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Your friendly neighborhood Owl Mom stayed up all night deciphering audio tracks.

Here’s the breakdown of the audio in Don’t remember.

0:03-0:04: A voice says, “I hate you”. This isn’t just part of the static. When noise reduction is used on the audio clip, the static is removed, but the phrase remains untouched.

0:10-0:16: A voice says, “Do you remember what I said to you?”

0:18-0:20: A voice says, “I saved you.”

0:21-0:27: A voice says, “We were going to do great things together.”

After this, the music starts picking up. (The music will be addressed in a minute, I promise.) Because the voices are distorted, it is basically impossible to isolate the vocals. This means that the words are partially indecipherable, so we have to use a bit of guesswork. 

There are two distinct snippets.

0:32-0:34: A voice murmurs a phrase that ends in “for this”. The piano drowns out the beginning of the phrase. From listening to it repeatedly and reducing some of the noise from the static, my best guess is, “No one asked for this.”

0:36-039: This one is the trickiest of them all. It’s almost entirely covered by the crescendo of the music, and it’s much slower than the other phrases. Again, from listening to it a bunch and doing the best noise reduction I could, my best guess is, “Are you sure about that?”

0:41-0:44: A voice says, “Go back to sleep.”

That phrase marks the end of the voice lines in this video. Now, let’s talk about the music.

The music seems to be what’s bugging everyone the most, because it’s not the music from Who Killed Markiplier, but people in the tag swear that they recognize it from somewhere. It just sounds so familiar.

That’s because, sike, it is the music from Who Killed Markiplier! It’s just heavily distorted. (I only got this one because I learned this song on the piano, despite the fact that I have not taken piano lessons since I was eight and can’t read sheet music to save my life. I had to practice a hundred times to make sure it stuck.)

The music in the video goes from 0:28-0:42.

The easiest way to tell that it’s the same song is to compare the four notes from 0:38-0:39 at half speed to the four notes at 1:46 in the song itself (”Who’s There 2″, alternatively titled “By Lake Surprise”, by Peter Sandberg.). The entire musical sequence matches up, but that’s the most clear section if you don’t know the song very well. 

It’s the same song, but in Don’t remember, it’s distorted and increases in both pitch and speed every four beats.

All of this put together gives us some pretty interesting pieces of information– the main one being that we have a direct link to Who Killed Markiplier in this video. 

And hey, take this with a grain of salt, but here’s an idle thought: don’t those lines of dialogue almost sound like disjointed snippets of an argument between two people? And don’t we happen to know two people who were destroyed in order to make Dark, one of which used her abilities to save the other, and one who frequently talked about the great things he was going to accomplish with his associates while running the city?

But hey, that’s just a thought. 

Anyway, I’d love to hang out and think more thoughts with you guys, but I’m incredibly late for my class. And that’s kind of problematic, because I’m teaching it.

Think some thoughts for me while I’m gone, yeah?

Pants on Fire - Kai Parker smut

There was a moment of silence as a thud upstairs was heard right above the dinner table, a few curse words followed after a yelp of pain. The chandelier shook a bit and I blushed as I looked back at my family.

I swallowed. “Will you excuse me?” I bit my lip and rushed upstairs, my palms sweaty. I specifically told Kai not to come over tonight. My grandparents were visiting and they knew, oh boy, did they know, about what a misbehaving disaster Kai Parker was.

I opened the door to my room and spotted Kai stuck in my window, his ankle smashed between the pane and the actual window.

I put my index finger against my mouth to get him to be quiet. I closed the door behind me and locked it, helping him in.

“What are you doing here?” I whispered, blushing as he took a long look of my whole body. I was wearing a fuzzy sweater and some old mom jeans.

The light in my room was rosy from the pink light bulb in my lamp and Kai smelled like cinnamon. It was cold outside so he was kind of shivering.

“Is it wrong to want to actually see you?” He smiled. “You know, your one word texts aren’t exactly the kind of consolation I expect after our night of intimacy.” He raised his eyebrows, referring to the oral we exchanged the last time we saw each other. “By the way, you’re possibly the worst texter in the world.”

“Will you shut up? My grandparents, who hate you might I add, are right down stairs.” I put my hand on his chest as he pulled me into his body.

“That’s why you wore this?” He poked fun at the sweater I got for Christmas last year. “I’m not complaining, it’s definitely soft.” He pushed my hair over my shoulder, the cool steel of his rings making me shiver. He pressed sweet wet little kisses on my chin and jaw, lightly on my neck.

“Kai.” I pulled away, my breath caught in my throat. “Seriously, you should go.” My knees nearly gave out at the crooked smile he gave me next.

“Let me guess, they think you’re a little saint, hmm?” He ran his thumb over my mouth, his fingers dancing on the sensitive flesh of my neck. “Ill bet they’ve never even heard you utter a single swear word.” He said.

I’ll admit that when I first met Kai, I was amused at how much character he had. Character that my parents definitely wouldn’t like and maybe that’s what intrigued me so much.

“Sweetie!” My mother’s heels woke me from my trance. My eyes opened and I jumped into action. “Is everything okay?” She knocked at my door and tried opening it. “You know I don’t like locked doors in my home.”

I pushed Kai into my bathroom and slammed the door, running over to the door and unlocking it. “Hey, mom, I’m fine. I just had a st-tomach ache.” I swallowed.

“What was that noise earlier?” She looked around my room, precisely at the half opened window. I blushed crimson. I knew that she knew.

“Oh, it was the cat. The dogs must have chased her out and got her caught in the tree and she came in through the win-” I started and my mother stopped me.

“Please use the front door next time.” She said in the direction of the bathroom. I almost died.

“Will do!” Kai answered and I covered my face.

My mother patted my shoulder and gave me a quick goodnight kiss. “Goodnight, sweetie. We’ll talk about this in the morning.”

I closed the door after she left, swallowing the throw up in my mouth after nervously tucking my hair behind my ear.

“You’re the worst liar, too.” Kai came out of the bathroom applying some of my floral lotion on his hands. I rolled my eyes.

“That was so embarrassing.” I sighed. “You know, I can’t – do it – with you if my whole family is downstairs and they know you’re here.” I blushed.

He raised his eyebrows, an amused smile on his face. “Do what, my sweetheart?” He laid on the bed, grabbing my journal from the nightstand.

“Hey, give me that, you jerk!” I lunged at him, attempting to grab my journal back. He opened it up to a random page and I almost cried. “Kai, I swear, I’ll kick you in the nuts.” I said, swinging my leg over his waist to grab the book.

“Jeez, girl, what’s so secretive? Loving relationships don’t have secrets.” He said and I stopped struggling, staring at him.

He stared back up at me, his eyes so pretty, a perfect nose. My whole body warmed up a good five degrees.

He threw my journal aside and grabbed my face, rolling me onto the bed as he gave my warm mouth a languid kiss. My breathing picked up the pace, his hands on my neck.

“Oh, god.” Kai said as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pulled my sweater up my stomach, pulling away so I could sit up and let him take the damn thing off of me.

I tore off the black jacket he wore and pulled his black shirt up, finally feeling his warm skin. I blushed as he resumed to kiss my skin, sucking patterns on my chest and being gentle on my breasts.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He groaned, pulling at my jeans. I arched my back as he took them off.

He kissed my mouth again, his hand tangled in my hair. I pressed my body up to his, craving the warmth of his skin against mine.

“Look at you, baby. So ready for me to fuck you.” He almost groaned. I hoped that my grandparents had left and my parents couldn’t hear any of this.

“Kai-” I started and my mouth went wide when his palm pressed against the apex of my inner thighs. He giggled maniacally, pulling my underwear from me and spreading my legs.

I swallowed as took off his jeans as well.

“You’re so cute, you know. All horny and warm for me.” He kissed my mouth again. I couldn’t breathe as he took off his briefs, grinning at me.

“Kai.” He shushed me, his finger pressed against my lips. He stuck it in my mouth and I tasted the cinnamon. Maybe he had been eating the cupcakes I baked for him last weekend.

Suddenly, his penis was touching me and my breath hitched. He looked into my eyes, running his hand down my body all in concentration.

“Are you nervous?” He smiled very small, his face close to mine as he got into position. His other hand rested above my head, fist in the pink cotton of my bed sheets. I wrapped my arms up and around his neck.

“Yeah.” I responded, my voice weak and not mine as he ran the tip of his penis lightly against my wetness.

“So am I.” He admitted. “May I?” He asked and I almost rolled my eyes. I nodded. He pushed himself inside of me and we both let out breaths.

I felt the muscles on his back contract and release. He let his arms give out and he held my hips, his mouth pressed against the shell of my ear, which was on fire.

“Aw, fuck.” He mumbled quietly as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in. “So-o good.” He swallowed thickly.

“Faster.” I blushed as I felt him smile against me. He pushed himself back up and thrusted his hips in rapidly. I let out a soft moan and covered my mouth, which did nothing because a second moan escaped my mouth and it was louder.

I almost screamed as he hit a certain place inside me that made a fire combust out of nowhere.

“Right there.” I let him know and almost floated off of the bed as he continued hitting the same place.

“Right there?” He grabbed my ass and lifted me up a little. I moved my hips against his like a mad woman. He almost couldn’t keep up as I strained to get myself off.

“Kai, Kai, Kai, K-ai-” I moaned and he kissed my open mouth, pulling me against him with his arm around my back, his cold rings making me arch it.

“Fuckin’ hell.” He buried his nose in my neck, his rapid breaths tickling me.

“I want to be on top.” I said quietly. He didn’t even blink before he rolled onto the bed. I sat on him, hiding my face in my hair as I pressed my hands against his chest and sprung myself up and down using the strength if my legs. He reached up to pull my hair back and grab my tits with his big, cold hands.

He watched me intently, little whimpers and moans coming from his open mouth. He met my movements, a drop of sweat falling from my nose to his lip. He licked it off and I closed my eyes.

