i got stuck in my sheet

•I’m sitting eyes wide open and I got one thing stuck in my mind,
Wondering if I dodged a bullet or just lost the love of my life•

Hi sorry to pile another one on you but I’d like to make a request–~ Matt Healy early morning smut or fluff depending on what you prefer??—he’s supposed to be getting up for practice but y/n convinces him to stay for a bit? Thanks! :) <33

Matt Healy Smut :)

“You know pouting isn’t going to get you anywhere, Babygirl.” His voice was soft and deep, still thick with sleep. The early morning sunrise filtered through the crack in the curtains and made an unpleasant interruption in our morning struggle. Every morning Matt had to go in early, I put up the usual fight of making him stay in bed just 5 minutes longer, 10 minutes longer, 20 minutes longer, just don’t go in today. I stuck my lower lip out further and tightened my grip on his biceps, my toes curling around the rumpled sheets at the foot of the bed. This morning was one of those mornings where he got so fed up with my begging and pleading, he’d teach me a lesson on how to properly beg for him.

He pulled his lower lip between his teeth and his tip prodded at my entrance, making my breath catch in my throat and my heart to skip a beat. His mouth twitched into a victorious smirk as he slid inside, the muscles in his arms and back tightening as he held himself above me. His hips started a steady beat, making me moan quietly. His hands held on tightly to the sheets as he looked at the wall in front of him, messy hair falling into his eyes. 

His Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat as he hummed, a new melody running through his head. His thrusts picked up speed and I writhed underneath him, whimpering and moaning. His fists gripped the sheets and he groaned as my muscles tightened around him and I moaned in pleasure. He yelled as he spilled himself inside of me. “I got it! Y/N, I got it!!” He scrambled off the bed, pulling his boxers on and sitting at the desk across the room. I sat up, pulling the covers over my bare chest, cringing slightly. “You sure did Matt…” He scribbled furiously on his paper, humming the same tune as when he was pounding me. “No not that. I finally found the perfect melody for the last track of the new album.” He smiled widely; face lighting up like the sky outside the window, waking up with the rest of the world. “I have the perfect muse.” He smirked at me and I blushed, laying back down to try and get some sleep.

So I just turned in my midterm for Web design

I have a feeling it’s not gonna be a great grade, idk.

We had to style our existing HTML Web pages using, at minimum, an external style sheet and then publish it to the server.

I had some issues with conflicting styles, I wanted to add a hamburger menu, but decided against it because I got way too confused, so I just stuck with a top navigation bar.

She said it should be considered portfolio-ready which means that it is good enough to be displayed in my professional portfolio. And idk if it’s anywhere near that. I mean, I like it personally, but it all depends on my professor.

- Luna

@allmannerofsomethings tagged me and since I adore her, I have to act upon the tag.

So this is my lock screen. Basically Bens ASIB sweet sheet face. I just love it. 

My home screen changes from time to time but some Viktor Nikiforov and Macachin is always a good choice and instant happy place.

Yes, that’s me with a 1l bottle of Advocaat. We got some for an event and this bottle was left and went to our ‘get tipsy at work’ shelf. I am not sorry for liking granny style liquors. 

I stuck with George Ezras song since January and I sing along all the time. catchy as fuck. Don’t say I did not warn you :D

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Wahh omg I finally finished some concept outfits for Tsu..Been working on these for a few weeks in between work/school and other things…oh and Pokemon go not working for me lol. I got stuck a few times too, and I don’t even know if these are 100 % finalized but these are the types of things I envision her to wear in game. Model based on my reference sheet: http://tsurusamajor.tumblr.com/post/146160659403/tsubi-uru-ahh-so-for-my-latest-project-ive

1)     Her common/everyday outfit. A gift from Nicco when she moved to Grid :>…more details about that later. The earring design seen are also designed by @niccodai (based off the baron earring set) so kudos to Nicco for that! This outfit is also makeable in game, so if you ever see me in game being casual you’ll most likely see me in it!

2)      Her ‘travel’ outfit, a sort of thing she’d wear for long trips, as its function is meant to be durable during harsh conditions while also managing to keep her presentable. Inspiration comes from the Midas Chestpiece, and Melfina’s outfit from Outlaw Star.

3)      Songstress outfit – Tsu herself is a singer, and eventually stars to perform publicly. Though I don’t feel her songstress look is defined to just one outfit (I imagine her changing garbs depending on the song/scenario) I wanted a defaulted songstress look for her. This outfit gave me the hardest time personally, and it went through many changes. I initially based it on the in game expeditioner’s set cuz of the in game sash, but the final version just didn’t look right, so I scratched it and started over. Took some inspiration from ffx-2 outfits and Macross influences as well. I hope to work on more songstress/singing type outfits in the future!

4)      Training/Combat outfit – While her main in game ‘job’ is Astrologian, she wishes to become stronger physically, and decides to start training on Nicco’s tutelage while living with him, though more into knife wielding than hand to hand combat. Based heavily on my current ninja outfit in game, though I removed the overly large pauldrons generally found on that shirt. Also added bandages (bandages when se?? and not just for mnk pls). Also yeah, a bandana too, cuz yeah w/e gotta get all Narutoe up in hereyah. I may come back to this someday and edit it a bit, Idk…