i got super duper lazy

hello world!

hi, i’m stella and this is my studyblr! i’ve always wanted to run one on my own but i haven’t got the chance to do so since i’m super duper lazy

why now? in all honesty, i had a rough second year in college, to which i’ve punished my self by deactivating some social networking sites and take some time to reflect offline. i would like to focus my energy on studying and being productive, so a studyblr should be helpful in keeping me inspired and motivated.

why studyfeatbihi? i’m a fan of korean music and i love love love ikon’s b.i and smol queen lee hi, hence the bihi. i also listen to other yg artists, dean, mamamoo, so expect some playlists containing kpop!

i’m currently on break so i’ll be on to post challenges, playlists for studying etc., and many more in preparation for semester 5 in uni. 

it would be nice to meet people and gain friends so if you are interested in bullet journals, ikon, yg artists, and anything related to biology - plants, animals, research, please leave me messages, or like/reblog this post so i could check you out!