i got so happy the first time i saw this scene

It’s official, no one can tell me otherwise xD

To be honest, I normally don’t stay after the credit, so, as soon as the credit rolled, I go to the next episode, until today, when I was re watching episode 9 (the original Chinese Version), I saw this translator note:

So, I decided I’ll just skipped to the end, and to my surprise, I got these scenes:

And… OMG, it couldn’t make me any happier, like seriously!! When I watched that episode (the first time), that whole “ceremony” really did felt like a “wedding ceremony” in it’s own way where they are united and with how his grandma was asking Jinghua to look after Duanmu Xi, it felt like she’s entrusting his happiness to him (or something) like a family would. The atmosphere and the whole setting leading to this felt like one of a “wedding ceremony” (to me), and we even have this ending scene from Qin to emphasize this even more? It may not be explicit, but it’s subtle, although it’s subtle, but they couldn’t be anymore direct that what we got there ^ (so…. thanks! because I’m happy)!

P.S: I just love their flashback where they played that music, that whole scene was played out perfectly!!

Love these two! Jinghua x Duanmu Xi (JingXi) <3 <3


I wrote this at 3.30am and then saved it as a draft instead of posting it. I have no idea why. Probably because I was sleepy and yet still so emotional from this episode.

If you haven’t watched the episode yet… Major spoilers coming up!!!!

Merthan/Griggs or however you like to call it. I love them. After this episode I love them A LOT! Can we just take a moment to realize how much Nathan is into Mer? And today I finally got the feeling that she likes him as well. Nathan talking about the first time he saw her and how her eyes look when she smiles……… Ah…. We needed something happy in the midst of all the drama.

Benley. I am not a big shipper or whatever but come on, that scene was amazing. A-ma-zing! Bossy old Bailey and Ben repeating the stories. Cute.

DeLuca, what the hell? I liked you. I sincerely liked you so much. But the writers are doing a crappy job with his character. He was Maggie’s love interest, then he was a guy Alex beat up and now he’s in love with Jo. I wish I could see more character development because he seemed so promising in the begining but the writers are forgetting about him. And I have no idea where this sudden love for Jo is coming from. I’m just confused.

Omelia. My poor, sweet babies. First of all, I completely understood Owen’s frustration in the begining of the episode. She did just leave him after all. Seeing them treat that couple was heartbreaking. I knew the couple and Omelia would somehow be connected but they were surgeons as well! Anyways, I loved seeing them talk, the glances between Amelia and Owen, even the death in the end and the man getting by himself now. Perfect in a way only Grey’s can deliver.

And then… The talk. Amelia mentioning suffocating (did not expect that). Owen saying he knows she’s afraid (although I don’t really think he gets it completely). Owen telling Amelia she’d be an amazing mom. Amelia telling Owen she already was an amazing mom. Sincerely, I don’t know exactly what happened afterwards because that scene was dramatic and heartbreaking in all its devestating glory.

But this scene confirmed what we have been saying all the time to those who are certain Amelia doesn’t want children anymore. She does. She really does. She’s ready for better. She’s ready for a healthy child. But she’s not ready for the worse. Well, no one ever is but considering her past pregnancy, you cannot blame her. And while we’re at it, I don’t understand those who still find Amelia selfish and Owen being the hurt one in this relationship. I mean, yeah, Owen is sad and disappointed and he gets to feel that way but Amelia lost a child. You cannot expect her to jump right in to the idea of having a baby without having any second thoughts and fears. She’s not selfish for that. She’s human.

What I also found interesting was Amelia’s question. WHY does Owen want a baby so, so, so much? I hope they continue exploring this because it has a lot of potential. *fingers crossed*

Maggie, I did not expect that. From being the annoyed, kind of embarrassed daughter, to a child that found out her mother has cancer. That scene was everything. Fear, love, anger, worry, frustration, you name it. Kelly McCreary did an amazing job and I hope she shut everyone’s mouth with it. I have been seeing a lot of Maggie-haters, saying she’s an irrelevant character, Kelly’s a mediocre actress, blablablah. I’m not even going to continue.

Honestly, I expected Omelia drama and maybe some drama between Richard and Arizona (which both happened) but never in a million years did I think I would be affected by this storyline so much. 

Those of you who have or had a family member/friend with cancer or any other terrible disease know that it’s devastating on so many levels. Feeling helpless, angry, hopeful and caring for that person so much all at the same time. Personally, I still have some issues about cancer from the past and I feel like I have been grieving for the last 16 years since my loved one passed away. Honestly, and it might sound selfish, I’m looking forward to this storyline because I am hoping it might close a chapter in my life.

