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Joker imagine: Daddy kink

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Could you do an imagine where the reader is J’s girlfriend & she’s cute & needy & heavily into the Daddy kink & it drives him crazy (not able to focus on work) then rough smut happens thxx

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Your P.O.V.

Oh how boring a day could be. J was stuck in his office trying to work as I wandered around the penthouse with absolutely nothing to do. The tv was on, but I gave up trying to find something interesting to watch. Maybe I could talk him through and so we could go out for a drive around the city or something? Being alone was the worst.

‘’Daddy!’’ I whined as soon as I opened his office door.He was sitting on his big leather chair and facing down to some papers. Didn’t even raise his eyes. ‘’Daddy I’m bored’’I told him and walked further into the room. I was wearing his purple button up shirt as my only clothing right now which was something he usually liked.

‘’Go bother Frost or something, I’m busy’’ He mumbled and then grabbed a new paper. I crossed my arms and decided to give this man a break from planning so many crimes. ‘’Come on..We could do something else daddy’’ I winked and leaned against his desk. I knew this was risky, but man I had nothing else to do either. J looked up to me and saw what I was wearing. ‘’Baby girl, daddy is working. I’m coming later’’ He tried to say calmly, but I knew I was getting onto something. 

‘’Ooh that’s a pretty pen’’ I chirped and took his pen from his hand. It was a normal black pen, but I had to get it away from him. ‘’Give it back’’ He demanded and reached out his palm for me. ‘’I don’t think so. You should take a break ‘’ I smiled and then put the pen in the pocket of his shirt that I was wearing. His eyes grew darker and I knew I was pissing him off. 

‘’Y/N I swear to god I need it’’He growled and stood up. Yes. ‘’Come and get it daddy’’ I encouraged him and walked backwards as he came closer. He clenched his jaw and his breathing got husky. He gave me a dark look and then saw a wall nearby. Before I knew it, I was pinned against the wall and J was in front of me. Our eyes met and I saw how full of lust his were. ‘’That’s a start. At least you got your bum off of that chair’’ I chirped happily. He put a finger on my lips and took a deep breath.

‘’I’m really trying to work baby, but you’re making it hard for me’’ J growled with a very serious tone. Just what I wanted to hear. ‘’Sorry. There’s nothing to do so I wanted to come and see you daddy’’ I pouted and then used that one word that always drove him insane. ‘’You know you shouldn’t interrupt me’’ the corners of his mouth curved into a smile. I nodded to let him know that I knew I was breaking the rules.

‘’Such a bad bad girl’’ He whispered darkly and licked his lips. ‘’Sorry daddy’’ I apologized, but I didn’t mean it at all. I knew I was about to get him over the edge. ‘’Careful’’ He warned me and pointed at me with his long finger. ‘’For what?’’  I grinned and then he murmured something under his breath. He was trying to stay calm, but I wasn’t allowing that to happen. ‘’Let’s do something’’ I sighed and pulled his shirt. ‘’You keep misbehaving over and over again. I think someone needs to be punished’’ He suddenly noted and grabbed my wrist. 

Goal achieved.

His eyes darkened and I knew he was angry that I got him away from work. Suddenly he started walking back to the desk and pulled my wrist and forced me to follow him. I tried to contain my excitement as he finally decided to do something. J pushed me against the flat surface and then lifted the hem of the shirt I was wearing so my bum was visible for him.

‘’How many do you think that you deserve, hm?’’ He nearly growled and put his other hand on my back. ‘’I don’t know daddy.. 3?’’ I suggested innocently and fluttered my eyelashes at him. He just chuckled and my suggestion. ‘’You haven’t been that good. I think it’s more like 10′’ He thought out loud and rubbed the skin softly. I knew that his spanks were hard, but I had a weird pain kink, just like the daddy kink that turned us both on.

Then out of the blue he slapped his palm against my ass, making me gasp in surprise. A stinging pain took over, but it was replaced my pleasure. ‘’Count’’ J demanded and then spanked me again. ‘’2′’ I moaned out and held onto the edge of the desk. ‘’Oh..you like this don’t you?’’ He questioned me with a husky voice and slapped my bum cheeks. ‘’3..’’ I whimpered and ignored his question. He was making me extremely wet now. 4..5..6..7..8, all in a row and it made me yell out. My eyes got teary, but I still kept a smile on my face.

