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Sam:I am Reign, evildoer, devil of all, and new resident villain of national city and you will make me a super suit!

Lena: *scoffs* Just because my last name is Luthor doesn’t mean I’m evil nor will I assist anyone evil like my family.

Sam: *caresses Lena’s face* But every villain needs a lover by their side.

Lena:*already drawing up designs* So were you thinking pants for your outfit or perhaps a skirt like Supergirl? A black ensemble would be perfect, don’t you think?

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Request: Detective au BTS!!! like would they be the detective and you’re the helper or they’re the helper and you’re the detective?? how would they go solving the case???I really jinja want this au to be done
Genre: Mostly a general au, but there’s a little fluff in here too!!
A/N: I really enjoy this concept though so I think I might write some random drabbles for it in the future!! Holiday posts begin tomorrow, feel free to send in a couple requests for some


  • Private investigator
  • Handles a lot of relationship type of stuff but works with the police too sometimes when Namjoon comes to him looking for help
  • He was on the force for a long time but,,, he just became interested in PI work over time
  • It’s not the most exciting work in that sometimes it can be a bit tedious, and sometimes it means he has to do a bit of penny-pinching, but he really does enjoy it
  • Plus Jin feels like he can form more personal relationships with clients this way and??? He’s a people person in his own way 
  • Like he’ll always get to know his clients??? 
  • “The investigation can wait cause first we need a healthy breakfast. Tell me about your hobbies!”
  • He doesn’t just leave them alone the second he’s done either oh no
  • Jinnie is such a sweetie that he always checks up on his clients, and he always offers to go get them a coffee or something along those lines if he has to deliver them bad news 
  • As a result, he’s become quite a well-known PI and doesn’t struggle as much to find work like he did in the early days 
  • He gets really jokey whenever he works with the rest of Bangtan on a case
  • Jin: It’s okay I got this I’ll seduce them into giving me information
  • Yoongi: Literally stop talking
  • They could be about to kick someone’s door down and then he goes “Okay first what do you call a mouse who walks on two legs?”
  • No one suspects him when he works a case tho like,, 
  • He’s just?? Such a charming guy??? And he makes dad jokes??? Who would think this dude is a PI wtf 
  • He’s so smooth he just,,, waltzes his way out of every sketchy situation with a poker face and a happy smile 
  • He meets you when you approach him and say that you think your boyfriend is cheating on you
  • You’d been searching around for PIs online and stumbled upon his website, and unlike all the others, it looked like it had been designed by a professional 
  • By that I mean he had a very,,, modern and aesthetic one, with pages of services and past cases and reviews
  • As opposed to the neon pink and green sites you had seen for other PIs 
  • You were little surprised when Jin insisted that the two of you talk about the case details over brunch, and even more so by his attitude because he was just so??? Friendly
  • And he rubbed your arm when you got choked up talking why you were so suspicious,, and he paid for everything, telling you it was out of his own pocket,,, and he escorted you to your car and assured you he’d report back to you as soon as possible 
  • He seemed remorseful when he returned with the news that confirmed your boyfriend was cheating, and offered to take you out to dinner
  • When you asked if he did this for all his clients, he blushed a bit and said “Usually it’s just coffee,,, however, for you I’m willing to make an exception and spend a little more” 
  • You knew he wasn’t going to rush you but you could tell that once you had healed your broken heart,,, you certainly had options


