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Dangerous Woman Album Series

Warnings: most contain swearing, some have sexual content, few contain violence/smoking/alcohol/toxic relationships.

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kmusicandblackwomen is so far up her own ass she cant smell her own shit. how she gon say somethin as if her ass aint black as well? it aint the time or place for all that

😂😂😂😂😂 alright forgive me for laughing. I know many people on my blog follow her and I have been loosing followers since yesterday but oh well. Any woman who can say what she said? Get them away from me. No. Hell no. It’s disappointing especially when you got all these girls believing idols only want black women like no stop doing that to them. And the fact that she’s making it okay for him to “appropriate?” Like nah ma. There’s two types of black in this world and I’m not rocking with you like that.

Chapter 10


8 Months Later

“Ouch.” I hissed as I accidentally stuck myself with the needle I was sewing with. This never happens, so I knew I was hella unfocused. No matter how many times I tried to make these fits, it just wasn’t working out for me for the longest.

I needed a break. A break from everything.

I haven’t spoken to Jaylen since I cooked for him, which was about a couple of months ago. We had got into it because I was still seeing Kai.

I text him a little while after the incident, and he still hasn’t replied. He hasn’t even came by, so I just stopped trying. I guess he has other things to worry about like taking care of a baby.

Kai isn’t even in the picture anymore. I’ve cut off all contact with him. I still haven’t got my things from his place, but that would just have to wait. I wasn’t in the mood to go over there.

I didn’t know if he was home or still locked up but I honestly didn’t care. He could rot in that shit.

I was hurt that he decided to just tell me that he had sex with Kayla like it wasn’t a big deal. I should’ve went with my gut feeling when I first found out that she was his “assistant”. I knew something wasn’t right.

I was mad at myself because I may have lost someone very important to me all because I stood by Kai. And that person is Jaylen. I’ve neglected Jaylen and even Odell, pleasing Kai. I wouldn’t be surprised if either one of them wanted nothing to do with me.

“Nigga just come over here, you just stopped coming over like I got roaches or some.” I heard Odell say over the phone.

“You probably do.” I heard Jaylen say.

“Stop playing foo.”

“Aight, whatever here I come.”

“Wassup? You straight? Need a hug?” Odell greeted me with a smile on his face. I couldn’t help but smile, because I knew O would always be there for me no matter what.

“Yes please.” He quickly embraced me in a long, much needed hug. I honestly didn’t wanna let go at all.

He knows about what’s been going on. I told him every single thing. From Jaylen and I’s past relationship, and everything that just went down with Kai. He was upset  about Jay and I at first, but he still showed me some support. I feel sorry for Kai if Odell ever sees him.

“You can cry if you need to, I won’t let go.” He kissed my cheek, and I just pulled away from the hug. I knew I’d start crying and I honestly didn’t feel like it.

“That’s ok. I’m bout to make a salad. Want some?” I asked as he nodded before going back in the living room because Jaylen had came in. The season was coming up for O, so I was trying to get him to eat as healthy as possible.

“Sup wit you and ole girl?”

“See.. I wasn’t really too happy about this baby shit at first but as the days go by, it’s hitting me more that I’m really bout to be a daddy so I can’t help but get excited. It might be a lil early, but fuck it. We straight though.” He looked really happy.

“Hope the baby don’t look like you. Wassup with you and my sister though?”


“I ain’t tripping bro, she told me everything. Why you ain’t tell me?”

“Cause it honestly wasn’t even a big deal, we was literally just friends. I been trying to get with her fake ass for the longest, but she was forever blowing a nigga off for her punk ass boyfriend. And I find it real funny how she gone try and text me on some sweet shit after her nigga got locked up. Robyn can really kiss my ass.”  

I needed to leave.


After avoiding Odell and Jaylen, I left the house to go drive somewhere to clear my head. His affection was much appreciated and needed but, I just needed to be by myself right now. It was late, two in the morning and here I was driving on open road; talking to God, to my parents, to myself and I was longing for responses that I couldn’t receive.

My mistake was settling for Kai when I saw the signs, I admit that his love or lust, whatever the fuck we shared made my opinions and actions skew in a horrible ass direction. I was ignoring everyone else but him, while he was out fucking his assistant and trying to pick up where he left off with her. I ignored the one person who was literally always there for me. Jaylen. Odell is our common denominator, I was Dell’s sister and Jay was his best friend which made it damn near impossible to avoid each other.

