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Cookie Day (WinterIron Quick Fic)

This is just fluffy WinterIron. Just fluff. To make up for the tear fest that was “Moments” lol

Enjoy :)

Bucky made….cookies.

Like really, really insanely good cookies. While humming, and listening to slow music as he took over the kitchen in the Tower. He even wore an apron most times.

And really, the team didn’t know what to do about it.

Mostly because even a year and a half after Steve brought him home, Bucky was still quiet more days than not. He still wore his hair long, his chin scruffy. He hardly ever smiled, hardly ever engaged with anyone. He was never in anything other than a long sleeve because he didn’t like the attention his arm inevitably drew, even though Steve had told him at least a hundred times that no one here ever noticed. He didn’t wake up screaming with nightmares anymore, but no one ever actually saw him sleep either so…

Anyway. Cookies.

Like, the best cookies in the world. Like thick and fluffy and packed with butter and chocolate and enough sugar to put an elephant down. And he absolutely refused to share.

In fact, no one was even allowed in the kitchen while he was baking. Clint had tried one time to scoop some cookie dough and Bucky had (accidentally) almost broken his hand.

So the team retreated, hovered outside the kitchen door and plotted ways to get to the cookies.

Steve had assured them that back in the day, Bucky had in fact been the best cook he had known, always making something in his mamas kitchen, and then cooking for Steve after his parents passed.

It didn’t matter what it was- thick, crusty bread, impossibly light pastries, and of course these amazing cookies— Bucky could make them no problem, and was happy to do every time Steve looked just the littlest bit hungry.

Of course Steve had been allergic to or at least sensitive to nearly everything back then, so little bites and nibbles was the best he could do. And now that he was a 100% healthy, super serum powered soldier who needed upwards of 4000 calories a day to keep his body running… well Steve was just as desperate as the rest of them to get his hands on some of Bucky’s cookies.

But alas, it wasn’t going to happen. Because Bucky only ever baked enough for himself, just enough to pile on a plate that he then hoarded on his lap during team movie nights, an entire gallon of milk sitting next to him because that’s how much milk it took to wash the cookies down.

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Law of the Jungle - Minhyuk

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Law of the Jungle - Lee Minhyuk - Request🌱

Parts: Masterlist | 01 |

Pairing: Lee Minhyuk x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word count; 5.306

Synopsis: Minhyuk and you end up in the variety show Law of the Jungle as a team, how will you two survive?

Being part of a popular girl group sometimes really took it’s toll so when you finally got the chance to do something separate you didn’t hesitate for a second and told your manager yes, little did you know it was for the variety show “Law of the Jungle”  but as you lived in the country before coming to Seoul, you didn’t think it would be hard and as long as you had good company, you could handle anything.

You were going to be paired up for these few days but you didn’t know with whom and to say you were curious, well that was an understatement. The day before you were meeting your team member you had to perform at “music bank” and it was always nice to see the other groups, especially Monsta x, they were so funny and really nice and also Twice was the group you really looked up to so after performing you actually got to hang out with them for a few minutes and when you finally got back to the dorm you were exhausted but you couldn’t sleep as you had to pack stuff, your roommate helped you out and as you both were packing, you decided to get a lot of shorts and shirts and just two sweaters because it was summer, you did bring a swimsuit and a coat, just in case. “Is this enough?”

“I’m not sure, did they really not give you any tips on what to bring?”

“Just that it will be hot, with a small chance of rain.” you shrugged as you plopped down on the ground. “Who do you think will be your teammate?”

“I hope he or she is nice and that’s the only thing that matters but I do have the feeling it will be an idol, as I am one as well.”

“Do you have a preference to which idol you want as a teammate?”

“Not really but I would love Jungkook from Bts or one of the Monsta X guys or what about Minho from Shinee, that would be awesome because he is so funny.”

“Ya Y/N wipe away the drool.” she laughed and as you were laughing the other girls came walking in. “What’s so funny?”

“She is a pervert!” you hit her lightly on her arm and snickered “I am not.” you had to explain why she called you a pervert and you all ended up on the floor laughing and without realizing you had fallen asleep and as your alarm went off you actually didn’t hear it and it was your manager who woke you up. The girls hugged you goodbye and told you to be careful and you just nodded at everything, it was not you were putting your life on the line and as you stepped out of the car and walked into the studio, you were surprised to find MinHyuk from Monsta X waiting on the side, he was checking out his phone and as the producer of the show approached you, you had feeling where this was going. “Good Morning Y/N, did you sleep well?”

“I did, I’m a bit nervous though.”

“Really, well let’s introduce you to your teammate.” he walked to where Minhyuk was standing and stopped right in front of you, Minhyuk checked you out and smiled when he recognized you. “Y/N, are you my partner?” you bowed because he was your Sunbae and even though you two had already met it was still a bit awkward at times.

“I think we are Sunbae.”

“Oh, you really don’t have to call me Sunbae, you can just say Minhyuk or Oppa.” you pushed him lightly at that but you were going to call him Minhyuk because that was just easier and as he didn’t mind then why not right?

“Now that you two have met, we really have to go to the interview part and as you both were taping this, you couldn’t help but feel happy about this because at least you knew each other and understood each other as you were in the same field. They asked you of you knew each other and if you had things in common and to your surprise you actually did and when they told you, you were “the couple” of this week, you couldn’t help but chuckle and as you swatted Minhyuk on his arm he put his arm around your shoulders. “Don’t we look in love already?” he winked and this really was cringy but so funny. After the interview, he held you back as he grabbed your arm. “You didn’t mind that right?”


