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BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o wearing an ugly picture of them on a t-shirt

Anon Asked: Can you do a BTS Reaction to their s/o wearing an ugly selfie of them on a t-shirt in public? I ALWAYS wanted to do this with my boyfriend but he’s too photogenic uGH

Okay, I’ve totally done this before. Showed up at a friend’s birthday party wearing an ugly snapchat pic they sent me on a sweatshirt lol.

- Admin Dayna


Jin is handsome. He knew it, his fans knew it, and obviously, so do you. But with great beauty, comes great responsibility, and it seems like your boyfriend abuses his good-looks. Jin oozes narcissism. At times it was funny, charming in fact, but there’s only so much of it one could take. Sometimes consequences need to be dealt out to the arrogant. With just enough persistence and creativity, you’ve came up with the perfect plan. You awaited his arrival at the airport, your hoodie zipped up hiding your brilliance. Jin and the boys’ plane had landed and now they were only a few feet away from you. When you were absolutely positive Jin was looking right at you - and you could tell he had by the way he suddenly picked up his pace to a brisk jog your direction - you unzipped your hoodie, revealed your t-shirt with a rather… unattractive picture of him that his Army has turned into a meme printed on the front. You lifted your arms up high, allowing Jin, the boys, and the lucky bystanders to bask in its glory. As Namjoon, Yoongi, Hobi, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook all erupted into laughter, Jin struggled to reprimand you between fits of giggles.

“Wha - jagiyaahh~! How could you betray me?!”

“What have I done to deserve this?!”

“Do you think this was right?! I demand respect!”

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It’s Okay

Hey guys! I’ve got my first ever Power Rangers fanfic here. I saw the movie on Thursday and I just really really loved it. I also started shipping Billy x Jason from the moment Jason slapped the shit out of that bully. So, here’s my fic for them. I hope you guys like it!

All mistakes are my own

Jason’s been to a lot of football practices. Like, a lot. But none of them have made him as tired and as sore as training to be a Power Ranger has. Every step he takes, makes some muscle somewhere hurt. But it’s a good hurt, this is the happiest Jason’s been in a long time. He finally feels like for once he’s doing something right. After all nothing beats training to be a superhero and then going for pizza with his friends.

They’ve been getting closer and closer, the five of them. They’re all different, extremely different and at first it wasn’t clear if they actually could get along. But now, Jason can’t think of anything better than hanging out with the other four.

Sadly, tonight’s not a pizza night. Kimberly had to be home for a family dinner. Zach needed to check on his mom and Trini, well she hadn’t said why she was leaving but she left all the same. Which leaves Jason and Billy for the rest of the evening.

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Why it’s the worst to say “surprise me” to an artist/writer/designer/anyone who does something creative

So, I get a lot of asks and requests, and I love it, but many of them are something like this: 

“Love your blog (thanks), could you write something like this (now they add a rather vague scenario), or something else, I don’t know! Bye! (…yeah, bye)” 

And some of my giveaway winners (Again, I apologize for taking so much time for it, but that is one of the reasons) do the same thing (or even worse): 

“I don’t really have an idea, surprise me.” 

And many of you think that this is what any creative person wants to read, but let me burst your bubble - it is NOT.

Many of you tell me they don’t want to limit or constrain my creativity, but as a student of graphic design (and casual writer), let me tell you: LIMIT IT! CONSTRAIN IT! PLEASE! 

To help you understand, imagine this:

You got a customer, he wants a new logo for his company, and all he gives you is: “surprise me”. This is the worst.
What colors does he like, or does he prefer black and white? Does he only want a logo or some text on it, too? Should it be playful or serious? There are so many possibilities to fuck it up and it takes so much more time to find the ‘right’ solution when the customer can’t pinpoint what he likes. In the worst case, he will annul the contract, because you took to much time guessing what he wants and failing miserably.

It’s not as dramatic when it comes to a hobby (especially when no money’s involved), but please understand that my goal is to please you when it comes to commissions or requests. And if you don’t give me anything to work with, chances are the result won’t satisfy you. 

Still not convinced? 
Try it yourself. Write something for me (or draw me a picture), with this: I want Raphael to be in it. 
You don’t know anything else and now try to “make me happy”. 

Difficult, isn’t it? 

Of course, if you’re one of the more creative persons you will have thousands of ideas of what to do, but will I like it? Who knows. Present it to me and if I don’t like it, but still won’t tell you what displeases me, you will be at it forever and ever. 

So next time you buy a commission or request something (from anyone, really, not just me), remember to tell them what you like and what you dislike. It takes creativity to work with the boundaries you give us, so don’t be afraid to “take away our fun or freedom”. You need to guide us in the direction of your choice to make it perfect for you. 

Secret Thrill (One Shot)

Summary: You’ve been teasing Roman for a couple of days since got back and when your parents ask the two of you out for dinner, Roman decides to show you what the consequences are.

Warnings: language, smut
(A/N) This idea popped up in my head after seeing gifs of Roman in a suit and I just had to write it down and share it with you guys. And thank you so much @x-fivefoot for helping me out😘♥️. This is also hella long so enjoy guys xoxo


‘’Like what you see Reigns,’’ I asked with a smirk on my face as I picked some clothes off the floor in our bedroom, my ass in full display. I didn’t have to turn around to know that his eyes were on me with every move I made.

‘’In fact, I love what I see.’’ He murmured. It was a hot summer night and even though it was still bright outside, we decided to just relax a bit.

‘’You do?’’ I turned around and crossed my arms, grabbing the underside of my shirt. I pulled it over my head and put it on the chair, leaving me in only my shorts and lace bra. The fabric hardly covered anything since it was see through. He nodded and threw the sports magazine he was reading beside him as I climbed onto the bed. Too slow in action, Roman reached out for my waist and pulled me on top of him so I was straddling his waist. I bit my lip and wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

‘’You look better everytime I come back home,’’ he groaned. I slowly grinded myself against him, feeling him getting harder second by second.

‘’I know,’’ I whispered in his ear. His hands guided my hips, setting a pace. As soon as I felt his hands travel up to unclasp my bra , I stopped and climbed off him. ‘’I’m so tired,’’ I yawned. He looked at me wide eyed.

‘’Baby come one,’’ he whined, ‘’That’s not fair.’’

‘’What do you mean?’’ I innocently asked and kissed him on his check.

‘’Y/n please, all I got from you since I got back is teasing and it’s getting on my nerves.’’

‘’There’s no need for that, we have all the time of the world. Besides that, what’s wrong with me being tired?’’

‘’Yeah sure, you’re ‘tired’,’’ he grunted and rolled on his side, his back facing me. ‘’You’ve been ‘tired’ for literally four days.’’

‘’Ahw come on Ro, don’t be mad, I promise you’ll have your way with me before you’re on the road again,’’ I sweetly said as I hung over his side. His eyes were closed and he looked quite irritated. I don’t want to say that I love seeing him this mad, but I kinda do to be completely honest. Last time when he was home, he was the one who was teasing the shit out of me by whispering dirty things in my ear in public, such as ‘’I wanna fuck you so hard that you’ll be begging me to stop,’’ or ‘’I bet you’re all wet for me babygirl, I can’t wait to eat you out and make you moan my name.’’ He’d get me all turned on and once we got home, he decided to ignore his promises and pretend nothing ever happened. The man even denied saying it. So this time, I decided to play fair and tease him back.

‘’I hope so for your sake,’’ he chuckled and turned on his back again with me on top of him. ‘’You’re lucky I love you.’’

‘’Aawh you’re so sweet,’’ I smiled and kissed his lips. As much as I wanted him, I had to tell myself not to do anything because it was payback. ‘’I love you too, my beautiful husband.’’

‘’Yeah sure,’’ he joked.

‘’You’re only acting like this because you’re not getting laid.’’ I seriously said as I placed my arms on his broad chest, my head on my hands.

‘’Maybe, maybe not. Anyways, I’m just happy to be back.’’

‘’That’s the nicest thing you’ve said so far,’’ I laughed. He shook his head and laughed along. ‘’But for real though, I’m really tired so I’m off.’’

‘’I’ll pretend to believe you and try to sleep as well.’’

‘’I don’t care if you believe me or not, I’m tired and I need my sleep.’’ I rolled off him and lied down on my stomach. I could feel Roman shift his weight, pulling me close to him with his arm, his face nuzzling in the crook of my neck. Just like that, we both drifted off.


I woke up by the rays of sunlight falling across my face. I slightly opened my eyes and sat up. Roman was not beside me so I figured he was in the bathroom or something. Looking on my phone, I saw that it was already 1 pm. I had several missed calls from my mom so I decided to facetime her.

‘’Honey, how are you and Roman doing,’’ she happily said as she answered right away. ‘’You just woke up, didn’t you.’’

‘’Maybe,’’ I smiled, ‘’We’re great, what about you and dad?

‘’Couldn’t be better hun. I was wondering if the two of you are free tonight.’’

‘’Uhm, yeah, I think so,’’ I thought out loud. Roman came walking into the room with a plate of fruit. ‘’Are you free tonight?’’ I asked him.

‘’Yeah, why?’’

‘’I don’t know,’’ I laughed, ‘’what did you have in mind mom?’’

‘’How does a dinner sound? Just the four of us. You and Roman and me and your dad.’’ She excitedly said. I could tell that this was something she wanted for a long time.

‘’Sounds good to me,’’ Roman said as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

‘’Alright then, a dinner it is,’’ I answered with a smile.

‘’Oh that’s lovely, I’ll meet you guys at 7 at that new Italian place that just had their grand opening. Love you both,’’ she almost shouted. Before one of us could say anything, she hung up.

‘’Good afternoon,’’ Roman chuckled. ‘’I figured you could use something healthy since all you’ve been eating is junk food. Not to mention how unhealthy you’ll be eating tonight.’’

‘’You’re just jealous because all you have to do is eat healthy,’’ I stuck my tongue out and grabbed the plate with fruit. ‘’I normally wouldn’t do this but you can pick my dress for tonight, as long as it stays decent.’’ I warned him. He had this huge smirk on his face as he walked towards the closet. ‘’Decent, I said.’’