I fell in love with his company, despite his smart ass mouth, I fell in love with him without even realizing it. Because of his hard ass demeanor, it was hard to read him. I had no idea if he felt the same way; Kayla being pregnant gave me my answer to the million dollar question. This was all just too fucking much. I’m muhfuckin’ tide.

Eventually, I grew tired of driving and ended up on a familiar doorstep. My alternative best friend; we didn’t have to talk every day but whenever we linked, it was vibes. Enough to make you forget about anything and that’s what I need right now. I knocked and stood there with my arms folded across my chest. When the hell did it get so cold? Minutes passed until I saw some lights turn on. I smiled and waited for him to come answer the door.

“I ain’t seen you in a minute and you gon’ come knockin’ at three in the mawnin’, baby?” I shrugged and looked down at my Uggs. He pulled me close to him by my pajama pants and kissed my temple, hugging me tightly. I miss Qua so fuckin’ much!

“What’s going on, mama?” he whispered, pulling me into his house while locking the doors to my truck outside, activating the alarm.

“Mm? Who fuckin’ wit’ my one and only?”

I tried to talk but my throat was all sore and fucked up from crying so much. He saw that and tried to calm me down, bringing me over to his couch and putting a blanket over me.

“You gon’ let me know wassup or I gotta end every nigga in ya phone for playin’ wit’ your heart?” I still didn’t feel like talking because I would end up crying, trying to go in depth to explain this situation.

“Aight fine,” Qua jogged upstairs and came back with a big ass gun and took the safety off, heading for the front door, snatching my phone from me. “Let’s start with that football playin’ nigga with the Ramen head.”

“Qua, stop!” I managed to croak. “Fuckin’ talk to me, Robyn. I know it’s a nigga that fucked up ya emotions. Talk or I’m sprayin’ bout you.”

“Sit down.” he put the safety back on and went to put his gun back. He returned with tissue and did as I said. I went on to tell him everything. From meeting Jaylen to storming out of Kai’s house. The tissue definitely came in handy when I came to the realization of my words. I lost my best friend and boyfriend to the same bitch.

Quavo was silent for a few moments and when I went to say something, he stopped me. “You need peace, baby. Shut the fuck up and rest in it.” he cut me off and I sighed and closed my eyes. “I'ma go get some loud. We gon’ smoke and watch ya favorite movies and have peace. Gon’ be real serene ‘round this bitch.” I smirked and watched him go upstairs. He’s exactly who I need right now.

“Poetic Justice, Brown Sugar, or Love Jones?” he asked and I shrugged, eating from the carton of ice cream in his empty ass fridge. He was always out of town and I caught him a few hours before he was supposed to leave.

“All three, shit. Ain’t gon’ have you mopin’.” he put one in and came to sit next to me and began to roll a blunt. I put my feet on his lap and laid down.

“Lucky you got some pretty ass feet.” I smirked and got comfortable. Usually, I would be reciting this shit word-for-word but I couldn’t get into it. Jaylen and Kai wouldn’t leave my mind. Within each scene, I would pause the movie to bother Quavo with questions.

“Qua, is it my fault that he cheated? I thought we were good. I met his family, we almost collaborated on the business side, I trusted him.”

“Ya problem is that you trust niggas way too quick, you wanna be everybody friend. A nigga could walk past you on the sidewalk and bam, you tryna bond and be friends. Niggas got motives, all they need is an easy target.” he passed me the blunt and I pulled from it, coughing for a brief moment.

“Easy target?” I mumbled.

“Don’t take it to heart, you just too nice. You let shit fly too much and you don’t realize it until it’s too late. None of my ex hoes could have keys to all my shit, pins to all my accounts, none of that shit, WHILE I’m tryna gain trust of someone else and I claim I love 'em. Nah. Karma a bitch though.” He was right.

“As for the other nigga, he ain’t realize what the fuck he had. Ya’ll could’ve been somethin’, just don’t go lookin’ for love. Its gon’ come.”

I sighed. I wish he was there before all of this started. “You nothin’ short of a queen, treat yaself like one. Be stingy with ya love, don’t go giving that shit out like a hug.”

“Can I have one?” I mumbled and he laughed, pulling me up and putting the blunt in the ashtray so I could hug him.

“Shoulda had me there, auditionin’ niggas to play a part in ya life.”

