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Inside Choices: It Lives in the Woods

BOO! Halloween’s almost here, and we at Pixelberry love celebrating the spookiest time of year. We’ve got pumpkin carving, tons of candy, and a new horror book! The newest Choices book It Lives in the Woods is a nightmarish look at past and present terrors. Can you fight off the monsters that lurk in the woods? And will your friends survive the encounter? It’s all up to you in It Lives in the Woods!

I followed the sound of eerie, haunted wails to find the writers all crouched around a single laptop in the woods. To find out what the writers behind It Lives in the Woods have to say, keep reading… if you dare!

It Lives in the Woods is the second horror book in Choices. What is this one about?

Kathleen: Okay without spoiling too much, It Lives in the woods is a lighthearted woodland romp full of fuzzy friends and cool nature facts! It’s fun AND educational! …LOL, JK. Do not go into these woods. There’s something in there. Something old and powerful. Something you and your little friends should never have toyed with. Now it’s reawoken, and it wants you to come back to play…

Are there any new gameplay features in It Lives in the Woods? What’s the deal with Nerve? More specifically, are we all doomed?!

Kathleen: The major one is Nerve Scores, which are basically a measure of how well a character is at dealing with the terrifying stuff happening to/around them. Nerve scores start out high, and are gradually chipped away over the course of the book as things get scarier and scarier. I think horror stories are most compelling when you can see the toll that the scary events are taking on the characters. With Nerve, we’re trying to incorporate that feeling in a way that’s realistic, but still gives players some control over the outcome (certain choices you make can boost those scores back up!). Other than that, we’ve got some awesome animations, and a sick new inventory system that I’m really stoked about :D

This is basically standard procedure for Inside Choices at this point, so you know what I’m gonna ask. Who can we date in this book?

Kathleen: So many people, hahaha. We’ve got guys and gals, tough rebels and popular kids, all super cool (and hot) in their own way.

To be honest, I was pretty freaked out playing the first two chapters. (I may have screamed in the office.) Do you ever scare yourself when you’re writing?

Chelsa: Very few things scare me, except for like repaying my student loans and, in general, dolls. I will say I got chills playing some of the scenes in these first few chapters and there was some screaming involved, though less of the scared kind and more of the ‘YAAAAASSSS’ kind.

Kathleen: Never, except for those times when I was mid-spooky scene and you suddenly tapped on the window that’s right next to my desk because you are an EVIL PERSON, JESSICA.

#SorryNotSorry, Kathleen! So in this book, you’ve got both friends and foes. Who is your favorite character?

Brandon: Ava is really fun (snarky characters all day every day). I’m also enjoying writing for Andy a lot. In general, it’s just pretty cool to write for such a diverse cast as It Lives has. It can feel a little scary sometimes—putting these characters through the unsavory stuff that pops up in a horror story, while still trying to be inclusive and respectful—but it’s also super important. It’s exciting to explore the kinds of characters and subject matter that videogames don’t tackle very often.

Chelsa: Ava hands down. Around the office we’ve been describing her as 'if me and Kathleen had a baby’ but somehow more sarcastic? I also really love Britney, but I will never say no to writing a mean girl.

Kathleen: Hahaha, I was gonna say Ava but I had a feeling everyone else would pick her too so I’m gonna talk about someone else. I have a special soft spot for Jocelyn, partially because physically intimidating women are so rare in fiction, and partially because she’s a much-needed source of comic relief in a pretty dark story. Here’s hoping she learns the error of her ways and stops being such a jerk to people.

What’s it like to write for a horror book as opposed to a series belonging to a different genre?

Chelsa: When I first started working for Choices I was asked what my dream book to work on would be and horror was number 2 on my list. Up until now I’ve been leading The Sophomore, so working on It Lives was definitely a change but one that I couldn’t be more excited about! It’s been really fun branching out and working in the romance genre, but working with these guys on It Lives feels like getting back to basics.

Brandon: So, when I wrote for The Crown & The Flame, one thing I think I leaned on pretty heavily was a lot of big florid event texts and descriptions. In practice, though, those don’t work very well in a horror game, as they really kill the momentum. So that shift has entailed a lot of adjustment. And red ink. And sobbing.

Kathleen: I’m just stoked that I get to use modern slang in dialogue. Writing in fantasy-speak all the time is hard, man.

Sounds like It Lives in the Woods will be the ultimate test of courage. Any final advice for players?

Chelsa: For the maximum spooky experience, PLAY WITH YOUR SOUND ON. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Kathleen: Be nice to your friends <3

Brandon: (frantically scribbled in blood) RUN

Yikes! To those reading along: What do you think of the new horror book? With the holidays on the horizon, we’ve got plenty planned - including a brief return to Rules of Engagement with Newlyweds, a holiday special epilogue, and other new books that might just be set on a certain mysterious island…


Naive: Part 1

A/N: I’m so freaking happy you guys seemed to like the intro, I wrote this and a few other “chapters” up in one night! Hopefully I can get you guys as hyped as I am for this story😭💛

Word Count: 3k+

Warnings: Just cursing in this chapter because I have the mouth of a sailor. The stirrings of sexual tension. The big stuffs coming next time though you guys I promise lol

Summary: As the goddaughter of Tony Stark you were no stranger to the Avengers, but when you meet the newest member- you’re a little more then intrigued. Unfortunately for him, Bucky Barnes has caught your eye.


You and Pepper sit in the back of a sleek black Mercedes as it winds through the city, towards Manhattan and the Tower.

It had only been a few years since you’d been in New York but damn, had your forgotten how small this city made you feel. You stare out of the window, your eyes tilted up at many sky scrapers, the sun glaring through your oversized sunglasses as you look at the sky.

It reminds you of a canopy, the way the buildings seem to box you in. An urban jungle that smelled like human pee and chronic exhaustion.

“Are you excited for the internship?” Pepper asks you with a grin and you nod enthusiastically, biting your bottom lip.

What she was talking about was the internship you’d managed to score at the American Museum of Natural History.

“So fucking excited. I mean- I know they’re going to have me doing chump work. Since I only just got my bachelors degree, but the boost that it’s giving my career is insane. Like, I’ll be working on my graduates degree at the same time so I’m hoping if I can make a good impression they’ll refer me to the Smithsonian”

You cant help but babble, your mouth going a mile a minute.

