i got ready to early again

My Secret Session Story.

On October 6th (the day after I got my wisdom teeth out) Taylor Nation Dmed me about a top secret event I was invited to. As soon as I read that I knew I had to go no matter what, I fell on the floor, and I was sobbing. On October 8th I got a call from Taylor Nation, and they told me it would be on October 18th in Rhode Island. Even though that is so far away from Ontario, Canada my parents were still so supportive and said we would go. Btw an hour after the call Taylor came on my livestream and just wow.

I then went out and bought a really cute outfit, and kept it a secret from everyone, and couldn’t sleep for the whole week.

Once the London Secret Session happened, I knew that’s what I would be attending too. And I once again started crying. Every time I thought about what would happen on October 18th I cried.

Finally on October 17th we began our 10 hour drive down, and I just listened to Taylor the whole time (I should’ve done homework, but like…) and it was so fun!

Then the day came…

I woke up early, walked on the beach and explored Rhode Island. Then I got ready for the night!

At around 2:40pm we drove to the meeting place, and got all checked in and got our wristbands and everything. I also met up with my online friend Akhila who was also invited!!!

Then we all got in these cars and drove up to TAYLOR SWIFTS HOUSE. The gates opened all dramatically and I began sobbing!!


We then went into Taylor’s kitchen and ate food, I went out on her balcony and talked to Scott (he gave me so many guitar picks), I met Andrea, Austin, and Tree as well! They were all so kind.

The food was amazing, I ate so many of the rep m&m’s.

We then gathered into Taylor’s living room, they closed the blinds, dimmed the lights and the session began. (((WHAT HAPPENS IN THE SECRET SESSIONS STAYS IN THE SECRET SESSIONS)))

Lemme just say that the album was absolutely amazing, the best one yet. Taylor was in her chair dancing and singing along the whole time and looked around at all of us. She made eye contact with me so many times, and smiled at me, and danced with me, and I cried so much. I was so freaking close to her and she looked so beautiful and she was soooooooo happy.

She looked flawless, and her happiness radiated to all of us.

(((more stuff happened here that I can’t talk about))))

Then we went into another room and waited to meet Taylor.

During this sessions she wasn’t rushed, she took her time with everyone, and it was supposed o end at 9:15 but I was there till 11:30.

I went into the room to meet Taylor, and she hugged me so tight. She knew my name (she said it wrong but she knew how to spell it so it was all good, and then she said it 5 more times the right way lol). She was even more gorgeous that close up, I couldn’t believe what was happening, yet she was so easy to talk to?

We talked about how amazing the new album is, I said that Red was my absolute favourite but Rep took the #1 place and she was like “LOW FIVE, HUGH FIVE!!!”

Then we talked my livestream she watched, and how I couldn’t find my cat. And she said she’s seen me online so much but I used to be more tanned ahahah.

She kept complimenting my outfit, and stroked my choker saying “I love it it’s so delicate” and how my shoes matched my skirt and my choker matched my nails, so she proceeded to touch my nails.

She said she loved how energetic I was and that I was dancing with a childlike joyfulness the whole time!

At one point I was like “you’re gorgeous” and then she tapped my arm and said “YOU’RE GORGEOUS” and later she said “you’re an angel” so I tapped her arm and said “YOU’RE AN ANGEL” it was so cute.

Then she asked what type of pose I wanted to do and I said “I was thinking like two best friends just chilling on the couch” and she was like “OHMYGOSH YESSS DO YOU WANNA HOLD A GRAMMY????”

So we started talking about the Grammy I was holding which was aoty for 1989 !!!!!

Taylor was like “yes that’s the new baby.”

On the way over to the couch I stumbled and the couch moved and she was like “oh don’t worry I do that all the time.”

Then we sat on the couch, she threw her legs across me with her amazing black boots, and she cuddled me as I held the Grammy!!

Then she was like “Halley’s mom!! Do you wanna hold the Grammy?”

So we took another photo standing up with my mom, and I hugged her as my mom held the Grammy.

Then I thanked her for everything and told her I love her.

And she was like “I love you, you little fashionista” and did a little dance.

Then I walked out of that beautiful house, got a bag of merch, and went back to my hotel room.

Then Taylor came on my tumblr and liked soooo many posts and reblogged one and just the day couldn’t get any better.

The amount of joy I felt for the whole night was absolutely amazing. Nothing can ever compare. It’s safe to say that it was the best day/night of my life and I will cherish it forever.

I can’t believe Taylor wanted to meet me, invited me into her home to listen to her new album, and knew about me!?!?!

October 18th 2017 will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Missing Link

Missing Link (m)

Word count: 6.3k

Genre/Warnings: smut, angst, fluff, talk of masterbation and language

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: You catch Yoongi playing with himself before a night out and some part of you wants to join him. That’s crazy though, he’s your best friend… Right?


“Yes, Y/N?” Yoongi said as he watched tv, happy to be home after a long day with you. 

“Will you please go with me tonight? I don’t want to go by myself.”

Yoongi sighed on the couch next to you. “Y/N, i’m too old to be going to these college parties.”

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Guess He’s really into Her, Mate

Hi lovely people! Hope you’re happy. x

Plot: Harry really likes Y/N and is surprised when his friend is less supportive.

Warnings: None. 

Pic isn’t mine but I love how it practically screams ‘cozy’.

“Hold on. Are we talking about the same person here?”

Harry’s teeth sunk into his bottom lip as he tried to bite back the embarrassment rushing through his body and painting his cheeks pink. Admitting this type of secret was to him as awkward as it had when he’d been 18 years younger. And now his uncomfortable feeling increased by the tone the question had been asked in as it was enough to let Harry immediately know that Jeffery wasn’t at all happy with the confession he’d just heard. Jeff arched his brows at his friend, making Harry shift in his seat once more before he focused on his manager with worried eyes. 

“S’no one like her out there,” Harry muttered, heartbeat increasing when Jeff’s forehead formed a deep frown, “So yeah… we’re both talking about her.” 

“But this is Y/N,” Jeff said almost defensively, “She’s… she’s… I mean… how? And why?”

Harry slid off his chair and walked around the counter in Jeff’s kitchen, for one so he could reach the coffee machine and pour himself the drink he very much needed after the long night he’d had, and for two so he could bring some distance between himself and his friend. His knees felt uncomfortably jelly-like and he hoped Jeff couldn’t notice how wobbly he was walking.
This he had not expected when admitting that he felt more than just friendship for the girl Jeff had made a habit of bringing around. Sure, he was aware of how protective Jeff and pretty much everyone else who knew the girl was of her, but surely him liking Y/N was a good thing wasn’t it? Y/N always appeared to care about him, too, so why would Jeff oppose the idea of them together so much? Harry could make Y/N happy, he was sure of it. She was kind and she was soft, her mind was bright and to him there was nobody more beautiful than her. And what she needed was a person who could be as kind and as soft with her as her soul was, someone who cared for her gentle being and would always appreciate her. 
Harry could do that. He wanted to do that and to learn that his friend doubted him hurt. A pout tugged at his lips. Sensing where his mind went Jeff cleared his throat.

“M’sorry, mate. Sounded like a prick, didn’t I? I want to be supportive of this, really I do. She’s a good girl and you’re a great lad s’just…”

“What?” Harry asked, unable to keep the tension out of his voice.

Jeff sighed as he desperately searched for the right words. “I’ve known her for quite a while now and I truly love that girl. I really do, Harry. She might as well be my sister by this point.”

