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BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o wearing an ugly picture of them on a t-shirt

Anon Asked: Can you do a BTS Reaction to their s/o wearing an ugly selfie of them on a t-shirt in public? I ALWAYS wanted to do this with my boyfriend but he’s too photogenic uGH

Okay, I’ve totally done this before. Showed up at a friend’s birthday party wearing an ugly snapchat pic they sent me on a sweatshirt lol.

- Admin Dayna


Jin is handsome. He knew it, his fans knew it, and obviously, so do you. But with great beauty, comes great responsibility, and it seems like your boyfriend abuses his good-looks. Jin oozes narcissism. At times it was funny, charming in fact, but there’s only so much of it one could take. Sometimes consequences need to be dealt out to the arrogant. With just enough persistence and creativity, you’ve came up with the perfect plan. You awaited his arrival at the airport, your hoodie zipped up hiding your brilliance. Jin and the boys’ plane had landed and now they were only a few feet away from you. When you were absolutely positive Jin was looking right at you - and you could tell he had by the way he suddenly picked up his pace to a brisk jog your direction - you unzipped your hoodie, revealed your t-shirt with a rather… unattractive picture of him that his Army has turned into a meme printed on the front. You lifted your arms up high, allowing Jin, the boys, and the lucky bystanders to bask in its glory. As Namjoon, Yoongi, Hobi, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook all erupted into laughter, Jin struggled to reprimand you between fits of giggles.

“Wha - jagiyaahh~! How could you betray me?!”

“What have I done to deserve this?!”

“Do you think this was right?! I demand respect!”

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Some people date and become #RelationshipGoals, but between you and Yoongi, it was #CivilWar. Battle of the Brats: Petty vs. Savage. Yoongi loved to pick at you. As level-headed and wise as the boy seems to be, there were times where you questioned his maturity. As of lately, he’s been on a roll. Mocking the way you laughed, cheeky jabs and slick comments, talking back to you with just as extra dash of sass - it appears that Yoongi has forgotten he isn’t the only petty one in this relationship. Today he had a day off and promised to go out with you just to get some ice cream together. What he doesn’t know is that you’ve prepared a couple days ahead a little something to get back at him for all his latest antics. He rang the doorbell and called out your name from outside. You nonchalantly open the door and greet him, smoothing out the t-shirt you wore with an embarrassing selca of him printed right in the middle. He froze, staring at your shirt with mild disbelief,

“So wait… you’re wearing that out?”

“Yeah. What you don’t like it?”

“I mean well… can you not wear it out?”

“Can you never wear it?”

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Hobi is a great boyfriend, you weren’t complaining. He treated you well, and showered you with compliments, love and affection. The one thing that you just couldn’t stand about your boyfriend was how much he loved to show the boys all the ugly selfies you sent him through snapchat. The whole purpose of you sending it to him was for it to be seen by only him! If you wanted the boys to see, you would’ve damn well done it yourself! It’s not like you showed all your friends ugly selfies of him he sent you! But at the rate Hoseok was going, it was about time you had your fun too. The second J-Hope sent you an ugly snapchat selfie, you screenshot the sucker, and ordered a customized t-shirt with the selca on it with big black letters on top that said, “My Hope”. You wasted no time when it finally had been delivered. You ripped the package open, slipped the t-shirt on, and took a selfie in it - and made sure you looked damn cute, too. Within the next 5 minutes, Hobi had spammed your SNS and Text Messages with Laughing and Crying Emojis.

“[y/n]~! What is this?!”

“I look so awful in that! Did you wear it out?!”

“You’re awful, jagi!”

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This is revenge. Absolutely justified, of course. You let Namjoon scroll through your playlist on your Spotify, and - not surprisingly - the kid slipped up and forgot gravity existed. He dropped your phone, and the screen shattered. You watched your cell fly through the air, land on the concrete sidewalk, and skid a few feet more in slow motion. And your boyfriend just watched it with horror on his face. As much as he apologized for it between nervous laughter, you still haven’t found it in your heart to forgive him. Why? Well, because this was his third time breaking your phone’s screen. On that day you told him to remember these words: “Karma is a bitch”. Today, he can call you Karma. Jin was making the boys one of your favorite dishes, and knowing this, Namjoon invited you over to the dorms to eat some. This was the perfect moment. You knocked on the door three times, and shuffled on your feet impatient for him to open the door and see you. It was Jungkook who had welcomed you, staring down at the t-shirt and instantly drawing attention to you with how loudly he laughed. The boys hurried over confused, Namjoon taking the lead. It took a few seconds for him to finally process that it was him on your shirt, and to that he couldn’t help but laugh himself

“Why, [y/n]?! Why?!”

“Remember when you broke my phone, asshole?”

“Ugh… why are you so petty?”

“I already bought you a new one!”

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ChimChim was so fluffy it hurts. His smiling eyes were cute, his laugh was cute, the way he combed his hair back with his fingers was cute, even when he got flustered and fell weak to nervous giggles was cute! You simply couldn’t help how much you wanted to show off how precious your boyfriend was. It was only natural for one to do so, right? You saw somewhere on twitter a picture of a couple wearing each other’s selfies on a shirt and took inspiration from it. It was a great idea, but you wanted something a little more… personalized. Something that’ll express to the world how much you really loved your Jiminie. Searching deep within the depths of selcas and pictures of your boyfriend in your camera roll, you finally found the perfect one. Even when Jimin made ugly faces, he was cute! You got the shirt customized, printed, and shipped within a matter of 3 days flat, and was quick to put it on and hurry to the boy’s dorms to show off the shirt. Jimin opened the door, already excited to see you through the peep hole. Once he got a glimpse of your shirt, his cheeks grew hot, and as expected, your ChimChim began to laugh out of absolute embarrassment.

“You had to pick that picture?”

“Did you come here just to bully me, Jagi?”

“I shouldn’t even let you in!”

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Truth be told, the relationship between you and TaeTae was quite simply shits and giggles. Of course there came serious moments, but it was silly, goofy, childish ones that always stuck out the most. Before Tae had gone off on tour, as the tradition goes, the two of you came up with ways and items to keep each other close despite the distance. Your boyfriend had gotten a blown up print of a snapchat pic you sent him using a silly filter and making a just as silly face. He told you he planned on carrying that poster with him whereever he went, and framing it when he got back to the Seoul Dorms. Hearing that, you decided to make use of the handful of crazy selcas Tae had sent you himself. You printed out the best one on a t-shirt, and took a picture of yourself wearing it. Seeing the picture put a big boxy grin on his face.

“Ahh! Jagiyaah~! That’s better than my poster!”

“I want the t-shirt too!”

“Absolutely not! You wear an ugly picture of me on your shirt and pictures of you wearing it will spread on the fansites so fa -”

“No, no, [y/n], I want to wear a t-shirt with myself on it.”

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The problem with Jungkook is he talks too much. The two of you facetime late nights while he’s abroad during tour. You tell each other how much you love and miss one another, and end the call bittersweet. Sometimes, he makes silly recommendations on how to get by the day with him away. It’s expected that not all of his recommendations are too great, but every once in a while, he proves himself more genius than he gives himself credit for. One night you had told him, “Jungkookie, I miss your ugly face.” and he’d say in response, “if you print it on a shirt, every time you walk past a mirror you’ll see it.” Brilliant right? Guess he hadn’t taken into consideration the depths of how truly iconic the idea was. The next day, you had went out and done exactly that, sporting his face on your shirt for days. He called you one night during facetime as you were wearing it. To say the least, he was quite shook.

“… what’s on your shirt?”

“It’s you!”

“Okay but… but why?”

“It was your idea…?”

“I wasn’t being serious!”

“Did you wear it out? No - actually, don’t wear it out.”


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(I really hope this build up is as worth it to anyone else but me)

So Bob and Suzanne keep up regular communication about their boys, even though Bob is partly doing it to learn more about his son’s new boyfriend and Suzanne is partly doing it for bragging rights with her friends.

One day when Bitty is visiting back in Georgia, Suzanne calls all “oh Bob, I just have to say how much it means to us that Jack still calls Dicky to help him with hockey, especially being so busy now!”

Bob is sort of agreeing but kind of confused because from Jack’s detailed gushing, Bitty doesn’t really need that much help these days, so he’s curious where this is going.

“I know I shouldn’t have listened but I was just changing over the towels in the bathroom and couldn’t help but overhear those two talkin’ on the phone about Dicky being captain…tryin’ a new role or somethin’. So sweet! Dicky kept sayin’ how easy Jack makes it look and how he had no idea how much work was involved until he was in that position himself! And I could just tell Jack was giving him all kinds of reassurance because Dicky got so passionate, sayin’ how he waned to keep tryin’ and he was sure he’d be able to make it last. There was all this talk about how Dicky’s so little he prefers to let the bigger guys go for it and Jack must’ve said somethin’ about ‘only doing what’s comfortable’ and ‘nothing to prove’ and knowin’ that Jack wouldn’t be at all disappointed if Dicky chose to back out because he should only do what feels natural to him. Oh Lord, I coulda cried over how much my boy looks up to that son of yours!”