‘’I know, I know, don’t worry. I know what decent means.’’ He laughed and opened the doors, looking at all the clothing. ‘’I’ll bet that not even half of the clothes are mine,’’ Roman joked.

‘’A woman with taste, needs her space,’’ I proudly said.

‘’Touché.’’ He absently said as he sat down and opened the box with all my dresses. After studying all of my dresses for about 10 minutes, he stood up. ‘’This one,’’ he held the dress in front of him. I always knew Roman had an amazing taste and I couldn’t fight him on that. It was a long black dress with a slit at two sides of my leg, almost reaching my waist, so that both of my legs would be shown. It had a V neck and spaghetti straps. ‘’You’re wearing this one, whether you like it or not,’’ he chuckled.

‘’Alright, that one it is.’’ I put the plate away and crawled over to the end of the bed and grabbed him by the collar of his t-shirt, pulling him close to me. My lips barely touched his and when he was about to lean in, I grabbed the dress and backed away.

‘’You’re gonna pay for that,’’ he groaned. I just giggled and walked to the bathroom to get ready.


‘’You done baby?’’ Roman yelled from downstairs. ‘’We gotta leave, it’s almost 7.’’

‘’Almost babe,’’ I yelled back. I stood in front of the mirror, admiring the way I looked. My hair was curled, I didn’t wear any make up besides mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. The dress Roman picked looked really good on me, even if I’m saying it myself. My curves were showing just right. I wore my black heels and made my way down the stairs.

‘’Oh jheeze,’’ Roman said impressed, ‘’damn babygirl, you look breathtaking.’’

‘’Why thank you, you look breathtaking yourself as well,’’ I smiled, meaning what I said. He was wearing a checkered white and blue shirt with a white and blue striped tie. The jacket, just like his pants, were blue-ish. He always looked beautiful so this time there was no difference.

‘’Means a lot coming from my beautiful wife,’’ he grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. I couldn’t back away this time, I also didn’t want to, he just looked, smelled, felt so good. He kissed me and smiled against my lips.

‘’Oh shush Reigns, let’s go.’’ I giggled. As I turned around, he gave my ass a gentle squeeze before walking outside and locking the door behind him. The car ride was just as usual; us singing along with every song on the radio, even though we didn’t even know the song, talking about how pissed he was that Vince wouldn’t let him wear his new gear. I enjoyed moments like this, knowing we both could talk about anything. Once we arrived, we could see my parents their car parked a little further.

‘’This place is actually pretty nice tho,’’ he admitted as he took my hand in his. We both walked into the restaurant, stunned with how pretty it looked; white and red as the main colors, ivy on the celling and there was an outside part. The waiter said my mom and dad took place at the outside area, which I figured since my mom loves having dinner outside.

‘’Y/n, Roman, my babies,’’ my mom happily said as she stood up to give us a hug. ‘’How are the two of you doing?’’

‘’We’re fine mom,’’ I smiled.

‘’Son, how much do you train because each time I see you, it seems like you’re getting even more muscular than you already are.’’ My dad joked, making Roman laugh.

‘’With my training schedule, it’s possible sir.’’ He replied with a smile. We all sat down and talked a bit before looking at the menu. While being focused on the dishes, I felt Roman’s hand on my bare thigh, sliding up higher. I batted his hand away, but he kept bringing it to the same spot.

‘’So, how’s your career doing?’’ My dad asked Roman.

‘’It’s amazing sir, being able to do what I love every day, makes it even better. The only con is not being home so often,’’ he said, his hand was now on my inner thigh, making me shift in my seat. That was pointless since he is super strong and held me still with just his hand. ‘’But the time I am at home is also the time I love the most.’’

‘’That’s great to hear,’’ my dad smiled. ‘’How was your time on the road this time?’’

‘’It was amazing, I got to see so many places and meet different people,’’ Roman answered. His hand was now rubbing me through the thin material of my panties, making me hold back a moan. I looked over to him, but he was pretending to pay attention to the menu. As I was about to speak, he crept his hand under the thin material, his index finger circling my clit. I covered my mouth with my hand, pretending to yawn. I could kick his ass right now. I started to realize why he picked that dress. He always mentioned how much he adored ‘easy access’ and this dress was just that with the slit as high as my thigh.  

‘’So honey, how are you doing?’’ my mom asked me.

‘I-I’m fine,’’ I stuttered, trying to sound normal. His finger was now slowly pushing inside of me, making it hard to even think.

‘’How is it while Roman is on the road? How do you keep yourself busy?’’ My dad curiously asked.

‘’It’s hard, of course, but I mostly keep myself busy with watching movies, reading and my own work,’’ I almost moaned as he added his middle finger inside of me as well, pushing his fingers deeper. I glanced over next to me and he just looked at me with the sweetest smile.

‘’Good to hear you have a source of distraction.’’

‘’I agree, it’s hard to leave my wife all alone so I’m happy she can take care of herself.’’  Roman answered with a huge smile on his face. This bastard. To make things even worst, he started to rub my clit with his thumb, making my orgasm build with lighting speed. I let out a deep sigh, my breathing got heavier, the pleasure started to build in my lower abdomen. My insides started to clench around his fingers as she was now pumping in and out of me very slowly. There was absolutely no way that I was going to cum near my parents, that’s just insane.

‘’Hi there, can I take your orders?’’ the waiter smiled sweetly. Roman withdrew his fingers and gave me a smirk. The emptiness made me whimper quietly. I could slap him right now.

‘’We both would like the pasta with tomato-basil sauce,’’ Roman answered.

‘’What a gentleman, ordering for his lady as well,’’ my mom smiled. If only she knew what kind of ‘gentle man’ he is being this exact moment. ‘’We’ll have the lasagna please.’’

‘’I wrote that down, anything to drink?’’

‘’A bottle of water will do,’’ my dad answered. The waiter nodded and walked away with writing everything down. When my parents were in a conversation, Roman licked his fingers and hummed while doing so. My stomach turned, wanting him more than ever at the moment.

‘’I bet you taste better than the food baby,’’ he whispered into my ear. Great, now the roles were turned, again. I gave him a ‘are you serious’ look and all he did was grinning. ‘’I can imagine how bad you want me now.’’

‘’You’re a fucking dick,’’ I said through gritted teeth, regretting my choice of words right away. But I could play dirty as well. I bit my lip and my placed my hand on his leg, rubbing up and down.

‘’Y/n,’’ Roman groaned lowly, ‘’I’m warning you.’’

‘’Hmm? What’d you say?’’ I asked innocently as I started to massage his dick through his pants. ‘’Two can play this game, Reigns.’’

‘’This ain’t no game, you have no idea what you just started babygirl.’’ He dangerously said. I smirked back at him while slowly rubbing his dick up and down at an agonizingly slow pace, causing his breath to quicken. He glared back at me, giving me a death stare and I abruptly stopped.

‘’I gotta use the restroom, be right back.’’ I announced with a smile.

‘’Alright sweetheart,’’ my mom replied. I adjusted my dress before standing up and making my way to the ladies room. I was just about to open the door when a hand suddenly appeared, blocking my way. I turned around to see it was Roman.

‘’What do you think you’re doing?’’ he hissed.

‘’Playing back your own game,’’ I grinned.

‘’I warned you y/n.’’ He ushered me into the restroom, making sure that there was no one there. The door was being shut firmly as I bit my lip and looked at him up and down. ‘’You shouldn’t do that, you know what it does to me.’’

‘’What does it do? I can’t remember,’’ I said, pretending I forgot.

‘’You know exactly what it does…’’ he whispered as he wrapped his muscular arms around my waist and pulled me in for a deep kiss. His tongue licked my bottom lip, making me shiver. Without warning, he grabbed my ass and lifted me up, slamming my back against the cold door. ‘’You gonna keep teasing me?’’

‘’Maybe,’’ I answered and bit my lip on purpose. Roman groaned and kissed my neck as he slipped his fingers inside of me for the second time this day. I could be a lot more vocal here, luckily for me and for him since I know how much he enjoys me expressing how good he makes me feel. ‘’Roman, I need you inside of me right now,’’ I admitted under my breath.

‘’Now you do huh?’’ He mumbled against my neck as I felt him unzipping his pants and pulling it down along with his underwear. I could feel the tip against my center and I arched my back, wanting to feel more. He chuckled and slid his thick length inside of me in a fluid motion.

‘’Oh my god..’’ I moaned. He lets me adjust for a few seconds before he starts to thrust. I missed feeling him fill me up like this and he knew.

‘’Goddamn baby, you’re so wet. I missed you,’’ He panted, ‘’fuck I missed your pussy.’’

‘’I missed you too, oh shit,’’ I cried out as he sped up, gripping my waist tighter. ‘’Roman…I’m so close.’’

‘’Already?’’ He asked as he started to rub my clit, making me grip his bicep tighter. I nodded and he chuckled. ‘’I can’t blame you baby.’’

‘’F-fuck you,’’ I chuckled breathless. He smiled and looked down to where our bodies joined. ‘’Roman please.’’

‘’Cum for me baby,’’ he looked me straight in the eyes as he grinded his hips slowly; so slow that I could feel every vein. The friction made me tingle. ‘’That’s it y/n, cum for daddy.’’

‘’Romann,’’ I moaned loudly as I reached my high. Right after, I could feel him release inside of me. We stood in the exact same position to catch our breaths and once we did, he gently pulled out of me and placed me back on my heels again.

‘’I’m so happy I told you to wear that dress,’’ Roman said as he pulled his pants back up.

‘’I should’ve known what you were up to,’’ I laughed. I carefully walked towards the mirror and fixed myself. Roman came up from behind me and wrapped his arms around me, kissing my neck. ‘’We should get back to my parents before they wonder where we are.’’

‘’You’re probably right, let’s see who gives in first.’’ He joked.

‘’You’re unbelievable Reigns,’’ I smiled and shook my head.

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So after throwing the idea around for a while, I finally decided to make an attempt at getting into KHR. However the idea of how much time it would take to start a new series from scratch right now is already exhausting me, so I wanna be a bit lazy. Do you have any recs that would serve as a good intro to the series? I got into FFVII that way from esama's fics and now I am comfortable reading anything in that fandom, so I'm hoping there won't be any issues with using that method for khr.

