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Thank you once again for warming our hearts.”  | #4YearsWithBAP #StillWeAre6


Generico’s goal in wrestling and my goal in wrestling were very similar.  Then my goal changed because I got married and I got a kid, and I felt like my life was changing, and he stayed on that goal.  He always stayed on this path.  Now my goal has changed again because of how my life has changed, but I didn’t concentrate my efforts toward that goal.  (Kevin Steen in 2013, shortly after Sami Zayn debuted in WWE).


10 days of rachel berry: day 2 - favorite scene


Well, first of all, I just wanna say how amazing the song you guys wrote was. I was so inspired. You know, it’s funny – I’ve won a lot of trophies before for singing competitions and dancing competitions…but I’ve always felt like the girl who never gets the brass ring. And maybe I never will, but today and at Regionals…the way you guys believed in me and took a chance with me…. All I’ve ever wanted was to feel special and to feel chosen…. and I just, um, I wanted to thank you guys so much for giving me that. So…that’s all.

This scene got me so emotional, I teared up :’( This was probably the greatest scene of Barney for me. It was the defining moment of his character. He and Robin tried, they really did but life doesn’t always work out. Barney tried to grow and he did make strides but it was solidified when he had a daughter. Their divorce was unfortunate but it was another example of life being about moving on and finding happiness.

We Aren’t Really Related

Hey guys, it’s Admin M here! I left the blog a little over a year ago because I lost all inspiration to write, but I felt the need to come back and write again so here I am! I wanted to make this scenario really nice so I spent some time on it and I hope you all enjoy and I’m so glad to be back!

The past couple of years had been an emotional roller coaster for you. Your parents had gotten divorced and with that you had to go through all the legality issues with who would get custody. Since you were old enough, you opted to go live with your dad, seeing as you two got a long much better than you and your mom. The next few years were hard, but your dad managed to find himself a new wife, bringing along 3 new step-siblings. The house was now crowded to say the least. You now had an older step-sister, Rebecca, an older step-brother, Jackson, and a younger step-brother named Junior. It was difficult to get used to at first and getting along with your new siblings was no easy task, except Jackson. He was a lively spirit and was able to joke around with you like he had known you for years. You were both in college, him a year ahead, so you often gave each other rides to classes so you wouldn’t have to waste gas. During these rides you and him were able to talk without having to worry about interruptions. 

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No but if Yato had the money, he would TOTALLY SPOIL YUKINE and that makes me emotional

He would and Yukine is v humble and would tell him to stop but he’s happy for the attention (embarrassed son) and just accepts the presents since he can’t really say no. especially if the present is hella ugly but yato thought it was super cute so he puts it on the “this is really ugly but yato got it for me and i am happy and wont admit how happy i am” shelf


So as some of you might know, I went to the Buffy FanMeet today, and I had a lot of fun. I got an autograph from all the guests (in order of appearance on the pics) : James Marsters, Kristine Sutherland, Clare Kramer and Nicholas Brendon. And as you can see, I also took a pic with James.

I really want to talk about it because it was my first con ever (sorry for the long-ass post)

First of all, Nicholas is even more funny than Xander in real life. I’m really happy to see him making jokes and enjoying being here, knowing that he’s been fighting depression for a while. He’s awesome and I wish him all the best in life because he deserves it.

Kristine and Clare literally haven’t aged a day and I want to know their secret I mean come on how is that even possible?? They were lovely during the Q&A’s, and I even got a bit emotional when we talked about Joyce’s death in The Body and stuff (I feel kind of bad for making Kristine sign the 5th season but oh well, that episode was amazing and heartbreaking), and talking about Clare’s performance as our beloved Glorificus was really interesting.

As for James.. Well I’ve been a super-fan of Spike since I could understand what people were saying (after all I was 1y-o when Buffy started), and well I also rly love James’ band (if you don’t know it, it’s called Ghost of the Robot and it deserves so much love, these guys make awesome music I swear). Anyway, back to my first crush (I mean come on who wouldn’t fall for William) : he’s such an adorable man! He was so kind to everyone and stuff and awww ♥

When I showed up for my photoshoot, he immediately recognized my Spike outfit and I was welcomed with a “Hey Spike, you look fabulous” followed by a hug! I love hugs and this was an awesome one (even more awesome because they’re not supposed to hug people -James told me that after), so you can imagine my happiness. After the pic, I was chased by the staff but he told me a little “You rock!” before I got out of the room. He’s so nice. When I showed up later for my autograph, he gave me a card to promote his website, he’s got a guitar on the pic and I told him I rly loved his music and you should have seen the smile on his face!! He looked so happy, so I was very happy too and this was a very great and happy day.