Bob is like turning purple trying to hold in his laughter and Alicia thinks he’s having a heart attack until he scribbles it out onto a piece of paper and she’s rushing into the bedroom so she can shove her face into a pillow and not shriek with laughter.

They both feel so guilty and mean for laughing and they love Bitty’s innocent Southern family but holy shit the Zimmermann’s are bawdy and get wine drunk and have said the word ‘bottoming’ in front of their son more than once before he threatened to disown them.

Some time after….

So when Bob visits Providence and is watching an Aces game with Bitty while Jack is at practice, he totally picks up on the drop in temperature in the room when Kent’s face is on screen and he wants to do his future-son-in-law a solid but isn’t sure how.

The commentator is blowing smoke up Kent’s ass saying “you just can’t find a better play maker, the guy can score, he has speed, doesn’t shy away when he’s switched to defense… I mean, is there any position Parse hasn’t tried at this point?”

Bitty doesn’t react.

So Bob takes a long glug from his glass, looks over at Bitty and raises the glass in his direction.

“Sure is. Just ask Jack.”

Then Bob has like, tears in his eyes even though Bitty looks like he’s about to throw up or hug Bob or both.


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I LOVE your thoughts on the reverse AU! How would their relationship change? In the drawing it seems it's Félix who has a crush and Bri doesn't care(?). What do they think fo the other? And what about their relationship as Chat Noir and Ladybug? Sorry, i'm just really curious ahah I really liked how much thought you put into this au and would love to read more XD

Thank you so much for the message! I gotta be honest, I really had to think about this because the reversal AU is something I did on a whim and the other ideas kind of just came when my brain decided not to leave it alone. So, for you, here’s what I got…

Bridgette just saw Felix as a casual new classmate until her friends took a liking to him. After being forced to think about this potential new friend, she can’t help but see him as some kind of anomaly. He’s the heir of a fashion empire, but dresses with the fashion sense of a rich 9yr old.  Also, the kid has the vocabulary skills of a university professor but can’t figure out how to stop greeting her with “Hi-llo” at least twice a week. She wasn’t even completely sure Gabriel had another son…no wonder he doesn’t talk about him much.

For Felix, Bridgette just caught his eye the first time he saw her and every observation he’s noticed about her then after just convinces him more that he’s in love with her. She has an obvious talent for fashion but he’s caught on to the fact that she’ll talk about wedding aesthetics and setting visuals with a brightness that isn’t quite present when she just critiques clothing. She’s well composed and seems to carry herself without regret. Maybe he’s attracted to the positive qualities he can’t seem to find in himself.

They still fight well as a team, with the occasional hiccups you’d expect from newbie heroes. Chat Noir’s never seen himself as much of a leader, so he’s more than happy to play second fiddle to Ladybug, and avoids the spotlight whenever possible. He just wants to be a good sidekick and his support for Ladybug is bordering on big bro levels of caring. Ladybug definitely still works hard to be a focused and capable leader and she mostly succeeds. She can go from shouting orders and fighting villains like a natural hero, to a timid, shy mouse the minute her and Chat Noir have a non-urgent moment to themselves. With all the oblivious friendzoning she gets from Chat, she appreciates the time she does get with him…even when it’s accidental.


…She might still have difficulty understanding personal space….

It’s Okay

Hey guys! I’ve got my first ever Power Rangers fanfic here. I saw the movie on Thursday and I just really really loved it. I also started shipping Billy x Jason from the moment Jason slapped the shit out of that bully. So, here’s my fic for them. I hope you guys like it!

All mistakes are my own

Jason’s been to a lot of football practices. Like, a lot. But none of them have made him as tired and as sore as training to be a Power Ranger has. Every step he takes, makes some muscle somewhere hurt. But it’s a good hurt, this is the happiest Jason’s been in a long time. He finally feels like for once he’s doing something right. After all nothing beats training to be a superhero and then going for pizza with his friends.

They’ve been getting closer and closer, the five of them. They’re all different, extremely different and at first it wasn’t clear if they actually could get along. But now, Jason can’t think of anything better than hanging out with the other four.

Sadly, tonight’s not a pizza night. Kimberly had to be home for a family dinner. Zach needed to check on his mom and Trini, well she hadn’t said why she was leaving but she left all the same. Which leaves Jason and Billy for the rest of the evening.

Keep reading

Why it’s the worst to say “surprise me” to an artist/writer/designer/anyone who does something creative

So, I get a lot of asks and requests, and I love it, but many of them are something like this: 

“Love your blog (thanks), could you write something like this (now they add a rather vague scenario), or something else, I don’t know! Bye! (…yeah, bye)” 

And some of my giveaway winners (Again, I apologize for taking so much time for it, but that is one of the reasons) do the same thing (or even worse): 

“I don’t really have an idea, surprise me.” 

And many of you think that this is what any creative person wants to read, but let me burst your bubble - it is NOT.

Many of you tell me they don’t want to limit or constrain my creativity, but as a student of graphic design (and casual writer), let me tell you: LIMIT IT! CONSTRAIN IT! PLEASE! 

To help you understand, imagine this:

You got a customer, he wants a new logo for his company, and all he gives you is: “surprise me”. This is the worst.
What colors does he like, or does he prefer black and white? Does he only want a logo or some text on it, too? Should it be playful or serious? There are so many possibilities to fuck it up and it takes so much more time to find the ‘right’ solution when the customer can’t pinpoint what he likes. In the worst case, he will annul the contract, because you took to much time guessing what he wants and failing miserably.

It’s not as dramatic when it comes to a hobby (especially when no money’s involved), but please understand that my goal is to please you when it comes to commissions or requests. And if you don’t give me anything to work with, chances are the result won’t satisfy you. 

Still not convinced? 
Try it yourself. Write something for me (or draw me a picture), with this: I want Raphael to be in it. 
You don’t know anything else and now try to “make me happy”. 

Difficult, isn’t it? 

Of course, if you’re one of the more creative persons you will have thousands of ideas of what to do, but will I like it? Who knows. Present it to me and if I don’t like it, but still won’t tell you what displeases me, you will be at it forever and ever. 

So next time you buy a commission or request something (from anyone, really, not just me), remember to tell them what you like and what you dislike. It takes creativity to work with the boundaries you give us, so don’t be afraid to “take away our fun or freedom”. You need to guide us in the direction of your choice to make it perfect for you. 

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So after throwing the idea around for a while, I finally decided to make an attempt at getting into KHR. However the idea of how much time it would take to start a new series from scratch right now is already exhausting me, so I wanna be a bit lazy. Do you have any recs that would serve as a good intro to the series? I got into FFVII that way from esama's fics and now I am comfortable reading anything in that fandom, so I'm hoping there won't be any issues with using that method for khr.

KHR has an excess of time travel fics and canon!AUs, which really does help, so… (These are mostly ‘wow I love this characterization SO MUCH fics, in case you were curious)

Vigilante Tendency

Phantom Thief Decimo



Vivi memor leti

Strange Logic and Common Sense


Something Small (with Teeth)

Top of the Food Chain

Fifty Snapshots – Sun and Sky

A Murder of Crows

6 Times the Guardians Came Back Injured


For the Love of the Game

What We Fought For

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em

A Sky’s Charisma

On Courting Severely Scarred Assassin Organisation Bosses

On the Outside

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Would love a Modern AU with Jamie and Claire having to send flirty texts to each since family members/kids/friends are around and they have to be on good behavior. :)

Modern Glasgow AU

“Thanks, Claire – I’ll be only a minute!”

Geillis Duncan set down her coat on the chair next to Claire’s and darted up the theater’s center aisle, red galoshes squeaking on the linoleum.

Dr. Claire Fraser sighed and pulled out her phone. Geillis had been trying to drag her out for a girl’s night for what seemed like forever – or at least since she had joined the surgery team late last year. They were the only two female surgeons at the hospital – Claire was a young yet well-regarded thoracic surgeon, while Geillis specialized in orthopedics. The magic that woman could perform on broken bones was nothing short of miraculous.

Her taste in movies, however –

“Did ye read the novels?” The middle-aged woman at her right had turned to face her, smiling kindly.

“I haven’t – I work, and I have four children at home to keep me busy,” Claire confessed, absently twisting her fingers in her lap. “My friend and I went to dinner and this was all her idea.”

“Well then – ye’ll be in for a surprise to be sure! Half the things he does to her have to be seen to be believed!”

