i got really emotional making this!!!

I went to the counselor at my school to talk to her about how I thought I had ADHD (I got diagnosed sorta late, 16). I described my symptoms in extreme depth that were obviously pointing to a problem. She told me it just sounded like normal teenager hormone problems, that my grades weren’t bad so I probably didn’t have it, that if I really had ADHD I would be “bouncing off the walls right now,” and that my emotional issues were just “teenage girl drama.”

I got diagnosed 2 weeks later but it still makes me grit my teeth.

Not to be emotional but as a rape survivor it makes me really happy that Taylor showed up for jury duty for a rape case and was fully intending on fulfilling her obligation no matter how far in the jury selection process she got and that she did this despite having been sexually assaulted herself and that she’s donating all money she gets from her own case to sexual assault and rape survivors like I have no words I love her

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This line-by-line idea is amazing! I was rewatching season 2 and it took SO LONG because every line just brought a mess of future emotions and tied in so well with everything we've seen since. Thank you!

Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it.

I’ve wanted to do it for forever now, but I just never got around to it. It’s super fun and I really missed writing about the character.

I was hesitant actually to write anything new regarding the character anymore as there are some who tend to get very angry/self-righteous/attached to their individual interpretations or can feel like their opinions on the character are the only valid ones, and it makes writing meta absolutely no fun feeling like you are under constant scrutiny or that there are Killian Jones Police who get to dictate what is true or not.

I kind of feel I should attach a disclaimer that this is just how I’m reading/viewing these lines with what we’ve seen and what eventually comes to pass, that no one should take it as fact or as me asserting that my interpretation as the only valid or correct one.

So I went and spent the weekend with my Orlando guy. It didn’t go very well. We didn’t speak much. We didn’t touch lol it was like being with a friend that I didn’t have much in common with. We had some pretty different views. All weekend I said to myself I’m not gonna bring it up because whatever this isn’t going no where. Today when I got home it hit me hard and I had to talk about it. He is still on good terms. It’s not that I could see myself working things out with him but I just feel lonely now. Like I can’t make anything work. Waiting for someone that makes it easy to love. I can’t really explain it. I just write these out so one day I can revisit these thoughts and see how far I’ve gotten. Pretty emotional this evening, I’m just waiting for my man on the moon.

Monsta X’s First fight.

How monsta x members would react to your first fight.


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He would be surprised and remain quiet. He’s not one to argue when it comes to confrontation. He will think about what it was you exactly argued about. I feel like he would go out of his way to make up by doing something sweet. Whether it is cooking you dinner or taking you somewhere nice. 


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He would get heated in the midst of arguing but rather than taking out the anger on you he would cry from all the overwhelming emotions flowing through him. There would be silence for a bit but it wouldn’t last long before he came looking for you and hugged you asking you to please forgive him. 


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He would argue back and end up feeling victimized. Although he wouldn’t show it, he would be feeling really guilty and try to figure out why it is you got upset with him for. I feel like he’s the type to just look at you and do something ridiculously silly to make you laugh and get the awkward silence out of the way.


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This one you better watch out for, he won’t hold back during an argument and will fight for what he believes in. The argument might end up even worse than before but after countless hours of arguing back in forth, you would look at each other and laugh at the things that were said between the two of you. Nothing a sweet kiss and him whispering your name sweetly in your ear can’t fix. 


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Confused as to how you even got to this point he would remain quiet. Listening to what you’re saying to him and trying to understand the whole situation. He would feel hurt and be worried that he’s done something he’s not aware of. He simply keeps quiet because he knows that if he speaks he will probably make things worse. Lets you cool down before asking if you would like to go to cuddle until you fall asleep together.


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Arguing, Arguing and more arguing. From both sides there’s no stopping the bickering, although it’s all harmless in the end because he would just look at you and not be able to have you being cold and distant. He would try to win you over again by doing his aegyo. 


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Would sit quietly with his arms crossed while listening to you rant about everything. He would sigh in frustration afterwards and ask if you were done. When you were ready to start going off on him again he would simply hug you and tell you to stop because he doesn’t like arguing with you.

C: High school sucked ass, I didn’t get enough sleep. And what was definitely the worst was that my mom moved us back to her home town in south Louisiana (every stereotype that cones to mind is accurate). So on top of the general shittiness of hs I also was having to be apart of a community that I just wasn’t. Most of my peers had been there since birth and they had these relationships forged by steel that I could never make with them. But I managed to find two amazing friends who were both poc and high achieving like me. We sat next to each other in almost every class bc we and maybe 3 other kids were the only poc in my school taking all APs. It was an emotional roller coaster and I definitely have emotional/mental scars from it but four years of no sleep and hella stress have paid off. I got into the 17th best university in the world and I’m starting college as a sophomore. I’m just really proud of myself for putting myself through the fire and coming out in the other side better for it.


a really special thing came in the mail!

