i got permission for this tbh

i love how episode 10 changed how everyone looked at Chris.

Like a lot of people disliked him because of how touchy feely he was and his weird sexiness. Like, I get the feeling if he hadn’t climbed all up in yuri’s space the fandom wouldn’t have universally disliked him post ep. 6

but episode 10 gives us firm context and implies that he doesn’t go around just touching people without permission (after the stripper dance off at the banquet, he probably thought he and Yuuri were close enough to allow that), and is very supportive and friendly towards Victor and Yuuri

im glad chris’ character got some fleshing out tbh

tbh the most unbelievable part of the wire is that julian somehow obtained permission to take a runabout to cardassia to go harass the former head of the obsidian order to save the life of the station’s resident cardassian tailor/probable spy. 

julian: sir I need a runabout immediately

sisko: …………why

julian: I have to go to sneak into the house of literally the most dangerous person on cardassia to save the life of my lizard boyfriend

sisko: doctor it’s four in the morning

julian: …..so is that a yes…..?

sisko: buddy if it gets you out of my room u can have the damn enterprise


i got my tarot cards today!!!! i’m so hype about them, you have no idea
i ordered a custom majors-only deck from labradoritelion on etsy (link here!) and i told him to make it dgm-themed ❤️
they shipped really fast and i love how they look so much omg
the cards are really beautiful tbh and i haven’t done a reading with them yet but i’m so excited~ i might post reasoning as to why i choose certain charas for certain cards later too
if anyone ever wants a small reading with this or a larger reading w/ my other tarot deck then i’m up for that too! i love doing readings for people ❤️

Mixed Messages (Part 2)

A/N: IT’S J-HIZZLE BACK IN THE HOUSE WITH ANOTHER FIC. I apologize for the long wait for the second part of this. Tbh I have a test I should be studying for, but I made a promise this would be up today. SO HERE IT IS.

Word Count: 2, 182

Your POV

“Shit.” I mumbled to myself, scrolling through Twitter. 

Once the video went up last night, there were endless comments and tweets. Most of them hate against me. Most of them were saying I was attacking Dan, which I didn’t understand because I got his permission to make this film. Also, it said so in the description. I felt terrible because people were choosing sides of the breakup. Whose fault it was, that I was the bad guy, that Dan messed everything up, etc.  

I felt tears build up in my eyes. This was not a way to wake up. I sat in bed, scrolling through the tweets, and comments, deciding if I should answer some (Keep in mind they were some really nice feedback). I finally decided to answer a few of the ones I saw often. I replied with a screenshot of the description saying I got Dan’s permission to make, and post this film to a tweet saying something along the lines of, “You didn’t get his permission to make this. Why are you attacking him? I thought the breakup was mutual.”

After 10 minutes of replying to people, I put down my phone, and went about my day. I made myself breakfast and coffee, then watched TV for half an hour. I needed the break away from all the social media. I wasn’t expecting such negative feedback to a film that I was proud of. I contemplated whether or not I should call Dan, but figured it was for the best. I walked back to my bedroom, and turned on my phone. Just like when I woke up, there were a thousand notifications on the home screen. 

“I fucked up didn’t I?” I mumbled while trying to find Dan’s contact. I pressed call, and held the phone up to my ear. There was lots of ringing before I heard his voice. 

“Hey, did you see what’s going on?” He asked. 

“Of course I did, Dan.” I sighed. 

“Everything’s going to be okay. I can post a tweet saying you got permission from me.” Dan was speaking so gently, and tried to be calm. He could probably tell that I was freaking out. 

“I guess that could work. But there are so many questions.” I sat on my bed, then grabbed my laptop to check all the comments again. 

“This is a massive shit storm.” Dan chuckled. 

“Dan this isn’t funny, how are we going to calm everyon- THERE’S A FUCKING NEWS ARTICLE ABOUT THIS ALREADY. HOW DID THEY MAKE THIS OVER NIGHT?” My eyes shifted back and forth to skin over the article. "People are saying we’ve been faking the breakup, and we’re secretly still together.” I sighed.

“I wish.” I heard Dan mumble over the phone. 

“Nice try Howell, I heard that.” Even though I tried to sound stern, the heat rose to my cheeks. God damn, I still love him to death. I’ve tried to convince myself it’s for the best (which it is), but I have trouble believing it sometimes. 