  • Less of a detective and more captain of the whole precinct
  • He’s seriously one of the most hardworking people the city has ever known,,, he worked in another city for a long time and went under all sorts of training to be the best of the best 
  • As a result, when he finally moved back to his hometown to become the captain, the other officers were a bit intimidated,,,
  • But then Yoongi walked up to him and shook his hand and said it was good to see him again and everyone relaxed
  • Because anyone Yoongi liked was probably a good person because the man had some of the best judgement of character ever 
  • Yoongi and Namjoon had known each other during their police academy though, so they were pretty close
  • Most of the other boys in Bangtan had met Namjoon a few times at police dinners and awards ceremonies but,,, he was really something else in person 
  • The perfect mix of Sherlock and Watson
  • Really smart but also lowkey doesn’t know what the fuck is happening at first most of the time lmao 
  • But seriously he has a very strong sense of duty and a lot of the younger detectives look up to him for it 
  • They all insist someday he could be commissioner or work in state government or something like that and he gets all bashful and tells them not to exaggerate 
  • But lowkey enjoys it lmao 
  • Jungkook in particular really admires him and he was over the moon when Namjoon started acting like his mentor 
  • Like idk if yall watch B99 but he lowkey channeled his inner Amy Santiago
  • Namjoon had seen you a few times at certain events, since you held a position that often worked with precincts and the force 
  • You always just,,, had a nice aura??? He couldn’t really describe it
  • There was just something about you that drew him towards you, and it wasn’t just the fact that you were,,, rather attractive in his opinion 
  • You just seemed very,,, compatible,,, at least with his personality anyways,,, but he was always too nervous to talk to you 
  • Like?? He’d shaken your hand a couple times but nothing more than that 
  • But then it was announced you would start working with the precinct while developing a taskforce for them and you gave him a big smile as you told him that you were excited to work with him in the upcoming months
  • And he just knew he was going to be totally whipped lmao
  • But like,,, he wasn’t wrong 
  • Because was i just him or did you seem to lean in awful close whenever you wanted to show him something on a document??? It’s December right why is suddenly blushing so much um???
  • You knew exactly what you were doing tho lmfao


  • Spends a lot of time working on cold cases
  • He’s the guy everyone goes to whenever the case seems to run dead or when they want to solve one from a random old file they pulled up 
  • He’s just got such a determined and optimistic personality about this kind of stuff??? And he’s really good at helping people see things from new perspectives 
  • Like sometimes people want his help but also want to solve it for themselves, and he gets that 
  • So he always gently pushes them in the right direction and gives them a proud grin and pat on the back when they figure it out 
  • Literally so supportive. 20/10 this world doesn’t deserve this man. 
  • He likes to goof off with the younger detectives when things are slow, and he’s the one who comes up with funny contests and games during their holiday parties 
  • Has a civilian walked in just to see Hoseok and Jimin and Taehyung have a really hype hacky-sack competition with some of the new officers? You bet your ass they have.
  • Yes Hoseok enjoys having fun, police and detective work isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and a lot of the time it can leave you feeling a bit hollow, so he tries to make it less hard on his fellow detectives
  • But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t take his work seriously oh no no 
  • He really does like,,, people don’t heed his advice on cases for nothing 
  • Hobi isn’t really sure what got him so set on solving cold cases all the time,,, maybe it was the thrill of solving what no one else could or the satisfaction of being able to finally say that those dusty old case files on the shelf were no longer mysteries 
  • He just,,, really loves it 
  • There are times when he gets frustrated, after all a cold case isn’t a cold case for no reason, but he pushes through those feelings as much as he can
  • Hoseok and Yoongi staying up at the precinct as they look at a whiteboard full of leads and ideas with their collars unbuttoned and their sleeves rolled up? A whole aesthetic
  • He met you, a detective from another precinct, when you went in search from him after hearing some rumors about his abilities to solve cold cases
  • And you had a doozy of a case, and you were fearful it would wind up becoming one of those 
  • So when you met up with him for a meeting you scheduled, a hopeful look in your eyes as you held a thick and extremely organized binder full of details about the case, he couldn’t help but say yes 
  • And he definitely couldn’t help the smile that crawled across his face when you thanked him over and over 
  • He couldn’t help but shiver at the feeling of your hands grasping him, voicing how excited you were to work with them before rushing off to go to your shift at work 
  • Hobi: Jimin I think I’m in love 
  • Jimin: You met them five minutes ago hyung,,,