KHR has an excess of time travel fics and canon!AUs, which really does help, so… (These are mostly ‘wow I love this characterization SO MUCH fics, in case you were curious)

Vigilante Tendency

Phantom Thief Decimo



Vivi memor leti

Strange Logic and Common Sense


Something Small (with Teeth)

Top of the Food Chain

Fifty Snapshots – Sun and Sky

A Murder of Crows

6 Times the Guardians Came Back Injured


For the Love of the Game

What We Fought For

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em

A Sky’s Charisma

On Courting Severely Scarred Assassin Organisation Bosses

On the Outside

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Would love a Modern AU with Jamie and Claire having to send flirty texts to each since family members/kids/friends are around and they have to be on good behavior. :)

Modern Glasgow AU

“Thanks, Claire – I’ll be only a minute!”

Geillis Duncan set down her coat on the chair next to Claire’s and darted up the theater’s center aisle, red galoshes squeaking on the linoleum.

Dr. Claire Fraser sighed and pulled out her phone. Geillis had been trying to drag her out for a girl’s night for what seemed like forever – or at least since she had joined the surgery team late last year. They were the only two female surgeons at the hospital – Claire was a young yet well-regarded thoracic surgeon, while Geillis specialized in orthopedics. The magic that woman could perform on broken bones was nothing short of miraculous.

Her taste in movies, however –

“Did ye read the novels?” The middle-aged woman at her right had turned to face her, smiling kindly.

“I haven’t – I work, and I have four children at home to keep me busy,” Claire confessed, absently twisting her fingers in her lap. “My friend and I went to dinner and this was all her idea.”

“Well then – ye’ll be in for a surprise to be sure! Half the things he does to her have to be seen to be believed!”

Suppressing the urge to make any number of unkind remarks – that it was all just a fantasy, that based on what she understood about the storyline this Grey would be a posterchild for emotional manipulation and abuse, that there was no way for *anyone* to have the lifestyle that seemed to be so easy on film – she merely smiled and unlocked her screen.

Five messages – four from Fergus, and one from Jamie.

Nothing major – just a group shot of Faith and Brianna and William and Jamie enjoying their dinner on the couch, and three selfies of Fergus pulling funny faces. Jamie had shared an adorable photo of two-year-old William with what appeared to be half of his dinner smashed all over his face.

Her heart soared with love for her crazy wee family – who were all missing her tonight, but certainly didn’t begrudge her a night to herself.

Even if she had to endure what undoubtedly would be the most excruciating movie experience of her life.

Just as the lights began to dim, Geillis returned to her seat. “Did ye see – they’ve got wine and beer here! Never seen that before. Now – do you want me to give you a recap of the first movie, or – ”

“I think I’ll be able to figure it out,” Claire sighed, thumbing one quick text to her husband as the previews began.

*Wish I was with you.*

Then she glanced at her watch, settled into her seat, and sighed. Geillis and her neighbor sat literally at the edge of their seats, riveted. Waiting.

Thirty excruciating minutes later, she glanced over to Geillis – who was absolutely enraptured with the fantasy unfolding on the screen – and discreetly slipped her phone from her pocket.

Two messages from Jamie – one a picture of all four children snuggled on the couch watching classic Bugs Bunny cartoons, the other just five simple words.

*how is it? miss u*

Claire dimmed the brightness of the phone screen and quickly typed a reply.

*It’s so far removed from reality. He has more money than God and still she plays hard to get.*

Immediately the screen flashed that he was typing a response.

*and here i thought money wasnt everything :p*

*It’s not, but they jumped right into bed again anyway*

Feeling absurdly self-conscious, Claire pocketed the phone and returned her eyes to the screen. But after feeling five vibrations over the following ten minutes, curiosity got the better of her.

*im glad we always talk things out, mnd*

*well not like we dont ever go to bed to help us find a way to talk, but the talking is so impt*

*i could talk to you all day and all night and id still find something new about u to love*

*whats happening now? u know rupert and scarlett really like the books, hes told me waaay too much about the story*

*picking up any new ideas?*

Seven years married, and her heart still skipped when she read his beautiful words.

*They’re at a masked ball. He’s still trying to control her – tells her what to wear, what to do with her money*

*a masked ball? fancy. would u ever want to go to one?*

*Only if we could do what they did and sneak away for some private time…* *ye ken that from the moment we arrive, id be plotting how to do that*

How he made her smile.

Then nothing from him for a while. She glanced at her watch – Murtagh’s present for her medical school graduation – ah. It was bedtime for the four wee Frasers.

One more message, and then she’d put the phone away.

*I do like how she’s not shy to tell him what she wants – even if her voice gets a bit quieter when she tells him. And even though he’s damaged, he always takes care of her*

The final 45 minutes of the movie weren’t much different than what had already transpired – but Claire wasn’t really paying attention. For she knew that while most of the women in the theater – and it *was* a majority of women – would be going home to empty beds, or to men who perhaps would not meet their needs in all the ways they desired, she could not wait to get back to Jamie. Not just because she knew they would probably make love before falling asleep – and that it would be full of so much soul-deep love and tenderness and passion that it would bring tears to their eyes.

No – it was because she knew that above all else, she and Jamie had intimacy. True intimacy – emotional as well as physical. The ability to laugh, and to share hopes and dreams and fears, and to face the joys and challenges of each day as an unshakable team.

This kind of intimacy was rare, and sacred – and certainly not what was portrayed in the movie.

When it finally ended – and she chatted with Geillis as they both slipped on their coats and made their way out of the theater – all she could think of was Jamie – her husband, her heart, her soul. His eyes, and his hands, and his heart.

She waved goodbye to Geillis, and pulled out her phone to get an Uber.

One new text from Jamie –

*look up*

She did – and there he was, standing in front of their battered car, parked across the road. Smiling.

She ran to him, and he caught her, and his kiss was everything.

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I would LOVE to read more of jealous Tom so I had this idea that will be worth it. What if there is a monster, speaking gibberish, one of Ludo's new monster, and fell in love with Marco. The monster is nothing but sweet and charming to Marco like showering him with flowers and gifts.

I loved writing this so so so so so so much! It was so cute! I really like writing about people healing together and I really like writing about people in relationships helping one another become better and love each other! And I sort of got carrie away with that here hahaha! Enjoy!

Marco opened the door and smiled a bit when that same monster was there. “Star! He’s back!” Marco yelled up the steps. Star ran downstairs and dashed over with her wand. But once she saw the monster for earlier she rolled her eyes.

“Oh it’s just you.” She sighed. The monster gurgled something and handed Marco a batch of flowers. Marco sighed and looked up at the monster.

“Thank you very much.” He spoke nervously. “I’ll just… put these with the others.” Marco assured. This same monster from Ludo’s new group had been coming by to give him flowers every day for two weeks. He grinned big and Marco closed the door turning to Star.

“I’m guessing you haven’t told him yet?” Star asked. Marco bit his lip.

“I don’t know how! I think he really likes me.” Marco explained. Star nodded.

“Yeah! That’s why you have to shut him down. Before he gets the wrong idea.” Star told him. “Besides, you don’t want him to come by when Tom is here.” Star warned. Marco rolled his eyes.

“Tom wouldn’t do anything crazy.” Marco assured. Star laughed.

“He started a riot at your karate match because you got hit… AT A KARATE MATCH.” Star reminded. Marco made a face.

“Okay, so Tommy get defensive and protective. It’s sweet and, understandable considering what he’s been through.” Marco told her. Star put her hands up in defense.

“Hey, I’m not saying something’s wrong with him, I’m just saying that he will become a jealousy monster.” She teased. Marco laughed a bit and thought fondly about his demon.

“I love that angry little bean.” He giggled. Marco then set the flowers on the table with the other bunches. “Tom doesn’t need to know. It’ll just worry him and make him upset.” Marco explained.

“What will worry me?” Tom asked. Marco turned around and saw Tom standing in the middle of the living room with his arms crossed. The charred carpet around him showed that he just teleported there to see Marco.

Marco rolled his eyes. “Nothing Tom.” He assured. Tom narrowed his eyes.

“What are you keeping from me?” He asked, leaning forward. Marco turned around and Tom felt angry at seeing the gifts on the table. “Who gave those to you?” Tom asked. Marco took Tom’s hand and gave him a kiss.

“Promise not to freak.” Marco instructed. Tom grumbled a bit but nodded. “There has been… a monster who took a liking to me.” Marco admitted. Tom wanted to rage but caught himself.

“Okay.” Tom said calmly. “And you told him you weren’t interested?” He asked. Marco bit his lip.

“Not exactly… yet.” He admitted. Tom’s eyes lit up.


“Remember what we said about a healthy outlet for your anger?” Marco asked. Tom ignored him and kept raging.

“You must be KIDDING ME! How DARE he come in here and try and SNATCH YOU AWAY! I LOVE YOU! And HE thinks HE can WIN YOU OVER with flowers an cheap GIFTS!” Tom rambled. Marco looked over at Star.

“Just let him go.” He told her. “It’ll pass. He’ll eventually just burn himself out.” Marco explained.

“THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK!” Tom shouted. “I AM AN ETERNAL FLAME, BABY!” Tom yelled and set himself on fire. Marco just raised an eyebrow and let Tom go. A few moments later Tom’s fire got lower and lower and he began to feel weary before setting himself on the floor. He had tuckered himself out.

“What did I say about over exerting yourself?” Marco asked. Tom sat up, his ears were down and he looked wiped out.

“To not to.” Tom reminded himself. Marco sat down next to the demon.

“You know I’m not going to leave you for that guy.” Marco assured. “You’re the only one I need. I just didn’t know how to tell him I wasn’t interested, I get anxious about this and don’t want to hurt him.” Marco explained. “He’s nice and he doesn’t deserve to be shut down to harshly.” Marco told him.

“Okay, I guess.” Tom mumbled.

“Tom? You swear you aren’t going to attack him?” Marco asked. Tom rolled his eyes.

