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Sam and Dean are working a case which requires them to wear suits. Dean searches his pockets to find the badge before they go in. "Oh crap, this is Cas'" "why do you have his badge?" "This must be his jacket. That means he's got mine" "how has that happened?" "I just picked up the closest piece of clothing that was on my floor". Sam is low-key internally freaking out and high-key laughing his ass off watching Dean's face once he realises his mistake.

I love that idea! I can really imagine how that would ply out on-screen, too! Sam and Dean’s expressions would be priceless 😂

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prompt: Aaron seeing how close Liv and Robert got after he is released (feel free to ignore Liv going away and all the crap involved with her who must not be named)

Day 12 of my Aaron comes home drabble prompts:

I will say I did ignore all the cheating and drug crap.  Writers choice.

Aaron was so glad to be home, not that he felt any freer than he had when he stepped out of the prison doors.

It had been bad for all of them. Him being away. They’d all struggled to keep going.

Aaron knew that Robert had really stepped up with Liv, even going so far as to take some time away from the businesses when he couldn’t find a tutor for Liv after she got kicked out of school.

Still, if someone had told Aaron two months ago, that he would come home to this picture in front of him he would have laughed and mocked them for their stupidity.


“I know what that means now Robert,” Liv informed Robert from where she was sitting on the ground in front of the couch between Robert’s outstretched legs. Robert’s fingers entwined with Liv’s hair.

Aaron couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  Liv relaxed and smiling, leaning into Robert as he deftly braided his sister’s long locks and wound them into buns on the side of her head.

“What? The cosine of pi? I should hope so we’ve just spent the last two hours going over it,” Robert questioned reaching forward to grab some clips from the coffee table.

“No, well yes I know what the cosine of pi is now thanks to you. But I was referring to you giving me Princess Leia buns when you’re pissed at me,” Liv replied poking Robert in the side good-naturedly. Still smiling as Robert forced her to sit still.

Robert started to laugh, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “That was just the one time and you were being difficult. Now, I’m just doing it because it looks good on you,” he said putting in the last pin and brushing a kiss on top of Liv’s head.

“Thanks Robert for everything. For taking care of me. I know you didn’t have to,” Liv said turning to embrace his husband.

Aaron felt his throat get tight at the sight of his husband squeezing his sister tight. “I didn’t have to but I wanted to because we’re family and I love you okay?”

Liv pulled back at used her sweater sleeve to rub at her eyes for a quick moment and Aaron found himself mimicking her movements. “Okay. Can I have a crown next time?” she asked a cheeky grin slipping onto her face which was so like Robert Aaron had to do a double-take.

“Sure, if you pass this next exam you can be the queen of Math for a whole day,” Robert said clearly amused by his own words.

Liv looked up where Aaron was standing just inside the door and spotted her brother. Her grin wavered and tears formed in her eyes again. She flicked her gaze between Aaron and Robert and said, “Robert I miss Aaron.”

“I know I do too,” Robert replied with a deep sigh.

“You should stop sleeping down here, you need your rest,” she said looking at Aaron now letting him know just how bad things had been from Robert without Aaron around.

“I can’t Liv. I can’t sleep in our bed without him…I just can’t,” Robert chose that moment to stand as if to turn his back on Liv so she wouldn’t see how truly shattered he was but instead it put him directly in Aaron’s line of sight. “Aaron?”

“Surprise!” Aaron said ducking his own head and bracing himself for the impact that was Liv throwing herself at him.

Robert’s tear filled eyes met his own tired ones and Aaron was suddenly so glad to be home, the shackles of the past couple of months just fell away and all that was left was his sister’s arms clinging to him tight and Robert looking at him from across the room like he’d hung the moon and the stars.


I don’t even know why I’m writing about this. Remember that man who I thought was a whale? The one who bought me a bunch of gifts before meeting? Yeah, it didn’t end well. Plus, he was exhausting. These pictures are from an 8-HOUR LONG DATE. And then he wanted me to go back to his place. Not for sex or anything, but just to hang out more. I had plans with my vanilla boyfriend that I was already late for, so I hightailed outta there after he bought me some liquor and gave me my share of gas money. 

Fast forward a week. I tell him I just got fired (false). He tells me he was planning on getting me a credit card with $500 limit. I told him that a cash allowance would be more beneficial to my situation. He said “Okay, so $500?”. I actually laughed out loud. $500?? A month??? And he expects me to be his girlfriend??? Nope. I politely declined and deleted his number. 

He had been sending his family my pictures and telling them he was in love with me. It was so weird, and I’m glad I’m out of that position. Be careful, babes.

