i got really really emotional making this


Thank you once again for warming our hearts.”  | #4YearsWithBAP #StillWeAre6


Generico’s goal in wrestling and my goal in wrestling were very similar.  Then my goal changed because I got married and I got a kid, and I felt like my life was changing, and he stayed on that goal.  He always stayed on this path.  Now my goal has changed again because of how my life has changed, but I didn’t concentrate my efforts toward that goal.  (Kevin Steen in 2013, shortly after Sami Zayn debuted in WWE).

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No but if Yato had the money, he would TOTALLY SPOIL YUKINE and that makes me emotional

He would and Yukine is v humble and would tell him to stop but he’s happy for the attention (embarrassed son) and just accepts the presents since he can’t really say no. especially if the present is hella ugly but yato thought it was super cute so he puts it on the “this is really ugly but yato got it for me and i am happy and wont admit how happy i am” shelf

okay sorry guys, fic recs aren’t happening tonight. and neither is writing, I think. I’m just going to curl up and probably cry maybe watch RotJ, because I’m miserable, and in pain (who knew emotional pain could manifest as actual, physical pain? I mean I did, but this brings a whole new understanding to it), and part of the reason I’ve got to this point is because I’m really, really good at ignoring when I start feeling like this, and making myself push through and be “productive” and “worthy of existing” so as to drown out the pain

but. well, I’m going to try letting it happen for once.

Firstly, i would like to apologise in advance if i have gotten stuff wrong. My memory is really bad. Secondly, i am really not sure if i am making sense. Please feel free to correct me!

I just got some ideas. 

Okay. Remember how Happy was telling Ralph/Toby in Love Boat last year about how she is afraid to lose her best friend because she doesn’t want to jeopardise the friendship? As in, my point is that she is saying something that is from the depth of her heart, and with Ralph around. And erm. We had a kiss 2 eps later. (Like a big progress in terms of action.) So i am guessing and hoping that we will have something major again in 2 more eps. (I know that they will be most likely be doing two different stuff in Fractured. But maybe a scene at the end?) But then again, there isn’t any news of a valentines’ day ep this time round so…

Also, in early S1 (Talisman?) and Toby gave this great speech about Happy and him and mainly, “When things get real, I make wise cracks and you put on your armour.” 


Like whenever Happy initiated something in this season (the dance, kiss, and spooning), Toby was usually quiet. Like he couldn’t believe it. (It also reminds me of Happy telling him not to say anything after the kiss in S1. Lol.) Like he doesn’t make wise cracks anymore. He doesn’t try to say funny stuff or even things. 

And we can clearly see Happy slowly letting down her wall. Slowly letting Toby in, and making herself more happy. Opening herself up. (Like even when interacting with the other team members you can just sense the difference.) 

I just realised how much they have progressed and i am just so emotional. Like they are both kinda changing but also to be a better version of themselves. 

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wow that episode! Clarke HAS to have some sort of ulterior motive/plan here. She wants to keep her people safe but WHY would she trust Lexa so quickly? She wouldn't?! She didn't kill Lexa like Roan asked, but she still could have refused her offer to join the coalition. I'm hoping she has a plan that ends in the downfall of the commander. Also Ginaaaa! I thought her and Bell were so cute in this Ep! so horrible and sad! And poor Bellamy, wow all the emotion, Bob is amazing! Raven broke my heart.

You really took that as Clarke trusting Lexa? Really? I didn’t. She’s staying to make Lexa keep her word. That’s the opposite of trusting her.

Clarke’s got too much compassion AND too much guilt about the other deaths that are on her conscience to be able to kill Lexa in cold blood like that. Not gonna happen. Not at this point anyway. Maybe if it had been some other method, something less personal than a dagger, but even then…Clarke doesn’t have the stomach to kill for vengeance. That’s too selfish a reason for her.

But think about it in regards to the coalition. There really wasn’t much choice. And at that point, it was Clarke’s idea, NOT Lexa’s. Lexa was ready to send Clarke home. CLARKE said she had a better idea. Which means she had a plan. And any plan of Clarke’s is a plan to keep her people safe. What would have happened if Skaikru hadn’t become the 13th clan? Skaikru would have had NO assistance in keeping the Ice Nation at bay. And we know Ice Nation is brutal. That would NOT have gone well. Clarke wanted Skaikru to be in the coalition to keep them safe. Nothing more, nothing less.

PSA about OCs of sorts...

So I got some random anon saying that my character was - and I quote- a pussy because she cries a lot and gets upset at small things… OK nonny dear well I’ve got some info for your clearly uneducated brain.

First off, what the hell, is that really the best you’ve got? Second, just because a character cries does not make them weak. It does not make them a pussy, as you so wonderfully put it. It makes them human. My character is human. You’re saying every character that cries is a wimp? Like really now come on. I’d rather my character be as human and as realistic as she can be more than she be some hardass, shit talking, emotionally big man who doesn’t even shed a tear or emote when even the hardest of people would be crying in pain or anger and more.

