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What I really love is how Tsuyu has surpassed the bnha fandom and like,, everyone knows and loves her. I have seen so many supportive posts that are like “I hope the frog girl from that one anime is having a good day” I really love that. It is so pure and good. Tsuyu truly deserves this.


They’ve been dating for months


  • Openly admires Donna’s search for freedom and empowerment.
  • Deeply respects Kitty’s job as a nurse, mother and wife. Constantly helps her with house chores, food and fixing things around her house.
  • Eric assumes Donna will be a stay at home wife and will take care alone of the babies, to which he answers with: “Donna, man. Forman’s just limited by his experiences. As the voice of a new generation of smart, independent women, you need to make this dillhole realize that a mind and spirit like yours has more options than your mothers had.”
  • Immediately calls out Kelso on his bullshit when he cheats on Jackie and is the first one to step in to defend her when everyone else tries to make her feel bad all the time.
  • Thinks Jackie, a girl he doesn’t like, should and can do better than Kelso. Constantly tells her this and is disappointed at her getting back together with the cheater.
  • Believes Donna’s decision of not accepting Eric’s promise ring are right ones and supports her during the break up, even when Eric is his best friend/brother.
  • Punches assholes that call other girls names and want to use them only for sex.
  • Firmly believes women should not be only breeders or depend on a man, things that later he let Jackie know by telling her she should and can work for her own nice stuff.
  • Also reminds her he is NOT like Eric, and will happily cherish her in her success in the career of her choice. He won’t mind her being more successful than him and winning more than him.
  • Stands up for Brooke when asshole Kelso decides he won’t do anything about Betsy when he first hears the news about Brooke’s pregnancy. Makes him get some reason and do right by her and their unborn child.
  • DOES support Jackie’s career, even when they aren’t together at the moment and steps aside so she can success and be happy on her own.

So many books and tv shows about werewolves worship this dominance culture, especially a male-centric dominance hierarchy, and sometimes it drives me nuts because it’s regarded as the default. That if humans transformed into beasts, of course most of the survivors would be men, and of course they’d be violent and territorial and murderous, and of course they’d be vaguely chauvinistic because ‘they can’t help it that’s just how werewolves are’.

It’s this idea that the metaphor for a beast as one’s inner nature is reserved for male characters and male violence, tossed in with  frequently-inaccurate anthropomorphic assumptions about animal pack culture.

Where are the stories about the werewolf packs that are mostly female?  Where are the stories about the fact that women who’ve born children have a higher pain tolerance than men and would better survive the bite? Where are the stories about the women who spend so much time controlling their passions and their emotions and their desires to navigate in a man’s world that they adapt all to well to controlling their mystical transformations too?

What does a pack of all female werewolves look like? Is there a hierarchical structure, or something else? Does it mean the same thing to be an alpha, a beta? What does it mean to be a lone wolf?

I want the stories about how men who are bitten are more likely to go mad  from trying to keep a duality in their minds instead of coming to consensus and sharing space with their wolf-spirit. I want stories about the female alpha wolf who only offers the bite to other girls, because dudes have already fucked up ruling the human world, let’s not let them have the supernatural one too.  

I want the story about the trans girl who all of a sudden has to deal with physically transforming her body three nights a month, because hell if you ever wanted a metaphor about not fitting right in your own skin, werewolves are a good option.

I want the story about how the hedge-witches took wolves as familiars and gave them human souls, turned them into human girls, and forced them to give up the wind and the snow and the grass for a life trapped in human flesh.

I want the story about the teenage werewolf girls who hunt down other monsters while they try to find the right shoes for prom and study for their written driver’s test.  And when people joke about them going to the bathroom in a pack, it’s not really a joke. Because girls know a journey is not an adventure unless she brings her friends, and when they travel in packs, they travel in packs.

I want more female werewolves.

harry during tmh: same black, white, and navy t-shirts every show and ratty ass brown boots

harry during wwa: testing the waters with patterned jumpers and long sleeved button downs

harry during otra: new shit every night. each shirt is at least $3000. titties always on display. sheer and floral and bright colors everywhere. are those gold boots? yes those are fucking gold boots