‘’Oh you’re such a bad girl Y/N’’ He let me know. ‘’I can’t help it daddy’’ I defended myself and deserved a harder spank, making me groan. ‘’9′’ I muttered and prepared myself for one more. J knew that i got impatient easily. So he waited just to be a damn tease. ‘’You won’t be able to walk tomorrow so you can’t walk in and distract me’’ He warned me with a low voice. Just as I opened my mouth to speak, he spanked me one last time time and caused me to yell out his name.

‘’10′’ I added quickly and then let out a big breath. I heard as he unbuckled his belt, but I didn’t turn to look because I didn’t want to misbehave more. Suddenly he ripped off the shirt from me and threw it somewhere on the floor. ‘’You’re so naughty baby girl..’’ He whispered and then pushed himself into me with no warning. My lips parted and my eyes nearly rolled out of my head from the sudden pleasure.

He put his hands on my waist and then started to pound in and out of my soft wet walls. J held onto me so tightly that I was sure it would leave visible marks. ‘’Yes Daddy!’’ I cried out and gritted my teeth. His movements were rough and harsh, showing no mercy at all. The sudden roughness hurt, but it also felt so good that I wished this bittersweet pleasure would stay forever. 

J grunted in pleasure and thrusted his length so deep I could nearly feel him in my tummy. I could nearly see stars. His hand found my hair and he tugged it a little so I had to lean closer to him with my back, supporting my weigh with my arms. He kept fucking me hard from behind, but soon I felt his lips on my neck. ‘’Are you still bored?’’ he breathed out and smled dirtily. I could barely breathe because I kept moaning and crying out in raw pleasure. My heart was beating faster as adrenaline pumped through my body. ‘’N-No..’’ I stuttered quietly. 

‘’No ,what?’’ He growled and gave me a hard thrust, making my body jump a little and I cursed out a few curse words. ‘’No daddy’’ I let him know and then gulped. It pleased his dirty mind to hear that. An orgasm was forming rapidly and I knew that he wouldn’t stop until he came, not caring about my orgasm. This was my punishment. I’d either be lucky and come at the same time, or then he’d make me come and keep thrusting his big cock in my sensitive cunt, making the pleasure way more intense and overwhelming.

‘’You’re close’’ You whispered and felt my walls pulsing on him. I gritted my teeth and tried to hold back the orgasm that was building up. Knowing J, he’d do anything to make me come now. I wasn’t wrong either. His other hand touched my clit and he started rubbing it roughly, making my legs shake. ‘’Daddy..please I-I can’t-’’ I whimpered quietly ,but it was useless. He was so rough that it brought me over the edge quickly.

My orgasm came without a warning, sending a wave of pleasure through my body. I shut my eyes for a while as I tried to gather myself, but I could feel my juices leaking down my leg. 


My legs kept shaking wildly as J fucked my tightened walls. He was moaning deeply and soon I felt his teeth sinking into my shoulder as he bit me. The pleasure was too much. I was moaning uncontrollably and I could barely hold onto the table anymore. 

His thrusts got sloppier and I knew he was close now. ‘’Cum inside me’’ I encouraged him even tho I could barely talk. Only seconds later I felt his cum filling me up, as he came. I breathed out shakily and was allowed to breathe for a moment. J moaned my name which was the sexiest thing I have ever heard. It made me so happy that I was able to make him feel good.

Even tho he was punishing me for being so misbehaving.

J pulled out and I felt how his warm cum ran down my leg along with my arousal. I bit my bottom lip and tried to calm down from the rough sex. I knew for sure that I would be sore tomorrow. ‘’Are you happy now?’’ J asked me and walked in front of me, taking a seat on his chair. His green hair was a mess and his skin was sweaty from fucking me like there was no limit.The after sex-glow suited him. 

‘’Mmhm’’ I mumbled a yes and then tried to stand up, being completely naked in front of him. J had pulled up his pants and he was obviously going to continue working. ‘’How about you take a bath? I’ll join you in five’’ He promised and then grabbed a new pen from his desk. A bath sounded amazing. Ooh especially with a bathbomb.

 ‘’See you then’’ I smiled tiredly and then tried to walk out of his office. I felt his eyes on me as I struggled to walk in a straight line. All I could hear was him laughing at me, but I didn’t mind. It was kinda amusing.