“No of course not!” Tom huffed. He then smiled lightly at Marco. “I promised… I want to but… healthy outlet. That’s what you said.” Tom beamed. Marco smiled and pulled Tom down into another kiss.

“I know sweetie, that’s why I love you. You try so hard and you do so well.” Marco gushed. He knew he being a bad person didn’t cause Tom’s anger. Anger hardly ever did come from that place. For Tom it came from a place of fear and trauma. And Marco would take any and all time he needed to help Tom work through it. “I’m proud of you.” He grinned.

“Thanks Mar-Mar… I actually… I’m pretty proud of myself too. That was the first time I’ve freaked out in a while but… it’s okay!” Tom smiled and Marco gave him a kiss.

“Good, I’m glad to hear it.” Marco smiled. “I’m going to tell that guy the next time he comes over.” Marco promised.

“I trust you.” Tom assured. “You can some time with it if you need to.” He assured Marco. “I’ve never had to shut somebody like that, ad it might be hard. I wouldn’t know. But I trust that you love me, and I’ll try not to get too jealous.” Tom promised. Marco smiled and kissed the demon again.

“Thanks Tommy.”

5 vegan tips

1. Do your research
Research and expand your knowledge on veganism! Find out about vegan youtubers, local vegan restaurants around you, recipes, articles and so much more! Before going on a road trip this fall, I was researching on all the fast food restaurants to find out what vegan options they offered. And let me tell u, this was VERY useful! Once I gained my knowledge on what is not vegan and what is, I got a general idea of what I can eat. So now when people offer me things that aren’t vegan, I don’t have to read the ingredients like a maniac, I just kindly reject. Also finding a vegan community online can be very helpful and supportive!


2. Try new vegan recipes
I challenge you to try at least 1 new vegan recipe every week. This will help you get a feel of what food you like, and make it easier for u to cook. I suggest even getting a cook book. For ex. Forks over knifes. This book gave me great food ideas and sometimes I switch up recipes to make them my own.


3. Stock up on fruits and veggies
This is so you always have something on hand. This will prevent you from running to the store constantly. Normally I go to the store once a week and get all the basics: fruits, veggies, almond milk, and 1 frozen dinner. Normally I buy big boxes of rice and pasta 1 a month and then I use my fruits and veggies to make meals out of them, I use the almond milk for random things, and I get the frozen dinner for when I have that lazy weekday. Sometimes I get tofu but it all depends. My grocery list is pretty cheap and far from expensive. Always having fruits and veggies on hand with make it easier to whip up a meal real quick.


4. Make sure you’re getting your calories in
As a healthy vegan, you have to make sure you are getting enough calories in that your body needs. Being vegan it is easy to under eat, especially if you’re new to this lifestyle. At first you’re so used to the mind set of eating smaller portions, because animal products are heavy, and very calorie dense. But on a vegan diet things tend to be lighter, and less calorie dense. So after saying this, make sure to eat eat eat those fruits and veggies, and don’t shy away from bigger portions.


5. Be happy
Try to be happy despite all the animal abuse that continues on. Be happy because you are truly making a difference! You are helping the environment, animal, and your body!

- - - Thank you for reading my post! Please like, reblog, and follow ❤️️ if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me!

PROMPT LIST — send me a character and a #!

  • “PLEASE put your shirt back on. please don’t make me laugh at you.”
  • “THIS place is fancy and i don’t know which fork to kill myself with.”
  • “YOU like me? you like my personality?”
  • “YOU my boo. you my boo and i’ve been missin’ you. i’ve been missin you so long.”
  • “YOU know what’s weird? i don’t find this weird anymore.”
  • “GOD, you’re about to say something stupid, aren’t you?”
  • “GIRL, imma marry you.”
  • “I see him and my heart explodes.”
  • “WE all…need to meet new people.”
  • “IT’S kinda stupid how much i’m in love with you.”
  • “SO if any of you have anything else to say to my boo, i will drag you outside and we will handle this la style!”
  • “I’M sorry about the whole kissing thing.”
  • “OH, you don’t have to apologize. i did…kiss you back, a little.”
  • “I hope that you don’t remember that i said any of these things tomorrow.”
  • “YOU’VE been taking care of me my entire life.”
  • “WHEN you’re going through ‘a taylor swift-like range of emotions,’ i should come over, right?”
  • “YOU were the only one that i could talk to. being brown, you have the wisdom of a thousand white women.”
  • “I’D really like to start calling you shawty in public.”
  • “THEY’VE made me weak in my stupid knees.”
  • “I want to spend the rest of my life hearing all your stories.”
  • “IF you hurt her, i will let myself die. and then i will haunt you.”
  • “I am a grown woman that is in love with her ex that has a girlfriend. and i’ve been stealing my neighbor’s wi-fi.”
  • “I’VE made out with half of the guys in this room.”
  • “THEY are not exactly what my mom had imagined for me. you know, she wanted someone maybe not so…white?”
  • “YOU look like a prostitute for wizards.”
  • “YOU look like a homeless pencil.”
  • “YEAH, i’m nervous. yeah, i’m really nervous. i mean, she’s beautiful and she’s super cool…”
  • “YOU know i have a boyfriend, right?”
  • “I hate your ideas. i hate them almost as much as i love you, which is so much.”
  • “NOTHING is more important to me than your future.”
  • “I’M never gonna stop trying to make you happy.”
  • “SHE’S never gonna be happy with someone like me.”
  • “CAN we just take a moment to appreciate them? i mean, the effect they have on people…it’s really incredible. i can’t believe…they’re dating me. i mean, like, whaaaat?”
  • “IF you tell anyone we held hands, i have two people on my phone who will kill you.“
  • “I may be an idiot, but i’m smart enough to know what i lost.”
  • “YOU and i not being together does not make sense to me.”
  • “I’M really gonna need you to step it up tonight, okay? when i see you, i wanna be thinking, ‘who let the dirty slut out of the slut house?’”
  • “I simply want a demographic breakdown of all the guys that hit on you.”
  • “AS my best friend, i expect you to be willing to sacrifice everything for me at a moment’s notice.”
  • “WATCH it, buddy! ‘cause i will calcutta bitch up in here. i will cal. cut. a. bitch.”
  • “YOU’RE not the only one that’s hurting.”
  • “YOU’RE the smartest, ballsiest, bitchiest, truly terrifying woman that i have enjoyed in a really long time.”
  • “YOU don’t deserve to be treated like that.”
  • “YOU don’t know my pain.”
  • “IF i was doing something stupid, you would definitely be involved.”
  • “AND those shoelaces must be tied together ‘cause you are straight trippin’, yo.”
  • “DO i regret it? yes. would i do it again? probably.”
  • “SHE makes you weak and penis dumb.”
  • “I don’t think i can even look at him without getting pregnant.“
  • "I’M gonna ask you to get out of my girlfriend’s bed, man.”
  • “I think i’m getting my period.”
  • “I don’t want nobody to eat me! i got thick thighs! i got a fat ass!”
  • “THEY love me so much, and to be honest, it scares me. i don’t think i deserve all of that love.”

random-stitches  asked:

As a Reinhardt main, I would love to be able to protect all the healers, but you're all so much faster than the lumbering German Giant. Stay near the Shield Grandpa so I can protect you! I will happily escort you to wherever you need to go

All Reinhardt players need a Lucio, new rule, sorry guys.

(New custom game idea: Lucio helping the Elderly across the map– 3 lucio’s, and then reinhardt, ana, soldier, torbjorn, or reaper to fill the last 3 spots. Just because 76 is speedy old man doesn’t mean he doesn’t need a hand for when he breaks his hip)

canceriandracomare90  asked:

I got to say, YOUR ART IS AMAZING, LOVE! You are very talented and your art never stops making me happy! You keep up the awesome work, love!

Thanks luv! Knowing these drawings are making you happy, makes me very happy too! /happy dance ^^

I really want to keep drawing as much as I am now. I really do. There are still a lot of ideas I haven’t drawn yet (I get new ones everyday!) and I’m so hungry for improvement!…but I’m supporting myself right now and honestly it’s gettin real rough irl ;;;…So every bit of help whether it’s through sharing my work or donating a tip - will give me more time and irl resources to work on new art/comics to share with you~

Thank you for the kind words! ^^ /nano-boosted!

Brookside Medical Part 3

Part 1 can be found here

Part 2 can be found here

At once the elevator doors separate and 6 hunky and soon to be chunky young men are escorted into a hallway that seems to stretch on forever. The stretch of floor is made up of marbled tile that matches the cream color pillars that line the regal walls. No overhead light is provided, but numerous torches provide calm, yet angry, lighting. Each robot servant brings, or rather, drags its boy into his assigned room. One by one each heavy door is opened and closed, becoming a prison for the fat men to be.

Each of the 6 classroom sized rooms is identical. Upon being forced in, each man notices the abundance of food available in his room. Literal piles of fattening food at least twice as tall as the tallest lacrosse player cover the entire floor. Every junk food imaginable: pizza, pastries, pastas, huge candy bars, fried delicacies, fast foods, etc are included in the mountains. Each naked boy is thrown by a strong robot into the center of his room, into a massive pile of the world’s unhealthiest foods. Each sees the high ceiling, all equipped with gaping holes and random piping ending with funnels hanging down to a reachable level.

One boy, the short one with dark hair and piercing eyes, reaches out for a funnel. While trying to grasp his bearings he can feel his ass sinking into the icing of a soft cake underneath him. As soon as he can reach the piping, a thick, milky substance starts flowing out of the long pipe uncontrollably onto the short man’s toned abs and pecks. He lets go in shock, and the tube stops pouring out the thick liquid. He’s covered in the cold stuff, but it doesn’t bother him. He’s too captivated by the intoxicating sweet smell to notice the temperature. He has to have this substance in him. He reaches for the clear tube and sticks it into his mouth. The man could swear that he just felt a french fry hit his face, but he can’t tell you that that fry alone with many other foods are falling at random from the sizable holes in the ceiling. He’s too absorbed in the liquid to notice.