“Me touching you without warning?”

“Oh, I didn’t mind, don’t worry, dieI’m a cuddly person.” you winked as you walked to your manager. You were staying at a hotel and were leaving early in the morning to New Zealand, that was the only information they had given you and you were actually really excited for this because New Zealand was a beautiful country. As you were making yourself ready for bed someone knocked on your door “Yes?”

“It’s my Minhyuk, can I come in?” You quickly walked to the door and opened it, showing a makeup-less Minhyuk and as he smiled at you, you melted a bit, he had such a bubbly character that you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m a bit restless, this is the first time I’m without my members so I don’t know what to do and I thought you must feel the same.”
“I was going to watch “Fight My Way.” so if you don’t mind watching that, then you are more than welcome.”

“I love that show, let’s watch it. Do you want to order some food?”

“Yeah sure but let’s not make it too expensive.” you mumbled embarrassed but he agreed without a second thought and as you settled on the bed, he actually just laid down next to you and together you watched “Fight my Way” when room service came he opened the door and returned with a pizza and it had been forever since you last had a pizza so you didn’t hesitate for a second and almost attacked the pizza and whilst eating you didn’t notice Minhyuk staring at you “Yah, aren’t you going to eat?” you asked after a while and that’s when he smiled and grabbed a slice of pizza. “So what do you think about going to New Zealand?”

“I’m excited, I can’t wait to see the beauty of that country with my own eyes.”

“Did you look it up?”

“Ani, I saw “Lord of the Rings.” that was recorded in New Zealand, didn’t you know that?”

“I didn’t know but that’s amazing.”

“I know right.” and as you both made small talk your eyes started to get heavy “Minhyuk Oppa, I think you should go back to your own room, I’m really tired.” you mumbled and without waiting for his response you fell asleep.

The next morning you woke up and was surprised to see that the tv was off and that you were actually under the blanket. This must’ve been Minhyuk’s work and it was actually really sweet of him. You quickly got out of bed and made yourself ready to go to the jungle and as you arrived at the lobby, you were met with the others. You weren’t the only girl, which was better and you smiled when you recognized the woman as she was a famous actress, one of your favorites to be honest and as Gong Hyo-jin introduced herself you couldn’t help but bow and you immediately asked if you could call her Unni and she pulled you into a hug. “Of course you can.” she ruffled your hair to say this was the best day ever, well that was another understatement.

You got on the plane and was surprised you had to fly that long but you weren’t complaining because this meant you could sleep for a long time and as you woke up your head was on Minhyuk’s shoulder and he was sleeping as well and as his head leaned on your head, you couldn’t help dying a little by this cuteness and as you took a sneaky picture you moved and put a pillow under his head. When you looked outside you couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the sunrise because it looked absolutely beautiful with those clouds and the sea beneath you and as you began to go down you couldn’t wait to go explore. You woke up Minhyuk and as the plane landed he grabbed your bag for you and together you departed the plane and as you went through security, you already saw the production team waiting. they waved at you and together you walked to them. You didn’t forget about your suitcase. “Do we have to get our suitcase?”

“No, we will get that for you, don’t you worry.” being reassured you walked to the others and that’s when they told you what you were going to do and it was going to be tough but it was nothing you couldn’t handle. “Do we have to swim?”

“Maybe, why Minhyuk?”

“I can’t swim.” it got silent immediately but as a fan, you knew about this and felt bad. “I can swim though so I will help him if he needs to get into the water.”

“Are you sure?”

Of course, he is my teammate, so I need to help him out don’t I?” you pushed him gently and that’s when he pulled you into a hug. “Thank you.” you patted him on the back and as he let go of you, you felt the heat in your cheeks as everyone was staring at the two of you. “Are you guys dating?”

“No but we are friends.” you smiled at them and together you walked to the can that was waiting for you and as you got out at the start of a mountain path, you got the assignment for today and today you had to hike at least 20km to get to the camp and with this heat it was going to be really hard but you weren’t going to give up. “Let’s go.” you pulled Minhyuk with you and everyone followed. You would lie if you said it was an easy path but with Minhyuk’s help you went far and as it became steeper you really had to help each other and even touch each other. “This isn’t easy.” you heard Minhyuk mumble and at that exact time you slipped and fell into his arms, he could grab one of the hanging tree trunks, which prevented both of you from falling but as he caught you he had put his hand on your butt, which was a bit embarrassing but to your surprise you actually felt a tiny spark from his touch.

“Minhyuk Oppa, you can let go now.” as reality hit him he quickly let go of you and with a little wink you turned around and started walking again and when you finally reached a rest stop, you were actually really high. “So we have a shortcut for you guys but it’s up to you if you want to take it.”

“What do you mean?”

“You can abseil from this point and take an hour of your hike or you can continue the path your on right now.” you walked to the edge and as Minhyuk put his hand on your waist just to keep you safe you knew you had completely fallen for him, he was just the sweetest guy ever. as you looked down you were a bit alarmed as you couldn’t even see the bottom but you really wanted to do it. “Oppa let’s take the shortcut, it’s really awesome.”

“Are you sure?”

“I am but I only will do it if you want to do it.”

