i got really emotional making this


Quite a few people have asked how Elliel and Naelia met and randomly this week I got a ton of visuals for it :)))
One of my new years resolutions was to make more comics– learn to get into the motions and do short ones so our future projects come easier. I hope you guys don’t mind the elf girlfriends being my test subjects for now (hint there is another one of them in the works as we speak aha)

I really hope you guys like this! I approached this one with wild abandon and tried not to linger on it too long, but I hope it gets the emotions across well

If you are new to my work and are interested in these characters, please visit this link (warnings for sexual content)

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Imagine Dean dying and actually staying dead (like, forever) and Sammy being distraught and being depressed and meeting a girl who reminded him of Jessica and settling down and eventually marrying her and having a little boy named Dean. Sammy living the apple pie life.

This makes me sad but then I’m really happy that Sam settled down and got his normal life… he deserves that much… BUT CONFLICTING EMOTIONS ANON. 

Because what if then in a few decades time, the little kid Dean sees something “odd”, he’s about 19 so he thinks that if he tells his Dad, he’ll just be told it wasn’t real. But deep down he knows, so he buries it, ignores it, his Mum and Dad happily grow older, they get to see their grandkids, have Sunday roasts, the full apple pie life.

But then it happens. Sam’s long separated himself from that world, but demons are immortal and they hadn’t forgotten him. They track him down one day, when he’s too old and too unaware to fight back. It’s a quick death, but our now early 30s Dean just knows it had something to do with what he saw all those years ago, there was something not right.

So he fights with himself, he doesn’t know, but that’s just what his uncle would have done… the self doubt and internalising it. Then he researches it, just like his Daddy loved to investigate things… and he hunts it. He takes that old impala car he was given by his Dad when he first padsed his test, and by some blind luck he kills the demon with a ‘decorative’ knife he’d been left in his father’s will. It made him feel better short term… Yet revenge never really did fix the problem, did it? So he looks to help more people, prevent the heartache that happened to him from happening to anyone else.

One day, he meets a man in a bar who nearly has a heart attack on the spot when finding out this hunter’s name is “Dean Winchester”, he says very little, just gives him a sad smile and a dry laugh. He tells Dean that it would be the least he could do to help the hunter, that if he ever needs help, please just think of him. Dean looks confused at the sincerity of the stranger but shrugs it off as the man picks up his trenchcoat and walks away.



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10 days of rachel berry: day 2 - favorite scene


Well, first of all, I just wanna say how amazing the song you guys wrote was. I was so inspired. You know, it’s funny – I’ve won a lot of trophies before for singing competitions and dancing competitions…but I’ve always felt like the girl who never gets the brass ring. And maybe I never will, but today and at Regionals…the way you guys believed in me and took a chance with me…. All I’ve ever wanted was to feel special and to feel chosen…. and I just, um, I wanted to thank you guys so much for giving me that. So…that’s all.

You know what really got me? In the latest episode of Shadowhunters, after Alec lost Clary and then later on, when Jace snapped at him, “What did you do?!” - the way Alec rubbed the back of his head. The ever composed Alec Lightwood showed signs of deep emotional distress… 

And then it got even worse when I read up a bit on body language and found this particular quote about what this gesture meant, translated into words: “I’m in need of comfort so I’m petting the back of my head in order to make me feel better as my parents did when I was a child.” (x) Well, ouch!

A+ acting on Matt Daddario’s part!

Some thoughts on the new chapter… 

Like the Straw Hats (and most of us I think), I was pretty surprised with the big truth revealed this chapter. And I got a bit emotional too, because damn that really is a big deal. Oda did a thoroughly convincing job of making the Minks suffer so much and on such a large scale that it seemed unthinkable that they were lying the whole time. Well played, Oda. The Minks pretty much keep getting better and better. 

However, I think this is one of things where you really can’t look too closely at it. This is one of those situations that isn’t just unrealistic, but also probably shouldn’t ever happen either. An entire civilization being destroyed for a sake of loyalty to a friend? Could anyone do that? Should anyone do that? Obviously loyalty is an important thing and a very big deal in One Piece, but things like this frame it as essentially being the only thing that matters–that you should let yourself, your parents, your siblings, your grandparents, your other friends, and even your own children die for the sake of even just a single friend. That’s messed up if you stop to think about it. Look at these kids 

How old are these kids? 5? 10? Either way, they’re just children. And these mothers and all the other adults decided that they would rather let these children die than “rat out” a friend. That’s really messed up. And Oda tried to get around this by showing us that these children were actually badasses 

But in my opinion, that’s a flimsy justification because even if they’re buff they’re still children. “My baby was born with 6 pack abs so I’m okay with them dying when they’re still a literal infant because this child is a born warrior.” It’s messed up. Even if someone’s physically strong, trauma is still almost inevitable in a situation like this. How would these people, especially the children, be okay with watching their loved ones get poisoned and tortured? How many of you can even imagine what it’s like to experience literally everyone you know and love getting slaughtered before your eyes, believing that you and every single person you know and love are going to die? 