“Okay look. Come over to my flat in 15 minutes, and we’ll make a Q&A video for your channel, addressing people’s comments and questions.” Dan suggested. 

“Okay I guess that sounds good." 

"Alright, see you soon. Lov- bye.” Dan hung up before I could reply.

I quickly through on an outfit that was comfy, but also looked cute at the same time. I did pretty simple makeup then I was out the door, hauling a taxi to my ex’s flat.

Ever since this morning I’ve felt like crying. I’m surprised I haven’t had a complete breakdown yet. I’m trying to keep it together, but it’s getting harder as my phone gets more notifications. I mute my phone, then silently look out the window the rest of the drive.  

I run up the billion stairs to Dan and Phil’s flat, and knock on the door rapidly. I tapped my foot while waiting for someone to answer the door. 

“Y/N!” Phil excitedly yelled, and pulled me into a warm hug. 

“Hi Phil.” I said quietly. 

“Dan told me what happened.” He gave me a sympathetic smile. “He’s in his room setting up.” Phil moved away from the door and let me in. I took off my shoes, and set down my bag then I walked to Dan’s room and saw him sitting on his bed, staring at his phone. I knocked and he jumped, looking over to the door then greeting me with his beautiful smile. 

“Hey.” He got up and gave me a long embrace. I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, but I could NOT help it. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pressed my face into his chest. 

“Why do I have to fuck up everything?” I asked. My voice was muffled, but he could still hear. 

“You didn’t fuck up anything. People just took it out of context.” He rested his chin on the top of my head and held me tighter. 

“Dan,” I pulled away from the hug to look into his eyes. He looked disappointed but I had to do it. “Can we just film the video and get this over with?" 

He stared at me with sadness in his eyes, but walked around his bed and sat down. He patted the area next to him and I sat down. He turned on the camera, and that’s when the video began. 

"Hi guys! So I posted a film last night that was the story of why, and how Dan and I broke up.” I sighed at the last part, and looked over to Dan who was staring at me. I tilted my head towards the camera so he could talk, but he must have blanked out. “Dan.” I smiled at him, and he finally snapped back to reality. 

“Sorry, um. We wanted to give some answers to the questions, and comments everybody has been saying." 

I reached over to Dan’s phone because I left mine in my bag at their front door. 

"Oh, why can’t we use your phone?” Dan asked. He seemed nervous about something. 

“I left mine at the front of the door and I’m too lazy to get it,” I laughed. “What? Are you hiding something?” I teased him and he mumbled no. I turned on his phone and saw that his lock screen was a picture of us. We bought matching onesies for Halloween last year for Spooky Week on Dan and Phil’s gaming channel. People kept requesting for me to make an appearance so we finally gave in. After trying on the onesies Phil took a picture of us. My arm was around Dan’s waist, while his rested on my shoulder. His face was turned away from the camera since he was kissing my cheek, and I had a huge smile on my face.

I turned to Dan and furrowed my eyebrows. “Why is this still your lock screen?” I held the phone up for him to see and he looked down. 

“Can we talk about it later?” He looked back up into my eyes and I was in a trance. I couldn’t say no, but I also wanted to know what it was about. 

“Fine.” I sighed. “I’ll cut that out." 

"So, what’s the first question, Y/N?” Dan asked, rubbing his hands together. 

“The most popular question, is ‘Did you get Dan’s permission to make this?’ That’s an easy answer. Of course I did. I asked him many months in advance and he was all up for the idea. People were choosing sides and I wanted to clear the air with what actually happened. It was a mutual breakup." 

"Yeah, we didn’t want to break up, but at the rate we were going, we might have killed each other one night.” Dan laughed, and I giggled at his remark. 

“Don’t give away my plans.” I chuckled.  

Dan took the phone out of my hand and yelled, “NEXT QUESTION.”

“What the fuck Dan! Bursting my ear drums, jesus christ.” I laughed, nudging him with my arm.

We answered plenty of questions before we finally got to the one we were dreading to answer. 

“And the last question,” I stated. “Are you guys together again?" 