ADHD sucks, but not really | Salif Mahamane | TEDxUSU - YouTube

Absolutely amazing TEDx talk on ADHD!!! Oh my goodness did I take notes and got teary at the end… It just hits home and I love the perspective he brings on how our ADHD-caused depression and anxiety issues come from the effect of people around us not dealing with us well, how they expect us to be like them when we are just different and operate in a different way.

Don’t punish us for being how we are, but nurture our abilities instead. I wish people would just understand that people are not all the same and that’s that. Everyone can be happy and live in a collaborative society if we are allowed to put our strengths to good use, however we can and however it fits us to make the most of it.

Normal people need us. Without us society stays stuck. It takes creative thinking and risk taking to try something different that will bring further benefits to everyone else.

But if we stay stuck in trying to be like everybody else then there is no progress really, because everyone is in the same thinking box and confined to the same rules and nobody takes risks because they don’t adapt well to change, they are set in their ways and comfortable.

I’ve said this before. Take a look at the people in history who have contributed the most to grand ideas and concepts and risky innovation and you will see they all share the same trait as we have.


I got teary eyed at the end of the episode Oh God Jack, don’t ever do that please.


I can’t wait to see what this duo will do in the next episode!!

Getting Used To It. (Part Two)

Part One.


Justin’s POV

I followed Selena, she was opening her car, then she turned around when I called her.
“What do you want now?”
“Are you okay?”
“Thanks for your concern, I’m not okay, but it’s not your business to solve this. Go back inside.”
“No, it is my business. Why wouldn’t I care about you and your health?”
“Because now you’ve got another girl to take care of, good night.”
“You really don’t get it, do you?”
“What should I get?”
“Don’t you get how impossible is for me to get over you and forget what we had? I just can’t do it. I tried to make it work with her, but even Hailey realized that she was just..a way to try to leave our story behind.”
“Well, you should. And I- I should too..- She paused- “We can’t make it work, we’ve tried already, so many times. It’s hard for me too, do you think that this is easy for me? To see you with someone else?” Selena started sobbing. “I..wish that there was a future for us..I wished and I still hope for you to grow up because it hurts me to love you like this, knowing that I’ll never get the love that I deserve back. And..pretending to be okay and try to flirt with many boys is not a solution, crying in front of you is not a solution, this is like a maze I can’t escape from.”
I stood there quietly, Selena’s words really hit me, but I needed to help her, I couldn’t stand there doing nothing.
“Selena, listen to me, you can’t drive home like this. Let me drive you home. I don’t want you to be arrested for DUI..you know, prison is not really nice..” I tried to break the tension.
“Where’s your car?” She rubbed her temples, closing her eyes to hold back the tears.
I took her by the arm to help her to stand and walk towards my car, a few meters away from hers; I opened the passenger’s door and Selena got in. “Justin, can you do me a favor?” Selena said when I got into the car too, and started the engine.
“Of course.”
“Can you drive around the city? Like..I don’t wanna go home immediately.”
“I haven’t done that in a long time, yeah.” I smiled at her.
So I followed her instructions, sometimes she wanted to go near the beach, or to pass the closed shops to see how different is the city at night. I didn’t care if we would’ve ran out of gas, it was amazing to be this peaceful in the middle of the night; being with her.. it still made the butterflies fly in my stomach.
Suddenly, while looking out of the window, Selena thought out loud.
“This city is so much like us.”
“What do you mean?”
“It keeps on changing; like, I remember that building, it used to be white, now it looks like it’s blue. That shop used to sell shoes, now it moved on another street. It keeps on changing, but in the end it’s the same damn city, the same L.A that every one loves so much. But the ones who live in it seem to enjoy it less.”
“I missed you being drunk wise. Well, you’re always wise.”
“You’re not even wise when you’re drunk.” She laughed.
“Ouch. True, though.” I joined Selena in her laughs, and everything seemed so right.
“Why do you keep doing that?” She closed her eyes, resting on the seat.
“What?” I was focused on the dark street, lighted up only by my lights, only a few streetlights were on.
“You keep on making me fall for you.”
“I could ask you the same thing.“