I’m not saying playing an asshole character is bad, hell I fucking love some asshole characters and the sass they dish out. My character certainly gives and gets and reacts accordingly. It’s hilarious and entertaining. But - and this is my personal opinion - if your character is an asshole 24/7 who doesn’t have any sort of other emotion other than ‘be an asshole’ then that’s kinda boring to me. AGAIN IM NOT SAYING SASSY SHIT-TAKERS ARE BAD CHARACTERS. I. FUCKING. LOVE. THEM.

I’m saying, everyone has different styles and ways they play characters, THERE OWN characters. OC’s are our characters and I’m pretty sure any OC’er will tell you to fuck right off if you think we’re going to change our characters to suit your needs and whims. Dont like our charatcer, don’t talk to us. 

And there’s certainly no reason to send hate for something realistic like fucking crying over something that hurts or upsets them. Epecially when those characters may has some invisible illness behind it like depression and anxiety. It’s fucking realistic!

 I grantee we OC makers cry blood, sweat and tears over our damn characters! People who spend time on characters will put a lot into them, OC’s especially because they’re basically from scratch, you have to make a life for something from NOTHING. You have to give them a personality and figure them out. That takes work, hard work, and you should give credit to that. OC’s are given little to no chance in some fandoms, and are criticized because of the way they’re played. News flash for you nonny, they’re not yours, they are ours and we will not stop because there’s so much freedom and beauty that comes with OC’s. 

They are beautiful little mind creations that we share with the world and when people compliment them, that’s a compliment to the creator and that means SO much more than we can express in words. We’re doing a good damn job.

So to end, my character is not weak, my character is no a pussy for being human. She’s alive, and she could wreck your shit given the chance, tears or no. Don’t underestimate OC’s.

This has been your daily psa.

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Rocket, I swear to god, I don't even watch rwby but I've had it on my dashboard all night and I can tell the puns are getting out of hand

well you know they’re just going Hand in Hand with the contents of the episode like you’ve really got to hand it to the writers on this one they really know how to make a good cut off

Yep. I’m hopelessly in love.

this week has definitely been the hardest/most emotionally challenging one of my life. i’m not the one to make drama or big events out of the things that are really hurtful/important/have a lot of impact in my life. although i really know the things i’ve been through are so out of the ordinary and so extremely hard to be done, i have only myself to give a pat in the back. i’m so beyond thankful for the support i had for the past 5 days, because i truly never believed i would survive it. and all the love i got kept me breathing, emotional, feeling love. which lack, so much. this week i got one of the most honest emails ever, someone acknowledging and sharing my pain, telling me “but you’re here, you survived” and sometimes i feel so left behind by so many people i considered so important for so long that i truly dont know how i am still here. doing it all alone is something very few people can really understand. most who open their mouth to say it have no idea what it really means. it’s sad to realize all the love and effort and forgiveness and presence you give to others it’s sometimes never returned. specially when you most need it. they know its importance but it’s just like they don’t care. it’s funny cause i’m always putting myself in the position of others and so many people would be done with me if i ever did 1% of what i endured with them. it’s a statement, i don’t know for how long, but i’m still here. and if you ever knew how much i’ve been through in the past 5 days, you wouldn’t believe either.

objective ranking of the official pokemon movies that nobody asked for

1. the one with manaphy and theyre in the ocean. definitely my favorite. its got an interesting villain, an incredibly cool setting, and some really priceless team rocket antics. it doesnt try too hard to make you emotional, a common weakness of pokemon movies. instead it focuses on drawing you into the adventure, and the engaging environment of deep in the ocean. this one is the best because its just really fun and cool all around. great watch for a night at home. ten out of ten

2. the darkrai one where the town is trapped in another dimension and like falling apart. this one really gets u invested, in the story and characters. its intense and fast paced and, unlike many other pokemon movies, it effectively makes you feel strongly for the characters and the emotion doesnt seem awkwardly shoved in. the supporting characters are well developed and i like the very real high stakes presented by the town disintegrating on a metaphysical level. one of the tops

3. the one with giratina and shaymin and regigias. it doesnt nearly match up to the top two on the list but it is a great rollicking time. i like the villain. also i love giratina so i might be biased

4. the really sad one where latios dies. this one had a pretty setting and it made me cry when i was 8 years old, which automatically catapults it up on the list. its another one thats just a fun adventure to watch

5. the arceus one where they like go to two thousand yrs ago. i like this one because its got really cool scenery and also, an evil guy dies in the climactic scene

6. the celebi one. where ash and young past professor oak git gay. i really love the ideas behind it and celebi is one of my fav pkmn but i feel like they could have used the time travel concept in a less simple and cliche way