“I’m – fuck – I’m coming.” I said quietly, my nails making red marks on his skin. I ran my hands up and on each side of his face, looking him in the eyes as he grabbed my hips and lifted himself up to fuck me harder.

I leaned over and let out a loud moan into my crochet pillow. He moaned under me, his mouth catching my breast. He licked my skin, helping me move against him.

We both stopped and I pulled away from my pillow, meshing my mouth with his wet one, hair in both of our sweating faces. I swallowed past the lump in my throat and my mouth opened to it’s full capacity.

He jerked up into me once more and I came as he did, his hips twitching. I bit my lip and closed my eyes, sighing shakily and getting off of him.

It took a while of laying on his arm there to get my breath in order. He pulled my bunny comforter over our bodies and played in my hair with his long fingers.

“You’re in love with me.” Kai said. I smiled a little, twisting his nipple lightly in between my fingers.

“Am not.” I denied weakly.

“You’re the worst liar.” He repeated.

Summer Camp Part 1 // Shawn Mendes

Request:  I love how you write my fluff ideas so I have one!! 😂😂 You and Shawn went to the same school and hated each other so much. you two never got along (of course you were into each other) and in a school trip, your were forced to share bedrooms because of a problem. Both always shouting at each other, throwing things but one day you were fighting and Shawn shuts you up with a kiss so rough so hard but so passionate, you literally melt in his arms…❤️😊

Authors note: so there’s going to be 2 parts cos there is so much I have to write- please tell me what you think because I’m legit on the fence and contemplating deleting

“I have to WHAT?” My jaw drops open in surprise. I stare into the room from the door, two single beds taking up most of the room.

“I’m truly sorry about this Y/n, but because you signed up so late for the summer camp, Shawn’s room was the only one left with a spare bed available”. Michelle, the camp leader, tells me, sending a sympathetic smile my way. 

“How does this, I can’t.. What?” I don’t understand how I ended up in this situation. I had to spend 2 weeks at a camp that I had no interest in being at. My Mother had signed me up because she didn’t want me- I quote -‘to be on my dang phone the whole summer’. I took the last spot available, two days before camp began. Because of how late notice it was- I was forced to share a room with a boy. Not just a boy but a boy I hated with my entire being. Shawn Mendes.

“We trust that putting both you and Shawn in a room won’t cause any, uh, hassles…” Michelle fiddles awkwardly, the young camp leader equally uncomfortable at telling two 17 year old’s not to get with each other over the two weeks of sharing a room. The thought made me laugh. Like I would ever want to get with Shawn.

“I didn’t think that this would be allowed- isn’t there camp policies?” I ask, gesturing between Shawn and I. My gaze flicks over to Shawn for the first time since I got here. I can’t help but admit that he did look good in the black nike shorts he was wearing, and the t-shirt adorning his figure enhanced his muscular chest. 

I shake my head, I was supposed to be hating this guy- not picturing what he’d look like without a shirt.

“It isn’t.” Michelle giggles- her fair complexion suited the airy laugh she had. “But your Mum was so insistent on having you at camp that we agreed- as long as you both agreed not to do anything inappropriate”. 

“Like I’d ever do anything like that with Y/n”. Shawn rolls his eyes and I send him an icy glare.

“Shut up Shawn, like you’d get any if you even tried.” I hiss, walking past him and dumping my bag on the bed yet to be covered with linen. 

“Well I’m just going to head off now- check on other campers, lunch is served at 1 in the dining hall!” Michelle cheers, smiling at us before shutting the door quickly. It was like she could sense a fight which of course, was inevitably coming. Shawn and I had been going to school together since we were 15 and over the past 3 years we had never gotten along. Not once. 

I grab out my bed sheets from the bag and begin the laborious process of making my bed. I feel Shawn’s eyes on me and I look at him to see him smirking.

“What?” I snap, moving around to the other side of the bed to tuck the sheet in.

“Nothing, well, I just find it funny that you think if I tried anything that you thought you would be able to resist me.” 

I scoff, grabbing out my doona. “You’re insane, Shawn.” 

“Says you,” he scowls, beginning to unpack his own bag. 

“What are you trying to say Shawn?” I glare at him, chucking the quilt over my bed.

“Just that I don’t know how I got stuck with you.” He shrugs his shoulders.

“You think I asked to get put in a room with you? News flash Shawn- I don’t even want to be here!” He stares at me for a moment, the silencing engulfing the room.

I sigh, leaving my bag open on the floor and grabbing my camper’s pass. “I’m leaving, it’s nearly one.”

“I don’t care.” Shawn mutters, his back to me.

“Shut up Shawn,” I call to him over my shoulder before slamming the door shut to our cabin. 

Its going to be a long 2 weeks.

The only good thing about camp so far was that my friend Ally had been forced to go along as well by her parents- her parents having the same reason as my Mum, that we needed to get ‘fresh air’. 

Now I was sitting on a table with five other girls who we had been making conversation with.

“Hey Y/n, Shawn 2 o’clock,” Ally elbows me and I groan softly, digging my fork into my baked potato angrily.

“Whoa, girl, that baked potato doesn’t deserve your anger,” Naomi, Ally’s room mate, teases me. Even though I had only met her around 20 minutes ago, Naomi and I were developing a fast friendship.

“Its Shawn that’s got her so worked up.” Ally giggles and that one comment catches the whole table’s attention.

“Is Shawn your boyfriend Y/n?” Jordan, a short strawberry blonde sitting across the table, asks me. 

“No!” I say quickly and Ally laughs.

“Shawn and Y/n are room mates for camp,” Ally tells the group, a lock of shock across most of their faces.

“Who’s Shawn?” Lacey asks, twirling her brown hair around her fingers- a habit I discovered that she did a lot.

“The one in the black shorts and t-shirt, dark brown hair.” Ally points him out.

“Damn girl, why aren’t you dating him?” Naomi asks, her eyes twinkling with humor.  

“Don’t try me right now.” I point my fork at them all, Sarah and Jordan laughing at my reaction.

“They’re sworn enemies.” Ally continue to fill the group in.

“Damn right we are,” I comment, taking a bite of my baked potato.

“They also have insane sexual tension, trust me, you’ll feel it when they’re near each other-”

“Ally!” I yelp, slapping her arm which causes her to jump in surprise.

“Ow! Why would you do that?” She asks, frowning at me.

I ignore her question, looking at the girls who are all trying to hold back laughs.

“We don’t have any sexual tension guys, Ally’s just joking.” I say seriously.

“Don’t deny it Y/n, I mean Shawn is very good looking.” Naomi chuckles, winking at me. The girls nod, agreeing,

“Ugh, stop this is Shawn.” I shiver, my stomach flipping when I thought of Shawn’s curly hair and dark eyes. 

“Honey, look at him- actually great time to look at him ‘cos he’s walking this way.” Naomi says. Her short dark curly hair bounces as she laughs at my shocked expression as I quickly turn to look over my shoulder where, of course, Shawn was walking straight towards me. A smirk appears on his face when he catches my gaze.

“Look at the time, got to go.” I rush, trying to get up.

“Nope, sit back down, I want to see this sexual tension live and in action.” Naomi tells me sternly, pulling my arm to sit me back down. 

“Aw look at my little room mate, already made some friends,” Shawn ruffles my hair and I scowl at him, turning away from him to face forward, conveniently away from him.

“Don’t you have someone else to bother Shawn.” I growl at him, my body freezing as he leaned forward, one hand on the left side of me to grip onto the table to support his body as his chest pressed against my back. His other arm went over my right shoulder to grab a chunk of potato that I had previously cut off and chucking it into his mouth.

“You know I love to annoy you.” He smirks, licking his bottom lip.

“You know I love to hate you.” I smile sarcastically, tilting my head back to meet his eyes. “Now go away, you’ve had your fun.” 

“Aw no please?” Shawn pouts, leaning closer so that his face was a few inches from mine and the familiar glare that Shawn must be so accustomed to returns to my face.

“Shut up Shawn.” I tell him, pushing his face away from mine. 

“That’s her favorite thing to tell him.” I hear Ally whisper. I look back to see 6 pairs of eyes glued to Shawn and I. I give them all a warning look and everyone except Naomi and Ally return to their food.

“Ally was right, your sexual tension is crazy.” Naomi states bluntly and I feel my cheeks grow hot, Shawn’s body that was still pressed against my back was creating warning bells in my head. 

“Right?” Shawn jokes, and the warning bells get louder. “We should hook up, doesn’t that sound like something we should do?” He teases, leaning closer to me again and the smell of his cologne was intoxicating and something that I shouldn’t be wanting more of.

“In your dreams Shawn.” I shove his hand off my shoulder.

“I know you will be.” He winks and my cheeks feel hotter then the sun, “How about you meet me in my room- around 9?” He grins cheekily and I roll my eyes.

“We’re sharing a room you idiot.” I mutter, resting my elbow on the table and placing my head in my hand.

“That makes everything easier then,” He grins, and a few of the other girls on the table giggle in response. I feel my stomach twist in annoyance.

“Just leave me alone Shawn.” I push my chair back and he moves out of the way to avoid getting hit.

“No can do Sweetheart.” He grins again and I clench my hands into fists.

“I’m not going to say this again. Leave. Me. Alone. I don’t like you, you don’t like me so just can we ignore each other for lets say, the rest of these two weeks? Agreed? Perfect.” I don’t give him a chance to respond before turning away, saying a quick ‘see you later’ to the girls before leaving the dinning hall.

What a great start to summer camp.

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My BTS wings experience

I will start this off with saying I lined up at 2pm on Wednesday the night before. So yes I camped out & was number 35 in line

It was so cold I literally thought I was going to freeze to death and I would never make it too Thursday night to see BTS. Skipping all that I will say the line up process for so messy and people were trying to cut even when we were in numerical order. Let me tell y'all when they opened those doors. It was a fucking stampede and security was SCARED.