Suppressing the urge to make any number of unkind remarks – that it was all just a fantasy, that based on what she understood about the storyline this Grey would be a posterchild for emotional manipulation and abuse, that there was no way for *anyone* to have the lifestyle that seemed to be so easy on film – she merely smiled and unlocked her screen.

Five messages – four from Fergus, and one from Jamie.

Nothing major – just a group shot of Faith and Brianna and William and Jamie enjoying their dinner on the couch, and three selfies of Fergus pulling funny faces. Jamie had shared an adorable photo of two-year-old William with what appeared to be half of his dinner smashed all over his face.

Her heart soared with love for her crazy wee family – who were all missing her tonight, but certainly didn’t begrudge her a night to herself.

Even if she had to endure what undoubtedly would be the most excruciating movie experience of her life.

Just as the lights began to dim, Geillis returned to her seat. “Did ye see – they’ve got wine and beer here! Never seen that before. Now – do you want me to give you a recap of the first movie, or – ”

“I think I’ll be able to figure it out,” Claire sighed, thumbing one quick text to her husband as the previews began.

*Wish I was with you.*

Then she glanced at her watch, settled into her seat, and sighed. Geillis and her neighbor sat literally at the edge of their seats, riveted. Waiting.

Thirty excruciating minutes later, she glanced over to Geillis – who was absolutely enraptured with the fantasy unfolding on the screen – and discreetly slipped her phone from her pocket.

Two messages from Jamie – one a picture of all four children snuggled on the couch watching classic Bugs Bunny cartoons, the other just five simple words.

*how is it? miss u*

Claire dimmed the brightness of the phone screen and quickly typed a reply.

*It’s so far removed from reality. He has more money than God and still she plays hard to get.*

Immediately the screen flashed that he was typing a response.

*and here i thought money wasnt everything :p*

*It’s not, but they jumped right into bed again anyway*

Feeling absurdly self-conscious, Claire pocketed the phone and returned her eyes to the screen. But after feeling five vibrations over the following ten minutes, curiosity got the better of her.

*im glad we always talk things out, mnd*

*well not like we dont ever go to bed to help us find a way to talk, but the talking is so impt*

*i could talk to you all day and all night and id still find something new about u to love*

*whats happening now? u know rupert and scarlett really like the books, hes told me waaay too much about the story*

*picking up any new ideas?*

Seven years married, and her heart still skipped when she read his beautiful words.

*They’re at a masked ball. He’s still trying to control her – tells her what to wear, what to do with her money*

*a masked ball? fancy. would u ever want to go to one?*

*Only if we could do what they did and sneak away for some private time…* *ye ken that from the moment we arrive, id be plotting how to do that*

How he made her smile.

Then nothing from him for a while. She glanced at her watch – Murtagh’s present for her medical school graduation – ah. It was bedtime for the four wee Frasers.

One more message, and then she’d put the phone away.

*I do like how she’s not shy to tell him what she wants – even if her voice gets a bit quieter when she tells him. And even though he’s damaged, he always takes care of her*

The final 45 minutes of the movie weren’t much different than what had already transpired – but Claire wasn’t really paying attention. For she knew that while most of the women in the theater – and it *was* a majority of women – would be going home to empty beds, or to men who perhaps would not meet their needs in all the ways they desired, she could not wait to get back to Jamie. Not just because she knew they would probably make love before falling asleep – and that it would be full of so much soul-deep love and tenderness and passion that it would bring tears to their eyes.

No – it was because she knew that above all else, she and Jamie had intimacy. True intimacy – emotional as well as physical. The ability to laugh, and to share hopes and dreams and fears, and to face the joys and challenges of each day as an unshakable team.

This kind of intimacy was rare, and sacred – and certainly not what was portrayed in the movie.

When it finally ended – and she chatted with Geillis as they both slipped on their coats and made their way out of the theater – all she could think of was Jamie – her husband, her heart, her soul. His eyes, and his hands, and his heart.

She waved goodbye to Geillis, and pulled out her phone to get an Uber.

One new text from Jamie –

*look up*

She did – and there he was, standing in front of their battered car, parked across the road. Smiling.

She ran to him, and he caught her, and his kiss was everything.

english is difficult

summary: peter has a crush. said crush is the daughter of playboy, billionaire and philanthropist; tony stark. 

a note: this is pre civil war typa thing so tony and peter have not formally met yet. also, hey! i haven’t posted in ten years, what’s up my dudes? :) 

“did you finish the english thing yet?”

this had become routine for them, facetiming till the early hours of the morning. a lot of the time they did their homework together, or they just sort of talked until one of them fell asleep.

y/n sat at her desk, hair messy with a facemask on (peter thought it was funny), mindlessly browsing the internet, “yeah, it was easy. i like writing. when you like something, it’s a lot easier.”

peter didn’t know the first thing about poetry or writing, so he was struggling. the project was open ended, meaning you could write whatever you wanted and about whatever you wanted. short story, poetry, novella, pretty much anything.

“okay,” peter tore out yet another page from his notebook, crumpling it up and throwing it behind him, preparing to start fresh on a new page, “but i have no idea what to write about.”

“pretty much anything. the project has no theme, no nothing. go crazy.”

“crazy isn’t really in my repertoire, of well, anything,” he sighed, “english is difficult.” 

“okay, i’ll help you. just write about something you love. that’s easy enough is it not? you could write about how much you love sandwiches for all i care. just write down the thing you love at the top of the paper,” she paused, waiting for him to do so, “got that?”

peter looked down at his paper, where he messily wrote y/n, “yep.”

“okay, so now write down all the reasons why.”

the way her smile could light up times square, how she fiddles with her jewelry when she’s nervous, how shy and giggly she gets when i compliment her, her eyes….

“slow down there bucko, i’m sure that’s enough.” she laughed. peter kept writing out his reasons and couldn’t stop himself, he had so many. after filling up half the page, he placed his pen down.

“there. i think that’s good. now what?”

“take all those things and make it into a poem. a free verse one, meaning it doesn’t have to rhyme or have a specific form.”

“okay, i think it got it,” peter started scribbling out random lines and verses, “this is easy.”

she could only wonder what he was writing about, he seemed pretty focused on it. his tongue was stuck out ever so slightly as he wrote down the words on the page, she thought it was adorable.


she was surprised, “really? that fast?”

“yeah, your advice really helped.”

“that’s good.” she smiled.

her smile could light up new york city in the dark

“y/n!” tony’s loud voice shouted, “did you plan on going to sleep anytime soon? you have school in the morning, or this morning i should say.”

“oh my god, is that your dad?”

in the background of the video, peter saw tony standing in the doorway. crap, he’s definitely gonna find me and throw me in a dumpster or something. tell me again why i thought crushing on tony stark’s daughter was a good idea. 

she looked behind her, seeing him looking less than impressed, “yeah, uh, i’ll see you tomorrow.”

she turned back to her laptop, lightly smiling at peter before she pressed end call and slowly closed the lid. she waited a moment, hoping tony would just walk away, but she could still feel his presence behind her.

“just friends huh?” 

“yep.” she dryly said, keeping her back turned. 

she had no idea how long he had been standing there for, it could’ve been for the last hour and she honestly wouldn’t have noticed.

“just friends.”

e n d 

another note: bad ending? some things never change. 

in case you didn’t notice, i have a brand new commissions page! it’s much easier to read this time, and commissions are open indefinitely!

my posts have really been feeling the burn of tumblr changing its algorithm lately (i have a feeling it’s got something to do with their new “restricted” feature?) so i hope that this post actually reaches you if you’ve been wanting a commission have no idea what’s been going on with my blog or if you can even see my art at all

i’m on summer break currently but i’m about to enter my final year of college and i basically need to save up as much money as i possibly can in order to afford tuition payments every semester bc i refuse to take out loans lol

of course a reblog/signal boost always helps my art here on tumblr, but in case you haven’t been able to see my art on your dash at all, ALL of my art lately has been getting dumped full-force on my patreon, which you can get early access to said art for as little as $1 a month! plus you get free-to-use icons and a bunch of other cool stuff~

5 vegan tips

1. Do your research
Research and expand your knowledge on veganism! Find out about vegan youtubers, local vegan restaurants around you, recipes, articles and so much more! Before going on a road trip this fall, I was researching on all the fast food restaurants to find out what vegan options they offered. And let me tell u, this was VERY useful! Once I gained my knowledge on what is not vegan and what is, I got a general idea of what I can eat. So now when people offer me things that aren’t vegan, I don’t have to read the ingredients like a maniac, I just kindly reject. Also finding a vegan community online can be very helpful and supportive!


2. Try new vegan recipes
I challenge you to try at least 1 new vegan recipe every week. This will help you get a feel of what food you like, and make it easier for u to cook. I suggest even getting a cook book. For ex. Forks over knifes. This book gave me great food ideas and sometimes I switch up recipes to make them my own.


