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this is so BAD i can barely see what i’m doing…anyway, here’s Terrance and Gwendolyn’s son, Norlen. They might have more kids, but this one is my DnD character and therefore most important.

He leaves home and becomes a diplomat, and later is harassed nonstop by @rememberozzie‘s character, who’s got her sights set on him as the Ideal Mate.

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❤ my crush is this really cute girl i took art studio with last year... she's super into history and movies and has such a good music taste! we've been talking every night for at least the past week and have been sending each other keanu reeves memes and... i like her so much... i wasnt sure if she was gay or not at first but some mutual friends Confirmed it thankfully

oh GOSH!!! WELL DONE!!!! SHE IS GAY!!!!!!!! now you just gotta like seduce her with your memes, you got this bub

The curse plants a painful seed in her heart.

“I love you.”

It’s nurtured by that word, growing heavier every day.

“I love you.”

A finger presses against her lips, hushes her with, “No more, Honey-Lemon.”

“I love you.”

A calloused hand holds her mouth shut. “Don’t do this, Red.”

“I love you.”

Yellow eyes narrow with a mixture of anger and fear. “You’re fucking killing yourself…”

“I love you.”

The curse blooms forth, spilling her love like petals on the ground, and staining the white of her shirt.

It’s warm.

“I love you.”

She thinks she could die this way.

“I love you.”

Unafraid because they know.

“I love you…”

She loves them.


I actually enjoyed writing this very much, so I hope you like it!

Keep on sending requests! Choose prompts from one of these lists(or come up with your own idea), just make sure you tell me which one you picked from!


Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Prompt: “Just leave me alone to die” (#27) and “Just leave. Everybody else does” (#35)

Setting: Hamiltime

Warnings: cheating, brief description of sex, swearing

Word count: 1721

You entered the house in which you lived with your husband, Lafayette, after with few days visit at a childhood friend who had moved far away. You didn’t bother calling out for him, as he had told you he would be away on a business trip. Longing to put on something more comfortable, you made your way for the bedroom upstairs.

Right before you pulled the handle, you heard someone inside the room. Your body froze from fear. At first you thought someone has broken in, but then you recognised Lafayette’s voice. But he wasn’t supposed to be home. Curious, you opened the door, and you could never have imagined what you saw before you.

Lafayette wasn’t alone. He was with a woman. In bed. Naked. He jumped off her quickly, and reached for you, but you backed away.

“I didn’t think you could be so cruel”, you whispered, shaking with anger.

“Please, [Y/N], just let me explain!” he pleaded desperately while putting his clothes on, and started rambling in French like he always did when stressed.

“Explain what? How you ‘accidentally’ ended up in our bed naked with a woman that isn’t me? That this was a mistake and it won’t happen again? Oh, wait, I got it! She seduced you! Face it, Lafayette; there’s no explaining this, you cheated on me. Fuck you”, you angrily said to him, raising your voice a bit at the beginning, but calming down as you said his name.

He seemed taken back by your words, but not for the reason one might think at first. You hadn’t called him ‘Lafayette’ since you met him all those years ago. No matter how big the fight, you always called him by his nickname, ‘Laf’, and the fact that you reverted back to his actual name made him realise just how angry you were.

“You didn’t tell me you were married. I would never have done this if I knew”, the woman in you had caught him with said as she exited the room, clothes in her hands, and you didn’t see more of her.

“And you lied to her about me? How did you explain all the things here that obviously don’t belong to you?” you questioned him, trying to stay calm, even though your insides were burning with anger, disappointment, heartbreak and misery.

“I-I told her you were my sister”, he mumbled, obviously embarrassed. You scoffed, careful not to let a single tear spill.

“I can’t believe you. I thought you were the one, but you’re just a mistake. I’m leaving”, you gritted through your teeth. Lafayette looked distressed now, and tried to take hold of you, but once again, you yanked yourself away from him.

“[Y/N], please. I can’t be without you”, he begged, but you stood your ground.

“From what I just witnessed, you obviously can, Lafayette”, you said coldly, and headed for the door.

“Fine. Just leave. Everybody else does”, he sighed, trying to make you stay, but this just made you even angrier.

“Don’t you dare try to make me feel guilty. This is only your fault, not mine!” you yelled, not being able to control your emotions anymore. Running for the door, you let all your tears run down your face. Just as you touched the handle, he grabbed your hand. This time you didn’t pull away. You knew you’d miss him, and let yourself have this final moment with him.

His body was shaking with sobs, and he bent down, and kissed the back of your hand tenderly, just like he did the first time you met. Your heart shattered once again, but you couldn’t give in to him.

You held your head high. No words were exchanged between you, but you looked into his eyes, and saw the man you once had fallen in love with. For a few seconds you stood completely still, but then you turned your back to him and walked towards your carriage.

Even though you didn’t see him, you heard Lafayette collapse to his knees and started to sob hysterically. You called for the carriage driver. Not once did you look back at Lafayette. Not while waiting for the driver. Not while getting into the carriage. Not as you drove away. Because you knew if you saw him in his broken state, you would most certainly not be able to leave him.