They let us in so slow. My friend got through easily. Then I got through easily. But my other friend they was patting her down We were stuck. When I tell you I grabbed her hand and dipped. I DIPPED. No one was getting in the front of me. But luckily we caught up to my friend.

Then they gave us a whole speech on no running but I was like no one is gonna listen. Which they didn’t. But me and friends got barricade 

They kept playing the songs and music videos over and over which I didn’t care because it’s BTS. When it started and the introduction was playing on the middle screen aka the sheet I almost shit myself. Then when not today started the sheet didn’t even fall all the way and Namjoon was so confused. It was stuck but eventually it fell. Then it got real! (Video)

For the solo stages Begin was first  and the choreography was so much better in person. He’s so talented. Then next was Lie I believe and I barely recorded it because Jimin is so unreal I was so shooked.

Namjoon stage was so cute and us shouting “We love you!” The smile on his face and his dimples. Lawd Then next was Tae. I almost cried tears of joy because he really did that. (Video).

Cypher was so fucking LIT

When they came through the floor with “Lost” I was blessed with Tan skin (Video)

Tae was standing there for so long. I kept making eye contact. He fixed his hat so I involuntary fixed my hat when he did it. He smiled @ me

This part almost made me cry (Video).

They’re cutest beans ever. Actual sunshine. (Video)

Look at how happy Jimin was to see my banner and I wasn’t expecting anything at all!



1st I’m just gonna say that me and my friends are like magnets to BTS.

After the show they pulled up next to us on the highway and we waved to them and I’m not sure who, but someone waved back

and it just so happens that today we were walking down the block and saw Rap Mon taking his picture.


Also Ran into JRE in Ktown. So sweet. Nice seeing him again


Studying? I think not/// Ethan Cutkosky SMUT

Studying? I think not//Ethan Cutkosky SMUT

Word count: 2008

Warnings: full on smut

(Y/N)’s p.o.v

I anxiously bit my lip, today was the day Ethan was coming back from playlist.

He offered for me to go with him but I turned him down, I had to stay here and deal with school, it was currently midterm week and I needed to study.

I had recently finished my first five test, Writing, Reading, history and Science. I now had to take my Latin and math one, the two I knew I would fail.

I mean I’m not bad at math it’s just not my strong suit, and neither is Latin.

I texted Ethan and told him about it and he told me as soon as he unpacked he would come over and help me study. But little did I know he had other plans.

“Hey babe” Ethan said kissing the side of my head. I smiled.

“Hey” I mumbled while wrapping my arms around him, he was like a huge teddy bear.

“Alright, let’s get started” he said.

I pulled out my Latin binder, Latin worksheets, Latin translations, and Latin textbook.

Ethan rubbed the side of his head, “why didn’t you pick Spanish”

I rolled my eyes “I didn’t pick Spanish because I can’t make a decision until high school, I’m still in eighth grade remember?”

Ethan only sighed and got in a comfortable position on my bed.

“Let’s start with translating some sentences then we can work on Roman numerals and derivatives” Ethan said looking through my stuff. I nodded my head.

“Alright can you translate this sentence ‘ubi est nilus fluvius?’ ”

I smiled “easy, where is the Nile river”

Ethan smiled “correct, ok next sentence 'Africa et Europa in Rheni fluminis’”

“The Rhine river is not in Africa but Europe” i responded.

“Correct babygirl”

Ethan leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my lips. I giggled and pulled away.

“Come on lover boy, you said you would help me study, not make out with me”

“But I prefer this much more” he mumbled on my lips.

I rolled my eyes and pushed him away. “Come on, the faster we get threw this, the more time we’ll have together to do what you want”

He only sighed and we continued practicing Translations.

“Ok, we’ve gone threw almost 90 translations, can we move onto Roman numerals and derivatives?” Ethan asked.

“Yup” he opened my binder and flipped to the second column and opened the rings to take out my derivative and Roman numerals worksheet.

“Ok, so when i say the number in Latin, say it in English and name one derivative, ok?” He explained.

I nodded, “seams simple enough”

“Alright, unum”

“The number is one and a derivative could be unison”


“The number is two and a derivative is duplex”


“Five, quintet”


“Six, sextuplets”

We went on and stoped at thirty.

“Alright I think your in pretty good shape (y/n)”

I blushed, “thanks, now. Time for math”.

I reached over for my bag and pulled out the algebra textbook and my notebook.

“I don’t need as much help with math, I just need help with slope intersect form, and all the lines that have to do with slope and graphing”

Ethan’s p.o.v

I watched as she grabbed her backpack and took out her textbook and notebook, she looked so pretty.

Her hair was up in a high ponytail and some strands of hair had fallen out. She was wearing my oversized sweatshirt that I had left here a before I left for playlist. She had paired the sweatshirt with some shorts.

Her mouth was open and words were coming out but I couldn’t focus on them, I was too busy checking her out.

“Hellooo, earth the Ethan?” (y/n) said whiles snapping her fingers in front of my face.

“Mhhh, what as that?” I asked.

(y/n) rolled her eyes “I said, I don’t need as much help with math, I just need help with slop intersect form, and all the lines that have to do with slope and graphing” she repeated.

I nodded “ok, let’s get started”

I took her textbook and opened it to a bookmarked page that was highlighted with different colors and little notes on the margin.

I then opened up her notebook to the first page and see a bunch of notes. Something’s were highlighted and there were notes on the side just like her textbook.

“Why do you highlight things and write notes everywhere?”

“The highlighters all have their own meaning. Yellow means I totally understand what I’m learning, pink means I I’m completely lost, and orange means I somewhat get it. The notes are supposed to help me when we take open book quizzes” she said sheepishly.

“I got the idea from teen wolf, remember? You were there. We were cuddling on my bed while catching up on the series because I wanted to and you agreed to it for some odd reason, stiles was helping malia study and he asked her why she highlighted things” she continued on.

I nodded my head remembering. “Does it help you?”

“Yeah, it works out perfectly. I stay after school and get help with the stuff that are pink”

I sighed. “Ok, well les get to work”

I skimmed threw her textbook and saw some practice Problems that she had highlighted pink.

“Ok (y/n) what are the two slope equations that you have to know?”

“Umm, y=mx+b and y1-y=m(x-x1)?”

“You partially got it right the second formula is y-y1=m(x-x1)”

She nodded and i looked at her notebook and asked her.

“How do you find slope?”

“You have to have your y and x axis graphed then you do y2-y1 over x2-x1 and you have your slope”

I nodded “you got it right, let’s try a problem”


“Passes through (-2,5) and (3,9)”

“Ok so first you have to find the slope so you do y2-y1 over x2-x1 and you get 4/5 as your slope, then you fill in the numbers and it will be y-5=4/5(x-(-2))”

I smiled “yup, your so smart baby girl” I cooed.

She only blushed and looked down I chuckled at her.

“Ok time for graphing, state the x and y intercepts for the function, then graph the function”

(y/n) reached over and grabbed her graphing book.

“The function is 2x - 3y = 6, solve it”

(y/n) waisted no time. She quickly jotted down the function and stared plugging in numbers for each side to find x and y. When she did she bit down on her pencil and furrowed her eyebrows obviously confused. She then erased half of her work and plugged in zero to see where that would get her, after she did that she found the intercepts and graphed the function.

She handed me the notebook and I looked down at her work, it was messy but clean and the same time. I checked the work and handed it back and nodded my head.

We continued to study until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“(y/n) we’ve went over everything, your so smart you need to have faith in yourself babygirl”

She nodded and rubbed her eyes.

“Now, time to have fun” i smirked.

I started to take all of her books, papers, and binders off of her bed so that it was just me and her.

I gently pushed her so she was laying down on the bed and started leaving wet butterfly kisses from up her neck to her lips.

She tangled her hands in my hair and kissed me harder. She wrapped her legs around my waist.

We continued kissing for a while before I pulled away to take off my shirt and 'her’ sweatshirt.

I looked at her and saw that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I let out a low growl and mumbled 'fuck’.

She blushed and covered her chest.

“Don’t babygirl, your beautiful” I said while unraveling her arms from her chest.

I leaned down and left love bites on her collarbone. I didn’t leave a lot, I knew she didn’t like it when I left them out in the open, she would get in trouble for it.

I took her right breast into my hand and sucked on it. I bit down on her nipple and it turned into a hard bud. I did this to the other breast.

I then moved down and teasingly started to pull off her shorts. She whined at my slow pace and took matters into her own hands and ripped off her shorts

I smirked. Only I had this effect on her.

I sucked in a harsh breath when I saw her white lace underwear. I could feel myself hardening even more.

I took off her underwear and placed my head in between her legs and placed wet kisses on the inside of her thighs.

I stopped when my lips met her heat. I inhaled and kissed her clit. She moaned my name and fisted the sheets.

I then stuck my tongue inside her and moved it around a little. I then brought up my hand and stuck in my index finger.

“Ethan” (y/n) moaned. She grabbed my hair and pushed my head in deeper. I grabbed her hands and placed them back down. And started going faster making (y/n) squirm, moan, and play with my hair.

“Ethan, I-I-I’m going to-”

“I got you babygirl” my pace fastened and (y/n) arched her back and came in my mouth and hand. I swallowed it all and licked her clean. I then sucked off the rest of her juices that was on my hand.

I stood and took off my pants and boxers my member sprung up and hit my stomach. (y/n) got up and sat on the edge of her bed and took my length into her hands.

She licked the tip and slowly slid it into her mouth. What she couldn’t fit in her mouth she wrapped her fingers around and massaged.

“Mhhh, babygirl right there I said while wrapping her hair around my hands and pushing my length farther into her mouth.

She started bobbing her head up and down. I moaned and released into her mouth.