This sort of thing is just plain traumatic, plain and simple. It’s unimaginably terrifying and traumatizing. That’s the realistic reaction to a situation as horrible as this one, and Oda showed us signs of that. However, in order for us to be able to feel good about this whole situation, this factor has to be downplayed in favor of the “Aren’t we amazingly loyal badasses? Come on, destroy our entire country you assholes we’ll never sell out a friend” angle. 

And the other factor to all this is on Wano’s side. How could Wano ever be okay with letting the entire Mink tribe be annihilated for their sake? In the same way that friends in OP don’t sell each other out, friends also can’t ever willfully allow each other to sacrifice themselves like this. I’m pretty confident that Raizo isn’t on the island and was already long gone by the time Jack showed up, because if Raizo was there and allowed all of this to befall the Minks… it’s not even thinkable. 

So yeah. I enjoyed the chapter, and I’m loving the Minks. But this is one of those things that starts being really fucked up and not okay if you start thinking about it. Yeah, loyalty to your friends is important, but so is not allowing your own freaking children to be murdered. IMO this is a moral intention being taken to such an extreme degree that it becomes wrong and immoral. 

This scene got me so emotional, I teared up :’( This was probably the greatest scene of Barney for me. It was the defining moment of his character. He and Robin tried, they really did but life doesn’t always work out. Barney tried to grow and he did make strides but it was solidified when he had a daughter. Their divorce was unfortunate but it was another example of life being about moving on and finding happiness.


honestly one of the best concerts of my life. Even if I couldn’t see them properly, this concert really hit me hard. It was so incredible, I have never been so emotional. It’s pure energy, pure emotions. I sang along to every song, I cried, I jumped, I danced. I lost my voice from all the screaming but how can you not when these two put on such a great show? After four years of being a fan, I got the chance to finally see them and they didn’t disappoint. They are so talented and I fell in love even more. This is why they are my favorite band, they make me feel something real, make me feel alive.
“We are twenty one pilots and so are you ”
Milan - 8/2/16

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Hi, you have a very nice blog, could you recommend me/us some Iranian movies, you liked, thank you

Thank you!!

Ok, these are some of the films I watched over the years. I decided to narrow it down to recent films (1990s onward), even though there are some really good old films from like the 1970s.

Besides the typical popular Iranian films (Close-up, The Song of Sparrows, Children of Heaven, The White Balloon, Taste of Cherry, Taxi, About Elly, The Colour of Paradise etc.): 

  • Marmoolak (probably one of my favourite films of all time, I think I watched it like 7 times)
  • Vooroode Aghayan Mamnoon
  • Ghermez
  • Dehleez
  • Divanei Az Ghafas Parid
  • Ertefae Past
  • Mim Mesle Madar (I honestly never cried so much for a film…)
  • Be Name Pedar (my dad got emotional at this one…. but then again, he is pretty obsessed with Parviz Parastui… which makes sense because he is an amazing actor)
  • Zire Pooste Shahr
  • Barf Rooye Kajha
  • Do Zan
  • Hamoon
  • Ajanse Shishei
  • Darband
  • Hoze Naghashi
  • Gilane
  • Chaharshanbe Soori
  • Pele Akhar
  • Inja Bedoone Man
  • Khaharane Gharib (I still remember this movie even though I was really young when I watched it)
  • Santoori
  • Hiss Dokhtarha Faryad Nemizanand
  • Asb Heyvane Najibi Ast
  • Pole Choobi
  • Abi
  • Del Shekaste
  • Agha Yousef
  • Beede Majnoon
  • Tala Va Mes

Smirky Lexa is my everything, you guys. I’ve had this headcanon, ever since her wisecrack about “my spirit will choose more wisely than that”, that she’s got this wonderful, subtle, dry sort of sense of humour… which we just saw in this episode. She has this quiet kind of way of joking, where she just smirks and her amusement plays on her face, and I love it. I love that it’s canon now (to a greater extent than before) and that the characterization I was so keen to jump on has been entirely validated. It makes perfect sense, because as Heda she really isn’t given free rein to show a lot of emotion, so the sense of humour is downplayed like every other part of her… but it’s no less compelling for that fact. I just… I love Lexa so much as a character. I want her to find happiness with Clarke, because they’re both so good for each other, but she has just utterly stolen my heart. I will be writing pretty much every fic I ever do from her perspective, and I have zero regrets. Long live Commander Lexa. May she smirk for many a season more. 