“Take me to Elizabeth Schuyler’s house, but with a long detour. I need some time to think”, you ordered, and the carriage increased in speed. You leaned back, and closed your eyes, trying to stop thinking about him for just a second, but you couldn’t. He was the love of your life, and he ruined it all, you didn’t think you couldn’t go on from here.

“We’re here now”, the carriage driver said softly with pity in his eyes. You thanked him quietly, before getting out. Slowly, you approached the door of the Schuyler-Hamilton residence.

You took a shaky breath before knocking. In a matter of seconds, a rather dishevelled Eliza opened the door for you. Your face expressed confusion, she usually never looked like this, but before you could ask her about it, she spoke up with a fake smile.

“Hello, [Y/N], what brings you here?”

“I need to talk to you”, you said, and she took your hand, bringing you into the sitting room. She went to get you some of your favourite tea. When she got back, she sat down next to you, taking your hands in hers.

“What’s wrong, dear?” she asked you, her eyes kind, but distant. You decided it was best to just say it as it was, straight out.

“Lafayette cheated on me”, you told her, your heart breaking even more at the thought of what he had done. She gasped horrified, and pulled you into an embrace when she saw your eyes water.

She wondered how this could happen. Just a few hours ago she had gotten her hands on a copy of ‘The Reynolds Pamphlet”, and had learned of her husband’s adultery, and now she was holding her crying best friend who had been cheated on too.

Safe for just a little while in Eliza’s embrace, you didn’t notice someone enter the house, and neither did she.

It was Lafayette who had entered, seeking help from his friend, Alexander Hamilton. The door was open, so he let himself in. Just as he was about to call out for Alexander, he spotted you and Eliza, and kept quiet, wanting to know what you would say.

“I just don’t understand how he could do that? I don’t think he knows how much I love, and how much it actually hurt me”, you sniffled as you pulled away. Eliza just looked at you with eyes sadder than you had ever seen them, but she didn’t say anything.

It took everything Lafayette had in him to stay quiet, and not break into sobs. He had hurt you so much, and you didn’t deserve that.

“He broke my heart. How am I supposed to keep going? I can’t live without him. I can’t. Just leave me alone to die”, you cried, and let her see your vulnerability. Usually being one who always knew the right thing to say, Eliza was still unnervingly quiet, and you began to wonder whether something was wrong with her.

“Has something happened to you, Eliza?” you asked, shifting the focus over on her. Signalling for you to wait, she got up to get something, and returned with ‘The Reynolds Pamphlet’.

At first you didn’t understand what it was, but you caught on as soon as you had read parts of it. You were now fuming with anger.

“I can’t believe him. At least Lafayette didn’t let the whole world know in the process, I’m so sorry Eliza. He doesn’t deserve you”, you told her firmly, pushing your own heartbreak aside for her sake. She looked grateful, before pulling you into yet an embrace, and you both just cried.

That’s when Alexander arrived. He was not at all expecting what met him in his home. A crying, regretful Lafayette standing close to the sitting room, his wife and you crying on each other’s shoulders.

“What’s going on here?” he wondered. He understood why Eliza was crying, and he felt so bad, but he had no idea as to why you and Lafayette were in his home.

You and Eliza got up; both of you furious, and were startled by the sight of Lafayette who had been standing there, listening to your conversation. You were about to scold Alexander for being so inconsiderate, but shifted your focus over to Lafayette.

“Why are you here?” you asked him bluntly, taking him back a little. He stumbled on his words before answering.

“I was upset, and came looking for Alexander, and the door was open, so I went in, and I saw you and wanted to hear how you felt because I know you wouldn’t tell me”, he rambled on and on and on until you stopped him.

“I suppose you heard everything I said, but I’ll say it to your face. You broke me, I don’t know how to go on, are you happy now?” Then you turned to Alexander. “And you. How could you hurt the kindest and most trusting person in the world? How could you tell everything to everyone in an attempt to save your career when you knew it would ruined Eliza’s life?”

None of the men said anything, but you could tell Lafayette was disgusted by what Alexander had done. Not only that, he was also disgusted by himself, and the fact that he had ruined you.

“Let’s go home”, you said to Lafayette.


“I said we’re going home. I need to speak with you in private”, you demanded as calmly as you could. This made him feel hopeful; you were willing to talk. But he didn’t know about what.

The carriage ride back was painfully quiet, and you walked directly to your bedroom when you got back, Lafayette right behind you.

“I was going to tell you something when you got back, and I was so excited”, you said, almost out of the blue.

“Tell me what?” he questioned, not sure where this was going.

“I’m pregnant.”