“Good to know,” Harry muttered, not liking how his heart had dropped the moment Jeff spoke of loving Y/N even though he was of course very aware of Jeff’s girlfriend and knew that Y/N shared nothing beyond a brotherly bond with his friend.

“Anyway,” Jeffery continued, “I know that she’s been through a lot of crap with boys. Things that took their toll on her and though she doesn’t really talk about it anymore I know she’s influenced by it still. You’re great. Of course you are, s’just… I want you to know that you got to be careful with her. Make sense?”

“Well, kinda,” Harry moved to sit back down next to his friend, “But don’t you know that I would never do anything to upset her? Not as her friend and certainly not as her boyfriend should she ever allow me to be that for her. She’s… she’s so tender with me, you know? And she gets me and she cares for me and… I never had that before. With anyone, Jeff. I never felt like someone would be there and take care of me the way I do when I’m with her.”

Harry frowned at his fingers momentarily before meeting Jeff’s eyes. 

“Do you not think that I could be good for her?” 

“You could,” Jeff soothed Harry quietly, “You already are, no doubt. You’re not one of those shitty boys she’s been disappointed by. But I also know that you like the adventure sometimes, the excitement of something passionate and short lived with a woman who’s fascinating to you for the moment. And there’s nothing wrong with that, at all. However if you want Y/N it has to be with purely honest intentions and because you want her for more than just a week.”

“I do!” Harry argued, voice loud and desperate, “She’s not someone I want for the moment. I want her for every moment.”

“Awe,” Jeff cooed and Harry flipped him off. 

“Besides,“ Harry smirked, brows arched, “What would happen if I were to not take things seriously with her?”

He was joking of course and Jeffery took a long swig of his coffee before shrugging with a smug smile, “I’d kick your arse.”

“Oh yeah, right.”


Harry’s heart could have burst in his chest. Ever since stepping into Jeff’s house that night he’d been happy to find that Y/N refused to leave his side and instead stood by him and occasionally even brushed his arm with her soft hand in a sweet gesture. He felt like he could rejoice and his heart filled with hope. Y/N was so close, his skin was covered in a shiver.
When he tilted his head he could rest his chin on the crown of her beautiful hair, when he shifted his body he could press into her side and feel the curve of her chest against his ribcage and when he breathed in deeply all he smelled was Y/N’s sweet scent. She was so close to him and so adorably clingy he had to physically hold himself back from wrapping her into his embrace and never let her go again, oblivious to Y/N feeling just the same about him. Her fingers itched to fist his jumper in her hand, the tip of her tongue burned to say all the words that could describe how incredibly lovely he was to her. But she wouldn’t let herself. Not when it could mean losing him.

“Harry?” her voice spoke next to his shoulder. 

When Harry looked down his heart melted at the sight of his favorite person peering up at him with bright eyes and his stomach dropped when she leaned in and nudged him with her nose to get more of his attention. As if she wasn’t possessing all of it from the moment she’d murmured his name.

Harry chuckled and hummed against her temple as his lips pressed to her skin softly. “Yes, sweetheart?” 

She let out a small whine before her forehead pressed into his arm. “I want to go home. Take me there, please?”

Harry frowned at her quiet words, not liking her request. She wanted to leave? Already? On the other hand, she wanted to leave with him

He kissed her again, this time her head. “Of course, my love. Are you alright, though?”

“I’m okay,” she nodded quickly, not wanting to worry him, “S’just that I can feel how I’m coming down with a headache and Sarah drove me here but she’s having so much fun and I don’t want to trouble her.”

“Oh, so I look like I’m not having fun?” Harry joked, nudging her shoulder with his.

Y/N rolled her eyes before pinching his hips. “You know what I meant.”

“I do,” he laughed gently, “And the tube’s a pain at this hour so I wouldn’t want you taking it anyway.” 

“There’s nobody I can ask other than you,” she murmured into the fabric of his shirt, “Nobody I would want to ask anyway.”

Now his heart really was going to burst. Without thinking about it Harry let his arms drop around her shoulders so he could pull her against his chest, loving how easily the two of them fit together. If they ever needed to prove to someone that they belonged together, them fitting like two puzzle pieces was evidence enough. His fingers brushed her warm skin, her lips graced his neck.

“Let’s grab your coat, love.”

He began to move away from her but a pull to his arm made him still.

“Didn’t bring one,” Y/N peered up at him with guilty eyes and teeth biting back a smile as she knew exactly what reaction Harry was about to have.

His forehead was pulled into a frown she wished she were allowed to kiss away and his arms crossed, the words to scold her ready to fall from his lips.

“I wasn’t cold!” she argued with a laugh, “We got here so early it wasn’t even dark yet. Oh, stop looking at me like that.”

“S’damn windy outside, Y/N,” Harry sighed, remembering how last time they’d spent 5 minutes outside with the sun not out, she’d fallen ill for three days, “You’re bloody asking for it you know that right? You want to get sick again, don’t you?”

His fingers pinched her waist and she shrieked, quickly apologizing to the people around them who were disturbed by the loud sound.

“Oh, cut it out,” Y/N fought to raise her hands so she could press her palms against Harry’s lips but failed when his fingers wrapped around both of her wrists. Harry laughed and dodged her when she tried to kick his shins.

“M’not taking care of you again I can promise you that much,” Harry threatened.

“Of course you would.” Y/N’s smile made his heart flutter.

Harry nodded, finally letting himself grin at her. “Yeah, I would. Still, you’re gonna have to wear my jacket. C’mon.”

Harry’s fingers laced with Y/N’s and her cheeks blushed as he slowly began to pull her away from the couch where they’d been standing and over to where Jeff stood, chatting to his mates. Y/N felt happy. Harry was just such an easy guy and once more he proved to her that she could rely on him looking after her when she needed someone.
In all honesty Y/N didn’t want to leave. Ever since he’d entered the house Harry had at least one hand touching her somehow, be it by resting his palm at the bottom of her back or by squeezing her shoulder. But the back of her head ached and she knew the music Glenne had chosen to play would only make it worse.

“Hey, Jeffrey!” Harry called out, “We’re heading out.”

The manager looked up, frowning at first but quickly biting back a grin upon noticing that his two friends were holding hands. He moved to walk towards them.

“So soon? You’re really an old person stuck in a young man’s body, mate.”

“Leave him alone. S’my fault,” Y/N apologized, “I’m the ninny who’s getting a headache. I’m sorry, Jeff.”

“Oh, no, sweetheart,” Jeff cooed and again Harry felt an unnecessary sense of jealousy kick in. Without thinking about it he pulled her closer, standing so he was touching her back with his chest and away from Jeff’s hands.

“Chill out, Harry, would you?” Jeff laughed, noticing the lack of space between the two of them, before turning back to Y/N, “Take care of yourself, alright? Don’t want you to get sick. Though I suppose you have someone to look after you.”

“I suppose I do,” she smiled with a blush. 

After saying their goodbyes Y/N laced her fingers with Harry’s once more and guided him out of the living room, blushing when she felt his jacket wrap around her back.

“What’s up with those two?” Tom, Harry’s friend who’d gotten acquainted with Jeff stepped closer to him, looking after Y/N and the guy looming over her as they left the house. 

Jeff shrugged. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

“I bet you they’ll tell each other tonight,” Glenne chirped, her head coming down to rest on Jeff’s shoulder. She sighed. “S’like watching our babies grow up, isn’t it?”

Tom laughed. “I knew it! She was so obvious about it, wasn’t she?”

“Yeah,” Jeff sighed, “He was, too. Guess he’s really into her, mate.”