“Let’s do it. We will abseil.” and with you, two other teams followed and as you got tied up, you almost changed your mind. Minhyuk squeezed your hand gently before you went over the edge and as you slowly lowered yourself you were completely taken back by the beauty that was surrounding you. “Are you okay?” Minhyuk called from above and you screamed back that it was really beautiful, which made him laugh “Hwaiting!” he yelled at you, this made you smile and as your feet touched the ground after God knows how long you had to look up and was shocked by how far it actually was. Minhyuk appeared not long after you landed and as you watched him descend you knew you were in deep trouble because you were falling like crazy for the guy.

“Oh my God this was Daebak, let’s do it again.”

“Really?! let’s do it again another time Minhyuk-sshi but for now, let’s go to the camp because my feet are killing me!” You started to walk in the direction of the camp and Minhyuk followed and the fact that you could run into wild creatures made it a bit more exciting but there was no time to think about it because you really just wanted to get to the camp and sit, after walking for twenty minutes you finally spotted the camp and as you nudged Minhyuk who had been quietly walking behind you, he finally came back to life and started to run. “Yah Y/N hurry up!” you couldn’t help but laugh but there was no way you were going to run, not with all this weight on your back, so you just calmly followed him.

You weren’t the first ones to arrive because Kim Byun Man was already there with his partner and as you stepped into the camp he actually praised you for being fearless, which was a huge compliment as he was the best. You could finally sit down and as you pulled off your shoes you felt ten times better and as you quickly washed them with water from one of your bottles you started to massage them but to your surprise Minhyuk plopped down in front of you and pulled your feet out of your hand and started to massage it for you and you wanted to stop him but then he started to put pressure and well it felt so damn good. You did the same thing for him and you were surprised how easy things went between the two of you, it was like you knew each other for years instead of a few days. The others joined you after thirty minutes and took seats beside you and as you all waited for the production staff to tell you the next assignment, you felt a bit sleepy and Minhyuk was sitting beside you so you decided to use him as a pillow, which he didn’t mind apparently,

“Welcome to the camp, this is just for tonight as you know you have partners for the entire week, this won’t get switched up, tonight Byun Man will take care of the food but tomorrow you will have to do it yourself as you hike to the next stop. We are taking a route through the Lord of the Rings landscape, which means it can get hard, so please watch Byun Man so you can apply it and in two days you will be able to meet each other in a new camp. Are there questions?”

“What about the safety at night?”

“You will be led to sleeping spots with the map we are giving you, you can only sleep at these stops.”

“Okay thank you.” you were slightly relieved because you didn’t mind sleeping outside but with the spiders, snakes and whatever else lurking around, well let’s just say you weren’t feeling great about it. Then Byung Man started to explain hunting but you were one step ahead of him because you already knew how to do this, you didn’t like it but you had no choice right now and that’s when the real challenge started and as you woke up early next morning, you weren’t surprised to see you were lying on Minhyuk’s chest. You got up and washed up and started to fill you two bottles of water, you did the same for Minhyuk and as you started to pack your stuff after saying good morning to your camera team, you started to wake Minhyuk up, which proved to be a real test and after you started out nudging him gently he just turned around and continued sleeping, it was really cute and if you didn’t have to start walking you would let him sleep but he really needed to wake up. “Minhyuk-sshi you have to wake up!”

“Yah Minhyuk, get up already.” that’s when you gave up on being gentle and you actually started to shake him hard just to wake him up and eventually he opened his eyes. “What?!”

“Really?! get up already we have to go!” he sat up and looked around him and that’s when the realization hit him and he literally jumped up. “I’m sorry!” he bowed to you and the camera team and started to wash up and after eating the remaining food that Byun Man had given you, you started to go on the journey. “Where are we going?”

“Well according to this map, we have to walk a lot and Minhyuk-sshi?” he looked up and stood behind you to see what you were pointing at “Wait is that water?”

“It is, I think we have to cross this river but I don’t think it’s deep or dangerous.”

“I can’t swim though.”

“But I can and it’s a great opportunity to catch fish, as we need to have food.”

“Do you know how to cook fish?”

“I know how to catch, clean and cook fish, don’t worry about it.” you smiled and as you continued your way, you found out how much you had to rely on each other because if one of you got tired, someone had to lift spirits and not only the spirits of your partner but also the camera team, you did know that as soon as you arrived at the river, they would go back and you had to carry your own camera as you would be close to the first night stop. “Minhyuk are you missing the guys?”

“I do but you are great company as well, what about you, do you miss the girls?” you had to be honest right because you didn’t really miss them as you were the one who took care of everyone. “I don’t really miss them because they are just like my kids who I have to take care of, so let’s say this is a mom vacation, away from the kids.” you joked and he actually laughed.

“Aren’t they going to be upset when they hear this?”

“Nah they won’t because they know it’s me saying it, they know I love them.” you blew a kiss to the camera with a wink, people loved you doing this because it was cute, so you just went with it. “So Minhyuk, tell me, who do you like the least out of Monsta X members.”

“Yah why would you ask me this?”

“I was just curious and teasing you, don’t worry everyone knows it’s I.M.” You joked as you stuck out your tongue which made him chuckle. “I’M. you know I love you right!” he said into the camera and you couldn’t help but snicker “I read that we were your favorite group, so who is your favorite out of us?”

“You really want to know?”

“Of course.”

“Okay don’t be upset but it’s not you.”

“What how is that possible?!” you smiled at him and pushed him. “Oh shut up, it’s Wonho, he is my favorite.”

