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ethandolan: Hello everyone, I missed u. this past week has been A WEEK… I’m really happy I was able to get out and just see new stuff and go new places. My mind is free when I’m in the middle of nowhere so that’s where I spent most of my time.. we took some of my favorite photos in doing so.. jersey will always be my favorite place and I’m glad we got to capture its beauties via camera haha. thank you guys for always being there for me and thank you for just being really cool ass people in general. this is my fav shoot ever thanks to my good friend bryant who shot it all 📸 Since I was gone for a lil while I feel entitled to write a long caption but I honestly can’t think of anything else sooo yea.. oh btw many more photos coming soon :)

BTS Reaction: When their wife and son visit them at a fansigning

Jin: They were just beginning the event and he almost immideiatly saw you and his baby boy in the crowd. Luckly he quickly covered up his shock as a cute gestrue towards the fans (mostly towards you two) so everything would stay smooth.

“aww she even dressed him up his cute little bts shirt”

Suga: You noticed that suga was busy taking selca on his phone so to get his attention you sent him a photo of you and your son doing the same pose that he was doing. Once he looked at it he was confused then looked in the crowd to see your smiling faces. It just completely made his day 

“haha they couldn’t just yell out my name like others. thats why their special to me”

Rap mon: namjoon didn’t want the fans to get all riled by knowing his family was in the crowed so he rarely repsoned to you two until you held up your phone wanting too take a photo of his. His son told him which faces to make on the side of you. he couldnt resisted then.

Jhope: You had already went up and to him and said your hey’s and jhope notice that you had dressed his son up similar to him. He though this was so cute but the only thing that was different was your baby boy had a little green bow. Luckly you brought one just for Jhope and took so many photos of him and his son together

“haha its me and my mini-me, ready still still your heart >>>”

Jimin: once you got up to him your son was so excited to show his dad his cool arts and craft project his did just for Jimin. He handed it to his mom to hand it to jimin who looked at the cute headband. 

“you did this all by yourself (sons name)” 

son: *nods* yeah i let mommy help too”

Taehyung: He saw his son trying to stay awake and you just looking at him and chuckling as your son first with sleep. Taehyung also found this amusing and started mimmking your son. You both had a pretty fun laugh about it.

Jungkook: This child alwayals take his chance to show his love to you and his son and because it wasnt really a smart idea to kiss you in front of a whole bunch of fans he just blew a kiss and place a finger kiss on your sons forehead 

‘see you two at home, love you 

son: ‘love you more appa” 


okay here this what i was supposed to post and now it  don. 

i hope that anonie likes this one and the BAP one. Now i can get through more request and maybe even finish some short drabbles still left in my inbox.

anywho that all for this one.

Bai For Now   

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Okay okay but Peter's eyes have you under his FREAKING SPELL MAN like idk it's like hypnosis or some sh*t you just CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT THEM and when he talks to you you just blank and idk man they're just so pretty and warm and brown and soft (Tony thinks it's hilarious how stuttery you get around him cuz you're usually so cool and collected) ~Tessa

man yes i was just gonna add photos & post it but like (also i changed it a bit soRRy)

• yes peter is a god lemme tell you
• there are just so many alluring things about him
• like the list is endless
• firstly, he’s got the softest skin
• you seriously asked him what moisturiser he used because
• what
• this boy can’t have this naturally angel like skin
• like wtf peter teach me your secrets
• “is apart of being spidey? like you get great skin?”
• “w-what? no! a-and i don’t!”
• also yes peter parker 100% has freckles fight me on this
• theyre supa supa light so you can’t really see them unless your up close
• which means you see them whenever u kiss him
• you definitely get distracted by looking at him after u kiss him
• his nose is riddled with them & they are a d o r a b l e
• you love them
• peter?
• not so much
• so you dedicate a large amount on ur time to kissing them all
• so he knows if he doesn’t love them, you will
• just freckley peter dude
• but his eyes
• peter parker has eyes that are out of the fuckin world
• he gets real confused bout your hype about them tho
• “theyre just brown? i don’t und–”
• “shh they aren’t just brown like they’re so fuckin pretty”
• cue blushing
• peter also gets real shy about it too
• we all know he’s an angel and can’t take compliments
• especially from someone as pretty as you
• like he can’t help but get flustered
• “s-stop! you know i..”
• “you what?”
• whispering under his breath
• “you know i get, uh, you know…flustered when you compliment me”
• you just grin at his nervous expression and red cheeks
• “i don’t know what you mean”
• he blushes again because no please don’t make me say it
•you just lean in and kiss him on the nose
• “don’t worry peter, i know u get flustered–that’s why i do it.”
• he glares but his cheeks are still red & blushing so it’s not very threatening