Beneath the Waves (part 5)

Hello everyone!!! It’s been such a long time coming, but @ismill and I are back! @qeiem did some amazing art of the fic and IT GOT US INSPIRED. I hope y’all enjoy this installment, and don’t freak out, this is by far the last chapter; I will be much, much quicker with the next update!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 





Saltwater stung in all the little cuts I had on my palms, and my eyes were gritty from lack of sleep, but I never wanted to leave this surf.

Simon, like he sensed my thoughts, pulled out of our kiss with a laugh. “Baz,” he said, “You need to go back to your house. It’s getting late.”

“I’m absolutely fine,” I protested, as my bones turned waterlogged.

“You were falling asleep while we were kissing.”

“That’s normal.”

He grinned, but I felt his hands grip mine a little tighter like he didn’t want me to go home either.

He said against my lips, “I didn’t know I was that bad.”

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So there's this American YouTuber named Ryan higa, he got a bunch of his friends together to make a kpop group called boys generally asian. They make really silly songs and their first one is called dong saya dae. They recently just had a comeback with their second song, who's it gonna be, with thier music reaching the top of the kpop charts at some point. If you haven't heard of them you need to listen because they are really funny.


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GOT7 Member Introduction

I guess people liked my EXO intro, so I got a request from my boo thang wanting a GOT7 intro!


  • Real Name: Mark Tuan/ Tuan Yi Eun
  • Nicknames I Gave Him: Shy Guy, Cute Nose
  • Personality: He’s a shy, quiet guy who seems uninterested most of the time, but he really is a kind and caring guy. Once he breaks out of his shell, he’s extremely funny and I love his laugh.
  • He’s my boo bias. 
  • Age: 24 until September 4.
  • Position: He’s the oldest hyung, rapper, American in AmeriThaiKong line

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Belated daily update from yesterday:

It was an amazing day! One of my coworkers got married, and it was SUCH a great ceremony. I had lots of fun getting dressed up and hanging out with some of my favorite people, and I even caught the bouquet. 😉After that, I babysat this super adorable kiddo and spent the night at her house (since I’m close with her family), and we were goofing off and I laughed harder than I have in forever. All in all, it was a worry-free and wonderful day that made me really happy to be alive. 😌

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Can you tell us a really good memory from high school and one from college? Ps I love your videos Jenna mooo<3

Did you just moo at me? lol :P

I won homecoming my freshman year of high school. It was really exciting for me, because in middle school I was a complete nerd, humiliated on a daily basis, zero friends. There was a Valentine’s Day dance in the 8th grade and teachers got to nominate students for King and Queen. I was nominated simply because teachers liked me, and the only person who voted for me was me. I know my teachers meant well, but it was so embarrassing, because everyone saw my name on the ballot and laughed. So to go from that to winning homecoming a year later was a huge confidence boost.

Oh, I almost forgot: at the homecoming assembly, I was ushered in by two senior football players; my sister was a senior at the time, so she worked it out so that the two hottest players walked me in. Seriously, they were gorgeous. I got to hold their biceps. One of them even smiled at me. I died. I was dead.

Is it sad that I remember one of their names? Brett Bazzini (sp?). He’s the one who smiled. I don’t remember the other dude’s name. He chewed gum and didn’t acknowledge my presence so whatever *waves him away*

Okay, let’s see… college memories… To be honest, I don’t have any fond memories that are specific to college - as in school. But I have many fond memories from when I was college-aged. In high school, I was pretty much anonymous. In college, my confidence blossomed, and people started treating me so differently. And I was getting asked out A LOT - my friends were jealous of the attention I was getting. I was used to being the jealous, ignored one. And boys aside, it just felt like a complete 180 to what my life was like before. I learned a lot about myself, I started modeling, I embraced my power, I met Cliff. It was definitely a time of self-exploration, self-acceptance, and growth. 

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"I'm so sorry to disturb you but....I ran out of toilet paper" for the sentence fic please babe

I think I enjoyed writing this too much. Hope you enjoy this anon ^.^

“I’m so sorry to disturb you but….I ran out of toilet paper”

Barry stared back as you as your head was poking out of the bathroom door. He suppressed a laugh before saying “Don’t worry babe I got you” and then speeding around the entire apartment.

You audibly groaned seeing as paper flew all over your apartment “Dammit Barry!”

He halted in front of you, “We don’t have any but I’ll speed out and get some.. Be back in a flash” saying with a smile in his voice.

“Wait Bar…! And he’s gone”

It took him only a few seconds to return, holding two packages of toilet paper. “I didn’t know what kind to get so I got both, which do you prefer? I got Charmin and then the one with the puppy, I love the pu–” he rambled until you cut him off.

“Barry I don’t give a fuck just give me the godforsaken toilet paper”

“Oh right sorry” he handed you one of the two.

You closed the door before opening and peeking out it again saying “Thank you love you” before closing it again.

He smiled before turning to return to the couch but was stoped by your voice through the door “And pick up the mess you made.”