And Harry really was very much smitten with Y/N and when he stood with her pressed to his chest as she was pushed into the door of her apartment building, their lips molded together while their hands explored the skin they managed to uncover by pushing away the fabric of their jumpers, Harry realized that he was lost. Lost in her scent, hair and soft voice. 
Y/N whimpered when Harry gifted her with another heavy kiss and he smiled before nudging her nose with his. 

“I never would have thought tonight could have ended like this,” he breathed against her cheek. 

Y/N nodded, lips kissing his jaw, his chin and then his lips again. “I’m so happy, Harry.”

“Me too, Y/N,” he swore, wrapping her into his arms as she cuddled into his chest, “Finally. God, fucking finally.”

One request done! Hope you liked this! It’s finally autumn ahhhh!! I’m so happy haha. x 


I don’t know where people get the idea that clary slutshamed izzy? I’m rereading rn and so far all she’s done/said is:

  • commented on how much she wants to draw izzy
  • said that izzy’s top didn’t fit her cause clary had no cleavage
  • she got jealous when izzy flirted with simon? It’s almost like she’s a teenager with a internalized almost crush on her only friend… but she never degraded izzy ffs
  • she did call izzy a bitch after simon turned into a rat (wow overreacting™) but tbh that’s just how clary acts when she doesn’t think her words through when she’s panicking
  • she noticed that meliron and izzy had a thing. she noticed. she wasn’t like wow she’s sleeping with a fae sluutt but it’s almost like that’s what readers made up with their internalized misogyny
  • she said that izzy wore low cut tops and high heels when describing what izzy was wearing just like she described alec’s holey sweaters again no shaming izzy’s clothing from clary hmmm (see bold text in example above)

And people think clary and izzy hated eachother in the beginning? (They were wary of eachother cause they’d each only ever been friends with guys and didn’t know how to act around other girls) so I raise you brotp clizzy in the early days (as of where I am in city of ashes):

  • the entire scene where izzy got clary ready for magnus’ party and the conversation they had
  • izzy literally gave clary her first proper runes but nooo they totally didn’t trust eachother and hated eachother
  • izzy updates clary on everything over text cause she feels like clary needs to know
  • she notified clary immediately after jace got locked up cause that’s what people who don’t like eachother do apparently
  • backed up clary when clary wanted to go to the silent city and alec said no
  • mutually protecting eachother

Anyways please properly analyze the books before saying that cc pitted them against eachother


Incubus!Nyx and Succubus!Lunafreya concepts done for the AU that @destatree and I are working on! They were already mentioned and revealed in chapters early on and I finally did some visual stuff to fall back on when I have the spark for drawing them on their own again! Succubus and Incubus physical traits only differ a little. One has wings while the other has a tail instead :3 I just wanted them to be different from one another in the AU and they got their own perks too! (Twitter doodles)

Good evening all! Forgot to upload breakfast this morning and am doing it now because I’ve finally got the chance to! Today I was up at 7, got ready and ate all these corn thins+PB+banana for brekky then taught the brand new grit strength at 8:45-9:15 then quickly got ready and rushed to start work at 10. Worked 10-5 and it was super busy! Boyfriend+friend came and had sushi with me on my lunch break! Then was home just before 6 and have eaten dinner, made lunch for me and my boyfriend for tomorrow and now sitting down to relax! Early start again tomorrow morning to teach and then work all day at lorna!! Wooohoooooooo hope you all had a fab weekend xxxxxxxxx


It takes two to tango

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Pairing: You / Kai

Type: very explicit smut; explicit language

Word count: 4K

Summary: You always had a crush on Kai, the best dancer of your academy. One day his dance partner injures her leg and you’re picked to replace her for a very important tango performance. The problem is: you only have one week to learn the choreography, and Kai is not there to play games. Or is he?

Today was the first day training with him. His dance partner had injured her leg and they had an important performance in a tango competition, so you had to fill in her spot. The problem was: not only did you not know the choreography, but tango wasn’t really the type of dance you were the best at. You were better at dances like the waltz or the slow foxtrot which were more graceful and classical and not sexy.

You were very nervous not only because he was the very best dancer at SM academy, with international recognition, but also because he was really hot. You kind of always had a crush on him, as did everyone in the academy who liked men, but you never could really talk to him. He was so beautiful that he kind of became intimidating sometimes.

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Just a Friend

Request(s): Can you please do a Tom Holland x Reader imagine where the reader gets jealous of Tom and Zendaya’s photos but he reassures her how much he loves her. A bunch of fluff please!! and Can you do a Tom Holland x Reader imagine where the reader gets jealous of the photos of him and Zendaya but he reassures her he loves her. Lots of fluff please!!!!

Requested by: @tommyhollandx

Pairing: Tom Holland + Reader

Warning: Jealous!Reader and fluff (bc y’all know how much I love a fluffy fic

Notes: sorry this took so long! I hope it’s good enough for you to forgive me :( also just a key but (F/N) means friend’s name okay cool enjoy

“So, where’s Tom today? You’re both usually conjoint at the hip.” (F/N) asked before she brought her cup back up to her lips. I laughed lightly at her comment before shaking my head. “What? You can’t deny it! I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it! You’re in love, you can’t help it.” She exaggerated the word love and added a small wink at the end. My cheeks flared a little at the word love.

Tom and I have been dating for a little over five months but the word has never come up before. Although I was sure how I felt about him, I was scared that if I said it too early I’d scare him off. I’m almost positive that we both love each other, but I wasn’t ready to take that risk yet. “I’m actually meeting up with him at his photoshoot. We’re having dinner and then he’s staying over at my place tonight.” She winked suggestively at me again which only made my cheeks grow hotter and my eyes to roll. “In fact, I should be heading over there now.”

As soon as I bid my goodbye I got a text from Tom telling me I could head over to the shooting location and that he’d be only thirty more minutes. By the time I got to the venue Tom had about eight more minutes until the shoot was over so I sat in his marked chair next to Harrison and made small talk. I was in the middle of telling Harrison about mine and Tom’s plans for tonight when I heard a loud laugh, causing me to stop mid-sentence as I looked up to see Tom sitting in a chair hunched over laughing while Zendaya practically draped herself over him. She had jokingly removed his hat to put it on herself, slid it down to hide half her face and shoot him a seductive look. You looked down immediately after seeing Tom shoot her a wink.

“You okay?” I looked up to see Haz giving me a small smile. He nodded toward Zendaya and Tom, “They act like that all the time. They’re just friends. You know Tom’s crazy about you.” I nodded and gave him a small smile in return. I looked up to see one of Zendaya’s hands through his hair as he looked up from his seat smiling at her. I felt my heart ache and didn’t realize I was leaving until I heard Tom calling out my name. I made it out the door when Tom caught up to me, his hand grabbing my arm and spinning me to face him.

“Babe, didn’t you hear me? Where are you going?” I pulled my arm from his grip causing his eyes to widen. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just – I needed some air. It was getting a little… hot in there.” My voice came out a little raspy. I cleared my throat and casted my gaze everywhere except him. “I’ll wait in the car. You’re almost done?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Don’t you want to come inside and say hello to Zendaya?” My jealousy came back out as I shook my head, Tom looking at me oddly. “Why not?”

“I’m just really hungry. Can we go?” He looked at me skeptically as he nodded his head. He leaned down to kiss my cheek, looking at me once more before retreating inside to change and grab his things.

