i got some moonshine


“You’re as beautiful as endless”

What is this? X Daryl Dixon X Reader

Sorry the name sucks. I didn’t know what to call it. A short about daryl and reader cute and fluffy. @suckerforsmilex

You could see across the prison court yard Daryl whispering to Rick. You were ready to go on a run just you 2 but he was taking the piss sorting himself out today. Usually he was up and ready to go in seconds. You stood there for a good 10 minutes watching them. You gave up and walked over to him. You just heard Daryl say “Just make sure it’s ready.”

You smiled at them both “So… you ready or am I going alone?” You folded your arms like a stroppy child.

“Yeah sorry babe. I’m ready” Daryl kissed you on the cheek. It was nice that he showed affection around people, before you were together you never pegged him down as a lovey kinda guy.

“Be careful and stay safe.” Rick nodded to both of you.

“Stop worrying big bro!” you smiled at him again “We’re only nipping to that hut 10 minutes away. Just seeing if there’s owt there. We’ll be back in like half an hour.”

You both walked down and out of the prison. As you were walking through the trees you just had to ask “So what were you guys whispering about?”

He smirked a little “I’ll guess you’ll have to wait and see.” On that he turned to you and pushed you against a tree. He kissed you passionately making your stomach flip over and over. He pulled away and looked deep into your eyes “I love you so much.”

You were a bit flustered “Damn. I love you too more than anything.”

You carried on walking to the Hut. You got to it real fast, it might have only been 5 minutes away. “Why are we here? We’ve been through this place already.”

He shrugged “I know but I just wanted to see if there was any alcohol stashed or somethin “

You turned to look at him and pulled him towards you by his belt “Mmhh. Shame it’s so gross in here.” You kissed him pretty hard but there was literally no where in this dump you could bang.

He rubbed his hand over your waist and hip “Damn shame” he whispered.

You looked around outside while he looked around inside. He only found some broken furniture and a couple of jars of moonshine and you nothing. “Hey baby! I got us some moonshine!” he called to you as he walked out.

You looked up “Oh that great baby.” All of a sudden a floor walker or as you call them crawlers reached up from under a pile of leaves and grabbed hold of you leg and pulled. You screamed and fell on the ground but because you had your gun in hand you accidentally pulled the trigger, shooting yourself in the thigh “Oh fuck!” you screamed. You shot the Walker in the head then looked at your leg. There was a nice clean gun shit hole pouring with blood. You felt your head go dizzy as you hear daryl scream your name. You felt him pick you up but then you fully blacked out.

Your eyes opened slightly and you could see daryl holding you. Shouting Rick “Get Hershal! She shot herself in the fuckin leg!” you heard the gates open and Rick shout hershal but you blacked out again.

You could hear people around you but you didn’t want to open your eyes yet the pain you were in was unbelievable. You could hear daryl, he sounded like he was crying “This is my fault. Why did I take her out? I need her. I can’t live without her!”

Then Hershal voice came after “She’s OK. She’s going to live. She just needs sleep.”

And then you hear your best friend Sasha who was sat next to you holding your hand “Look daryl. This is not your fault. She’s going to be fine. You go sort things out for when she wakes up. I’ll stay here and then bring her to you.”

Daryl sniffed a little “Fine. Bring her out as soon as she wakes up. This can’t wait any longer.”

You wondered what the fuck was going on but you passed out pretty quickly again.
Finally you woke up and opened your eyes. Sasha was there holding your hand still “Hey you. How you feeling?”

You blinked a lot “Sasha? I’m alright. My fuckin legs hurts though. What the fuck happened?”

She looked so relieved to see you were okay “Your dumbass shot yourself in the leg.”

You sat up and grunted from the pain “Seriously? God I’m fuckin stupid. Where’s daryl? Or anyone else for that matter?”

Her face lit up all of a sudden “I know it’s a lot to ask but could you stand? I gota show you something. You can put all your weight on me?”

You shrugged “Well I guess yeah. Why the hell is everyone being so secretive today?”
You got up and wrapped your arms round her neck “Oh you’ll see.”

You both finally made it to the end of the hall. The stairs were a fuckin pain hobbling and jumping down each ones. Sasha went to open the big metal door to the mess hall where you would usually eat. “You ready?”

You were getting super impatient “God damn it! Yes I’m ready!”

She opened the door and the whole hall had been moved around, there were no chairs, no tables. Someone had strung up fairy lights all around the outside walls and banisters. And in the middle there he was, your beautiful boyfriend smiling at you. Sasha walked you over to him. “You good to stand?” as she let go of you and disappeared.

“Ermm yeah.” You looked around “What the fuck is going off?”

Daryl held onto your hands so you didn’t fall. “(y/n) ever since the day I met you, when I saw you slaughter about 20 walkers all by your self with out even breaking a sweat. I knew you were perfect. You are everything I could want and so so much more. You are so beautiful and so funny. You make this crazy fucked up world seem liveable. With out you I am no one. You stole my heart a long ass time ago and now…” He started to get down on one knee..

Tears filled your eyes and rolled down your cheeks “Holy shit. What.. woah..” were the only words coming out of your mouth.

“(Y/n) will you do me the honour of being my wife?”

You tried to speak through all the tears “Oh.. my.. god.. you soppy git, of course I will!”

He leapt up, kissed you, picked you up and spun you around. “Woah, calm down baby, I literally just got shot.” You laughed.

“I’m sorry.” He put you down and kissed you again.

“God I fucking love you daryl dixon!”

“I fucking love you too!” he just didn’t stop kissing you “Guys! She said yeah!” he shouted.

Out of no where everyone just appeared cheering. Sasha, Maggie and Beth ran to you hugging you.

“Seriously. Guys I just got shot!”

marypsue  asked:

Yo. Henry finally coming clean to Mabel about all the stuff he held back. Mabel helping Henry work through his shit.

TW/CW for discussion of child abuse.


“I should have told you.”

Mabel shook her head. “No, you shouldn’t have. If you weren’t ready you weren’t ready.” She paused, and burrowed further into his arms under the covers. “I shouldn’t have pushed you to have your parents over when you were obviously Not Good with that.”

Henry couldn’t help but let a tiny chuckle out at that. “Not Good.” That was certainly one way to put it.

“Well, I could have given you some warning at least,” he said instead.


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