You know what I really hate about how Ozpin and the others approached Pyrrha about the Maiden thing?

They did it without involving her team.

Yes, they had to keep the Maidens a secret, and they probably didn’t want to make things more complicated by involving three more people.

But the thing is Ozpin and the others teach their students how teams are important, not only as a way to effectively fight against the Grimm, but also as emotional support and a way to carry and lessen each other’s burdens.

Yet they deliberately got Pyrrha by herself and told her to not tell anyone about the information that eventually led to her breakdown in chapter 8.

And if they did involve all of team JNPR? Pyrrha would still have been distraught, but she would’ve had the emotional support she needed to keep herself together.

Fuck, going slightly off topic, look at Qrow. Who knew what he was like before Raven disappeared? Before Summer died? Now he’s an anti-social alcoholic - an admittedly lucid one - whose main form of stress relief is to randomly start unnecessary fights with military personnel outside Hunter Academies.

And now, we’re getting the big decision in Chapter 11, with Jaune getting involved. THAT’S going to be an ‘interesting conversation’.

This whole approach to Pyrrha and the Maidens may have its reasons, but it’s still grossly hypocritical on Ozpin, Glynda, and Ironwood’s part and has led/will lead to long term negative affects.

SOMEONE call them out on this - IN THE SHOW - in the next volume.


might want to enlarge it to see it uhhh????? help i dunno how to make my drawings 10x bigger even tho this was created on a huge ass fucking canvas

like no really it’s 2000x7000

just finished my own pacifist run

i know i watched @cryaotic and @therealjacksepticeye play this game, but when i played it myself i guess i just got the idea to fnally make something emotional with all the main characters???

The Selection Squad Calendar: Eadrik {11/13}

Eadrik is the shipping duo between Princess Eadlyn Schreave {Daughter of Maxon and America} and Erik {Eikko}. Eadlyn meets Erik during the selection, where Erik is the translator for Henri Jaakoppi, the selection competitor from Sota. Erik saved Eadlyn from a fight that had erupted between Burke and Fox, and that is how she got to know him better. When he comforted her and offered to be her friend, she gladly accepted. 

I tilted my head, really looking at him. It felt like something had just happened, but I didn’t know what it was. Erik, without knowing me, had done so much right. He pulled me away before I made the situation worse, got me to solitude before I lost control of my emotions, and stayed with me, listening to my worries and making everything better with his words. There were scores of people on call, ready to do whatever I asked. It was so funny to me that with him I didn’t even have to ask.” - Eadlyn about Erik

@maxericaisbae I hope I got this right :D

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I feel you on the slowly dying thing. I don't have any chronic physical illnesses, but I do have depression and anxiety, which means I'm always exhausted and in pain. I can never get enough sleep, and naps make me even more tired. *hugs*

I’m so sorry, it really sucks. The total fucking exhaustion is ridiculous. When I was younger I got more of an emotional depression, I was SAD.

Now it’s like apathy and tiredness and forcing myself to shower EVERY day, which is wild because I used to love to shower. I’d shower three times a day, now I have to make it happen.

I hope your good days become more frequent than your down days and you find ways to take joy in the little things that we all deserve to feel. ❤

okay so I just watched the first episode of that show tae is on with his friend and honestly!!!! i’m such a mess!!!!! i just love him so much and seeing him have a nice little break from his busy schedules to hang out with a friend and just have some genuine fun makes me SO EMO like he just looked so cute and happy and i’m sososososososo happy he got to do it because he seemed like he was having a lot of fun and i’m so emotional i love him so much and seeing him have fun makes my heart feel all warm and mushy because he deserves all the good things ever and i just really love kim taehyung and i’m glad he got to have some fun because he deserves it so much 💖💖

Do u ever just lay in bed and think abt how much you love certain people who have become a part of your life

Cuz I think I just realized I’ve been doing that for like 30 minutes now oops

I’m just so fucking grateful for the friends I have ok I know it sounds super gay but I just really love them all

And fuckin shout out to the Internet for making getting to know them actually possible (shit knows I ain’t got any like, physically nearby, tangible friends but it’s the emotional connection that matters anyway)

Firstly, i would like to apologise in advance if i have gotten stuff wrong. My memory is really bad. Secondly, i am really not sure if i am making sense. Please feel free to correct me!

I just got some ideas. 

