i got somethin that you gon like


Hello over there,

Oh, don’t mind me!

I’m going to play a little game,

Would you like to come and see?

It’s a lot of fun,

But Shhhhh! We have to sneak,

For If I am caught- 

The outcome may be bleak.

You see, I’m grounded,

 My grades aren’t stellar,

But grounding can’t stop this young Rockefeller!

I’m gonna play a game,

Nothing’s stopping this lass!

Lets see how long this Sas can last,

Those grades, can kiss my ass!

Dangerous Woman Album Series

Warnings: most contain swearing, some have sexual content, few contain violence/smoking/alcohol/toxic relationships.

A/N: *=smut

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Happy Imagine Based on the song Nothing Without Her by Nelly.

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I don’t know if this is any good I mean this was my first time listening to the song so I hope everyone enjoys :D

So they say, she’s a bad girl
Some say she’s a bitch, she’s a liar
Fucking with her is like playing with fire

“That girl ain’t no good for you man.” Chibs told Happy and the man sighed, “Yes she is, you don’t know shit.” Jax was on the other side of the bar as he shook his head, “Trust me man, a woman like that will eat your heart out.” “She’ll make you soft. Totally putty in her hands.” Tig added but Happy ignored them, tried to ignore them, as he sipped his beer. “Y/N is gonna get your ass in some serious trouble and you’ll be so blind that she’ll drag you with her.” Juice stated walking over to all of the men.

“Look. That’s my girl, and she won’t get into any shit, I won’t let her. You’ll see she’s good, I won’t leave her ass.”

So I’ll say, hey that’s my girl
And Imma be the one that’s gon’ make her better
And you can always see the two of us together

“She helps me…makes me feel human.”  Happy grumbled as he looked down at his beer, “All the killin’…it’s starting to get to me…but when she’s with me I’m fine. I don’t have my ma no more…and she makes me feel real, like I got somethin’ to live for.” Tig shook his head, “She’s already making the Killah soft.”

Cos when I’m going through some things I
Know that she’s my daylight
In the middle of the darkness
I can see things clearly
Because she’s near me yeah

“I don’t give a fuck what any of you think, it hasn’t affected my hits…or what I do and will do for this club. You can warn me all you want about how she’ll be the death of me but right now I’m still breathin’.” Happy growled as he slammed his hand down on the bar, “I ain’t leaving her no matter what all of you do to make her leave. No money, and no body is gonna change what we are. Y/N’s mine.”

Happy wasn’t going to tell them how he couldn’t sleep on runs, when she wasn’t beside him, or how he had nightmares as the years went. His victims finally catching up to him, but they left when she was with him, like she was an angel keeping all the bad away. He didn’t tell them, they didn’t need to know, you were his and his alone and nothing in the world would matter if you weren’t riding with him.

Ain’t no way I’m letting her go
See I’ve been warned by everyone around me
She gon’ be the death of me oh yeah
But ain’t no way I’m letting her go (no)
See all the money in this world don’t mean
Nothing without her, nothing without her yeah

Happy stood up and left, climbing on his bike to head over to you, ‘She’s a big mistake man, she’s be a problem for you.’ He remembered Bobby saying but he didn’t care he was always good at solving things quickly. He didn’t care what anyone thought of you, because they didn’t know you, they knew what you made yourself to be. Everything was a facade but Happy saw underneath it all, because when he looked in your eyes he saw himself, like a mirror, he knew the darkness that you had and it drew him to you. He knew that he wasn’t going to make you perfect, hell he couldn’t even do that for himself but he was sure as hell gonna let you know that you mean something.

So they say, she’s a problem
It ain’t nuttin cos I’m known to be a solver
And I ain’t worried about what other people call her
So I’ll say  I tamed the wild one
I ain’t saying I can make nobody perfect
But I can really see what’s underneath the surface
Cos when I’m looking in her eyes I
See there’s love inside I
Wanna be the one to show her
That I’m truly devoted
She’s gonna know it yeah so

Happy didn’t care if he had to hold up a sign from a damn rooftop he wasn’t gonna leave you, he didn’t back down from a challenge. You were soft on the inside even though you hide it, but he’s gonna make people see that you were more than what they thought. He’d probably give up his kutte if he, like the others said, became soft why…because he was nothing without you. He would have nothing, everyone were his brothers but they weren’t enough to settle him inside, he needed more, he needed you. You’re mine, he thought, your heart, your body, he wanted it all, you’re the first woman that owns his heart just as much as he owns yours.

Let me be the reason baby let me be the cause
Let me the only one you let up in your heart
Let me be the picture, sitting in your frame
Let me be your lover, I’ll let you be the same

Happy climbed off of his bike and stepped in the house, “Hey Mister.” You smiled as you stood up walking over to him, “I ain’t never letting you go.” He told you his arms going around your waist, yours hung over his shoulders, “Good, cause I’m not leaving you either.” You said before pressing your lips to Happy’s.

Ain’t no way I’m letting her go
See I’ve been warned by everyone around me
She gon’ be the death of me oh yeah
But ain’t no way I’m letting her go
See all the money in this world don’t mean
Nothing without her, nothing without her yeah