“Really Wonho? I know a few things about him that would make him your least favorite though.” he was being a tease and he probably had to apologize to his Hyung later on. “You wouldn’t do that right?”

“Of course not, he would kill me but why do you like him?”

“Well, I’m sometimes a bit shallow so his muscles are a big plus and he has a killer voice and a cute personality but also not and I love a guy who can get emotional.”

“I can get emotional if you want.” you stopped walking which made him bump into you and without warning you turned and ruffled his hair before walking away again. “I bet you can but I never said I didn’t like you.” you winked and continued walking and you were surprised that he was finally quiet but after walking for a day you understood why it was because you were close to the riverbank and as you looked through the trees you could tell that it wasn’t that deep but deep enough to get soaked but when you saw the current you had your doubts about it being easy to cross but luckily you were prepared for this.

After the saying goodbye to the camera team you turned to Minhyuk who was staring at the water and you could tell he was slightly freaking out. you decided to not tease him about this and as you opened your bag, you pulled out the life vest, you had brought this for Minhyuk, just in case you would need it. “Minhyuk-sshi, come here I’ve got something for you.” he turned and walked up to you and as he came closer a smile appeared on his face. “Really Y/N?”

“Of course, you didn’t think I would let you drown right?” you held up the life vest and instead of him grabbing the vest he hugged you. “You’re the best, thank you so much.”

“No problem, let me help you put it on” and as you pulled it over his head you buckled him up tightly and as your hands grazed each other you knew it wasn’t only you who felt sparks every time you touched. “Okay, we have to cross first before we can get food, just hold on to my hand and don’t ever let go, okay?”

“Okay, I won’t let go.”

“Alright, let’s go.” you got into the water first and Minhyuk followed slowly, you let him take his time and as he got into the water, you felt his distress as he was tightening his hold on your hand but for this once you weren’t going to complain about. “Minhyuk why can’t you swim?”

“I don’t know, I just ever learned.”

“You really should learn how to do it though.”

“I know and I will when we get back.” you nodded and as the river got deeper you also felt his stress but you never gave him the chance to freak out as you picked up the pace and after twenty minutes you were finally on land again and Minhyuk just let himself fall on the grass and you well, you were fishing, which wasn’t that easy but eventually you caught four fishes and as you tied them together you continued your journey and to your surprise you had arrived within ten minutes.

“Minhyuk-sshi do you know how to make a fire.” that’s when he started to sing fire from bts and you cracked up at that and especially when he sang that he didn’t know how to make it. So after you made the fire whilst instructing Minhyuk how to do it next time, you cleaned the fish and you had to say that after eating it, you felt ten times better as you hadn’t eaten the entire day except for a little piece of meat in the morning. You washed up and laid down next to an already sleeping Minhyuk.

The next day you continued the journey, which was even worse because you were really hungry and your legs were tired. Minhyuk let you lean on him a few times and you did the same thing for him and after walking for what felt like two days you finally arrived at the last night camp, you had succeeded in fishing again but this time you only caught two fish because the sun was already setting and the fact that you had to go out of your way to get near the river, well let’s say you really didn’t have a lot of time, so after cooking the fish and eating it you just laid there watching the stars. “My legs are killing me.”

“I know how you feel.”

“Did you see that?” he pointed at the sky and for sure you saw a falling star. “Quick make a wish.” and as you closed your eyes, you wished for good health for your members and the Monsta x members. “What did you wish for?”

“I’m not telling you.”

“I can show you my wish.”

“How?” that’s when he came closer and put his hands on your face and without time to think it through he kissed you. You didn’t pull back and started to kiss him back and as he was playing with your hair you were completely mesmerized by the way the sparks were running down your body when he finally pulled back you just stared at each other and smiled. “I’m sorry about that but I just had to do it.”

“You had to do it, why?”

“Because I really like you, you are the reason why I decided to join.”


“Really, I asked him about the people who would join and when he mentioned your name, I couldn’t say no under the condition that I got teamed up with you.”

“That’s actually really sweet.” you leaned forward and pressed a kiss on his lips again, this surprised him but he didn’t seem to mind it. “So what now?”

“So now it’s our first day.”

“Okay.” you ruffled his hair and laid back down and as the fire went out, so did you, only to wake up in Minhyuk’s arms, it was really comfortable and knowing you would be reunited with the others, was something you didn’t mind at all, it also meant that you only had two more days left. “We have to get up.” To your surprise, Minhyuk was already awake as he was the one who said this and now you knew why you woke up because he had been playing with your hair. “We should.” you sat up and Minhyuk followed your example and as you packed everything up you started the last few miles and as you were walking Minhyuk suddenly held your hand and didn’t let go, only when it was necessary and right before you were arriving at the camp you had an encounter with your biggest fear, which was spiders. “I don’t want to startle you but you have something on your back,” Minhyuk said carefully and without even knowing what it was you felt the panic. “What is it?”

“It’s a big spider, so just stay still I will get it off” but there was no way you could stay calm and you started to scream as if you were being killed and it didn’t take long for Byun Man to appear and as you were jumping up and down, you felt the sting, which probably wasn’t a good thing as you heard the production staff curse. “Get the antidote!” was the only thing you heard them say, as your vision started to get blurry and as you lost feeling in your legs. It was Minhyuk who caught you in his arms and that’s when you saw the size of the spider and you knew this was one of those spiders that could kill you within a few minutes and that’s when everything went black. When you opened your eyes it was already dark and your body felt like someone had been walking over it continuously and that’s when you remembered the spider and your heartbeat picked up speed. “She’s awake!” you heard someone say and when Byun Man appeared in front of you, you could see the concern. “She’s having a panic attack!” that’s when Minhyuk came into the picture.

