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stare through the mirror of the self, reflect the face of someone else (the bodyguard au) by bigchickcannibalistic

She’s leaning it. Red lips close – so tantalising close it’s fucking taunting her and it’s fucking unfair. So fucking unfair. Because her heart’s pounding, her hands are already on her hips and her throat is so dry it could be a fucking desert.

And it’s so fucking unfair because this is not how it’s supposed to go, and how can her body just betray her like that, just give in to temptation wrapped in a black dress and with positively thirsty eyes?


human nature || yokohama, ‘87


Words: 800+

Summary: You are a photographer and try to make a picture of Michael at a music festival.

Warnings: None!

A/N: My first one, hope you like it! Let me know what you think (:

I look at all the people in front of me and raise my camera. I went out for pictures of the forest, but ended up at a music festival. Some band is performing and the lights are on, making the stage light up since it’s getting dark. The screen behind the four boys says 5 Seconds of Summer and it lights up when a new song starts. I take some pictures before I move closer to the stage. From this close I can actually see the boys playing the guitar, bass and drums. Suddenly I wish I had a backstage pass, I’ve had it before and I made some of my best pictures. The girls around me push me from side to side to get closer at the stage, which makes it hard to hold my camera still and take pictures. Then suddenly, the hair of one of the boys who plays guitar catches my eye. It’s dyed a bright blue and most of the time it matches the flashing lights. I raise my camera again and zoom until I’ve got his torso and head at the left side of the screen, but then a girl stumbles against me and I almost let my camera fall.

‘Will you please be careful? This camera is expensive, you know?’ I snap frustrated. The girl ignores me and just pushes further forward. I shake my head and try it again, but people keep pushing me, so it won’t work. Frustrated I let my camera down and look at the boy. His eyes meet mine and he smiles at me. I smile back and when he waves I laugh. All the girls close to me scream and wave back. I enjoy the rest of the song, but thinking of all these girls who are making it hard to take that one picture. Then the song ends and I was waiting for a new one, but the blue haired boy starts to talk. He thanks everyone for being here and then he looks at me again.

'Now, I want to ask this girl something.’ he says. Confused I furrow my eyebrows. 'Yes, you. The girl with the camera.’ he laughs. 'Don’t attack her because I actually don’t know her, but I saw you trying to make a picture of me?’
It’s almost quiet and it kind of scares me. I feel like everybody is looking at me when I smile and nod, not knowing what to do with all this attention, even my face is on the two big screens on either side of the stage.

'Can I see it?’ the boy asks. I laugh and shake my head no. His expression changes and the smile disappears from his face.

'No, it’s not like you can’t see it, but people kept pushing me, so I couldn’t make the picture.’ I scream. Because it’s quiet he hears me and nods.

'For a moment I thought you didn’t like me.’ he grins.

'I don’t!’ I interrupt, laughing. He sticks his tongue out and laughs too.

'Now, let this beautiful girl take her picture,’ the boy asks the audience, 'and then come backstage so I can see it, okay?’ he continues and gives me another smile. I smile and nod, I raise my camera again, zoom and then take some pictures. When I take a look at them, one girl looks at my camera.

'She’s really good, I swear!’ she screams. I blush when the boy laughs, I found myself wishing it wouldn’t be this quiet anymore. Then I lift my thumb up, so he knows the pictures are good.

After two more songs, I decide to go backstage, as the boy asked. One of the people walks towards me and gives me a wristband which says 'backstage’, probably because the boy on stage asked me to come.

'They have one more song left, Michael will come over here after their performance.’ he says, probably referring to the blue haired boy. I nod and wait for the last song to end. To kill time, I take a look at the pictures again. I was able to make some more when they were playing again, suddenly no one touched me anymore. I’ve got some really cool ones. Just when I look up, I feel two hands on my shoulders. I squeal and turn around to see who scared me, Michael.

'Hey,’ he grins. I stick my tongue out and let my camera hang down.

'You nasty boy, don’t ever do that again!’ I laugh. Michael smiles.

'So, do you often make pictures?’ he asks. 'Oh wait, I’m Michael by the way. Not good at being social, sorry.’ he laughs.

'Oh, don’t worry, me neither. I’m Y/N.’ I smile. 'I practically make pictures every day and at every event I am.’ I say. I raise my camera and show Michael the pictures I’ve made.

'Wow, you’re really good!’ he exclaims. I blush and smile.

'Thank you!’ I say.

creepy-top-hat-guy  asked:

Welp I'm bored of reblogging your stuff without your permission (being a straight white cisgendered male) it amused me for a bit so thanks! Hope your day/week/month/year/life is great! Should really work on all that hate you have but you actually got some cool interests from what I read anywho have a good one! :)

this is your url, this is your blog description, you are this ugly, and you choose to harass random women of color on the internet. yet you think /i/ should work on “all the hate i have”. i’m so glad that i’m a beautiful woman of color who’s inherently superior to a piece of useless scum like you, lmao.

felt like listening to the kingdom hearts instrumental OSTs while I studied but accidentally gave myself a headache TIL I can listen to sanctuary and simple and clean, but not dearly beloved anymore because that’s what they played at my friend’s memorial after he passed and it’s almost been a year but I still get inexplicable headaches if something related to his passing sets me off lollll

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Wow, I didn't know so many people think that the Gems were made by organic beings! Personally, I'm with you in thinking that they probably weren't. I've always thought that a few Gems just formed naturally, but then figured out how to form more of themselves and started to reproduce on a basically industrial level. That's why they keep planet-hopping--their level of reproduction is unsustainable (kind of like humans on Earth, but that's another can of worms).

yep. i actually didn’t have a very strong opinion on the matter- because i dont believe they’ll ever address it in canon, and my mind is usually occupied with stupid comics ideas rather than actual theorizing- but after @therrealeasya brought it up i got some cool theories in my inbox. my absolute favorite is this one. it’s pretty close to what u had in mind, but involves more evolutionary aspects- which i find very interesting.

my first contribution to mobbu hell  [twitter] #redrawreigen

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H- hockey (the only sport I like/would play)
E- eleni @danshine
T- @tunibee
R- ruby rose 😉
O- otters
X- xanthipphe? (from unbreakable kimmy Schmidt)
U- uncles! (I got some cool uncles. One of em is the only one I can talk to that understands engineering stuff!)
A- aunts! (My aunts are pretty great too!)
L- lime soda

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