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(x) The really sad thing is how Harry assumes he’ll find Zayn again once the spell’s undone. Everything’s been a bit hazy for him since the curse was cast – he’s up in the clouds, everyone else is down below. So he thinks it’s probably no big deal that when he peers down by his feet Zayn’s never in sight. After all, Zayn’s always been small, and he’s got a knack for disappearing. Still, it makes Harry nervous, and when he sees Niall scurry by, he scoops him right up so that Niall doesn’t disappear too. 

“Harry!” scolds Niall, squirming in his fist. “You keep doing this and I’ll be sick all over your hand.“ 

“Sorry,” says Harry quickly and thunderously. He drops down to a sitting position in a public park, crushing several trees and a memorial statue in the process. With thumb and forefinger, he sets Niall carefully on his knee and notices he’s got his hands over his ears. 

“You’re bloody loud, mate,” says Niall, but he pats Harry’s knee as if he knows Harry can’t help it. 

Harry strokes Niall’s blond head with one thick finger. “I was just wondering,” he says, as softly as he possibly can, “where is Zayn?“ 

“Zayn’s fine, Harry,” says Niall, and then repeats himself when Harry ponderously bends one ear in his direction with a frown on his face. “ZAYN. IS. FINE.“ 

“I miss you lads,” Harry whispers. “Is Zayn helping with the counterspell?”

“We’re all working on it,” says Niall. It sounds like there’s an odd rasp in his voice, but it’s probably from the effort of trying to speak loudly enough for Harry to hear. 

“Just get me sorted,” Harry says, bending his face closer to Niall’s and doing his best not to breathe too much. “Then everything will go back to how it was.”

I need to say this

Gaiden was a roller coaster of emotions for all of us, it wasn’t always easy to read, we suffered but rejoiced in the end.

There were some things which could’ve been handled better, which isn’t really something new.

But the thing is, in the end it’s again Kishimoto’s story

And there is no way that I could ever influence anything

So I’ll make the best of it.

We got so important and beautiful moments to see and I will always treasure them because this family means so much to me and I am thankful for them.

Instead of being miserable and thinking about things which could’ve been done better I will look at them from the bright side.
For me Sasuke, Sakura and Sarada will always deserve the best, they deserve everything.

I don’t see why I should make myself miserable about things which I can’t change.
I have accepted this Manga with all its flaws and with Gaiden it is not different. I will always respect Kishimoto for giving us this story.

I will always support Sasusaku.
I will always celebrate SasuSaku.
I will always rejoice in their love and their little beautiful family.

Can Scott and Stiles Make it past Senior Year??
  • For a while I had been wanting to make a Scott/Stiles friendship fanvid and as I finally was, I got to rambling on about this friendship. These are just my own thoughts on this new season, their friendship, their roles as the cynic and the protector, and how the supernatural rift is what might really be the thing to do them in. 

So Teen Wolf clearly wasted no time pulling out the emotional punches with the first two episodes and the season five trailer. It was damn near a roller coaster of emotions for the characters and ships alike, but the one relationship that keeps standing out to me – the one that has always been the back bone of the show really – is Scott and Stiles.  

I don’t give a fuck who’s going to kiss who anymore or who’s turning into what. The big question for me this season isn’t “who are the doctors” (the answer to that will probably just irritate me like the benefactor did). The real question on my mind, along with several other viewers I’m sure, is whether or not the “bromance” that is Scott and Stiles can actually withstand the test of time. Is our favorite pair going to make it for life? You know, graduate, live together, be the best men at one another’s weddings and the Godfather’s to each other’s children (like I sure they talked about so many times before Peter bit Scott)…or is this the end from them? Are their differences, mostly Scott being supernatural and Stiles well…not, going to inevitably tear them apart?   

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Hi, I see alot about sun, moon, etc. and idk what that means, could you explain? also, how could I find my signs for sun, moon, etc.?