Catar on the discord made it to the Bill statue the night it was found and took a few of the coins and jewels from the treasure chest. he generously mailed them out to some of the hard-working cipher hunters on the discord, and mine arrived today!!

it’s probably (definitely) silly to get emotional over some pieces of plastic, but holding these little treasures makes me ridiculously happy. i’m still so proud of what we all accomplished together and i’m thrilled i got to be a part of this weird, wild thing—i’m so glad to have these as a memento. and i’m really honored to have a couple pieces of the original treasure!

now i really do have to visit Bill and leave gifts of my own! thank you so so much, Catar, for thinking of me. ∆

When You Give a Clone Alcohol... It doesn't end well.

(( @vulcan-the-mighty I cannot believe you are making me write a starter WITH MY CHOILD DRUNK. Jk this’ll be great. She also gets really emotional while drunk so you have fun with that.))

Reme was in her hotel, hunched over her desk with piles upon piles of papers filled with rushed, messy handwriting that would normally be neat and loopy. Her pen rushed across the page as new ideas came to her mind every other minute.

An empty tequila bottle, and second one that was half empty sat dangerously close to the edge of the desk, which could explain why her thoughts were slightly foggy. She certainly wasn’t going to have fun in the morning…


In tonight’s episode of Steven Universe we got SO much information that I need to make multiple posts just to get to everything! Firstly I’d like to begin by saying this is officially my favorite episode of all time. It is stunning. The art the emotion the music! Honestly in my own personal life I’ve been going through a lot so hearing the beautiful harmonized voices of Stevonnie and Garnet singing “it’s ok” made me cry. But now on to my break down. I think in this scene it really showed the dynamics of Ruby and Sapphire SO well. Ruby gets angry at one thing and blows up. She is very fiery and can get upset very easily and is EXTREMELY single minded. Sapphire on the other hand sees ALL the outcomes of EVERYTHING so when she sees that Ruby is upset she gets overwhelmed by all of the things that could happen? (In the scene we even hear garnet sing about being scared of someone leaving- possibly sapphire worried that Ruby will get upset and never want to be with her?) Honestly she has probably seen Ruby shattered a million times with her future vision and does everything in her power to stop it. But through love and passion Ruby pulls her out of that state and I think that’s beautiful. ❤️

Unpopular-ish opinion?

I don’t see Malide. I really don’t. I honestly feel like Manon and Dorian were set up for something more romantic. I mean, ship what you ship, but I honestly felt like Elide was more the person who made Manon go “feelings aren’t terrible” because Elide was both witchling and human. Like, Elide took a turn that she didn’t expect.

But I never detected anything romantic for them. I saw two girls who cared for each other but not that way.

“You’re just against gay ladies”

No. I swear that I’m not. Before I even got to their book, I honestly thought that they were going to have some really deeply intimate romantically charged emotional moment that was going to make me go “ah there we go”, but I waited. And waited. And waited. And nothing ever jumped out to me that made me really see it in that light. To me, it seemed that Manon just came to have an actual care for Elide and, in the end, saw her as a real friend.

I honestly feel like Manorian is what was set up tbh. Especially near the end. It’s like, Elide paved the way for Dorian, even. Like, Elide helped Manon be open to feelings and that’s being practiced/applied to Dorian. Even Aelin.

I have no super deep feelings for either ship so, while I prefer Manorian because it intrigues me, I also don’t care either way.

RFA Members and Their Zodiac Signs

I’m a sucker for astrology, so I thought, why not make this?

Note: This is only my thoughts, so it’s probably not canon (but I wish it is)

Jumin: Capricorn
Capricorns are known to be hardworking and ambitious. And that perfectly fits Jumin. And not to be offensive–I just got this on stereotypes I’m sorry– Capricians doesn’t like to usually show their emotions. So, there is a possibility Jumin is a Capricorn.

Zen: Leo
… Do I even have to explain myself? I’m sorry, I don’t want to offend those who are Leos out there (again, stereotypes) it is said to be that Leos are narcissists (I feel guilty writing this ImsorryImsoryy) but at the same time, they stood out from the crowd and loves to socialize.

Yoosung: Pisces
Cinnamon roll. Too pure. Too precious for the world. I could go on all day describing how cute Yoosung is, but I won’t. Yoosung loves to daydream (probably) and he is absolutely passionate. Piscians are sensitive and emotional, and Yoosung definitely fits that category. Pisces people are also not afraid to sacrifice for someone they love, just like how Yoosung sacrificed himself during his route. Yoosung being a Pisces should be canon, tbh.

Seven: Aquarius
This guy, god I love this guy. Seven has an amazing sense of humor that never fails to crack me up every time. One thing that made me think he’s Aquarius is that phone call with Zen, who described Seven as an ‘alien’. Once again, stereotypes, I’m really sorry. Aquarius people are weird and unique. Others say they came from another planet. They have that unique aura that you can’t help but be drawn to. Seven is quite the match, isn’t he?

And finally,

Jaehee: Virgo
Virgo are organized, just like Jaehee. They make sure everything is neat and clean. Every. Single. Time. I-I’m sorry, I got too carried away with the stereotypes. Ahem. Anyways, aside from all that, they actually care for your well being. Just like how Jaehee keeps calling me every time, checking if I had lunch or not. I guess… Virgo fits Jaehee perfectly.

