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So my cousin’s friend met some of the GOT actors at a party, as well as George R. R. Martin, very jealous.

Apparently Maisie was very drunk (I would be too no judgement), and Gwendoline was hanging out with a really hot guy. Seems like a fun lot.


Happy birthday Armin!!  by 茉雪千溪/まつゆき せんき

※Illustration posted with the artist’s permission. I only made it into a gif. Please do not repost without the artist’s permission. Don’t forget to show your support by rating and bookmarking this on pixiv.

I never got around posting this last year and I figured today was as good a day as any.

I finished the last of the dragonets of destiny. Sunny in all her golden glory. Or a shiny NightWing as me and my friends like to call her. (Was that a spoiler? I hope not.) Probably going to do the SandWing Princesses next.

Please do not re-use or re-post this image without permission.

Want to see the others so far?

Tsunami - http://streamofdistractedthought.tumblr.com/post/156604950268/i-got-around-to-doing-tsunami-shes-not-one-of-my

Starflight - http://streamofdistractedthought.tumblr.com/post/155503495548/here-is-starflight-had-a-rough-start-on-this-one?is_related_post=1

Clay - http://streamofdistractedthought.tumblr.com/post/154696133258/i-drew-clay-from-the-wings-of-fire-series-still?is_related_post=1

Peril - http://streamofdistractedthought.tumblr.com/post/154397304343/ive-been-trying-to-practice-other-styles-i-was?is_related_post=1

Morrowseer - http://streamofdistractedthought.tumblr.com/post/155785112158/i-decided-to-step-away-from-the-main-5-dragonets

Glory - http://streamofdistractedthought.tumblr.com/post/155694399903/here-is-glory-the-grumpiest-of-rainwings-went

170212  - Monte Cristo Musical Last Day [in Seoul] (Leo)

Wow. I…don’t even know. I guess I need to start at the beginning. No, probably even before that. Today was just a super crazy day ㅇㅅㅇ (This will undoubtedly be a very long post, and definitely not 100% VIXX-related.)

So one of my hobbies is embroidery (this has a point, I promise), and one of my favorite (if not favorite) fanartists is MireyKim. Long story short, I got permission from her to embroider a drawing of hers and to thank her for her permission and for all her lovely pictures I decided to embroider a pouch for her. I went early(ish) to the theater because she was handing out prints of Taekbert drawings. I luckily got there in time and was observant enough to get one. Then I waited for the crowd around her to clear and her friends to settle down(?) before giving her the pouch and a note I had written. It took her a moment, but she figured out I was the embroidery person. Plus she noticed my bag (of her other drawing), and was super sweet and thankful and stuff. I, being apparently a giant awkward human being, basically ran off pretty quickly;;

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Alternative Sacrifice

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Hinted Crush- Stiles x Reader
Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS From Season 3B, Character Death, Slight Mention of Blood
Writer: The wonderful levallan
Summary/Request: Based off of (X): You die to save Allison…
Notes: So I get a message telling me someones written a story based off my imagine and I was THRILLED! So I asked, got permission to post it here and bob’s your uncle. So have another version of Y/N sacrificing themselves in Allison’s place…

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a link to this? Jimi did write songs for/about Karen before they were dating. They were asked at CMA Fest during a thing in 2015, and they were asked about like if they kept it a secret or why or something to that affect, and Phillip was saying that before they got together he & Jimi would share a room while Kim & Karen would Also when they were on the road and Jimi & Phillip would talk about K & J wrote love songs for/about her and Phillip was just kinda like “dude you love her".

I don’t have a link, but I have the videos saved somewhere from where the person sent them to me. I don’t know if they’d appreciate me posting them without their permission and I don’t really talk to the girl anymore. I’d love to work something out with you to share them if you wanted but I don’t want to post them publicly. I’m sorry :/ 


“To My 606” - Saeyoung Choi

Took me 12 hours to do this and I wanted to post this early than Friday, because I’m afraid I’ll be lazy or forget it,LOLOLOLOL.

The reason why I called it “To my 606” because there’s theories and nickname 606 of MC. I got the information evidence from @/mystic-messenger-drabbles. I wanted to credit her about 707 and 606 error nicknames for little further information including the MM Seven’s route. :)

Please reblog only, if reposting please ask my permission.


This poem is meant to read for you all in Seven’s heart.

I may or may not make sense but definitely I rereading it 10 times and ask my friends if it’s good, so far their opinion said it’s good nor it’s accurate of the A and B rhymes.

I’m not really a poetic, but writing and typing this poem about Seven is really fun.

Enjoy and hopefully this poem will make you smile more than once.

Finally, at the end of the poem….
I wanted to hide that word and give you guys FEELS! (Don’t worry, I was crying when I was typing XD). So don’t come and cry seeing that WORD at the end of the poem. (Jk.)

If you don’t want to read it, then it’s fine. This poem of Seven is meant for everyone and I.

A gift to my best friend @kuro-shima such a good friend to me and Happy Halloween & Thanksgiving for next month.

This is my first poetic, I do not own Mystic Messenger and characters, it belongs and credits to Cheritz. @cheritzteam

Thank You! ♡


i was literally wheezing from laughter earlier today because the wonderful audrey made a series of Rash Actions valentines based on the latest chapter! and they’re gorgeous!!! everyone check out her pirates fic because it’s beautiful, sweet, and perfect! please love her!!!

(@weaponsofpeace​ i feel like you in particular would enjoy seeing this post so i’m tagging you)


My five year old at the dinner table (posted with her permission): “I know a good team for Amazing Grace [sic– Amazing Race]– Jeremy Jamm and Jamie Jam from Odd Squad.”