“I’m so used to love you..I don’t understand..I don’t how I could be without loving you. I hate it so much.” Selena laughed with a taste of bitterness on her lips.
“I know how you feel, seriously. When you think that you’re ready for a new relationship but then you realize that your ex is still a part of you…I hate that shit.” I laughed in the same way and she giggled too.
“I don’t wanna go home!” Selena whined, changing the subject, her lips were forming a pout.
“Why not? You have to sleep. How do you feel, by the way?”
“I feel a little better, but I’m 99% gonna have a headache tomorrow anyway. Uhm..can I ask you another favor?”
“Can we sleep here?”
“In the car?”
“Yeah, also I need you to be here tomorrow to remind me what we did.”
“It’s a strange request, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable..both physically and emotionally.”
“I’m gonna take that as a yes. I’m not that weak.”
I didn’t know what she meant but, unexpectedly, she used my thighs as her pillow and rested her head there; I wasn’t prepared for any of this.
Selena fell asleep quickly and I kissed her head, feeling grateful for this car ride, that was more than just a car ride. We were brutally, honestly, talking about our feelings after so, so long. I couldn’t help but falling asleep with a smile on my face; she was still the smile on my face.
Selena’s POV
I woke up in a car that wasn’t mine, feeling annoyingly hungover, and on my ex? In the moment I saw him, sleeping in peace, I remembered everything, which surprised me; that car talk was..liberating. I kept thinking about it, I kept thinking about we’ve been through, about how wrong I was about the whole Hailey situation, about how I used Jordan to forget Justin, and all this time I blamed him for doing the same thing when we weren’t together. Gosh, we’re so alike sometimes, it scares me. I watched him sleep for a little while, not in a creepy way, of course, but in the same way you watch your soulmate sleeping on a Sunday morning of March. The more I looked at Justin, the more I was overwhelmed by everything that we went through, all the help we’ve always given to each other everytime we were in need; we grew up together, we messed up together, he’s always been there. I got teary eyed, I hated him but oh, how I loved him..In that moment, I wanted to kiss him good morning so much. I needed to count to 10, so I took a few breaths, but when I reached 7 I just couldn’t resist anymore.
Justin immediately opened his eyes his eyes in shock when he felt my lips on his, but kissed back with love, I could taste how much we craved each other this past year and a half.
”Well, that’s what you call a good morning.” He smiled widely.
“Thank you for everything, I’m not talking only about tonight, but everything you’ve ever done for me for the past six years and a half.”
“I would do anything to make you happy.”
”Then I’m glad that you’re still here because being without you would’ve made me sad.”
”I’m not going anywhere.” Justin pulled me in for a hug, and kissed my head.
“By the way, I felt when you kissed my head last night.” I grinned at him.
“Really? I thought you were already sleeping like a bear.”
“Actually, after that I don’t remember anything else so I probably fell asleep two seconds later.”
“Do you know that you’re beautiful even when you sleep?”
“Probably it’s an illusion caused by my dress and my - smudged - eyeliner.”
“I haven’t forgotten how you look like with no make up in the morning, I know it’s been years, but I can’t forget.”
“Oh Gosh, I just woke up and you’re already making me blush.”
“I have this talent.” He winked at me and I laughed tilting my head.”
“I want to wake up like this everyday. Well, except for the headache and my make up that looks like it’s been under the rain for hours. But I would love to wake up in the morning so carelessly and happily.”
“I promise you, you will.”
“Really. And since I am a man who keeps his words, I’m going to prove it with..my pinky.”
“Damn, if it’s a pinky promise then it’s serious.”

SURPRISEEEE!! i couldnt wait anymore so i decided to post part twoo ❤❤ write your comments in the reblogs and my inbox, looove youuu❤❤❤

“I joined the show a few episodes into season 1 so the moment of the show that really resonated with me deeply I was not part of.  But it was definitely the slow chicken dance.  And I was in a really dark place in my life [laughs] – not unlike, right, all the guys – and I watched it and I was like oh my god.  I got teary and I was drinking, sure, and I just, like, wrote Liz a VERY long email about how important that moment was.  

Something about it was so scary and absurd and hilarious and heartbreaking and stupid and amazing and I loved it so much and I don’t think anybody – I hadn’t seen anything like that ever.  I just loved it.”

– Kim Rosenstock, New Girl writer, Writer’s Guild Foundation Podcast