School had always been important to you. It’d been drilled into you by your scientist of a mother, and your college professor of a grandmother that education was the most valuable thing in this world. You’d luckily inherited your moms bright nature, and had graduated high school as the Valedictorian…

Which always made you laugh because you’d ditched more then a third of your senior year to smoke pot with your friends in your car and had still managed to pass top of your class.

College was harder, just like you knew it was going to be. But you still goverened a high grade point average. Double majoring in Sociology and History and minoring in Art Forensics.

Because you’d known, ever since you’d watched Indiana Jones when you we’re six, that all you wanted to do was work in Museums. You wanted to be surrounded by ancient scrolls and mystical tombs. You wanted your life to be the adventure you’d mapped it out to be in your head.

Plus the ide of your fat ass swinging around on vines and running from giant rolling death balls made you smile.

“That’s a lot to have on your plate at once. But if anyone can do it, it’s you. But just know if you neglect your flower girl duties, you will be replaced” Pepper jokes and you giver her a “har har”

“You mean maid of honor duties” You verify.

“What? You cant be both? We also we’re thinking of having you be the ring bearer” You roll your eyes at the strawberry blonde who’s typing away at her blackberry. It’s such a familiar sight, a wave of nostalgia washes over you.

You’d spent a good chunk of your childhood looking up to her.

When the car pulls into the garage of what used to be Stark, but what was now Avengers tower you cant help but feel like you’re ten years olf again. Going to spend two weeks in the summertime with your “Tony Tino”

“So they should be out of their meeting in about twenty minutes, your bags are being brought to your room and the boxes got here a few days ago” Pepper confirms the plans to me as we make our way through the lush waiting room and into one of the many elevators.

“Okay, cool. I’ll just go start unpacking then-”

“Nope” She interjects and I shoot her a “why the hell not?” look.

“Tony said you should get something in your stomach. He know’s you never eat on planes” Pepper covers for herself quickly, not wanting you to see through her lie and ruin Tony’s surprise.

“Okay I guess. I’m not really hungry but you can show me the new kitchens. All he’s been talking about is how the upgrades we’re way cool” You seem to be tottaly oblivious wich makes her let out a metaphorical sigh of relief.

The kitchens are even more wicked then what Tony had told you and your eyes light up as you asses the huge room. The stainless steel and clean white walls making it look like something out of Star Trek.

“Hello Ms. Y/L/N” Fridays sing song robotic voice chimes from nowhere and you grin.

“Friday! How have you been?” You know she’s just a computer, just a hard drive, but you talk to her like she’s a real person.

Just like you used to do with Jarvis who, now, actually was a real person.

“I’ve been well, Ms. Y/L/N. Tony has missed you very much. He’s been very busy preparing for your stay. He’s instructed me to make sure you are fed because he knows you “barf” on airplanes. What can I have made for you? The chef’s specialty is French cusine”

You quirk your mouth at the word barf.

That was one time and you we’re fourteen. Would he ever let you forget it?

“Umm, just a bowl of fruit sounds good” You instruct her rolling your eyes at Pepper who insists you eat a more well rounded diet.

“Fine- and a yogurt”

You sit across Pepper, at one of the glass dining tables. You’d been hungrier then you’d realized and had eaten the entirety of the mixed fruit and yogurt happily. Your chatting about the NYU admissions when the door to the kitchens opens and people flooded in.

Those people being the Avengers- sans a couple members, but still, a decent(menacing) group. With Tony at the front.

The grin on his face is big- his eyes crinkling with crows feet as he approaches you, his arms dramatically open wide.

“Hey Tino!” You laugh as you hop down from the stool and walk over, giving him a tight squeeze. He wasn’t the tallest men, but was still much taller then you so you wrap your arms around his middle as he squeezes the life out of your head.

“Hey kiddo” He lets you go after a moment, putting a hand on your shoulder “How are you doing? Are you feeling better? Did you eat?” He looks you over as he speaks.

You look…different. Your hair is different, you’d cut at least a four or so inches off and it now sat just past your shoulders. It was lighter too.

“Yes god father, I ate. Chill out” You shake your head.

“You dyed your hair” It almost sounds like an accusation and you fight the urge to run your fingers through it self consciously.

Your hair had always reminded him so much of your moms…“It looks nice kid! Makes you look like you’re about thirty though”

“Don’t be mean to me!”

“I’m not- I’m not. I said it looks nice. Right Pepper, you heard that?” Tony looks to Pepper who’s still at the table, she just snorts at her fiancée.

“I think it brings out your eyes” Natasha pipes up as she comes up and gives you a short hug.

“Well thanks. At least someone here actually loves me. I missed you Nat, how have you been?”

And that’s how it goes, you making the rounds, reuniting with the people all around you.

Bruce blushes when you hug him tightly and ask him how things we’re hanging in the lab. Thor picks you up, as he always had, and told you how he missed his little lady. You think you hug Wanda the tightest. You’d kept in touch with her the most, you guys were close in age and you just clicked with her. You knew all about her little romance with Vision who you still had the urge to call Jarvis.

“You’ll always be Jarvis to me” You tell him. He, like Pepper, had watched you grow up.

Clint ruffles your hair in a way that makes you swat his hands away furiously. “How’ve you been, squirt?” Before Sam tells you you’d gotten a nice tan in Europe to which you cant help but bark a laugh at. “Okay creep” you punch his shoulder affectionately.

“Hey Steve” You beam at him reaching on the very tip of your toes to wrap him in a quick hug.

God, he’s still hot.

You’d had a thing for him back a few years ago. He was going through a rough patch and needed a friend and you had this inviting way about you that he’d melted into. It never got serious- you hadn’t even really kissed the guy but you’d been close.

You thought it would have been weirder seeing him again. Especially after the whole scene Tony had caused between the both of you but it wasn’t.

He still looked something akin to sunshine. His aura bright and golden.

And he was standing next to someone you’d never met- in person. But you knew exactly who the guy was.

You we’re a history major for fucks sake. Of course you knew who James Buchannan Barnes was.

“How’ve you been, Y/N? It’s been a while” Steve grins down at you.

“It really has, stranger. Thanks for texting me” You shoot at him, with no malice but it makes him shift uncomfortably on his feet.

“Yeah- I’m sorry. I should have checked in more it’s just been really hectic-” You watch him with a satisfied leer. You’d always loved making him squirm, and he just made it all too easy.

“You’re fine Steve” You wave him off “I get it. You’re still all technologically impaired. Guess I’m just not important enough for you”

You use that tone- the one that had always got him so worked up and he just puffs out a breath, shaking his head.