  • That one detective that’s weirdly great at interrogations
  • He’s intimidating when it comes to criminals and extremely good at telling if someone is lying to him or not
  • Has the record for getting the fastest murder confession from a criminal in the whole precinct 
  • Literally anyone who tries to break it can’t. The one time someone actually did, he just went out and hauled in another suspect and came out 10 seconds shorter than the person who broke his record 
  • Yoongi: Read em and weep, ladies and gents 
  • He’s not big on ties or coats when he’s doing work, so a lot of the time he wears white or blue button ups with black suspenders
  • Jimin always tells him he looks like a TV detective from the 40s and he’ll never admit it but Suga highkey loves that comparison lmao 
  • One time Jungkook and Jimin tugged a newsboy cap on his head when he fell asleep after an all-nighter at his desk and took like 20 photos of it
  • Now his photo on the wall displaying all the detectives is one of those but with his eyes photoshopped open LMAO
  • Literally couldn’t even get mad because they did a half-decent job at the photoshopping and it’s not even noticeable from a distance??
  • The score-keeper on the squad softball team 
  • Only actually plays whenever one of the younger maknaes (cough cough maknae line cough cough) antagonizes him enough 
  • He’ll feel like he needs to prove them wrong and he’s actually a pretty good batter so like,,, Namjoon always tells the boys to bug him whenever they’re going against someone with good scores 
  • Stays late a lot of the time to handle the late night citizens and to work on cases and also maybe the paperwork he procrastinated on all day with Jungkook I mean what 
  • The two of you are introduced on one of these late nights 
  • Someone had broken into your apartment and while you had called the police and they were checking it out, you were still rather shaken up and found yourself going the station
  • You weren’t really sure what you were expecting by going there but,, you knew you didn’t exactly feel safe at home at the moment so
  • The precinct was mostly empty, many of the night shift officers out on duty, but Yoongi was there and the first one to see you, so he asked how he could help you
  • You explained your situation, feeling a bit embarrassed about how nervous you were acting in front of this handsome man, but he was surprisingly gentle
  • “Hey, it’s okay to want to be around police right now, anyone would be shaken up in your situation,” he told you as he led you over to his desk and dragged a chair over to it
  • He found you a throw blanket from the breakroom and made you some hot cocoa and just talked to you for hours until you felt better
  • And of course, he slid you his number as you left, just in case you wanted to talk to a detective to feel safe,,, or for any other reason (slick)


  • The really sweet detective that deals with concerned citizens more than the other officers and detectives 
  • And also mentors a lot of the new, young officers all the time
  • He’s just so?? Friendly??? And sweet???? Need me a friend like Jimin tbh 
  • A lot of the new officers are really nervous when they show up since they’re fresh from the academy like 85% of the time, but Detective Jimin is always there to greet them with a cup of coffee and a smile as he shows them to their new desk 
  • He really helps them relax and realize that no, the precinct isn’t full of big, scary, hardened cops but rather full of cops dedicated to the people but also dedicated to dorking out 
  • The one to sympathize with suspects in the interrogation room, the dude deadass earns their trust to get them to talk
  • Yoongi holds the record for getting the fastest murder confession from someone, but currently Jimin has the record for getting the fastest robbery confession from someone 
  • Although Yoongi tends to break it lmao,,, they definitely have an ongoing competition happening with that particular record 
  • Literally the most helpful detective. Was given officer of the month just because he’s so nice. 
  • Has definitely carried an old lady’s groceries home for her 
  • But also,,, as adorable as he can be,,, Jimin in uniform with his hair pushed off his forehead,,, ready to kick down some doors is a,,, very interesting image 
  • From Mochi to Park Jimin real fuckin quick kids 
  • Like the other boys, of course he takes his job very seriously, and has lots of those intense officer moments, he just like to pay attention to the little guys too 
  • He meets you during one of the less harsh moments of the job
  • You had gotten your bike stolen and were heading down to the precinct to report it and fill out any necessary paperwork and honestly,,, you were tired and grumpy
  • You had a long day at work, only to see your bike was gone, and it started snowing on your way over to the station, and your feet were killing you at this point 
  • But you were greeted by the kindest looking guy in the whole universe, and he was so helpful as he escorted you somewhere warmer and asked if you wanted a water or something warm 
  • And he sat with you as he went through all the paperwork and at some point you wound up talking about your horrible day and??? He was so nice and listened to the whole thing and even rubbed your back when  you were getting a bit emotional from exhaustion???
  • It wasn’t until you calmed down and thanked him that he sheepishly admitted he didn’t usually talk to people like this but you just seemed so upset and he thought you were rather cute,,, and you stared at him in shock when he said that like um excuse me what
  • He shyly gave you his business card before saying he had to go process your form and dashed off,,, how cute