Seduce (Jimin x Reader Slight Smut)

Part 2

I was gonna post a fluff but guess not slight smut it is lol

You sat on your friend’s, Park Jimin, comfy couch with a huge bowl of popcorn in your arms as you watched Jimin insert the movie he had chosen into the DVD player under his TV. It was that time of the week again, you guys would have a movie night either at your place or his place and that person would also be the one who picks the movie for the two of you to watch. Tonight Jimin insisted for it to be his place because he had just gotten this action/drama flick and he really wanted to watch it. You agreed even though action/drama wasn’t your favorite genre of film, you would much rather prefer a comedy or even a horror flick. But rules are rules and you couldn’t do anything about it.

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Into You

Please listen to Ariana Grande’s “Into You” as you read this.

The bass thumps loudly in the packed club, but Iwaizumi swears his heart is drumming louder. Strips of green―red―yellow―purple―blue lights glide all over the room but the rest is black. Oikawa’s pulled him off the dancefloor and they’re against the wall―no, Iwaizumi’s against the wall―smack middle of the damn thing; talk about discreet.


“Shh,” Oikawa hushes, a long, slim finger hovering against Iwaizumi’s lips. They’re not touching, but they should be because Oikawa’s so fucking close to Iwaizumi he might as well come a centimeter closer. He doesn’t, of course, because he’s a little shit and it’s so dark that Iwaizumi can barely make out his face, much less any other parts of him, but Iwaizumi’s eyes wander anyways and it pisses him off.

Oikawa, the little fucker, trails his hand down the silhouette of Iwaizumi, leaning even closer, enough for Iwaizumi to feel his breath. “This is the song I’ve been trying to get you to listen to,” he murmurs.

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The Story Of: How I got Seduce Me 2

Before I quickly explain the story of how I got the game in the first place, please go follow and check out the beautiful woman who made this story possible, @thebunnyofevil on all social medias, support her work and please go check of the half summer sale for her games! They truly are works of art and I’ve had so much playing them so far!! Thank you for reading my rant lmao.

So far I’ve finished 2 routes in full including all the bad endings and the particular trainer ending for those routes. They ended up being

1st: Sam (Aomaris) Trainer: Saero
2nd: James (Bae- I mean Raestrao) Trainer: Shadow

Currently I’m on Matthew’s route (praying I don’t get the bad ending) w/ Rabbit as my trainer (precious waifu) but I decided to take a break so far. Why? Now you’ll learn

I have a group chat on this gamer app called Discord where my friends and I play games, make memes about shit we say about said games and just other things in general, and overall just humiliate ourselves and bond together. Eventually, most of the chat (but me) was playing Minecraft. I tried and fucking sucked. (Sorry y'all I just can’t parkour and the monsters scare me)

So then, one of my friends offers me a deal. A deal my tsundere ass was fucking declining until I finally accepted it a bit too late. The deal was that he had received a gift card for steam and he would use it to buy me any video game I wanted l, because he felt bad for me. Ofc, being the tremendous person I am, I was like “bitch i dont want your stripper money no,” which is translation for, “thank you but no thank you that’s your card and you should enjoy it yourself.” For days and days on end I was rejecting him until I finally decided “You know what, I’m going to buy Seduce Me 2 because my single ass needs a hole to fill in my heart and MysMess only gave me depression”

With that being said, I ask him for the game, right? But the issue was he already spent the gift card the day before on another game so it took him a good 4 hours to make deals to get the money back and buy the game for me. (One of our memes in the chat was “Best $5 spent.” )

This was the moment.

This was the day.

I finally had Seduce Me 2.

I didn’t start until 1 hour later cause I was rolling dice online to see who I would start with. The victor ended up being Sam! I was so excited since he was my favorite (and the supposed true route)

Now my other issue was that I had already watched his route, James, and Erik’s and knew exactly what was going to happen.

( I watched the gameplay of these two beautiful women @madamsharky and @jessthenoob and I absolutely loved it!! lmao they made me laugh so hard. Please go check out their playthroughs of the game and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!)

So here I am, about to play the game until an idea sparked up. I thought to myself, “well I’m too lame, young, poor, and not experienced enough in technology to make my own playthroughs on YouTube, so then why don’t I just make my Discord friends my YouTube audience and they can hear the story along with me and cry and scream along with me when we make choices together and smash hot people?”

Best decision I’ve ever made.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve gotten as far as I think almost the end of Matthews route together but they’ve just been tired of the same premise (getting kidnaped, killing demon lord, smashing the hot incubooty)

Thank you for reading this post, however it is getting too long so I’ll divide my experiences of the game so far into different rant posts! They will have spoiler tags and such.

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@Spade-Captain-Ace "I'm made of fire, but the only hot thing here is you."

I’m kicking your ass right now | Fuck no | Never been less turned on | Ugh no | I’d give you a try| A super cutie | Yes, yes, YES | I’M READY NOW DAMMIT


Mollie: *blushes and shyly smiles* “Well i’m not the only hot thing in the room.

Mun Mo: *thumbs up* 10/10 on tastefulness bless you 



Kidding~ I’m kidding

Here you go anon dearie~

(I would color this but I’m so congested and it’s messin with my head soooo)