“That’s not- your messing with me” He catches on and you giggle and roll your eyes.

Oh, your sweet 40’s child.

“Always” You inform him before turning your attention to the man you hadn’t been formally introduced to yet and giving him a smile. That smile.

Bucky can see why you we’re known for being a flirt.

He’d just watched you work a room full of people, watched the way that the team reacted to your warmth. The way you seemed to have your own unique bond with everyone and he couldn’t lie- it was intriguing.

You’re pretty- in a way that he didn’t see a lot. Yeah, your bigger then he’d been expecting; all hips and thighs and a large bussom but there’s something eye catching about you. Maybe it’s the way your eyes are lined with sharp cat eye liner or the way your eyebrows arch. It reminds him of home, of the women that he’d grown up around.

“Hi, I’m Y/N” You hold your hand out to his. Your eyes are sparking with curiosity as he reaches down to take it.

“I’m-” He starts and you cut him off, your playful nature coming out.

“ Sargent James Buchannan Barnes? I’ve been learning about you since like kindergarten!”

“That so? You can call me Bucky, doll” he drawls out.

“Bucky. It’s really nice to meet you. Any friend of Splangles here is a friend of mine. I mean unless you’re as boring as he is”

You really we’re a charmer. And he thought he’d been charming back in the day. You could run circles around him.

He can’t help the smooth chuckle that leaves his throat as Steve protests with an half offended “hey!”

“I’m just kidding, Steve. You know I love you!” You pinch his cheek, your nose scrunching before turning away from them and back to Tony.

Not before telling Bucky you were “Excited to pick his brain sometime”

Bucky’s gaze is focused on your retreating figure. He feels a little…dizzy. The way you feel when you get off a ride at Luna Park.

He doesn’t think he’s felt like this anytime this decade.

Steve shoots him a knowing look.

The Y/N effect.

“Told ya’ jerk” Steve pushes Bucky’s shoulder in a friendly manner as he passes him and Bucky shakes him, and the weird head high off with a quick “Punk”.

Tony hasn’t stopped talking since that first moment you’d been reunited and you hang onto every word. You’d always loved this about him; that he’d talk to you. And like, really conversation. Not just treat you like your were some dumb kid who couldn’t keep up.

You end up leaving the rest of the “Scooby gang” and you follow him to where you’re assuming is his office.

“Okay but how are they going to try and pass Government restrictions on you? It doesn’t make any sense? If they had half a brain they’d label you an international task force- but I mean then you’d have to deal with the UN more I guess. And aren’t they still super salty about the accords?…”

Tony’s over being impressed with the way your brain works. He’s been over it since you were eight and you’d called your teacher a facist.

“Super salty” Tony affirms with a sigh “But at least we have SHEILD backing us now. And there’s some new members. Oh yeah and Thors phycotic brother promised he won’t try to invade earth anymore”

You snort “Well that’s a relief I guess. He’s finally getting his younger sibling syndrome in check”

“I think Bruce scarred him for life”

“Good. He needed it. Where’s Rhodey? I noticed that he wasn’t down stairs” you ask the question that been bugging you.

“Oh yeah. He had a physical therapy appointment but he’ll be gracing us with his presence for dinner”

“How’s he doing?”

“You know Rhodey. He’s kicking PTs ass. He should be able to get back in the suit in a few months”

That makes you happy. Like genuinely so happy and relieved because you loved the shit out of Rohdey and you’d been really worried about him after the…accident.

“Yeah. He’s such a bad ass- uh hey Tino, where are we going? I thought your office was on the 47th floor?” You watch as the light around the 15 lights up, announcing your stop.

“I thought we’d make a detour. So I know you wanted to get your own apartment- but rent in the city is outrageous and you decided to humor your dear old god dad… So I improvised” Tony explains and your whole face is twisted up in confusion because what is he even talking about?

“What?” You hiss as the elevator doors ding open.

The room that’s revealed has your jaw dropping and harsh gasp ripping itself from your throat.

“Think of it as a graduation present” Tony’s happy- your reaction is just what he’d wanted.

You looked childlike as you took in the space. There were large, floor length windows that lined the furthest wall- the natural lighting was something out of a dream. The couches were plush and charcoal colored, an array of throw pillows lining them. There were white furry rugs and marble accents and gold lining to everything. The color scheme you were obsessed with.

“Tony oh my god! I love it!” You squeak. How had he gotten your tastes so well? “This is why pepper started following all my Pinterest boards huh?”

“We wanted it to feel like your own place. There’s a bed room and a bathroom back down that hall”

You turn to him, your bottom lip jutting out.

“Don’t cry!” He protests and you sniffle dramatically.

“I just- I can’t believe you had the time to do all of this. Thank you so so so so much, Tino. I love it. Best graduation gift ever”

He’d always spoiled you, a fact that you weren’t ignorant to but this… It almost felt like too much.

“I’m just happy you’re staying here. I think NYU and the internship will be really good for you. And Pepper needs someone to talk wedding plans with cause she’s staring to make my ears bleed with that shit-”

“And you want to keep an eye on me while I withdrawal?” You guess, saying what he hadn’t.

The atmosphere in the room seems to suddenly shift.

He chomps his teeth together with an audible snap and nods.

“We don’t know the entirety of side effects from coming off that drug so yes. I want you here while you do it. Even though I still don’t think it’s the best idea” Tony uses that parental voice you hate on you and you sigh and walk over to one of the Windows. Staring down bustling streets below you.

“I know, I don’t know if it’s the best idea either but somethings gotta’ give. I’m willing to try anything at this point…I don’t want to feel like this anymore” you whisper the last part.

Tony watches you, his arms folded over his chest as he deflates.

“Okay- just like I told you over the phone we’ll try it. Ween you off slowly. But if it gets too intense we’re starting them back up again”

I’m not gonna lose you too, is what he doesn’t say.

No matter how bad the idea of it scares you, you know it’s the best route. The only one you’ve got left.


Dun dun dunnnnn. Y/N’s on drugs say what?! Trust me, it’s not what your thinking. Unless you’s a mind reader- then it’s exactly what your thinking. I’m thinking? We’re thinking?😂

Ps. My laptops acting super wonky so the tags should be up later! I promise I’ve got you guys lol! And continue to ask if you want to be tagged in upcoming parts.