  • Does a lot of undercover missions and definitely the go-to guy for it, even known around other precincts for being good at it
  • He’s an excellent liar and actor and knows how to adjust his personality to make all different kinds of people trust him
  • Plus it’s not hard for him to change his appearance?? When he’s actually in the station, which isn’t super often, he always looks completely different than any of his other undercover personas
  • Like,,, Tae worked for mobsters for a while to try and find out where the headquarters were, and he had like,,, longish silver hair and contacts and all kinds of costume-grade makeup to change his features to insane levels,,, and he always looked so serious and threatening???
  • And then he shows up at the precinct the minute it’s over with his normal short, soft brown hair and no makeup and his warm brown eyes 
  • Grinning at Jungkook and Hoseok like “What’s my next assignment???” and Yoongi in the background is like,,, bitch how is this even the same person
  • But anyways he just has a strangely disarming presence that makes him a really good undercover detective
  • As a result however,,, the dude’s seen some shit
  • He goes to therapists as much as possible, and he honestly finds it to be a bit manageable
  • But sometimes after longer missions, it catches up to him a bit and he has to take some time off 
  • He does a lot of desk work during those times, occasionally going out into the field for smaller things like cars being broken into and rowdy teenager parties 
  • But he likes these little breaks nonetheless because it means he can just look like himself and hang out with his best friends in the station and practice tossing cheese puffs into each other’s mouths with Jungkook lmao 
  • It isn’t until you call about a rowdy 1 am party at the apartment next to yours that the two of you meet
  • You call the non-emergency line like “Bro. I have work extra early tomorrow. I need sleep.” and they send Taehyung out to talk to you and deal with it bc the other officers are all busy at some bank robbery or something idk
  • You open the door to this super cute detective and you’re like woah,,, but scramble to explain the situation when he mentions he received a call about a noise complaint
  • He’s visibly grimacing from the loud bass too tho so he’s quick to go try and fix it, putting on his best intimidating face as he tells everyone to clear out
  • He stops by your place across the hall again and you thank him and he gives you a big boxy smile that surprises you a bit 
  • And he tells you it was no big deal but,,, maybe you’d like to award him with coffee sometime???
  • Listen how can you say no to someone who looks so squishy giving you a smile like that I mean,,, come on


  • Loves being a cop, loves being a detective, hates the paperwork
  • Field work? Sign him the fuck up. Narcotics case? He’s got your back. Hoseok needs backup on a new lead? He’s there. Going out and chasing bad guys? He’s already suited up and ready to feel cool.
  • Filling out arrest reports??? He’s crying on the inside and definitely whining on the outside. 
  • Paperwork just makes him s u f f e r
  • His desk faces Yoongi’s in the corner and honestly they both take a million years to do their paperwork because they’ll spend hours barely writing anything as they complain about it together and share snacks lmaooo
  • Literally one of his desk drawers is just full of snacks and he and Yoongi definitely bought their mini-fridge to share for drinks and other food 
  • He stays late at least one night out of the week to catch up on work or try to solve some of the more difficult cases 
  • The rest of Bangtan views him as their little baby but real talk all the younger arrivals are just,,, in awe of him at first
  • Because?? He’s swole and fits the image of a detective officer so perfectly??? And he seems like he has such a good handle on his cases um?????
  • But then they see him sipping banana milk and eating potato sticks as he reads over case reports and they’re just. What Is The Truth?
  • But seriously he’s one of the brightest and most talented young detectives in the city
  • A lot of the higher-ups have high hopes for him and you just know Namjoon feels so smug whenever other captains ask about him 
  • He’s always jumping for new cases or to help people out during field work and stakeouts
  • Does a lot of training and always encourages the other detectives to do it with him, especially the newer recruits because he remembers what it was like to be a nervous young cop entering the precinct for the first time and wants them to know they have a buddy in him (and Jimin) at the very least~
  • You’re moving into the apartment across the hall from his and struggling to keep your grip on two rather large boxes when another pair of hands grabs the top one before it can fall
  • And you look up to see a rather handsome young man with his hair pushed off to the side giving you a slightly awkward smile as he says “Let me help you with that”
  • And like WOW he’s so CUTE so you return his smile and thank him as the two of you walk inside
  • And he sets the boxes down and introduces himself and you notice the badge hanging from his neck and find out he’s a detective
  • And you’re like oh!! That’s so amazing!!! I feel even safer here now :)
  • He’s like,,, highkey blushing lmao and he acts all sheepish but you insist that it’s really cool and talk a little bit before his phone goes off 
  • Kookie seems a little disappointed to have to go so fast but you give him a reassuring grin and say you’re sure the two of you will see each other around very,,, very often
  • Suddenly he’s blushing again as he nods and stumbles over a goodbye and dashes away hehe poor shy little bun 
Last Night


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The curse plants a painful seed in her heart.

