i got out for a reason

southern hospitality

bitty has outgrown this place, and the people in it.

tw: homophobic language/slurs

word count: 1800

for @stitchedopen, 3rd place winner in my fic giveaway! i hope you like it!

The clinking of Jack’s fork against his plate as he sets it down is very unnerving. It’s not the only sound in the room but it’s by far the loudest, to him at least. Even louder than Suzanne’s pleasant babbling (no wonder where Bitty gets it from) and the gentle lull of music being played on a radio somewhere in another room. Probably the kitchen, where Bitty’s finishing up supper.

There’s a shuffling around the corner and Coach becomes visible as he nears the bottom of the staircase. “Jack,” he mumbles gruffly in greeting, giving him a nod and sitting at the head of the table.

“Hello, Mr. Bittle,” Jack replies, smiling a little. “How’s the season going? Still the reigning champs of Morgan County?” If there’s one thing Jack knows he can get Coach to talk about, it’s football. It might be a much different sport than hockey, Jack surmises, but the passion they share for their sports is more than enough for them to hold a conversation.

“Oh, they lost their first game of the season last week. Nevin’s got an injury and we had to switch around the lineups– you remember, Nevin, receiver, curly hair, he’s in the team picture in the living room– anyway, I’m sure it hurt their chemistry.” Coach would talk strategy with Jack for hours, if it was up to him, but Eric is coming into the dining room now. He’s got on yellow oven mitts with tiny white flowers, and he’s holding a tray with a roast and some vegetables.

“The meat’s a little dry, Lord help me, I should stick to baking,” Eric laughs, setting the tray down on the table. “But all the vegetables should be good and I’ve got some pumpkin muffins with a fantastic cream cheese frosting waiting for us in the kitchen.” Everyone starts to serve themselves. The meat’s not dry at all, but Jack keeps that to himself. Sometimes Bitty needs little things to dwell on, to keep himself busy so he’s not worrying so much about the big stuff. Jack knows that.

“So,” Suzanne starts after a minute, and Jack can tell that this is going to be a long one. He glances up at her, a signal that he’s listening. “The Gardeners are having a potluck this Friday, and they sent us an invitation.”

Bitty nearly drops his fork. “The Gardeners?” he hisses. “As in, Melissa and Kyle?”

“Those Gardeners,” Suzanne replies smugly. Jack and Coach exchange a look, humor gleaming in both of their eyes. The drama is about to unfold, they can tell. “What right do they think they’ve got, inviting us to their potluck after what happened at ours?”

Bitty turns to Jack, waving his hands as he speaks. “Two summers ago, we held a potluck here for the neighborhood, and when the Gardeners showed up, Kyle was drunk as a skunk and knocked over our entire dessert table. The whole thing! It was all ruined! And it would have been okay, but they didn’t even bring anything to the potluck in the first place, and they never apologized, and oh, it was such a mess, everyone tried to act like it wasn’t a big deal but darlin’ you should’ve seen the look on Moomaw’s face, I swear she was on the verge of a heart attack.” He shifts abruptly back toward Suzanne. “Mama, we’ve got to go.”

“Oh, I know that, of course we do. Dicky, what you’ve gotta do is bake the best pie those folks have ever tasted, let them know exactly what they were destroying when they had the nerve-”

Jack hums quietly, making a mental note. Potluck on Friday. Prepare for a spectacle.


Bitty’s fingers press against Jack’s neck as he helps him straighten his collar. Jack doesn’t really need the help, he supposes, but the contact is welcome, brief but full of warmth, not the kind of affection Jack usually gets when they’re with Bitty’s parents. They’ve been trying really hard, Jack can tell, and Bitty has too. But he understands why Eric sometimes has trouble being soft with Jack around Suzanne and Coach.

“Don’t you just look dashing,” Bitty says with a smile, placing his hand flat on Jack’s chest.

“Only because you picked my outfit,” Jack laughs. Bitty laughs with him, nodding in agreement. He’s got little crinkles at the edges of his eyes when he laughs, and Jack rubs his thumb over them, absent minded.

