i got some pretty good photos


2.7.2017 - ACCA Animate Cafe 

I recently got into ACCA and I’m enjoying it a lot so far! It’s a breath of fresh air from the other animes I watched the past year. Anyway I was surprised to see there were already merchandise and a cafe for it even though it only had 3 or 4 episodes out when the cafe first started. The photos are actually from my 2nd time visiting (the 1st time was too crowded). Luckily, today was pretty chill and really felt like a cafe atmosphere where I could just wind down and listen to the nice jazz(?) music they were playing LOL. I got 2 drinks this time: Nino’s (tasted like milk and chocolate) and Lotta’s (some kind of pudding flavor? can’t describe well but it was good!). I tried Jean’s before (similar to strawberry Italian soda) but honestly it was meh. Lotta’s was the best imo. Thanks to my friends who gave me their coasters <3, I have 5 in total! Lilium, Pine, Pastis, Rail and Nino (!!!) This is one of the few anime cafes in which I want to go back to actually relax and spend time there. We’ll see next time! 

I made the two-hour drive from Kanagawa to Chiba so I could inquire about parts. I was floored at how hospitable and polite the staff was. It’s a family owned business. The father owns a 22b (pictured above), the mother drives a modified Suzuki Swift Sport and the sun is currently building his car in secret. They all spoke to me at length. My Japanese wasn’t good enough to go into the level of detail with the parents I would have liked, but I was still able to converse with them. Their son, however, spoke English well enough for us to nerd out for an hour. I got my final quote on how much the widebody, installation, paint, and their custom exhaust would cost. It’s not cheap, but I was pretty pleased. I got some photos and said my goodbyes. 

It was a good day.

anonymous asked:

"Who were you with?"

Another one I’ve spun out in my prompt requests. Warning on triggers for domestic abuse etc. There’s no violence in that particular part but it’s more mental, just for info. Not really proofread but I like spinning out things in thirty minutes on a Sunday night so here you go…x

11. Who Were You With?

You didn’t want to keep it from him but you knew it wasn’t going to be the best conversation you would ever have with him if you did bring it up. Anyway, what he didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt him, and Harry never mixed with the group you were out with on that Friday evening anyway, so it wasn’t like he would find out. In the private members’ club, no photos had been taken, so it wasn’t as though any photos were going to appear online either.

It wasn’t your fault either that some people you didn’t want to bump in to had turned up without warning. Whether they’d been invited by one of your friends or whether they just happened to be going out coincidentally wasn’t, and wouldn’t be, important to Harry. He wasn’t controlling nor was he disguising any behaviour under the pretence of being protective; you knew the signs of that all too well, but he did want to keep you safe, particularly from your ex-boyfriend, Mike.

Mike was bad news.

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Round two compete! Got in some chest and back in and it felt pretty good! Then I went and got a taco salad hold the taco and scarfed it down like a mad man! 😂😂 I was starving (figuratively of course!)

I got an awesome message from a tumblr friend ( @itismytimenow )congratulating me on my success. Sometimes I forget what I have done and take it for granted! So here is a before photo set! On the right I was on the cruise that started it all, I had a miserable time because of my self ideas and outlook. I weighed over 430 pounds and was not even thinking about my health. Got back and decided to change! Since then it has been ups and downs with my lowest weight hitting 248. Life happened and on January 20th I weighed 325… I am back in it to win it and today am weighing between 309 and 312 depending on the day!

I appreciate y'all for your support and want to give it back! Y'all can do whatever it is you are trying to do! Let’s do this!

Greetings from ECCC!

Had a great first day at con today! I got to meet (and get a signature from) @ngoziu, which was pretty much the height of excitement for me.

It was also so much fun wandering around as Baris again. I even re-met a few folks from Dragoncon, who recognized the costume, which was pretty cool. Tomorrow, I debut my rendition of Depa Billaba, so (hopefully) look forward to some fresh cosplay photos tomorrow. BTW, if any of you lovely folks of tumblr are wandering around ECCC and want to say hi, let me know. I shall be there every day of con.