She swallowed it all and I picked her up and placed her on the bed and positioned myself at her entrance.

"Ready babygirl?” She nodded her head in respons. I slowly slid myself in and waited for her to get used to my size. When she did I started going faster.

“Mghhh, Ethan fatserrr” I oblige and went faster slamming in and out of her.

“Princess I’m going to come”

“Me too”

“On the count of three, ok?”


I got in a few more thrust before I pulled out and came on her stomach.

I got off of her bed and went into her bathroom and got some paper napkins and went back to her room to wipe off the seamen that was on her stomach.

“I love you” I cooed before kissing her lips

“I love you t-”

“(y/n), honey are you home?”

(y/n) and I looked at each other at he sound of her moms voice. We shot up and quickly put on our cloths.

I opened her window and she sprayed some of her perfume. We jumped on her bed and I grabbed some flashcards from the floor and fixed my hair.

“What’s osmosis?” I questioned just as her mom opened her door.

“(y/n) what have I told you about closing the door when you have Ethan over? This door is to stay open. Okay?” Her mom said.

(y/n) smiled and nodded “alright mom”

“Hello Ethan”

I smiled and waved “hey Mrs. (y/l/n)”

Her mom smiled and walked out he door. (y/n) and I let out sighs and fell back on her bed.

“That was close” I mumbled.

It’s about that time again. After asking twitter when I should share it and an overwhelming vote in favor of “now, you asshole,” I’m excited to share the official playlist for THE EDGE OF THE ABYSS!

Like last time, I’ve included a note about what each song is there for, and the songs are roughly in story order. This, of course, leads to a caveat: while I’ve done my best to keep things vague, the deeper you go and the closer you read, the more you wander into potential spoiler territory. 

This playlist grew alongside the book—some songs corresponding to certain scenes, others lending themselves more to the overall vibe. Those of you who’ve read already can probably see their influence and the ways they reflect the story. Those of you who haven’t… buckle up.

  1. So Far From Your Weapon // The Dead Weather // there’s a bullet in my pocket burning a hole / you’re so far from your weapon and the place you were born // a song for lookout duty
  2. Winter // Daughter // drifting apart like two sheets of ice, my love / frozen hearts growing colder with time // a song for three weeks of silence
  3. Blame // Bastille // fall upon your knees, saying ‘this is my body and soul here’ / fall and beg and plead, saying ‘you’ve got the power and control’ / don’t pin it all on me // a song for swift at the door
  4. Gun // CHVRCHES // who are you to tell me how to keep myself afloat? / i tread the water all the while / you stuck in the knife that you held at my back // a song for bleeding lips and finding balance
  5. Get Home // Bastille // how am i gonna get myself back home? // a song for a question
  6. Mother & Father // BROODS // ever since i left my mother, it’s much harder to know / how to make my own life here, how to make my own home // a song for a heart too empty
  7. We the Common // Thao & The Get Down Stay Down // all they wanted was a villain, a villain / and all they had was me / all they wanted was a villain, a villain / so then they just took me // a song for cas and the salt
  8. Beggin For Thread // Banks // strapped down to something that you don’t understand / don’t know what you were getting yourself into / you should have known / secretly i think you knew  // a song for cas and the bind
  9. Ships in the Night // Mat Kearney // turn the lights down low / walk these halls alone / we can feel so far from so close // a song for trying to make it work
  10. Black Water // Of Monsters And Men // swallowed by a vicious, vengeful sea / darker days are raining over me / in the deepest depths i lost myself / i see myself through someone else // a song for cas
  11. Trouble // Neon Jungle // they say here comes a hurricane / trouble is her middle name / but i don’t look for trouble / yeah, trouble looks for me // a song for swift at the helm of a needleboat
  12. Hell and Back // The Airborne Toxic Event // and you took me to hell and back / how many times can i walk away from you? // a song for a new year
  13. I’m So Sorry // Imagine Dragons // so you gotta fire up / you gotta let go / you’ll never be loved ‘til you’ve made your own // a song for meeting an old friend in the middle of a storm
  14. Bullets // Rebecca & Fiona // don’t make me show you how weak you are / hurts like bullets between these walls // a song for a punching bag
  15. The Draw // Bastille // in my left hand there is the familiar / in my right hand there’s the great unknown // a song for cas’s turmoil
  16. Leave A Trace // CHVRCHES // i have somehow got away with everything / anything you ever did was strictly by design / but you got it wrong / and i’ll go anywhere but there // a song for cas, the knife
  17. Ghost Towns // Radical Face // but i miss you / but there’s no coming home / there’s no coming home with a name like mine // a song for cas and tom
  18. We Sink // CHVRCHES // we are / i’ve come apart and you made me / float like / a pretty box of your evil // a song for young leadership
  19. Cliffs Edge // Hayley Kiyoko // cliff’s edge, you turn me on / you lead me on / you’ve got me on a cliff’s edge / where i belong // a song for a cold bottle of beer on the trainer deck
  20. Everybody Wants To Rule The World // Lorde // help me make the most of freedom / and of pleasure / nothing ever lasts forever // a song for second times
  21. This Is Why We Fight // The Decemberists // so come to me / come to me / lay your arms around me / this is why / this is why we fight // a song for the last stand 
  22. I Bet My Life // Imagine Dragons // i know i took the path that you would never want for me / i know i let you down, didn’t i? // a song for new ships on the horizon
  23. Home // American Authors // i’m not trying to part the ocean waves / i’m not trying to overthrow the throne / i’m just trying to find a way to make it back home  // a song for the end in sight
  24. Monster Lead Me Home // Sara Hartman // where there is nowhere to hide / stranger on the other side / we walk in shadows / monster lead me home // a song for cutting a deal
  25. Love Me Again // John Newman // i need to know now / know now, can you love me again? // a song for new beginnings in the bones of old ones

•I’m sitting eyes wide open and I got one thing stuck in my mind,
Wondering if I dodged a bullet or just lost the love of my life•

Don’t Look Outside

I was an only child and my mom was on her own, so sometimes it was hard to get by. At first, when we got settled into our new home, I adored my bedroom. I thought it would be my favourite room in the house, but that changed very quickly.

In my room, there was a somewhat large window directly across from where my bed was. I could see clearly into the backyard and I didn’t really mind. The first time something happened it was probably around 8 PM, about a month after we got to the house. I figured it was just our neighbours kids trying to mess with me, which made me disregard the whole situation. It kept happening though. It sounded like rocks were being thrown at my window. A couple nights went by before I heard anything else happening outside. I was sketching at my computer desk, and the sounds were getting louder. My desk was a couple steps away from my window, so I could hear everything. It sounded like someone was roaming the backyard; I could hear footsteps and giggling. I was scared, I thought someone might be back there trying to get into our home. I ran into my mom’s room and told her exactly what I heard.

“I swear that’s what I heard!”

“Kass, I’m sure it was nothing, It was probably coming from the neighbours or someone walking past the house.”

“Why can’t you just believe me?”

“Listen, I’m exhausted and stressed… I don’t need this right now.”

“Whatever Mom,” I walked back to my room.

I sat on my bed and just stared out the window, wondering what was out there, if it was still there. I was almost too afraid to sleep. I laid down and kept staring out the window. My vision was getting blurry but I didn’t want to take my eyes off the backyard in case I saw something that would explain what I was hearing. I eventually fell asleep, and woke up early, still facing the window. My morning was off, I was still thinking about last night. What if someone was trying to get in? What if they were planning on hurting me and my mom? There had to have been a reason that they were out there.

I was home alone for most of the day. I spent my time watching movies and reading. I was happy when my mom eventually got home from work though, because my thoughts were making me tense.

It was 8 PM. Again, I was sitting at my desk. Before I knew it I heard footsteps and laughing; the laugh I was hearing wasn’t normal, it sounded evil. I stopped what I was doing and froze in my chair. I listened. The laughing got louder. I didn’t understand how my mom couldn’t hear it because of how loud it was, and I didn’t want to bug her again because I knew she wouldn’t believe me. After a minute of listening intently, I got the courage to get up and look out the window. What I saw was nothing I had ever seen before. It wasn’t human, and it was staring right at me. I was too terrified to look away so I just kept watching it. It had this grim smile on its face, and long lanky arms; It was tall and very disproportionate. I could see the evil in it. It wouldn’t move, all it was doing was standing there smiling, looking right into me. My body felt engulfed by its dark, horrendous eyes. It began to walk slowly towards the window. The laughing, and the permanent smile stretched across its face was making my stomach churn. I didn’t know what to do, I still couldn’t move. He began walking slightly faster. I was paralyzed. Then a little faster. I was panicking. And then even faster. Before I knew it, it was right outside my window and it’s laugh echoed through my body. I finally got control of myself and moved out of sight. I was having trouble breathing. I had no idea what I just saw but I know it saw me. After I caught my breath, I heard tapping. It was coming from the window. I put my hands over my mouth and sat at my desk; I didn’t want to make a sound and I didn’t want it to see me again. It began to call my name. The way it said my name though, was inhuman. It was demonic. I couldn’t bring myself to move. I was stuck here until it went away.

“Kassandra! What are you doing?”

I jolted awake.

“Wha… What?”

“You fell asleep at your desk? That’s unhealthy.”

“Oh, um, yeah I guess.”

Tsk tsk, you worry me sometimes.”

Mom left my room and I instantly remembered what happened the night before. I got shivers and looked over at the window. I got a bed sheet and hung it up so I didn’t have to see into the yard.

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How To Love

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Song: The Crying Game - Nicki Minaj

A/N: This is definitely on the more angst-y side of Dean. I know this isn’t as long as a regular one-shot, but I think it’s for the better that way since I will most probably continue with a few more installments (which I will try to post weekly!) The song I linked above played a huge role in this one-shot, not only is it a favorite of mine, but I think it fits perfectly with what happens in this one-shot. Please message/chat me any comments on this, or if you just wanna discuss! I love hearing from all of you – Enjoy! Also: big thanks to my friend Fem for being a VERY patient editor!