“You ready, Dicky?” Suzanne calls from the kitchen. The noises of the coffee pot stop and Jack can hear her pouring herself a cup.

“All ready!” Bits yells back. He reaches up his hand and squeezes Jack’s wrist before whirling around into the kitchen. Jack watches Bitty’s hips swing as he leaves, his jeans a little tighter than usual since he’s outgrown some of the clothes that he left here during the school year, and wonders if wore them on purpose.


The potluck is bustling. There are people of all ages, from the tiny toddlers playing in the Slip ‘N Slide far left in the back yard to the old ladies knitting underneath the sugar maple next to the house in a comically stereotypical manner. Jack opens Eric’s door for him not out of chivalry but out of necessity– when he emerges from the car, his arms are full of tupperware containers.

“Let me take some, bud” Jack offers, but Bitty shakes his head.

“I’ve got to bring them over myself.”


“This one’s cherry with a lattice crust,” Eric is explaining as he removes the lid from the nearest tupperware container. The egregious Melissa Gardener turns out to be a petite brunette with a smattering of freckles across her upturned nose. “And this one’s pumpkin, I know it’s not really the season but I had some materials left over from the muffins I made the other night and I’m sure it’ll be just delightful, I made the whipped cream myself– now, they’re all desserts. I was sure you’d need some.”

Jack stifles a laugh. The bite in Bitty’s voice is unmistakable. “Where should I set them?” Eric asks, still sweet as sugar but with a lilt that suggests this isn’t an innocent question. “This table seems a little… unsteady. I wouldn’t want them to fall, heaven forbid.”

“This table’s fine,” Melissa ensures him, smiling. “Thank you so much for the contributions.”

“It’s nothing at all.”

They burst out laughing as soon as she leaves, Bitty collapsing into Jack’s chest. Jack’s arms come around him automatically and squeeze. “Bits, that was cold.”

“Really? Here I was, thinking I was being so courteous.”

They stay in the embrace for a few more seconds before Bitty shifts away from Jack. It’s subtle, but Jack understands. He squeezes Bitty’s shoulder and then takes a step away. Bitty’s out to everyone who matters, but some people don’t know. And some still have their prejudices.

“Bits, where’s the bathroom?” Jack asks. The noise is already getting to him. He knows he’s got a while of this to go, and he’s sure he’ll be fine, but he just needs a minute to adjust. Eric points him in the right direction, then goes back to arranging the pies on the table.

“Eric!” Bitty whips around. It’s a tall guy with acne scars in a red polo shirt. Bitty looks up, his face ghostly stricken for a second, then paints a big smile on.

“Hey, Todd,” he replies as the guy moves closer. “How have you been.”

“I’ve been fine, thanks,” Todd says. Eric tugs on the bottom of his shirt and glances over at Jack, entering the house. “Who’s the guy?” Todd asks, nodding toward him.

“Jack,” Eric says. “My… my boyfriend.”

Todd smiles. He turns his gaze to Bitty. “I’ve gotta say, Eric, I’m impressed! I expected you to come home with some twinky faggot in a pink H&M scarf.”

Eric inhales sharply. “Go away,” he says quietly, looking at his shoes. “My love life is none of your business.”

“We all knew you were a homo, Bittle, I guess it’s just a little surprising that you’re still showing your face around here. Are you queers ever gonna stop shoving your agenda in our faces? Huh? Go back to Samwell, eh?” He’s inching closer now, and Eric’s cheeks are flaming red.

“Go fuck yourself,” Eric mutters, turning his back. He unstacks a tin of macadamia nut cookies from his lemon meringue, and opens it. His hands are shaking as he spreads them out artfully.

Todd ignores his response, instead reaching over Bitty and sweeping up several cookies. “Don’t mind if I do,” he says as he stuffs one in his mouth. “Mmm,” he replies, smirking. “They’re a little bit… fruity, don’t you think?”

“That’s not even funny,” Eric rolls his eyes. “Get the hell away from me.”

“And if I don’t?”