3. Stock up on fruits and veggies
This is so you always have something on hand. This will prevent you from running to the store constantly. Normally I go to the store once a week and get all the basics: fruits, veggies, almond milk, and 1 frozen dinner. Normally I buy big boxes of rice and pasta 1 a month and then I use my fruits and veggies to make meals out of them, I use the almond milk for random things, and I get the frozen dinner for when I have that lazy weekday. Sometimes I get tofu but it all depends. My grocery list is pretty cheap and far from expensive. Always having fruits and veggies on hand with make it easier to whip up a meal real quick.


4. Make sure you’re getting your calories in
As a healthy vegan, you have to make sure you are getting enough calories in that your body needs. Being vegan it is easy to under eat, especially if you’re new to this lifestyle. At first you’re so used to the mind set of eating smaller portions, because animal products are heavy, and very calorie dense. But on a vegan diet things tend to be lighter, and less calorie dense. So after saying this, make sure to eat eat eat those fruits and veggies, and don’t shy away from bigger portions.


5. Be happy
Try to be happy despite all the animal abuse that continues on. Be happy because you are truly making a difference! You are helping the environment, animal, and your body!

- - - Thank you for reading my post! Please like, reblog, and follow ❤️️ if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me!

mage-of-words  asked:

I would LOVE to read more of jealous Tom so I had this idea that will be worth it. What if there is a monster, speaking gibberish, one of Ludo's new monster, and fell in love with Marco. The monster is nothing but sweet and charming to Marco like showering him with flowers and gifts.

I loved writing this so so so so so so much! It was so cute! I really like writing about people healing together and I really like writing about people in relationships helping one another become better and love each other! And I sort of got carrie away with that here hahaha! Enjoy!

Marco opened the door and smiled a bit when that same monster was there. “Star! He’s back!” Marco yelled up the steps. Star ran downstairs and dashed over with her wand. But once she saw the monster for earlier she rolled her eyes.

“Oh it’s just you.” She sighed. The monster gurgled something and handed Marco a batch of flowers. Marco sighed and looked up at the monster.

“Thank you very much.” He spoke nervously. “I’ll just… put these with the others.” Marco assured. This same monster from Ludo’s new group had been coming by to give him flowers every day for two weeks. He grinned big and Marco closed the door turning to Star.

“I’m guessing you haven’t told him yet?” Star asked. Marco bit his lip.

“I don’t know how! I think he really likes me.” Marco explained. Star nodded.

“Yeah! That’s why you have to shut him down. Before he gets the wrong idea.” Star told him. “Besides, you don’t want him to come by when Tom is here.” Star warned. Marco rolled his eyes.

“Tom wouldn’t do anything crazy.” Marco assured. Star laughed.

“He started a riot at your karate match because you got hit… AT A KARATE MATCH.” Star reminded. Marco made a face.

“Okay, so Tommy get defensive and protective. It’s sweet and, understandable considering what he’s been through.” Marco told her. Star put her hands up in defense.

“Hey, I’m not saying something’s wrong with him, I’m just saying that he will become a jealousy monster.” She teased. Marco laughed a bit and thought fondly about his demon.

“I love that angry little bean.” He giggled. Marco then set the flowers on the table with the other bunches. “Tom doesn’t need to know. It’ll just worry him and make him upset.” Marco explained.

“What will worry me?” Tom asked. Marco turned around and saw Tom standing in the middle of the living room with his arms crossed. The charred carpet around him showed that he just teleported there to see Marco.

Marco rolled his eyes. “Nothing Tom.” He assured. Tom narrowed his eyes.

“What are you keeping from me?” He asked, leaning forward. Marco turned around and Tom felt angry at seeing the gifts on the table. “Who gave those to you?” Tom asked. Marco took Tom’s hand and gave him a kiss.

“Promise not to freak.” Marco instructed. Tom grumbled a bit but nodded. “There has been… a monster who took a liking to me.” Marco admitted. Tom wanted to rage but caught himself.

“Okay.” Tom said calmly. “And you told him you weren’t interested?” He asked. Marco bit his lip.

“Not exactly… yet.” He admitted. Tom’s eyes lit up.


“Remember what we said about a healthy outlet for your anger?” Marco asked. Tom ignored him and kept raging.

“You must be KIDDING ME! How DARE he come in here and try and SNATCH YOU AWAY! I LOVE YOU! And HE thinks HE can WIN YOU OVER with flowers an cheap GIFTS!” Tom rambled. Marco looked over at Star.

“Just let him go.” He told her. “It’ll pass. He’ll eventually just burn himself out.” Marco explained.

“THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK!” Tom shouted. “I AM AN ETERNAL FLAME, BABY!” Tom yelled and set himself on fire. Marco just raised an eyebrow and let Tom go. A few moments later Tom’s fire got lower and lower and he began to feel weary before setting himself on the floor. He had tuckered himself out.

“What did I say about over exerting yourself?” Marco asked. Tom sat up, his ears were down and he looked wiped out.

“To not to.” Tom reminded himself. Marco sat down next to the demon.

“You know I’m not going to leave you for that guy.” Marco assured. “You’re the only one I need. I just didn’t know how to tell him I wasn’t interested, I get anxious about this and don’t want to hurt him.” Marco explained. “He’s nice and he doesn’t deserve to be shut down to harshly.” Marco told him.

“Okay, I guess.” Tom mumbled.

“Tom? You swear you aren’t going to attack him?” Marco asked. Tom rolled his eyes.

“No of course not!” Tom huffed. He then smiled lightly at Marco. “I promised… I want to but… healthy outlet. That’s what you said.” Tom beamed. Marco smiled and pulled Tom down into another kiss.

“I know sweetie, that’s why I love you. You try so hard and you do so well.” Marco gushed. He knew he being a bad person didn’t cause Tom’s anger. Anger hardly ever did come from that place. For Tom it came from a place of fear and trauma. And Marco would take any and all time he needed to help Tom work through it. “I’m proud of you.” He grinned.

“Thanks Mar-Mar… I actually… I’m pretty proud of myself too. That was the first time I’ve freaked out in a while but… it’s okay!” Tom smiled and Marco gave him a kiss.

“Good, I’m glad to hear it.” Marco smiled. “I’m going to tell that guy the next time he comes over.” Marco promised.

“I trust you.” Tom assured. “You can some time with it if you need to.” He assured Marco. “I’ve never had to shut somebody like that, ad it might be hard. I wouldn’t know. But I trust that you love me, and I’ll try not to get too jealous.” Tom promised. Marco smiled and kissed the demon again.

“Thanks Tommy.”


PROMPT LIST — send me a character and a #!

  • “PLEASE put your shirt back on. please don’t make me laugh at you.”
  • “THIS place is fancy and i don’t know which fork to kill myself with.”
  • “YOU like me? you like my personality?”
  • “YOU my boo. you my boo and i’ve been missin’ you. i’ve been missin you so long.”
  • “YOU know what’s weird? i don’t find this weird anymore.”
  • “GOD, you’re about to say something stupid, aren’t you?”
  • “GIRL, imma marry you.”
  • “I see him and my heart explodes.”
  • “WE all…need to meet new people.”
  • “IT’S kinda stupid how much i’m in love with you.”
  • “SO if any of you have anything else to say to my boo, i will drag you outside and we will handle this la style!”
  • “I’M sorry about the whole kissing thing.”
  • “OH, you don’t have to apologize. i did…kiss you back, a little.”
  • “I hope that you don’t remember that i said any of these things tomorrow.”
  • “YOU’VE been taking care of me my entire life.”
  • “WHEN you’re going through ‘a taylor swift-like range of emotions,’ i should come over, right?”
  • “YOU were the only one that i could talk to. being brown, you have the wisdom of a thousand white women.”
  • “I’D really like to start calling you shawty in public.”
  • “THEY’VE made me weak in my stupid knees.”
  • “I want to spend the rest of my life hearing all your stories.”
  • “IF you hurt her, i will let myself die. and then i will haunt you.”
  • “I am a grown woman that is in love with her ex that has a girlfriend. and i’ve been stealing my neighbor’s wi-fi.”
  • “I’VE made out with half of the guys in this room.”
  • “THEY are not exactly what my mom had imagined for me. you know, she wanted someone maybe not so…white?”
  • “YOU look like a prostitute for wizards.”
  • “YOU look like a homeless pencil.”
  • “YEAH, i’m nervous. yeah, i’m really nervous. i mean, she’s beautiful and she’s super cool…”
  • “YOU know i have a boyfriend, right?”
  • “I hate your ideas. i hate them almost as much as i love you, which is so much.”
  • “NOTHING is more important to me than your future.”
  • “I’M never gonna stop trying to make you happy.”
  • “SHE’S never gonna be happy with someone like me.”
  • “CAN we just take a moment to appreciate them? i mean, the effect they have on people…it’s really incredible. i can’t believe…they’re dating me. i mean, like, whaaaat?”
  • “IF you tell anyone we held hands, i have two people on my phone who will kill you.“
  • “I may be an idiot, but i’m smart enough to know what i lost.”
  • “YOU and i not being together does not make sense to me.”
  • “I’M really gonna need you to step it up tonight, okay? when i see you, i wanna be thinking, ‘who let the dirty slut out of the slut house?’”
  • “I simply want a demographic breakdown of all the guys that hit on you.”
  • “AS my best friend, i expect you to be willing to sacrifice everything for me at a moment’s notice.”
  • “WATCH it, buddy! ‘cause i will calcutta bitch up in here. i will cal. cut. a. bitch.”
  • “YOU’RE not the only one that’s hurting.”
  • “YOU’RE the smartest, ballsiest, bitchiest, truly terrifying woman that i have enjoyed in a really long time.”
  • “YOU don’t deserve to be treated like that.”
  • “YOU don’t know my pain.”
  • “IF i was doing something stupid, you would definitely be involved.”
  • “AND those shoelaces must be tied together ‘cause you are straight trippin’, yo.”
  • “DO i regret it? yes. would i do it again? probably.”
  • “SHE makes you weak and penis dumb.”
  • “I don’t think i can even look at him without getting pregnant.“
  • "I’M gonna ask you to get out of my girlfriend’s bed, man.”
  • “I think i’m getting my period.”
  • “I don’t want nobody to eat me! i got thick thighs! i got a fat ass!”
  • “THEY love me so much, and to be honest, it scares me. i don’t think i deserve all of that love.”