Finally, a brief cosplay progress update: Leia’s jewelry is done, and not a moment too soon (I finished it after I got home tonight). I never did manage to get the cheap plastic from the 3D printing on the necklace totally smooth, but I think it looks pretty good in spite of the flaws, and bracelet is nearly perfect.

Zen - Valentine’s Day Special

 After you chose the narcissist member, as if affected by a spell, you felt tired. Your body was heavy and your eyelids were closing instinctively. Just as if you hadn’t slept for days. You gave up quickly, without reading the messages.

  Someone was trying to wake you up after some hours. You woke up and looked at them, asking what they wanted. It was Zen, he said he was going out for a while and would be back until lunchtime. You didn’t recognize it was him and just slept more after he went out.

  When you woke up again, you finally noticed. Your bed was different and… well, that wasn’t your room. You tried to remember what happened before and were sure that what happened with Zen was just a dream.

  The first thing you found was a letter. You decided to read it since your phone was nowhere to be found. The sender was… Cheritz?!

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Dear Diary:

noct was really grouchy at me when i woke him up this morning (・:゚д゚:・)

like it’s my fault he was up late fishing?! (; ̄Д ̄)

but at least he still let me take some pictures of him (*^ω^*)

not bad, right? 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

iris got curious about what we were doing, so i got some photos of her, too~

and then it was time to go to caem o((*^▽^*))o

it was…

it was so pretty!!  (*´ω`*)

i only got one photo though before everyone else ran off to do other stuff (; ̄Д ̄)

it was fun though, taking pictures by myself (;^ω^)

i… tried to go into the kitchen since i could smell iggy baking something, but gladio and noct were snapping at each other (;へ:)

but talcott was there, and he seemed in a better mood, so that’s good, right? 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

and then iris wanted a bunch of pictures with her and gladio, and who am i to say no to iris?! (*^ω^*)

and… it’s nice to see gladio smiling so much…

and do you know what the best thing about caem is, diary?

real. beds. (*´▽`*)

you see that? that is the face of pure happiness o((*^▽^*))o

although… i wonder if noct is done being grumpy in the kitchen yet… because some of those pastries would make me even happier 。(*^▽^*)ゞ


took some pictures of my baby love yesterday 🎀😍
she got tired of the shenanigans after like 30 minutes. she so sweet, so kind, so GENTLE. I’ve never met such a precious soul in my life.
Anyway, she’s turning one and I think I did a pretty good job on her photos (as it was only my second time doing a shoot).
What y'all think?

anonymous asked:

what was it like being a model? did you find it was good for your self-esteem and did you have fun or was it stressful trying to stay in shape and look the way photographers wanted you to? was there any shoot that made you feel uncomfortable in any way?

I found modeling fun, but after a while it got old. Some shoots can be physically exhausting - 10 hours long in the freezing cold with no food is pretty common. My legs and arms turned blue at a photo shoot once. It was 14 hours long, and the only food available was celery. I needed help changing my clothes because I couldn’t feel my fingers.

Modeling in general is very bad for your self-esteem. That said, it was good for mine. I grew up being called ugly and too skinny for most of my life. In the modeling world, I wasn’t too skinny - in fact, my ass was too big. And the features that people teased when I was growing up were suddenly getting me booked. In middle school, people said I had a witch’s face. In the modeling world, I had strong features, a face for beauty work. Photographers called me their muse. It helped me learn to embrace my unique look. 

Again, please keep in mind that this is not the normal reaction to modeling. I never tried to stay in shape, because I never saw modeling as a full-time aspiration. I have a fast metabolism, I liked my “fat ass,” and I left it at that.

There were several shoots that made me uncomfortable. One time I was wearing a short dress, and the photographer asked me to get into a new position. Right as I uncrossed my legs he started madly snapping pics, no doubt of my crotch. Another time a photographer tried to take pictures of me while I was getting undressed. There are lots of creepy old men in this industry. It can be dangerous. 