There’s a hand on the back of Bitty’s neck and he’s flinching, he’s freezing, he can’t move he can’t breathe–

“If you don’t,” Jack whispers, his voice robotic and cold. “I’ll beat the shit out of you, and you can crawl home to your mother and tell her you got your ass handed to you by a faggot. Does that sound like a good enough reason to stop?”

Todd takes a step back. “Don’t you fucking touch me,” he hisses at Jack. “You’re not from around here, are you? You don’t know who my dad is, do you?”

“Let me guess. Mayor of some town I’ve never heard of? Principal of the local high school? Do you know who my father is, noune?” Jack puffs up his shoulders. “Because I can guaran-fucking-tee that my dad is a hell of a lot worse to mess with than yours. So you might just wanna step off.”

“Whatever. I shouldn’t be talking to y’all anyway. Just in case it’s contagious, you know?” Todd smirks.

“I’m going to fucking kill you,” Jack says, still matter of fact, balling his fists and lunging toward Todd. Todd flinches, but the blow doesn’t come. Bitty’s caught the back of Jack’s t-shirt in his hand.

“Jack, honey, it’s okay. I can handle it.”

Todd laughs.

“But this– this asshole–”

“Trust me, sweetpea, I’ve got this.” Eric smiles.

“Yeah, you’re sure gonna take care of me, Bittle, what can you weigh, a hundred and ten? I bet you couldn’t even–”


“Pity,” Eric says sweetly as the pie tin slides down Todd’s face, then down his shirt, coating him in cherry filling. “That lattice crust was gorgeous.”

“You– you–” Todd splutters, wiping cherry crud out of his eyes, but Bitty and Jack are already walking away.

“Enjoy the snacks, Melissa,” Eric calls over his shoulder as they make their way to the car. “We’re gonna head out.”