In another room Chad, the extremely handsome lacrosse player with sharp features and a chiseled body, screams. Of course, nobody can hear. Nobody except Brenden, who sits in his control room and laughs his growing, naked ass off. He grabs a bottle of lotions as most of the men take to the food.


Several weeks pass, Brenden grows tired of the same old routine. Everyday checking up on his growing pigs; eating exurbanite amounts of the world’s best foods. Everything, for the most part, has gone exactly as his impulsive plans said they would. There’s just been one hitch…

Taking his attention off the hitch and refocusing on his communication glass, he sees that he’s been notified that an old friend has come to town. Immediately Brenden invites Bill, or as he’s currently known, Stephen over to his new place.

Brenden and Stephen go back about as far as any two friends, if you could call them that, can possibly go back. In their hay day, Stephen was the richest man on Earth, actually paying for the original funding of Brookside Medical. Of the handful of powerful leaders still left, Brenden and Stephen were the only two who still would occasionally keep in contact over their numerous lives. Stephen, as no exception to the harsh hands of immortality, has succumbed to his own vices. But no amount of gaseous alcohol has yet to bring him to a well-deserved and torturous death.

As for why these two men still kept each other company, well, it’s rather touching considering the horrible nature of the two. Of everyone currently on their planet, as far as anyone could tell, they were the only two immortals who both were keen for extremely fat men. Every life that they meet in, Stephen is wildly impressed with Brenden’s ability to constantly come up with new ways to make his men, and himself, bigger and fatter than ever before. They’re the only two who truly get each other.

So that evening, when Stephen walked through the front doors dressed casually dapper and holding an a-cig (evaporated alcohol e-cig), Brenden made sure he was laying naked on the foyer couch. Greasy ruben sandwich in one chubby hand, bottle of half drunken soda in the other. Monstrous gut bulbing out, recently starting to grow slight stretch marks.

“Hello my old chum!” Brenden exclaims in a sarcastic old British accent, looking passed his man tits and to the handsome and toned new body in front of him. Stephen can’t be more than 25, looking pristine and well-groomed in his golf shorts and polo. His attitude is cynical, like everything in his mind is terrible and so is everyone else. Stephen looks at the man turned pig in front of him with hazel eyes below tufts of semi wavy hair. He can’t help but notice those chubby arms on that once thin body, that double chin, those wide and flabby thighs.

“You’ve got no idea how much I want to shag that new body of yours.” Stephen tells the rugged fatass in an equally cheesy accent. He’s thinking about how Brenden must be over halfway to 300 by now. He knew Brenden had a knack for ruining himself, but this was possibly a new record.

“Well, it’s not gonna fuck itself.” Brenden says, dropping the accent and picking crumbs out of his substantial double chin in preparation for the clean man to fuck him. “Flip me over, I’m too stuffed to do it myself.”

Stephen takes a long hit out of his a-cig and stumbles over to the plump man and drunkenly hefts his body over so that a wide, globous ass is staring at him. Stephen drops his pants and makes the fatter man quake, right there on the couch.


The next morning Brenden is eating a robot prepared feast at the dining table when Stephen wakes up. He’s naked, as per usual, while Stephen sports his designer underwear. He enters the dining room filled with grunts and moans, takes a drag of alcohol, and makes himself a small plate of eggs and toast.

“I’ll take it you’re still not looking to come feed with me?” Brenden asks Stephen for the first time in this body. He already knows the answer, but he has to try every time.

Stephen gives Brenden a once over, looking at the body he knew for a fact was once as slim as his. My god, how he’s grown in such a short amount of time. “You know I’m just here to fuck the pigs, not become one.” He tells Brenden with slurred words, knowing that the fat man wants him even heavier than him. But, even as drunk as he is, Stephen could never make the decision to give up wild pig sex. He needs his stamina.

“Alrighhhhhht,” Brenden groans, “You’ve got to check out my collection this time around though. I’ve got a whole lacrosse team I’m ruining.”

After Brenden gets full enough to leave the table, the stuffed man takes the cute new man on a tour of the lower levels of the house. They start with James’ donut shop room, and Stephens pleasantly surprised to see that at least one of the pigs isn’t too far off from 350. James barely notices when the men come in. Laying on his much fatter back, it’s obvious the once cute boy is now passed the point of no return. His fat face is stuck to the teat of Robbo, who pumps out a custom liquid specifically designed to get James’ body as addicted as possible. The flavor of the liquid, possibly surprising, is jelly filled glazed. Stephen sloppily walks over to James and starts fucking his lard. At this point, if you had told someone that only a few months ago this guy was serving donuts in a small town with less than a beer gut, nobody would believe you. James moans, wanting Stephen to stick it up him, but Stephen’s too busy cumming in the fat folds between his side moob and belly. Stephen slaps James’ large body once more before he pulls Brenden off Robbo’s second teat and continues the tour. James doesn’t notice them leave, and doesn’t notice that there’s quite a bit of cum dripping from his fat folds.

Next Brenden takes Stephen to each of the lacrosse boys’ rooms. One by one, they see how each boy has fattened up. The boys range from sitting on top of the huge piles of food to being almost suffocated and sinking in the fattening mess. The common denominator? Most of the guys have fattened up very nicely in the past several weeks, especially the short one. They’re all experiencing softening jawlines, pot bellies, even some moobs and a few bubble butts. While most of them have put on maybe 40 lbs, looking like chunky jocks on a long offseason, the short one is already over 300lbs. He’s covered in stretch marks and fat rolls, his lard making him significantly wide considering he’s only 5’5. For some reason unknown to Brenden, this one gains at a much faster rate than all the others. Soon he’ll outweigh James, a feat not easy to accomplish. The ex-lacrosse player doesn’t care, though. He just lies face down on the huge piles of food and eats all day, every day. Laying down, fatter ass up in the air, ready for Stephen to use and abuse.

After looking at the first 5 men, after seeing how covered in food, bloated, and absorbed in gluttony they are, Brenden takes Stephen to the last room in the hall, the room containing Chad.

Before entering, Brenden explains the previously mentioned hitch. Chad won’t gain weight. No matter what he tries, Chad is the one guy who actually seems to have gotten more muscular since they got here. Brenden’s at a loss. Having a robot force feed him is no fun, and the bro won’t eat more than he needs. He hasn’t even touched his feeding tubes. He eats what he has to, and then works out all day. It’s absolutely insane. Before going in, Stephen messes with his a-cig for a moment.

When the two men enter the room, they find Chad doing pushups in a corner of the room that he constantly clears food from. He’s sweaty and covered in sauces and crumbs, but he’s as fit as ever.

“Wow.” Stephen says upon entering. “You’re the one boy who could resist, but I think I know exactly what you need, Chad.” The man stops working out but makes no other sign that he’s listening. “I’ll strike a deal with you Chad, if you can take a few hits off this cigarette and still resist, Brenden will let you go.” Of course Brenden neither cares or even notices. He’s grown hungry from all the walking and is sitting his round ass on the floor scavenging for another birthday cake.

Chad moves his angular face to look Stephen in the eyes. “You forreal? I blow a few puffs and then you let me go?” His voice quivers, he wants to leave so bad.

Stephen smiles condescendingly. “Yes, if you still don’t want to eat after, you may leave. Why don’t we try this out?” He throws the a-cig at Chad, who catches it with great reflex. Chad takes a puff, then another, and another. Brenden’s watching, not really caring if he has to lose chad or not.

“What the fuck did you put in this?” Chad demands to know. He’s on the ground, trying to focus. He now wants the slice of pizza sitting in front of him.

Stephen drunkenly laughs, “It’s just your basic a-cig, except I changed the alcohol for the same shit I manufactured myself and plan to put in most of this country’s food soon enough. I helped Brenden with the original chemical you all have been getting, but for that to work you had to be willing to give in. With this new stuff, you’ve got no choice. Sorry to say that you’re just a… guinea pig per se. But hey, looks like it works.” Chad’s already finished the slice of pizza and is moving on to a greasy pile of mac and cheese. He’s screaming “NO,” and “FUCK YOU,” over and over as he eats, trying to quit. His stomach is beginning to bow out with the sudden intake of food.

“Holy shit, man. You figured it out. You got the twig to eat!” There’s a huge smile plastered across Brenden’s fat, stubbly cheeks. He’s happy, now knowing that he’ll soon have another fatass in his house.

“Yeah, now I just gotta figure out what happened with the short one… I need whatever he has in my product.” Stephen says, already trying to rearrange his plans for the future. “You mind if I stay here some and research him?” He asks.

“Fuck yeah, do whatever you need to do. But you gotta share this whole master plan with me while you’re here.” If we’re being honest, Brenden’s just happy he’ll have a real human here to stick it in him for a while. He knows it’ll feel even better as his ass gets bigger.


Time passes, research gets done, many things quickly change around the house. Stephen and Brenden became practically inseparable as the crude men worked to get Brenden as huge as possible.

On the last day, Stephen makes his way down the elevator one last time before leaving the house to go continue the manufacturing of his product. He’s spent too much time researching here already. He’s as sober as he always is when he enters the 6th door in the hall, waiting to see Chad.

What he finds is no longer Chad, but instead a fat man on all fours vigorously sucking cream from a funnel at the top of a huge pile of food. When he enters, the fat man stands up as best he can and turns around, his olive skinned belly jiggling with the effort. His once angular face has grown into a distorted shadow of what it used to be. His double chin melds into his jowls, which melts into his thick neck. His broad shoulders frame his fat chest nicely. Two mounds of fat, connected by a shelf of blubber, rest on top of what used to be washboard abs. His belly had grown, expanding his happy trail, creating rolls of back fat and arms that eagerly replaced dense muscle with squishy fat and were shoved away by the fat accumulating on his body. The ass that had seen so many squats is now the size of two watermelons shoved together and covered in cellulite. His thighs started touching a long time ago, now constantly shoving into each other so hard that walking became difficult. Not that Chad like to walk much these days, unless he was trying to get to the other side of the room for a rather delicious looking burger that fell from the ceiling. Even his calves got fat, growing cankles. His fingers and toes? Chubby sausage links.