So after a few days, I’m actually still pretty much at it with being healthy! Yesterday was a sort-of bad, though: my flatmates and I went out for a walk/photo shoot thing (that’s where I got the photo from yesterday) and they wanted Hungry Jacks (~Burger King) and I got an ice cream. It wasn’t even a good ice cream :( but that led to an unsatisfied craving, so when I went to do groceries which is generally not a good idea at 22:45 I bought some crisps as well. I did share them with another flatmate so it’s not too horrible (I’ve put them in his pantry, so I don’t see it every time I open mine) but still, it wasn’t necessary. Other than that, I’m really at it with not eating more than I should! Or mostly, not eating unhealthy stuff. I just eat whenever I feel hungry. 

Exercise is.. not so coming along. I’m REALLY having a hard time getting anything done, which is kind of a shame.. Although I do walk an average of 8km a day. Does that count as well? Also I should really get started with the fightthe4th challenge. Sorry @fullmetal-fitblr, I promise I’ll start today! 

Goals for today: 

  • don’t get anything during the Experimental Bionic Sheep Squad meeting (we’re working on a theme song, will update)
  • do a slow yoga/resistance band training, including FightThe4th exercises (pushups, planks, splits)
  • non-fitblr: make new search for systematic review

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Top surgery day 1 & 2 - unexpected things, some tips, and photos

So I had double incision with Mr Yelland yesterday (21st July). There are some photos of my bandaged chest under the cut, but first there’s a few things that were different to how I thought things would go:

  • Pain was worse than I expected yesterday, but much much better than I expected today. Yesterday morphine was barely helping, and today I’m only taking paracetamol more in case of pain than because I need it.
  • I’m exhausted. It’s really really tiring, and the difficulty sleeping on my back isn’t helping.
  • It is much flatter than I expected (I was worried because I’m not skinny and all the photos I’ve seen are of skinny people [I’m 5ft 7″ and weigh 145lb] but actually its really really flat, photos under the cut).
  • Walking around was easier than I thought it would be.
  • A physio gave me exercises to do every day. They’re extremely simple and easy, but I was just surprised.
  • I have much more movement in my arms than I was expecting.

I also have some tips that I’d not heard before but were really important for me/I wish i’d done:

  • Bring bottled water. I can’t stress this enough. Small bottles. Then you don’t have to sit up soon after surgery to drink, and you dont have to risk spilling water all over your bandage. You can lift a small bottle much easier than a glass, and it’s harder to spill.
  • Pjs - elasticated shorts that were almost too big were a great asset. Easy to put on and take off and pull up and down. Shorts were super useful because they weren’t falling all around my feet or getting tangled, and you’ll have to wear surgery socks anyway.
    • Make sure your PJ top is either short sleeved or very thin because they take your blood pressure regularly during the night (and button up obviously).
  • Shave your armpits. And any hair on your chest. I did on a whim and I am so glad because it hurts pulling on just my skin I can’t imagine how much the tape would hurt hair.
  • Make sure you’re wearing the most comfortable underwear you have
  • Practice sleeping on your back the month or two before,
  • Travel pillow might help you sleep on your back.
  • Pee immediately before you go to surgery so you don’t have to soon after.
  • Get a radio app or podcasts to listen to afterwards. I’m too tired to even read or play animal crossing. Even texting my friends is hard. But music gets boring after 5 hours.
  • Chocolate. The easy sugar is invaluable.
  • Similarly, fruit juice or fruit smoothies.
  • Try to bring your own food. My hospital food isn’t too bad but I really just needed something soft and easy like a croissant or bread.


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Smooth Gif Tutorial by Hanxbi! (With Photos) 

Hello everyone! 

I finally had some time to make this gif tutorial and let me not waste your time with a boring ass intro so let’s get started! 

What You Need: 

  • Photoshop CC (preferably) 
  • Basic Knowledge of Photoshop controls (espcially opacity & filters)
  • PSDs
  • Clipconverter (or 4K downloader) 

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photo taggy tag meme~! Tagged by @nsolace 💕💕 Post your lockscreen, homescreen, the last song you listened to, and a selfie!

