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Negan Imagine ~ New Neighbor

Negan moves into the house next to the reader and her husband who’s mistreating her.
As she decides to finally leave her husband, she isn’t as alone as she thinks..


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The wind shook softly onto the windows as you watched it swinging the branches of the trees.
You heard the heavy footsteps of your husband walking the stairs up while you hoped that he wouldnt come down again for a good while.
That wasnt quite what a wife should wish for her husband to do, but looking at your marriage, that was no wonder.
For one and a half years you were married to him now and for one and a half years this marriage had turned more and more into hell.
That worse, that you didn’t even know why you had fallen for him anymore.
Sure you had married him young, but you had always somehow been a good judge of character.
Well, except that one time and this one time brought you into the situation you were now.
A fucked up marriage.
A marriage with a husband that yelled at every opportunity at you, cheated without any guilty conscience on you, brought you to the point where all you wanted to do was to crawl into a hole and cry and who just made you feel like the last person worth to care for or even love.
You would have left him earlier but you were trapped.
The house you lived in was his house, to be clearer the house he inherited.
It was pretty but in the end it had bothered you from the very beginning that it only belonged to him and you both had nothing you shared, but you didn’t have the financial means to be picky at that point and that was some kind of doom for you now. 
Next to that it was also far away from where you originally lived, where you had your friends, your family.
You had nothing and no one here.
As if it wouldnt already have been worse enough, you had lost your job a few weeks ago because your workplace had to reduce the personal.
In short: You had nothing, no friends, no family, no job and with that no own money.
And the great man your husband was, he used all this against you, knowing that you were involuntary dependent on him.
And now you hung over your job applications, somehow trying to get a job and to just get yourself out of this misery.
Hell, you didn’t want to depend on him anymore and you just didn’t want him to have that as a tool to use against you.

You were engrossed in writing as you heard the door bell ringing and your head snapped up.
“I’m going”, you growled as you made your way over to the door.
You opened seeing the man from next door standing before you with a package in his arm while he smirked slightly.
He was new here, you had seen him moving in about a week and a half in the house directly next to you even though you didn’t really know why a single man, like he seemed to be, would move alone into a house.
You had seen him only a few times since then, mostly just carrying cartons into the house but now he stood right before you and he looked even better close than from afar.
“Hello, guess you’ve noticed that I moved in next door. Well, I wasn’t able to introduce myself till now but here I am. I’m Negan”, he said smirking while stretching out his hand to you.
“(Y/N)”, you said smiling before letting your hand slide into his feeling a little shiver running up and down your spine.
“Now that’s a beautiful name. Listen (Y/N), I got this package, but the postman fucked shit up and got it to me, even though I’m pretty sure my name isn’t (Y/N)(L/N)”, he said looking chuckling at the label on the package.
“Who’s there?”, you heard the growling voice of your husband ask.
“Our new neighbor”, you said turning around before you saw him walking around the corner towards you and Negan.
“And what does the new neighbor want?”, he asked still in that growling undertone before you heard Negan replying.
“The new neighbor just wants to introduce his damn self like a decent human being and give her the package that somehow landed at my house and not yours”, Negan said a little tensed but still with that smirk on his lips.
“Negan”, he said stretching his hand now out to your husband who shook it reluctantly and nodded with a pissed off face expression, that made some anger boil up in you.
That man hadn’t done anything to him and all he did was being the usual asshole.
You heard him muttering his name as response before you looked friendly smiling back to Negan who now held the package in front of you.
“Well then have fun with whatever the heck is in here”, he said before you took the package and you saw him looking from you testing to your husband before he raised his voice again.
“See ya”, Negan said before looking slightly smirking at you as he began walking back.
“Yeah, and thanks”, you said before he turned finally around walked back to his house.
You shut the door and walked back to the table as you heard your husband’s voice.
“Does he fuck you good?”, you heard your husbands voice growl as your head snapped over to him.
“What the-…no!”, you called bewildered out while you saw him glaring at you, the way he always glared when he was shortly before yelling.
”Really? ‘Cause it didn’t seem to me like you’ve met him the first time..that damn way you looked at that asshole”, he growled while he came closer.
“Listen I never talked to that man before and I’m not gonna begin a dumb fight with you about something that is not even a tiny bit true”, you said beginning to put the package away.
“No, you listen to me!”, he yelled grabbing your wrist you pulled hastily away.
“Don’t touch me”, you growled looking into his with anger gleaming eyes.
“Oh yeah right, my wife gets rather touched by the neighbor”, he yelled breathing heavily.
“I’m not the cheating one in our marriage”, you growled while you saw his anger boiling over the top.
“Watch your mouth or-”, he yelled before glaring heavily breathing at you.
“Or what?”, you asked having to keep yourself that much unter control that your voice trembled.
He just stood panting before you, clenching his jaw while his eyes still gleamed dangerously before he rushed out of the house, hitting the door with a loud bang in process.
You huffed stressed, while looking at the closed door.
Fights like that or even bigger were a daily fare, there was almost no day he didn’t yell at you or started a fight and that argument you had have a few moments ago was nothing compared to the usual fights.
All you wanted to do was escape and never see that man again and the only opportunity you had laid on the table and waited for you to continue writing.
And thats what you did the rest of the day, writing applications and somehow trying to forget that he would come back in some hours.