“Get over here, pig.” Stephen demands. Chad waddles/crawls over the food and to Stephen, who pushes him on the ground. “One last fuck before I go, lard ass. Open up.” And Chad does, knowing what now brings him the most pleasure.

“I can’t believe you did this to me, I can’t believe it fucking worked.” Chad says, trying to resist the urge to reach out and grab a piece of fried chicken. “I had a life, and you made me gain like 150 pounds you sack of shit.”

Stephen chuckles. “If you think that’s what 150 pound of fat looks like, get ready to see a much higher number on the scale than you were expecting. Now shut up and moan, you sack of lard.” Stephen pulses extra hard and Chad’s body shakes in response. He moans as he feels his whole body jiggle, disgusted with himself.

Once finished, Stephen briefly visits the other men’s rooms. All of them have grown steadily to become extraordinarily sexy 400 pounders. Of course they all gained weight differently in different places, but they all were slowly being dominated by their ever increasing fat middles. The men never dreamt of becoming so morbidly obese in their worst nightmares, but it wasn’t as horrible as any of them had thought it would be. Although Brenden did think it’d be funny to decorate their individual rooms with pictures of them in their skinnier days. Now, none of the fatasses will ever forget where they came from.

The short one, Mike, had been moved out of his room a while ago, being placed in a top research facility which has since let him easily grow to over 600lbs, into a proper superchub. They placed him in a large, reinforced bed and gave him whatever he wanted and let his weight skyrocket. Naturally, all the fattass really wanted was a tube constantly flowing with that cream from Brenden’s place. While he only takes up about half the bed with his gigantic belly, chest, arms, and legs, it’s certain that one day he’ll be able to fill up the whole thing. Stephen, personally, was looking forward to leaving the house and seeing Mike’s huge progress in person. Even though, if his plan succeeds, everyone in America will soon be following suit with the huge man.

Stephen skipped James’ room before leaving. Once he hit 450 lbs, the sack of blubbering fat was kicked out of the house, despite his pathetic protests. Stephen and Brenden both grew tired of the huge boy. He never did much besides suckle on Robbo’s teat and waste resources. Fucking him wasn’t even fun anymore, as he wouldn’t turn over for them and they couldn’t get him to open up when they physically did it. Waddling the streets naked, alone, and still covered in food, police soon investigated this fat man. Nobody claimed him, as James had forgotten his name long ago and his old friends/family didn’t recognize his disfigured shape. He now lives at an assisted living facility, constantly breaking into their kitchen and stealing all the donuts. Sometimes the other patients catch him complaining about how much he misses his old job, how he misses his favorite customer that came to rescue him so long ago.

While Stephen was making his rounds, Brenden went to the same couch where they had first seen each other in their current bodies. He wanted to lay on the couch, but they had broken it while fucking a while ago. So, Brenden lied on the rug, eating a few chocolate pies and waiting for his friend’s departure. Right before he left, Stephen walked in on (the much fatter than when he arrived just like everyone else in the house) Brenden.

“I’d turn over for you, but I’m way too fuckin’ full.” Brenden said through heavy breaths, hearing Stephen walk in. He couldn’t see the slim man in front of him over his extremely stuffed and full lardy belly. He traced the outline of a rather deep stretch mark with a chubby finger.

“No need,” Stephen says, taking a hit off his a-cig. “I’ve got everything I need as it is.” He examined Brenden’s body. He was approaching 400, which was a really good look on him. His fat arms were so cute, his ass was so perky, his cheeks so fat. Stephen loved the way his belly and fat pad had grown and shrunken his cock so much. He’d have to come back to visit when the man couldn’t reach it anymore. He undoes his zipper and pulls out his raging cock and sticks it in Brenden’s stuffed but soft belly fat. “I’ll see you around, big boy. I’m kinda hungry myself” He says with a pelvic thrust. He zips up.

“Yeah, I’ll see you around slim. I mean if you still that way when I see you next time. I’m not saying I drugged your cig but I’m not saying I didn’t. It’s only fair though, I know you’ve been pumping me with the shit since we first became immortal. It’s okay though, I think you’ll like it just as much as I do.” Brenden’s chunky face is serious, but Stephen’s too drunk to realize what’s actually happening.

“Alright lard ass, you got jokes.” Stephen slurs. “Don’t be a stranger big boy…. Do you know any good burger places around here?” And without waiting for an answer, the drunk man leaves. He’s going out to into the big, bad, and soon to be much fatter world.



Thank you all for patiently waiting and I hope you enjoyed the series! As always, feel free to ask me any questions or send me any comments over it :-)

stars-on-my-cuffs  asked:

What advice would you give on world building? I've been wanting to build my own world like you have, and it's honestly so awesome how much work that you've put into this. Thank you!

Thank you so much! :D I have been creating my own stories and worlds since I was a young teenager and I do have some general tips to share. 

The best way to start building a new world is to write is all down. Even though you may not be a writer, writing down your ideas prevents you from forgetting stuff, keeps you more organized, and you notice inconsistencies much easier. Writing also helps the creativity. There are so many scenes and characters that I have come up with simply by writing down a seemingly silly idea related to my world. 

What to write? Start with the simple things like “What´s the name of the planet?”, “What kind of country does your main character live in?”, “Is there peace or war in said country?”, etc.  Basically answer the questions that you yourself have when you are introduced to a new world in fiction. Then when you got the basics then you can dive into the more complex questions:

  • “What kind of history does the world/country/city have?”
  • “How does the politics/economy/school system/etc. work?”
  • “How does the weather/mother nature affect the people living here?”

Also take advantage of your own interests. What is your favorite part of world-building in movies/games/books? The politics? The geography? The social dynamics? Think of something and let it snowfall. If you cannot come up with anything yourself then ask somebody else. Explain the world in very simple terms and ask them if they have any questions about anything.

The main thing here is to ASK QUESTIONS and ANSWER them yourself. Does not matter if it is a historical story or an original fantasy. In order to make something believable you need to think about it. Although some questions are irrelevant and can be left up for suspension of disbelief (EX: ”How come no humans seem to be aware that the toys are sentient in Toy Story?”) But the worst you as a creator can do is to sweep big questions under the rug and just say “magic”.

But what do you do if you don´t KNOW the answer? In these cases I tend to write down the first thing that comes to mind and just let that be for now. This way I do not start waisting time on this one thing. 80% of the time my brain will remember my bland/bad answer and I will come up with something much better later. I also like to come back to my notes after a few months. Sometimes when I read something I will come up with a better alternative on the spot, even if the original idea was my own. 

Research always helps too! Do you have a character with a disability? Research. How many days can you survive in the wild? Research. What happens to a human body when it´s in space for a long time? Research. Google is your friend for facts and personal blogs are your GF when it comes to learning how other people feel/think. Not only can you see if your idea even works, but you might also find something that you had not considered or known about before. 

Another tip I will give to all creators is to actively look up clichés for the kind of world that you are creating. Like if you are writing a fantasy; find out what everybody else have already done with this kind of world and AVOID IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT! Do the opposite, scratch ideas entirely, add a twist, change up the roles, anything in order to not make it like every other fantasy world ever made. Yes, be inspired by your role-models but do not copy them. We already have to many Middle Earths or Hogwarts wannabes. 


  • Ask questions and answer them!
  • Write everything down! 
  • Research!
  • Avoid clichés!

I hope that this helps! If fellow creators have other ideas then feel free to share them. ;)

Want some inspiration right away? You can observe me brainstorm with world-building for my series “To Belong” HERE.

Okay Ya’ll I have an important request....

Some of you know I had a Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish) named Levi. Below is Levi (Excuse the awful quality). Four days ago now Levi died due to sickness. None of the treatments I did worked and I came home from work to him at the bottom of the tank.


I got this guy today because I can’t stop looking at the empty tank. (It feels unnatural to not have my fish in there.) So here is where you all come in. HE NEEDS A NAME. All the names of my previous fish over the years have been Raizel, Frankenstein, Erwin and Levi. I DO NOT REPEAT FISH NAMES. SO I NEED HELP COMING UP WITH ONE FOR MY NEW BLUE BUDDY. He is a MALE BETTA. So please, please send me ideas and I will update this post with the name I choose.

Thank ya’ll so much <3

Feather Fans And Garter Belts {Part 9}

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers x Burlesque Dancer Reader

Warning: N/A for this chapter

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: You like Steve Rogers because he’s sweet and kind and doesn’t look at you like a piece of meat. Steve likes you because you treat him like anyone else, make him feel confident, and look at him like he’s just as tall as all the other guys.

Part 1 X, Part 2 X, Part 3 X, Part 4 X, Part 5 X, Part 6 X, Part 7 X, Part 8 X

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Memories of the past

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary:  None of them ended up graduating college but they all promised to keep in contact. When the future comes you always get to see them on TV but that’s as close as you’ve gotten even after being one of their best-friends for 5 years. You’re stuck remembering the past and wondering if they were just too famous to talk to you anymore.

Warnings: Sexual conversations?

Originally posted by chimtae

“Hurry up, already….” Namjoon groaned seeing Yoongi slowly walking down the hall as he held the roof top door open. 

Yoongi made a face. 

“I’m coming. It’s not like we’re gonna get caught up here. Nobody cares that we’re up here.”

Hoseok laughed. “Yeah that’s true.”

You put one of your blankets down on the roof, sitting with Jungkook, taehyung, Jimin, and Jin waiting for the rest of them to come over and sit with you. Yoongi finally made it through the door and Namjoon shut it behind him. The three of them made their way over and sat down. Taehyung stared up at the sky, pouting.

“It’s too cloudy to see the stars…we basically came up here for nothing.”

Jin sighed. “We might as well stay up here since we already brought everything.”

You laid down on your back, also looking up at the sky.

“I guess so. Can one of you guys pass me a drink?”

Yoongi reached over and handed you one. “Here you go, princess.”

“Princess huh? Is that the kind of thing you’re into?” Jimin jokingly asked.

You shrugged. “Maybe. Wanna find out?”

“I’m sure Taehyung does.” Jin laughed, sipping his drink.

Taehyung looked up turning red. “Huh? I what?”