I find it really funny that I almost never listen to Soda Stereo but of course the moment I do, this meme happens haha. And before it’s mentioned, I love Snapchat filters, they make me feel pretty okay

Tagging @kuroo-tetsurooo (this has got nothing to do with the knowledge you have certain kazakh as your lockscreen and me wanting to see some good kazakh) @harakiri-sunshine @arcticwars @neiljosteq @tsukistrukis @nikorys @kiwilu @sayi @space-romeo


@nigellecter You, me, out back, now, and I’m bringing my research notes.
Mads Mikkelsen’s most sexiest role is in A Royal Affair 18th century baby, weskits, frock coats, breeches. I have won this argument before over another actor before, so watch your back XD

Though I do have some complaints about the construction of some pieces, also that fact that it is sometimes painfully obvious in some photos that he is wearing a modern undershirt-but at least they got the shoulder seam in the right place. The breeches in the first photo? Nope, they’re way too baggy in a super modern way, and definitely not fastened the way they should be, but this is a problem that a lot of productions set in this era have. Also you can tell that the weskit he’s wearing under the green jacket with the-pretty darn good-trim is the exact same one he wars through most of the movie, which *angry nerd noises.* It would be appropriate in some situations. Women’s gowns consisted of a robe, petticoat, and stomacher, which could be changed out to create entirely new ensembles, but for a formal event a person would most likely have a weskit, coat, and breeches (sometimes shoes) made of the same fabric. But on the whole, these are minor nerdy quibbles that only come up if you scrutinize historical movie costumes.

My take on @bibliophilicwitch‘s Sunday Tomes and Tea today includes Anne of Green Gables. I love these books (and look at how pretty these editions are!). The films with Megan Follows are some of my all-time favourites. I’m not currently reading these, but I want to finish the series soon.

The pink tea I had this morning is called Forever Nuts and I got it at Davids Tea. It’s delicious! I’m really trying to drink more tea and Davids Tea has a good selection. The beetroot in the tea is what makes it pink!

First Ritual Thoughts

So I got back home after my first ritual and I just want to note down some highlights. I’ll post any good photos I got later. Setlist below.

-Zombi were pretty cool, nice and chill dudes. Really liked their bass lines.
-OMFG LONGEST FUCKING INTRO GHOST WTF. Some guys next to me started a mass or some shit about a duck idek.
-Soundcheck was fun - I mean their tech dude did a lil drum solo.
-Then freaking chAir got onstage and also new Earth and I like screamed. The rest of the new ghouls came on and it got super exciting.
The entire audience screamed that song, amazing.
*The new ghouls are pretty damn awesome even tho I was missing the old dudes, but it doesn’t matter; new ghouls, especially lil Water made my night. It was so cute he was looking into the audience really carefully then blew a kiss awwww!
-Some peeps were moshing during Cirice like dude I was nearly crying and didn’t want to be pushed over atm.
-Sisters of Sin were cool but I wasn’t close enough to see them. Papa did his usual “no grabbing” speech.
-Mummy Dust - okay so chAir wasn’t playing the solo but who cares? He did a good job with everything else so we’ll cut him some slack.
-Papa made it look like they were ending with Ritual like WUTTTT???
-But then they came (haha) back for Monstrance C(l)ock and it was real fun.
-I managed to get a $666 eyyyy


Square Hammer
Pinnacle to the Pit
Secular Haze (suprise bitch?)
Con Clavi Con Dio
Per Aspera Ad Inferi
Body and Blood
Devil Church
Year Zero (I think Aether made the solo slightly different but still excellent)
He is
Mummy Dust
Zombie Queen
And of course Monstrance Clock :)

a/n: okay so to the lovely anon who requested a nate imagine about his daughter getting her period, here it finally is, and I’m so sorry it took so long, and I’m so sorry if it’s not what you thought, and also so sorry if it just flat out sucks, but I had a really hard time trying to figure this one out, but please enjoy.


I moved out to LA when I was 19, pursuing photography. I started sneaking into shows, taking pictures and putting them out on the web, getting noticed by the artists themselves for my great work, gaining a lot of followers on Instagram for it.

Then one night I was sneaking into another concert, a few up-and-coming artists, with a pretty wide fan base as a bunch of girls my age were standing outside the venue. I got in no problem, flashing a fake wrist band and some bullshit ‘press’ pass.