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Can you make an imagine about Harry dating a famous actress and make them the "it" couple

Rating: PG
Warnings: none.
Category: casual?
Request: yes! please keep sending in!

Note: I want to sing, and maybe someday act, so this is a thing that’s on my mind a lot, at least in the SINGERxSINGER sense. So really the “it” couple thing could mean anything, “rich and powerful” couple, or “nice and cute and adorable” couple, and it kind of went both ways. ENJOY. Sorry it’s SO LONG. I enjoyed writing this, and i feel like it sparked more stuff so maybe it’ll be a recurrent theme? If you’d like let me know!

10. Never Ending BuzzFeed posts.

The first time you were linked with Harry was over a fangirl fit you threw, around the time you did your first big acting gig. Stumbling into him randomly about town, late at night, at a cafe. If the fact that he had recognised you from your small movie wasn’t enough to make you fangirl, quickly asking for a picture and posting it to Instagram, sure had you over the moon, that’s ok, it was all cool, until he posted it as well, captioning it “Uprising!” making a comment about your quick shoot into the scene.

People immediately took a liking to you after your movie and soon you were leading role for the next, getting to work with an amazing director, and having the time of your life, making your dream come true.

It was a couple interviews later that you were asked about Harry.
“Oh he was amazing. I didn’t have a lot of time to chat with him, but I’ve always been a fan so, you know I was fangirling!” you laugh telling the interviewer, who laughs right back showing the famous photo.
“Have you seen him ever since?”
“ A couple of times here and there, in red carpets and awards. He’s always nice and looking for a chat so I’m glad I get to stumble into people like him. Like Ed Sheeran, and Zendaya, Troian Bellisario she’s so cool, they are all so nice” You say veering the topic from Harry in order to stop your blushing cheeks.

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Possible leverage fic involving the less than normal quirks of a certain ot3?

Is anything ever normal with these three?

I. Eliot

Eliot slept with other people. He explained at the very beginning that that was how he wanted it. “I’ve never been monogamous,” he admitted, “and my only real relationship was with Aimee. I want to try with the two of you, and I’m hoping maybe it can work out. But I can’t be monogamous, not even with two people.” 

Parker didn’t mind, especially because he really was trying his hardest on the whole relationship thing. But he was just not good at the whole sleeping with other people part, at least not at first.

The first time, Eliot really hit it off with their client’s daughter, and Parker and Hardison gave him winks and nods and let him “get his flirt on,” as Hardison said. But he came back to their bed later that night, red-faced and sulking.

“What went wrong?” Hardison said, rolling over to face him in bed. “That girl really liked you, man.”

“Nothing went wrong,” Eliot gritted out, “until your panties fell down from the ceiling beam, Parker, right onto my head.”

“So what?” said Parker, around the straw in her juice box. She liked having a juice box before sleeping. “We’re not monogamous. It’s okay if you take off my panties and also hers.”

“You didn’t tell her, did you,” Hardison said. “Dude, that is not cool. You gotta disclose to your other partners, so they know what they’re getting into. I’ve been reading this book, I got it on my ebook reader, you should check it out. It’s all about ethical non-monogamy and stuff.”

“Sure,” Eliot said, in the voice that meant there was no way he would do it. “I’ll tell people, okay?” That part was in the voice that meant that he would do it, but he wasn’t sure he was going to like it.

