i got so angry making this

I know you all are probably tired of this, but I’m just…so incredibly frustrated. And tired. And angry and sad. One single person can destroy so many people’s feelings, confidence, sanity.  By their selfish, rude actions.  By spreading hate. By manipulating, by lying, by running in circles, by placing blame on everyone else.

Three people I’ve talked with today have legitimately been affected by one person’s actions.  They are hurt, they are angry, they are sad.  If you count me, that makes four.

For the love of Chuck, this has got to end.  Just stop.  Stop with the harassment, stop with the hate, stop with the negativity.  I don’t know what you get out of it, but I know it’s not healthy.  It’s not cool.  It’s not kind.  

Please, please, please get some help.  Just please stop.

If we were ever truly friends, please try to hear what I’m saying.  

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how do you think the jealousy Harry comes? like, body language/communication/ does he get a bit possessive, even in the slightest? maybe is a bit angry at himself for feeling it cause he doesn't like when the opposite happens? 🤔

Definitely angry at himself because he’s very aware he doesn’t like it when he’s the one on the opposite end of the spectrum. So to feel that bubbling green monster that makes him uneasy and slightly insecure it’s not fun and it makes him more grumpy than anything else - angry at himself for feeling that and angry at the situation that brought that out of him.

Touching would be his way of showing that. I don’t think he’d ever go full on “oi mate, quit staring at my girlfriend” cause that’s not him (unless things got out of hand) but definitely a bit more touching - holding your hand, one hand on your lower back while he stand taller. It’d be more of a body language thing, a very very subtle way of reminding whoever is making him jealous that he’s here and he’s with you and you’re with him.

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Is it just me or The Freshman series is just too predictable... the beginning was ok with mc and her love interest, then the climax where the drama starts, the love interest got angry/disappointed with the mc and also the mc and in the end they reconcile? This happens in Books 1 & 2 and 3's just gonna be like thatbin the end.

I believe so. It’s pretty much the formula in any romance/drama.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we all make up in the end at a dance. Book 1 was the Hartfeld Formal, Book 2 the Boat Dance and Book 3 another dance, which Zack mentioned a few chapters back.

What I do like and appreciate is character development. As much anger and disappointment there is towards James, Chris, Zig and Kaitlyn, I do enjoy the conflicts because theirs flaws are very real but not impossible to resolve. The Becca plot twist too.


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okayt but like think about it - maggie was all angry and hurt and what not when she got kicked out so she started like meditating and doing yoga to like make her cool down and chill out and thats why shes the way she is now or like her aunt was a health nut and that just like rubbed off on her and she sees alex and kara with all their horrible unhealthy eating and shes like "babe you gotta eat veggies occasionally" and alex is all "but i spar with kara i should be able to eat my weight in junk"

YES YES YES her aunt DEFINITELY introduced maggie to yoga as a way to control her anger but she also signed her up for kickboxing bc sometimes anger can be controlled by meditation and sometimes u just gotta kick the shit outta something 

and maggie is just so confused how alex can eat absolute junk and still be in such amazing shape slash how the fuck does her body respond so well to fries and burgers and candy

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S👏p👏e👏c👏u👏l👏a👏t👏i👏o👏n👏 WHAT is the peculiar behaviour? What does Vic notice? How is Rebecca going to answer? What is Robert going to say to make her not tell Aaron? Is he going to sweet talk her 😷? He's obv not going to be angry!Robert we all love, because he has to keep her on side. Are we going to hear more crap about Aaron being 'too weak' to handle the truth?

*cracks knuckles*

Okay, so, peculiar behavior! Possibilities: R is acting weird around Rob (which a spoiler has already mentioned) because of the cheating. Or more like, just acting weird because they had sex and she once again got DENIED. Who knows. OOR (and I doubt this cause it’s too soon and it doesn’t make sense but when has ed ever cared about that?) R is afraid she might be pregnant or is thinking about the possibility because they didn’t use protection (EWWW I want to vomit thinking about that let alone typing it) so she is being weird around everyone. ORRRR maybe homegirl is being a sneaky snake about something (plotting with ross? with chrissie?) and Vic catches her being weird?? OR she is just being overly angry/aggressive with Rob or overly mopey and Vic notices. 

Maybe Vic notices R not drinking? Or Zoning off into space thinking about how she was stupid enough to fall for Robert’s lies and bullshit once again? Maybe she notices the not so friendly tension between her and Rob? Fuck if I know, Vic tends to be pretty observant and R is about as subtle as a brick. 

How will R answer? Probably with some amount of bullshit. lmao Or maybe she will start talking about pregnancy with Vic. OOOORRR OMG what if she starts asking about the Vic/Adam/Vanessa stuff???? Like how they dealt and the circumstances? LMAO I would diiiieeee.I can just imagine it now…

What will Robert say? Who the fuck knows anymore lmao I assume he will attempt to appeal to her “kind” side. Mentioning how it’s the last thing Aaron needs right now after getting out of prison. Because for some reason people thought R and Aaron were mates??? That she gave a shit about Aaron? lol ok y’all. He might try to manipulate her feelings more cause that’s a Robert thing to do and shit, no lie, I’d do it too. Idk about sweet talking her, seeing as he knows that hasn’t really gone down well for him so far lol 

I fucking W I S H we got a bit of that angry side…but it wouldn’t benefit him at all in this situation. 