Hi thanks so much for the question!!:) 💕

It’s okay to be confused about that haha I was too when I first got into astrology: I’ll help make this as clear as I can!!:-)

••the website is at the end of this post:-)••

Sun: Basically it’s your ego! It’s who you really are, your main personality:-) That’s what most posts are about!
–important for compatibility–

Moon: How you feel things. These are your emotions and how you handle things in relationships!:)
–important for compatibility–

Rising or ASC: The way people first perceive you! It’s also how you look and the outer most layer of your personality:)
–important for compatibility–

Mercury: How you communicate! As opposed to your emotions, the Mercury is how you express your emotions and how you speak to people:) *these signs are my personal favorite and the most interesting to talk about lol*
–important for compatibility–

Venus: Your sexual needs, desires, and how you feel things romantically! It’s also what you find most attractive in a partner:-)
–VERY important for compatibility–

Mars: Your passion, your sexual expression and your aggression! It’s how dominant someone is and is the pure physical attraction! It’s also rage, anger, and how you react when angry:)
–important for compatibility–

Jupiter: This determines where you’ll find the most luck in life! It’s what you’ll like or enjoy that will bring you adventure, fortune, and luck and your overall level of optimism! It’s what your sense of purpose is and what brings you happiness:)

Saturn: How you control things, and where you’ll find the most difficulties in life! It reveals our own limitations, fears, and sense of responsibility. Saturn brings definition, and often limitation, to the planets it aspects:)

Uranus: This planet is how you rebel and what makes you feel eclectic! It’s known as the “Awakener,” since its aspects and transits bring sudden changes and shocks and sometimes these upheavals are a necessary break from restrictions in favor of a more liberated path:)

Neptune: This planet is where we might have many dreams, hopes, and wishes; where we are especially idealistic; where we might give more than we take, or the complete opposite, we might avoid responsibilities and coerce others to do our share, where we might feel unsatisfied with reality and where we might feel vague discontent or spiritual longing, and where we might have inflated expectations! Neptune’s position can reveal some of the karma that we experience:)

Pluto: An entire generation will share the same sign, and this gives shades of meaning to the mark they make on the world! It determines how they’ll transform their world and how the external events of their world will transform them:)

North Node: Your Soul Purpose in life! It’s what you strive to be and who you will be at the end of your life :-)))

South Node: This is your karma! Your South Node will always be your North Node’s Opposite or Sister Sign:-) It’s where you were in a past life, and tells of what your biggest obstacles in life will be! (Not told in your birth chart, but you can find it online!:-))

Lilith: Your deepest fears, darkest passions, and darkest sexual desires. It’s like the bad part of you, but don’t let that stop you from being the best person you can be!:) (Not told in your birth chart, but you can find it online!)

Mid heaven or MC: What you’d find as your perfect job! It’s what your interests are in the career field and what you’d find the most joy in doing!:-) (not found on your chart but you can just type in “calculate my midheaven” on Google and find it that way!)

As for the website: visit
It’s great and one of my favorites:-)

Sister/Opposite Signs–

I hope this helped and sorry it took so long!! 💕
Xoxo Kayla💌


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“So as long as I’m a human being and I’m not perfect, I’m able to say I’m having some growing pains. Because in order to sustain whre you are once you made such a breakthrough that everyone is looking at you, now everyone is like, ‘Ooh, is he/she gonna make a mistake?’ Yes, I’m going to make a mistake. Yes, I’m still gonna do things”- Mary J Blige

Got inspired from Mark’s post about knowing your flaws, and knowing all of your failures and mistakes. We are all flawed and there are times we have to look at ourselves in the mirror and really think about what we have to do to improve and learn. I’m sorry if this was a little emotional, with anxiety/depression I always look at myself so harshly and hate where my life has led sometimes. But it’s Mark, my friends, family, and husband that really pull me back up and show that even if I’m flawed and imperfect, it doesn’t mean that I can’t be loved and grow. We grow and learn from our mistakes, when we feel our inner self crumbling it’s really the ones that love us that give us that push to keep moving forward. We are not alone and we don’t have to live our lives alone, help each other and spread the love guys. Even the smallest kind gesture can change a person’s day/week/month/life. (quote in comic is by: Brie Larson)