EXO: boyfriend Chen
  • oh boi this is my soft smol dirty minded boi
  • like before you even started to date, he’d make your day every single day w/ his adult humor and tbh this is probably one of the reasons you finally fell for him
  • aka don’t lie we’re all dirty minded 
  • :’))))))))
  • so when he realized that he’s starting to fall for you, this would really shake him up man
  • he was sure as hell he didn’t want to be stuck in the friendzone 
  • bc like……..he was 500% sure he was never going to feel the same way about someone if you were to reject him…………….ur his best friend man
  • so he told you straight up what the deal was 
  • and if it was any other person you’d think it was kinda hostile how he kinda cornered you and basically stated all the reasons why he loves you and gave you a choice whether to love him back or not and it’s like ??? 
  • but it’s Jongdae so
  • you were like…………deal
  • but also you probably can’t help but kiss him bc his satisfied smirk is unreal
  • okay now we got that out of the way
  • dude he is nOT a morning person
  • and whenever he’d pull you back in his arms when you want to get up, he feels bad about it afterwards ??
  • “y/n I am so very sorry I put you in this situation here today”
  • “ok so why are you still cuddling onto my leg”
  • “………………….it’s warm and also have I told you I loved you yet ;;;;;;”
  • but when it comes to making breakfast foods, he’s hella ready
  • w/ his ‘kiss the chef’ apron and spatula and everything aw
  • however there won’t be much kissing going on bc he’s deadly serious about perfecting those eggs and cook the sausages at the right temperature
  • afterwards he’s like “aren’t you glad your boyfriend is a great cook who spoils you every morning ;))))”
  • “jongdae it’s literally almost noon”
  • *feeds u a sausage* “shhhhh
  • in front of the other members, he will not hold back on his affections for you
  • he’s straight up french kissing you in their dressing room before a show and you won’t even realize how long you’ve been on the dresser until the members get agitated and call for him
  • “listen we know ur both like little lovesick bunnies but our company’s gonna literally kill us if we’re late to another show is2g jongdae”
  • he’s dead set on making you learn exo’s routines and honestly it’s so amusing
  • mostly bc you’re always complimenting him on his dancing skills 
  • “Aw baby you were dancing so great, you should join the dance line and leave all the singing to minnie”
  •  you probably will regret that bc he won’t stop belting off his high notes for the whole day bc you still low key hurt his feelings 
  • “no, baby, you gotta move your legs like this but keep your hand at your shoulder!!!!”
  • “babe look, I don’t think any normal human being besides exo can get the monster routine right just let me live”
  • “ok time for call me baby, then :’)”
  • he’s literally just always clinging onto your arm or waist 
  • and it’s kinda comforting bc you just have to turn your head and tell him a joke or something that just popped in your mind 
  • and he’ll always laugh and poke your sides 
  • and kiss your forehead all softly and probably makes you blush hella 
  • ohmygod I’m soft for him 
  • sometimes you’ll just be cuddled into his side as he plays w/ your hair and working on writing lyrics at the same time
  • and so he’ll absentmindedly hum along 
  • and freaks out when you speak up all of the sudden and tell him his voice is so soothing 
  • but now he’s screaming as he usually does bc you scared him lmao
  • he whines cutely in your ear a lot bc he knows it amuses you
  • he’s willing to slow dance w/ you anytime, anywhere 
  • like if he just hears a slow song or……….”Your song” playing, he’d pull you flush against his chest and leans his forehead against yours 
  • and the world just kinda slows down when you’re stood right here w/ him, so it ain’t all that bad 
  • always hyping him up over texts when he’s away and he happens to suddenly send you a selfie 
  • “OMFG that’s the loml?????? how is it legal for u to look like that in a suit when i’m not there ;((((”
  • but seriously tho he looks so fine in a suit
  • and he’s always dressing up and taking you out to fancy dates, but tbh all you’d care about is sneaking pics of him as he’s ordering or just staring at you without knowing
  • but he knows afagshdjkflglh
  • he loves taking baths w/ you and does it often after he’s worn out after practice 
  • and he’s such a gentleman like 
  • he’ll get out of the tub before you and hold up a towel and assist you when you step out omfg 
  • also always buys you flowers for no occasion ??? like he’s just 
  • “it’s what every boyfriend should do :’)”
  • jongdae pls
  • leaning your head on his shoulders as much as you can bc he’s so smol and soft and he loves this 
  • he’s just so cuddly in general like I don’t think you understand 
  • and also you should know that once he starts kissing you, things go downhill and neither of yall wanna stop anyway so
  • life’s good w/ dae 
  • so take care of him and love him and cuddle him 💛

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Chose Wisely (Mitch Rapp x Reader)

A/N: What up bitches?!?! This is probably the most I’ve posted in like years so be fucking proud of me. Haven’t seen American Assassin YET but I’ll probably go with my friend to see it on Friday.

Pairing: Mitch x Reader, Stiles x Reader (mentioned)

Fandoms: American Assassin x Teen Wolf (will I ever write normal fics again??)

Warnings: smut, blow jobs, fingering, teasing, squirting the usual, some smoking and a lot of cursing, ANGST

Word Count: 8000+


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anonymous asked:

catelyn did not abuse jon. she had no obligation to raise him. she ignored him and tried to make sure he didn't hurt or usurp her children. that's not abuse

Like I said, I don’t believe Catelyn had an obligation to raise Jon. But parents aren’t the only people who can abuse children.

I also believe there were sound political reasons for her to treat Jon as she did, which indict the system heavily. I got no time for people saying that if Catelyn decided to stay in her marriage to Ned she should have just gotten over it, because divorce is not an option. Politics does not make this any less cruel and unfair.

It’s still clear that Catelyn did not ignore Jon. Instead, she singled him out and was an unavoidable, openly hostile presence in his life. She refused to use his name, a thing she did not refuse a single other person in Winterfell. Textbook emotional abuse. She monitored her children’s interactions with him and tried to encourage distance between them. Also textbook emotional abuse. And treating a child like a live grenade instead of a human being is not a kind thing to do - as Jon’s PoV makes very, very clear.