Hours later you laid in bed, trying desperately to fall asleep before you suddenly heard the door opening and soon after that how the bed slightly bended as he let himself fall into it while a shiver run down your back.
And the shiver intensified as you suddenly felt him pulling you over and beginning to kiss your neck as you pulled yourself away from him.
“Dear wife you still got some connubialities”, you heard him growl before you moved even more away from him while turning around.
“Come over”, he said in a tensed tone while you looked disgusted at him.
“No”, you growled while you slipped out of the bed.
“Listen you can be glad enough that I still want you”, he hissed looking at you before he stood up and walked over to you while all you did was glaring into his eyes.
“I’m being more patient with you than you deserve after a day like this, so begin being a bit more grateful”, he growled while you huffed.
You kept glaring before you grabbed your pillow and shoved yourself past him.
You would neither have sex with him nor sleep with him together in that bed now.
You kept walking while you heard him keep on talking, trying to goof you off and make you feel worthless as always.
You heard his words while you walked down the stairs trying to blank them out before you heard him finally stopping.
You let yourself fall onto the couch as you felt the lump in your throat becoming bigger and finally felt how tears fell down your cheeks.
You just didn’t want that anymore, you didn’t want to be here with him or even close to him.
Your glance wandered out of the window, seeing still some lights burning in the house next door where your new neighbor lived while your thoughts overpowered you.
You had always tried to keep going, somehow fighting yourself through everything and standing up after you fell but you were almost at the end of your rope.
You just wanted to finally feel loved and wanted again and not treated like the most worthless person on earth.

And all those thoughts stayed and got even stronger over time.
The daily fights didn’t stop, to be honest they just got worse and worse and all you could somehow do was defending yourself against him and trying to write applications to get a job and somehow be able to not give him more power over you.
The only things that somehow began to lighten up your day were actually, as bizarre as it was, greeting Negan and having some small chats with him that somehow made you a little forget that as soon as you’d tell him goodbye you would have to walk back into this house to your crappy husband.

Some weeks passed until the day of the annual street fair came and like last year that only meant for you to play the happy wife that you clearly weren’t and you were pretty sure that the most people or at least the ones with a house in earshot knew that.
“Put something pretty on, you hear me? I don’t wanna have to be ashamed of you”, you heard your husband calling from downstairs.
You scoffed before you pulled a summer dress over and walked annoyed huffing downstairs as you saw him already waiting for you.
“A smile wouldn’t be wrong”, he scoffed before you glared at him.
“Being a little more friendly to your wife wouldn’t be wrong as well”, you growled before you saw him building himself up right in front of you.
“You better listen now, you do not say things like that outside”, he growled before he walked outside followed by you as you already saw the people on the street grilling, some people drinking some beer and laughing together.
You felt your husbands hand on your waist as he pulled you closer while a cold shiver run down your back before your glance wandered over to the house next door where Negan just walked out of it and got over to a few other people he greeted.

The next time outside you spend next to your husband, hearing him talking to other neighbors while you somehow tried to get into a conversation with other people here.
They were all friendly to you and you could talk to them about vague stuff but it had never in that one and a half year gone that far that you could count even a single one nearly your friend, not even acquaintance to be honest.
While your husband was deep in a conversation with another man you could finally move away from his side and walk a bit around before you decided to get some food.
“Can I help you?”, you suddenly heard a deep voice behind you.
You turned around seeing him smile at you while he pointed at your empty plate while raising his brows.
“No thanks Im just looking around”, you said smiling back.
“Well then I hope you find what you fucking desire. My personal pro-tip would be some fucking pasta from over there, mostly ‘cause I made that shit”, he said grinning.
”I guess I’ll give it a try it then, gonna tell you if your “shit” was worth the work”, you said chuckling before you made your way over to the table with the food.
You couldn’t lie, the spaghetti were awesome and as you looked up you saw Negan looking over, raising his brows and waiting for a feedback as you raised your thumb chuckling up.
For some moments you finally felt a bit better again, somehow a bit free and without that pressure on your chest you mostly had.
But even that vanished at the moment the day ended and you got back into your house and the usual fight started again and your life turned back into the hell it was before you left the house this morning.