“I love you.”

It’s nurtured by that word, growing heavier every day.

“I love you.”

A finger presses against her lips, hushes her with, “No more, Honey-Lemon.”

“I love you.”

A calloused hand holds her mouth shut. “Don’t do this, Red.”

“I love you.”

Yellow eyes narrow with a mixture of anger and fear. “You’re fucking killing yourself…”

“I love you.”

The curse blooms forth, spilling her love like petals on the ground, and staining the white of her shirt.

It’s warm.

“I love you.”

She thinks she could die this way.

“I love you.”

Unafraid because they know.

“I love you…”

She loves them.

The one where I scrapped the Bullet Journal, and returned to a Filofax

We all knew this was going to happen, didn’t we.

During the autumn I got seduced by the idea of a Bullet Journal, and spent several months writing neat little tick lists. For the first week or so I even took care over the presentation of each page, and started charting ridiculous things like waking times, mealtimes, and so on in little charts spread throughout the pages. Yeah. I stopped doing that pretty quickly.

Fast forward three months, and the Bullet Journal had become a very expensive hand-written version of a Filofax. It occurred to me that the only difference between the two was the Bullet Journal forced me to write future events in a month or year log and then migrate them forwards, rather than write them in the correct place to start with.

I suppose a huge part of this is familiarity too. I’ve been using a Filofax for a very long time – and while I can see that Bullet Journals have some benefits, I’m also inherently lazy – so having a printed book with the dates already in it wins for me.

This is the part where everybody with a Bullet Journal calls me an idiot, everybody with a Filofax says “told you so”, and everybody else says “why aren’t you using Google Calendar?”

Remember that thought about returning to a simple mobile phone, instead of a smart-phone? That. I’m still thinking about it. While I have no doubt friends will laugh at my decision to walk away from the social idiocy, I’m also looking forward to making a start on all the books I’ve been meaning to read for the last several years, but put to one side while I just checked Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, Flickr, and so on.

Seduce (Jimin x Reader Slight Smut)

Part 2

I was gonna post a fluff but guess not slight smut it is lol

You sat on your friend’s, Park Jimin, comfy couch with a huge bowl of popcorn in your arms as you watched Jimin insert the movie he had chosen into the DVD player under his TV. It was that time of the week again, you guys would have a movie night either at your place or his place and that person would also be the one who picks the movie for the two of you to watch. Tonight Jimin insisted for it to be his place because he had just gotten this action/drama flick and he really wanted to watch it. You agreed even though action/drama wasn’t your favorite genre of film, you would much rather prefer a comedy or even a horror flick. But rules are rules and you couldn’t do anything about it.

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open to f/nb
based on x

It hadn’t seemed like a bad idea at the time; Owen had known the girl for years due to his little sister’s friendship with her. She’d always been polite enough, and seemed plenty smart and responsible enough for her age. He was happy to help her out when he found out she was looking for a job. Granted, he hadn’t seen the girl since he’d been fresh out of college when she was around fifteen or so, but he took his sister’s word for it that she would be a good fit for his office. The biggest challenge Owen had foreseen before hiring the girl was that perhaps his sister might be biased in favor of her friend and he might eventually have to fire her. He’d never expected that his first issue as congressman would be to stop noticing how good the girl - no, woman - had grown up. And if that wasn’t enough of a problem, she was an absolute delight to be around. Owen’s wife could barely manage a conversation that wasn’t about politics or their image anymore, but on more than one occasion, he and his most recent hire had been lost in conversation before being reeled back in by someone else who needed this approved or that signed. 

Now there were a lot of men in a position like his who would see no problem with having eyes for one of his younger, perkier employees, but Owen refused to be that kind of man. So he’d decided to try and avoid her, bury himself in his work and limit their interactions to as rarely and quickly as possible. Except, she wasn’t an idiot and it didn’t take her long at all to notice the change in his behavior. And so here they were, in his office way later than anyone else, where she’d come to confront him. She thought the problem was him suddenly deciding he didn’t like her or want her around. “It’s…it’s definitely not that.” he sighed with a slight chuckle, nervously rubbing at the back of his head as he stood up from his chair. “Look, it’s- it’s not about you. You’re smart and hard working, and you do a really good job here, so don’t worry about any of that. I’m just…not so sure that I should be spending time with you. Because I don’t only find you smart and hard working, I also find you interesting…and alarmingly distracting.” he chuckled slightly, shaking his head at himself. “And I can’t be one of those men who gets…distracted…by the pretty young women working in his office, so I’ve been keeping my distance. But it’s nothing you’ve done wrong, I promise.”