“I know.” I whined against his chest. My eyes got heavier and heavier each second.

“Tired, mama?” I nodded and stretched.

“Get in the guest bed, den.”

“Nooo, after the movie.”

“We both know you gon’ be gone by the time Pac and Janet get acquainted.”

He was right.


After reading this bullshit ass letter that I seen on Kayla’s table, I was.. I don’t even know. There ain’t a single word that can describe what I’m feeling.

It was a letter from that nigga in jail. The part that pissed me off was him saying they fucked and the baby she carrying could possibly be his. Who does that shit? I hate a lying ass motherfucker.

I know I wasn’t supposed to be snooping and shit, but fuck that. She asked me to look for some papers anyways, and I just happened to see some shit that’s important. Part of me felt like choking her, part of me felt like killing her. Just a feeling. I’d never put my hands on a woman.

I wanted to wait until her clumsy ass got out of the shower, but fuck it. I was anxious.

She deserves an oscar. We were just out shopping for the baby and she was acting as if she didn’t know. Everything was going good, too.

I went to the cemetery to talk to my ma and everything.

Storming to the bathroom, I opened the door and snatched the curtain back, only for her to scream like somebody was stabbing her. I looked at her body for a second, then snapped out of it.

I wasn’t the type to just assume so let me be calm about this shit.

“So… we pinning kids on niggas now?” I asked as her eyebrows came together.

“What?” I started to grow annoyed. I know she heard me loud and clear.

“Man just get out the shower and meet me in the room.” I told her before walking out. I plopped down on my King size bed, waiting for her to come out. A couple of minutes passed by, and I felt the bed dip.

“What were you saying?” I held the bridge of my nose, silently praying to God to give me at least one bit of strength.

“Kayla stop playing dumb, that shit gone piss me off. I know you read that fuckin’ letter.” I gritted through my teeth as she pushed me a little.

“Why were you going through my stuff?!”

“Nigga you told me to find the fucking papers from the doctor in ya bitch ass purse!”

She didn’t say anything.

“So you don’t know how to talk all of a sudden? Usually you don’t know how to shut up.”

“Look, Jaylen.. I had sex with Kai a little after the first time we did but that was the only time. So to be honest, I don’t know who’s the father.”

By now I was livid. These hoes is too fucking much. First Robyn, now this motherfucker. How I let this shit happen?

“So why the fuck you get my hopes up like that?!”

“Because I had a strong feeling that it’s yours!”

“And I got a strong feeling that you need to get the fuck out my crib and get a fucking DNA test!”


“Jaylen nothing bro, get yo ass out.” I shook my head, going back in my room and plopping down on the bed. A few seconds later I heard the front door slam and I swear I had the urge to destroy everything in this bitch.

I was mad cause a nigga was honestly excited for possibly no fucking reason. I’ve missed out on big opportunities trying to help Kayla out and be a good baby daddy. I don’t condone domestic violence, but women like Kayla deserve that shit.

I needed to drive.


I had just finished my second blunt of the day, and I was chillin’. I even had some dirty, and I know I shouldn’t be driving but fuck it.

I came to a stop as I ended up in front of some Fashion Show everybody was coming out of. It was NYFW. I had heard about it, but I was too busy with my head up Kayla’s ass to even think about going.

I called the woman that I was supposed to be picking up, but that shit went straight to voicemail. Just as I was about to call again, the passenger side opened and a woman with Gucci shades and a red pants suit stepped in. She quickly typed her address in the GPS and took off her blazer.  

“I suggest you hurry up because there’s gonna be so much traffic.” She sighed, sitting back and putting her seatbelt on.

I just nodded because I honestly ain’t feel like talking. I was just doing this cause I wanted to drive and why not do something that I’m getting a lil extra cash for?

“Where are my manners? How are you today, sir?” She smiled,

“I’d be straight if you stopped talking for just a second.” I stated as she scoffed.

She snatched her glasses off before leaning up to take a look at me. I noticed that it was motherfucking Robyn. Why am I surprised? She the only person I know that’s always like this. This was like dejavu from the very last time I spoke to her.


“My nigga, I ain’t stutter. Sit back, close ya damn mouth, and put ya fuckin’ seatbelt on. Better rate me my five stars too.“ Putting my car in drive, I peeled away from the curb and blasted some music. The ride was starting to calm me down but Robyn’s sensitive ass was gunna bring me back up there again.