anonymous asked:

I'm venting a little at this point, I'm so sorry for blowing up your inbox. ...A little embarrassed to contact you off anon.. (6)

Don’t you worry, anon friend! You can talk to me any way you feel comfortable. I’ll try to touch on stuff from your other asks, because I’m right there with you.

I don’t know what happened between you and your friend/RP partner, but I definitely understand how it can be really hard to talk to them after something like this happens. Wounds are fresh, but I do think conversation is the right answer. It’s going to hurt, it’s going to suck during it. But I feel a lot of my problems I had with previous partners could have been better solved with communication between both sides. You’re upset now, rightly so, so give yourself as much time as you need to come back to the conversation with a clear head and approach the situation in the best possible way. You come first.

I’ve been on the side left hanging more than I can count. There’s still people I think about with regret, like could things have been fixed? Why didn’t I get any form of closure? There may be a way things come out okay, character-wise and friendship-wise. You may not see it now, or there may not be it at all, but you tried. You don’t need what-ifs to make yourself feel worse.

From the way it sounds, your character is a lot like my Kazha’a, who opens up to very few, and would only develop a close or romantic connection to one person in his life. So, when things went south for me, with several partners he’s had over the years, I’ve regrettably had to press the reset button each time. It gets to me some days, how he’s, because of this, nearly in the same place he was development-wise as he was nearly two years ago when I started playing him on Balmung. 

Retconning was the solution I needed for Kaz. In a similar circumstance with Ellere, I kept much of her development (renamed her) and turned her former husband that had been played by a former partner into an NPC. So that she had some of the development remain, and yet I didn’t have to worry about ties to someone else who gave me bad memories. I know a few other people who’ve gone this route.

Another option (which I know really sucks to think about) is find a way to work with it. What change, what growth, what emotion would this cause your character to feel? You obviously love this character a lot. So don’t let it go. Change can be a good thing. I know how you feel, trust me. Each time I had to work backwards on a character instead of forward was beyond hard.

I also understand the feeling of being very tied to that one RP partner you lost. One of the first times this happened to me, I had no one to turn to either. I actually gave up RP for a good few months because I figured it was the end. But a last chance post on tumblr/RPC got me one connection, one connection that eventually brought me into an FC and friend group that was my home over a year.

One thing you learn, is RP communities… even one as big as Balmung seems, are regrettably small. People cluster with groups of people and it’s hard when you’re on your own and on the outside. I’ve felt that way plenty recently. But like I said, all it takes is one good person to reach out to you.

It’s also okay to step back, take a break, find something else for a bit. Come back, refreshed with new ideas, and less ties to old ones. Whether you play an alt, or step away from the game completely. You choose whether or not you “retire” a character, and you can also choose whether or not they stay that way. Nothing is ever gone.

I feel like I just word vomited a lot, and not much of it was really helpful. So I apologize. All in all, chin up! You’ve got at least one person in your corner hoping things turn out okay.

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As a Reinhardt main, I would love to be able to protect all the healers, but you're all so much faster than the lumbering German Giant. Stay near the Shield Grandpa so I can protect you! I will happily escort you to wherever you need to go

All Reinhardt players need a Lucio, new rule, sorry guys.

(New custom game idea: Lucio helping the Elderly across the map– 3 lucio’s, and then reinhardt, ana, soldier, torbjorn, or reaper to fill the last 3 spots. Just because 76 is speedy old man doesn’t mean he doesn’t need a hand for when he breaks his hip)

BTS Reaction to Their Partner Having Lots of Tattoos.

Request: Hello, Rain! Can I request BTS reaction seeing their s\o tattoos (lots of them/or really big ones like full-sleeve) for the first time? Thank you! @kainblackfox

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Kim Seokjin: (He looks like a baby chick here)

      Seokjin had started dating his partner in the autumn, so he had only ever saw them with long sleeves or sweaters on. So when Spring finally came around it was a bit of a shock to see them with a full sleeve of tattoos. Even though Seokjin is very confident in his own looks, I don’t think he would be very judgemental of other’s looks or whatever they decide to do with their body. I think his main concern would be his partner being happy in their own body, so if their tattoos did that he would be very open and even praising towards them.

Originally posted by charrytommoto

Min Yoongi: (excited baby panda.)

    While Yoongi was away on tour his partner decided to get a mural of all their loved one’s favorite flowers tattooed onto their back. One day they would be hanging out with Yoongi, and decide to change into their pajamas to just spend a lazy day inside revealing the mural. I think Yoongi would be surprised, but only because they had not had it the last time he saw them, and wasn’t notified that they were getting one. He would honestly not really care if his partner got tattoos, it was their bodies after all, but would probably find the sentiment of the mural pretty sweet. “When did you get that?”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jung Hoseok: (his smile is so cute mah heart)

     Let’s just say Hobi would probably make a big deal out of it. This does not necessarily mean it is a bad reaction, it is just well… a reaction. He would probably ask you a bunch of questions. Did it hurt? How long did it take? Why there? What does it mean? He would do that with every single tattoo until he found out the story behind every single one of them. He then would probably go around bragging to everyone about how brave his significant other is.

Originally posted by rapnamu

Kim Namjoon: (he goes from cool to cute in seconds, wow)

    Namjoon would know that his partner had a love for tattoos before they even got together. He knew it was their dream to fill up their body with beautiful art. So he would not have had much of an initial reaction, but after getting to know them he’d probably research the meaning of some of their tattoos and inform them about it. He would probably even help them research for new ideas.

Originally posted by bwipsul

Park Jimin: (look at that fond smile… also I know it’s at Taehyung so like my vmin heart)

     I think Jimin would be like Hobi, and want to know the story behind all of their tattoos. I think he would find it amazing how body art like this could be as meaningful, as say a song he would write or a dance he would perform. I think Jimin would appreciate arts in all forms, that including all of his partner’s tattoos. I do think he would drop hints that he wanted you to get one for him though.

Originally posted by sgfgdolans

Kim Taehyung: (he’s a goofball)
      Taehyung upon noticing all his partners tattoos would probably question how many they had, and if they did not know how many he would probably start counting himself. He would probably find all their tattoos amazing, because anything that was a part of his significant other was automatically beautiful and the best thing in the world, to be honest.

Originally posted by sugutie

Jeon Jungkook: (here he comes to wreck your life)

     Jungkook would find his partner’s tattoos cool. Like this boy would get so excited when seeing all of them. They basically just earned themselves a little fanboy. I think much like Hobi he would ask a bunch of questions about them. They probably would inspire him to get tattoos of his own, but he probably would want them to come with him… just to see him get it. Totally not to hold his hand.  

Black Rose| Part THREE

Kol Mikaelson x OC(Keela Reed)

Back to the start: HERE

Previous part: HERE

Summary: The Black Rose is a psychiatric prison for supernatural beings. Keela, a young witch and the daughter of the leader, is working there to find her power again, after losing them when something awful happened in her childhood. She loved her job but everything changed when she got a new patient, Kol Mikaelson, an Original.