That’s right– my five year old gets multi-fandom-crossovers. And for the record, both those characters are villains and I would love to see what they got up to on Amazing Race and Phil’s face at the Pit Stop if Jeremy yelled, “Yeah, you got Jammed!”

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I am…so MAD, you have no idea. 

I can’t fucking believe that this THIEF has got almost 1000 notes, for something that doesn’t belong to her. We don’t even know who drew this piece of art, because she put her own weheartit blog as the “source”. 


I know some pretty good artists who struggle every day to barely get 100 notes, and then think they are shitty artists. And then they see their art reposted and get more notes than they initially got. That’s not normal.

And it kills me to see that a lot people reblog this!!! I get that you can’t know at first sight that it’s a repost, that’s why I’m writing this post right now. 

There’s no artist name, no real source, no “posted with permission”! (because she doesn’t ask permission). So please, stop reblogging from her from now on!

This girl is a stubborn one. If you check her blog, you’ll see multiple reposted art, with as the only “source”, her own weheartit blog where she puts all her stolen treasures. This girl never wanted to understand that what she does is wrong.

I myself had to deal with her when she reposted a coloring I did. It didn’t end well, because she really didn’t want to erase it!! 

@nalu-natic, and others tried to reason her, to talk to her nicely. All she does is saying “leave me alone!!!”. I can’t stand that. If she didn’t know and accepted to acknowledge her mistakes and stop it, I wouldn’t be so mad. But the girl is fully conscious of her actions, I have screenshots to prove it. 

Artists have been reporting her to tumblr, but she doesn’t care, she will keep doing her business. 

There, now it’s done. Everybody’s warned. 

You're Adorable

Summary: The reader is very cute, clumsy, and sweet and Bucky is shy around her because he finds her so adorable, much to the amusement of Steve who had never seen his best friend so nervous around girls. (Set before the war because why not?)

A/N: This is also posted on @fanfic-super-chick. I wrote this for their blog, but I got permission to post it here as well.

Word Count: 879.

Warnings: none

Female Reader!

Check my bio for the inbox status. Rules and fandoms I do and don’t do!


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Photographic proof that Syaoran Li picks up girls 

This girl was so cute!! Her amazing mom made her cute Sakura cosplay. She entered the cosplay craftsmanship contest with me. While we both were unsuccessful it was still a great time as we got to meet each other and play a little bit. She made me smile a ton over the weekend.

This photo was taken with my phone by the mother. I have permission from the mother to post this photo on social media. 

Saiyuki: The Lollipops: Goku & Hakkai

One of two bonus illustration cards with the purchase of a full box of Saiyuki Reload Blast trading cards released in 2013. I’m sure like the Sanzo & Gojyo matching image, likely Minekura re-used the outfits for Hakkai & Goku from another illustration, but which one(s) I can’t think of. If you guys re-blog put it in the tags! xD I’d certainly like to know, since eventually someday I’d like to write about the fashion of Minekura’s men. Asides being obviously handsome she really knows how to dress her men very well ^^

~EDIT: And now to address the following: Scans being taken situation has been resolved. Thank you.

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

PR Stunt = Purposely Messy

Private message I received from ☕️ (with permission to post) in response to me saying the stunt seems to be purposely messy and cheesy: 

“We’re on the same boat about how they allow it to look as messy at it is. And as my favourite saying about this ‘relationship’, she wants us to know.

They intentionally make it appear like a stunt because it is a stunt. Then in the future when TS needs to address this stunt, she’s got her story to tell about it all. And their reasons behind this will be explained - her brand, her younger fan base.

I am quite sure majority of the adult fanbase do not buy this act with very few exceptions.

And as per how these smart people sell these stunts - the swan, snowman, cake and the locker - these are clearly ingredients of a disney princess’ love story.

How they present this stunt - which is obviously meant to cater the younger fan base by using the above ingredients. If this isn’t a stunt, there is completely no need to make it appear like one. What they have been doing is literally shoving 'evidences’ that the 'relationship is in existence’.

If it is a real relationship, we won’t get Social Media posts from TS 'posing’ with her boyfriend. We will probably see a picture of a flower on her lap (sorry if this might be suggestive of a picture of a flower on the dashboard of the car), a picture of the shore captioned 'Finally’. A picture of their initials on the sand with their shadows visibly on it - no need to caption it with their names because we all know their names anyway. These are what probably real couples do considering their age. So why is TS posting these pictures the way they are?”


I didn’t draw this! I commissioned it from anotherwellkeptsecret a while ago, and I got permission to post it here. I urge you all to go to her blog and look at all her amazing art. And her commissions are currently open too! :)

I commissioned Sturaj (duuhh), and I think she made both Stuart and Raj absolutely adorable. I love this! Is perfect! :D


Let me just clear some things up. I was in fact the creator of this video.

My name is Brian Amici, I’ve been doing dominoes for over 8 years now (you can see my YouTube channel here). I fell in love with taylorswift and her music in late 2011, and since then I’ve only been loving her more. As time went on, I felt I should create a domino video for her, to show her just how much I appreciate her and everything she has done. I worked for about a week on this video, just hoping she would see it. Someone downloaded it from youtube and then uploaded on their Facebook page (without my knowledge/permission, and also uncredited), and it blew up and got a lot of shares/views. Someone saw it and downloaded it from there, posted it on tumblr, which it then blew up again and has gone viral. Unfortunately for me, not many people have seen my version, the original, in comparison to the re-uploads. Lesson learned: watermark your videos.

Nevertheless, thank you to everyone for the kind words and all the support, even if you didn’t know it was me! And to the haters, well, haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate, im just gonna shake it off 😜