"Jaylen.” she mumbled, I looked straight ahead at the road and clenched my jaw.

“Jay!” she mumbled a little louder and I sighed, turning the music down.

“Fuck you want? I listen with my ears, not my eyes.” I barked. I honestly wasn’t even tryna tread soft with her anymore. Yeah, I cared about her more than anybody else in my life except family, but she held a good amount of responsibility that caused the fuckery a while back. Where the fuck was my feelings getting me anyway?

“I haven’t seen you in a while. Just wanted to know if you were good.”

“I’m still standing.” I said simply, following the GPS. It was taking all of me not to stare into her eyes, that’s what had me gone when I first saw her.

“How’s the painting?”

“Ion wanna talk about it.”


“You don’t hear good today? Need a fuckin’ Q-Tip? That’s what I said man, I don’t wanna fucking talk about it.”

She got quiet and I looked over for the first time and took in her appearance. She’s perfect when she ain’t trying but when she get her nails and feet done, hair done, and that face beat? NIGGA. She was every man’s dream. Her intentions be good but the way she go about handling situations is hell.

She looked like she wanted to say something again so I just beat her to it. I hated that she always made me have a soft spot for her ass. “What?” I asked and she looked away quickly, with tears welling in her eyes. Man.

“What’s wrong?”

“Jaylen, I’m fine.” she wiped her eyes carefully with some tissues and coached herself in the mirror. “It’s fine.”

“Asshole. I feel you though. This whole shit had me on the verge of losing it. It was fuck everybody for a long time, still is.”

“Even me?”

“Honestly, yeah. You and me had something lit and you let dick come between us multiple times. I don’t wanna lose you but that time away helped. I just can’t be as cool wit’ you, feel me?”

“I get it. I’m so sorry, Jaylen.”

“Yeah, you gotta prove it. Empty ass apologies and promises.”

“I’ll cook you some din din.” she said sweetly and I cringed. Watching The Strange Thing About The Johnson’s was one of my biggest regrets. Fuck that movie and Rob for talking me into it.

She was laughing uncontrollably and I smirked. “Whatchu cookin’ for a nigga?” I mumbled, stopping at the light and giving her my attention.

“Anything. I highkey miss your energy and your company after long days at work.”

“Aight, I'ma end my shift and see what’s shakin’ at the crib, ain’t been there in a minute.”

I had a good feeling about tonight. She was single again with no man blinding her vision, still fine as fuck, and still had potential to be my ride or die. We all know Robyn though.

*Flashback Over*

That was before she decided to go keep seeing that nigga when he first got locked up, like a dumbass. I cut her off completely, and here we are now.. 8 months later.

“Jaylen, you’re eyes are hella low and redder than my lipstick! Why are you driving?”

Damn I could’ve sworn my mama died years ago.

“I been doing this shit all day, I know what the fuck I’m doing. It ain’t like it matter. I almost died a few months back and you was being fake so don’t try to act like you give a fuck now.” She looked taken back by my choice of words.

“I don’t care?”

“Man I ain’t bout to go through this bullshit right now. You not bout to fuck up my high. Shut up.”

“Shut up? Jaylen, we haven’t talked in almost a year!”

“And I’m doing just fine, Ion need you. There was a point in my life when I didn’t even know you and I could go back to that shit with no problem.”



“Look, just because you finally got some sense and stopped being pussy whipped, realizing that it wasn’t your baby… doesn’t mean you have to be mad at everyone else.”

I started to question how the fuck she even knew that but I was stuck on the fact that she said I was pussy whipped. Says the girl who takes back the nigga that shot her best friend just because he gave her some dick. I ain’t ever going out like that, she got me fucked up. First of all, who the fuck was she talking to like that?

We were almost home, I couldn’t wait to get out this damn car.

“Oh so you wanna talk about whipped? Don’t even get me started on yo dickmatized ass!”

“Dickmatized?” She questioned.

I had parked my car, and got out quick as fuck waiting on her granny ass. I wasn’t done with this shit. She blew my High away a long time ago, so I was bout to talk hella shit. “Say what ever else you got to say!”

“Get yo ass out the car, we gone finish this shit in my crib cause I got a lot to fucking say!” I waited for her to go in front of me before shutting the door. Her dumb ass was trying to walk all fast, and since she had on heels she almost fell.