Words: 1.015

A/N: Coming chapter contain smut, drama, bad language, TRIGGER warning


I didn’t sleep that well in the night. My thoughts were just too much fixated on Kol and how I could get close to him. Of course just to help him and making my job.

It was hard but he was just so different and I had no idea how I should talk to him, if it even help talking to him or if I just should let it be.

“Honey, you look ill, are you sure you are ok?” I sighed when my mother sat next to me at the table, where I was sitting for 20 minutes, just starring at my coffee cup.

“I didn’t sleep well but I’m fine.”
“You could stay here. It is ok to take a break sometimes.”
“You just want that I stay away from Black Rose and especially from Kol,” I noticed with a smile and she looked afraid.

“It is such a dangerous job and you already helped so much honey, but the best thing you can do is live you life, take a job, which isn’t that risky and be happy.”
“But i’m happy and by the way, you know I still go to school and have holidays?”

“Of course I know that,” she said irritable but I noticed she had no idea that I still went to school. She and my dad were lovely parents but with their work both never were here that much and they had no idea what was going on in my life. The only person who showed real interest in me was Mary and maybe Sam.

“Whatever, I need to go, I have still work and this work is such an important thing in my life. I can help people, even without my magic and I’ve never wanted anything more,” I explained her and stood up, walking away, before she could have said anything more.

Even though everyone had told me to stay away from him, that he was still aggressive and that he wouldn’t say anything useful, I visited Kol at the end of the day. The whole time I just thought about him, about what for an amazing charisma he had and that he was for sure my most interesting patient ever. My heart beat faster than usual, when I walked trough the corridor, where the vampires had their cells and I heard how some of them screamed for me, were bagging to let them out, but it was completely normal for now. The vampires didn’t get that much blood and their last meal was some days ago.

“Hello, love.” I smiled shyly, when I entered the cell of Kol, where he was sitting on the ground and eyed me up.

“So I heard so are still a little rebel.”

“I’m just such a nice person and tried to warn your people, but they are even stupider than you,” he laughed and I sighed frustrated and sat down on the ground, too.

“They won’t let you go. They fear you, of course, but my circle want to make the world a better place and it will be a better place without someone like you.”
“Ouch,” he said amused and put his hand on the place, where his heart was, his dead heart, “I have feelings too, darling. I thought you are here and trying to find the good things in someone, make me a better person.”
“I’m sure this won’t work with someone like you. In the end you would betray me and kill us all,” I laughed sadly and looked to the ground, when I saw out of the corner how he stood up.

“You are here to talk, so let’s talk. I’m bored and none of your witch friends is such a pretty thing like you.”

“If you want to talk, than you have to speak.”
“Ok, so what are your usual questions, sweetheart?” He smirked at me and clasped the bars.

“This questions are stupid. You are too old and…”
“Too smart?,” he laughed and I stood up.

“Smart? You weren’t smart enough to escape my circle,” I noticed and his smile grew a little more.

“I have feelings too, don’t forget that darling.”
“How could I,” I respond and sighed, “Well, my first question would be from where you are? Who you were before you turned into this.”
“Any idea?”, he asked and I shook my head.

“So, I’m old, so much older than you are little witch and I’m from a city called Mystic Falls.”
“Mystic Falls, really?”, I asked surprised. I heard many stories about this cursed city, the city, where supernatural beings were living between humans like it was the most normal thing on this world.

“Such a boring city. Really there isn’t anything special about it.”
“I always wanted to go there”, I said and blushed when he started to look at me with a strange look.

“Never allowed to see the world?”, he asked and put his head to the side.

“I’m part of a circle and my parents are overprotective,” I answered and noticed, that now I was the one who was telling him things about me. Something I never did and never should, if I say too much he could use it against me and someone like him surely will.

“I would never lock such a lovely girl like you away.”
“Oh you are a jerk,” I laughed amused of his attempt to flirt with me again and he smiled.

“Yeah, but I just said the truth, you are kind of cute. I think I would kill you as the last one.”
“I should be grateful,” I smiled and shook my head, when I walked to the door behind me.

“Are you gonna leave me now?”

“I have to, you aren’t a good company.”

“But you will visit me tomorrow, aren’t you?”, he asked and I smiled a little bit when I heard something that sounds like despair in his voce.



I’m so fucking sorry it took so long for this part but I have school and all that shit. Hope you liked it anyway. Next part will be more interesting. Gif is not mine xx


A Weak Man

Okay so I got this idea after watching season 3 and I couldn’t help but think about @ackerchou VLD actor!au. I was inspired to write this for the AU that I still love so much after all that angst in season 3, and it might be a bit ooc but I couldn’t stop laughing. I hope you like it and please be sure to check out their actor!AU on their blog! EDIT: I did not see you posted new vld HCs for the actor au until 1 minute ago. I’m crying, thank you but this fic is probs inaccurate then. 😂


              Takashi Shirogane was a man of many things. Extreme talent in acting from a very young age, multiple academy awards won, a legend in the movie industry. Yes, he was a man of many things and admired by many.

              However, he was weak.

              He was weak when it came to telling people no. Especially artists, costume designers or to people when he’s working on projects that he loves with all of his heart. Such as projects like Voltron Legendary Defender.

              His role in this television show was one of his most memorable (and admittedly one of his favorites) in his career. Not only was he a huge fan (nerd) of the 1980s original show, but the people on this show were now some of the closest people to his life. Hunk, Lance, Allura, Coran and Pidge were all people that Shiro were close to and had worked on other projects – small and big – with, along with Pidge’s brother Matt. And Keith, Keith was very special too. Despite this being the first project, anyone had worked on with Keith, this little shy ninja had wormed his way into all of their hearts.

              However, Shiro was a weak man when it came to saying no.

              Which was why he was stuck in his current predicament, contemplating if he could fall off the face of the earth and go into hiding. The Black Paladin was missing after all, maybe he can stay missing longer? Shiro winced knowing his team, Keith especially, would protest if he didn’t come back at the Black Paladin.

              Shiro almost whimpered as he ran his hands through his short, much shorter, hair and dropped his face onto the table in front of him. Behind him, the newest makeup girl was almost in tears as Shiro’s usual makeup person tried to soothe her and Shiro at the same time.

              This is why you say no Takashi. It was weird enough growing out your hair, though the fans really seemed to dig it. Shiro thought pitifully and he sighed to himself. He lifted his head up, looking into the mirror once more before catching the eye of the new makeup girl.

              “Hey, there’s no need to cry. It’s not all that bad. Don’t worry about it.” He tried to soothe the girl, only for her to nearly burst into tears again. He winced when Lilian, his usual makeup artist, had to hug the girl tightly.

              “I’ve made Takashi Shirogane ugly.” The new girl wailed and Shiro winced. Was he really ugly now? “I ruined your beautiful hair and I’m so sorry.”

              “Hey now, there’s no need to be sorry. It’s just hair.” Shiro stood up from his chair and leaned over to put his hands on the girl’s shoulders. The girl sniffled pathetically and his lower lip trembled, causing Shiro to pull her into a deep hug. Immediately the girl blushed bright red. “It’ll grow back. You did pretty well. Don’t even worry about it, alright?”

              The girl sniffled a few more times before nodded and Shiro finally grinned. “Besides, I’m still handsome right?” He asked, flexing his arms and the poor girl nearly fainted. Lilian rolled her eyes and pulled the girl away.

              “Of course, Takashi. You could wear a paper bag over your face and still be the most beautiful man here.” She replied and Shiro grinned again.

              “Ah Lilian you’re too kind.”

              “Of course, some would argue that now Lance is the most beautiful man thanks to your baby tuff of white hair.”

              “Lilian, you wound me!” Shiro gasped, when the two women finally left his trailer. His smile slowly morphed into a worried frown as he ran his hands through the much too short, white bangs on his head, feeling the unevenness of the rest of his hair. It was bad enough he had dyed his bangs for this role. His hair was bound to suffer.

              “Shoulda just kept the long locks.” Shiro muttered, exiting the trailer. Sure, he preferred his hair to be shorter, but at least he could have hid the long hair mess into a bun. How on Altea was he going to hide this?

              Worst of all, what would his castmates think?

              Shiro almost turned around and headed home. Almost.


              It wasn’t Lance that said something right away. Or Pidge or even Coran. No, that would have been too easy. Much too easy for Shiro. Sure, Shiro would have faced endless teasing and lots of jokes from any of them – maybe become a few memes, but eventually it would have died out. Allura and Keith would have lied and told Shiro it looked fine, helping his poor pride. Shiro would have gone home and by tomorrow this would all blow over.

              However, he had been betrayed.

              It stung and his heart ached at the betrayal.

              He couldn’t believe it. He never saw this one coming.