By the time he came back I was already in the car, ready to drive off. The ride to the restaurant was painfully silent. Tom tried to ask me about my day but my mind wouldn’t allow me to focus on giving him anything more than just a couple of words. Every time I looked at him I thought of Zendaya draped around him, I thought of every way he looked more content with her – better looking, too.
Tom didn’t say anything until after we had ordered our food. “What the hell is up with you?” His voice sounded strained, like he wasn’t trying to speak as loudly as he wanted to. Tom had never raised his voice at me – then again, we had never fought before, so there were a lot of new things coming out.

“What do you mean?” I bit my lip as I refused to make eye contact with him. I looked up in time to see him roll his eyes, my heart sinking further into the pit of my stomach. Before either of us could say anything more, the food came.

“Forget it.” I heard him mumble, before we both settled into an uncomfortable, tense silence. As soon as the check was paid for, Tom walked ahead of me and got into the car, not waiting for me to get in. I took a couple of deep breaths to prevent myself from crying. After what seemed like the longest car ride ever, I parked outside of my apartment building. Tom looked out of the window before looking up at me, finally breaking the silence. “What are we doing here?”

I furrowed my eyebrows at him, confused by his question. “I thought we were going to watch movies, didn’t you want to stay over?”

“Honestly? No. Not with the way tonight is going. I feel like it would be better if I stayed at mine tonight.” I bit my lip to stop it from quivering. I nodded my head slowly before going to put my keys back into the ignition to drive Tom home. His hand came up to catch mine before I could start the car. “Before you do that, I have to ask, what did I do?”

I looked at him before shaking my head. “You didn’t do anything.” I put my face in my hands, resting my head against the steering wheel, finally letting myself cry after denying myself from doing so twice tonight.

“Baby,” Tom whispered, I felt the car shift as he reached over. His arms came out to wrap around my shoulders, prompting me to come closer to him. I lifted my head and climbed over the middle to rest in Tom’s lap, my crying never ceasing. “Baby, talk to me. What’s wrong?”

“It’s so stupid. I’m so stupid.” I shook my head against his chest as his grip on me got tighter.

“You’re not stupid. Nothing you say or do will ever be stupid to me. Please, just talk to me.” His hands rubbed up and down my back, warming me up and calming my breathing. My crying had shrunk to just a couple of hiccups and I was able to speak properly.

“I just – god, I’m so ridiculous. It’s just today when I saw you, with Zendaya, I don’t know. Tommy, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how happy you looked – with her.” The tears welled up in my eyes again. I finally looked up to see the sad expression on Tom’s face. “I know, it’s dumb. I’m sorry I took it out on you.”

“Darling,” his hands came up to cup my face, “Zendaya is just a friend. You should know that the only person I have eyes for – is you. I could look at anyone and the only person that would be on my mind is you.” He pulled my face closer to his and kissed me softly. My hands came up to card through his hair, his hands going down to my waist to steady me. When we pulled away he rested his forehead on mine. “I planned to say this to you earlier at the restaurant, but now seems as good a time as any – I love you, (Y/N).”

I could feel his grip on me tighten and the heat rise in my cheeks despite the colder weather outside. “I love you, Tom. So much.” He smiled brightly at me and kissed me again, softer this time. “Will you stay the night?”

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, darling.”

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anonymous asked:

RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC saying "I love you" for the first time please!!

Awwwwww! These cuties ♡

~fluff fluff fluff fluffy

◉ Yoosung

    • “I love you”
  • You guys had been cooking together and it just felt right to say
  • He dropped the pot he had been holding
  • Luckily it was empty
    • “I LOVE YOU TOO!” he screamed
  • He was so happy he couldn’t even control the volume of his voice
  • He wanted to jump for joy
  • His cheeks were burning
  • Couldn’t even control himself
  • He pulled you in for a big kiss
    • “Yoosung!” you laughed
    • “Sorry, I’m just really happy. I love you so much.”

◉ Jumin

    • “I love you”
  • You guys had been relaxing in the penthouse
  • Playing with Elizabeth 3rd
  • He looked so cute teasing her with a string
  • You just had to say it
  • He dropped the string
  • omg
  • Jumin was smiling so big!
  • He got that super warm look on his face
  • He felt himself unravel right there
    • “I love you too.”
  • He kissed your lips
    • “As does Elizabeth 3rd”
  • He picked her up and waved her paw at you

◉ Zen 

    • “I love you”
  • You had been helping him run his lines for a new role
  • It was so cute how focused he got
  • He really was good
  • He had this determined look on his face and you couldn’t help but blurt it out
  • He was confused for a second when you said it
    • “What? Wait, no. That’s not the line. What page are you on?”
  • He was flipping through the script
  • You had to say it again
  • He was shook
    • “Really?”
  • You shook your head
  • He grabbed your hands and kissed them
    • “I love you too”

◉ Jaehee

    • “I love you”
  • You were both rushing around early in the morning trying to get ready for work
  • You were getting the coffees ready before heading out the door
  • You handed her her mug before she walked out
  • And kinda blurted it
  • You just needed to get it out there
  • She stopped right where she stood
  • Turned around slowly
  • She had the biggest smile on her face and her cheeks were blushing
  • She walked back to you and gave you a sweet kiss
    • “I’ve been waiting so long to hear that. I love you too,” she smiled

◉ Saeyoung

    • “I love you”
  • You were laying in bed
  • You just got done eating dinner and now you both were relaxing quietly
  • You just felt so happy so you said it
  • He thought his heart was going to explode 
  • Biggest grin plastered on his face
  • He rolled on top of you and kissed you
    • “Say it again,” he tickled you
    • “I love you!”
    • “Again!” he tickled you more
  • He had you laughing so hard and squirming on the bed
  • Finally he let up and let you breathe
    • “I love you too!” he beamed

◉ V

    • “I love you”
  •  You were cuddling together listening to music
  • It was something you guys often did
  • He looked so cute and serene
    • “Oh, I love this song,” he perked up
  • You had to say it then
  • He couldn’t breathe for a minute
  • He got a little teary tbh
  • Brushed your hair to the side so lovingly
  • Kissed your forehead
    • “You have no idea how much I love you.”

◉ Saeran

    • “I love you”
  • You two were together on the couch in your usual position
  • You were nestled into him, your back against his chest while holding a tub of ice cream you both were eating from
  • Watching a horror movie
  • He was complaining about the “sucky plot” when you just blurted it out
  •  He legit dropped his spoon
  • His chest was feeling tight and his heart was pounding
  • He craned your neck up and kissed your lips
  • He was beet red
    • “Your lips are cold from the ice cream,” he noted
  • He put the tub on the coffee table and pulled you down into a cuddle on the couch
    • “I love you too. Have for a long time, now.”
As Usual

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Unnamed OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Business!Baron, what’s not to love? Tagging our usual suspects of @tox-moxley and @oraclegazes, as well as the head of the Baron’s Bitches Pack, @writergrrrl29 and but of course it would not be Thirst Party Saturday without our Steerforth, @hardcorewwetrash! Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

yassss honeyy your fics are always the best!!!1!11!1!!! could i request a Taehyung smut where you come over to visit the boys at the dorms, and you've been flirting with taehyung all day but get frustrated and fall asleep, and he decides to carry you back to his room and things get a lil frisky ;) wink wink


word count: 1.9k

It’s a little short, but I hope you like it anyway

“I bet you’re a beast in bed, y/n”, Taehyung tapped p your butt with his foot, his lopsided grin turning a side of his mouth up as to why you rolled your eyes back. It was the tenth? Fiftieth? Hundredths time he made a lewd comment towards you? You had lost count that night.

You two had flirted for weeks now, the tension between you unbearable, but that wasn’t the reason for your visit at the boys’ dorm. They were back after a week of touring around in Korea, their schedule tight at the moment wherefore you decided to visit them at least tonight before they would be gone the next day again.