The second time seemed to go fine at first. Eliot seemed pretty happy when they saw him the next day, anyway. But then later that week, Parker was behind the bar with Hardison tasting his new beer. Eliot clasped Hardison’s shoulder and took the stein of beer from him, drinking with his lips in the same spot where Hardison’s had been. Parker watched his throat move as he drank, waiting to see if he liked it. That was when the woman Eliot had slept with came up to the bar and said to Parker, “Oh. So you’re Eliot’s situation.”

“A situation?” Hardison turned to Eliot. “Is that what you called us? A situation?”

The woman leaned back, folded her arms, and raised her eyebrows. “Oh. So you’re both his situation.”

How can you be shy about this? How? You are many things, Eliot Spencer, but you are not shy.”

“I’m not,” Eliot said, but he was turning pink.

Parker ignored the sound of them arguing and turned to the woman. “What do you think?”

“I think he’s shy because this is important to him,” she said slowly, “and he doesn’t know how to talk about it yet.”

“Huh,” said Parker. “That makes sense.”

The third time was with Maggie. That went really well, because Parker and Hardison liked Maggie, and she was smart about people in the same way that Sophie was. It turned into a regular thing, something the two of them did whenever Maggie was in town. But they all swore a solemn oath to never, ever tell Nate.

II. Parker

On a cold, drizzly Wednesday, Parker disappeared. This was not unusual. 

Four days passed. Still no Parker. Now this was getting unusual.

“Where is she?” Eliot said, laying a plate of goulash in front of Hardison with maybe a little more force than was necessary.

Hardison started ticking off on his fingers. “Vancouver, San Diego, Dallas, Minneapolis, Tampa, Hoboken for some reason… she did the same circuit on the same date last year. And looking back, I think she may have done it the year before that, too.”

Eliot sat down across from him. The beer sloshed in his glass when he set it down. “What’s she doing?”

Hardison shrugged and started eating. “Ask her when she gets back.”

“Can’t you just pull camera footage or something and find out?”

“What are you so worked up about, man? Parker can take care of herself.”

“She can,” Eliot forced out through his teeth. “But she doesn’t have to.” Not anymore, he didn’t say.

“I’m not gonna invade her privacy. I just track her location in case something happens and she needs us. But hey, we’ll ask her about it when she gets back, and maybe she’ll let us in on it next time.”

“Where’ve you been?” Even to his own ears, Eliot sounded like he was trying too hard to be casual.

“Can I say I don’t want to talk about it?” Parker said, hooking her leg around the top of the stair railing.

“’Course you can,” Eliot said, without hesitation.

Parker smiled. “That’s what Hardison always says.”

“Damn right I do,” Hardison said.

“Okay. Then I’ll tell you.” Parker used her thigh muscles to flip herself upside down, her hair a pale silky banner hanging from the railing. “I checked on all my stashes. And picked out stuff to give to people.”

Hardison stared. Eliot was pretty sure he was staring, too. “You gave stuff to people? To who?”

Parker swung herself a little from side to side, like a pendulum. “The orphans we rescued. The girl who stole cars. You know. People.” She flung herself back onto the stairs, upright. “That’s the kind of thing we do, right? Because people are more important than money.”

Money was a sure thing. People you couldn’t be sure of. That’s why Eliot always figured Parker liked money so much. But maybe the balance was different when there were people you were sure of.

“Could we go check on our stashes too, next time?” Hardison said. “All three of us. Like a road trip, but with more philanthropy.”

Parker slid down the railing. Eliot had his arms ready to catch her before she reached the bottom. From Eliot’s arms, she leaned over to kiss Hardison on the cheek. “Okay. That sounds fun.”

III. Hardison

After searching his walk-in closet for the fourth time, Hardison said, “Hey, Parker. Do you have any souvenirs from that trip to Cancun to take down that dot-com preppy-ass white dude?”

Parker ate a gummy worm slowly, mangling her words through it. “Didn’t you buy ten beach blankets?”

“I have torn this apartment apart and I can’t find the damn things! Have you seen them?”

“No. I do have some sunglasses in cool shapes that I stole in Cancun. Star ones, heart ones, triangle ones…”

“Babe, that’s perfect. Can I have those?” It used to be that Hardison got nervous any time he asked Parker for her stuff, knowing how protective she could get over it. Now, it was getting easier.