You are not perfect Mark, but you knowing that you have made mistakes and you are only human is really inspiring to me. Not many can admit that they are wrong/have flaws. I look forward to meeting you and your friends at indypopcon <3

Being in the pjo/hoo fandom is really frustrating because all the other books (Hunger Games/Divergent/ect) are all still waiting for their movies to be made. And the TV show fans all have more episodes to watch. Like their fandom is “Active”. Yes I know the Harry Potter fandom has no more movies or books left to make, but at least a they GOT movies.
But the pjo fandom doesn’t get anymore books. And the movies got screwed up so badly, they didn’t want to continue making them. So we’re just frozen. Stuck in limbo. Stewing in our emotion.
I for one, am not very happy about it.


Hi Taylor. I’m Ellyka but you can call me llyka. ☺ I began becoming a Swiftie way back 2008 and the first song I listened from you was Love Story (on the radio) I was amazed by your voice, and I like your unique accent with the word “story.“That day , I, llyka,  captured my heart  by a golden sweetheart Taylor Alison Swift. But to be honest I’m not vocal that time, I don’t know that a fandom of yours exist. I felt so bad but when the Speak Now Era came, I’ve got the courage to speak up that ” Hey, I love Taylor Swift and I’m  a crazy Swiftie.“ ☺ So much emotions , I definitely loved it.

First two major disappointments came along to me, that was the time when you have your Speak Now World Tour and Red Tour here in our country. I felt like I’m left out. That I can’t really make it. And that so happened. I cried on jealousy, disappointed to myself that I cannot even support you in being there and I felt like I’m useless. I told myself, “that it’s ok never feel ashamed not being there.” I watched your videos on youtube, so much emotions on me. I can’t stop thinking what’s the feeling of being there watching her singing and dancing in front of you and everybody? Playing her guitars and performing a piano with the most heartfelt song she wrote? Hearing the words of encouragement from her? Hearing her little laughs? Seeing her angelic smiles? For me, it is still magical. You are the only thing I wish to meet for.

Tay, thank you. Thank you for building a fandom that is so dear to me, a home that is so strong and a tower of hopes and dreams. Thank you so much. ☺ Tay, I love you so much that I will anything to be there if you will come back here in us for a 1989 world tour. Tbh, I’ve been working at the age of 18 that'a the reason why I have my album and the book. It was from my hardwork and if I will have the chance to get ticket, I will literally freak out. I will do anything even if I will spend my whole monthly fee from my work just to be there. (If you will be touring here.)

You make me smile on effortless motion. You make my heart tremble in a very feminine act. You make my spirit boost with love in your proudly doings. Taylor your my inspiration. My goal. My root of happiness. My princess. Tay if you will gonna see this? Please read. I will be grateful enough. Thank you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ALL THE TIME FOREVER AND ALWAYS TILL DEATH DO AS FAR. 


LLYKA SWIFT (sorry but it sounds and look nice with my name) ☺


i almost cried when i saw this tho. there are barely any safe spaces for the queer community in hockey, and it’s known as the more accepting one. To be told that over and over is one thing, but for a hockey team, which is really just a business, wear something that represents me so starkly where they could get backlash from it just makes me feel so included in this for once. i know it’s not much and i know it could be better but i wold do anything for the bruins and seeing this is like them saying they’d do anything for me too.


10 days of rachel berry: day 2 - favorite scene


Well, first of all, I just wanna say how amazing the song you guys wrote was. I was so inspired. You know, it’s funny – I’ve won a lot of trophies before for singing competitions and dancing competitions…but I’ve always felt like the girl who never gets the brass ring. And maybe I never will, but today and at Regionals…the way you guys believed in me and took a chance with me…. All I’ve ever wanted was to feel special and to feel chosen…. and I just, um, I wanted to thank you guys so much for giving me that. So…that’s all.

god I was honestly really impressed by how much (vriska) was able to emote in this update. I mean, she’s not holding anything back, she’s crying and sobbing and yelling and begging, all her anguish and pain and insecurity is just unleashed on the world and she makes no effort to rein it back. considering how long she’s been repressing her ‘uglier’ feelings (and personally as someone who still has a lot of trouble expressing strong emotions), I felt both uncomfortable and oddly proud to see her actually expressing herself truthfully.