I actually enjoyed writing this very much, so I hope you like it!

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Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Prompt: “Just leave me alone to die” (#27) and “Just leave. Everybody else does” (#35)

Setting: Hamiltime

Warnings: cheating, brief description of sex, swearing

Word count: 1721

You entered the house in which you lived with your husband, Lafayette, after with few days visit at a childhood friend who had moved far away. You didn’t bother calling out for him, as he had told you he would be away on a business trip. Longing to put on something more comfortable, you made your way for the bedroom upstairs.

Right before you pulled the handle, you heard someone inside the room. Your body froze from fear. At first you thought someone has broken in, but then you recognised Lafayette’s voice. But he wasn’t supposed to be home. Curious, you opened the door, and you could never have imagined what you saw before you.

Lafayette wasn’t alone. He was with a woman. In bed. Naked. He jumped off her quickly, and reached for you, but you backed away.

“I didn’t think you could be so cruel”, you whispered, shaking with anger.

“Please, [Y/N], just let me explain!” he pleaded desperately while putting his clothes on, and started rambling in French like he always did when stressed.

“Explain what? How you ‘accidentally’ ended up in our bed naked with a woman that isn’t me? That this was a mistake and it won’t happen again? Oh, wait, I got it! She seduced you! Face it, Lafayette; there’s no explaining this, you cheated on me. Fuck you”, you angrily said to him, raising your voice a bit at the beginning, but calming down as you said his name.

He seemed taken back by your words, but not for the reason one might think at first. You hadn’t called him ‘Lafayette’ since you met him all those years ago. No matter how big the fight, you always called him by his nickname, ‘Laf’, and the fact that you reverted back to his actual name made him realise just how angry you were.

“You didn’t tell me you were married. I would never have done this if I knew”, the woman in you had caught him with said as she exited the room, clothes in her hands, and you didn’t see more of her.

“And you lied to her about me? How did you explain all the things here that obviously don’t belong to you?” you questioned him, trying to stay calm, even though your insides were burning with anger, disappointment, heartbreak and misery.

“I-I told her you were my sister”, he mumbled, obviously embarrassed. You scoffed, careful not to let a single tear spill.

“I can’t believe you. I thought you were the one, but you’re just a mistake. I’m leaving”, you gritted through your teeth. Lafayette looked distressed now, and tried to take hold of you, but once again, you yanked yourself away from him.

“[Y/N], please. I can’t be without you”, he begged, but you stood your ground.

“From what I just witnessed, you obviously can, Lafayette”, you said coldly, and headed for the door.

“Fine. Just leave. Everybody else does”, he sighed, trying to make you stay, but this just made you even angrier.

“Don’t you dare try to make me feel guilty. This is only your fault, not mine!” you yelled, not being able to control your emotions anymore. Running for the door, you let all your tears run down your face. Just as you touched the handle, he grabbed your hand. This time you didn’t pull away. You knew you’d miss him, and let yourself have this final moment with him.

His body was shaking with sobs, and he bent down, and kissed the back of your hand tenderly, just like he did the first time you met. Your heart shattered once again, but you couldn’t give in to him.

You held your head high. No words were exchanged between you, but you looked into his eyes, and saw the man you once had fallen in love with. For a few seconds you stood completely still, but then you turned your back to him and walked towards your carriage.

Even though you didn’t see him, you heard Lafayette collapse to his knees and started to sob hysterically. You called for the carriage driver. Not once did you look back at Lafayette. Not while waiting for the driver. Not while getting into the carriage. Not as you drove away. Because you knew if you saw him in his broken state, you would most certainly not be able to leave him.

“Take me to Elizabeth Schuyler’s house, but with a long detour. I need some time to think”, you ordered, and the carriage increased in speed. You leaned back, and closed your eyes, trying to stop thinking about him for just a second, but you couldn’t. He was the love of your life, and he ruined it all, you didn’t think you couldn’t go on from here.

