled. I was confused and lost.

"Besides, Xiumin needs a girlfriend. He’s not going to be 25 forever.” he said with a tiny shake of his head. I let out a small giggle.

“Then what are you trying to say, sir?” I asked.

“I’m trying to say…I want you and Xiumin to get together.” my jaw dropped and my eyes widened.

“B-but isn’t that against the 'No Dating’ policy?”

“It is, but I own the company, and I believe that if the fans got what they want, the two of you in a relationship, more money would roll in.” he explained.

“What if Xiumin doesn’t want to? He doesn’t even like me in that way.” I replied.

“At least try? I’m not forcing you into anything, but try something.” he pleaded. I sighed and nodded.

“Understood.” and with that, he dismissed me.
I made my way back to the dorms to see Kai, Sehun, Baekhyun and Chanyeol playing Wii Sports. Chen and Lay were on the sides, probably waiting for their turn. Suho, Kyungsoo and Xiumin were just watching with amusement.

As soon as they heard the door close, their attention turned to me. I gave them a grin.

“Dongsaengie!” Baek exclaimed, handing the controller to Chen, who immediately started playing.

“Hey, I was thinking, well, the members were all thinking, we should all go out for dinner!” he said, walking me to the couch, sitting me down next to Xiumin.

“We did?” Xiumin asked, confused, looking around.

“But…we always go out for dinner.” I reminded them.

“We know, but this time…” Baek trailed off.

“I’ll pay.” Suho spoke.

“Really? If you guys insist, okay.” I agreed.

“Great! Get ready by 7 later today! Look pretty!” Chanyeol suddenly said before swinging his arm, his animated character hitting the tennis ball on the screen.

“Can’t I just wear regular clothes?” I whined. Baekhyun and Chen gasped.

“Absolutely not! You know what? I’m gonna pick out your outfit. If you don’t wear it, I’m going to purposely hide all your belongings everyday. And I’ll make sure you can’t reach them.” Baek threatened before leaving to my room.

It’s 6 right now. I went to wash up and get dressed.

Someone knocked on my door.

“Are you ready?” Xiumin called. I looked at myself one more time in the mirror.

“Yeah.” I replied, getting up and leaving my room. He was standing in front of the door, staring at me. My face turned red.

“I-it’s too much isn’t it? I should’ve known Baekhyun would choose something strapless, why do I even have this in my closet.” I looked down again. He quickly shook his head.

“No, no, no! It looks great! You look amazing.” he smiled, cheeks turning pink, matching mine.

“Thank you.”

“Let’s get going, they’re all waiting in the car.” he said, popping out his elbow. I giggled and hooked my arm in his before he escorted me down. There parked in front of the dorm was a limo.

“Suho?” I asked. Xiumin nodded with a sigh. We entered the vehicle to see everyone already sitting there. Baekhyun with a huge evil grin on his face.

“Ahh, finally. I knew I had a fashion sense.” he wipe the nonexistent dust from his shoulder. I kept getting compliments from the boys on our way.

The car stopped and I was waiting for them all to get out first but no one budged.

“You two can leave first, I mean you’re the closest to the door.” Chen started. Xiumin listened and opened the door, letting me out first and he got out. We both started walking before we heard the door slam shut; Baekhyun with his head coming out of the sun roof of the limo.

“Enjoy your date, lovers!” he exclaimed with a laugh.

“The reservation is under the name 'Xiumin and Soon-To-Be’.” Chanyeol added before the car sped off.

“They’re not coming back are they?” I asked, watching the car get smaller.

“Nope. They set us up.” he answered.

“Do we leave too or…” I trailed off.

“Let’s enjoy the dinner. I mean Suho did pay for everything.” he suggested. I agreed and we entered the restaurant.

“You two must be Xiumin and Soon-to-be. Right this way.” a waiter took us to our table for two.
We ordered, and ate, there was a minimum amount of talking.

“Do you have any idea why they did this?” I asked, taking a bite out of my food. He nodded.

“On the plane, they saw you sleeping on my shoulder and started saying stuff like, "You two would make a cute couple.” or “You need a girlfriend Xiumin-hyung.”.“ he said. My heart dropped a little. Does he not agree with them? Does he not like me? I felt a little disappointed.

"They probably set this up as a way for me to…um…ask you.” he stuttered, taking a sip of his water. I looked down at my plate of food.

“Once I get back, I’m going to beat them. Then probably hide their favorite belonging. Care to join?” I asked, trying to smile a little so he doesn’t notice the sadness in my voice.

“Sure. But before that…um..will you..be my girlfriend?” he asked. My eyes widened and I looked up at him.

“Y-you don’t have to! I mean I just…I like you a lot. I know it’s unprofessional to be dating my manager but..I thought I’d give it a try, I’m sorry.” he apologized quickly. I smiled.

“Yes.” I answered. He, too, looked up at me with wide eyes.

“I like you too Xiumin.” I confessed. He took a little time to process my words and then smiled.

We spent the rest of dinner talking and joking around before leaving (Suho already paid for any meal beforehand.)

“So, who’s the first victim when we get back to the dorm?” I asked, looking over to him.

“Baekhyun.” We both nodded, walking back home hand in hand.


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[Part 1]


I’ve got the silliest mental image in my head of someone pulling a gun on a bag full of bills and yelling, “Back away or the money gets it!” causing Felix to throw his hands in the air anxiously and say, “Wait, stop! You don’t wanna do this!”

Meanwhile, Locus is giving Felix the most unimpressed look known to man.

Best hostage situation ever.