“Don’t you think you crossed the line, dude?”, Jungkook’s doe eyes got wide as he looked from you to Taehyung and back. Your position was down on the floor, laying flat on your stomach as Taehyung sat behind you on the couch next to Jungkook and Yoongi. It was playtime, the gaming consoles already turned on, as well as you. Tae turned your head from the beginning, your first foot entering the dorm was the signal for him to pester you with the naughtiest comments, touches on your stomach and neck whenever he had the chance to. Of course you played with him as well, smiling seductively when he was looking, pressing your legs together in your short pants as he licked his lips for you to see. And after dinner with all seven boys, the two of you lost in rock, paper, scissors and had to clean the kitchen. Tae had stood behind you, his bulge rubbing on your ass while you washed the dishes, your hands too busy to slap him. And you enjoyed it as his hands roamed forward around your waist, ‘to help you’ with a big pot. Tension built around you the entire evening until his comments got weirder, the innocent flirting turning into intense lewd words. He began to frustrate you, his low voice music in your ears while you felt how wet you became as you were sprawled across the floor beneath the three guys who watched your legs up to your round butt.

“It’s okay, because he will never know anyway”, you winked at them, bottom lips sneakily wetting as you locked eyes with Taehyung, his expression silently challenging you.

“Yet”, he said, cocking up his brows whereas you giggling turned around.

The time flew by fast and you found yourself laying on the floor, a soft pillow under your head while you tiredly watched how the boys played their game, eyelids so heavy you had to close them for a while, the feeling of protection by the loud guys around you lulling you into a deep sleep.

“What’re you doing, Tae”, Yoongi’s voice held him back as he crouched down to brush a loose strain of hair behind your ear. What he was doing? Lifting you up to throw you onto his bed upstairs, the challenge still behind his eyes. As if he wouldn’t get you, it was ridiculous. You had flirted with him the whole night, let him touch you wherever he wanted and those glances you shot towards him spoke for themselves!

“Seeing if I was right with my accusation that she’s a beast in bed”, he announced as if it was totally normal for everyone that he wanted to fuck you. Well, it was normal as all members had their eyes on you, but their shyness in their way therefore he took courage first, getting you his priority.

“You’re insane, dude”, Jungkook chuckled, his eyes spitting fire while Taehyung lifted you up in his arms, adjusting your frame before he walked passed the doubtful glares of the other boys.

“Don’t wait for me to come back”, was all he shouted ere he went upstairs, a smile on his face at your light body in his arms.

Taehyung threw you on the bed with all his might, your body jumping up with a shocked cry as you opened the eyes. You looked at him scared until his smug smile told you that you shouldn’t be afraid of the situation, but of him.

You realized too late what was happening as Taehyung walked towards you, his shirt unbuttoning lasciviously, lazy with his strong, beautiful hands.

“What are you doing?”, your voice was a whiff, exactly knowing what this turned out to be.

“I’m going to fuck you”, he said casually, his open shirt sliding down his shoulders while grinning at you. “I’ve seen the streak of your arousal through your pants, y/n. Don’t deny it.”

Your breath hitched at his words. Was it that obvious that you were utterly frustrated already? Cursing you looked down, but before you could stand up a hand shot forward, pushing your body flat on the mattress underneath you. Taehyung crawled on top of you, your cheeks starting to warm up. You woke up just now and were sure you looked a mess wherefore you tried to hide the remains of your sleep behind your hands.

“Don’t do this, y/n, you’re pretty”, he whispered leaning down to caress your cheeks, a soft action in comparison to his behaviour just now.

“But”, you said, his lips interrupting you in a way you always wanted to get interrupted. He tasted like strawberries on a summer day, sweet, delicious and fruity. His lips too soft on yours. You watched him as he kissed you, his eyelashes utterly long so close to your own while he moved his mouth on yours. Doing it alike you closed your eyes as well, hands running through his soft locks and hips aching to touch his. Even now you felt the rest of your previous arousal soaking your panties.

Taehyung lost no time as his hands pulled your shirt over your head, opening your bra with experienced fingers and pants gliding down your bare legs. The only fabric which separated you, your undies and his sweatpants.

“You’re god damn hot”, Tae moaned close to your lips, pressing them down again as you mewled, his bulge hitting your thinly covered panties. It all went so fast that you had not time to contemplate if it was the right choice to sleep with him, but it felt as if it was!

“Tell me, y/n. Are you a beast?”, he chuckled dark, eyes locking with yours as his fingers drew lines on your stomach down to the hem of your panties. He knew what he was doing as two fingers disappeared under the material to press down your clit, your back suddenly pulled up by a string.

“If you’re one, I am as well”, you moaned out the words, his fingers starting to circle around your nub down to your drenched folds, the fabric clinging onto your heat.

“You’re one then”, his dark voice was near your ear now, nibbling on your earlobe whereas he dipped one finger slowly inside your pussy, your juices coating it immediately. Then another one, as careful as before, until he bumped them inside a few time, every new move harder than the other, your breath hitching the same rhythm his fingers penetrated you. Tae drove you crazy as he slid back onto your spread legs, panties long gone as he spread your folds, slapping your bare heat which made you howl his name through the room. Smirking he did it again before he shoved his fingers back in, thumb rubbing over your clit.

“Ready, y/n? Because I think I might explode if I watch you squirm and mewl like a little cat”, his voice was raspy, so deep you got goosebumps.

“Fuck me then”, you cried out as a third finger pushed inside you, head falling back to the mattress. The tiredness long gone, but the uneasy feeling that the six other boys might hear you constantly present. You had imagined having sex with him, but not as early as this and definitely not in his own bed while the other boys could barge in at every moment.

Then you felt it, hands on your legs ere you were swirled around on your stomach.

“I liked the way your ass looked down there. So round and soft”, Tae chuckled, his hands massaging your bare ass in front of him, your face pressed down on the sheets while you noticed that he started to position himself at your entrance. No need to hold back, he had definitely prepared you for his cock, even though you couldn’t see his size or thickness. But you felt it. He had to have a prominent dick, the three fingers perfectly preparation as he glided inside your wet folds, a stretched moan falling from the boy’s lips while you held your breath until he was buried deep inside you.

“You feel so big, Tae”, you exhaled loudly, voice laced with awe at the sensation he made you feel without even moving.

“Told you so the whole fucking night”, he said, hands on your hips to pull you even closer. Then he started, hips rolling inside you while smacking his hands hardly on your ass, the room filled with both your lust filled moans after some time.

He felt good, too good! You had a hard time breathing as Tae sped up his pace, your face constantly pressed down on the sheets that smelled like him. On cloud nine you felt him hitting your skin, naughty profanities leaving his mouth with a grin while you were a mess beneath him, his movements driving you crazy. Faster, faster, harder, a mantra inside your head and after a long while you cried his name, hands grabbing the white sheets with every new thrust. His hands must’ve marked your butt by now, the spots he hit starting to sting, your back arched, ass up high for him.

“Fuck, y/n!”, he called out, sweat forming on his tanned skin as he pulled out of you, a grunt spilling from your lips at his motion. “I can’t go on, I’m coming”, it was his voice that made you turn around, his cheeks flushed, eyes focused on your heat as his hands both stroked over his damn fine cock, slick wet sound radiating through his bedroom.