This… Was too random, I’m sorry.

Did someone say “It’s time to babble and get emotional”? No?? Well that’s awkward. ANYWAYS. When I made this blog I really did not expect it to become one of my main blogs, much less to hit a 200+ milestone. And, listen…….. You guys have been so kind, so welcoming, so fun to talk to and interact with. The Stranger Things rp community has really become My Home, and it’s been So Good watching it grow in the short time I’ve been here (less than a month????) and I really hope to see more blogs pop up because this community and you guys have become Everything to me (this includes my crossover & OC pals).  

A special little section for my QPP: 

@byersbcy / @ofasnake / @trevrr / @boxbcy ; @isnther / @withskies / @errcr404 / @streetbound / @balancedkiind / @hiswar, etc because you fuckers have so many blogs. It goes without saying I would not have Hopper (or Steve) if it wasn’t for you guys, and you guys are like the Foundation of all my blogs and I am gay. 

also @rightmoves is not in the QPP but is our Group Friend, and??? is very special to me (and all of us). so kind, so pure, so Funny and Talented. “without rightmoves the ST things community would be all cold and dark and…….. like the upside down version of a rp community” has been said in conversation between the 3 of us. 

Everyone else that I’ve loved every second of being mutuals with:

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Heyoooo, finally did some Summer Games related pictures!!! Sorry if I’m kinda late but all the new updates and No Man’s Sky kept me playing and got lazy hahaha

Decided to make some neat and really difficult action illustrations of my favourite characters playing their respective sports! I have 2 more I’m working on.

At first I was really skeptical about this new update because I was expecting something COMPLETELY different but you know what, it’s not too bad in the end. I actually really like sports and used to read sport comics too.

I got really bold with the poses but I learned a lot too! I’m so friggin proud of that racket hahaha :’D (Amélie’s pose is a reference to her Widow’s Kiss emote btw)

I hope you like them!

Art © Blueem

Overwatch © Blizzard

Reason #620

I’m still struggling with depression.  I thought things were easing up, but yesterday everything came crashing down and I really didn’t know how to handle it.  I yelled at my granddaughter, over nothing, which is something I just don’t do.  I can count the number of times on one hand I’ve yelled at anyone.  I got so overwhelmed I left the house and didn’t tell my wife.  I knew that *I* was the issue and wanted to move myself away from everyone.  I texted her, let her know I was going to see my father at his grave.  I was so overwhelmed with emotions, I didn’t make it.  I had to pull over and throw up.  

There’s a bunch more to it, but that’s all I am really willing to share publicly.  I still haven’t had a nasty ugly grieving time since my father’s death.  I’m not sure when it’ll hit, but I think that’s part of it.  

My wife, to her credit, did the things she needed to do.  Talked to me, politely threatened to shank me if I ever left without speaking again.  I knew it was something I shouldn’t have done.  I didn’t slam the doors or anything, just quietly slipped out.  

I think the hard part for me is that the very person I would talk to (besides my wife who is awesome at this) is the very person I need to talk ABOUT… and he isn’t here to tell me what to do or how to handle it.  The very first time in my life I’ve come across a really difficult situation that I don’t know what to do and my father isn’t here to help me through it.  My hero isn’t here.  

But my savior, my wife, my lover, my best friend… she is here and she’s helped me so much.  


Daryl Dixon Imagine

You’re in the line up when Daryl is chosen to get killed. You try anything to save him from certain death.

word count: 1279

approximated reading time: 7 minutes

Love. I never understood how something to fragile could make you feel so powerful. I really wished it didn’t. Sacrificing your sanity wasn’t worth it. Sacrificing your life even less.
I sighed deeply. Love made us do the most ridiculous things and yet everyone kept running, with open arms and a smile, into this disaster that was human emotions. I had always taken pride in not being one of these people. Sneered at them, pitied them at best. Never could I have imagined what love did to a beating heart, a heart like mine.
Until I met him, until looking into his gleaming eyes got me right in the middle of some god damn romance novel. Me! The one person who always swore black and blue to never ever fall in love or do something extraordinarily stupid for another human being. Me! The one person who valued survival over love. Little did I know what family could mean. What love could do. Move the proverbial mountains at least. Or so I thought.
“Please!”, I screamed throwing myself between Daryl and the baseball bat, blood dripping from my lips. The heavy taste of iron in my mouth I spit blood in front of Negan’s feet. “Take me, not him.” Oh, how love changed me. My own survival suddenly unimportant in the face of the possible death of a loved one. No… not a loved one. The death of Daryl, the only person I loved more than life itself. I heard him moving behind me, heard the rustling of the blanket that he was covered in. Maybe he would die from blood loss anyway. Maybe we would be together rather sooner than later. I swallowed hard. “Please, let him live.”
“Why the fuck should I!?” Negan had a murderous look in his eyes as he glared at me. A bloodlust I hadn’t seen ever before.

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Sorry if this is a little random, but I want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for supporting my art and for supporting me. Art is really a struggle for me sometimes but seeing you guys enjoy the things I draw really makes me happy. :) I’m grateful.