Oh yeah, in the spirit of the Spirit of Competition meta, I got this ask yesterday:

Anonymous said to gotgifsandmusings:

Look, there’s nothing wrong with letting a poor (in the financial sense) guy you’re not interested in at all take you out on a series of dates because you failed to convince his brother to cheat on his girlfriend with you, then making out with his brother in public. This is somehow Mako’s fault and not further evidence that Korra is an overall bad person.

Which wildly confuses me for so many reasons, not the least of which is why was this sent to my GoT blog?

But like. I don’t think Korra going on the one date (definitely not a series) with Bolin was framed as this wonderful thing? She was feeling down so she agreed to it, and then when he was hurt after she kissed Mako, she instantly saw the issue and apologized. I also seem to have missed Korra asking Mako to cheat; my impression was just like, “hey date me instead.” This is all just so stupid and random that why am I even defending it, but every issue was resolved in this episode. It was kind of a clear “here’s where Korra learns XYZ” thing.

Idk it was a welcome break from the usual slop I get in that inbox. Everyone blaming Mako for her going on a date with Bolin is news to me though. I wasn’t in the fandom in Book 1, but was that seriously the case?

anonymous asked:

when i was "7" i was in a hospital for a few months for a secret reason. my aunt brought me a snake to make me feel better, i tried to eat it but my mother slapped it out of my hand and it got away. we never found it. his name was slippy.

this ask has so many questions around it. why did you try to eat the snake? why was the hospital visit secret? was it secret to you as well? why are their quotation marks around the number 7?? as if you weren’t actually seven?? this is so upsetting. thank you.


laila attempts to come out as bi(sexual), but her mom hears bai.

You are so much more than beautiful, you are intelligent and worth care taking. I love the way you smile and how you get so happy when you talk about the things you love. I could write a whole book of how much i adore you. How you even make the moon and the stars jealous of the way you shine. You are the cure to anything bad in this universe. The way you bloom like every other season keeps amazing me. So many unwritten stories locked down in your heart. Tell me everything about you, endless thoughts of you in my mind. I could write endless of poems about you. You are a poem yourself that I could never write. Out of words when I see you. I get so shy and get lost in my words. Sometimes I wish I could tell you as much as I could write down so you could understand me a little better. Even on these cloudy days I will hold you down. When you cry I will do anything in my power to make you smile. I sometimes get jealous and think about other people that will probably love you better and that I’ll always have to live with that thought stuck in my mind. I need you more than anything and I will never forget about you. I’d travel a million miles just to see you. When It’s 4am and you need me I’ll be 1 call away. I love every little bit of you. The comfort in my body when I’m around you is something special. We are meant to be together, that’s what the universe told me. 7 billion people on earth and my focus is on you, you only. Your fingers running through my body trying to find my scars. And maybe you won’t be the one for me and you fall in love with someone else. Because right now im the chaos in your mind and you are the potion to my heart. I will be happy for you, i want you to be loved. I hope they will not only love you only because of how beautiful you are. But because of how intelligent and strong you are, how you carry the world by yourself, how you educate everyone around you. How you make winter nights feel like summer evenings. How you got the ability to make me so calm in a world full of cruelty. So many stars in the sky tonight, and oh they so adorable.

But nothing as adorable

As you
my love.

—  yungogsyd 
AfterBuzz Interview Quote:

Interviewer: Last season, in terms of Netflix dropping episodes, was so much about trying to build up Keith’s confidence as a leader, and now we immediately see him basically getting to step out of that role. So what was sort of the decision, I guess, behind that?

Joaquim: I mean, I think he’s always been reluctant to be in that position, so I think it’s part of his makeup, it’s part of his character. … You know, Pidge tried pulling something very similar early on, and Keith was like, “What are you doing?” So I think this is also a nice turn. It shows their growth as a team, it shows their understanding of each other’s personal needs.

Lauren: And it’s also a situation where you’ve got one paladin too many. We only need five to form Voltron. Had Shiro stayed gone, Keith would have absolutely been there and been that leader. But he sees Shiro’s back, and I think he feels like he can’t fill those shoes. And so, it almost makes him want to pull back more, and he’s trying to almost force Shiro to retake that position. Because he never feels like he can adequately take his place.

Lauren and Joaquim talk about Keith stepping aside from Voltron

Shit my wife has said to our cat, part 4

- You are a lap real-estate mogul, Miss Kitty. You got some supreme above-the-knee property.

- I’d like to remind you, my favorite little bastard, that you may have International Cat Day, but we queers have a full month. So take that.

- Eat it. Paper-mâché your fucking heart

- Did you hear it? Did you hear it speak? That which haunts the halls of this apartment… (cat: meows). Shut up.

- (Listening to disco) Are you feeling the love vibration tonight, Miss Kitty? Is that why your tootsies are like this?

- You come to us. For pets? For knowledge? For Wisdom?….. For…. pets?

- I feel like being obnoxious tonight, like you are every night you little…… shit…. head? I couldn’t think of something terrible to call her.

- You fucking motherfucker. You opportunistic little bitch. You Machiavellian motherfucker. GO WRITE SOME LATIN.

- Sic semper tyrannis ad mortum, Miss Kitty. You’re the ’ tyrannis’ in this situation. I’m the ‘ad mortum.’

- Happiness can be found outside the lap, Miss Kitty. That is the way of enlightenment. Happiness can be found without stepping on my titties, and making them hurt with your toe beans.

- I peer in your eyes in the middle of the night. I know what your soul is.

- HA! Now I can leave the floor without feeling guilty! Neener Neener, you shithead!

- You’re famous, Miss Kitty! You got famous by doing nothing but being an object of ridicule. (long pause) We toyed with fire, I know…

- I say so many mean things to you and I don’t take them back.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