Corporate || Dylan O’Brien AU {Part Three}

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Words: 2614

Warnings: cute, a bit of violence? kind of

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Series Masterlist

Author’s Note: I wrote this in one night. Wow I hope it’s good, lol. Thanks to one of my favorites, @lovelydob, for proofreading this for me!!

Dylan had just stepped off the elevator, making his way towards his office as he had many phone calls to make about the new team. He had passed Mal’s desk, giving her a small smile as she returned it. He walked into his office, closing the door behind him and he stood in front of his desk, grabbing the office phone, dialing a number immediately.

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mattie-ella  asked:

I was wondering if you could right some hiccstrid fluff if you are taking requests. I could really use some fluff and I love love love your writing!!!

Thank you! Here’s some fluff! :D RTTE Season 5, in “Dawn of Destruction” right before Hiccup and Astrid spar. ;)

Pillow Fight

“It’s a mess.”

Astrid stared at him, noticing how he was giving her hut a good look over. Sure, it wasn’t the… most orderly, but it wasn’t “horrible” either…

“Come on, there’s just a…” She walked to her loft steps, kicking aside stray weapons and crates of what-not clutter, “…few things… here and there.”

Hiccup rolled his eyes and set his hands on his hips, bemused. “Uh huh, says the girl as she shoves her way through the sea of trash in order to find her bed.

“My bed, mister snarky, is right over there.” Astrid waved her hand indignantly towards the said piece of furniture against the corner, piled high with miscellaneous items and rumpled bedding.

Hiccup scratched his neck, clearly unconvinced.

“Have you ever made your bed before? Have you ever seen another bed before? Because… ah,  that’s not exactly what they look like.”

Astrid huffed, nearly tripping over a giant broken mace lying in her path. With small curses under her breath she glared up at the chuckling Hiccup, knowing exactly what he was thinking.

“Make the bed then, buddy, and show me how it’s done if you’re so smart.” She shot back playfully. She gestured generously towards the bed with grand flare.

HIccup paused, then grinned as he jumped across the room to the bed, trying to avoid any potentially dangers accidents. Having a hut cluttered with weapons… not exactly the best of garbage.

As it was, his darned prosthetic caught on a bow and he would’ve fallen flat on his face had he not been so close to the bed. He caught himself against it, turning to give a pointed glare at the giggling Astrid.

“What, you want to me to kill myself or something on this..?” Hiccup shook his prosthetic, kicking the bow away. “You little mink.”

“What the heck does that even mean?” Astrid choked, fist covering her mouth as she tried to hide a smile.

Hiccup just glared, yet his lips twitched with a grin. “Watch and learn, m’lady.”

With that he promptly shoved all the beds contents onto the floor, leaving the wood bare. He then diligently picked up the soft wool blanket used to spread over the bed, tucking it under the pins beneath it. “See? Flat, and neat.” He spread his hand over it lovingly, the other waving with elegant air towards his fine achievement. 

“Beautiful. A work of art, really.” Astrid snorted, arms crossed as she watched him continue with a grin.

“Then, you gently spread the blanket- like this.” He bent to retrieve said item, shaking it out before billowing it over the bed, letting it fall slowly to rest upon it. “Gorgeous.”

Astrid laughed and shook her head.

“And- last but not least, the pillow…” He bent down to retrieve it, giving it a few punches to refluff it. “Holy- Astrid this thing is as hard as a rock.”

“I like it that way.” Astrid replied. “Got that pillow specifically for that reason. Helps me from feeling the axe… or knives, whichever I decide to use. Maybe both.”

Hiccup looked up in slight horror. “Er… sure you don’t want to sleep on a rock instead?”

Astrid snorted and shook her head in laughter, amused by his protests. “Oh please- I know my way around-”


Astrid yelped in surprise as the pillow made quick contact with her face, sending her spinning. She looked up at Hiccup’s laughing eyes in shock, utterly surprised he’d dared such a bold action.

“You… little…” She slowly bent down to pick the pillow up again, tossing it deftly in her hand. “You have no idea what you just did.”