"Okay, I can’t speak for Y/N but I still love her. A shit ton. It hurts being a part but all the fighting that we did, it would have hurt us even more in the end. I wish we were together, but we agreed to take a long break this time. I miss almost everything about her, it’s almost unhealthy and just not right, ” Dan chuckled. I stared at him in awe. I knew we missed each other but I had no idea he really missed me that much. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, and I kept waffling on about everything and I completely blanked out. “Y/N? I know I talked a lot but I’m done now.” He gave me a warm smile and nodded his head, signaling for my turn to speak. 

I turned to the camera and spoke to it, “Sorry. It’s safe to say we both still love each other. But this is what’s needed for both of us to heal. Maybe in the future we’ll be back together, but we’ll always be good friends. No matter what happens.”  I looked over to Dan again, and smiled at him. “Anyway, to anyone who took this video out of context, this is an answer to all your questions." 

Dan leaned over to the camera and turned it off. I let out a huge sigh and flopped back onto his bed.
 "Fuck that was hard.”

 "That’s what she said.“ Dan joined me on the bed again, laughing. 

"Shut up. Now tell me what that lock screen was about.” I got up and stared into his eyes. He was quiet for a bit, but he finally answered.

 "I’m sorry. I know you said this is for the best, and we both need this break, but I can't…not be with you. You know? These past months have been hard as fuck. I want to get back together. I know you’ll say no, but I want you to know that’s what I think.“ His eyes got glossy by the end of his "speech”.

  I stared into his eyes in shock, I didn’t want to hurt him, but I also didn’t want to hurt myself by going back into a relationship where every night ended in yelling. “Look, I know I’m a tough person to date. I don’t express my emotions, or just anything as much as I should. I promise I’ll try to communicate with you more.” A tear rolled down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away and got up. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. I’ll be back.” He walked out of his room to god knows where.

 I sat on his bed, running over what he just said, and trying to process what just happened. I didn’t even notice I was crying until I felt something warm fall down my cheek, and onto my lap. After 5 minutes of Dan’s disappearance, I got up and went looking for him. 

“Dan?” I yelled. I walked around their flat for a bit until I heard sniffling coming from inside their office. “Dan?” I opened the office and saw him sitting on the sofa with his head in his hands. What am I doing? He’s hurting so much, and seeing him hurting is making me hurt. God dammit what do I do? I thought to myself. 

“Why am I like this?” Dan mumbled, knowing I would hear. I sat next to him. Sitting with my hands awkwardly placed in my lap and staring straight ahead. When I finally gained the courage to look at him, I almost broke down. I wrapped my arms around his torso and nuzzled my head in his neck.

“I feel the same way Dan. But we really do need this break. Okay?” Dan nodded his head, but I knew he didn’t want to agree with me. “I’m going to go home, then edit and post this video. Then after, we can go out for coffee, dinner, whatever you want. And we’ll talk." 

Dan finally lifted his head up from his hands, and looked down at me. "Yeah, I guess that’s a part of the relationship we needed to fix. We didn’t talk to each other about how we felt.” He chuckled. I nodded, my head still resting on his shoulder. I lifted my head and stared into his eyes, then kissed his cheek before getting up and heading out. 

When I finally arrived home, I edited the video. I waited for it to upload, and waited for the feedback. There was still some negative feedback, but most of them ended up being positive, and some even apologized. All in all, my film ended up being a hit. It explained everything to the fans. But now, it’s time to figure out what’s going to do with my personal life, not my online persona.

A/N: Honestly, I didn’t know how to end it. So…I just ended it on a point where you can think whatever you want. Maybe the reader and Dan did work things out, and are together again. Maybe they decided it’s best to take a long break and see what they need. It’s all up to the imagination. (People could say that’s lazy writing but tbh I love having an ending I can make by myself.)

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this is NOT AT ALL meant to be hate or anything im curious because i want to do it too! how are you doing smuhbuh's contest if you are not 18?? does it really matter and can i still do it??