How To Work With Hounds

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Types of Hounds

  • Hellhounds: A demonic hound; ‘darker arts’; very good for beginners; can shift to a more human form (may or may not depending on their personal preference); Many varieties (Cerberus, Orthrus, Icarus, Rogue, Etc)
  • Heavenhounds: Angelic Hounds; ‘lighter arts’; has wings; can shift into a humanoid form if desired; takes on different types of dogs; can be good for beginners
  • Cu Sidhe (Irish)  / Cu Sith (Scottish): Faery Hounds; normally green, brown, or white; Appears normally as either an Irish Wolfhound, a Wolf, or a Greyhound; Beginners be cautious but not like, paranoid
  • Cwn Annwn: The Hounds of The Celtic God Arawn ; Grey; DO NOT CONTACT UNLESS YOU WORK WITH ARAWN / WANT TO WORK WITH HIM
  • Grim: Hounds of Death; Guardians; ‘darker arts’; Very Territorial; Intermediate
  • Black Shuck: The Black Dogs of Folklore; Super Sweet; So Nice; Good for Beginners
  • Gwyllgi: Welsh; ‘Dark Arts’; 50/50 shot; Caution; Intermediate+; Appear as a black dog or a mastiff
  • Barghest: Large Dog; Sharp claws, Toxic Teeth; Actually Really Nice; ‘Dark arts’; Intermediate
  • Madrai Dryads: Hounds who live in trees; My personal discovery; Brown with green eyes; leave trails of dirt where they walk; info post soon; sweet but shy; beginner friendly
  • Werewolves: Humanoid Shifters; Shift either at will or with the moon phases/extreme anger; man buns for dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyys; beginner friendly sometimes, use caution
  • Familiars: Spirits of animals passed on; very chill; I would recommend these for anyone. {I have a wolf I got from a shop and she is the sweetest thing ever <3 )
  • Celestial Hounds: The Hounds of The Stars; Very spacey; They glow; harder to contact

How To Bond

  • Spend time with them and their vessel
  • Talk to them
  • Do fun things with them
  • Draw them
  • Give Them Food
  • Cuddle
  • Etc

Things That Help (No Seriously, I Wish I Would Have Been Told This Stuff)

1) Get A Damn Pendulum, this is the easiest way to communicate with any spirit, is user friendly, and very inconspicuous

2) Be patient. Do not fucking get mad when they mess up, explain why thats not ok or how it should be done

3) Set house rules, but don’t be a dictator about it

4) Develop a Mom™ Voice (I mean this in a gender neutral way, but you know that voice that your mom used that made you feel compelled to do what she asked or tell her what she wanted to know? Yeah, develop one of those. Its helped me so many times its not even funny. (it actually is kinda funny tbh)

5) Vessels aren’t supposed to be an uncomfortable trap for your companion, its supposed to make it easier to feel them and connect with them. Ask to make sure their binding (if they have one) doesn’t hurt them. If it does contact the shop you got them from, break the binding you did, or have someone else (like me) break the binding and redo it. (IF YOU GOT THEM FROM A SHOP PLEASE CONTACT THAT SHOP FIRST, I don’t like stepping on other peoples work unless they refuse to help, EVERY SHOP SHOULD / WILL WANT TO KNOW IF THEIR BINDING IS INFLICTING PAIN.)

If you need help contacting any of the above mentioned spirits, please message me and I would be glad to help you 

do you ever think about how the musical number in tatinof was actually dan’s idea but in tatinof they present it as phil’s. and ever wonder if maybe that’s because wanting to have a musical number didn’t fit with the dinof branding. and about how dan talked about wanting to change his username before tatinof but he couldn’t because because is not on fire is in the name of their stage show so he couldn’t just drop it while they were on tour. and do you ever think about how maybe the internet is here is just another piece of evidence of dan’s growing comfort with showing who he really is and what he actually wants to his audience. and how dan’s branding may not have held him back, per se, but rather been at conflict with some things he wanted to do. and how dan never really grew out his theatre days and dreams of being on stage in front of so many people. and how he got to live that dream. and how now he has curly hair and his username is daniel howell and he talks about boys and wears oversized sweaters and sometimes nail polish. and then get proud of dan for how far he’s come. and happy that he feels freer to show those facets of himself he hid.

because I do and then I get emotional.

Instagram Is A Tiny Speck In The Ginormous Oil Painting of Life

One topic I think about obsessively: Instagram. More specifically, the psychological effect it has on me.

A while ago I posted a tweet saying I felt conflicted about social media, and the responses I got were surprising. People said that Facebook gave them anxiety, only going on certain sites when their mood was stable, whilst others deleted and re-activated their accounts regularly.

Illustration by Ana Galvan

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with these platforms but they have so many pros that it makes them hard to quit. They connect me to like-minded people, are informative, make me laugh and give me an instant connection to my fanbase. It’s amazing to feel a level of relation in real time. However, in the last year I’ve noticed that every time I go on Instagram I feel kind of flat + zapped afterwards, like somebody has literally sat on my brain for 5 minutes. It’s oddly deflating.

Social media apps are designed to make us addicted to them. Human behaviour is reward based and each time we get a “like” or a message, our brains release a hit of dopamine, which makes us feel rrrreeeeal good (until the dopamine level drops and we feel real bad). Instagram is basically digital meth. So, for the past year I’ve been deleting the app off my phone for large periods of time, then re-downloading it if I want to post something. Interestingly, the feeling I get upon returning is always the same: I’ve missed nothing!

I understand social media’s appeal most when in relation to constructing a fantasy world. I’ve used it as a creative tool on every album I’ve made. Tumblr was key to “Electra Heart” and Twitter was key to “FROOT”. But what at first seemed like an opportunity to communicate our thoughts in an uncensored way has become a vehicle for us to present ourselves in the way that we would like to be seen by others. And this is what makes me feel weird about posting sometimes. A review I read of the film ’Ingrid Goes West’ nailed this feeling: “We use these platforms to lie and intentionally curate our lives”. The curating part hits a chord with me. It makes me feel icky, because I’ve surely, if subconsciously, done this - the majority of us have if we’re using the platform. How do I get around that and use it in a healthier way? Do I just delete the whole thing or do I need to be aware of the reason I want to post something? i.e. Is it to share an image I love, or is to make people think of me in a certain way? The latter creeps me out. It scares me.

Illustration by Allegra Lockstadt

Recently, a friend said he had been going through a difficult period, so he hadn’t gone on Instagram for about a month. “Why would I? Everyone is having such a great time”. Ohhh, the digital illusion of happiness. OK, some people are genuinely having a great time, and they want to share that great time with you, but they’re not having a good time all the time. And that’s the key to remember when we’re embarking on a scrolling spree into the darkest depths of existential hell at 2am. Social media is a tiny speck in the ginormous oil painting of human life. We all have problems. We present the good parts of ourselves because it’s anathema to document the true nature of our lives, which inevitably consist of moments of disappointment, loneliness and embarrassment. None of these things look pretty or cool (no, not EVEN if you put the Mayfair filter on top of them), and I can totally see how it all started out innocently. We all love sharing special moments, but because these moments hold social currency online, we’re now doing only that. It’s easy to see how people can feel disappointed when their own lives don’t measure up in a similar way.