“I know how to stop it.” that’s when he kissed you, making you stop breathing all together but that was a good thing because it calmed you down immediately. When he pulled back you looked up to see everyone gathered around you and the only thing you could do was give them a small smile. “I’m sorry but I’m just really afraid of spiders,” this made them all laugh and hug you carefully.

The staff needed to know if you could go on and you insisted on going on, so that’s when they decided to tell the last assignment and that wasn’t a really tough one but you had to do this without food and as the last assignment started Minhyuk took you apart. “Don’t ever scare me like that again.” you nodded and let him hug you “I won’t but I just panic when it comes down to spiders, I’m sorry Oppa.”

“It’s okay, you’re still alive and that’s all that matters, so now let’s kick some jungle ass and finish this.” and for two days you were joking around with each other and you couldn’t help but to love his beagle personality, everyone figured out you started dating so they all teased you a lot but it was all in good spirits and as the end came into view you couldn’t help but sing and as Minhyuk joined you everyone just listened because it actually sounded really good and as you walked into camp everyone started to cheer because there was food waiting for you and as the staff congratulated you on finishing the assignments, he gave the start sign to eat but he warned us to eat slowly which we did and after a few minutes everyone was already full.

“We’re staying here for just the night and then you will head back.” the director thanked everyone and even you for creating a thrilling moment and you just stuck up your thumb, which made Minhyuk ruffle your hair. the next day you were finally back at the hotel and as you took a really long shower you were slightly worried about what to do when you got back to your daily lives but when Minhyuk, later on, knocked on your door, you knew it would be alright.

“We will be fine when we get back, it’s not like we could hide it as it’s on video, so they just have to deal with it.”

“Don’t you have a rule against dating though?”

“I don’t, I told them that they could control everything except my love life and they agreed to it, what about you?”

“I don’t have a rule like that either.” that’s when he smiled and pulled you into his arms. “Well then let’s date properly.” with that he kissed you passionately and you slept like a rose after that. When you got back it was a bit more difficult because of schedules that were in the way but you never gave up and after dating for six months he took the time to take you out on a date. “Let’s go eat something nice,” he said whilst holding your hand as you walked by the Han River and you couldn’t agree more because you were really hungry.

He took you to the Namsan tower and as you were looking out over the city, you couldn’t help but feel lucky to have him by your side and as you locked eyes with him, you knew he felt the same. “Let’s toast.” he lifted his glass and waited for you to do the same and without hesitation, you clink your glass with his. “To finding your soulmate in the middle of the jungle.”

a/n; this is the first time I’m writing for another kpop group that isn’t Bts so please be nice and I really hope you like it!

The Reunion

This is a project I did this summer, I was playing with manga studio, trying the brushes and stuff, but i never got the chance to finish it since it took me so long that I got tired and just left it like that.

But this evening I felt pretty inspired and decided to get over with it. I did the shading part very quickly because I just wanted to see it finished, but now I’m not really satisfied by the result :/. 

I decided to post it anyway tho, because I worked really hard, and I really wanted to show it to you :°D

Besides that, let me explain what’s happening. After finishing Inuyasha (and crying all my tears because I was so sad it was over lol) I fel like I would’ve liked more of this moments between Inuyasha and Kagome, and I think their reunion would’ve been a good opportunity (I just wanted more kisses :3).
The moment in the anime was very sweet and moving, and I wouldn’t change a thing.
I just tried to do my version, and this came out

Respect (Jay Park)

Anonymous asked: Hello there! Could you write a plot where the reader (the girlfriend) has injured her ankle but she still insists to work & Jay keeps trying to stop her but they end up in a quarrel & a sweet make up? Not sure if it makes sense haha. Thank you! Side note, really love your writing.

Originally posted by jaywalkerzz

    “Hey babe, just wanted to check in and see how you’re doing. I guess maybe you’re probably taking a nap right now or something. Anyway, give me a call when you get a chance! Love you.”

    You clicked back to the homescreen of your phone once Jay’s voicemail finished, sending him a quick text in response: sorry, i’m actually at work; i was working on some stuff. dinner tonight? love you too :)

    You slid your phone back into your desk drawer before getting back to work.

    At the end of the day, you took the elevator down to the ground floor of the building, limping out while taking as much care as you could with your ankle. When you stepped out the door you stopped dead. There, leaning against the side of his Mercedes, was Jay, arms crossed and one eyebrow raised. “I thought you weren’t going to work today?” he said as you crossed the sidewalk.

    “I never agreed to that,” you said, stopping at the bike rack to unlock your bike.

    “Yo, what are you doing?” he asked, his footsteps pounding on the sidewalk as he ran over to you. “You biked here?”

    “Yeah,” you said. “Jay, chill. It’s not that bad.”

    “It is if you can hardly walk on it,” he said, and before you protested, added, “I’ve seen how much pain you’re in when you walk. And I’ve had plenty of injuries before. I know how it goes.”

    “Thanks for looking out for me,” you said. “I just… I can’t not go to work because I messed up my ankle a little.”

    He sighed. “But you need to heal!”