“We’re here now”, the carriage driver said softly with pity in his eyes. You thanked him quietly, before getting out. Slowly, you approached the door of the Schuyler-Hamilton residence.

You took a shaky breath before knocking. In a matter of seconds, a rather dishevelled Eliza opened the door for you. Your face expressed confusion, she usually never looked like this, but before you could ask her about it, she spoke up with a fake smile.

“Hello, [Y/N], what brings you here?”

“I need to talk to you”, you said, and she took your hand, bringing you into the sitting room. She went to get you some of your favourite tea. When she got back, she sat down next to you, taking your hands in hers.

“What’s wrong, dear?” she asked you, her eyes kind, but distant. You decided it was best to just say it as it was, straight out.

“Lafayette cheated on me”, you told her, your heart breaking even more at the thought of what he had done. She gasped horrified, and pulled you into an embrace when she saw your eyes water.

She wondered how this could happen. Just a few hours ago she had gotten her hands on a copy of ‘The Reynolds Pamphlet”, and had learned of her husband’s adultery, and now she was holding her crying best friend who had been cheated on too.

Safe for just a little while in Eliza’s embrace, you didn’t notice someone enter the house, and neither did she.

It was Lafayette who had entered, seeking help from his friend, Alexander Hamilton. The door was open, so he let himself in. Just as he was about to call out for Alexander, he spotted you and Eliza, and kept quiet, wanting to know what you would say.

“I just don’t understand how he could do that? I don’t think he knows how much I love, and how much it actually hurt me”, you sniffled as you pulled away. Eliza just looked at you with eyes sadder than you had ever seen them, but she didn’t say anything.

It took everything Lafayette had in him to stay quiet, and not break into sobs. He had hurt you so much, and you didn’t deserve that.

“He broke my heart. How am I supposed to keep going? I can’t live without him. I can’t. Just leave me alone to die”, you cried, and let her see your vulnerability. Usually being one who always knew the right thing to say, Eliza was still unnervingly quiet, and you began to wonder whether something was wrong with her.

“Has something happened to you, Eliza?” you asked, shifting the focus over on her. Signalling for you to wait, she got up to get something, and returned with ‘The Reynolds Pamphlet’.

At first you didn’t understand what it was, but you caught on as soon as you had read parts of it. You were now fuming with anger.

“I can’t believe him. At least Lafayette didn’t let the whole world know in the process, I’m so sorry Eliza. He doesn’t deserve you”, you told her firmly, pushing your own heartbreak aside for her sake. She looked grateful, before pulling you into yet an embrace, and you both just cried.

That’s when Alexander arrived. He was not at all expecting what met him in his home. A crying, regretful Lafayette standing close to the sitting room, his wife and you crying on each other’s shoulders.

“What’s going on here?” he wondered. He understood why Eliza was crying, and he felt so bad, but he had no idea as to why you and Lafayette were in his home.

You and Eliza got up; both of you furious, and were startled by the sight of Lafayette who had been standing there, listening to your conversation. You were about to scold Alexander for being so inconsiderate, but shifted your focus over to Lafayette.

“Why are you here?” you asked him bluntly, taking him back a little. He stumbled on his words before answering.

“I was upset, and came looking for Alexander, and the door was open, so I went in, and I saw you and wanted to hear how you felt because I know you wouldn’t tell me”, he rambled on and on and on until you stopped him.

“I suppose you heard everything I said, but I’ll say it to your face. You broke me, I don’t know how to go on, are you happy now?” Then you turned to Alexander. “And you. How could you hurt the kindest and most trusting person in the world? How could you tell everything to everyone in an attempt to save your career when you knew it would ruined Eliza’s life?”

None of the men said anything, but you could tell Lafayette was disgusted by what Alexander had done. Not only that, he was also disgusted by himself, and the fact that he had ruined you.

“Let’s go home”, you said to Lafayette.


“I said we’re going home. I need to speak with you in private”, you demanded as calmly as you could. This made him feel hopeful; you were willing to talk. But he didn’t know about what.

The carriage ride back was painfully quiet, and you walked directly to your bedroom when you got back, Lafayette right behind you.

“I was going to tell you something when you got back, and I was so excited”, you said, almost out of the blue.

“Tell me what?” he questioned, not sure where this was going.

“I’m pregnant.”