And listen, I genuinely think all that “Aaron is weak” bullshit he was spewing was him 10000% projecting but is2g if ed tries to have him say that shit sober I will fucking go there and personally strangle Iain. I think if he says anything of the sort it’ll just be like he doesn’t need that kinda shit right now, give him time, or some bullshit. If the word weak comes out of anyone’s mouths referring to Aaron..boy is there gonna be a shitstorm named KC coming for everyone. 


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Photo study of the gorgeous @viria

Photo from her instagram: https://instagram.com/p/BOxHLWUhq67/

This is the first photo study I am very proud of. I often saw other artists draw photo studies and they often said it was relaxing or they did it to practise. It sounded so easy and when I tried it, I failed so hard. But I wanted to make one so bad that I kept trying. So the other day I got angry and was almost in my “I dont care anymore I just want to draw” phase and then I put on some loud music and just drew. In fury, but soon my anger transfered into energy and I felt good while drawing. I did not feel blockated anymore. It was just funny how furious and angry I was at first when I started to draw the portrait. And now all the negative feelings are gone. And it may sounds weird but I think I transformed my emotions and had a flow feeling as a result. So all in all, I am happy I kept trying. And that the result is good. I am happy. :3 A happy art potato. haha

LGBT stereotypes and misconceptions

I made a bunch of heart graphics about stereotypes about the LGBT community! But don’t feel bad if you happen to fit any stereotypes about your identity, the problem comes in when cishets generalize and delegitimize the community! 

I was inspired to make these because one of my profs said some very hetero-normative things to me the other day, because I mentioned recently to her that I’m a lesbian, and I was very angry that the general public still believes those sort of stereotypes.  

She said things like: “Maybe you just haven’t met the right guy”, “You don’t have life figured out at 18 [years old]”, and “It’s so trendy right now”

Let’s smash these stereotypes together! 

As per usual, I got the flags from pride-flags on deviantart! I’ll probably make more if I have more ideas! Feel free to use, just link back to this post! :)


There is a real imbalance, from the very creation of the stories and who’s telling them, how, and why. Change has to happen with the writers, the studio, the marketers, the directors. That’s got to be diversified because there is a hunger for the expansion of the role of people of color in the center of narratives.


How dare those people bash a large subset of their fanbase, the very people that made them famous and got them jobs? First you act and write and produce a show, drawing queer fans on purpose with how you act and write and produce it, and then you wonder if they react angry and disappointed when what was promised isn’t delivered?

BTW, the I Love You scene was a fuck up on so many levels - in a fucked up episode - that I have no idea how anyone can defend it. It’s not a shame to act in a bad film - every actress needs jobs and money and thinks they can make a difference - but it’s a whole other point to defend such a bad film and insult fans who say that it was a bad film. It’s called criticising. Get over it!

Another story about my mom as a young child…

Her brother started hanging out with this really rotten neighbor boy. This kid was a real bully, getting worse and worse every year. He wasn’t even nice to my uncle. One day, he and another boy told my uncle that they were going to put on a play, and he could play the snake. They rolled him into a blanket, tied it at both ends, and then threw him down a flight of hardwood stairs. It broke his glasses, bruised him badly, and cracked one of his bones. He was devastated.

My mother, three years his junior, was immensely protective of him. She marched over to the bully’s house and was greeted by his sister. “Make him apologize!” she said.

“No,” said the girl. The two got into an argument.

My mother looked around and said, “I’m so… I’m so angry, I could just cut you with this piece of glass!” She picked up a shard of a broken bottle.

“Go ahead,” mocked the girl.

So…. she did.

Okay so it’s 100% logical to say that Sirius would take Remus’ last name if they got married bc he hated his family and everything they stood for and would also just be generally proud to carry the Lupin name

But I’ve always imagined that Remus would take Sirius’ last name and let me tell you why

Sirius and Regulus are the last two to carry the Black family name, so basically the entire future legacy of the Black family is all on the two of them completely

So wouldn’t it just be great if Sirius “tainted” that line by marrying Remus and making him a Black? Like imagine how angry the purebloods would be if a poor half-blood werewolf carried the “noble and most ancient” Black family name. 

And then wouldn’t it be great if Sirius and Remus adopted children without any regard for blood-status or anything else and then those children also went on to carry the Black family name? And then those children would then have children who would then have children etc.

Wouldn’t it just be great if Sirius single-handedly ruined centuries-long work of keeping the bloodline “clean” and made the Black family name something to be proud of?