“Come, Tae”, you encouraged him, ass wiggling in front of his eyes as to why the boy howled out, hands faster than light until a streak of his cum coated your ass, the next landing on your pussy, flowing down onto the mattress. Groans which sounded like your name reached your ears, his eyes closed shut as he slowly circled his cock with his pretty hands, his body shaking violently from his orgasm.

“I’m so sorry, y/n. I couldn’t hold back anymore, I already had blue balls”, Tae fell down next to you, his face sweaty as he leaned in to kiss you again. “I had fucking blue balls the first time I saw you!”

You both laughed at his confession, his arm lazily wrapped around your waist, you laying on your side to look at the boys next to you. “No problem, Tae. But next time you have to show me what you’ve got, deal?”

His brown, big eyes sparkled at your words. “Next time?”

“You’ve to make me come”, you hit his chest before you lay your head on it, his fragnance making your dizzy.

2P!Russia Boyfriend Headcanons

((okay ive gotten  shit ton of passive aggressive asks for him and china and romano they’re cOmIng PatienNce ples. ))

  • hi hello is this thing on yes thaNK YOU WELCOME FOLKS
  • app*
  • okay it jus one boy
  • ur boi
  • ;)))))))))
  • wowie what a man
  • such a tol boi i mean are you short????
  • are you tall??
  • it doesn’t matter
  • he;ll do it all
  • like i can see him in sweater vests and button ups and his lil scarf for some reason just with you on his shoulders mounting a paper plate on the wall because he’s fucking weird as hecke
  • SO
  • he wont cry if you call him that dont worry he isn’t a shark he’ll just snark
  • he m e mes im so sorry,,,,,
  • like he’s such a fucking dad it’s never funny they’re all from 2009 and you’re probably cringing but he thinks its funny and he doesn’t have a visible sense of humour so you chuckle and tell him that that cat in the ceiling is hilarious
    - “how did he get up there heh sillyy cat”  
     " :,<)) gee bab e i dunno aha h ahA" *scrapes teeth along cheese grater*
  • i havent even explained oh me oh m y
  • dearest apologies friends
  • viktor is seen by most as tall, dark, and mysterious (spoiler: he is),,,
  • i see him, also, as this , like, almost snobby quiet guy?? that was brought up sheltered from the outside world?? ya dig??
  • like
  • he doesn’t suck a whole bunch, he’s just inexperienced
  • he loves to read and write and is a pacifist ((so you could sayy,,,, he wanted to write, not fight,,,, ive already made three im so sorry))
  • so,,, he does not want to fight with you, eve r
  • but he will not hesitate to tell you if he doesn’t like something you’re doing
    - my dude doesn’t have time for fuckery
    - unless it’s meant to be fun
    - like,,,
    - he doesn’t want to be mean, but he doesn’t like that you are being mean, ya dig??????
  • anyway
  • so the dude is like Ivan, just harder??? like physically and emotionally
  • he’s been very distanced from people his whole life, so he comes off as rather blunt, crude, and cold,,
  • im sorry it’s not 2011 anymore someone drag me from this pit
  • he is like francois and kuro;;;;; he likes romanticism
  • he also likes quiet
  • so gentle, quiet dates at home are his favourite
  • he isn’t one for social interaction,,,
  • but if you really wanna, then he will go !
  • he really likes ballet and opera and classy things
  • my dude will d r a g you to recitals and performances all the time
  • he’s a theater nerd
  • you can hear him humming to les mis while he reads and francois hating the room a little bit less because of it
  • i feel like he’s actually so ripped but if his skin touched sunlight he would be banished to sibera
    - welcome home comrade
  • he likes,, soft
    - if you have a soft body he has a new pillow and a lead head
    - rip @ur thighs they are asleep
  • he and francois go to poetry slams often and he wants you to come too so he knows someone
  • he will lift you
  • unexpectedly
  • anywhere
  • if you are in the way you’re on the ceiling now bye
    like,,, you are i n the spot he needs to vaccuum at that exact second right then all the time what the hecke he just mopped and you’re s t an di n g
    i n
    th e f ll oor with your s OCKs
  • yOU were just in the Ga Ra ge you H e ck  Er
  • you’re on the chandelier now
  • no you’re not he needs to dust up there get down what the fuck e
    Swifter no Sweeping™ !!
  • he is ur mom and ur dad
  • did u do ur laundry?????????????? no?????????????? good he already did like seven weeks ago catch the fuck up
    “honey where are the ??? bills???”
    “i did them approximately eighteen billion years ago? get on my level?”
  • he speaks to you *and only you* in a friendly joking way
  • he speaks fluent sarcasm to everyone
    - if you aren’t familiar with the language you will be the first day into the relationship
  • t o u c h this boy he needs your touch like he needs a  i  r
  • he will most likely complain but he is a dirty liar
  • the dude’s hair is messy 24/7 but it looks  so,,, good,,,,

  • he’s an early riser but hates waking up which is The Worst™
    - he’s got breakfast ready at 3AM tho

  • read to him! he will Die

  • if you know russian he will never speak english to you again it’s settled
    -if you don’t you will never speak english again it’s settled, he’s teaching
    boy howdy would he be a sexy teacher holy fuck

  • i feel like his ass is so firm it could crush coconuts between its cheeks
    - its its own entity

  • he unfortunately is good friends with Zao and is unfortunately dragged on unfortunate events all the time, unfortunately,,,
    - save him
    - he is a cry for help

  • he goes on trips a lot and no on knows why? like sometimes he’s gone and then he’s back and everyone is like????? where go??
    - “i was in wales. doing things.”
    “hey sorry im late i didnt want to come”

  • he sometimes calls you in the middle of the night when he wakes up from a nightmare, but most of the time if you dont answer he’ll just listen to your voicemail so he knows you’re still there


  • he gives a good ol’ massage
    - not the most empathetic but he isn’t apathetic either, he just isn’t the best comforter

  • i feel like he is vladimir putin and leisurely rides bears with matt

  • i dont understand him at all like he will be crying in his bathtub, bottle of whiskey and pure vodka mixed, watching Barbie in the Pink Shoes one second and on top of the empire state building with three pitbull bodyguards and a Gucci cigar
    - i don’t eventhink those exist but he has one??? he doesn’t even smoke that often??

  • looks super cute baking muffins in a pink apron at 4pm on a Tuesday

  • looks super cute gutting a fish on a rock in the siberian tundra at 4am on a Thursday

  • he always wears longsleeves but looks SO GOOD in short sleeves or tanks like FUCK

  • his sweaters hide his secrets but you can wear them so you know he used to want to be a cowboy when he was seven and b o u g h t a wax replica of indiana jones for his collection

  • he looks so damn good in a suit holy shit

  • i feel like he’s a tailor but only for dolls, its cute
    - he will make you origami things all the time idk why he is so good at them tho

  • he’ll wrap the two of you in a blanket burrito on a hot day and refuse to let go
    “get off my lawn”

  • youre dating a grandpa

  • he is kinda a sugar daddy tho, but he’s reserved and doesn’t wave it because he is an Adult McGrownUp

  • actually is probably a traffic conductor in his spare time, but only in andorra? on the weekends? that’s probably where he actually is

  • viktor lOves tobe called vitya and its probably as good as a daddy kink

  • clevverr, clevverrr boi

  • hs is a Good Boi i promise

  • will be ur angle or ur dev i l tho ;))

  • just ask and he’s urs

I thought he was proud.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen,
Word count : 1,727
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 4 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

You had been on set for a few hours now, and no one had even heard from Jared. You were keeping River distracted, which wasn’t hard. He was a huge fan of the show, so everything interested him. He had even followed a Boom guy around for about 20 minutes asking a million questions. He wanted to know every aspect of filming the show. Finally, Misha had offered to show him the set of the bunker, so that’s where you stood now.

