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【Japan Official Fanclub Magazine Vol.5】BTS My Biography – Jimin’s part  

The middle school student who loves dancing became a member of BTS

My earliest memory is when I was 4 – 5 years old (nominal age) and we were moving to a new property nearby where we lived at the time. I held the rice cooker’s inner pot and helped my family to move. When I was a child, I loved to go outside to play with my hyungs and friends in the neighborhood every day. We often played football and hide & seek. Once I ran too far away and even ran to the nearby town (laughs).

In primary school, I loved to play with my friends. During the breaks, we often played football. Although I really liked drawing, I hated coloring. My future dreams changed constantly every day, I wanted to become a chef when I watched a cooking anime. When I watched ‘Galaxy Express 999’, I wanted to become the Galaxy Express’ driver, and I wanted to become a pirate when I watched ‘One Piece’.

I have a very good relationship with my young brothers, who’s 2 years younger. Sometimes, we play games together at home, or watch movies. I remember that we watched the anime ‘Dragon Balls’ and the movie ‘The Host’. We’re just like friends.

I got along with everyone in middle school. Although there’re 6 classes in my school, I pretty much knew everyone. I joined the football and table tennis clubs at school, I was happy every day back then.

I became interested in dancing during the 2nd grade of middle school. I used to go to practice punctually after school, and I started to attend a dance academy in 2010. I was also happy in the dance academy. Whenever I had time, I would go practice dance. I’ve also participated in big performances, but I was really nervous. Actually, even now sometimes I still get nervous when I stand on the stage.

A year before graduating from middle school, I started to think about attending an arts high school. I couldn’t even concentrate on studying when I was in the self-study room, I was worrying about “which high school should I attend? what do I want to do in the future…” While I was contemplating, I thought about having a job where I could stand on the stage. So, Busan Arts High school became my target. In dance majors, I wanted to learn dances that’s modern so I chose contemporary dance as my major. During high school, I spared no effort in dancing. At the time, my friends and I only knew dancing, we got together and practiced, messed around and then continued to practice. During high school, I also had to deal with the dance academy’s workload, but I worried about the tuition fees so I said: “I won’t attend the dance academy anymore.” However, the teacher said: “Jimin, you can attend even if you don’t pay.” The teacher took so much care of me, I wanted to repay the teacher so I practiced even harder. I learnt a lot under the guidance of the teacher. I’ve never thought about giving up dance, not even once.

During spring 2012, my middle school dance teacher contacted me so I auditioned and got accepted, then I decided to go to Seoul in May. The first member I met was Hobi hyung. Hyung welcomed me and said, “let’s work hard together!” Other members also came to talk to me, it just reminded me of the time when I arrived, I went to eat with everyone in the canteen. The happiest moment during the trainee life was when we eat and play together. I still have the amusement park ticket that we went together, I still carry that around in my wallet. It’s because it was the first time and first place that all of our members went together to play. So, it’s engraved on my memory. I’ve been carrying that ticket for about 5 years.

In Seoul, I got transferred to the same school as Taehyung. I was in Class 4 but Taehyung was in Class 2, the whole school knew Taehyung. Because Taehyung has a lot of friends so when he came to my class, he said to the students, “be nice to Jimin!” I’m really shy with strangers, but I gradually got close to my classmates thanks to Taehyung.

The most difficult part of the trainee life was the uncertainty of my future. I got anxious when I hear “you might get eliminated this time”, so I wanted to do my best with practicing. If I practiced until 3, 4am, I would sleep a bit and go practice singing at 6am for an hour and then go to school. This routine continued for about a year. At the time, I’ve never thought I could become a member of BTS, but I was chosen as a substitute member. The hyungs said: “we want to debut with Jimin”, and that became my strength. The feeling of wanting to debut with these hyungs grew stronger.

I was so excited when we debuted. The memories of when we had the showcase, we received a cake from our fans for the first time, after the showcase BTS members and staff members all cried, we went on music shows the next day, and Jin hyung cried. No matter how long it has been, I can’t forget those memories.