A week later you found yourself packing groceries into the car while you saw the sun already going down.
By the thought of finding your husband back home your stomach dropped already on your drive back and that feeling in your stomach just got stronger with every mile you came closer to your house.
It had already began to become dark as you pulled into the driveway and saw how Negan walked out of his house, kneeled before the porch of it and began to repair something at the stairs.
Sometimes you wondered if he heard the fights you and your husband had.
If he heard him yelling and screaming at you.
You opened the door of your car and saw how Negan looked up, while a smirk flashed over his face.
”Hey neighbor”, he said chuckling as he waved over.
”Hey, still working?”, you asked nodding over to the stairs before he stood up and walked a few steps over to you.
”Yeah, I’m gonna break my damn bones one day if I’m not finally repairing those fuckers”, he said chuckling as he stroke over his salt and pepper beard.
”Well then good luck with that”, you said grinning slightly while you pulled your bag over the shoulder and closed the door as you saw him somehow seeming like he wanted to say something else but didn’t know how.
”Bye”, you said friendly before you heard him saying the same and you walked over to your house.
”I’m back”, you said loudly as you closed the door behind yourself but got no response.
Irritated you looked into around downstairs while you didn’t find your husband. But to be honest, you just hoped that he was out with friends and wouldn’t come back for a good while until you heard some suspicious noises coming from upstairs.
You slowly walked up, swallowing with the noises becoming louder while deep down you exactly knew what they were and who made them.
You finally stood before your bedroom door, swallowing before moving the handle just to see your husband on top of a moaning woman, thrusting into her before the loud screech of the woman stopped him.
She stared as shocked at you as you at her before your husband looked over his shoulder and saw you standing in the doorframe.
You stood there for a moment, completely frozen and with muddled feelings next to complete emptiness before you saw him pulling on his shorts and walking over to you.
”You digusting pig”, blustered out of your mouth as you somehow slowly came back to reality.
“Oh come on (Y/N), what did you expect me to do since you’re not fucking me anymore”, you just heard him say before you felt your hand slapping his face and an adrenaline rush flowing through your whole body.
“You damn whore”, he growled holding his cheek before you shoved yourself past him, ignoring the woman laying in your bed as you walked over to the wardrobe to pull clothes into a bag still somehow in trance.
You pulled the bag hastily over your shoulder before you turned around and saw him directly before you.
“What are you doing there?”, he asked growling.
“Leaving you”, you growled back clenching your jaw.
It was just enough, you didn’t care anymore, you couldn’t stay with that man anymore and in this moment you didn’t think about any consequences, you just knew that the only right thing now was to leave him if you wouldnt want to go insane.
“You wanna leave me? Really? Where do you wanna go? Huh? You got no job, no friends, I’m the only one you got here and believe me, as soon as you leave this house I’m gonna make your life the living hell”, he growled looking at you.
“Can’t be worse than being with you”, you growled before you shoved yourself past him and rushed out of the house as fast as you could.