“Hey.” Jensen came over. He had been on set much earlier than you filming, so you hadn’t seen him yet, until then.

“Hey.” You smiled.

“Still no word?”

You shrugged. “I guess not.”

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Pairings: Dean x Reader, Dean x Lisa

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: Cheating. Lots of it. Angst, swearing, drinking, implied smut, the whole nine yards. Even more angst.

A/N: This is my entry for @atc74‘s 1000 Follower Challenge! The prompt I chose was from the song Stay by Sugarland. I decide to break the prompt up into multiple lines of dialogue. All lines of the prompt that I used are in bold in the fic, so they’re easy to find. This is definitely not something that I am used to writing, so this may suck, but I had a lot of fun writing it. Enjoy!

Song: Stay: Sugarland

Quote: I can’t waste another minute after all that I’ve put in it. I’ve given you my best, why does she get the best of you? So next time you find you wanna leave her bed for mine, why don’t you stay?

Originally posted by wonderfulworldofwinchester

There was a routine. The routine was simple. Dean would always be on the road for a hunt. Seeing as both of you were hunters, you would be too.

Whenever your paths crossed even slightly, When Dean could get away from Sam, he would text you with an address, and you would text back with an estimated time of arrival.

From there, you hop in your old, beaten up Jeep, and speed down highways and back roads to get to your secret lover.

You’d make it there in record time, sometimes beating your ETA by up to forty-five minutes.

You would knock twice and only twice. Dean would answer the door, take your hand, and drag you in.

The room would be pitch black, and he’d pin you up against the wall, kissing you with a ferocity you had never felt with anyone else other than Dean.

He would take off your shirt, and you would take off his before he led you to the bed, falling on top of you.

From there things would escalate rather quickly.

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Keep It Safe - For @turquoiseterrier - because I just really want to bring everyone down after the wedding high. haha. sorry

So…considering that Thursday preview clip, this probably definitely won’t happen…and certainly not like this…and who knows if Robert will even get to go to court with Aaron in the first place…but…I wrote and drew this before I saw that clip anyway…so here it is… (though I did go back and change Robert’s outfit to match because I’m a crazy person….)

Robert is sitting on the edge of their bed, already showered and dressed for court. He was up early, not that they got much sleep anyway. It was their wedding night after all. With his heart in his throat, he watches Aaron move about the room getting ready, wondering how long it will be until they can be here in this room together like this again, or in their new bedroom at the Mill. It won’t be too long, he tells himself but he knows he’s mostly in denial, doesn’t stop him from trying to force the thoughts though. It still feels like he just got Aaron back and now he’s being ripped away from him again.

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100 Days Of Productivity - Day 6/100

October 10th 2017

Had a long day at school today. Got to school early at 7:30am for a meeting and had to stay until 8:30-9pm because I was speaking for an information night. I got some things done for SRC while waiting at school in the afternoon. My commerce teacher made a few suggestions for my speech during class, so I again have to rewrite my speech (for the third time). I am back at home at 10:00pm, drinking my coffee and getting ready for a busy night of working. I aim to finish my commerce speech (again), finish the accompanying powerpoint, put together my bibliography and do english homework. I better get into it!

Shy & Feisty [Jason Todd x Reader] [Collab Part 2]

Prompt by anon: “Jason with an introvert reader??? Like at first she doesn’t talk with him but when they know each other a bit more she starts to act like a crazy Lil shit full of sass, enough sass to shut the fuck out of Bruce when he’s being a bit too overprotective of his batsons. Extra happiness if reader is Dami older sis😆🙏🙏 ″

A/n: Hey guys! So here’s part 2 to the collab with @keepjasontoddsafe​! We had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you love it!! <3

@wynterrobin I believe you asked to be tagged!

Part 1


“How does a date sound?”

Jason’s eyes widened at the question. Did you just ask what he thought you just asked? He noticed as you slightly shied away at his silence. “I mean that was out of the blue, you don’t have to if you don’t wan-” You began to recant before he cut you off, “I’d love to.”

“You would?” Asking in disbelief, that was just a rush of confidence you never thought he would say ‘yes.’ You knew Jason was a stud before you just met him. Damian had a habit of complaining about him in his letters to you. Though you figured Damian was always overreacting. You can tell Jason is rough around the edges but no more than your little brother himself.

Jason smiled and nodded, “Yeah, I really would. How about I pick you up tomorrow and introduce you to Gotham? Well, the better parts of Gotham.” Grinning back you answered, “I think that’s a great idea.”

“Alright, then it’s a date.” He said before looking at his watch. “Shit, I have to go. I’ll pick you up at noon tomorrow.” Jason stood from the couch and made his way out of the living room. He was happy to see the hallway empty when he walked to the door. Happy they had actually given you both privacy.

You beamed as you fell back on the couch, a small squeal escaping your lips. You’re going on a date with Jason, with Jason!! Probably the most attractive and funny guy you’ve ever laid eyes on.

“Why are you squealing? Did Todd do something?” Damian looked over the couch at you. Your brows furrowed, “What? No Dami. I’m just excited.” You swung your legs off the couch and stood up.

Tt, why are you excited? You just had a conversation with Todd.” Damian scoffed, actually confused at the idea. “Because little bro, I got a date.” Grinning at him before disappearing from the room.

“A date?” Damian questioned to himself, “She just got here, who could she…?” he trailed off as he came to a realization. “No no no!” Damian ran after you. Finding you in the room Bruce had given you for until you find a place of your own. “You are not going on a date with Todd!”

“Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m 21 and more than capable of deciding who I can and cannot date. I get that you’re protective Dami but I’m an adult. You trust me don’t you?” You ran a hand through his hair. You had always been close to Damian. Even if your fathers are different, you share the same mothers, he’s your brother. He sighed, “Of course I trust you, it’s Todd I don’t trust.”

“But you trust me, and I can handle myself. I promise nothing is going to happen.” You chuckled while placing a hand on his shoulder. “Fine” he huffed before turning and exiting your room. You shook your head chuckling, living with Bruce has helped with this sharpness but he’s still protective as ever.

The following day you got up early. Having some things to do before you got ready for your day with Jason. When you were doing your make-up Damian knocked on the door and came in. “Hey Dami.”

“I still don’t approve of this” he crossed his arms. “I know, but I actually like Jason a lot. So, I’m asking you to trust Jason and I, Damian.” He huffed again, crossing his arms.

However you heard footsteps come up to your open door, “Wow, you look great [F/n].” Looking up you saw Jason standing there in jeans, a black v-neck, and his leather jacket. You blushed, damn he’s handsome. “Are you ready to go?” he offered you a hand.

“Yeah, see ya Damian” Smiling at your little brother before taking Jason’s hand and letting him lead you out of the manor. “He’s not fond of this is he?” Jason laughed.

“No, not at all.” Shaking your head. He laughed again, “I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t give a fuck then.”

You pushed his shoulder, “What?” he grinned. You rolled your eyes, “That your bike?” nodding toward a rather nice looking motorcycle parked in front of the manor. “In fact it is” He grinned before handing you a helmet. Though you hesitated for a moment, not that you didn’t like motorcycles just that how close you would be to him. “Something wrong?” his voice broke you out of your hesitation.

“No, no.” You shook your head while taking the helmet. “Just thinking” Smiling while tapping your fingers on the surface of the helmet. He nodded before swinging his leg over the bike and pulling his own helmet on, “Ready to go?” Beaming you put your own helmet on before climbing on behind him, your arms wrapping around his waist. Feeling heat rise up to your cheeks.