Illustration by Lan Truong

We’re still in the infancy of the internet, trying to navigate technology in a way that is beneficial to our lives, but I sense a shift towards a desire to portray our lives more realistically. I notice more people sharing an experience or story in the caption of a selfie/ photograph that provides more of a picture of their life than the actual photo ever could. But I still wonder how we can evolve online culture into a space that is less image-focused/ self-driven, because I worry about the psychological effects that an image-focused culture might have on a young person’s self-esteem. 20 years ago, posting a stream of pictures of only my face would have been considered borderline narcissistic, but now it’s normal. And I’m not judging this - I’m talking from the perspective of someone who has done this a’plenty and who has been a part of that culture, particularly at the height of an album campaign. Maybe all Instagram has done is magnify what seems to have always been true, that humans value beauty to excess.

Ok, I’ll end this post by saying this: If I never go on Instagram again, my life won’t lack anything because of it. Assuming I use it 20 minutes a day, I’ll get back 122 hours a year - for free! The reality is, I’ll probably continue to use it, but it’s important to me to see these platform for what they are, not what they appear to be. They’re addictive, comparative, take my time and give little back in return.

I’ll leave you with my fave comment which came from @FKASimon.

Quite, Simon, Quite.

Love, Marina

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Stop! Look at this, look at every precious detail of this Sterek artwork and then go commission @linneart because she’s both extremely talented and clearly psychic on some level. She did so many things I adore. I asked for “Sterek in the woods” and got so much more than that.

Look at how beautiful that minty lighting is, and all the little tonal details in the foliage that give me serious Mary Blair’s Alice in Wonderland feels… and of course their sweet little blushing faces! 

I hope you stumble on this and that it makes you as happy as it’s made me 😍 

When Jack picks up the phone, his first thought is that something has gone very, very wrong. Bitty is crying, nearly sobbing, to the point that his words aren’t coming through clearly. He takes a shuddering breath in and only manages a feeble “J-jack” before breaking down again. Jack doesn’t know what happened but he is so certain that he has to fix it.

“What is it?” Jack asks, picking up his car keys without even thinking. “What happened?”

“I-I-I-” Bitty tries. He stops, takes a deep breath. “I’m the captain!”  He dissolves again into a sort of chuckle sob, half laughter, half crying. “Th-they all voted for me.”

Jack feels so many emotions at once all he can do is sit down. “Bitty- Bits. That’s amazing!”

It’s amazing, but it’s not surprising. He always knew Bitty would make a captain. Bitty was the glue that held the team together, anyone could see that. He’d improved so much since he started, and he worked hard to get to where he is. No one else got up at four in the morning to fix their mistakes. No one sacrificed their free weekends wrangling up the frogs while cooking brunch for twenty.

He wants to tell Bitty all of this, but when he tries to talk his throat constricts, and his eyes blur, and what comes out is more of an undignified squeak. He clears his throat, blinks the tears away, and leans back into the couch, smiling harder than he has in a long time. “I’m so proud of you, Bits.”

“Thanks, Jack,” Bitty says, calmer now. “I’m proud of me, too.”

In millions of years, we will be gone. Not only we, but our planet as well, and everything that lives on it. Our music, our stories, our art, our science, our politics, our languages, our feelings, everything we’ve got. It will all cease to exist. There will be no one or nothing to remember us. Nobody to tell our story. There will be no proof that we’ve existed at all. We will be stardust again. This calms me, but on the other hand it makes me realise that there are - and were - so many things out in the universe that I will never know exist. It makes me feel so small, and so grateful. I am so blessed to be alive at this moment. I am a part of something so much bigger, I am one with the earth and the stars. Even though I am such a small part of this big universe, there is so much to learn. Even though I am of such insignificance to this planet, and our world - and knowledge- will dissapear, I will make the best of being alive. It’s so magical.
—  I think I truly touched the miracle of life.
What I Read During Vacation

So you may or may not know that I was in Greece for about a month in June and I am finally back home! I had such an amazing time and got to catch up and read some really great fics! I didn’t get to read as much as I hoped I would since each day was jam-packed and I had some other readings to finish for my courses. Nevertheless, I read some awesome fics and I can’t wait to share them all with you! (Also, I’m testing out a new way to show my reviews on these posts as I’ve gotten comments about them being lost within the fic summary! Let me know what you think!)

Kintsugi by witchbane, Explicit, 102k (WIP) ***Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Yuuri Katsuki is a hitman burdened with a debt he can never repay. His target: Viktor Nikiforov, next Pakhan to one of the most dangerous families in the Russian mafia.When the two are drawn into a treacherous alliance after a mission gone wrong, the bonds of love and loyalty to family and duty begin to unravel—even as they get more tangled up in each other. 

Have I said how obsessed I am with this fic? Probably, but I’ll say it again. This is SUCH a good mafia AU filled with action, suspense, sexual tension (!!!!) and amazing writing. MUST read if you like mafia AUs!! 

Money Shot by Ashida, Explicit, 36k (WIP)
So Yuuri waited, felt his heart edge back down from his throat as Victor let him catch his bearings, as he just sat and watched Yuuri calm down, patient even though the time he was paying for was ticking.
“Strip for me, Yuuri.” came his first instructions in the lull of silence, the same words he always got, and this is how it always began.

HOOOOO BOY THIS FIC IS SO AMAZING. I have raved about it so many times on this blog but I really just can’t get enough. SO. GOOD.

Pigeon Alley by DiAnna44, Teen, 31k
What’s meant to be will always find a way. Victor and Yuuri? They’re meant to be.

Incredible actor AU that smashes into you like a train going 100000 km/hr hits you right in the feels over and over and over again. Basically, everything Dianna writes will make you cry forever but her incredible storytelling makes it all worth it, and this fic is no exception. 

cancel your reservations by renaissance, Teen, 5.4k 
Yuuri is a college student conducting private fencing lessons for a handsome, rich, and mysterious student. Viktor is not learning to fence because he does medieval reenactments.

Okay, this fic is SO GREAT. I loved the fencing aspect especially because my sister was an Olympic hopeful for fencing so it was fun to read my two favourite characters play the sport I have watched all my life. #writemorefencingfics2k17 ;)

Blackbird by sixpences, Mature, 102k ***Graphic depictions of violence
The year is 1942, and Europe is at war. Captain Victor Nikiforov, an intelligence operative for the NKVD, has been trapped in Berlin by the German invasion of the USSR. Posing as a Nazi industrialist, his days are spent charming information out of Axis diplomats to try and keep the Red Army fighting another day.Yuuri Katsuki, a foreign-educated bureaucrat in the Japanese Embassy, has secrets of his own concealed beneath his unremarkable demeanour. When he uncovers Victor’s real identity, it will alter the course of both of their lives forever.

