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Hey!! Don't know if you'll read this, but, well...I really, really love your blog, and I just read one of your asks about Jungkook being a boyfriend (it got me so interested) and I was wandering if you can do one for Taehyung as well? Pretty please? Thank u, and please, continue with the amazing work!!! (brazilian kisses lol)

Heeey, you adorable brazilian person! So sorry it took me this long to get back to you. :( Thanks so much for loving the blog and I hope you forgive me. lol Taehyung is very hard to read without the birth time because he doesn’t act characteriscally Capricorn most of the time. That means his Capricorn placements are probably in a house that change the meanings of that sign greatly, so I’ll speculate a lot here!

Moon in Aries can make one eager to have many, many hook ups - but since Capricorn and Aquarius are more on the cold and lonely side I’d say he might act like it but not often. Like, Taehyung probably has flings but an actual relationship? Maybe he only had just one or two, if any. So. I’m explaining all this so you’ll get what I’m trying to say about how he’ll actually act when in love: it will be intense because it took him long to decide that he was actually going to invest in said relationship. He’ll do his best for it to work in the most efficient way possible as if it were a goal (he’s quite competitive and a perfeccionist, so his standards of what he perceives as good are high), will try his best to change if necessary (which might be ‘cause boy can be childish and stubborn af). However, when it does… It’ll be serious and focused on the long run. 

So it’s safe to say he’ll be very serious about it and will work hard to be a great partner. Basically he’s a guy that when in love will always put the relationship first and will be very loyal.

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However, as mature as he can be regarding trying his best and everything… Because of his Moon in Aries, he will definitely want to be spoiled. The partner will have to meet his needs or else he won’t feel like it’s worth it, you know? Tae is definitely a guy that needs to know he’s being nicely taken care of and will be very charming while asking for it to happen but can also get kind of annoying if you’re not into that. Like, he truly needs someone that likes spoiling their loved ones because he’ll do the same for the person but won’t feel ok if it’s not reciprocated. Will also love to constantly provoke the partner (much like he does to… almost everyone, really lol) as so to get a reaction just because.

Capricorn is a sign that talks about fidelity, marriage, responsibility and even family. Aquarius mixed together can make one eager to mate for life - but the person will have to be first and foremost someone that is a friend before being a partner, you know? The relationship part is important but Taehyung has to know that the partner is also a friend, someone he can rely on and confide in. Someone he can share his ideas and not feel judged, etc. He’s definitely the kind of boyfriend that talks a lot about the things he’s interested in at that moment (like taking you to dinner but rambling constantly about a show that he’s watching or wanting to show you a song of a new artist that he met, stuff like that). And he’s definitely someone that likes to try different things since he can get easily bored (he’s very agitated because of his Moon). So emotionally he’d be stable but the actual relationship would involve loads of different kinds of dates, conversation topics, etc. Taehyung probably likes to understand absolutely everything about the person he’s in love with so dating him definitely includes many deep conversations about the meaning of the universe, etc. And it will be out of nowhere, like he’d take you to have dinner at a fancy restaurant in a relaxed manner but then would suddenly go all serious and BUT ARE WE LIVING OR JUST EXISTING?… Absolutely not a boring boyfriend. lol I think he’s very hard to convince to actually be in a serious relationship but it’s worth the effort because Tae is quite a nice guy to have around.