Eliot came out of the bathroom, after what Hardison was pretty sure had been a half-hour session with a hair straightener – not that he would ever dare interfere in The Great Eliot Spencer Hair Care Routine. “I got some jars of agave syrup while we were down there. What do you need them for?”

“It’s my foster sister Malika. Her birthday’s coming up. I try to send my foster siblings cool gifts, you know, not just money. I wanna show them I’ve been thinking about them, right? And Malika, she’s always wanted to travel, but she can’t afford it, so for her birthday I always send her something from a cool place I went to, so she can kinda get the experience.”

“Why don’t you just buy her a vacation?” Parker said.

Hardison shook his head. “Malika likes the idea of travel, but she’s too practical for that. She’d rather just get the money the vacation cost, so she can use it for the important stuff.”

“You can have my agave syrup, no problem,” Eliot said. “I can just order more from Mexico anyway.”

“You can have the sunglasses too,” Parker said. “You have a lot of foster siblings, right? What do you send the other ones for their birthdays?”

“Well,” Hardison said, “I send joke stuff to Ricardo, ‘cause his sense of humor got frozen at age twelve, and I send books to Lina, ‘cause that’s all she ever wants, and I send cool photos to Jasmine ever since she started her photography major.”

“How do you remember so many things about all of them?” Parker said.

“You remember when to interrupt Hardison’s game to make him start shouting the most,” Eliot pointed out.

“That’s because he’s Hardison,” said Parker. “Oh. I get it. Wow. That’s a lot of family. I don’t know if I could be family for that many people.”

“I think you might be better at it than you think,” Hardison said. 

Coachella Part 3 // {Dylan Sprayberry Imagine}

Coachella // {Dylan Sprayberry x Reader}

-PART 3-

Scenery: Spring-Summer, Warm Weather, Sunny.

Warnings: None.


A soft kiss on your cheek wakes you from your night sleep.

“Morning babe” Dylan says softly.

“Hmh?” You ask still half asleep.

“Come on, Wake up” Dylan said as kept bugging you.

You turn to him still half asleep,
He’s laying on his side with his head laying on is hand, Looking at you, admiring you.

“I probably look like a mess” You say rubbing your eyes.

“I think you look beautiful” He says as he sits up next to you giving you a soft good morning kiss on your lips.

“Good morning to you too” You say.

“We should start getting ready we don’t want to be late” You suggested as you got up to your suitcase picking your outfit.

You picked a black lace bralette that kinda looked like a crop top on you and a sheer floral maxi skirt, you had pretty neutral makeup with white dots framing the top of your eyebrows for that festive look and you hair was in slightly messy beach waves.

“Woah” Dylan said as you stepped out of the bathroom.

“What?” You giggled.

“You look amazing Y/N”

You started blushing;

“You don’t look to bad yourself” You said as you wrapped your arms around him.

“Come on lets go” He said as you both leave to room.

While you were both in the elevator you thought of something that hasn’t ever bothered you before but could be a problem..
Dylan is now a star on Teen Wolf, He has many fans and that could be a big problem when you are both out in public.
You quickly brushed off that thought but as soon as you and Dylan step out of the elevator you see quiet a lot of fans crowding around you and more outside the hotel, since there weren’t so many Dylan took some photos with them and then continued with you to the cab you ordered to take you to the actual Coachella.

You are finally here.

Dylan held your hand as you both showed your VIP tickets and got into the closed area.

“Oh my gosh, this is amazing Dylan”

“I knew you’d like it” He said giving you a kiss.

Not to long after you both got in fans quickly started coming and going from you and Dylan, Most of the times it was Dylan in the photos and you stood aside waiting for him but there were many people who wanted a photo with you too, you felt extremely flattered and kinda weird but it was a cool experience.

“How do you do that?” You asked

“Do what?”

“The whole fan thing, taking pictures and stuff like that, its so weird”

“Yeah it is, but I got used to it.. it’s also quiet fun”


That day was amazing and you both were exhausted, you finally came back to your hotel room and collapsed on the bed.