7. the one with lucario and mew. my memories are kind of hazy on this one, because unlike all the other ones so far whijch i have probably watched like 8+ times, this one i only saw once. but i know it was cool. i like mew and lucario they are both really quality pokemon. also the guy who had the lucario was really hot

8. the deoxys one which i dont remember the plot of but i remember i liked it? but it wasnt … . great

9. the second one that has, the johto legendaries? actually im not sure if it has ho oh but it has, like . arcticuno and moltres and zapados and . lugia. and theres a slowking that talks. it was fun but it was also kind of shitty. so

10. the very first one with mewtwo. i feel bad about putting this one so low on the list because it was the original, but its really how i feel. its not bad, and i would still reccomend you watch it. but, in the end, it just doesnt stand up to most of the other ones

11. jirachi wishmaker aka the only one i remember the title of. i used to love it but looking back on it now it was meh

12. the zoroark one which i never watched but im pretty sure is shitty because 1. the pokemon anime started getting shitty right around gen v and 2. zoroark isnt even a legendary pokemon you guys its just rare fucking come on

13. the new mewtwo one that came out like last year or the year before. i fucking hate this one because they gave mewtwo a new voice and personality. in the first one he had this really cool dark bass and an effectively intimidating style of speaking. in this one he sounds like a goddamn fucking munchkin

those are the only ones i remember so thats it i guess. feel free to add your comments and opinions because im really big on pkmn movie discourse rn

some NEWS
  • i have a job interview tonight! at. a WAREHOUSE. i’m gonna be pretty happy if i get the job because i’ll be employed again, but also SUPER sad because i hate working at warehouses. also it’s really hard to make myself look masculine enough to get the job i hope they don’t suspect anything
  • i’m gonna be at a game jam this weekend. my goal is to make a full shmup/rail shooter game (i’m giving it the working title SPECTACULAR and it’s about cats vs dogs). i’ve got alex helping me on art, and i’m doing programming/art/music. hopefully we can pick up some team members.
  • my laptop broke yesterday. it was a really emotional moment since i was already crying while watching the trailer for the new cloverfield movie (ITS BEEN 3000 YEARS). i’m gonna need to use alex’s laptop with the free version of gamemaker for the jam, and i probably won’t be able to use tumblr much for a while :,(

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Hello! Love your GIF’s – and your tags – for Black Sails. They’re beautiful, astute, and often very funny. I was wondering what you thought of Muldoon – still crying – bringing up marriage in a show where two men really can be PirateHusbands. Do you think we’re being primed for Silver and Flint to become matelots?

daww thank u very much! :) 

i got so emotional over muldoon’s death even though he was a minor character. i really liked him right from the start of the show. he stood out. he was funny and adorable, and really seemed to care about his pirate buddies. im actually making a thing with him rn 

and i honestly have no idea what to tell u about those two yet i have so many ideas, so many theories, there’s an ask in my inbox with a similar question and it’s been a week i still can’t put my thoughts down (im so sorry other anon i will get to it soon).. it’s just one big mess in my head. but i do believe we’re being primed for SOMETHING. they’re both currently pretty fucked up and expecting anything soon would be absurd, but they’re getting there. i believe they’re gonna break each other first before their relationship starts to properly form. they’re both emotionally all over the place rn for me to assume anything ><

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I think you'd fall in love with someone's who a huge nerd, but is also kinda shy. When you meet them I'd take a while for them to open up, but then once they do it's the greatest thing. You two have movie nights, lip sync battles with hairbrushes, they'd make you breakfast (all your favourites), and they would listen to you when you really need them to and they give the best hugs. They'd also steal your glasses sometimes and joke that they look good in them, but they're better on you.

either i’m really predictable or this is from someone that knows me fairly well because you hit this head on.  100%.  like there is literally nothing wrong about this description, this is exactly who i crush on and who i’d fall in love with

thank you for making me suffer, i appreciate it (i really do)

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Thank you for the new chapter of Room 27 :) There's something about your writing that's so unique. You're very creative with kink (usually interpreting everything in a way that seems uncommon to me), and even if a chapter is 10% sex and 90% smut, you're great at capturing your character's emotions and depict them as complex individuals, which makes it so so hot? (This is probably a very convoluted and confuse statement. Tl;dr: I like Room 27 a lot.)

Yay, thank you so much, nonnie! Seriously though, I was floored by the response to the new chapter! #o_o#

Like, I know that writing mostly drabbles/originals recently made me a bit… well, let’s just say I got used to having few comments/likes/reblogs (with few exceptions) - and like, that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the ones I get, because I really, really do! But. There’s no feeling similar to waking up to ten comments in your inbox. Seriously, it gave me such a joy.

Anyway, I’m not being very coherent either, I just wanted to say, that thank you for reading and sticking with room 27 even when I can’t update regularly!