Dean slammed the door shut with such force that the room practically shook.

“What the fuck was that?” He directed his anger at you. You peeled off your jacket and threw it across the room, not necessarily caring where it landed.

“What the fuck was that?” You repeated his question in a mock tone, “Fuck off, Dean.”

He took in a deep breath and clenched his jaw while you busied yourself with the gash running down your arm. The caking blood stuck your shirt to your skin and you began to lift it off, when his voice interrupted.

“I don’t know what the hell you thought you were gonna pull back there, but it nearly killed all of us.” His voice was rough as he spoke.

Finally speaking up, Sam said, “Lay off her.” You watched as he grabbed a towel and slammed the bathroom door shut. You didn’t say another word to Dean until you heard the shower water rushing.

“What I was gonna pull? Are you serious?” You grabbed a bottle of whiskey as you spoke. “The wendigo was going to snap your fucking neck! What? Was I not supposed to try and stop it?”

Dean stepped closer to you, “Not by going hand to hand with it! That’s a death wish.”

“I knew wh-”

“No!” His voice began to rise, “I could have handled it! What I can’t handle is you dying because you thought that I might.”

You stared at him in disbelief; his rock hard glare nearly bringing you to tears.

“Then, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I ever even thought of helping you.” You turned away from him and walked into the kitchen. Given, the motel room was small, but it put space between you and Dean.

The hiss that escaped your lips seconds later, was unavoidable. That alcohol burned the wound like a motherfucker. This had to be the deepest cut you’d ever gotten.

“Y/N.” Dean pleaded, but you weren’t sure for what. Him simply saying your name sent you over the edge and tears began to spill silently down your cheeks; eventually finding home between your lips.

“What?” You asked, “I already apologized.”

You hadn’t noticed that he walked over and was standing immediately behind you. When you turned, you hit his torso.

“That was a bullshit apology.” He took a towel and dampened it. Next thing you knew, he was pressing it against your arm to stop whatever blood was still finding its way out from the cut.

“Then what?” You whispered. “You wanna hear me say I’ll never do it again?”

He poured some alcohol onto your skin. “I do.”

You parted your lips, and before you could get another word out he continued with, “But, what you did, I just realized I would’ve done the same thing. I just…” Dean popped open the first aid box, “I don’t want to lose you.”

You had no response, no words were developing.

“So, don’t apologize. Just promise me that I’ll be the one in this relationship who makes the stupid decisions.” He said just as he placed a thick sheet of gauze against your wound.

You exhaled and set your jaw, “Relationship?”

He laughed bitterly, “That’s what you got out of everything I just told you?”

“Pretty much.” You said as he finally stuck on the last bandage. “After every hunt,” You began to say, stepping back from him, “You find something to fault me with.”

He stared at you in a way he never had, and you backed up until your ass hit the stove.

“Actually, scratch that. You find a problem with not only my hunting style, but every, little, single, thing that I do. Just last week you had a bitch fit because I bought the wrong alcohol!” You shouted, narrowing your eyes at him.

Dean’s lips parted as if he would begin to say something when you continued with, “Over alcohol, Dean! What was the point of that, huh?”

He stepped closer to you and god knows, if only there was more room, you’d jump even further back.

“Have you ever thought,” anger swelled up in his voice, “that maybe I get so fucking angry because that way you can’t get close to me?”

The last word fell from his lips in a whisper as he realized what he had just admitted.

“Are you fucking with me?”

“No!” He exclaimed, “I-”

“Because if you are, Dean, I swear to fucking god I will-”

He was quicker in this second than he ever was, because before you could even get out another word his hands were on your shoulders and his lips were on yours. He didn’t push or pull, he just held you beneath his fingertips as he pressed his lips to your own.

After a few seconds, he stepped back from you and your eyes traveled across every inch of his face before he turned and grabbed his coat.

“Wh-” You began.

“I thought I was protecting you.” He swung open the door and walked straight out.

“Dean.” You said simply. The door was shut already.

Next thing you knew, you were covering your face with your hands as you cried. Your body shook involuntarily. In the dimly-lit kitchen, you stood for so long your knees nearly went weak as silent sobs left your throat.

When Sam left the bathroom, you hadn’t even noticed. His eyes traveled all over your figure before he asked, “What did he do?”

You wiped your face with your open palms and turned to his younger brother.

“He loved me.”

His eyebrows knit together as he stared at your red, puffy, eyes. “Then, why are you…”

“He loved me wrong.” Your voice was much weaker than you had expected.

Immediately, Sam threw on a shirt and jacket, then tugged his boots on. He gave you one last look, a look of such sympathy that your heart hurt, before heading out the door to find his brother.


trappedinafictionaluniverse  asked:

“I tried to change the duvet and I got stuck inside.” + feyrhys please!!!


From where she sits on the couch downstairs in their apartment loft, Feyre merely inclines her eyebrows a smidge higher and turns another page in her magazine.


The new spread on cabin architecture is really interesting, she thinks, when Rhys practically screams at her, a muffled sound.


“What!” she yells, dropping the magazine into her lap and staring up at the bottom edge of their bed that she can hardly see from below the landing. There’s a pause, and then -

“Come help me?”


“I might be… stuck.”



Feyre picks her magazine back up and replies as cooly as she can manage, no idea what on earth he’s gotten up to since he took the last load of sheets up. “I thought you said that only happened to other men.”

“Just get up here and help me, smart ass.”

Feyre smirks and finally gets up, taking her sweet time climbing the narrow stairs to the landing of their open bedroom. There’s a window to the left with a great view of the city that more than makes up for the lack of view downstairs. It’s half the reason she and Rhys chose this apartment in the first place.

What she finds waiting for her on the bed, however, is not her beloved, but rather a tangled knot of sheets with a decent sized Rhys-looking lump beneath. Feyre licks her lips, biting back a grin.

“Oh this is definitely something that doesn’t just happen to other men,” she says. “In fact, I think you might be the only one.”

“Look, it’s not my fault, okay,” Rhys says from within the mound of bed sheets. She takes a cautious step forward.

“Then who’s fault is it exactly? And don’t say Mor. You can’t blame every domestic dispute on your cousin. Not when she’s the one who comes to clean them up.”

“Very funny.” Feyre doesn’t anything. Just waits and lets the silence egg him on. She’s rewarded with a long suffering sigh. “I tried to change the duvet and I got stuck inside.“

Feyre bursts out laughing and plops down on the edge of the bed. Rhys shifts somewhere beside her under the covers. “How in the world did you manage that? You are, quite possibly, the world’s biggest clueless idiot.”

“Need I remind you you’re dating said idiot. Just help me out of this thing.”

“Hmm, that depends. What will you give me for helping you?” As if in answer, Rhys moves frantically beneath the sheets looking for his own way out. It’s a real shame, Feyre thinks, that she’s already found the seam and is sitting right on it.

“Food,” Rhys says.

Feyre snorts. “I’m not Mor. Try again.”


“I’m not Cassian either.”

“A fact I’m well pleased of. Jewelry? Girls like jewelry right?”

“And yet you call Amren a firedrake.”

A pause. “A new canvas?”

Feyre indulges a fat, lazy cat’s smile. “Now we’re talking.” She sits up allowing the seam in the duvet to part, and lifting it open finds Rhys popping his head out for air, his hair a sweaty mess clinging every which way about his head. “Hello, lover,” Feyre croons. Rhys climbs halfway out and groans.

“I am never doing that again.”

“You better hope not. If this is your idea of making the bed, we’re gonna need a maid.” Indeed the present state of the bed is appalling. Rhys looks down at the mess and nods with a serious air about him. “What?” Feyre asks.

His only reply is to grab her and tackle her to the bed, pressing his body flat against her in a way that quickly separates her legs beneath him and has her laughing. “Well I figured the bed was already a mess and you came all this way,” he says, a light shining playfully in his eyes.

“You prick,” Feyre replies, but she’s smiling ear-to-ear.

“Sure you don’t want to change your mind about the sex? I learned a lot of moves while I was under these sheets.”

Feyre’s only reply is the forceful kiss she presses against his lips before pulling him further down against her on the bed.

Send me a prompt + otp or brotp and I’ll write a drabble!

You Were the One

Summary/Prompt: “I’ve made so many mistakes in my life, but you’re not one of them.”

Word Count: 3,478

Warnings: Language

Author’s Note:  This is my submission for @bionic-buckyb 5K Follower Writing Challenge.  This is my first writing challenge ever!  I haven’t written in a long time, so please be gentle with me…

Also, where did all these words come from?!

Originally posted by s-a-l-t-w-a-t-e-r-k-i-d

“Oh my God,” I whispered, staring at the blank page in front of me.  “What the actual fuck?”

I was only taking this art class for fun!  It filled my art requirement and didn’t seem like it would take up too much of my time. Sure, I had always been pretty good at sketching, but I never pursued it.  I had had too many people tell me in my life that I would never make it very far if I did.  So I abandoned my art dreams and decided to major in Business.  I hated every minute of it.

When I saw the art class on the list of required classes I would have to take, I had been comfortable signing up for the beginning drawing class.  However, after the professor saw my work the first week, he insisted that I move up to a more advanced class.

So here I was, surrounded by Serious Art Students, staring at the latest assignment sheet that the professor had just handed out.

Assignment #5 – A Study in Figure Drawing

Choose a human subject and create a series of sketches based on separate poses.  Clothing optional.  Minimum of three sketches.  To be handed in next week.

Um, what?!

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Come Back Down, Part 16

(Gif found on Google. Credit goes to maker. Not mine.)

Characters: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Rating/Warnings: NC-17; Smut and schmoop. Literally this entire chapter is sex with lots of feelings. If you don’t like that, feel free to skip. If you do, grab a glass of wine, relax and let it happen.