Once we reached the elevator, I immediately pressed the number 2 and waited patiently for the shit to go up. Only reason I wasn’t talking shit right now is because we in public. That fight I had with King Kong almost got a nigga put out.

Before the elevator could even open all the way, I stepped off and walked down a lil bit towards the outside of my door. I unlocked the door and waited for her to go in. “Go.” I mugged her as she did the same, leading the way to my room.

She plopped down on my bed as I paced back and forth across my room to prevent myself from doing something that I might regret.

“Why’d you bring me here if you weren’t gonna say anything?!” She yelled, standing up in front of me.

“Who you yelling at?” I rose an eyebrow standing up, towering her. All of a sudden, all that shit she was talking had went out the window.

“I hate you..” she crossed her arms. She took her jacket off, throwing it on my bed, fixing her hair in the process. I didn’t wanna admit it, but she looked good as fuck right now.

“I hate yo ass, too.” I sat down next to her. After a while, there was silence between us until we both leaned in for a kiss. In between our long, passionate kiss, her clothes were being thrown like this was a game.

Once her bra was off, I stared at her small perky breast in admiration. Glancing up at her face, her cheeks were rosey red as she shyly let me stare at her. Taking it upon myself, I placed my warm mouth on one of her nipples and began sucking as if I was gone win a prize. Gripping the back of my head, she moaned out in pleasure.

With her nipple still in my mouth, I slowly swirled my tongue around her nipple ring that I was starting to love. Usually I hated them.

Laying her down on the bed gently, she ran her hands up and down my 6 pack. Helping her out a bit, I took my wife beater off for her. Adjusting myself in between her legs, I laid my body flat on top of hers as I began to kiss and suck on her neck.

Finding her spot, I sucked, licked and kissed it like my life depended on it.

“Ooou Jaylen..” Her soft moans filled my ears. Feeling my dick twitch inside my sweats, I felt Robyn’s  hand come in contact with it. Grunting as she rubbed my it, she slipped her hand inside my pants and slowly made her way inside my polo boxers.

“Gone head.” I assured. Feeling her soft warm hand stroke him slowly, I could tell by her facial expression she didn’t expect for me to be this big.

Smirking at her innocent ass, I kissed her plump lips.

Continuing to stroke my hard member slowly, I continued to let my rough grunts escape my mouth. Tired of having her thinking she was in control, I lowered my body some. Kissing on her stomach, I slowly made my way down to her navel.

”Damn you fine.” I complimented. She giggled. It’s crazy how we ain’t talked in months, just got into an argument, and now I was about to fuck the shit outta her and teach her ass a lesson.

Getting to the waistband of her panties, I looked up at her waiting on her to go ahead for me to pull them down.

Nodding her head for me to continue, I anxiously slid her panties off revealing her wet glistening pussy. Most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Her shit was gold.

Grunting lowly just at the sight, I could only imagine how she would feel once I was inside. Thinking of her warmth surrounding my dick and her juices dripping down it made dive in head first so I could speed it up. Ready to be inside her, I plunged in and out of her with my index and middle finger while french kissing her clit. Licking, sucking, anything you could think of.

“Fuck, slow down!“ She cried out with an arched back. Smirking at pleasing her, I watched with nothing but lust in my eyes as she gripped her right breast in her hand and gave it a hard squeeze.

Going chin deep inside her pussy, my main priority was to make her cum. I knew for sure nobody had ever treated her body like I have just by the way she was moaning and squirming.

Wrapping both of my arms around her thighs, I kept em that way to keep her in place. "Fuck you think you going?”

”Jay, I’m bout to cum!” She yelled out.  With my tongue deep inside her and thumb pressed down on her clit, I took my free hand and pushed down on her stomach area. Watching her legs buckle against me, I rubbed her clit fast  just in time for her to cum.

Catching her juices with my mouth, she stared at me as she could barely open her eyes while trying to catch her breath. “We ain’t done yet. Getcho’ ass up.” I smacked her thigh with a smirk on my face. We was bout to be in this bitch fucking like rabbits.

By now my dick was hard as a rock and I couldn’t wait any longer to be buried deep inside her. Stripping down to nothing, her eyes instantly dropped down to my dick and her mouth fell ajar.

“Scared?” I smirked. Looking back up at me, she looked surprised. I don’t know why she acting like she ain’t ever seen it before.