Getting front row, with no one around me, I had a great spot for some great shots. As the guys came out, I found myself struggling to take a picture, knowing nothing could capture their passion as actually being at the show itself. Plus they were extremely to break my attention from.

I did manage to get a few really good photos from the show though, and ended up posting them when I got home. About a week later, I had a new email from one of the guys. Turned out his name was Nate, and he saw my work and remembered me from the show. We started talking business, and he hired me as his photographer.

After a few shoots with him, his friends, like Derek and the Jacks, Sammy and others started wanting me to shoot for them. I ended up hanging out with them a lot, and soon they became my best friends. About a year into being their photographer, and 6 months into being best friends, Nate and I started hooking up, and a few months later we just became a thing.

Now here we are, still one of the biggest couples in Hollywood. Our daughter Aubrey was 14, and she’s been in countless movies and tv shows. And Nate still did some shows. But he was currently on a ‘vacation’ from touring, so him and Aubrey were at home while I was shooting for Victoria secret right now.

I was in the middle of a break for the shoot when I got a text from Nate, telling me to call him as soon as I can, it’s an emergency. Freaking out I dialed him up real quick, and luckily for me he picked up on the 2nd ring.


Yeah Nate, what’s the emergency? Is everything okay?

‘yeah, I guess everything’s okay, it’s just Aubrey.’

Oh god, what’s wrong? Is she okay?

‘I mean, uh, yeah she’s okay, I guess.’

What do you mean you guess, she’s either okay or she isn’t

‘no (y/n), she’s fine, it’s just uh, something happened and I don’t know what to do.’

Nate, what the fuck is going on? Is she okay or not?

‘she uh, she got her first uh….first period.’

Is that it? I asked, confused on the ‘emergency’ part.

‘yeah, so are you coming home?’

Seriously Nate? I’m at work.

‘(y/n) this is an emergency.’

Nate, just run to the store and get her some pads and tampons, I’ll be home later.

‘can’t you just leave work early?’

Nate, I still have another hour or two here, just go to the store for her.

‘I don’t know what to get, I’m a guy and guys never have this problem.’

Just pick her up some pads and tampons Nathan. I’ve gotta get back to work. I’ll see ya at home. Love you.

‘I love you too babe, but can’t you just pick something up on the way home please’

No Nate, just go get her stuff now, I’ll see you. Bye.

And with that I hung up. Heading back to work for the next hour and a half.

Nate’s pov

After (y/n) ended the call I checked on Aubrey, she was in her room, editing a youtube video for her channel. It was of her, Sammy, and Dillon. Some sort of ‘who’s the better uncle’ video.

“hey bee, you all good?”

“yeah Dad, I’m fine.” She smiled, returning to her video.

“alright, well, I talked to your mom and uh, I’m going to the store, for some uh, some things.”

God this was so awkward. Yeah sure when (y/n) and I first moved in together, we would go to the store together and she would always grab that shit, but I never had to get it for her. And of course we always had sex when she was on her period and shit, but now it’s my daughter we’re talking about. It just feels that much more awkward.

“okay, I’ll be here.”

“alright, I guess I’ll be back.”

And with that I left, driving down to the nearest store. Walking in I decided to get some other things as well. Some more condoms, just cause (y/n) and I didn’t want any more kids right now. I also grabbed some booze, and some snacks and then I finally made my way to the feminine stuff.

“good god.” I mumbled, looking at all the different options.

“what the fuck” I said to myself, grabbing a box and looking it over. What the hell? How the hell do I know what to get? I’m a fucking guy. I decided to call (y/n) again.

Nate, I’m working. She said, annoyed.

‘ma, I’m at the store right now, and I don’t know what to get?’

Pads and tampons, I told you.

‘there’s all different kinds ma, I don’t know what kind to get.’

Just grab some tampax and any type of pad, seriously.

‘alright’ I drug out, looking for tampax ‘got some.’

Okay Nate, I love you a lot, but I really need to get back to work.

‘alright, sorry ma, I love you too, bye.’