He revved the engine a few times before accelerating. Your grip on him tightening, making Jason smile contently. You admired the buildings as you drove into the city, you’d only ever seen Gotham at night. Having been here a few times on League business, but you never got to see it in daylight.

Your eyes continued to wander until Jason pulled the bike to a stop. He took off his helmet and looked back at you, “So how about some lunch first?”

“What’d ya have in mind?” Asking while retracting your arms from his waist and climbing off the bike. Jason followed suit. “Well there’s a bakery & deli about a block from here. They have some good food.” He pointed in the direction of their destination. “Alright then, lead the way.”

Jason chuckled at your enthusiasm before offering you his arm. Interlocking arms you allowed him to lead you down the sidewalk, laughing when he would make a joke or countering with a joke of your own. Both unbeknownst to green eyed assassin watching you closely.

Damian had been following you since the moment Jason pulled out of the driveway. He sneered the moment you took Jason’s arm. “Stupid Todd, stupid charm” he mumbled under his breath. “Damian, what are you doing?” The young Wayne froze at the voice behind him, looking over his shoulder to see he himself had been followed. “Grayson, Drake, what are you doing here?”

“Hey, we asked first. Are you spying on Jason and [F/n]?” Dick crossed his arms, ready to scold the boy. Damian rolled his eyes, “I don’t trust Todd, I’m making sure he won’t make any moves on her.” He turned back to watch you both. “Damian, [F/n]’s an adult, she can take care of herself. Besides, Jason won’t do anything she doesn’t want him to do.” Tim reasoned.

“I don’t care, she’s my sister and I will not leave her unprotected.” Dick sighed and looked over to Tim. “Fine, but we’re staying to make sure you don’t interfere in anyway.”

Damian scoffed, “Fine, but don’t give me away.”

“Are you kidding? Damian I’ve been doing this since before you were born.” Dick laughed while Tim simply nodded. “If we’re going to stay on their tail, we better follow them.” Tim said while pointing to the both of you.

You were walking out of the deli, both of you having gotten a couple sandwiches, and now Jason was showing you to the bakery. “What looks good?” he asked as the both of you walked in. “Um, all of it.” Laughing, while looking at the glass case.

“Well, that’s a bit out of budget. How aboouut, these?” He asked while pointing to a couple of cinnamon rolls in the case. “Those look delicious!” You smiled, “Yeah, let’s do it!”

He chuckled before calling the person behind the counter over. Being the gentleman he has turned out to be, he payed for them both before leading you out of the bakery.

“You didn’t have to pay for everything, I could have.” You pouted while looking at him. “Come on, what kind of date would I be if I made you pay?” Jason laughed while wrapping his arm around your shoulder, your only reply being a laugh.

“Where are we going now?” Questioning while looking around the streets. “That is a surprise.” He smirked which only left you curious.

The rest of the walk you bombarded him with questions, trying to figure out where you were going. He only answered with vague answers or none at all. Until, he lead you to the outside of a park entrance, “Okay, close your eyes.”

You looked at him skeptically, “Why?” He smirked again, “Just do it [F/n], you’ll ruin the surprise.”

Reluctantly you did so, letting him lead you through the park. Coming to a stop he told you to open your eyes. Looking around you saw you were in a secluded part of the park, the only noise coming from the ducks swimming in the pond. Noticing a blanket laid out on the grass. “What is all this?”

“Well, I know you can be a bit shy and I thought you’d appreciate a more private place rather than a busy one.” He shrugged with his hands in his pockets. “Jason, you’re such a sweetheart” You beamed before pecking his cheek. Catching him off guard by the gesture but recovering quickly to meet you on the blanket.

You both ate, and talked, and laughed. Ending up sitting there for hours just conversing. Jason told you stories about the Outlaws and some funny things that had happened on patrols. You told him about some of the few nice moments you had with the League. It was amazing, you’d never had a relationship like this with someone before.

“Jason, can I just say that I really appreciate all of this. I mean, just making sure we had privacy because of my shyness means a lot. No one has ever done anything like this for me.”

“Really? The League didn’t give you any sort of privacy?” He asked, brows furrowed in confusion. You shook your head, “Not really, stuff like that had to be earned.” Jason’s expression softened, “Well, at least you’re away from there. Have you found a place to move yet?” You shook your head, “No, the thing is I don’t want to intrude on Bruce much longer so I want to find somewhere soon.”

He nodded in understanding, “If you want I can help you look, there are a few places around where I live that are up for rent.” His offer made you eyes light up, “You’d do that?”

“Yeah, I like spending time with you.” Beaming you quickly wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him into a hug, “Thank you so much!” Pulling away you caught his blue hues with your own. He held your gaze for what felt like forever, “[F/n], can I –?” He began before you interrupted him, “Yes.”

He grinned before eagerly closing the distance between your lips. His hands cupped your cheeks as he felt you smile into the kiss. You both were in a state of pure bliss before you heard a quiet squeal come from behind you. Pulling away you looked back, “Did you hear that?”

“Yeah, let’s check it out.” Jason said before helping you to your feet. Making your way over to the sound, finding Jason’s three brothers, Tim and Damian were covering Dick’s mouth. “What the hell are you three nimrods doing here?!” Jason yelled seeing the three.

“Damian! I thought we had an understanding!” You scolded your younger brother. “I can’t believe you kissed Todd!” He yelled back, a disgusted look on his face. “Yeah, well I did and I’ll do it again! Shall we Jason?” You smirked mischievously up at him.

His smirk matched yours, “Whatever you like doll.” As the words left his mouth he connected his lips to yours again. Dick and Tim simply laughed watching as Damian grew more disgusted. “Tt, That’s it I’m out of here!” Damian growled before turning and walking away.

Dick and Tim ran after him laughing, “Don’t have too much fun you two!” Dick yelled behind him. You and Jason chuckled, “Well that worked.”

“Yeah, now we know what to do to deter Damian now.” Jason smiled, his arms still wrapped around you. “I’m sorry” An apologetic expression on your face. Jason waved it off, “It’s okay, he’s protective, I would be too. You’re special [F/n], I just hope he realizes that I’m here to protect you now too.”

Giggling you replied “I appreciate it,” before kissing him again. Though pulling away you mumbled, “but I could kick your ass.”

“Yeah whatever” He chuckled before smiling into the kiss, putting you both back into that former state of pure bliss.

No Control | Chapter Thirty-Two


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

A/N: Guys, I’m kinda really excited for this chapter because I feel like the characters are at a place where they’re my original Micky and Harry. Like, that same playful, kinda naughty and super comfortable atmosphere about them from the beginning of the story is back and it feels so good. So I hope you guys enjoy!

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Despite his earlier claims of his intentions to get completely smashed during the night, I don’t see Harry drink more than that first glass of whiskey when he first sat down with me to eat his appetizers. He has a glass of champagne when we all sing Happy Birthday to Trevor just after we eat dinner, but he only has a sip or two of that before he’s passing it back off to the waiter that’s walking around with a platter full of them. 

“Dance with me?” he asks once everyone disperses after the song. He’s been stood beside me most of the night, chatting with people as they come up to him and trying to politely keep his laughter in when drunk college kids come at him with weird questions about his life and how he likes being in the spotlight.  

I sigh and playfully roll my eyes at him. “Sure, why not?” I shrug. Someone’s requested a slower song, and while I wouldn’t dream of dancing to a more pop song while seven months pregnant, I am still capable of swaying gently to the beat of the music. 

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