He was confused until he turned to see all of the papers everywhere “Oooh, that mess”

‘Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the next lines (incase I want to do more than five)’

i know the whole last supper and prayer in the garden thing was pretty serious and stuff but i can’t help but laugh because jesus literally just got all of his buddies shitfaced, took them to the foot of a mountain, left them alone, and then got PISSED when he came back and found them all zonked out…..like jesus, my buddy, maybe give your apostles something OTHER than wine next time you want them to stay up late with you the night before you die

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I saw someone post the picture of Sorey's dead eyes and because I haven't seen the new episode yet I thought something bad happened to mikleo and sorey was about to kill turns out he was just doing his magical boy transformation. I gotta admit I laughed a little when I saw this. I mean it still looked cool though.

Lmao, it would be so much better if Sorey got mad at Heldalf over hurting Mikleo. At least then Sorey could have, idk, some motivation.

But then - why did they add that creepy shot? Is it some kind of foreshadowing? Are they going for Tainted AU ending? Or maybe there will be some drama over the fact that the armatus is supposed to “add pressure” on Sorey, like Lailah has said?

Or are they just crappy at directing/editing? Probably the latter.


This is CrankGameplays’ darker half. @justwritingscibbles and I are stanning this. But personally I would think that Gear’s body would obviously be part robot and I think his eyes would be very silver. He would have a partial robot face, like maybe his right eye is medal and it glows a dull red color. Gear would have a hole in his chest, so you can look at his mechanic heart pumping and there would be a soft ticking every time it pumped. I feel like he would probably have a twitch and it would progressively get worse the angrier he got. I also feel like his jaw would lock up and click every time he spoke because Gears get stuck sometimes. He’s probably really sensitive but covers it up with anger. He would probably be into all things technology, sometimes literally. His laugh would sound mechanical but with a hint of Ethan’s laugh as well. Whenever Ethan converts to Gear, it would start with the hole in his chest forming and mechanical wires coming out and taking over his form??? He’d also be a very good, sexy, smooth talker. Like it makes him all the more enticing? Idk guys. I just… GearGamplays.

Im laughing i found a page in my journal dedicated to my brother’s quotes and some of them you guys would probably like so :

1- “I found Tumblr’s secret hide out; The Salt Flats.”

2-“ Meruem Manson”

3-“I’ve got about 18 things on my blog and I’m pretty sure it’s all moneycat. I’m a desperate millennial, you know.”

4-“I get scared when my friends want to go on my phone. Not because I have weird pictures or anything, but because of my Youtube history. I dont want then to see all that Naruto. ”

5-“Are you Columbine High School? Because I’d like to shoot kids in you.”

6-“Bazza Bee Bogan”

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Tumblr ruined me, I can't stop laughing whenever Artorious or any tob chara ask about birdie thingie coz I keep thinking about how Sorey and Mikleo answer him and ruined his speech. I don't think even serious moment can save me from laughing my ass out. Bonus point I also imagine Lailah make a pun of it and Edna just answer like "because they got wings, you dolt.", and Dezel joined on Sorey and Mikleo babble of bird and their biology and habitats. Damnit I really love ToZ charas.

Yep, I know.  Tumblr is amazing.  And the thing is, I’m pretty sure that was supposed to be a serious scene.  Oh well!

And should anyone ever ask me, I may very well just end up answering, “FOR VENGEANCE AND EVOLUTION YOU ASS!”, lol.  Especially if it’s some Benevolent Shepherd Edgelord asking me.  (Really, @katamari-jedi, that fic is the gift that keeps on giving!)

Peter Prevc imagine - “Go brush your teeth”

Your alarm clock woke you up at 5 AM. You got up pretty quickly since you knew if you would be laying a bit longer there is no chance you are going where your boyfriend planned to go. “Peter, get up” You started to shake his shoulder when you got out of the bathroom. You only got a groan out of him. “Come on Peter, you wanted to do this. Get up your tinny little ass!” You laughed at him while he continued to keep his eyes shut. By now you were fully awake for the difference of your boyfriend. “Let’s not go” He said in his groggy morning voice that you missed. “No, I’m awake at 5 AM for no reason sleepyhead.” You said even though right now you absolutely loved the idea of staying in the bed for another 3 hours. “Peter” You said after becoming tired of convincing him to get up. “That’s it” You said but you didn’t give up. You straddled him and started tickling him in order to get him to get up.