Hiccup paled, eyes widening as he scrabbled away from the bed, “Thor! Astrid I didn’t mean it, honest!” He laughed, dodging her attempts.

She screamed in fury as she ran and picked up the pillow, tossing it again at the retreating boy. It slammed into his shoulder with a jolt, knocking him off balance to clatter into a chair.

“Haha!” She fist pumped the air victoriously.

“Not over yet-” Hiccup called back, shooting the pillow at her stomach.

She let out a very undignified oof! at the hit, but didn’t hesitate to retrieve it and toss it back, hitting her boyfriend smack in the leg. He yelped as he tumbled to the ground, sprawling flat out on his stomach.

Astrid laughed and rushed forward to help him stand, taking this as her win. Hiccup crawled to his feet with a sniff, nose in the air as he dusted himself off.

“I win.” She grinned, eyes flashing.

He snorted, then pointed towards the bed, “Not until you prove you can top that, missie.”

She laughed and grabbed his hand, shoving the pillow against his chest. “I think I need to return the favor- how about I come over and make you supper, hm?” She wiggled her eyebrows, knowing that the mere thought horrified him.

“You are a cruel woman.” Hiccup chuckled, lifting a hand to push the pillow down out of his face. “And no thanks, I’d prefer to live another day, thank you very much.”

“How about some combat lessons?”

Hiccup quirked his head, “…Or how about a spar?”

Her eyebrows raised high at such a dare, he must be feeling good today to have started both a pillow war, and challenged her to a duel. “You’re on. Sword against axe, should make a good fight, aye?” She revived a Scottish brogue.

Hiccup cleared his throat, doing the same, “Dear lassie, to the ring!” He saluted smartly, collapsing into hopeless giggles as he accidentally clipped her hair. “Ah- sorry, you alright?” He asked, smoothing back her hair, both smiling brightly. 

She smiled up at him, pecking a kiss on his lips. “Peachy.” She pulled away, tossing the pillow on the bed as she made her way to the door, where she deftly tossed her axe in the air and caught it once more. “To the ring?”

“To the ring, m’lady!”

FanWorks Wednesdays - foxmulders

by Keva Andersen

This week’s author may have gotten her writing start from a place “where everybody knows your name” but if you don’t know her name, you should. Meet @foxmulders! Also known as inspl0tches on A03, foxmulders has a variety of work that can take you on a great ride and in some cases knock the wind out of you as you read.

One of my personal favorites is “solitary fields in spring.”  Tagged “mother’s day hell fic from hell,” it looks at 5 Mother’s Days that could have been *cough should have been cough* for Scully. It’s sweet and sad and hits all the right notes.

With all the hurricanes lately you may have heard people use the phrase “the waffle house index” lately. This story with the same name has more to do with the hurricane of emotions that follows Season 6′s “One Son” than the weather and it’s a great read. I love the way it explores how Mulder and Scully say the things they don’t really say.

There’s so much I love about “string theory,” I’ll just stop talking now and tell you to go read it.

We talked with foxmulders about writing, inspiration, and of course, The X-Files.

How long have you been a Phile?

The X-Files was my summer after sophomore year show. I’m about to go into my second year of college, so I’ve been into it for almost four years now. My parents are super over my not being over it, btw. Just in case anyone was wondering.

What was your first episode?

The Pilot! I’d seen a lot about the show on Tumblr before I started it, and I remember the first time the camera panned to Mulder’s poster I was like, “That’s where that’s from!” So the show immediately felt familiar, which I think is part of what got me.

How long have you been writing fic?

Unfortunately, since I was like 12. I wrote some stuff for Star Wars, and Parks and Rec and even Cheers. Yes, Cheers. It was very bad and very inconsistent, and I certainly never printed out a fic I was working on in order to edit it with a red pen like a Real Writer and then left it out for my mom to find. Nope.

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I recently learned of a small local business that is offering freshly made health meals.  You can stop in and pick up one from their shop or you can order in advance to have several ready to go.  She provides all the macro info, ingredient info etc.  It seems like a nice option to have. 