I think she answered an ask and said with parent’s permission?? But like, idk c: idc if I get a stuff pack tbh 😂 But it would be nice if I got one lol @smubuh

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How do you feel about Lily Rose being photographed topless for Vogue Italia? I think it's far too much cause she's still underage.

tbh nudity has never bothered me, and LR is obviously very progressive in her views and is clearly embracing the view of the younger generations, in that the body isn’t something that needs to be hidden. And as you said, she is underage, so legally they would’ve needed her parents’ permission which they clearly got. So if they’re cool with it, that’s good enough for me!

mutuals may like this post if I, the thorn!mun, have indefinite permission to ;

  • post starters in your tag ( varied in length ) *
  • send IC asks *
  • come to you about plotting
  • send askbox memes *
  • answer posts that may be on your wish list *
  • turn memes into threads
  • tag/@ you in things pertaining to any threads we have
  • just generally contact you both IC & OOC
             * bear in mind that not all posts/asks sent must be answered. if you’d like something different from a starter I wrote, feel free to contact me at anytime.

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Clovercoin did give permission to trade the slots -- But tbh I feel like some only participated because they know pillowings are popular and they can get some nice CS for the slot. Kinda sucks, because some people missed the event that actually wanted a pillowing, while others just wanted to take advantage of Clover's kindness. Also disappointing to see people like "No cheap designs" when trading the slots even though they got it for free lmao.

Another Mashima colouring style attempt! Dedicated to my dear friends @artilleon and @lapoin cause both of them are cuties!!!

So heres anotehr colouring! Been a while since I did them aye! I kinda lost my touch hahahah. Tbh the first one I did was great but it seems as farther they went they just got worse pfft. Ah well


Art Commissions


Fandom- Haikyuu! 

Pairing- Levyaku

Summary:  “Its alright,” he mumbles as he gets more comfortable, and he takes in a deep breath, enjoying the smell of soap, bubbles and Lev. Its an interesting combination, one he likes far more than he should.

A/N- finally got around to writing some levyaku and it is 100% inspired by this adorable piece by @sunsteez :D I hope you like it Elly! :3 

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I know you're not really in the SPG fandom much, but are you okay with people writing fics about the Becile boys nowadays? You're the creator of those lovely fanbots, correct? I'm a fic writer and wanted to write about them, mostly The Hare. What are your thoughts?

i am extremely flattered tbh! but actually i only got permission to draw the bots, i didn’t create their design. i *did* do their ‘official’ art & blog for a long time though since the creator is an awesome art friend! you can ask @divinator to get confirmation, but last we talked on it she was super happy about fanart, fanfics & love for them nasty rattlin’ boys. unless something changed then i’m pretty damn confident saying:

do it & link me!

Got permission by @hubedihubbe​, @ladycadmium​ & @luleo​ to make an addition to their absolutely brilliant Supers universe! So I introduce to you, my moody brat Cora Darwin

She’s still a work in progress tbh, but the basic summary is that she’s 15-16 years & has the powers of absorbing the life-force of other living organisms by touching them. The longer the touch, the greater the damage. If she touches other Supers, she can borrow their powers for a brief time. They come into play when she’s about 12, but she keeps it a secret for the following couple of years.

Long story short, short, she has a major fuck-up and nearly kills one of her parents, which results with her running away from home. After this, she’s been extremely self-conscious about touching others, and prefer to avoid physical contact. While on the street, she get involved with petty crime to survive, and winds up joining Remy’s gang. The gang is the first place she has any first-hand experience with Supers.

She may seem really unapproachable (she’s got a crude and sometimes nasty way of acting around people) but this is mainly because she want to avoid hurting people. 

My first traditional art post here. I honestly think I do traditional stuff better since I tend to play with the colors a lot more. Colored this with Crayola color pencils and 真彩 color pencils my kid brother got from China because I’m fucking broke :^) (Please don’t Crayola-shame me-)

Noise is pretty easy to draw and not to mention she’s my waifu (pretty much every single PH female character is waifu material in my dictionary tbh).

I’m away for a couple days, staying at a bed and breakfast in the area where I take the sunrise pictures, and through a set of unexpected circumstances, which, tbh, is how every really great thing has ever happened to me, I got permission to go up on the hill where my dream tree is and even got to sit under it! 

I didn’t write any poetry, but I thought a lot about how grateful I am for all of you, my wonderful Tumblr friends, and how looking for beauty to share with you has taken me to so many great places and moments. <3

I’ve probably taken almost 1000 pictures out here, and I won’t upload them from the camera until some time tomorrow, but I took a few with my phone so I could share some with you now. Best wishes to all of you! It’s amazing to be out here for days instead of hours at a time!