But what he did caught you off guard. He pulled himself up only to turn you around so he was on top of you. “We’re not going.” He sounded wide awake and not a single trace of sleepiness on his wonderful face. “What are you talking about and what are you doing? You struggled to open your eyes two minutes ago? You liar.” You accused him but both of you knew you were joking. He smiled like he accomplished something. “I knew that if you thought we would go hiking you would wake up early and then I would say we are not going so we would cuddle and talk in the bed like we haven’t done in so long.” He smiled like a little boy. In that moment he seemed so precious. That alone made you smile to yourself. “Peter, you know that we can talk while we walk, right?” – “I do, but I want to hold you close while we talk, I need to feel like you are mine again. Like actually mine. I really missed you, I can’t describe to you how much.” Your heart broke a bit while he was talking. “Well then, all you had to do was ask. So we are not going. Why don’t we go on the terrace and lay there, we have a really wide deckchair so we can do that there. What do you say?” – “Sounds good.” He said before leaning down kissing you gently. “Now, will you get off of me please? You’re not that light you know” You teased him before he stood beside the bed offering you a hand to help you get up. “Oh, you became quite a gentleman in a matter of a few minutes” You said while taking his hand pulling yourself up. “Now go brush your teeth so I can kiss you again” You said referring to his morning breath which was noticeable during the kiss. He didn’t say another word before entering the bathroom to do his business.

In the mean time you made tea, brought out the pillow for the deckchair and a warm blanket. You were spending a few days in a cabin which offered you some privacy and peacefulness. You had a view on the Alps that would soon see the first sight of the rising sun. You reached for both cups of tea when you heard the bathroom door open. “Peter, will you help me with the door?” He moved fast and was instantly by the balcony door.

You got comfortable pretty fast and were already snuggled into his arms. You like to say that your bodies fit together like two puzzles. You started to talk and minutes were passing by and soon the morning fog disappeared and it was getting warmer.

He was right. It felt amazing to feel him next to you, not just holding hands but laying there, breathing in his scent and feeling his hands around you. He was telling you many stories from travelling with the boys and how they joked around to pass the time. You saw each other during the week while he was home but it wasn’t enough time to really have time for yourselves.

“I didn’t think I missed you so bad until now” You said in a sad tone. “Me neither. I knew I missed you, for sure but I realized only now that I missed you that much.” – “I’m glad that we decided to come here, to take a break from everyone and everything to just be with each other.” You turned around so you were looking at him and that gave you an opportunity to kiss him. The kiss was long and full of emotions. Soon you broke the kiss since you needed to breath.  “You sure you brushed your teeth?” – “Yes I did, way to ruin the mood Y/N.” Peter argued back. “What’s the time?” You asked while looked for his left hand on which he always wears a watch you bought him. “20 minutes to 10. You hungry?” Peter asked but you sensed he already knew you were hungry since your stomach growled a few times. You eagerly nodded which made him laugh. He didn’t smile a lot on camera, but when he was with you he was different. He smiled, laughed, joked with you and that made you feel quite special. You got to know the side of him that most of the people didn’t even get a peek at.

“So what would you like? Eggs on toast? Porridge?” He asked you and as he was listing options your stomach growled once again. You burst out laughing. “Whatever takes less time.” You started to get up when he stopped you. “Don’t worry. I’ll make you breakfast.” He offered you a smile and you didn’t insist on making it yourself. You liked it when he made you breakfast since you knew that is the healthiest your breakfast can get. You made yourself comfortable on the deckchair and wrapped a blanket around you keeping yourself warm since Peter was gone and you could feel a few breezes of air. After a minute Peter appeared in front of you with a banana in his hand. “Let’s say this is a cold appetizer.” – “Thank you” You smiled to him and started to eat it. While you were waiting for breakfast to be served you started thinking about your relationship. You’ve been together for a good year now and it still feels like you are still in a `honeymoon phase´.

He soon reappeared in front of you with two plates in his hand. It smelled so delicious that you couldn’t wait to dig in. “Looks and smells amazing honey” you complemented him even though he already knew he is a good cook. “Well, get over here so we can start eating.” You moved from the deckchair to a normal chair and started eating. After eating half of your food you just looked at him in awe. “I love you Peter, if you hadn’t noticed” His eyes looked at you the second he heard the word `love´. He looked at you like he was hearing it for the first time. His lips formed a gentle smile which made your stomach clench. “I did. I love you, babe.” `This weekend is going to be amazing´ you thought to yourself.

The Bitch is here, you can all stop obsessing over my old content and start fantasizing about the new right quick. I just got back from a hot date with a woman that makes Mila Kunis look like Morgan Freeman; who’s gonna pony up the dough to comp our meals and pre-date prep? We went out together for a spa day, bikini waxes included. Give your life purpose, those of you losers out there with your fingers itching towards your paypal buttons or grabbing your credit cards know that the only way you can please a superior woman like me is with muchos dinero. I don’t even laugh at the broke.

To my fellow bloggers, don’t be afraid to come at me if you aren’t stunned into slack-jawed silence by my presence. I only play with the prettiest, but I might still give you the time of day, even if you’re an uggo. I’m feeling super generous and charity, like everything else, looks good on a Goddess.