Summary: Jensen shows you how much he loves you and tells you why. In graphic detail.

A/N: I was gonna post this later this week, but I was too excited to wait. I hope you guys like it. Feedback is like finding a $20 dollar bill in the couch you didn’t expect to be there. I love it! Also, please don’t send me Danneel hate. I needed a villain.

Come Back Down Master List

Hollygopossum’s Master List

Our eyes locked as I crawled backwards down the bed. A sharp stab of lust shooting through me at the sight of her plump bottom lip trapped between her teeth.

I slid my hands slowly up her shins, over the soft skin behind her knees to finally grip the back of her thighs and spread them as far as they would comfortably go. I telegraphed every intent as I laid down and began pressing chaste kisses to the inside of her thighs. They soon progressed to open mouthed, dirty ones as I tried to memorize the taste of her soft skin under my tongue.

 Her hips bucked, a thin whine slipping through her clenched teeth as my breath ghosted over her center. She was soaking wet and I could smell her, a salty sweet scent that made my mouth water.

I nosed along the ticklish crease between her thigh and groin, inhaling deeply just to tease us both. Her musky scent mixed with her wisteria scented body wash and I groaned at how much I wanted to taste it.

She sighed my name as her fingers threading through the longer hair on the top of my head. She was just resting there for now, but I looked forward to the sting of it when she was out of her mind with pleasure. My scalp was a little known hot button, one that Danneel had never even tried to discover. It was at that thought I realized why sex with Y/N was so revolutionary. There was real emotion here, a feeling that I was connected to her in more ways than one. I shook my head to rid myself of the comparison. Danneel had no place here on this bed.

I enthusiastically parted her lips with my thumbs, enjoying the shiver of want I saw course through her body as I took in the view before me. She was shiny with slick and swollen already and the sight slammed me with want, causing me groan deep in my chest.

Just before I lowered my lips to take a taste, our eyes connected again. “You’re beautiful, sweetheart.” I whispered and didn’t pause for a reaction, the need to taste and give her pleasure was too overwhelming to put off sinking my tongue into her folds.

Her gasp of surprise turned into a throaty moan as her taste exploded across my tongue. I couldn’t help the groan that accompanied the dirty, wet sounds of my mouth as I licked and savored her, getting lost in her taste and the feel of her heat against my mouth.

I teased for a moment, dragging my tongue through her hot core and touching everywhere but her clit. Her hips bucked so hard as she looked for friction that I had to hold her down with my forearm. My words were muffled as I sucked on her lips, but I spoke loud enough for her to hear. “I love the way you feel when I’m so deep inside you that your ass presses into my thighs and your walls pulse along with your heart beat. How you fit so snug around me, like you don’t want to let me go.” Her fingers clenched and unclenched in my hair as she moaned. The way her breath was riddled with gasps and whines is intoxicating. She was making my pulse race, but I was only getting started.

The second my mouth left her she whined, her hands dropping to the side to fist her sheets. Although, this time, she was more overcome than frustrated. I soothed my hands over the tops of her thighs in a placating motion before I set the rest of my idea into motion. “You’re perfect.” My lips felt bruised and swollen as I mumbled into the skin covering her hip bone, nibbling and sucking a mark there.

Her scoff got stuck in her throat as I nosed across her mound until I reached the opposite hip bone to make a matching red mark there. I couldn’t touch her enough, so I smoothed my hands up and down her sides and belly, mapping the way before I placed kisses there. She flinched a couple of times, a playful smile quirking her lips, as the contact tickled.

“I love your belly.” She twitched, her hips bucking occasionally as I spoke directly into her skin. “I love that you have an iron stomach. You don’t get squeamish at illness or blood. You don’t make me feel like a bio hazard when I’m sick. I love how you take care of me.” I nuzzled and kissed her warm body, never staying in one spot, filled with the need to press the love I felt for her into her skin. “I love that you go with your gut feeling and intuition.”

She smoothed her hands lovingly over my shoulders and neck pushed into her hands like a cat, and if I were capable of purring I would, She was calming down a little as she ran her fingers through my hair, but soon I’d be riling us both back up. Moving on to her ribs, I traced the line of her ‘love her but leave her wild’ tattoo. She hummed in approval, her finger tips moving to the short hair on my neck.

I placed a few kisses there when I was done, “I love how independent you are and how you’ve made this amazing life for yourself all on your own. I love how you followed your dreams and chose your own path no matter what happened in your life.”

I felt a rush of affection when she blushed, realizing that what made this meaningful was that I didn’t have to embellish or think too hard about what to say. The thoughts came easy and I hoped that she understood that.

I spared a little attention to her breasts. “You know I love these. They’re the perfect handful.” I nuzzled the underside of each one, making her giggle and twitch before I began pressing wet, open mouthed kisses all over them. Her hips twitched up and her giggle slipped into a needy moan when I finally took one of her nipples into my mouth.

Her legs moved restlessly, her thigh accidentally rubbing against my dick in the most delicious way. I ground down, searching for a little relief, groaning loudly into her wet skin when I found it.

Reluctantly, I moved on, pressing kisses along the way until I settled to suck a mark into the center of her chest. I’d intended to drive her crazy with teasing while I hopefully got through that thick skull of hers how wonderful I thought she was, but I was torturing myself, too. Fine tremors moved through me as I fought the urge to drop the whole thing and ravage her.

When I finally gained enough control to speak, it came out breathy and rough. “And your heart. I love your heart because it’s so big. You’ve been through so much, been hurt so many times but you’ve never given up on me. Even when I’ve given up on myself.”

Her hand sifting through my hair and her soft expression was too much. If I stared too long, I would turn this into something else entirely. However, I had a point to make, so I continued on by kissing and nibbling across her collar bone and neck on the path to her ear.

I breathed through the waves of pleasure hitting me as my dick smeared a wet strip of precome across her hip with each movement. She bucked up to meet me, her arms encircling my back and pulling me even closer as she whispered my name into my neck.

Goose bumps erupted all over my body as her breath ghosted against my sweat damp skin, lighting my nerves on fire. “You have no… no idea what you do to me.” I nosed around the sensitive skin around her ear, trying to collect myself. “You have no idea how hard it is to resist you.”

“Then don’t.”

“Nope.” I kind of grumbled and groaned out in a very nonsexy way as I pulled my knees beneath me so I wouldn’t be tempted every time she moved. “I’m sure you wanna hear why I love your ears, right?” She nibbled a teasing bite to my shoulder but said nothing. “I love your ears because they’ve listened to 16 years of my good times and bad times without ever telling me I was stupid for feeling a certain way.”

“I may have told you that you were being stupid a couple of times…” She mumbled against my shoulder, a bit of humor in her tone.

“Only when I needed you to.” I sat up, crouching over her hips, and she took the opportunity to tease her fingers lightly over my throbbing, red cock. “You don’t play fair.” I gasped out and smiled wickedly as I took in her flushed cheeks. I smoothed my thumbs gently over her cheeks and then her eyelids, encouraging them to close. “I love your eyes.” I whispered, lightly kissing each one while I cradled her face in both hands. “Because of the different way you see the world. The way that you see me like no one else ever has.”

“You’re saying I’m an oddball, just in a nice way…”

One eye brow was arched and I paused to kiss it before I kissed her forehead, temples and even the top of her head. It caused her to laugh a little at how cheesy and ridiculous I was being.

I wasn’t really bothered by my current mushy status. It was Y/N that inspired me to act like a lovesick fool, so it only made me smile harder with fondness burning in my chest.

“You are odd, sweetheart… But you’re also unique and individual. You stand out in the best of ways.” The words muffled as I nuzzled into her sweet smelling hair, “I love your brain and your thoughts and ideas. You come up with so many things that I would never think of. The shots you take with your camera are genius.” I nibbled her nose and she flinched away with a slightly perturbed expression on her face. “You’re so damn smart.”

She was incredibly uncomfortable with the praise by now, her body shifting restlessly. “Please Jay, no more teasing?” She was on the verge of tears again and I couldn’t tell now if they were because she was happy or more upset.

I locked eyes with her as my fingers traced over the features on her beautiful face, “I love every bit of you, do you understand? And even the idea of you not understanding how perfect you are…” I finally gave in, laying my completely turned on body against hers so that our lips were only inches apart. “It hurts.”

Her lips were immediately desperate against mine, either overcome with emotion or desperate for me to stop talking. It could’ve been either one as I opened my mouth to her questing tongue with a moan. I was torn between letting her take control and continuing with my plan. Her body was insistent against mine, her hands mapping new paths across my skin.

But once again, somehow a brain cell was allowed to function as I remembered my initial plan. “Y/N wait.” I mumbled, pushing up to hover over her. She was now flush all the way down her neck into her chest, her lips kiss swollen and wet. Her bottom lip trapped between her teeth. Her y/c/e eyes were pleading with me not to tease anymore. “No more teasing,” I kissed the tip of her nose, “I promise.”

I wasted no time before I settled myself back between her thighs and dove in with enthusiasm. I immediately latched onto her clit, lightly sucking and groaning as I savored her flavor and the way she pushed back into my face. “Fuck, Jay! Fuck!” Her hands were buried in my hair and twisting before I knew it, sending bright flashes of want straight to my cock.

“Fuck you taste so good, sweetheart.” I lapped at her lips, creating a completely absurd wet sound with my tongue. She practically screamed my name when my tongue was buried as deep as it could go, massaging her walls with wide strokes.

Between her steel grip in my hair and her hips pushing into my face, she was riding me, and I was enjoying this more than I ever had before. She was out of control from being teased for so long, her body intent on getting pleasure as her actions pressed my nose into her clit. Her movements soon became shaky, her hips rolling in an erratic rhythm as her moans became a higher pitch.