    You looked at him skeptically. “Did you sit at home all day every time you injured yourself? Because I really can’t imagine you doing that.”

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7 Minutes in Heaven: BTS Style

Anon Asked: Hi! amazing blog can i have a bts styled,7 mins in heaven w/ a sexy kick to it??? sorry if this is a lame request thanks !!!

Oh no not lame! It sounds exciting! I hope you like it!

Seokjin: You were in a daze whenever you heard your name get called, you looked up to see Jin holding his hand out in front of you. You took it gently as he pulled you up off your feet and into towards the closet. Once inside the dark void you were both silent. You then heard Jin take a shaky deep breath and say his outline walking up to you. You felt him smiling in the darkness as you felt his hands caress your cheeks,he tilted his head touching his lips to yours. He pressed a little more firmly deepening the kiss before time ran out. As you both walked out and went back to your places he smirked your way sending you a wink with it.

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Yoongi: You stood up as you heard your name, as soon as Yoongi’s name got called you heard him scoff in a annoyed tone. He walked into the closest with you following close behind him. Once the door closed you both fell silent. You could feel his presence on the other side of the closet. Suga gave off a “I really don’t want to be here” atmosphere. You let out an exasperated sigh and to he responded with “Sorry, if i am coming off as cold,I’m just really tired from work this week,” You nodded in response. Once the door flew open,and right as your started walking out, Yoongi  quickly grabbed your hand pulling you towards him and sweetly but firmly pressing his lips against yours, smirking into the kiss “ I wasn’t going to let you go without getting a kiss from you”

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Namjoon: As soon as you both heard your names called Namjoon quickly stood up flashing you a silly grin, once you got into the closest he started to fidget around in the closet, accidentally knocking things over. As he was walking towards you he tripped on a umbrella holder and fell towards your way, but before he could crash ontop of you he quickly threw both hands on the wall beside your head, making you blush as you felt his warm breath on your lips. Namjoon inched closer to you and suddenly you felt his luscious lips pressed against yours,he then grazed his teeth against your bottom lip. As time was up and the door was open again he pulled away walking out,but not before turning around and flashing you a grin, except this grin was different.

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Hoseok: Hoseok jumped out of his seat and started to scream happily, and he ran off towards you taking your hand and leading you to the closet. He was so happy and bubbly but once the closet door closed you saw another side of him. Hoseok walked towards you slowly putting his hands on the small of your back as you felt him smirking at you in the darkness. “You’re really cute when you blush y/n” You felt his lips come crashing onto yours as he gave you a passionate and long kiss. When time was up and you walked out of the closest he flashed you a sexy smirk

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Taehyung: You head a happy yell from V from across the room,as you made your way to the closet he as very giddy and giggling non-stop. Once in the closet you both sat on the floor in silence. V gently moved towards you, hesitantly moving his face closer to yours, he put his lips on yours and you could feel his warm tongue slide across your lips. As you were french kissing eachother the closet was flooded with light,but that didn’t stop him, he kept his lips locked on ours until one of his members tapped on his shoulder saying time was up. He pulled away giving you a sly smirk and touching his lips. “Sorry y/n, you’re just so sweet.’

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Jimin: As soon as Jimin heard your named be called with his, he looked at you from across the room with  a suggestive look. You walked in the small closet with him trailing behind you, as soon as he closed the door you stood there waiting to see what he would do next. But instead of him going in there guns blazing Jimin nervously asked for your permission to kiss you, as soon as you agreed he wrapped his arms around your waist bringing your body closer to his,and kissed you hard but lovingly,as the kiss intensified he held you tighter and kissed you with more passion but before things could get anymore hot and heavy, time was up and he walked you out with your hand in his,as he kissed it smiling your way

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Jungkook: Jungkook nervously got up, and gave you his signature cute kookie smile slowly walking over to the closet, when inside he tried to strike up a conversation to make things less awkward. As he noticed time was running out he took your hands pulling you towards him,making him falter forward crashing into his chest right when you looked up at him and you met his gaze in the darkness he pressed his lips to yours kissing you in a certain rhythm, When time was up and the door opened he smiled down at you while he held you in his arms.

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I think playing the piano is quite therapeutic for me because when I really do it, I focus really hard and I forget the things that bring me ire and I just focus on getting each note and flow right. Time passes really quickly and by the time I’m done, I am calmer and ready to do other things with the added bonus that I practiced and got like 0.58654% better because of the repeated practice. I say this because I’m really, really tired and done with everything in life right now and I itch to practice the piano right now.

Lying to iKON

request: They neglect their gf and when she confront them about it, they end up in a fight and she say that she has another man to take care of her anyway even though it’s a lie


  • “Bobby, you’ve been ignoring me all day!
  • I understand you guys are busy preparing for performances and stuff but this is ridiculous.”
  • “Babe, I’m here now okay. Just drop it!”
  • “Drop it? Bobby, if you don’t want do to this anymore fine. I can easily find someone else to be there for me.”
  • “What?”
  • Most likely Bobby would freeze
  • He would have no reply
  • He’d be mad; he’d want to know who this supposed guy was
  • He’d immediately want to show you that he wanted things to work
  • He’d do anything to make you stay