              Why is everyone so mean to me? Aren’t I a good person?

              It was Keith who had betrayed Shiro. Much to everyone’s surprise. Shiro had walked onto set at the very last possible minute. Arriving only just before shooting so there would be no time for jokes right away. They would be thrown straight into the shooting and no one could say a word for at least thirty minutes. It had been a perfect plan really. Except that he hadn’t counted on Keith breaking character.

              Keith never broke character.      

              Well, except from puns and cheesy jokes from either Lance or himself but still. So this was really a surprise when it was Keith who broke character to comment on Shiro’s hair.

              “What the fuck happened to your hair?” Keith gaped and dead silence followed after. It took Keith only a split second to realize that he had said that out loud and that it wasn’t his line. Instantly, his entire face went redder than a tomato and he wanted to crawl into a hole and die. His hand slammed against his mouth faster than anyone could blink, as if that would make the situation any better.

              Shiro’s jaw had dropped and he had completely missed his line. Lance was staring at Keith as if Keith had just committed a scandalous crime. Pidge’s glasses slid down her nose until they had nearly fallen off and Hunk was blinking rapidly. Coran had two fingers pressed against his nose and Allura was fighting back a smile.

              Nervously Keith took a step backwards slowly moving his hand away from his mouth to frantically wave at Shiro.

              “I – I’m so sorry Shiro. I swear I didn’t mean – oh that came out wrong. I’m so sorry. It lo - ooks great.” Keith stammered quickly, watching as Shiro’s entire body seemed to deflate. Oh my god, I’ve hurt the feelings of the leading star in cinematic history. I’m a horrible, terrible person.

              “Is it really that bad?” Shiro bit his lips and Keith almost cried.

              “No!” He shouted quickly, startling everyone once more. “No! It looks terrific. It’s great. You totally rock it. Much better than a stupid mullet, right?” Keith was terrified that he had destroyed the Takashi Shirogane’s confidence. This would be the end of his short-lived career. There would be nothing left after this. Who wants to hire the man responsible for sending Takashi Shirogane into a spiraling depression, all because he couldn’t keep his mouth. Shut. About the. Stupid. Fucking. Hair.

              It was a few more seconds of tense silence when Shiro suddenly smiled.

              “I know it looks awful.” He finally admitted and everyone – everyone but Keith – had breathed a sigh of relief. Shiro tried to run his hands through his short hair, only to fail miserably. “It’s okay Keith, you don’t have to lie. My pride can handle it. It looks awful but it’s just hair.”

              Keith was still mortified, but at least he could breathe again.

              “I’m surprised though. I can’t believe a haircut would make you break character.” Shiro grinned mischievously. “Maybe we should all get haircuts so you’re not the best at their lines for a while.”

              “As if.” Lance finally snorted. “Sorry Shiro babe, but your hair is a disaster. It’ll take more than a haircut to ruin this masterpiece.” He pointed to his own face, earning a snort from Pidge and Allura. Keith continue to attempt to blend into the background, feeling a tickling feeling building up in his throat. He knew exactly what it was and he furiously shoved the feeling back down, because if he laughed at Takashi Shirogane’s haircut he was dead.

              “Okay everyone. I’m glad we’ve all realized that the Black Paladin has a new haircut, but we are on a schedule.” The director finally intervened and Keith blushed again. He looked away from Shiro when he felt a laugh bubbling in his throat again and Shiro blinked. However, upon hearing the director speak again, everyone quickly got back into position.

              “Great job out there everyone.” Shiro said, entering through the sliding door, easily diving back into character. He smiled with pride at his team, who all looked at to him with grins of their own. “You’ve really turned the tide in this war. I’m glad you never lost sight of the mission while I was gone.” Everyone smiled at the Black Paladin, all except Keith who was trying to fiddle with imaginary controls.

              “You’re looking better.” Lance, the Blue Paladin, replied. There was a small sound that followed, one that no one could identify and ignored. “How are you feeling?”

              The sound happened again.

              “Good.” Shiro grinned. “Just trying to get rid of this headache.”

              The sound happened yet again and this time it was much louder and much more distinguishable. It was a snort. And it came directly from Keith. Shiro looked over at Keith who had turned away with a hand over his mouth when Shiro looked his way. Unfortunately, this meant that everyone had heard Keith’s snort and the take was ruined.


              “Alright, alright. Let’s take this again. Lance, we’re starting on you.” The director said as Keith’s attempted to calm his laughter. It took a few seconds before everyone was in position again and then Lance spoke.

              “You’re looking better,” Lance said just as Keith snorted again and this time a teeny giggle slipped through. Since the camera was directly on Lance, he couldn’t even grin at Keith. His laughter was getting contagious. “How are you feeling?”

              “Good.” Shiro said easily, and Keith snorted yet again. “Just trying to get rid of this headache.” Upon hearing another snort, Shiro felt his own lips twitching upwards into a laughable grin and everyone groaned.

              “Cut!” The director called. Even he had an amused grin on his face, because it wasn’t every day that Keith ruined continuous takes. “Okay, get those giggles out. Are we good? Okay, we’re starting from Lance again.”

              Keith kept quiet. “You’re looking better,” Lance paused and when he didn’t hear Keith laugh he continued. “How are you feeling?”

              “Good,” Shiro said with a small smile. Lance couldn’t see, but Shiro could clearly see Keith’s shoulders shaking and his body was slightly hunched over to hide his laughter. He figured that Keith was just out of focus that his laughter wasn’t caught on camera. “Just trying to get rid of this headache.”

              “I think I’ve got something!” Pidge yelled as the Green Paladin from her spot. Shiro could still see Keith’s shoulders shaking and he snuck in a grin when the camera was off him. Thankfully, Keith had no lines as the group made their way over to Pidge. However, while surrounded, Shiro and Keith were meant to share a look together, as leaders, but once Keith made eye contact with Shiro, he couldn’t help himself. He snorted, which turned into giggles and eventually developed into bubbling laughter until he was doubled over. Keith’s face was bright red, from laughter and exhaustion.

              This of course was a sign for Lance to start laughing, happy that the take was ruined enough for him to laugh. The others followed in suit and soon enough, even Coran and Shiro were laughing at the whole predicament.

              “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Shiro.” Keith wheezed, leaning against Lance for support. “I swear I’m not laughing at you.” He giggled again and Shiro rolled his eyes playfully.

              “Stop, you are!” Lance wiped a fake tear from his eyes as he continued to laugh. “It looks ridiculous, doesn’t it? Like did you cut it yourself? Shoulda kept the mob of hair.”

              “Ha. Ha.” Shiro said with an amused smirk. To be honest, he was fine with all the laughter. It was what they all needed after continuous filming of their most emotional season yet. After so much hurt it felt good to laugh.

              “I think it looks lovely.” Allura commented but she was grinning none-the-less.

              “Yes, it certainly doesn’t make you look old.” Coran agreed, which sent Pidge over the edge of her chair with laughter while Shiro pouted. Lance and Keith were almost on the ground now, holding onto each other as they laughed.

              “It’s not the worst haircut. I do like it better than the long-ish hair you were styling.” Hunk shrugged.

              “How dare you?! That was beautiful!” Lance cried out and jumped up, while Keith fell over still giggling. “Do you understand how much the fans are going to cry when they see long-haired Shiro.”

              “Just wait until they see this Shiro.” Keith said between giggles. “They’ll certainly be crying.”

              Shiro folded his arms over his chest but the grin remained and his entire body felt warm as he looked at the people he considered a second family, full of love and laughter. Yeah Shiro was a weak man sometimes, and he didn’t know how to say no.

              But damn, he was still a gorgeous man.

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I got to say, YOUR ART IS AMAZING, LOVE! You are very talented and your art never stops making me happy! You keep up the awesome work, love!

Thanks luv! Knowing these drawings are making you happy, makes me very happy too! /happy dance ^^

I really want to keep drawing as much as I am now. I really do. There are still a lot of ideas I haven’t drawn yet (I get new ones everyday!) and I’m so hungry for improvement!…but I’m supporting myself right now and honestly it’s gettin real rough irl ;;;…So every bit of help whether it’s through sharing my work or donating a tip - will give me more time and irl resources to work on new art/comics to share with you~

Thank you for the kind words! ^^ /nano-boosted!

Memories of the past

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary:  None of them ended up graduating college but they all promised to keep in contact. When the future comes you always get to see them on TV but that’s as close as you’ve gotten even after being one of their best-friends for 5 years. You’re stuck remembering the past and wondering if they were just too famous to talk to you anymore.

Warnings: Sexual conversations?

Originally posted by chimtae

“Hurry up, already….” Namjoon groaned seeing Yoongi slowly walking down the hall as he held the roof top door open. 

Yoongi made a face. 