Still paralyzed you sat onto the front seat of your car, staring into the darkness before you felt your emotions overpowering you.
Tears streamed down your face while you felt your body trembling uncontrollably as you tried to catch your breath.
You felt humiliated like so many other times, were mad at yourself for getting yourself into this shitty marriage, for being at this point of your life now you never wanted to be even though you felt relieved that you had finally freed yourself.
The tears kept falling down your cheeks as you suddenly you heard someone knocking at the window.
Your head snapped up, fearing to see your husband behind the glass but it wasnt him, it was Negan.
He looked concerned at you, saying something you couldn’t hear until you let the window down as you hastily wiped away your tears.
”Shit, you don’t need to wipe them away, its fucking alright, I’ve seen them…fuck you don’t wanna drive now do you?”, he asked still with that concern in his eyes while you struggled.
“I-..”, you mumbled not really knowing what you should say, because all you wanted was just to somehow get away from that house.
“Listen you can’t fucking drive now”, Negan said looking down to you while you still sat swallowing there.
“It’s okay, I’m gonna make it somehow”, you said grabbing a tissue to get the rest of your tears from your face as you heard him sigh.
“Then tell me a better plan”, you said still with a lump in your throat as you saw him silently thinking for a moment before he sighed.
“See, I don’t wanna be fucking intrusive or anything but you shouldn’t be alone right now, I don’t know what shit just happened to you and I’m not trying to sleaze up to you, but if you want you can come over to calm down”, he said looking at you.
You looked at him, waited a moment trying to sort your mind.
He was probably right.
You couldn’t drive if you didn’t want to end up killing yourself and other people in process.
“Alright”, you said after a short moment of waiting before you opened the car door, grabbed your bag and stood up while you felt how weak your knees were.
You still felt Negan’s glance on your body while he walked with you over and opened the door while he waited till you walked in before he followed you.
You stood directly in his living room, that was surprisingly nicely done up for a single man.
“You can sit wherever you want down, you want some tea or something?”, you heard him ask as he walked over to the kitchen.
“Tea is good”, you said before you slowly sat down on the big leather couch still trying to somehow digest what had happened
Not more than a few minutes later you saw how Negan placed a cup with tea in front of you on the coffee table before he sat down next to you.
“Listen, you don’t need to tell me ‘bout anything if you don’t fucking want to, but in case you feel like you need to tell someone, I’m right here”, he said while you nodded with a slight smile on your lips.
You couldn’t even really remember the last time someone had just somehow cared about you or was interested in what bothered you.
You swallowed, not really knowing what and how to tell as your glance wandered a bit around in the room until it got stuck onto a baseball bat that leaned next to a few ping pong balls and paddles against the wall.
“Oh right I never told you, I’m a gym teacher”, you heard his voice say before you looked at him while he smirked softly.
“A fucking good one if you ask me”, he said chuckling managing to get a little grin onto your lips.
It got silent again as you looked at your hands fumbling onto your tissue before you raised your voice.
“I left my husband”, you said before you looked once again up to him.
“Understandable…shit sorry, its just.. I just heard that fucker scream every damn day”, he said slightly huffing.
“Our marriage didn’t really consisted of more than that”, you quietly said.
You couldn’t open up completely to him now about everything, that just weren’t the way you were but he was caring about you right now, more than anyone in a goddamn long time and you felt like he kinda deserved to know at least the most important things.
“Just caught him in bed with another woman and acted like I was the guilty one.. to be honest that didn’t really surprise me, that’s what he always did”, you quietly said while you had to chuckle bitterly.
“Fucking asshole”, you heard Negan scoff before he raised his voice again.
”Always asked myself how you could keep on staying with that prick. Can’t tell you how often I was shortly before going over to your house when he was yelling again. Thats just not the fucking way you treat your wife”, he said with a growling undertone.
“Shit, you deserve something a whole fucking lot better”, you heard him growl before your head snapped up by the sound of his bell.
Negan looked irritated up before walking over.
As you saw him opening the door, all you saw were the gleaming eyes of your husband that focused on you while you felt your heart beginning to pump harder against your chest again.
“I knew it, god I knew that you’re just a slut. So if you don’t want to make things even worse come back”, your husband hissed while Negan kept standing before him not letting him just a step in.
“You do not fucking threat her”, Negan growled glaring at him.
“I won’t say it again, you come back now or you’ll wish-”, he said while trying to enter the house.
“Hey!”, Negan yelled pushing your husband back before he raised his voice.
“Listen Asshole, this woman left you. It’s fucking over, she doesn’t want to come back and I won’t let you fucking force her to. So get your crappy ass over to your house and leave her the fuck alone or I’ll make you do it”, Negan growled loudly but still calm with a dangerous undertone before you saw your hopefully soon to be ex-husband glaring and scoffing at him before he finally cursing left.
“I’m sorry about that shit. Fuck, he’s not ever gonna do some shit like that again, not when I’m around, I fucking promise”, you heard Negan say as he closed the door again and walked back over to you.
“Thank you”, you almost breathed swallowing as Negan sat down next to you and captured you with his glance.
“Anytime”, he said with a smile on his lips and that glance in his eyes that made some warmth come up in you, the kind of warmth you had missed for a long time and in this moment you didn’t want to ever let go of it again.
You knew that the time that laid before you would be hard for sure, but something told you that you wouldn’t have to go through that alone.

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Bare with me for a moment…. but if Kunta was my man id go through 10 childbirths for him shiittt he’s too damn sexy to only have ONE child with 😂😂😂 and I’m not surprised Matilda had 7 kids with George either shiiiitt I aint mad at her😭😭


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honestly i hope that little shit that got a package who turned out to be a not so great person gets exposed honestly people are so fake just to get taylor’s attention and it’s pathetic.