”I don’t think I can handle it.“ Wasn’t she just talking mad shit earlier? Like she was big and bad. Where that Robyn go?

“Nah, you bout to take this dick.” I chuckled, stroking my dick a little more, as I slid it up and down her opening. Looking at her for confirmation, she slowly nodded before closing her eyes.

Sliding myself in, she gasped. Grunting at her warmness and tightness, I intertwined my fingers with hers to keep her from running. After a while, I knew the pain had turned into pleasure because all you could hear was the lovely sound of her moans.

Thrusting in and out of her, her sweet moans filled my ears as she begged for me to go deeper inside of her. Fulfilling her fantasy, I pushed myself in balls deep. With her nails scratching my back, it only made me dig deeper and deeper inside of her.

Although I had planned on fucking the life out of her, that plan failed drastically once I felt how warm she was. Just an ounce of warmth had a nigga dick swelling and ready to give her a baby. Looking at the love faces she was making had a nigga weak. Damn she was beautiful.

Going on with this slow shit for little over an hour or whatever, she came 4 times while I nutted twice.

By now, it was time for Daddy to have his fun and show her ass what the fuck she been missing out on. From forever friend-zoning my ass, and always blowing me off for her aint shit ass boyfriend.

Yanking her up by her long tresses, she moaned out loud. I knew she was into that rough shit. Every innocent girl is.

Going over to the bottom of the bed, I lifted her body and brought her closer to the edge. Shoving myself inside her all over again, I began to fuck her shit up with no mercy.

By the way her pussy was wrapped around my dick, I swear it took everything in me to hide the love faces that I was making. She wasn’t about to see that shit.

“Fuck..” I muttered as I watched myself slide in and out of her. Calling me daddy over and over, I smirked knowingly before ramming in and out of her.

"Don’t stop!” She moaned loudly, and I swear I was bout to bust right then and there.

Rubbing her clit, her head fell back in satisfaction. Not wanting to stay in the same position for too long, I walked us over to one of the many chairs that rested in the corner while I was still beating her shit up. ”Jaylen, it’s so big!” she cried out with each thrust I took.

Taking a seat in the chair, she straddled my lap. Adjusting herself, she started to hesitate because of how scary she was. ”Take this shit.” I assured before slamming her down.

”Jay, I can’t!“ She whined. Placing her hands on my shoulders, I sat back a lil bit.

Putting my hands behind my head, Rob pushed her own self all the way down with clenched walls causing a quick moan to escape my lips.

Thanking god she didn’t hear me, she closed her eyes and started bouncing up and down like somebody granny.

Sucking my teeth, I shook my head. Placing both of my hands on each side of her hips, I bounced her up and down at a faster pace.

”Damn girl, keep it just like that aight?” Nodding her head I let her hips go and went back to my previous position.

Watching her work my dick like a pornstar  sent me over the edge a bit and I allowed some of my cum to spur inside of her. I couldn’t help it.

Grabbing both of her nipples, I began to twist them since they were nice and hard. Moaning lowly, she started to slow down and her pants were picking up. ”Don’t fucking stop Robyn.” I spat.

“I’m bout to bust again.” I informed.

Flipping over to where she was now in the chair, I hammered her pussy until I could no longer go. Feeling my dick swell inside of her, that seemed to turn her on because she started cumming all over my shaft.

“Fuckkkk.” I grunted pulling my dick out  just in time, nutting all over her stomach. I looked down at her and noticed the tiredness on her face and smirked. 

"Goodnight, friend.”


It was going on 12 in the afternoon and I was putting my clothes back on. I was supposed to leave last night but a nigga ended up falling asleep. Big mistake. I was tryna show her who’s boss, not the other way around. I couldn’t help it, Robyn’s pussy was gold. I wasn’t about to feed into her shit though, fuck that.

"Where are you going? Don’t go.” She mumbled as she started to sit up in the bed. I wanted to laugh. Now she was starting to show some type of emotion? Nah.

“Out.” I stated plain and simple as I put my shirt back on.

“No Jay, let’s sit here and actually talk.”

“I’ll see you when I see you, Robyn.” I winked at her, before grabbing my keys and leaving.

I was doing her like how she been doing me. It ain’t so fun when it’s you.

Happy Imagine Based on the song Nothing Without Her by Nelly.