also hey, to everyone spewing hate at retcon Vriska for being “a horrible bitch who should die” while making sad faces at (vriska), guess what!! SAME PERSON. SAME PERSON. their paths may have converged after a point but they’re still fundamentally the same person, with the same upbringing and history. they both had to learn how to turn off their empathy and kill other kids to survive, and they were both unable to form genuine connections with others because of it. Vriska is just as insecure and vulnerable as (vriska), she has just learned how to bury it deep deep down with copious amounts of self-aggrandizement and false confidence, never having any reason to stop and confront these feelings.

but you know what, there were cracks in the mask from the very beginning, because her guilt and regret kept rising to the surface in small ways. remember her yelling at Aradia for not hating her for what she did? remember her yelling at Kanaya for not stopping her from doing bad things? the only reason (vriska) managed to grow in this small way is because the potential was always there, and that same potential is within Vriska too.

bottom line is, if you feel bad for (vriska) then you have to feel bad for Vriska as well. likewise, if you hate Vriska you have to hate (vriska) as well. no ifs ands or buts, them’s the breaks buddy. you can’t just paint one version as wholly black so you can hate her without feeling guilty, and the other version as wholly white becuase you momentarily feel bad for her. they’re both fully grey. either accept a character in all their many flaws and complexities or don’t bother.

A moment of your time

I saw a Brendon Urie quote telling us not to call ourselves trash because it makes him sad, and it really was like a smack in the face for me. My selfie tag is “I’m trash”. I realize that he never said a name and was addressing us as a whole but it still really got to me that Brendon really does care about us and it’s not just like a singer normally does. He actually takes time out of his day to talk to us on a livestream and read our comments and talk to us and sing to us and take requests for songs to sing. Like he genuinely cares about all of us and he supports all of us and that should be enough to make you believe you aren’t trash. Brendon Urie wouldn’t devote hours upon hours of his life to a piece of trash so just saying. I think I’m gonna change my selfie tag?

something that i rly love about matt murdock/charlie cox is how expressive he is with his emotions. when matt smiles he’s got this almost childlike quality that lights up his whole face, like he’s not trying to play the cool guy who hardly really smiles. and when he cries he puts the single man tear to shame with the best ugly crying i’ve ever seen. not holding anything back in order to make him seem more traditionally attractive or whatever. it makes him seem way more human and i love charlie cox for playing it that way

Be My Bubba (Nate Maloley)

Can I get a really cute fluffy imagine about nate & y/n? Where she comes home from a girls night really drunk and nate takes care of her and she starts to cry cuz she’s happy and drunk lol, and they cuddle and she makes him laugh cuz she is acting all dumb and affectionate, sorry I’m on my period and full of emotions/hormones and pain 😂😭 

– I feel you, I feel you, I’m going to try to make this super cute for you, darling! -B x 

“Head in the clouds, got no weight on my shoulders, I should be wiser and realize that I got one less problem without ‘cha!” You sing, completely out of tune as you ‘accidentally’ fall onto your boyfriend, Nate, as he lies in bed. You giggle, crawling until you’re straddling him, “I can’t remember the rest of the words but I got one less problem without youuuuu!” You sing, your voice breaking as you try to get the high note. 

Nate grabs your waist and throws his head back laughing, “How much did you drink tonight, baby?” 

“A lotta boys bought me drinks and I was like no no no I got a bubba back home named Skate Maloley and I’m going to Skate on him when I get home.” You were completely wasted, and were talking so loud the neighbors could hear…nothing you said really made any sense. 

Skate was enjoying you wasted very much, “oh yeah? and what did he say?” 

“He was all like,” you throw your head back, flipping your hair as you do so, “you so cute…yeah girl you is a blessing and I’M the reason that your boyfriend keeps flexing!” The guy, of course didn’t say that, but you said he did anyway. Nate chuckles, as you lean in and press affectionate kisses to his jaw, “be my bubba.” 