I checked out and headed home.  Putting away most of the groceries and the booze. I grabbed the box of condoms and put them in my pocket and then took the bag for Aubrey and headed back up to her room. I knocked and then she told me to come in.

“hey kid.”

“hey dad.”

“um, these are for you.”

She took the bag and looked inside, smiled and then set it aside.

“thanks Dad. Sorry you had to deal with that.” She said shyly.

“hey don’t be princess, I’ve been dealing with it with your mom for years.”

“Dadddd.” She whined, covering her eyes. “I didn’t need to hear that.”

“hey, it happens and it’s natural.”

“dadddd, stop.”

“you’re right, you should probably talk to your mom about this kinda stuff.”

“okay I will.”

“alright, well, your mom should be home, get ready for dinner.”

“okay, can I help you make it?”

“of course, just hurry up and get ready.”

I closed her door and headed down to the kitchen. Every Sunday we would have a family dinner, with everyone. (y/n), me, Aubrey, G, Madison and their boy Aiden, and then Johnson, Sammy, Rupp and Luh came over to and we would all just have a family dinner, cause family don’t always end with blood.

I was outside, grilling some steak when Aubrey came out.

“hey Dad, can I help now?”

“yeah princess, can you get a salad bowl ready?”

“yeah, I’ll be inside.”

Soon (y/n) came home, I could hear her call out, only to find Aubrey in the kitchen. She talked for a bit and then came out, wrapping her hands around my chest from behind.

“hey babe.” She said. I turned to look at her.

“hey baby, how was the shoot?” I asked, kissing her lips briefly to greet her.

“long and tiring.” She huffed.

“just like a night with me.”

“Nate!” she laughed, playfully hitting my chest.

“hey, I’m just stating the facts ma.”


“speaking of, I got some condoms today.” I said lowly, pulling her closer to me by her waist.

“oh really? Maybe we can talk Sammy or Dill into taking her for the night.” (y/n) said slowly and seductively, running her hand down my chest.

“ma, don’t tease me now.” I growled lowly in her ear as her hand rested right above my pant line.

“I’ll make it up to you.” She said looking in my eyes and then moving in slowly, her breath hot on my ear “daddy.” She smirked. I was about to say fuck the steaks and take her up to our room right then and there, but the sound of the guys coming into the house stopped all intentions of that as (y/n) slipped out of my grasp and walked back inside, not before stopping and shooting me a wink


Dinner was great. The guys were good, and it was a great time with the family. Sammy ended up taking Aubrey and Aiden for the night. So me and (y/n) had the house to ourselves.

G, Madison and Johnson stayed longer and we all sat outside around the fire, drinking some beer, (y/n) and Madison having wine. (y/n) cuddled up next to me, Madison next to her, cuddled up with G. We were all sitting around, just remembering old times, and just having a good time.

(y/n) headed inside with Madison early, both of them cleaning up the kitchen, us guys staying outside finishing our drinks. Once we were done, the boys decided to leave. After they left, I headed upstairs to shower while (y/n) insisted on finishing cleaning up.

When I walked out of the shower into our room (y/n) was stripping her outfit from dinner, leaving her in just her bra and panties, her back to me. I walked up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist from behind, kissing her neck.

“ma, you’re killing me.”

“Nate” she giggled, rubbing her butt against me, pushing herself away a bit, but still stuck in my grasp.

“ma” I growled, my hands tracing her sides lightly, she tilted her head back, her eyes closed, her breath heavy as my lips grazed her skin. “we’re finally alone.”

“I know.” She said, breathlessly. She turned around and pulled me towards bed, laying down and pulling me down on top of her.

I crashed my lips to hers, immediately slipping my tongue into her mouth. My hands were roaming her body, her hands running up and down my back. I moved my lips to her neck, her arching her back, breathing heavy.

“Nate” she moaned.

“yeah ma” I mumbled against her skin.

“look at me.”

“yeah” I asked, hovering above her, looking into her eyes.

“could you go to the store and get me some tampons?” she smirked.

“you’re gonna pay for that ma.” I said, before crashing my lips to hers, starting our endless night in the sheets.