But of course I am really excited to see Maggie’s character developing. So far we have only seen Maggie as a doctor and a sister (and for a very brief time a lover/girlfriend). I cannot wait to see more of her as a daughter and a person who struggles (because so far, she hasn’t really). I think she’s quite emotional and can be impulsive so I’m really looking forward to see how she copes with everything.

I thought this episode was an emotional rollercoaster but then I saw the promo for 13x18. I am so ready and yet so unprepared. Anyone else?

Also, I’m going to predict something. Owen and Amelia will talk/solve their problems in 13x21. Omelia shippers and Amelia stans know why I chose those numbers. 

Overall, this was one of my favorite episodes this season. This is why I keep watching Grey’s Anatomy.

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Problem Fighting

Characters: Misha x Reader, Jensen, Jared, Mark
Requested by @hellyeahtamara:  Hey, so I just got an idea for a cute Oneshot while I was under the shower. So, the reader is an actress in Supernatural and she has to fight Castiel (Misha) for some reason (I can’t find one, maybe she is a demon, idk) but Misha can’t because he has a crush on her and doesn’t want to hurt her. After they have to do the scene some times, they finally manage to do it and later, in the trailer, they talk and Misha admits that he’s got a crush on her? :3 It would be SO cool if you wrote that. <3

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          You walked onto set and smiled when you saw Jared and Jensen standing together, “You look happy,” Jared observed.

           “Misha and I get to fight today,” you said, “It’s my first real action scene and I’m pretty excited about it.”

           “You’re excited to fight Misha?” Jensen asked.

           “I’d be happy to fight anyone at this point. I’ve just been dying to actually do some action scenes,” you said.

           They both laughed, “So eager.”

           You shrugged, “So sue me.”

           Misha was nowhere in sight until it was time for the scene. Your character had gotten possessed by a demon and the two of you were going to have to fight. It wasn’t real. You had gone through the training, but you were still excited to be able to do it for the show for the first time.

           “Hey!” you smiled when you saw Misha.

           “Hey,” he didn’t seem as energetic as he normally was.

           “You okay?” you asked.

           He nodded, “Yeah. I’m good.”

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The first time I saw the scene where my Inquisitor married
Cullen I was so excited and got all the warm fuzzy feelings
but the more I think about it the more disappointed I am with
it. I wish friends had been there to share it with us.
I know it was done in secret but it still is sad this happy
moment happened with none of my friends there to see it,
despite everyone being in the palace.
Especially after that scene with Cassandra. Can’t even go
up to them later and be like ‘so I’m married now.’
I just wish it had been handled differently and been more of
a big deal in the game.

Strange Magic FanFic - “Watch Your Back”

Four Times Marianne Used The Spine Thing And The One Time Bog Exacted Revenge. 

Oh God…for something that only ended up being 14 pages, this gave me so much trouble, though I suppose I can blame my rough week for contributing to that. But finally got another fanfic on my timeline done, so it’s onwards and upwards from here! Also, sparring scenes are so freaking hard to write well. So hard. Hope you enjoy! 

The first one had been merely a joke, one whose outcome neither of them had expected.

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so yesterday we got the news that a black actress is playing iris west in the flash movie. let me say this first: i’m ECSTATIC and proud. i’m happy for kiersey and i’m even happier for candice patton for paving the way for her. that’s why i went into the iris tag this morning, but then i saw all these posts saying “now that iris’s black, everyone’s gonna ship barry with a random white girl who appears in two scenes”. maybe i’m wrong, but i can’t help but feel like this has something to do with a certain ship from the flash tv show. but even if it doesn’t, i’ve been wanting to say something about this for a long time, so here it goes anyway. i love iris in the show. i like westallen’s story. i will be very happy when they’re endgame. BUT. i still ship snowbarry more. it has NOTHING to do with race, the actresses who play iris and caitlin, or anything like that. i just love snowbarry’s friendship so much and i’ll probably never stop wishing it turned into something more. and if barry and/or caitlin were black, i’d ship them JUST AS MUCH. and while i’ll admit it’s possible some fans like the pairing for the wrong reasons, i’m sure majority of them feels the exact same way as me. so i’d really appreciate it if we could get past this idea that you can’t ship snowbarry without being a racist. please and thank you.

I just got home from seeing TAB in the theater. I wasn’t sure what to expect crowd-wise, but that theater was as full as it was when I saw Star Wars Friday night of opening weekend. Packed almost completely full. 

Seeing Sherlock on the big screen? What a thrill! The audience response was fascinating: lots of laughter and gasps. When Moriarty first appeared, the woman next me clutched her chest and scooted to the edge of her seat. When the jet first landed, you could feel the collective WHAT THE FUCK.

And at the end, there was applause. I am so glad I went.