She was repeating my name over and over, sending sparks of pleasure that were incinerating my nerves and self control. Her grip wasn’t so tight that I couldn’t pull back for a breath before diving back in, and I growled words that I knew vibrated all the way up her spine as I gripped her ass to encourage her. “That’s it sweetheart, ride my face. So fucking hot, baby.”

And that’s all it took before her body tensed all over and my mouth was met with a gush of slick as she screamed my name. I worked her through her orgasm, savoring her taste, but never slowing my ministrations. Instead, I added a finger alongside my tongue to her hot center, thrusting in and stretching until she could take a second one.

She was sobbing words that I couldn’t make out. Her thighs shaking and pressing around my ears as I latched onto her clit and sucked as I crooked my fingers just right. It only took a few more strokes of my fingers inside her before she came again, causing a throaty, fucked out moan from her throat and causing me to thrust harshly against the bed a few times to take the edge off. She was so fucking hot.

She was shaking all over and out of breath when I paused a moment to nuzzle her breasts, causing her to gasp before I continued on my way. I settled my weight between her legs and took her lips in a dirty kiss, groaning at the feeling of satisfaction of having her skin flush against mine. At this point, I was afraid that one more twitch from her body and it would all be over before I got to finish this properly.

Her moan was muffled as she pushed hard into my mouth and her hands slid over my back and ass, fingers pressing into skin with too much fervor to be soothing. “Need you, Jay. Please?” Her eyes were glassy and blown wide, her face and neck flush and sweaty from her two very recent orgasms and I felt a deep sense of pride alongside my desperate need.

I smoothed her wild hair out of her face, hands stopping to cup her neck and cheek in my hands. “What do you want, love? Do you want my mouth? My fingers?” It was a genuine question, the desire to take her apart with pleasure my only goal.

Her fingers dug into the skin of my shoulders as her legs wrapped around my waist. Her grip wasn’t enough to draw blood, but enough to get across her frustration and want. “Need your cock, Jensen. Please fuck me?”

Pure lust and possessiveness slammed into me, forcing a surprised huff of breath to gasp from deep in my chest and stealing the rest of my oxygen as if I’d been kicked in the abdomen. My cock twitched against her stomach, blurting precome and adding to the rather impressive amount of fluid that I’d already leaked onto her skin. “Oh fuck, Y/N.” It made it even sexier to know that this wasn’t an attempt at dirty talk, it was a bare honest plea.

I didn’t waste any more time before I was slowly sinking into her, surrounding myself in her wet, tight heat. I let my face fall to her shoulder, my entire body shaking as I willed myself to go slow, holding myself back from just slamming into her and taking. I was barely hanging on, my breath panting out like I’d just ran a marathon instead of pleasure my girlfriend.

Her hands turned gentle again, moving easily over me due to the sweat forming over my skin. She started pressing open mouthed kisses over my neck and shoulder, occasionally sucking bruises there that tested my control. But then, she started to talk, her breath a little choppy and warm in my ear and causing goosebumps to raise everywhere.

“I love you, Jay. I love the teenager you were but I fucking love the man you’ve become.” Her breath was hitching in her chest, her body shuddering with pleasure with every inch I slid into her. “You’re so brave and strong and loving. You’re everything I didn’t think I needed until you kissed me, Jay. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

We both moaned as I bottomed out, my balls resting comfortably nestled against the soft skin of her ass, our panting breath’s nearly synchronized. My heart thumping double time, a heavy feeling of love that was almost too painful in response to her words spreading in my chest. She was holding me tight, even though I was pressing my entire weight against her. It was just like her to feel like she needed to pull her weight in everything, even sex.

“Please.” She was moving her hips, her head rolling back and forth, caught up in the pleasure.

“Please, what?” I teased, receiving a halfhearted glare for my trouble. Her arms clamped down as well as her core, causing my hips to roll and a growl to rumble in my chest. “Fuck, sweetheart.”

I knew once I started to move it would be over, but I couldn’t resist anymore. Especially when she pressed her heels into my ass. I worked my way up into a steady pace before I tucked my face into her neck, sucking the skin there to muffle the out of control moans rising up in my throat. My moans were muffled, but I could hear hers loud and clear.

I dragged in a ragged breath when breathing through my nose didn’t suffice. I felt my orgasm building, and knew at any moment I was going to lose it. I didn’t want to come without her. I wrapped my arms around her, one hand cradling beneath her head and holding her to my shoulder. I tucked my thighs beneath her ass so that I sank deeper and she rolled her hips, pushing down to draw me in.

I wasn’t able to pull out very far, but the feeling of being entirely surrounded by her like this, as I slammed back in, was incredible. “Jay I-!” She pulled away from me so that she could see my face, her expression rosy and pained. “Oh, fuck, Jensen. I’m-.” Her words were cut off by my lips because I couldn’t stand another moment to go by without kissing her. That’s when I felt her tense, her center gripping me even tighter as she gave into her orgasm.

She moaned helplessly through her release as I fucked her through it, trying like hell to hold on as I watched her fall apart. The feelings that were coursing through me made it hard to breathe while my heart hammered away inside my chest like it wanted to break free. The minute her y/c/e eyes slid open, pleasure glazed and so full of love, my control snapped. I whined, the feelings ratcheting up and becoming almost unbearable as I felt it begin to crash into me. “Baby.” I managed through a strangled moan and my eyes slammed closed. A moan was ripped out of me when my entire body locked up as I released inside her.

“Oh, Jay.” I heard her sigh when the fog started to clear, the contractions still wrecking my body and making me tremble becoming nearly painful. I felt her hands soothing up and down my back, through the hair on the back of my head, her body rocking me through my release and prolonging it. Her lips whispered against my temple as I realized that I’d buried my face into her shoulder. “Love you, Jay. Love you so fucking much.”

It was when I’d finally calmed down, still enjoying the feeling of being inside her as I became soft, that I realized that I’d never loved someone as much as I loved Y/N. I’d never felt this warmth and fullness that felt so good that it hurt and I might die from it. I realized then that I was done taking the passive route, and that whoever was responsible for even thinking about hurting her, was going to fucking pay.

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The Contest-Part 28

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

The next morning we all had early call times so Jared, Jensen, and I were going to ride in together. Jared and I were already in the car when Jensen came down.  He hesitated a moment before getting in.  He looked first at Jared, then at me.  “We good here?” he asked shortly.

Jared just nodded. I blew out an annoyed breath.  “Yes, DAD we are all good here.  Now, will you get in the damn car so we aren’t all late for work?” I snapped.

“Touchy, touchy,” Jensen muttered as he settled himself in the front seat and we finally headed to the studio.  Jared had been very quiet all morning, and I was wondering what was going through his mind.

“You okay, Jare?” I whispered

“Yeah, I’m just tired. Someone kept me up late last night,” he said with a grin.

I pulled at the collar of my shirt, showing him my neck. “The girls in makeup are gonna LOVE me today.  Lots of stuff to cover up.”

I heard Jensen snort from the front seat. “Somebody a little rough last night?” he questioned with that shit-eating grin of his.

“Stuff it, Ackles,” I responded, and then stuck my tongue out at him for good measure.

I looked over at Jared, and I noticed he was reading today’s call sheet. He didn’t look happy. “Your shooting with Rory today?” He said quietly.

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Here For You ~Bellamy Blake~


Summary: Reader finally finds out why Bellamy is so worn out all the time and persuades him to sleep, giving him massage as well. Afterwards, she tells him to come to her whenever something bothers him so when a nightmare kicks in, he comes to her and it becomes a daily routine for them to sleep cuddled up together. Eventually, the truth comes to the surface.

Word Count: 3109

I couldn’t help but smile as I walked trough the halls of the Ark, ready to start another day on the ground. We finally lived in peace and there was no reason to be feared of the day. We started settling down and living casual everyday life, working and then having fun in our free time.

The only thing that bothered my mind was Bellamy or better said his state. Despite the fact that there was no more reason for him to be worried, he still didn’t seem to be relaxed and rested. There was just something bothering him, but I had no idea what and that made me even more worried.

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anonymous asked:

86. “You’re getting crumbs all over my bed.” for supercat?

For a human, Cat was remarkably capable of pulling off the impossible. It was a point of pride for her, something she could hold up any time there were any questions about the decisions she made. She’d already accomplished so much, how could anyone doubt when she decided she would accomplish even more? She was Cat Grant, and she could do anything she set her mind to.

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anonymous asked:

You've made your disdain for onions abundantly clear, but what are your thoughts on celery?

Funny you should ask! I was just thinking about this. In the days before the dawn of humankind, the vice admiral of the Great Light looked out upon the Earth and smiled. So pleased was he by the creation of the Great Light that he sent out an invitation to all the vegetation on the Earth to a great feast he was to hold in his castle. He spent the next two weeks preparing, and on the day of the feast, all the vegetation showed up: cucumbers, plums, mint leaf, artichokes—all of them. There was a jovial air in the castle, and everyone enjoyed themselves talking, laughing, dancing, and feasting on the original food of the Earth (kestwa, malador, sweet disti, laffa, etc.). As they finished eating, the vice admiral raised his hands for silence. “My friends!” he said. “We have such a perfect existence, that I have decided to bestow upon you a great gift!” A murmur arose.”Today I give you the gift of flavor!” The murmur grew to a general roar of confusion, as no one knew what this meant. “This is a new concept, I know, but I will show you what I mean. Let us start with my good friend Pineapple!” And so the mighty pineapple stood and strode proudly up to the vice admiral. The vice admiral looked at him and said, “My dear Pineapple! Thank you for being you. I now give you…flavor!” There was a frisson as a smell and sensation rushed through the air: the original sensation of the flavor of pineapple. The attendants were overcome, and instantly started leaping from their chairs, unable to contain themselves and excited to claim their own flavor. The vice admiral laughed and raised his hands again, “One at a time, one at a time! I promise I will get to each and every one of you!”

