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“  wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
 and learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
do not go gentle into that good night. 

You know how some people go on about the fluff? or the feels? angst or smut? plot and character development? I’m a big a fan as anybody else, okay, but what I’m really here for? Is the fucking SNARK.


“This is what’s ridiculous. People who suffer from cancer, severed limbs, or blindness receive sympathy from others, but people suffering from mental illnesses are viewed as outcasts by everyone. Everyone’s prone to a mental breakdown if they suffer a traumatic experience. We all just act like that would never happen to us.”


and if it was just how you wanted, you’d be glued to his bones

Little bits of social interaction that aren’t so bad, really
  • smiling at people you pass on the sidewalk
  • smiling at small children and animals
  • holding the door for the person behind you
  • when the person if front of you in line for coffee drops their change, and you pick it up, and they say thank you
  • saying bless you when someone sneezes, and offering them a tissue when they sneeze again
  • asking someone else to watch your things while you go to the bathroom
  • when you and another person are looking at the same thing at the supermarket and you accidentally make eye contact
  • when you trip and someone asks if you’re okay
  • when its really hot outside and someone says so and everyone nearby agrees, even if only in their heads
  • when the vending machine malfunctions and you tell the person behind you and commiserate on the inconvenience
  • making eye contact with other people stuck driving in rush-hour traffic
  • when someone asks if its going to rain, and everyone looks up
  • when you ask an esoteric question out loud and a stranger nearby answers it
  • when there’s a weird noise and everyone looks around for its source and makes questioning faces at each other

feel free to add more, its a fun exercise


okay so I got bored and felt like making these so yeah

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Okay, so I got bored and started going through the au tag for Aphmau. Due to my recent binge of RWBY (go check it out, or at least watch the first few episodes, it’s a good series) I started thinking of an Aphmau/RWBY AU. There was nothing in the tags about it, and I couldn’t find this AU anywhere. So, I decided to make my own. I took elements from MyStreet, Phoenix Drop High and Minecraft Diaries (for example, their weapons are the ones the uses in Diaries. I might rework them somewhat to fit the setting, but this is the basic weapon concept.) I’m still working on the story somewhat, but it’s like the RWBY story mashed in with the series Aphmau has produced. So, here we go!

TEAM ARKT (Arked, which I know is not a word but I couldn’t think of any other way to organize their names): A first year team at Beacon

  • APHMAU (17): Leader of Team ARKT, her partner is Travis Valkrum. Her weapon is a blade, much like Weiss’ Schnee’s rapier. Her Semblance is called Healing Hand, which allows Aph to transmit her Aura as a healing power. Using this too much has proven to take a toll on her, as Zane has theorized that using her semblance to a certain point may kill her. However… There is more to this hyperactive kind-hearted girl than meets the eye.
  • ZANE RO'MEAVE (17): The second member of Team ARKT. His partner is Kawaii~Chan. Like most of his team, Zane’s weapon is a sword. His semblance is called Blind Eye (which I got the idea from the fact that he is blind in one eye.) Zane has the ability to essentially go invisible, making people unable to focus on him. They “turn a blind eye” to him. This is useful for quick sneak attacks against his opponents. Originally harboring hatred for his team, Zane has been shown to start coming around after befriended Aphmau.
  • KAWAII~CHAN (17): A Black Cat Faunus and third member of Team ARKT. Her partner is Zane Ro'meave. Kawaii~Chan’s weapon is a pair of gloves that can retract knives like claws. She can also throw these knives. Her semblance is called Animation. She can control inanimate objects for a short amount of time, almost giving them life of their own. Kawaii~Chan is originally seen as extremely hyperactive. As of recent, she is seen to have calmed down a bit.
  • TRAVIS VALKRUM (17): The fourth and final member of Team ARKT. He is Aphmau’s partner, and his weapon is a broadsword. Travis’ semblance is called Berserker. When dealt enough damage, and/or Travis has absorbed enough negativity, he will enter a blindly enraged state that enables him to destroy almost anything in his path, friend or foe. There are few who suspect that Travis is not entirely human after witnessing his Berserker attacks. (I want to keep the half-demon thing in here if possible. maybe he’s half-Grimm? I wonder how that would work…) He has a pathetic battle cry.

Team GLKD (Galactic aka, Team ARKT’s Guard since they seem to protect the younger students): Second year team

  • GARROTH RO'MEAVE (18): Leader of Team GLKD and Laurance’s partner. His weapon is a sword, the blade infused with dust. His semblance is simply super strength. Seriously, the guy breaks down doors and can tear apart iron bars like it’s nothing. Beacon has gone through a lot of doors because of him. More than windows that the wolf faunus have broken. Garroth is Zane’s older brother, and rather protective of his friends and family.
  • LAURANCE ZVAHL (18): Second member of Team GLKD and Garroth’s partner. His weapon is a green Greatsword (basically this huge sword). Laurance’s semblance is Metamorphosis. He has the ability to change his appearance for a short amount of time. However, he cannot change his voice. Laurance is the heart and soul of the team. However, he is the most aggressive in battle.
  • KATELYN (18): The third member of Team GLKD and Dante’s partner. Her weapon is a pair of gauntlets. She shares a semblance with Yang Xiao Long; The more damage she takes, the stronger Katelyn gets. This also applies to her anger. Katelyn, being the only girl on the team, has a corner to herself in the GLKD dorm. The boys call it the Katelyn Corner.
  • DANTE (18): The final member of Team GLKD and Katelyn’s partner. His weapon is a pair of dual katanas that are powered by dust, usually fire Dust. Dante’s semblance is called Persuasion. Dante can use his words to manipulate what a person does or says. It is possible to resist this. How strong his semblance is depends on Dante’s emotional state. While he can slack off and tends not to be serious about most things, Dante is not one to be taken lightly when fighting. He is Gene’s younger brother, a fact that both parties try to hide.

AARON LYCAN (21): The lone wolf of Beacon. In his final year, Aaron is the team leader without a team. No one knows what happened. He and his team had gone on a mission with Gene’s team, with only Gene and Aaron returning. Aaron refused to be placed on another team. He often teams up with teams GLKD and ARKT, acting as sort of a mentor in combat. His weapon is a sword. His semblance is called Primal Rage. Aaron can embody his anger into beast-like state. He becomes stronger, faster and deadlier. Much like Travis, Aaron’s mind is numb to almost any outside force when he activates his semblance. Almost. Unknown to a majority of Beacon, Aaron and his family are Wolf Faunus.

GENE (20): A fourth year student at Beacon. No one knows exactly what happened to his original team. They had gone on a mission with the team of Aaron Lycan. Only the team leaders returned. Gene was placed on a team with students Sasha, Zenix and Balto. Gene’s weapon is a sword, much like his brother’s. His semblance is Rewrite. He can control people’s memories, altering them or erasing them completely. He can even restore memories. There are some people who have been known to break free from the modifications Gene has done to them. He is Dante’s older brother.

I want to do more characters in the AU. If people like it, I might add in people like Lucinda and Kim or someone. Maybe Ein or the Wolf Pups? I just really want to expand upon this AU. Like… fake screenshots? (though my art is shit…) We’ll see!


Nozomi Tojo Avatars


@okay-google-nerd I got bored so I made a lil speedpaint of the icons I did earlier