(And also tbh do yall really think Remus would want to continue to be Werewolf McWerewolf for the rest of his life if he could help it?)

I really love the dialogue you can have with Warden Alistair in Inquisition. like, yeah, he sounds a little frustrated and angry every time someone asks him about the Blight, but it makes sense? like, he’s hearing the Calling, every Grey Wardens nightmare (literally!), he’s watching the Order that he loves basically destroy itself after 10 years of trying to rebuild, and people are still asking him about the Blight.

ignoring that he’s probably got some serious PTSD from that whole time (being one of only two survivors, facing a fucking archdemon, all the horrible things they witnessed along the way, etc), I probably wouldn’t care much about what happened ten years ago if there was an evil Magister wreaking havoc.

but then the dialogue you get from a Warden Alistair that was romanced by a living Hero of Ferelden

his entire demeanor shifts when you ask him about the Hero of Ferelden. his voice loses the edge, he gets a little quieter, and he talks about her with every bit of emotion he did in Origins.

like, no, he doesn’t want to talk about the Blight and all of the horrible things that happened to him (and his friends and the woman he loved and his brother and his father figure) and he has no problem making that known, but he could talk about the love of his life for hours with the same bit of happiness he had before

idk, I keep thinking about that and honestly it just makes me really happy

just enj things™

- enjolras has super uncooperative hair when he wakes up (read: highkey hot as fuck)
- he sings under his breath while making coffee and often gets carried away and does this silly dancing thing that once combeferre walked in on with the most smug amused grin and enj just stopped dead in his tracks and then said “i still have that 2008 disco tape ;)) sweaty” yes in verbal convo fight me and ferre went almost pale and he’s got rlly dark skin so u can imagine what happened in 2008
- enjolras once got carpal tunnel from writing too much angry poetry
- enjolras won the literary award at his school every year and he actually went to the same hs as jehan and they weren’t friends yet, so once a desperate and raging jehan convinced montparnasse to climb into enj’s room and take a pic of the certificate bc they wanted to know what it looked like omfg
- they’re so pure they keep saying sorry for that
- enjolras plays the bass
- grantaire plays the lovestruck fool
- bahorel and enjolras deadass have an annulled marriage (viva las vegas)
- enjolras once cried mid-lecture because he was orating as vp of student council and he got SO EMO that he literally shook his head and kept apologising and asked ferre to take over
- ferre was shook
- enjolras hugs better than anyone it’s so warm in those gay arms
- enjolras can do a one-armed cartwheel and he and courf used to make cheerleading choreographies in their spare time in 6th grade
- jehan and courf dated in 6th grade oh my god enjolras kept their Special Love Notebook (™) (no seriously that’s what they called it) (it was a notebook they passed to each other during class & enj wasn’t allowed to look and he never did bc my baby’s honest n loyal) it’s still in his desk
- enjolras got arrested for stealing a frozen pizza once (maybe not SO honest)
- it was for the good of the people
- enjolras is a hoe for sam wilson he’s his fave mcu character
- enjolras once left late after school was dismissed and he started chatting w the janitor, phil, and managed to convince him to go after his dream and now Phil opened his first photography gallery if u don’t think enj has always been an angel ur wrong
- enj broke his ribs in a fist fight, he wasn’t very good at that kinda stuff so after he healed he legit took 4 different self defense classes because “i cannot cope with not being good at this” and ferre literally had a fit bc “enj whaT The Fucj you work a job and u have class every day are u srsly pulling this 9 hrs a week punching shit crap”
- “yes.”
- no worries lols that’s where he met grantaire :)) he was his boxing instructor :)) need i say more
- ok sweaty shirtless r 👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌 ya enj thinks so too
- enjolras is the BEST at naming things. courf once rolled out of bed at 4am just to text him: “mil dollar job idea: u should b professional gelato shop consultant and help them name their flavours i dk what m sayin” [sic]

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Can Flowey feel? He having various of facial expressions makes me feel he is able to do so.

Actually yes! It tends to be fanon interpretation that Flowey doesn’t feel anything at all but actually, in canon.

Flowey actually cries, get’s scared, get’s angry… Basically a lot of negative emotions, I don’t think there’s one instance I can think of where he shows an actual positive emotion. Being that love and compassion are the only ones he comments on missing, he can feel a range of emotions… just not love. (He probably got plenty of LOVE though) He does mention shortly about not feeling anything for anyone but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t feel anything personally (Considering his crying/getting scared/getting super angry etc)

(Heaps of spoilers under the cut)

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I really wish that experimentation and the fluctuating nature of gender/sexuality was more normalized. Growing up people always made me feel like shit for changing what label I decided to identify with and still continue to do so. Like honestly I don’t see what the problem is wanting to be a boy one day and a girl the next?? Or wanting to be with a boy today or a nonbinary person tomorrow. Maybe today you think you’re a lesbian but a month from now you realize you’re bisexual. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sexuality and gender are always changing and we should start encouraging kids to be okay with not always having to live inside a box.