“I am.” He assures you rubbing your back. You quickly get off of him, hiking your dress up, you bend over and snap back up, “what are you doing, baby, huh?” 

You roll your eyes, “I’m giving you a show, because that’s what girlfriends do!” He pulls you towards him and you stand between his legs, “look I can be that girl in the where art thou music video that was all over you.” You swing your hips and make him laugh loudly–you acting like this was completely out of character but Dalton was amused by it and you were enjoying the rush and the attention from him. 

Within moments, your emotions had changed and you were crying, “Hey, hey baby what’s wrong?” You wrap you arms around him and he edges you into his lap. 

“I love you,” you sniffle, not crying for any reason other than that you were overwhelmed with feelings for him, you loved Nate more than anything and the emotions got amplified when you were a few shots down.  

He smiles, pressing a kiss to your alcohol tasting lips, “I love you too.” He wipes away your tears with his thumb and you settle down a little bit, “let’s try to get some sleep, okay? I’ll get you some water.” He picks you up and rests you against the mattress, you playfully pull the covers up and over your head making him smile because he thought you were downright adorable. 

Within a few minutes, he’s back, “come here baby, lift your head up.” You do as you’re told and take a sip of the water, some of it dribbles on your chin but Nate just smiles and wipes it away with the sheet. 

“Hey babe…” you trail off, feeling the water go into your system in a sickly way. 

“Mm?” But by your facial expressions, he already knows. Nate grabs the nearest bin and you throw up into it, coughing, he holds your hair, his facial expression concerned, “damn baby, you really mixed your drinks, didn’t you? I told you not to do that.” 

You briefly glare up at him before continuing to throw up once done, you take another sip, this time feeling better as you do so and Nate kindly goes to wash the bin up. You groan and lie down, feeling awful because your head was starting to pound. You pull the blankets up over your head and nestle in Nate’s pillow. He crawls in beside you once he’s down and presses kisses to your forehead, not saying a thing. 

Instead, Nate raps in your ear soft lyrics from his song, rubbing your back as you relax and fall asleep to his soothing voice. Nate tucks you into the covers more, pressing your face up against his bare chest, he holds you tightly, and you entangle your legs with him letting out a deep sigh, “I love you, bubba.” You murmur, now half-asleep. 

Nate smiles against your hair, and plays with the ends while his other hand rubs your back, “I love you too, babydoll.” 

Cuteness Meter For Me Is About A 8!? Should I try to do more imagines like this–I feel like all of mine have been really sad or super smutty but this one is pretty cute! However, I couldn’t have done it without that fabulous request thank you, darling x 

After seeing Inside Out the other day, I got inspired to do a few makeup looks for the main characters (emotions)These were all thought up on the spot. No drawing them out. I had no idea what I was doing.Some of them are better than others but I’ve learned from my mistakes and next time, it will be better. I really like how fear turned out. Which one do you guys like best?

It’s going to be so hard to introduce Price now

“Carey Price, an Olympic Gold medalist, sweeping the NHL awards winning the Vezina, Hart, Ted Lindsay award and sharing the William Jennings trophy with Corey Crawford. Making history, I tell you Pierre this guy is a legend in the making he is just such an amazing guy. He’s like god you know? Wow Pierre, I’m really just getting emotional. Carey Price. A legend. A god. An inspiration. Can we talk about his two Olympic shutouts? Or the fact that he literally sweeped the voting? Like no one came close Pierre, NO ONE. I just can’t Pierre I can’t.”

and then someone is just like “omg introduce the other players already” and I’ll be sobbing along with whoever was talking to Pierre.


Stargate Atlantis 5x19 - “Vegas”

Fish in a pond, busy busy, lots to do, here and there. Dry as a desert outside, no place to go. Eat up, get stronger, think and hope, think and hope. Don’t look now! Oh, keep dreaming. There must be some other reason for your existence. Defiance tastes like life itself. No river. No water. Dry as a desert. Dirt is all around. The harvest moon is rising. Wraith are never-ending. I know the future. Come inside. I’ll show you your destiny … John Sheppard.