“I am so tired” you said with your eyes closed as you laid on the bed.

“Yeah, me too”

“Two more days left..”


{I know that was really short but I hoped you enjoyed and don’t forget to follow to tune in for that last part of “Coachella” and more imagines}



These two photos really make me what little Dan would think of his older self.

Younger Dan was trying so, so hard to be cool. He took pictures in the mirror with his shitty phone in his bathroom and posted them on his MySpace. Back then, Dan wanted nothing more than likes and picture comments. Dan wanted to be cool so badly.

Now we look to the right. Dan’s career is now doing what he loves. He’s released two books and two movies. He’s just coming back from tour with his best friend, who he’s been living with for five years. He’s the happiest he’s ever been. Now if we look at his photo, it got hundreds of thousands of likes within the first few hours.

And all I can think about is how EXCITED little dan would get if we gave him a glimpse of his future. How amazed he would be that so many people adore him, and he doesn’t need to act ‘cool’ for it. He just needs to act like himself.

and would you look at that I’m sobbing.

Bleach's Next Top Model: Gotei-13 Captains Edition

As requested by koushinya. :)

I’ve never seen more than like 3 minutes of Next Top Model, so this list will be based on what I gathered from that plus a wikipedia article. *cough* Anyway, we’re going to imagine that the Gotei-13’s thirteen captains were the contestants on Bleach’s Next Top Model. They wore crazy clothes, did photo shoots, and got eliminated one by one. Now it’s time for an overview of how that contest went!

1. First to be eliminated: Komamura

Sadly, his “paper bag over head” photo shoot did not impress the judges. At all.

Best photo shoot: Well that paper bag one, unfortunately. It was his only photo shoot.

His farewell words: “Thank you for the chance to participate! Call me if you decide to do an ‘inner beauty’ modeling competition.”

2. Second to be eliminated: Kensei

His physique and willingness to wear whatever impressed the judges initially. But then came the second photo shoot. In which he did his own hair. And then………smiled.

Best photo shoot: His first one, which, by the way, had the theme of “hats.” Kensei wore a bowler hat. And he rocked it.

His farewell words: "Can’t believe I got talked into this stupid contest. I’m glad to be going home!!!“

3. Third to be eliminated: Yamamoto

His age was a major hindrance. Despite his sexy abs.

Best photo shoot: His second one, with the theme "Sexy Professionals.” Yamamoto did a photo shoot involving himself as a fireman whose shirt had been burned off mysteriously.

His farewell words: “What bad judges, eliminating the head captain!”

4. Fourth to be eliminated: Kenpachi

He used “shredded chic” for as long as he could. That was four rounds.

His best photo shoot: His “sexy professions” photoshoot was him as a pirate, with Yachiru dressed in a parrot-inspired costume.

His farewell words: “Well, whatever.”

5. Fifth to be eliminated: Unohana 

Her photo shoots had grace and poise. Which was good at first. But after a while it got old. Especially since she almost always refused to change her hair.

Best photo shoot: Her third one, aka “Criminals.” She let her hair down for that one.

Her farewell words: “Well that was fairly enjoyable.”

6. Sixth to be eliminated: Soi Fon

Her natural beauty and competitive spirit carried her so far. But then her inability to treat it as anything other than a really stupid competition led to her downfall. 

Her best photo shoot: For the “Criminals” shoot, she had a butterfly themed photo shoot complete with glowing shunko wings. Which confused the judges, but even they had to admit it was really cool-looking.

Her farewell words: "I am not happy for those who are left. I am ashamed of them.“

7. Seventh to be eliminated: Kyoraku

In the judges’ words: "Serious overuse of flower petals.”

His best photo shoot: His “Romance and Seduction” photo shoot was a huge success. The rose petals worked very well!

His farewell words: “Too many rose petals? Impossible! I thought Nanao-chan did an excellent job throwing down just the right amount of rose petals!”

8. Eighth to be eliminated: Hitsugaya

He freely admits that it was Matsumoto’s coaching that got him so far.

His best photo shoot: His soccer-themed photo shoot was a rousing success.

His farewell words: “Next time it’ll go better!”