  • “This is ridiculous B.I, you’ve been sitting in this studio for hours. Can we please go get some food now?”
  • “Y/n, I told you I’m almost done. This is important.”
  • “More important than our date? Hanbin You’ve been doing this a lot lately.”
  • “What’s your point?”
  • “My point is, if you don’t care about this relationship anymore, than I can go find someone who will care.”
  • He’d be silent
  • Hanbin would be really angry at the thought of you with someone else
  • He would hate for you to leave him
  • So he would quickly save what he was working on and take you out to eat
  • Knowing that the song could wait, but you wouldn’t be waiting forever


  • “Babe? Come on already. You said we would go out remember? You texted me asking me to come over, I got all dressed up.
  • Are you seriously sleeping Donghyuk?”
  • “Babe, I’m sorry, let’s just go another night. Our practice was really hard today and I’m tired.”
  • “No, ok, I’m not gonna wait for the day when you’re finally not too tired to go to dinner. If you can’t get out of bed then I’ll go find someone who will get up and go out with me.”
  • Donghyuk would be upset, but not mad, more sad. He would hate to know he was hurting or disappointing you. He’d try and talk to you, and see what he was doing wrong and try his best to fix it.


  • “Are you kidding? Jinhwan we’ve had these tickets for months!”
  • “Yeah, I know. I’m sorry. I just, I got caught up with the guys.”
  • “That’s what you always say, I got caught up with the guys. If you can’t make time for me, then I’ll just find someone who will.”
  • Once you hang up the phone, he’d be crushed.
  • He’d text you and try to call you back, knowing he messed up
  • He’d immediately leave the guys to come and find you
  • wanting to make things right
  • never wanting to hear you threaten leaving him for someone else ever again


  • “Babe, can you maybe get off the phone?”
  • “In a minute.”
  • “It’s been an hour, and you asked me to come over. Remember?”
  • “Babe come on, I have to take this call.”
  • “Well, while you’re busy taking that call, I’ll go find someone who does want to spend some time with me.”
  • He immediately hang up his phone, saying he’d call back later
  • He’d run out of the dorm chasing after you
  • He would try and make you smile before apologizing
  • He’d promise to try and do better
  • Not realizing how he had been neglecting you over the past few days
  • and not wanting to ever hear you threaten to leave ever again


  • “June! Come on, let’s go get ice cream!”
  • “Babe, no. Not tonight, I’m not in the mood.”
  • “You never want to do anything I suggest June.”
  • “Because I just don’t want to okay? Let it go. Let’s just go home.”
  • “You know what, you can go home. And maybe I’ll go find someone who doesn’t mind doing what I want every once and a while.”
  • He stop as you walked away. He’d be a bit confused, but also a bit mad.
  • He’d run after you
  • Just hugging you, not really knowing how to apologize
  • Not realizing that he had been turning own your suggestions a lot lately
  • He’d say yes to ice cream, and promise to try and listen to you more and what you wanted to do


  • “You know what would be fun? If we took like a cooking class or something!”
  • “No, that would be stupid babe.”
  • “Why is everything I want to do always stupid?”
  • “You know what I mean, babe, not stupid just..”
  • “Just stupid. Well, maybe I should look for a guy who doesn’t think all my ideas are stupid. How does that sound?”
  • He would try his best to stop you from leaving the dorm
  • He would be a bit shocked, not realizing how his words weren’t coming off as a joke like he wanted them too.
  • He would be sorry that he had hurt your feelings
  • And he’d reassure you that your ideas are not stupid, and he would look up a local cooking class to sign you two up for
Fan report OTRA Gothenburg, Sweden 23/6

ok wow…. I just got back from the concert and i’m gonna try to give a good view over the whole thing. Just now as a walked past a mirror I realised I’ve got a somewhat shocked expression on my face, haha… might need a few days to come down.

(This might come out a little rushed, but the concert ended literally less than an hour ago and i’m on my ipad, so. Note - this got really long. Heh.)

I’ll start of quickly with the stuff leading up to the night, just for my own fancy of remembering it all. we all heard some horror stories from like Brussels of what the organisation can be like, but I guess we’re really lucky in Sweden, because it worked flawlessly (up to a certain point, lol) and lucky for me even while queuing for several hours I didn’t really get tired as I usually do. loads of nerves and anticipation, I’d say. hella long queue, though, and a little too much standing all pressed together - because when the queue started moving, finally, all chaos broke lose and people started running, ending up in a big lump on the other side of the stadium for too long instead. Anyway, onwards.

The stadium was awesome. I think the capacity is around 65,000, don’t think we’ll break the record but close maybe, 50 - 60,000 at least. Definitely biggest I’ve ever been to, so cool experience. From my point of of view it seemed really full too, literally up the walls, and the walls are so high… So hah take that, ‘struggling’ ticket sales rates! lol.

Audience; hella good. Many balloons. Very nice atmosphere, no bad incidents really and the mood was really good. Partly thanks to the rad Mcbusted - awesome openers and really good at warming up the audience. Fun, jokey boys with nice catchy music, even for me who hasn’t listened at all to them.

Leading up to the actual main act tho, I was really looking forward to doing the Macarena and Single ladies dance among thousands of other people, but unfortunately those didn’t come on… heeey I liked that tradition. ( even though it’s my first 1D gig, lol.)

Enter the boys… I'mma start on Harry. Because, yeah, I sort of have Harry-tunnel vision, though I think I managed pretty well to divide my attention between all of them.

Wow, he seemed really happy and was very smiley. Wearing: No need to mention; usual tight jeans (tiny, I want call them, lol, and then a white tee, so breaking the pattern of matching with Louis today - on the other hand it looked suspiciously like the famous 'boyfriend tee’. Maybe, maybe not.