MUST. READ. One of the best fics I’ve read in this fandom. Incredible writing that engages you right from the start and a storyline that will have you laughing, crying, and biting your nails. Some parts were so intense that I gasped out loud, and other parts so heart-clenching that I may or may not have bawled my eyes out multiple times on the plane. Incredible fic!

The Unknown Unknown by opalish, Teen, 7.4k
Yuuri never meant to become a supervillain. These things just happen to him.

I absolutely ADORE this writer’s style. Such a fun and easy read. Check it out!

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy by DiAnna44, Explicit, 1.7k
When Victor receives a cowboy hat from a fan, Yuuri may or may not want to devastate him.

Please send all my love to @literallynothingbutvictuuri​ for writing this fic. #blessed 

Between Periods by caitwritesstuff, Mature, 18k (WIP)
Yuuri is a history teacher out of a job due to recent cut backs. It just so happens that Phichit works at a school that’s needs a new history teacher. In walks Victor Nikiforov, the undeniably beautiful yet eccentric literature teacher from across the hall with a bit of an obsession with Russian lit and a certain adorable history teacher.

Great teacher AU that I can’t get enough of! Victor is so cute in this and I love how the whole gang’s there. Can’t wait until the next chapter!

Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts by Reiya, Explicit, 130k (WIP)
Viktor doesn’t remember the first time he met Yuuri Katsuki. This however, is what Viktor does remember…

I can’t rave enough about the rivals series. (I’m not kidding. Search up “umfb&mha” and “obs&bs” on my blog to find hundreds of posts of me screaming LOL) Every update of this kills me in the best way possible!

Nuclear Hearts Club by butterbeerbitch, Teen, 28k (WIP)
Being seventeen and chronically confused isn’t always a walk in the park - especially when you’ve been crushing on your brother’s best friend since you were nine. You’d be crazy not to. Victor’s the best thing to happen to the world since sliced bread.

Wow, wow, and wow is all I have to say about this fic. Such an incredible story and descriptive writing that kept me so engrossed I didn’t even notice the turbulence on my plane flight!

Six Hours Ahead by alipiee, Teen, 51k (WIP)
When Yuuri downloaded the harmless quiz app, he didn’t expect to become best friends with the Russian boy who asked him for a rematch.

I FINALLY got around to reading this and it’s definitely lived up to the hype! Such a great read. Check it out!

And the Stars Will Wait by lily_winterwood, Explicit, 19k
Of all the places he had hoped to take Yuuri during their honeymoon — their first trip together as a married couple — he hadn’t anticipated bringing him back to the family dacha and all the memories it evoked.

More BTDS-verse amazingness!! I’m a sucker for honeymoon fics!

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Be sure to give the authors some love! Thank you all for being so patient while I was away. Regular lists are back for the rest of the summer! 

Topp dogg’s Hansol coming out as asexual just makes me feel really proud and happy since I’m part of the lgbtq+ community myself being pansexual. It makes me feel awed and amazed that an kpop idol is like me and many others and him coming out is so brave especially when it’s so frowned upon in Korea. I just hope Hansol is happy and continues being happy since he finally got this off his chest and opened up to us fans and even non fans. Especially to those kpop fans who are still struggling with there identity or are in closet because I know if I wasn’t open about my sexuality this would have given me so much courage and hope and the feeling that I’m not alone.

I don’t know, I’m sorry for this rant but I’m just really happy for Hansol and I’m always going to have his and topp dogg’s back and if any haters or antis or any negative people come at him, turn your location on so I can fight you.

 before i say anything else about all my thoughts and feelings on 210…


yes, it’s something to be talked about big time between wayhaught. yes, it’s a big ‘ol ugly secret. not technically a lie but sins of omission.. yeah yeah yeah it is what it is.

But seriously, this is something I have never witnessed be addressed in lgbt rep. It’s something I never expected to see. And it’s so personal to me.

Personal story time literally nobody asked for: I got married shortly after the repeal of DADT in Washington DC at the ripe old age of almost 20. I was young, dumb, and in the military. I was also extremely aware of the history, the battles that lead to small political victories. A lot of us were. And a lot of us did get married simply because we finally could. It was a huge deal then - not too fucking long ago.

Same thing but on a much larger scale throughout the US: after the US Supreme Court “ruled” on the federal legalization of gay marriage, a literal fuck ton of us got married just out of the sheer euphoria at the fact that we could. It was monumental for us to have this right. So, some of us (a lot of us) jumped straight (lol) for it.

Did that mean a lot of young people getting married before they were in anyway ready for marriage? yeah, big time. 

I am one of those people who is still technically married just because divorce takes time. It takes a ton of time, a decent amount of money, and a significant (excruciating) toll on a twenty-something-year-old’s heart and mind.  

So allow me, if you will, to paint you a picture. You’ve been watching the politics play out the entirety of your young adult life. You’ve got a girlfriend who you love. The battles so many generations before you have fought and died for have finally, slowly, painfully, been won. You partake in the victory not just for your life and your love, but in the name of those who have fought and died for this before you. The weight of this victory is not lost on you in the slightest. So you get married. A year (if that) later, it doesn’t work out. Like about half of all marriages, yours fails. But divorce is expensive. It’s approximately one trillion times harder to get divorced than it is to get married. So, a few years later, you’re still legally married. You’ve met the absolute love of your life, and you are still married. You still have a wife out there who you don’t talk to. You are not in each other’s lives, but you’ve got that title still.

That is my exact situation right now as I’m writing this. And I never thought I would see that issue on TV. It is a real issue in the LGBT (well let’s throw the blanket term “gay” on it as I’m talking about gay marriage in particular) community. A lot of us are in real, committed, loving relationships but we have actual spouses still. This is a real issue in so many of our lives. And idk if Emily meant to write this in because she is aware this issue effects a lot of us or not, but it’s amazing to me that I am seeing myself actually represented not just as a lesbian, but as a lesbian who rushed into a marriage.

If I went to the hospital right now at this moment in some near death situation, my actual wife would be called. My gf who I live with, have the happiest and best relationship I’ve ever been blessed with, and plan on marrying someday would most definitely be the one by my side, but my actual wife may show up. 