9. Ninth to be eliminated: Shinji

He was enthusiastic throughout, and impressed the judges with his creative use of perspective and space. But he didn’t quite impress them enough.

His best photo shoot: His “world upside down” photo shoot, which was exactly what it sounds like. The judges couldn’t figure out how he did it.

His farewell words: “Ladies, before I go, this is my number!”

10. Tenth to be eiminated: Rose

He had style, fashion, and pose - and a great sense of theatrics. But certain of the judges felt that he was a bit too over-dramatic.

His best photo shoot: His mythology themed photo shoot, with himself as Apollo, Greek god of music, light, and beauty.

His farewell words: “I came so close! Thank you all for your support!”

11. Third place winner: Kurotsuchi

Nobody could deny that Kurotsuchi had the most elaborate and impressive costumes ever. And his refusal to ever show his real face kept the audiences and judges on the hook.

His best photo shoot: His mythology photo shoot. He went as Cleopatra’s pleasure barge. The entire thing.

His farewell words: “You people will regret eliminating me.”

12. Runner-up: Byakuya 

Coming in second place was Byakuya! His style, beauty, and talent at staring stonily into the camera produced some very fine photos.

His best photo shoot: His “Promise at the Grave” photo shoot made several of the judges actually weep.

His farewell words: “I am proud to have come so far.”

13. The winner: Ukitake

His hair game was too strong. Not to mention his good fortune of sexily fainting during a photo shoot to produce the judges’ favorite photo overall.

His best photo shoot: Ukitake draped over a coach, actually fainted.

His farewell words: “I’ve already gotten a modeling offer from the WSRA! Thank you all so much!”

I just.. holy shit.

I’ll post all the gold I have on my camera tomorrow but here’s what you need to know:

- Jungkook is a teen whore. He is SO flirty and gorgeous irl. If I had to say who enjoyed the crazy fans the most, I’d go with Jungkook. I mean, how would it feel like to be 17 and have this huge number of fans screaming just with a look of yours? Yah, he is living the life. 😎
- V is not any less flirty and sweet that JK. He posed soo many times for the photos!!! I had a cute eyecontact with him and he also gave us lots and lots of fan service. He ADORED the audience and kept smiling with all the girls singing in Korean (believe it or not, the audience sang entire songs rather than fanchants, everyone was really impressed with this)
**These two sent kisses and pointed directly at some ARMYs ALL THE DAMN TIME!!

- Jin is soooo caring about ARMYs! He kneeled many times to be closer to us and he smiled a LOT to everyone.
- Jimin… Is a perfect piece of heaven. He was really considerate towards those who were at the sides and… Jesus, he never stopped being a teasing little shit.
- J-Hope has such a beautiful face. He enjoys every second of every performance. I could honestly watch his facial expressions all day long. Many cute photos of him coming (and some nice Jihope interactions)
- Suga started a bit serious but eventually got rly turned up and happy. His hair is so fluffy, I think he doesn’t sweat much also! Yoongi lost to the aegyo thingy and O.M.G. This will be probably the best one so far. He made the most ridiculous and cheeky dance during Look Here.
- Rap Monster… Oh god, now I know why he’s the leader. He had such strong presence… He is just a really cool guy who really likes what he’s doing because he was NEVER rude to us and he slightly referred to the incidents of the past few days. I thought he would be somewhat… Careful (?) with the audience and his words but as the show went by, he let himself loose. Made those crazy gestures he tends to do when he’s enjoying himself. Also, he said quite a few awesome quotes during the concert like SHIT NOW I KNOW FOR SURE HOW POETIC HE IS IRL!!!!

There were SO many relevant things during the concert like Jihope interactions, Jimin x RM, Jikook, Taekook..; RM quotes, Jin refusing to leave the stage, Jungkook almost falling when trying to be cool (dumb maknae, u still a kid), Jimin being ultra fluffy and giddy when the audience chanted “saranghae” + RM’s response and much more…

I definitely know they enjoyed this show and I believe MX ARMYs were able to clear everything up after the mess of the past days.

I just gotta say: BEST DAY EVER