And good as his word, so he did! He delivered sweet flavors to the mango, the strawberry, and the banana; fresh, crisp flavors to the apple, the cucumber, and the proud, proud carrot; earth flavors to the potato, the beet, and the radish; and even pestilential flavors to the durian fruit and the onion, who were somehow pleased by this. He continued on, giving a flavor to each and every vegetable and fruit and gourd and root, ending finally with the avocado, to which he gave the flavor “vague”. And at the end he said, “And so, my dear friends, I thank you for coming, and wish you a wondrous and beautiful future filled with fun and flavor!” And the vegetation cheered and thanked him, with tears in their eyes, pits, and kernels, and they all went back to their homes.

Now, what flavor did the celery get, you may ask? Perhaps I can answer this question by telling you what the celery was up to during the great feast at the vice admiral’s castle.

To put it bluntly, the celery was asleep. It was up all night worrying about what it was going to wear the next day (hint: the vegetation didn’t wear clothing, it not having been invented yet) that it didn’t sleep a wink, and when the time to leave came, the celery was sound asleep in the middle of its floor. And there it remained until late that night when all the other vegetation was returning. When the vice admiral realized the celery hadn’t attended, he was so hurt and shut up his castle forever, returning to the future whence he came, and taking with him the secret of flavor, which he gave to a character in a Futurama episode, who later shared it with Bender.

So, as for what flavor the celery got? None. It got no flavor. At all. As a result, it is less flavorful than plain water—even less flavorful than the vaguely flavored avocado which can win fans through hypnosis only.

So, to answer your question, what are my thoughts on celery? It is food. It is plain food. If I had to eat it to keep myself alive, I wouldn’t mind, because all it has is a texture. And strings. No idea why they decided to add strings to celery, but that’s not my business. It’s been observed and scientifically tested that you can feed celery to a sleeping human and they won’t notice. The celery’s favorite color is clear. If you give a stalk of celery to a cat it just confuses them. They asked a million American football fans what they preferred—a football game that ends in a tie or celery—and they went with ties in football because they were “more definitive”. Celery is used as a vehicle for peanut butter and crab salad because it’s considered impolite to eat either substance with one’s hands in public, and because with a spoon, it’s impossible to ensure party goers don’t double dip. The great thing about using celery for this purpose is that it has absolutely no flavor, so it’s the same as just eating peanut butter or crab salad—just with added strings to remind you that life is unfair. (Seriously, think about any other food on the planet where you’d say, “Damn! I want to put either peanut butter or crab salad on that! Doesn’t matter which, since this food goes with either peanut butter or crab salad equally well!”)

Now don’t take this to mean that I hate celery. How could I? How could any? They had to stop giving it to babies because babies exposed to celery in the first couple months didn’t realize they were eating anything, and had trouble thereafter recognizing what food was, and how eating worked. If celery were a person and you asked me to date it, I’d say, “I have no opinion”—and I’m married! I mean if it’s there, I guess I’ll take it, because boy howdy, do I love getting strings of stuff stuck in my teeth. How satisfying! It’s like, “Hey, girl! You want to feel like you came out of the bathroom after flossing but left some of that floss stuck in your teeth?” Sign me up for some of that!

But I guess the best thing about its lack of flavor is it doesn’t shove it in your face, you know? It’s an extremely subtle complete lack of flavor. It’s like if someone goes to an award show wearing a folded over bed sheet, but arrives in an unopened cardboard box, so you don’t even see the sheet—or the person. So you’ve got to hand it to celery for that. Like, good on celery for not being all showy about its total absence of flavor.

So those are some of my thoughts on celery. I have others, but this isn’t really the time or place to discuss them. Thank you for your query, and please have a wonderful day on my behalf.

The Bun

For the anon who requested it

Maybe some wolfstar where Sirius is talking about growing his hair out over the summer and Remus is against it but when they come back Remus loves it? Only if you want to of course :)

  ‘God I look great today’ 

Sirius was, as per usual, standing shirtless in front of the mirror one Wednesday morning, carefully flexing and turning to admire himself in the reflection. Remus who was lying tangled in a mess of sheets, didn’t even look up before groaning. 

‘Sirius stop checking yourself out and close the window, its so cold.’ 

But Sirius wasn’t paying any attention and continued to pull faces into the mirror, now gently prodding his hair with his fingers.

 His mother had stuck him to chair for two hours during Christmas whilst she got a house elf to snip and chop away at his hair until it was only a centimetre long, much sorter than his usual waves. 

‘It’s so short now,’ he pouted ‘I can’t believe my own mother had defaced me in this way.. actually I can. But still!’ 

Suddenly he turned to admire the back of his head as Remus mumbled about dying of hypothermia unless Sirius closed the bloody window, but it fell on deaf ears as Sirius gasped.

 ‘You know what would really annoy that old bitch? If I grew it out. Like really long, maybe as far as my shoulders.’ 

This had gotten Remus’ attention, so he sat up at an alarming rate to stare at him. 

‘No Sirius’

 ‘But why? You have to admit if i charmed it the right way so she couldn’t cut it off again, she might get so frustrated she’ll just die. Plus, I think I would look fabulous.’

 ‘No don’t’

 Sirius frowned, not turning away from the mirror. ‘Why? You don’t think I’d look fabulous?’

 Remus clenched his jaw. ‘You know you always look amazing Sirius.. ‘ 

Sirius raised one eyebrow. ‘Then why not?’ ‘

Just don’t’ 


 ‘Because I say so.’ 


 ‘Listen to me-’ 


‘UGH because if you did you would even bet-’ 

Remus caught himself just in time. He wouldn’t do it, he could not, and would not. The dorm could only handle so much of Sirius and James’ egos, and any more and Remus was sure they would all suffocate. 

Plus, how could he tell Sirius that Remus had the sneaking suspicion that if he grew his hair out Sirius would look even more like a chiselled god than beforehand and Remus might just die of pure lust from the sight of it, without revealing his not-so-platonic feelings for the pale boy. He had to control himself. But Sirius was now looking at Remus straight in the eye, a small smile growing on his lips.

 ‘Fuck off Black’ 

So Sirius turned back to the mirror with a full blown mischievous grin planted on his face and returned to admiring himself from every angle. 

‘I’d look hot wouldn’t I’ 

‘yes’ Remus thought. 

‘You would look like you always do Sirius. Just with longer hair, it wouldn’t be that much of a change and plus maybe it wouldn’t suit you, who knows. Your face shape may not be right for it and it may not frame your jaw line as well as shorter hair could and maybe the long hair will drown out your eyes or your ears could stick out oddly and-……’ Remus rolled his eyes. ‘I’m just talking to myself aren’t I. Your haven’t heard a word.’

 ‘What was that Rem?’ 

‘Shut the goddamn window Sirius.’ 

 Remus returned from the holidays with the last remains of his slight tan slowly fading away. James had come back with a six pack that he had spent of summer working on and wouldn’t stop showing of to anyone who would pay him a second of their time. Peter had gained a new dusting of freckles that suited his face very nicely. 

But Sirius. Sirius had come back to Hogwarts a new man. He had stuck to his word and oh my. His jet black hair came tumbling down his face resting gently on the tops of his shoulders, maintaining effortlessly flawless look as they sat there. As Remus had feared the soft curls framed his face like a work of art and his eyes contrasted beautifully with it. He looked more like perfection than Remus could ever have imagined.

‘Fuck my life’ 

Remus Lupin wasn’t the only one stunned by the transformation and various (most) students of all years had started to swoon over the boy, even more than usual, which Sirius had clearly noticed as was very much enjoying, much to James’ annoyance.

 ‘Like it then?’ Sirius grinned as he flicked the locks over his shoulder.

Remus merely huffed and went to find Lily and Sirius stood there with a confused expression on his face.

 That evening the welcome back party was in full swing in the Gryffindor common room and everyone was acceptably drunk singing loudly and swaying drunkenly to the amplified music playing out. Sirius was standing with James talking to some pretty Ravenclaws girls, looking disinterested and fidgety. 

Remus stood across the room casting sideways glances to the boy as his sipped on the fire whiskey Marlene had given him earlier. When he next glanced he didn’t seem to be able to take his eyes away, they seemed almost glued to that hair and that face and before he knew Sirius had locked eyes and was quickly making his way over, so Remus looked down into his drink and prayed he wouldn’t stay long. 

‘Why’d do that earlier?’ Sirius asked. 


‘Walk away when I asked you about the hair? You just left.’ Remus looked up into those grey eyes. Where they glistening? No. He’d just had to much to drink.


 ‘You know Rem, if you don’t like I, I’ll cut it off. I didn’t realise you were being serious. No pun intended.’ 

Remus snorted, but stopped himself from laughing. Sirius did look genuinely upset and was chewing his lip as his stood just feet away from him. God why did he have to have such nice lips.

 ‘Shut up Remus.’


 ‘I said it doesn’t look bad’ Remus mumbled. 

‘Oh. Okay..’ 

Sirius’ frown deepened and his hands moved to his head, but only halfway through did Remus realise what he was doing Sirius was pulling and tugging at the strands, slowly forming it into a messy bun placed on top of his head. Christ did it look good. Amazing in fact. Remus hadn’t thought that hair could improve anymore but here in front of him was the living proof, it was incredible, the loose strand dancing delicately on the edges of Sirius’ face. In fact all Remus could do was stand there staring open mouthed at the sight before him.

 ‘Remus.. are you oka-’

 ‘Fuck this.’

 Remus lips smacked quite heavily into Sirius’. In desperation he had even managed to drop his drink as his hands wrapped around the back of Sirius’ head pulling him in closer to deepen the kiss. 

After the momentary shock and second to adjust to the drunkenness of the kiss, Sirius grabbed Remus around the waist kissing him back with all his force. Shit he had wanted to do that for so long. Who knew just a couple inches of hair could make all his dreams come true.