Now, my gf knows about my wife. She’s still my wife. I can’t call her my ex-wife yet. Not legally. I told my gf before we even started dating about my whole situation. Yeah we’re separated. Yeah, the only time we talk is about legal stuff. But the fact remains, I am a married woman.

Now, let me add something really emotional to this picture: divorce fucking sucks. When you go for a divorce, there are certain feelings that come along with it that never go away like fucking scars. You feel like a failure. You feel stupid. You feel unlovable and dirty and shameful and guilty and like you aren’t worth it. You suddenly can’t stand being around your own friends anymore because they’re married and having kids. Everything is a reminder that you failed somehow, even when you know it’s not your fault. No matter what the reason for the divorce was, you are shattered. All the love in the world from your soulmate you might find later on doesn’t totally banish those feelings. Some days, you don’t even think about it. Some days, it hits you like a sack of bricks that you weren’t worth keeping promises to. Divorce is by far the most painful experience I’ve had, and I’ve broken a lot of bones and been through my share of disowned by family, going to sleep starving shit.

So it is not crazy at all that Nicole, who fell fast and hard for a girl she did not expect in a million years to light up her life the way she did, hasn’t found the right way to bring this thing up. Wayhaught has been together how long at this point? A few months? I’m guesstimating 4 at most? I find it hard to feel any kind of mad at Nicole for not bringing this up yet. It sucks to talk about because it hurts to you, who went through the pain of a failed marriage, and you have to consider how to not hurt the other person who loves you now with the fact that you had a commitment to another person in the past. A serious, legal one. It’s a shit position to be in. It’s a nearly unwinnable situation. And it’s one that takes time to process for the other person. There is a fat chance this marriage that isn’t valid to you anymore turns off the other person because it speaks to your flaws from a time when you were young, dumb, and reckless, and promised somebody else your love. I don’t blame Nicole at all for not bringing it up yet. Maybe that’s because I know the feeling. Maybe because like, when has there been the time for such a big discussion?

Honestly, the reason I told my gf about being married when I did, the way I did, was because I was trying to keep her from liking me. When we first met, I wasn’t ready for a relationship. I had just gotten out of one literally days before we met at a concert. Then she starting hanging out at my place because my roommate was dating her friend. I knew she liked me, so I gave her all the dirt on me: I’m married, I drink, I’m a writer, I’m broke, I’m medicated, I have a bad leg, all the negative things. “I’m married” is not a good way to start a conversation. That will keep the ladies away, usually. I mean, ultimately in my life, it was good to have all the bad things in my past out in the air, and our relationship is like the funniest, best love story I’ve ever seen.

But let’s look at life in fucking Purgatory. All the times both Nicole and Waverly have been attacked, been nearly dead, maybe been actually dead, been possessed. They fight demons. Their lives aren’t normal, and they are always in danger. Bringing up a topic like legal marriage? As someone who is married and has been separated for years, there are days I don’t even think about or remember that I’m married anymore. It’s just not something that’s part of your life when you get caught up in school/work/puppy training/what have you. It’s not something on Nicole’s mind always, I can guarantee you that. And when she does think, oh maybe I should bring this up now, something insane like oh, my girlfriend’s possessed takes precedence. 

That was super long and unsolicited, but I think important. Nicole has always been an important character to me, but now exponentially more so because an issue has been addressed that does touch so many queer lives. I feel represented in a way I didn’t know I needed until I saw it tonight.

I want to say that I get why some people are mad about Nicole being married, but honestly, no. Sit down. Take a look at the community around you and real issues we deal with in our real lives. If you don’t want to see the hard part of our lives portrayed, what the hell are you talking about when you cry about wanting representation? If all you want to see women kissing and smiling, go watch porn. It’s just as realistic as this “representation” you say you want. You want positive representation, that is what we are getting in a way I feel so blessed to be witnessing. We have real characters in the media reflecting real struggles. We have a bisexual woman in a small town who is extremely apprehensive and makes rash decisions because she’s been through hell. We have a lesbian with a protector impulse which makes her prone to bad judgement calls but very good at her job, and she’s got a past that echos what so many of us lesbians living in the real world are going through. So, no, sincerely reexamine what it is you want these characters to be, because it’s not good representation. It’s fake. And it’s not doing anyone any favors. 

tl;dr: Nicole is the rep of my dreams. Learn some history. Fight me.

Sweet Tooth (Intro)

Summary: Your best friend is Natasha Romanoff, and she’s known to break hearts of many admirers in her wake. When you start working at a local bakery with a blue-eyed baker who has fallen for her, you do what it takes to make sure they both get the sugary-filled romance they deserve. However, things get a little complicated when your own feelings get in the way.  

Pairing: Baker!Bucky Barnes x Reader AU

Word Count: 1,470

A/N: Oh boy, I guess I’m really writing again haha. This is for @theassetseyeliner’s writing challenge for the prompt “You’re always sitting alone and you’re cute, so I came to sit next to you.” I got inspiration for this story from the anime series Ore Monogatari (My Love Story). I hope you guys enjoy it :)

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

This is it. You’re going to finally ask your crush out.

During the past semester, the both of you have grown close and your feelings for him blossomed from the first moment you met in your math class. Now, this is your chance to finally reveal your feelings, to finally take your relationship with him to the next level.

Running over to the student center, you walk up the stairs to the campus cafe to meet with him. As you enter the vicinity though, you see him and your best friend, Natasha talking near the entryway. The brunet doesn’t even notice you walking inside as he lets the next words fall from his lips.

Keep reading


Oh god, so I just saw the spoiler that said we’ll see Magnus and Alec interact in a location that holds special memories for them. And immediately that sent my mind reeling, because there have certainly been amazing malec moments through the series, but most of them aren’t connected by a certain location. There’s Magnus’ loft, but I doubt it will be there because there are so many special memories that it would be hard to be specific. It wouldn’t make sense to send them to Tokyo either. Then I remembered this picture from the sdcc trailer:

I made a post earlier that theorized that this moment is when Alec feels Jace dying. But I never really looked closely at where they were. I just figured it was some room in the Institute. But that spoiler got me thinking, and there is a pretty special place where we see those same stained glass windows wrapped in vines. Look to the top right of this picture…

I’m not going to make any assumptions about how the scene will play out. I just thought I would put this out there for us to cry over. I’m currently typing through my tears and we still have a full day to wait for the episode. I am not okay.