i got so many notifications

I was tagged by @seunghoonbiased for a moodboard from photos off your camera roll/gallery! Thank youuu 💗

Most of these were lq screenshots from their v lives (why i have so much, idk *sweats*) 😅

I tag @venividinah @my-hydeaway @prickedbymino @seungyoon @winner-tomyheart @dropsofletters @andperset @madamaaubergine @bbfool @moodypastelzforasentimentalbitch @itschrisssstina @winneryoucomingback and anyone else that wants to do this!

I'm Back...

…From my vacation.
When I was there, I was having so many experiences and thinking so many ideas ready to be poured into CC!

Now I’m at my home, I need to finish some of my unfinished games and playing The Sims (yes seriously, since my game has been used for creating CC non-stop, I haven’t played the actual gameplay at all)so I could collect mood and energy to create more quality CC! Hehe. Bad news is, I accidentally broke my teeth -_-

I got so many Tumblr notifications when I was ‘off’ at vacation. Wow, thanks! Just wait patiently to be able to download my new CC.

musicalenchantment  asked:

Lmao I just got on to check my notifications on this account and I got so many people yelling at me about Ozark and I freakin love it. Anyway, YES, Kaleidoscope tho. 👌🏻The general consensus is that the episode wasn't needed but I say fuck those opinions because I was all over that shit because of that lowkey Del and Marty business 👀

I LOVE KALEIDOSCOPE, and for more reasons than the fact that I’m Del/Marty garbage.

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