“I’m coming. It’s not like we’re gonna get caught up here. Nobody cares that we’re up here.”

Hoseok laughed. “Yeah that’s true.”

You put one of your blankets down on the roof, sitting with Jungkook, taehyung, Jimin, and Jin waiting for the rest of them to come over and sit with you. Yoongi finally made it through the door and Namjoon shut it behind him. The three of them made their way over and sat down. Taehyung stared up at the sky, pouting.

“It’s too cloudy to see the stars…we basically came up here for nothing.”

Jin sighed. “We might as well stay up here since we already brought everything.”

You laid down on your back, also looking up at the sky.

“I guess so. Can one of you guys pass me a drink?”

Yoongi reached over and handed you one. “Here you go, princess.”

“Princess huh? Is that the kind of thing you’re into?” Jimin jokingly asked.

You shrugged. “Maybe. Wanna find out?”

“I’m sure Taehyung does.” Jin laughed, sipping his drink.

Taehyung looked up turning red. “Huh? I what?”

They all started laughing, leaving Taehyung confused.

“What I spaced out?? Seriously, what did you say?”

Jimin patted his shoulder in attempt to comfort him. Jungkook leaned back on his hand.

“If we’re all talking about kinks I think everyone knows Namjoon’s.”

You could hear him choke on his drink at the mention of his name. He wiped his mouth, looking at all of your face’s reactions. 

“What’s that supposed to mean??”

Practically everyone burst out laughing again.

“Yeah, When you bring your girlfriend over could you be quieter? Even I can hear it from two rooms down.” You told him.

“…w-what did you hear?” He asked, defensively.

“I can’t really remember right now….daddy.”

You smirked, not being able to hold in your own laughter. Namjoon looked around at the group looking for someone to target as they all laughed at him. His eyes narrowed onto Jimin.

“Alright if this the game you guys wanna play, Jimin told me he’s into bondage.”

Jimin’s eyes widened as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink. “Hey, I told you that with trust!”

Taehyung laughed. “Yeah, what the hell. Do you not trust us?”

Jimin blushed. “It’s not something you just tell someone! It just happened to come up in the conversation! If it’s not a big deal then you say yours…”

Taehyung quickly made a reference glance over to you as if he was questioning whether or not he wanted to be completely honest. 

“I don’t think there much to mine.” He said blankly.

Yoongi sighed. “Well then just tell us something you haven’t before. something interesting.”

“Uh, Well..I’m in love with Y/N.” 

All of them grew quiet and focused their attention on you. You were speechless, not knowing what to say back.


Jungkook pushed Taehyung’s shoulder. 

“You’re putting her in a weird spot. Why did you tell her now?”

Taehyung shrugged. “I didn’t feel like hiding it anymore.”

Namjoon laid down, letting his back touch the floor. “….What if we don’t make it with our music and we end up having to use the majors we’re studying for…I’m not saying that would be awful but we didn’t even get a shot at our dream”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “Here we go.”

The whole group gave a chuckle at Jimin’s remark knowing exactly what he was talking about. Namjoon tended to go off about stuff even when it wasn’t a big issue. You knew he just wanted feedback but sometimes his theories didn’t even make sense. Regardless you all started to listen.

“I’m serious. We can all sit up here and mess around and be happy for now but we could just be waiting for our future selves to end up jobless and unsuccessful. I don’t want to end up disappointing my family..”

You set your drink down slowly, crawling over and sitting next to him. 

“I think all of you guys will be successful.”

Namjoon turned his head and looked over at you.


You gave him a small shrug. “I just have a feeling. You guys are pretty hard workers, you’re all genuinely nice and caring….Honestly, I’d be surprised if your parents weren’t already proud.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Just because you work hard it doesn’t always mean you’ll succeed.”

You looked back at him. “Yeah, sometimes life’s cruel. But just trust me. Everything will work out for you guys. Hey, If you end up becoming famous you better not forget about me!”

Your request was followed by a bunch of, “I won’t!’s “ and the smiling faces of your friends. 

That night was something that was starting to become a re-occurring day dream in your head. What was constantly bringing it up? You couldn’t shake the weird feeling of missing them since it’d only been 3 years since you last saw them. As you walked around the streets, just coming back from getting coffee, you felt yourself spacing out a lot more as well. That resulted in you running into someone on accident.

“Oh, sorry!”

When you looked up you noticed your coffee spilled on his white shirt.

“…Oh my god, I am really sorry! I’ll pay for your shirt if you want-”

Taehyung laughed. “You’re still the same, Y/N. You should watch where you’re going.”

You finally moved your gaze to Taehyung’s face as he smiled at you. 

“Taehyung-.. Oh wait. Stay there!” You said, running back into the coffee shop to get napkins. Instead of listening he just followed you inside. When you rushed back over to attempt to wipe the coffee off his shirt he stopped you and took it from your hands.

“It’s okay, I got it. How have you been?”

“..Uh. Good, I guess.” That was a lie. Today was your birthday and nobody in your family even remembered. You just spent the day buying yourself stuff to make yourself feel better.

“Well, if you’re not busy do you wanna come to our new place? I know it’s been a while but i’m sure the guys would be up for it. Or I mean we could go out-”

You shook your head. “It’s fine. We don’t have to pretend we’re still friends.”

His facial expression darkened. “Pretend?”

You looked down at the table, not wanting to explain since it would just make things awkward. Taehyung walked over and put his arms around you, pulling you into his chest.

“Y/N…I know it’s been a few years but we can all still figure you out. Your eyes are swollen…come on we can take you out and cheer you up.”

You nodded slowly. “Sure. Let’s go out tonight. Also since you guys are pretty famous do you really think it’s a good idea to hug me in public? People might get the wrong idea.”

He pulled away “But you looked sad. Plus I couldn’t help it since i’ve missed you so much.”

“Then why did you guys stop contacting me? I even tried to talk to you but none of you ever answered back…”

Taehyung picked up your bags, holding them for you. 

“We had out phones taken away in the beginning so we could focus on getting better as a group and then we got new phones without all our old numbers. Sorry, Y/N. I’ll try to make it up to you, okay?”

“Okay.” You agreed, not wanting to hold a grudge against him.

The two of you walked back to the dorms. Taehyung slid his shoes off and set down your bags in the living room. 

“Hey! Guys come here I have a surprise!’

Instantly, Hoseok and Jimin came out of their room. Their faces lit up seeing you and they ran over to hug you. Taehyung took the opportunity to sneak out of the door and leave. You didn’t even notice trying to catch up with everyone one by one. When it started getting dark outside Taehyung came up from behind you and covered your eyes. You let out a giggle, knowing it was him.

“Come on, Tae I know it’s you.”

Now you could hear his low-toned laugh as well.

‘Come with me for a second. Please? But you have to keep your eyes closed.”

You nodded, letting him hold your wrist to guide you. You felt yourself going up a set of stairs but you didn’t know the layout of their house so you really had no idea where he was taking you. Suddenly you heard the sound of a door opening and felt the cold breeze hit your skin. When Taehyung finally came to a stop he told you to open your eyes. When you did you looked out to notice you were on the roof of their place. The view was a lot more beautiful then the one 3 years ago was. You could see the whole city from where you were standing. Taehyung placed a blanket down on the ground. 


You did as you were told, looking up at him.

“Why aren’t you sitting down too?”

A big smile plastered on his face he pulled out a small box. 


You stared at the box for a few seconds and looked back at him again.

“…What is this?”

He reached down and grabbed your hand, placing the box in your hand. 

“I know when your birthday is. We came up on the roof at our old university the last time it was your birthday, remember?”

You opened the small box slowly to see a necklace inside. You started to tear up and didn’t realize until it started to block your clear vision. Not being able to hold it back anymore you just started sobbing. Taehyung’s eyes widened and he bent down to hold you. 

“What’s wrong? I can buy you a new one-”

You buried your face into jacket’s chest, shaking your head. He slowly patted your back. You sat up and tried to wipe the tears off your face.

“I’m just really happy….Thank you Tae..”

He used his thumb to wipe away your tears, smiling. “You’re welcome. but don’t do that you scared me.”

You couldn’t help but laugh as well. “Sorry.”

He took the necklace out of the box and placed it on for you. 

“I was right…it does look beautiful on you.”

You couldn’t stop staring at his eyes. The same innocence was still there.

“Do you remember that night when we told each other secrets?” You asked him.

He nodded. 

“Well, I never got to tell everyone mine. I was also in love with someone at the time. I gave up on him for a while but I think he still has my heart. I hope you still feel the same…Taehyung I-”

He didn’t even wait for you to finish your sentence before he had already had his lips pressed up against yours and his hand softly holding your head in place by your neck. You could feel him trying not to smile while he was kissing you but he was just really happy to finally hear it.