They all started laughing, leaving Taehyung confused.

“What I spaced out?? Seriously, what did you say?”

Jimin patted his shoulder in attempt to comfort him. Jungkook leaned back on his hand.

“If we’re all talking about kinks I think everyone knows Namjoon’s.”

You could hear him choke on his drink at the mention of his name. He wiped his mouth, looking at all of your face’s reactions. 

“What’s that supposed to mean??”

Practically everyone burst out laughing again.

“Yeah, When you bring your girlfriend over could you be quieter? Even I can hear it from two rooms down.” You told him.

“…w-what did you hear?” He asked, defensively.

“I can’t really remember right now….daddy.”

You smirked, not being able to hold in your own laughter. Namjoon looked around at the group looking for someone to target as they all laughed at him. His eyes narrowed onto Jimin.

“Alright if this the game you guys wanna play, Jimin told me he’s into bondage.”

Jimin’s eyes widened as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink. “Hey, I told you that with trust!”

Taehyung laughed. “Yeah, what the hell. Do you not trust us?”

Jimin blushed. “It’s not something you just tell someone! It just happened to come up in the conversation! If it’s not a big deal then you say yours…”

Taehyung quickly made a reference glance over to you as if he was questioning whether or not he wanted to be completely honest. 

“I don’t think there much to mine.” He said blankly.

Yoongi sighed. “Well then just tell us something you haven’t before. something interesting.”

“Uh, Well..I’m in love with Y/N.” 

All of them grew quiet and focused their attention on you. You were speechless, not knowing what to say back.


Jungkook pushed Taehyung’s shoulder. 

“You’re putting her in a weird spot. Why did you tell her now?”

Taehyung shrugged. “I didn’t feel like hiding it anymore.”

Namjoon laid down, letting his back touch the floor. “….What if we don’t make it with our music and we end up having to use the majors we’re studying for…I’m not saying that would be awful but we didn’t even get a shot at our dream”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “Here we go.”

The whole group gave a chuckle at Jimin’s remark knowing exactly what he was talking about. Namjoon tended to go off about stuff even when it wasn’t a big issue. You knew he just wanted feedback but sometimes his theories didn’t even make sense. Regardless you all started to listen.

“I’m serious. We can all sit up here and mess around and be happy for now but we could just be waiting for our future selves to end up jobless and unsuccessful. I don’t want to end up disappointing my family..”

You set your drink down slowly, crawling over and sitting next to him. 

“I think all of you guys will be successful.”

Namjoon turned his head and looked over at you.


You gave him a small shrug. “I just have a feeling. You guys are pretty hard workers, you’re all genuinely nice and caring….Honestly, I’d be surprised if your parents weren’t already proud.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Just because you work hard it doesn’t always mean you’ll succeed.”

You looked back at him. “Yeah, sometimes life’s cruel. But just trust me. Everything will work out for you guys. Hey, If you end up becoming famous you better not forget about me!”

Your request was followed by a bunch of, “I won’t!’s “ and the smiling faces of your friends. 

That night was something that was starting to become a re-occurring day dream in your head. What was constantly bringing it up? You couldn’t shake the weird feeling of missing them since it’d only been 3 years since you last saw them. As you walked around the streets, just coming back from getting coffee, you felt yourself spacing out a lot more as well. That resulted in you running into someone on accident.

“Oh, sorry!”

When you looked up you noticed your coffee spilled on his white shirt.

“…Oh my god, I am really sorry! I’ll pay for your shirt if you want-”

Taehyung laughed. “You’re still the same, Y/N. You should watch where you’re going.”

You finally moved your gaze to Taehyung’s face as he smiled at you. 

“Taehyung-.. Oh wait. Stay there!” You said, running back into the coffee shop to get napkins. Instead of listening he just followed you inside. When you rushed back over to attempt to wipe the coffee off his shirt he stopped you and took it from your hands.

“It’s okay, I got it. How have you been?”

“..Uh. Good, I guess.” That was a lie. Today was your birthday and nobody in your family even remembered. You just spent the day buying yourself stuff to make yourself feel better.

“Well, if you’re not busy do you wanna come to our new place? I know it’s been a while but i’m sure the guys would be up for it. Or I mean we could go out-”

You shook your head. “It’s fine. We don’t have to pretend we’re still friends.”

His facial expression darkened. “Pretend?”

You looked down at the table, not wanting to explain since it would just make things awkward. Taehyung walked over and put his arms around you, pulling you into his chest.

“Y/N…I know it’s been a few years but we can all still figure you out. Your eyes are swollen…come on we can take you out and cheer you up.”

You nodded slowly. “Sure. Let’s go out tonight. Also since you guys are pretty famous do you really think it’s a good idea to hug me in public? People might get the wrong idea.”

He pulled away “But you looked sad. Plus I couldn’t help it since i’ve missed you so much.”

“Then why did you guys stop contacting me? I even tried to talk to you but none of you ever answered back…”

Taehyung picked up your bags, holding them for you. 

“We had out phones taken away in the beginning so we could focus on getting better as a group and then we got new phones without all our old numbers. Sorry, Y/N. I’ll try to make it up to you, okay?”

“Okay.” You agreed, not wanting to hold a grudge against him.

The two of you walked back to the dorms. Taehyung slid his shoes off and set down your bags in the living room. 

“Hey! Guys come here I have a surprise!’

Instantly, Hoseok and Jimin came out of their room. Their faces lit up seeing you and they ran over to hug you. Taehyung took the opportunity to sneak out of the door and leave. You didn’t even notice trying to catch up with everyone one by one. When it started getting dark outside Taehyung came up from behind you and covered your eyes. You let out a giggle, knowing it was him.

“Come on, Tae I know it’s you.”

Now you could hear his low-toned laugh as well.

‘Come with me for a second. Please? But you have to keep your eyes closed.”

You nodded, letting him hold your wrist to guide you. You felt yourself going up a set of stairs but you didn’t know the layout of their house so you really had no idea where he was taking you. Suddenly you heard the sound of a door opening and felt the cold breeze hit your skin. When Taehyung finally came to a stop he told you to open your eyes. When you did you looked out to notice you were on the roof of their place. The view was a lot more beautiful then the one 3 years ago was. You could see the whole city from where you were standing. Taehyung placed a blanket down on the ground. 


You did as you were told, looking up at him.

“Why aren’t you sitting down too?”

A big smile plastered on his face he pulled out a small box. 


You stared at the box for a few seconds and looked back at him again.

“…What is this?”

He reached down and grabbed your hand, placing the box in your hand. 

“I know when your birthday is. We came up on the roof at our old university the last time it was your birthday, remember?”

You opened the small box slowly to see a necklace inside. You started to tear up and didn’t realize until it started to block your clear vision. Not being able to hold it back anymore you just started sobbing. Taehyung’s eyes widened and he bent down to hold you. 

“What’s wrong? I can buy you a new one-”

You buried your face into jacket’s chest, shaking your head. He slowly patted your back. You sat up and tried to wipe the tears off your face.

“I’m just really happy….Thank you Tae..”

He used his thumb to wipe away your tears, smiling. “You’re welcome. but don’t do that you scared me.”

You couldn’t help but laugh as well. “Sorry.”

He took the necklace out of the box and placed it on for you. 

“I was right…it does look beautiful on you.”

You couldn’t stop staring at his eyes. The same innocence was still there.

“Do you remember that night when we told each other secrets?” You asked him.

He nodded. 

“Well, I never got to tell everyone mine. I was also in love with someone at the time. I gave up on him for a while but I think he still has my heart. I hope you still feel the same…Taehyung I-”

He didn’t even wait for you to finish your sentence before he had already had his lips pressed up against yours and his hand softly holding your head in place by your neck. You could feel him trying not to smile while he was kissing you but he was just really happy to finally hear it. 

I am very disappoint

Very recently I became enamored with the new DLC for Outlast, Whistleblower. While I enjoyed the original game well enough, I have to admit that the characters and story in the DLC were more disturbing than the original game. They were also, strangely enough, far more entertaining to study. I found myself wishing there was more to peruse, but being a DLC, it had its limits.

I was surprised when one character in particular caught my attention. Eddie Gluskin, who at first seems like just another psychopath running around the asylum, turned into one of the most interesting studies into an individual’s mental health that I’ve seen in quite some time. These kinds of situations have always fascinated me - the psychopath who holds delusions of love and devotion to another, but must also battle with their own insatiable urges to harm or manipulate the object of their supposed affections.

I started looking into Eddie’s background information, then moved on to fanfiction stories that delved into his psyche and the psyche of the main character, Waylon Park. While I found many that were insightful and well-written, only a few of them reached me on a deeper level. One in particular (which I just finished reading), affected me substantially, both because of the story itself, but also the author and some unwarranted venom they received from the community.

I’m honestly stumped. The story, titled To Be Well, seems to be pretty well known in the Eddie/Waylon community. There are many reasons for this, I think. It’s well written, logical, emotional, and takes a hard look at mental illness and what it means from a personal standpoint. You simply don’t get a lot of stories like that - ones that make you sympathize with the perceived villain, but are honest and admit that yes, they have problems. Everyone does.

For me, one of the first oddities that I found compelling in the story was the use of the second-person perspective. Not just because this perspective is barely ever used in writing nowadays, but rather because the author used a mix of the first-person and second-person perspective. I’ve never seen this before, and was pleasantly surprised to find that this style actually brought the reader closer to the protagonist, Waylon, by letting us experience his battle with mental illness first hand. I was wary of starting this story when I saw the use of “you,” “your,” and other personal pronouns, but as I read, I found that I was as invested in the plot as I would have been if it had been written in a more popular style. Perhaps even more so.

I read the story almost non-stop for two straight days, but soon realized that I was getting close to the end of the available chapters and the ending wasn’t anywhere in sight. I was nervous. Did the story end abruptly? Was it going to be some lame ending where everything was a dream?

Come to find out, the actual reason for the cliffhanger is far more infuriating.