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No but if Yato had the money, he would TOTALLY SPOIL YUKINE and that makes me emotional

He would and Yukine is v humble and would tell him to stop but he’s happy for the attention (embarrassed son) and just accepts the presents since he can’t really say no. especially if the present is hella ugly but yato thought it was super cute so he puts it on the “this is really ugly but yato got it for me and i am happy and wont admit how happy i am” shelf


So as some of you might know, I went to the Buffy FanMeet today, and I had a lot of fun. I got an autograph from all the guests (in order of appearance on the pics) : James Marsters, Kristine Sutherland, Clare Kramer and Nicholas Brendon. And as you can see, I also took a pic with James.

I really want to talk about it because it was my first con ever (sorry for the long-ass post)

First of all, Nicholas is even more funny than Xander in real life. I’m really happy to see him making jokes and enjoying being here, knowing that he’s been fighting depression for a while. He’s awesome and I wish him all the best in life because he deserves it.

Kristine and Clare literally haven’t aged a day and I want to know their secret I mean come on how is that even possible?? They were lovely during the Q&A’s, and I even got a bit emotional when we talked about Joyce’s death in The Body and stuff (I feel kind of bad for making Kristine sign the 5th season but oh well, that episode was amazing and heartbreaking), and talking about Clare’s performance as our beloved Glorificus was really interesting.

As for James.. Well I’ve been a super-fan of Spike since I could understand what people were saying (after all I was 1y-o when Buffy started), and well I also rly love James’ band (if you don’t know it, it’s called Ghost of the Robot and it deserves so much love, these guys make awesome music I swear). Anyway, back to my first crush (I mean come on who wouldn’t fall for William) : he’s such an adorable man! He was so kind to everyone and stuff and awww ♥

When I showed up for my photoshoot, he immediately recognized my Spike outfit and I was welcomed with a “Hey Spike, you look fabulous” followed by a hug! I love hugs and this was an awesome one (even more awesome because they’re not supposed to hug people -James told me that after), so you can imagine my happiness. After the pic, I was chased by the staff but he told me a little “You rock!” before I got out of the room. He’s so nice. When I showed up later for my autograph, he gave me a card to promote his website, he’s got a guitar on the pic and I told him I rly loved his music and you should have seen the smile on his face!! He looked so happy, so I was very happy too and this was a very great and happy day.

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I need some advice/perspective. I'm in love with someone who drains me emotionally, mostly because he knows he can get away with it. I made a huge fuss the last time I learnt we got together while he had a girlfriend. Now he broke up with her and wants back in my life, except he's not really making much of an effort. I've been told I'm quite forgiving and accepting, but I can't now, I'm done (emotional/mental/physical). It's ok to feel this way? We used to be best friends and it feels disloyal.

Why wouldn’t it be ok to feel the way you do? I definitely wouldn’t want this guy. Move on.

You know what I really hate about how Ozpin and the others approached Pyrrha about the Maiden thing?

They did it without involving her team.

Yes, they had to keep the Maidens a secret, and they probably didn’t want to make things more complicated by involving three more people.

But the thing is Ozpin and the others teach their students how teams are important, not only as a way to effectively fight against the Grimm, but also as emotional support and a way to carry and lessen each other’s burdens.

Yet they deliberately got Pyrrha by herself and told her to not tell anyone about the information that eventually led to her breakdown in chapter 8.

And if they did involve all of team JNPR? Pyrrha would still have been distraught, but she would’ve had the emotional support she needed to keep herself together.

Fuck, going slightly off topic, look at Qrow. Who knew what he was like before Raven disappeared? Before Summer died? Now he’s an anti-social alcoholic - an admittedly lucid one - whose main form of stress relief is to randomly start unnecessary fights with military personnel outside Hunter Academies.

And now, we’re getting the big decision in Chapter 11, with Jaune getting involved. THAT’S going to be an ‘interesting conversation’.

This whole approach to Pyrrha and the Maidens may have its reasons, but it’s still grossly hypocritical on Ozpin, Glynda, and Ironwood’s part and has led/will lead to long term negative affects.

SOMEONE call them out on this - IN THE SHOW - in the next volume.

I decided not to respond to any of the haters’ posts, well, basically anywhere. Don’t feed the trolls and they will go away, and all that jazz. But! Some of them make it really hard. Like when they say…

“Matthew Daddario has just one expression as Alec Lightwood! Terrible!”

Ugh… that’s exactly the direction Matt got from McG at the very beginning? To never let Alec smile, let alone laugh, because they’re saving this emotional openness for his scenes with Magnus? 

Seriously? They are blaming Matt’s acting skills - or the lack thereof - on something that was a deliberate character based decision made by the higher uppers that will underline the development Alec will go through over the course of the season? I can’t with these people… 

Girl, hush, don’t feed the trolls and they will go away!

I’m a victim of my own insides. There was a time when I wanted to know everything … It used to make me very unhappy, all that feeling. I just didn’t know what to do with it. But now I’ve learned to make that feeling work for me. I’m full of emotion and I want a release, and if you’re on stage and if it’s really working and you’ve got the audience with you, it’s a oneness you feel.
—  Janis Joplin