I don’t have anything new that I want to challenge in the future, I just want to challenge and see how far I can go with the things I’m doing now. I’m also diligently learning Japanese because I want to speak Japanese fluently!

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Trans: KIMMYYANG (from Chinese - blinglingGI)

Rainy Day || L.H.

Loosely inspired by this text post I saw this morning.

Warning: Does contain light smut… oops.

The rain continued to patter against the window, the chill in the bedroom evident on such a gray day. The rumbling of thunder in the distance made you far too grateful that Luke had chosen to stay home with you today. “Movie day?” Luke had mumbled almost incoherently. You don’t remember giving much more than a nod, knowing you’d be spending the day with him was more than enough. 

Your bodies tangled under the fluffiest duvet, creating your own warmth together. The touch of skin on skin made everything more intimate. Your head rested on Luke’s bare chest, the slow rise and fall of his breathing and the low thud of his heartbeat nearly lulling you back to sleep. Your fingers gently traced over the freckles on his chest, connecting them like stars in constellations. His small bit of chest hair soft beneath your fingers. Luke’s arm was wrapped around you, his thumb rubbing in soothing circles on your back. 

The marathon of classic movies playing lowly on the television was the soundtrack to the sleepy kisses the two of you shared. Luke’s lips pressing gently to your lips, pouting when you didn’t reciprocate. You smiled at him, poking at his lips before giving him a few kisses on your own. 

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” He asked softly. “Maybeee but I don’t recall. Refresh my memory?” You replied, giggling quietly. “Hmmmm,” he hummed in reply. He kissed your forehead and then your nose before mustering the strength to hover his body over yours, the cool air rushing between you both in the added space. He kissed your cheeks before leaning in and kissing your lips, this time further, biting your bottom lip before sliding his tongue over your lips and into your mouth. There was no fight for dominance; no resisting. Just slow, soft kisses, filled with nothing but love. 

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teenage fever ❖ baekhyun

Somehow your mother caught something in the way both of your hands gripped into each others, something at first you and him didn’t notice, but that you were sure was going to ruin your life.

@byunshim requested: HI! dunno if ur still taking requests but can u do one where Baek is ur college professor, u have a crush on him and then find out later that he’s ur little sis’ boyfriend? Like maybe a 5yr age gap between the two… but when he realizes that ur sisters, he starts to act weirdly… because apparently, he had noticed u during lectures too. LOTS OF ANGST (like u trying to push him away but he won’t leave u alone) but happy ending for Baek x Reader. Thanks!

admin : - velvet
genre: baekhyun! philosophy uni professor au, age gap (if you don’t like, please don’t read), angst, slice of life and fluff + a lot of sexual tension!

[this turned out as a fourshots because i wrote in a day a 20k words story and i was shook when i saw the count, so i’m going to divide this in four parts that i’ll post almost every day (a part from tuesday because i have an exsam) hope you’ll like it!]

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

| Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

First days were hell, I mean all days at school were hell, but first days always had that extra demon that poked your stomach and made you want to throw up all the breakfast you had in the morning. That was your younger sister’s first day in university and your first day on your second year in the same place, sadly the thought of having your own sister in the same place where you spent most of your daily hours wasn’t that exciting, thanks God she took a different path from your. Meanwhile you decided to follow your heart and take Art and Philosophy, she decided to welcome your parent’s suggestion and took Accountancy and Mathematical classes, which surely was something suitable for her perfectionist mind.

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Baekhyun scenario - The other Mr.Byun

Not requested

Summary: Sleeping with the boss is an extreme conflict of interest. But sleeping with the bosses nephew isn’t… Right?

Baekhyun x female reader (1st person)

Genre: S M U T

Warnings: eating out, daddy kink, forbidden sex?

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Goodbye Summer // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: could you do Jaehyun song based scenario with f(x) - Goodbye Summer?

words: 2566

category: angst

author note: ooh here she comes, back with the jaehyun angst fdhdhsj i’m sorry. also I feel like this is kinda messy but i tried.

- destinee

Originally posted by taeiljaeh

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