Okay. Remember how Happy was telling Ralph/Toby in Love Boat last year about how she is afraid to lose her best friend because she doesn’t want to jeopardise the friendship? As in, my point is that she is saying something that is from the depth of her heart, and with Ralph around. And erm. We had a kiss 2 eps later. (Like a big progress in terms of action.) So i am guessing and hoping that we will have something major again in 2 more eps. (I know that they will be most likely be doing two different stuff in Fractured. But maybe a scene at the end?) But then again, there isn’t any news of a valentines’ day ep this time round so…

Also, in early S1 (Talisman?) and Toby gave this great speech about Happy and him and mainly, “When things get real, I make wise cracks and you put on your armour.” 


Like whenever Happy initiated something in this season (the dance, kiss, and spooning), Toby was usually quiet. Like he couldn’t believe it. (It also reminds me of Happy telling him not to say anything after the kiss in S1. Lol.) Like he doesn’t make wise cracks anymore. He doesn’t try to say funny stuff or even things. 

And we can clearly see Happy slowly letting down her wall. Slowly letting Toby in, and making herself more happy. Opening herself up. (Like even when interacting with the other team members you can just sense the difference.) 

I just realised how much they have progressed and i am just so emotional. Like they are both kinda changing but also to be a better version of themselves. 

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hello! i know you like monster x and i am just getting into them and i still can't choose a bias so i was wondering if you could tell me about each member? also i love your blog btw its my favourite

thank you and hmm i guess i can sorta tell you what i know about them or like what i can tell about them from variety???

shownu (reminds me of strawberry cake ^^) is the leader of monsta x!!! he’s kind of awkward with his emotions but it’s always obvious he’s trying his best to keep everyone happy and safe. he gives off the protective older brother feel. has an adorable eye smile and soft voice ^^ 

kihyun (reminds me of a sugar cookie) is very vocal as in he likes to chatter a lot and make people laugh. he’s really charismatic on stage though, but has the typical cute side to him. he’s got a very beautiful, powerful voice~ 

minhyuk (reminds me of a lemon drop) is ??? how to say this…..a ball of energy?? he can literally find a good side to anything and i haven’t once seen him not smile??? he’s an angel im convinced 

hyungwon (reminds me of truffles) is a piece of art. like so tall so skinny so handsome and so unnecessarily dorky that you’re like wait no this chic boy is actually a meme???? 

wonho (reminds me of egg custard tarts) is the softest and sweetest probably most confused by the other members weirdness innocent little child. he’s got the body of a man, but he is a child. like he smiles and roses grow. starship undervalues his vocal talent tho 

i.m (reminds me of coconut icecream) is just a juxtaposition like he looks like he should be introverted and cold but he’s actually so funny like his sense is on point and his rapping is amazing ^^ 

jooheon (reminds me of pumpkin pie) is like literally twelve. imagine a kid with a sugar rush and you basically have jooheon. when he raps you think ‘oh he’s an adult’ but afterwords he does this godforsaken aegyo and ur like…i was wrong 

Dean Winchester Fluff- Guardian Angel

Prompt- Anon- “ Can you do deanxreader where you’re sams guardian angel but you’re in love with dean from his moms stories? When you finally come down from heaven to protect Sam you tell them who you are and you dean gets really angry when you mention his mother and doesn’t believe you, but after spending months with them he falls for you too and for his birthday you take him to heaven to see his mom even though it’s forbidden, and he cries as he sees her then turns to you and tells you he loves you?”

A/N- So it’s make Cera cry day bc ya’ll got me all emotional. So the work I thought I had to do for my English class, apparently I don’t have to do -.- So i wasted an hour and a half of my life when I could’ve been writing and enjoying myself. Anyway, Enjoy!! //Requests are still open even though I have multiple to get done//

         Mary talked about Dean like he was a God. But he kind of was . A Sex God, that’s for sure. “Do you miss him?” you asked, immediately wanting to take it back. You knew it was a stupid question. “Of course I do, they’re my boys.” Mary was just standing there, watching the boys aimlessly walk around their hotel room, not really talking. “I watch them everyday, and they never fail to surprise me.” Mary smiles brightly, the wrinkles by her eyes showing her older age. You watched her, wishing you had someone to feel proud of like that. 

     But you were Sam’s guardian, not Dean’s . Taking your eyes off the woman you had come to be inspired by, looking back at the men you had come to love. “Well, I guess we just wait and see what happens next.” You motioned for a drink, immediately getting it. “They should do something interesting today, they’re being too basic human.” You said, taking a sip of your tea. “They’re working a case, darling.” Mary said, shaking her head and smiling. The same gesture Dean often did. 