Originally posted by wakinguptheneighbours


I don’t know if this is any good I mean this was my first time listening to the song so I hope everyone enjoys :D

So they say, she’s a bad girl
Some say she’s a bitch, she’s a liar
Fucking with her is like playing with fire

“That girl ain’t no good for you man.” Chibs told Happy and the man sighed, “Yes she is, you don’t know shit.” Jax was on the other side of the bar as he shook his head, “Trust me man, a woman like that will eat your heart out.” “She’ll make you soft. Totally putty in her hands.” Tig added but Happy ignored them, tried to ignore them, as he sipped his beer. “Y/N is gonna get your ass in some serious trouble and you’ll be so blind that she’ll drag you with her.” Juice stated walking over to all of the men.

“Look. That’s my girl, and she won’t get into any shit, I won’t let her. You’ll see she’s good, I won’t leave her ass.”

So I’ll say, hey that’s my girl
And Imma be the one that’s gon’ make her better
And you can always see the two of us together

“She helps me…makes me feel human.”  Happy grumbled as he looked down at his beer, “All the killin’…it’s starting to get to me…but when she’s with me I’m fine. I don’t have my ma no more…and she makes me feel real, like I got somethin’ to live for.” Tig shook his head, “She’s already making the Killah soft.”

Cos when I’m going through some things I
Know that she’s my daylight
In the middle of the darkness
I can see things clearly
Because she’s near me yeah

“I don’t give a fuck what any of you think, it hasn’t affected my hits…or what I do and will do for this club. You can warn me all you want about how she’ll be the death of me but right now I’m still breathin’.” Happy growled as he slammed his hand down on the bar, “I ain’t leaving her no matter what all of you do to make her leave. No money, and no body is gonna change what we are. Y/N’s mine.”

Happy wasn’t going to tell them how he couldn’t sleep on runs, when she wasn’t beside him, or how he had nightmares as the years went. His victims finally catching up to him, but they left when she was with him, like she was an angel keeping all the bad away. He didn’t tell them, they didn’t need to know, you were his and his alone and nothing in the world would matter if you weren’t riding with him.

Ain’t no way I’m letting her go
See I’ve been warned by everyone around me
She gon’ be the death of me oh yeah
But ain’t no way I’m letting her go (no)
See all the money in this world don’t mean
Nothing without her, nothing without her yeah

Happy stood up and left, climbing on his bike to head over to you, ‘She’s a big mistake man, she’s be a problem for you.’ He remembered Bobby saying but he didn’t care he was always good at solving things quickly. He didn’t care what anyone thought of you, because they didn’t know you, they knew what you made yourself to be. Everything was a facade but Happy saw underneath it all, because when he looked in your eyes he saw himself, like a mirror, he knew the darkness that you had and it drew him to you. He knew that he wasn’t going to make you perfect, hell he couldn’t even do that for himself but he was sure as hell gonna let you know that you mean something.

So they say, she’s a problem
It ain’t nuttin cos I’m known to be a solver
And I ain’t worried about what other people call her
So I’ll say  I tamed the wild one
I ain’t saying I can make nobody perfect
But I can really see what’s underneath the surface
Cos when I’m looking in her eyes I
See there’s love inside I
Wanna be the one to show her
That I’m truly devoted
She’s gonna know it yeah so

Happy didn’t care if he had to hold up a sign from a damn rooftop he wasn’t gonna leave you, he didn’t back down from a challenge. You were soft on the inside even though you hide it, but he’s gonna make people see that you were more than what they thought. He’d probably give up his kutte if he, like the others said, became soft why…because he was nothing without you. He would have nothing, everyone were his brothers but they weren’t enough to settle him inside, he needed more, he needed you. You’re mine, he thought, your heart, your body, he wanted it all, you’re the first woman that owns his heart just as much as he owns yours.

Let me be the reason baby let me be the cause
Let me the only one you let up in your heart
Let me be the picture, sitting in your frame
Let me be your lover, I’ll let you be the same

Happy climbed off of his bike and stepped in the house, “Hey Mister.” You smiled as you stood up walking over to him, “I ain’t never letting you go.” He told you his arms going around your waist, yours hung over his shoulders, “Good, cause I’m not leaving you either.” You said before pressing your lips to Happy’s.

Ain’t no way I’m letting her go
See I’ve been warned by everyone around me
She gon’ be the death of me oh yeah
But ain’t no way I’m letting her go
See all the money in this world don’t mean
Nothing without her, nothing without her yeah