Harry wasn’t maybe as 'wild’ as he’s been some of the dates this tour, but he held up a really good mood all the time and literally kept me laughing so much. Say hi to the return of 'I have a son, his name is Ismail….!’ and loads of Köttbullar!!!, and a pregnant ballon belly… He also made a really nice impersonisation/accent when he was trying to get the audience stomping and clapping, apparently someone said 'No, not possible!!’ and he had to express his view on that. Vocally, his voice sounded somewhat rough but he also did reaaally well. Such as the Ready to run high note, loved that. His part in Don’t Forget Where You Belong… *heart eyes*. Only wish I’d enjoyed his voice a little more in the moment, but there’s literally so much that takes up your mind.

Also the first random thing that hit me really was that Harry looks so much like his younger self in real life! Apparently that’s something that hasn’t gotten through to me via pictures etc.

Now, Louis! I really enjoyed his t-shirt, 'The future is now’, looking really good in mainly black, + white. (Wonder where that might fall in his habit of communicating through t-shirts…) No clothes-change though which was surprising, (Edit: okay he swiched tees in the end but no one else did.) but I guess it depends on the weather. At first, his general smiley-ness from the last shows didn’t really show, I think, but believe me, that came. A bit in he was so very bouncy, playful, loving all the balloons and he blew up so many! Especially during Little things where he also seemingly tried to hit Harry with them repeatedly when they were flying away which was really cute. Later on he apparently got lucky to find some water pistols, which then took up much of the rest of the concert because hey, apparently you can’t have too much of waterfights. He also picked up one of those disposable cameras and proceeded to take pictures… I would kill to see one those pics, aha, if the camera worked.

On the larry-interaction front I have nothing special to add really, except the previous mentioned balloon thing. The 'usual’ (lol, love that) turning to Harry during 18 and Night Changes happens a few times from Louis, but then he also sings about equally much to the others. Harry did the Little things-thing again, of singing 'I’m in love with…’ without finishing the line and then really obviously turned around, to look at, well /someone./

Liam, oh Liam, was so cute and wonderful to see in right front of me. He put so much silly stuff on his head (party hat, huge glasses, flower tiara, the list goes on..) and seemed to have so much fun. There was the repeated praise of the audience, which well, is very nice, and for once it sounded really genuine. I really enjoyed his voice and there was a nice note change in a Little White Lies (unless he usually does that? idk) which I then can tick off on my OTRA-bingo, lol. He did loads of beat boxing between some songs as well.

Niall was his usual brilliant self, but I honest sort of want to see more of him now in hindsight. I’m not sure if it was because he didn’t spent much time at my part of the stage, but I feel like I didn’t see him enough. Even if only to check out his guitarplaying more, cause as a guitarist myself i’m very interested. He did shake his butt loads in Girl Almighty though, that’s always the best way to enjoy that song, haha.

One thing that hit me as I was walking home, even though I haven’t really noticed this before in videos, is that I sort of really missed Zayn…. Not only his lovely high notes, though very much that as well, but like a little bit of his presence… ah well.

Now, RAINBOWS. I saw Rainbow Bondage Bear and his 'baby’ there as his usual amazeballs self on the pink throne he deserves. I think he was sporting full black leather with a matching cap to top it off, not much news but niiice.

Took a while till I spotted some rainbow signs/RD participants - almost thought I was on my own for a moment, but then there was a lovely rainbow “You make us strong” rainbow sign in front of me, as well as “Harry you are my rainbow”. Aw. Also, saw a “Harry is my queen” - hah, cute. which yeah… I agree. That was only my section though so there might have been loads around/behind me… On the screens later though there seeming was rainbows here, there and everywhere.  which yeah, brings me to…

The sign-reading part. Which had an…. interesting incident. I filmed this part closely because reasons like the last concert, haha, so I’ll upload tomorrow probably. Basically the first sign that came up on screen said something like “If God hates gays then why do Louis and Harry look cute together” complete with rainbows. And oh my god it stayed on the screen for so long while Liam was talking a bit, the whole audience started reacting like 'omg’ and wow, so much screaming. Basically, that reaction really surprised me, I hadn’t really seen anyone I could identify as a Larrie around me, but in that moment it was everyone, it was so enormous, and I’d also say very positive. Also - got awkward as hell because it literally stayed on screen for what felt like ages (well hello there camera person…), you could wonder why… because Liam wasn’t reading it, obviously, tried talking away, so they just tried to wait for other signs and then Harry reacted with doing his old “oggy oggy oggy!” very suddenly, which to me felt a lil stressed lol. I don’t even remember the rest of the signs now, got so intense there a moment. (Oh right, there was one the said “Sorry I didn’t bring my dad, Harry!” LMAO.)

Ah. I probably missed loads but that’s about it, now. The only complaint I have is that it was over way to quickly, like really… went so fast, and also that Louis wasn’t loud enough! (because he sounded REALLY good in all the songs, it just got a little drowned out from the crowd.) His mic should be turned up to eleven for maximum No Control appreciation.

All in all they seemed to love and appreciate it very much, best show in the EU tour hmm? Love that my country is so awesome to them 😘

(I have loads of pics and video too, will probably spam some of that tomorrow unless I find something especially good on my phone right now.)

let’s go with a preshow selfie too..