      On Earth it was night time, your favorite time to watch. It was always the most dangerous but also the best all around. Dean’s chest fell and rose with his breathing and so did Sam’s . The case they had was pretty harsh, but you knew they would win- they always did. Most guardian angels barely watched their Human, they just kind of ignored them unless it was life or death. But you were different, you liked watching the 2 men live out their lives. Even when they weren’t doing anything. You were always standing by, watching silently. 

    There was nothing more you wanted than to find a vessel and meet the boys, telling them who you are. You just wanted to meet them. 

    For the next week you debated on this, occasionally looking at girls you could use. When you finally found the perfect one, you decided you were going to meet the boys. 

        Walking around on Earth was weird, although unlike Castiel, you knew the humans from watching them. So you went for it.  Standing in the middle of the Winchester’s motel room, you looked around. They weren’t even here. Instead of leaving like a normal angel, you stayed, eating food and drinking from the mini bar. It was weird to taste things. In Heaven you ate and drank only as a distraction. You can’t actually taste it. 


   You were at the motel for hours before the boys actually came home. Hearing the familiar muffle of the Impala. “They’re home” you mumbled to yourself, looking at the door. “Of course they’re home , why are you here, Y/N?” You didn’t look up from the sandwich you were eating , but continued to eat it. “Because why not, Cas?” you asked, looking up at the man that stood in front of you. Before he could reply, Dean and Sam walked in. 

 “Cas?” Dean looked at you and Cas, his expression kind of bewildered. You just stared at them, as Cas turned around. “Hi, Dean.” he said, turning back to you. “Who are you?” Sam asked, looking at you from behind Cas. Closing the door, Dean threw his jacket on the floor, standing with his arms across his chest and legs open. 

     “Hey Dean, Sam.” you looked at them, still eating your sandwich. “She’s you’re guardian angel, Sam.” Cas said, turning to look at you. With a mouthful, you just raised your eye brows. “What?” you said, looking between the three. “I thought guardian angels were fighters.” Dean said, a mocking statement. Looking him straight in the eyes, you just stared. “That’s all you got?” 

   “So if you’re my guardian angel, who is Dean’s?” Sam asked, confused. “Well, Dean’s is shitty, she doesn’t watch him . It’s rare that Guardian Angels watch. I actually do. I watch with Mary, her and I watch everyday.” You were smiling at the thought of Mary, you loved her. She was a great woman, a better angel. 

   “Don’t talk about my mom like you know her.” Dean slammed the fridge, slumping back into a chair at the dining table. “I do know her, Dean. Quite well actually.” You shook your head at him, talking to Sam.


        Months had passed, and you and Dean had become close, he was just as perfect as you thought. But hearing things from him were different than seeing them. He never lied though.His stories were always correct, and every detail was spot on.  Dean’s birthday was coming around and you wanted to give him the best gift you could, hoping to take him to Heaven to see Mary. 

      Dean had just woken up while you were laying next to him, staring at the ceiling. “What’s wrong, baby?” Dean asked, eyes still closed. “I want to take you to see Mary.” You said quietly, turning to see Dean wide awake. “Don’t play with me like that…” Dean said, his eyes looking saddened. “I’m not pretending, Dean..” You spoke softly, putting your hand on his jaw and kissing him. 

        “Trust me baby, she watches you all day. Of course she leaves during certain times, with females, but she’s always watching.” You put your leg over his hip, bringing him closer. “You don’t leave during those parts, do you?” Dean smirked at you. “Pshhh, no.” you laughed, kissing him lightly. “ew.” You heard Sam mumble before pulling a pillow over his head and rolling over. 


     Dean had gotten up and gotten ready, standing in front of you, you watched him get dressed. “If you keep watching me like that I’ll have to take you right now.” Dean wore a smug smile as he walked over and kissed your lips.  “Please don’t” Sam got up and walked out of the door, still in his boxers. “Where’s he think he’s going to go?” You raised an eyebrow at the youngest Winchester. 

    “We ready to go?” You asked, grabbing Dean’s hand. Nodding, Dean made eye contact with you. 


     Mary was standing in her usual place, watching Sam who is in the bed next to where you just were. “He’s back in the room no-” Mary turned to look at you, seeing Dean next to you. Immediately, Mary engulfed Dean in her arms, Dean’s face immediately being moistened by his tears. “Happy birthday, baby.” You spoke only after they had their moment. “I love you so much.” Dean spoke, grabbing your face and placing his forehead on yours.