It turns out that one or more randys out there on the interwebs decided to throw themselves around and cry because they didn’t appreciate how the story portrayed the characters of the game - how it wasn’t canonical. Now, while I admit I’m speaking from conjecture here (I only just now found the story, so I wasn’t around to see this garbage unfold), I have seen a few posts from people claiming that this is what occurred, and it’s the reason that the author disappeared from AO3 and took the story down. (The link I posted earlier is the only webpage I know of where the story is archived.)

I’m truly, unbelievably baffled as to why this happened. Not so much that trolls exist and decided to act like imbeciles - that happens all the time - rather, that they acted out so harshly that the only option left to the author was to leave. I don’t blame the author - people have their limits, and you only truly find your own when you’ve hit the bottom face-first and you’ve gotten whiplash from the impact.

I hate that such a simple thing as an author wanting to share a story with the world ended in such a way. Like the protagonist in the story itself, I wish I could have been there to help - to assist the author in some way, although I don’t know how much help I would have actually been. All I can really do is step in after the fact and type up this long-winded rant/semi-review of the story and the situation.

Variant, I hope you’re still out there. I apologize that you met with such animosity after you spent so much time and effort to bring the fandom something precious: a new idea, and a new outlook on the characters and their struggles with mental health. If you enjoy writing and find it cathartic, I hope you continue to do so - you’ve got a lot of talent.

Newt Scamander x Reader- Only You

Requested- So it’s basically Newt already having reader character as a love interest but she doesn’t come with him to America (like in the films) and as he’s saying goodbye to Porpentina (again like in the film) the reader sees them because she’s come to America to find Newt, bc he’s taking so long releasing the Thunderbird, and sees this.

A/n- I hope this is okay. Had a bit of a writers block so sorry if the ending isn’t that good.

Warning- hints at cheating (not really though) and fluff.

You paced around the deck of the ship as it pulled into New York, trying to keep your excitement in check so you didn’t look like an idiot. You were coming to New York to get Newt back.  A little while back, he told you that he was going to America to release Frank and that he wanted you to stay in England since it wouldn’t take long. That was five months ago and you were tired of waiting. You wanted to see him again.

You walked off the boat as soon as it stopped, ready to start your search for your boyfriend. You knew that he wouldn’t be hard to find. He kinda sticks out from the crowd with his personality and how he thinks, your favorite thing about him. He was unlike anyone you had ever met. He was different, in a good way, in a lovable way. Thankfully, you didn’t have to search.

As soon as you got off the boat, you saw him in his bright blue over coat with his old and beaten case. You were about to run to him until you saw he was with someone, a women with short black hair.

You watched as they talked and felt a surge of anger go through you when he lifted his hand and push some hair behind her ear, letting it linger there for a split second. He gave her a little smile and walked away then ran back to her and said something before actually heading onto the boat.

You stood there dumbfounded for a minute, staring at the women as merrily skipped away. You snapped out of it and bolted onto the boat, ready to yell at Newt and ask him what the hell all of that was about.

Newt walked into his room on the boat and put his case on the bed, happy to finally be going home. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture of you, a loving smile on his lips from the thought of seeing you again.

He put the picture back in his pocket and turned to leave the room and saw you in the door frame.

“(F/N). What are you doing here?” Newt smiled, walking over to you to bring you into a hug, but stopped when he saw your expression. You looked angry but you were trying to suppress it.

You said nothing as you walked past him and over to the case, opening it and heading down. You came up a few moments later with the Niffler in your arms.

“(F/N)? What’s wrong?” Newt asked you, becoming frightened by your silence.

“Who was that?” you asked as you patted the Niffler, the only thing keeping you calm.

“What?” he asked, confused.

“That girl you were with before you got on the boat. Who was she?” you asked again, sending a slight glare his way.

“Oh. Her name is Porpentina Goldstein. There is so much for me to tell you. So many things happened while I was in New York and she helped me with a few of them.” he replied excitedly. He couldn’t wait to tell you about all that happened and the friends he made.

You could feel yourself twitch a bit at that last part about Tina. You knew you shouldn’t be, but you were analyzing every word Newt said, making your mind go crazy with ideas.

“Why were you so……close to her.” you continued to ask, your anger level starting to rise as one idea kept coming back. You tried to push the idea back down. Newt wasn’t the kind of man to do that, was he?

“I don’t know what you mean.” Newt replied, becoming extremely confused by your constant questions about Tina.

“Yes you do!” you yelled, your anger boiling over. The niffler jumped out of your lap as you suddenly stood up and scurried into the corner, afraid. Newt was just as afraid as the niffler by your outburst.

“No, I really don’t!” Newt yelled back. You were both froze a bit when he yelled at you, something he had never done before.

“But you have to! With the way you pushed her hair back and smiled at her, how could you not?! Are you that much of an idiot!?” you yelled, trying to hold back the tears you knew were coming. As Newt looked at you, he finally understood what you were trying to say, which broke his heart.

“It’s not what you think, it can never be what you think. I love you (F/N), only you. Don’t you know that?” Newt asked you, breaking you.

“I know, I know you do. I love you too Newt, it’s just, you don’t know how that looked. I’m sorry for calling you an idiot.” you said, staring to cry, ashamed of yourself for thinking Newt would do that to you. Newt quickly ran over to you and brought you into a warm embrace, holding you as close as he could.

“It’s okay and your right. I don’t know how that looked and I never will, because I will only ever look at you like that. You are the only one for me and will always be the only one. Besides, you’re the only person who understands me and my creatures.” Newt reassured you, giving you a loving smile. All you could do was smile back at him like a big idiot at his words.

As you smiled at each other, you felt Newt bring his hand to the back of your neck and pull you into a gentle yet passionate kiss. You automatically wrapped your arms around his neck, running your hands through his hair, something you’ve been wanting to do ever since he left. Newt pulled you closer, trying to tell you how much he loved you through this one kiss so you would never think differently.

Eventually, both of you pulled away, resting your foreheads against each others.

“I love you.” you said.

“And I love you.” Newt replied, laying a light kiss on your forehead.

“Now, tell me about New York.” you smiled, pulling away and leading Newt towards the bed.

“With pleasure.” Newt said, beginning to tell you about his adventure. When he was done telling you everything, night had already fallen and day was starting to break.

“Wow. You are definitely taking me with you to New York next time.” you said, laying down to maybe get a little shut eye.

“Don’t worry, I am never going anywhere without you ever again.” Newt smiled, laying down next to you and bringing you close to maybe sleep a little as well.

gotowhatsanapocalae  asked:

I hope you're getting more submitted prompts and the like. I know how hard it can be to get follower participation.


You are a champ. ❤️🙏

I still don’t receive many prompts but it makes it easier for me now that I can crosspost from the Kink Meme. I’ve still got to sort through and write them up and link them, etc, but I don’t have to bust the old brain muscle thinking up new ideas.

So if you’re seeing this pass by your dash, how about considering sending in a prompt or two? It would be a huge help to me and who knows, maybe someone will fill out your prompt!

I also have a Ko-Fi link available in case anyone is feeling generous and wants to throw a couple bucks my way for running this Tumblr. But I don’t expect it! - I just want our fandom to be an exciting, active place.

I do hope people are enjoying the Exchange (which in idea is like a postal exchange - a place where things can be picked up and dropped off) and are maybe feeling inspired!

"Make Cloth Mainstream"

Seems to be the slogan of every cloth diaper shop. 
Make cloth diapers mainstream you say?  
If you REALLY want to make cloth diapers mainstream and “normal” (I use that term loosely since they are whats normal, while disposables would be the new weird thing.) diapers why do they make is SO hard?

Do people not realize you don’t have to live a “crunchy” lifestyle to use cloth? 
You don’t have to care about the environment.
You don’t have to care about chemicals.
You don’t have to follow attachment parenting.
You don’t have to be a “natural” parenting.
You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian.
You don’t have to use coconut oil for everything and baking soda on your hair. 
You can use cloth no matter what your lifestyle is. 

Some people don’t care about bi-products off of a detergent, or if they save tress or landfills. Some people don’t care about the lack of chemicals. Some people want to use cloth because they’re cute. Some people just want to save money. 

Do they not realize that they would open up a whole new demographic if they just stopped making it so hard.
If you really want to make cloth mainstream, if you really care about the world, or whats on other babies bums, stop making it so hard. Stop worrying about a profit.

Cloth diapers aren’t that hard, but from an outsider looking in, the cloth world makes it seem like an olympic event. Thats no way to make cloth mainstream. Make it simple.

We are in the generation of selfish people. People who want instant gratification. ( and don’t get all upset if you use disposables. Im not saying your lazy.) People who are used to things being easy, not doing tons of manual labor. Times have changed, and with that so have the generations born into it. 

Cloth diapers shouldn’t be something that only a stay at home mom can do because laundry takes all day. Or someone who makes enough money to buy all these fancy “safe” detergents and stay on top of it to order more when they are running out. 

It drives me absolutely insane to see buinesses who make it like they’re trying to change the world, but offer adivce that is so much more complicated than it needs to be. Yet They wonder why more people don’t use cloth diapers…. 

You want to know why I decided to use cloth diapers? 
Because they were cute and I wanted to save money. Period. Now the other reasons didn’t hurt, I do like the idea of not having chemicals next to my son, especially since my husband has really sensitive skin and got frequent diaper rashes when he was younger. I do like that they save trees and help the world. I do really like those benefits. But thats not WHY I choose to use cloth. When I sat down and I looked at them. I thought “Ooo! they’re so cute! I wear cloth on my butt, why can’t case?! It’ll save SO MUCH MONEY!” And I  was sooooo overwhelmed at first. SO overwhelmed. I live in northern new york. We don’t have natural stores here. What the hell was I going to clean them with, because I don’t use something on this list, my diapers will be ruined instantly. Wash them 5 times. spend hours getting them to dry. do this, don’t do that. tide and bleach are the devil. Which is stupid. It’s all stupid. 

I’m glad I know the difference now, but I’m so mad that people still try to make it so hard. You don’t need to fit into any mold to use cloth. Cloth doesn’t have to be hard. If you really want to change the world and make people think twice about cloth, how about you market it like that. 

Sorry for the rant. I thought about it the entire time I was in the shower, and I just needed to get it out.