Food is my biggest struggle so I thought maybe giving this a try would help me on a few levels:

1. Give me the sense of getting out to eat (or having take out) without feeling bad about the unhealthy choices I would make.

2. Perhaps give me a better sense of controlled and reasonable portions.

3. Give me some ideas of things I can make for myself in the future, to change up my current routine.

All of the options are really reasonably priced and so I put in a order for 4 of the entrees and few snack like items.

I got a Burrito Bowl, Chicken Florentine, Italian Goulash, and Bruschetta Chicken w/Asparagus.  The snack items are sweet/salty bites and a carrot cake oatmeal thing.

I just picked up my order and when I got home I had the Burrito Bowl which was REALLY good.  And then I tried one of the sweet salty bites and it was super delicious. 

I think the portion adjustment will likely be the thing I have to really get used to as I could probably have kept eating a few more of these if I had them.  But like I said I am really hoping this can help me get things in line over here.

anonymous asked:

What do you think is Anakin's record for staying awake the longest amount of time possible with only ridiculous amounts of caf to help him? (and the force, of course). I imagine it ends when he accidentally runs into a doorframe and Obi-Wan drags him to the healers muttering about how he "has to take better care of himself, he has to be a good example to his Padawan" and that "he doesn't know where he got this kind of behavior from". Cody, Rex, and Ahsoka are just, so done with these two

I live for those two both being horrible at taking care of themselves and being VERY VERY CONCERNED about how bad the other one is about it while being completely lacking in self-awareness.

Ten bucks says that the reason Anakin was pulling so many all-nighters in the first place was that he was trying to make sure that Obi-Wan was getting a full night’s sleep. (”You don’t understand, Snips! He keeps trying to get out of bed every half hour and swearing that he’s not tired anymore! I can’t understand how he can neglect himself like that!” Anakin frets via text message, on Day 3 of no sleep, camped out next to a sleeping Obi-Wan, pounding cup of caf after caf and eating candy at 3AM.)

The following week, Obi-Wan forgets to eat for a couple days in favor of mending Anakin’s tunics and knitting him a new blanket and buying him a winter cloak (”He’ll freeze without one but I KNOW he’s never going to buy one for himself or admit that he needs it…where does he GET this from, I swear…oh, well yes, Cody, now that you mention it I am feeling a bit lightheaded…it’s the strangest thing…”) 

I’m really unclear as to how they survived the war long enough for Episode 3 to even happen in the first place sometimes. 😄

good afternoon, tumblr. it’s time for me to ramble about several things that have been on my mind lately. 

so i’m a sophomore in college, a journalism major. before starting college last fall, i had no previous experience in the world of journalism. i just knew that i loved to write, that i was good at it, and that my university didn’t offer a creative writing major- so i decided to give it a go. 
this past year has been full of lots of learning - and lots of questions (ex. am i studying the right thing?? do i actually want to go into journalism or did i just pick it because i felt like i had no other option?? am i- sometimes shy, always awkward - cut out for this at all??) 

for some reason, i got it into my head early on that everyone was expecting me to excel as a journalist immediately, even though i literally knew nothing about the field when i started last august. this belief has weighed me down ever since it first popped into my head and caused me unnecessary stress as i’ve constantly worried about what other people think of me and my abilities. i often feel unqualified surrounded by classmates who were editors of their high school newspapers, have already interned for major new corporations, etc. 

most of all, i am always worrying that i am not good enough for people, whether they be my professors, my friends, complete strangers, etc. i am terrified of disappointing them or failing to meet their expectations. 

today i walked out of an interview feeling like i hadn’t quite done my best. despite doing research, i still felt underprepared and awkward throughout the entire conversation (even though the person i was interviewing for my article was very kind and informative) as i walked toward the bus stop to head home, i was thinking about all the things i could have done differently.
but you know what? i’m still learning! just last week, i interviewed a real life rocket scientist (who is only 3 years older than i am!) and felt like it went really well! i had a blast talking to her, and i am so excited to put her story into words.  

there will always be ups and downs, but just because those downs exist doesn’t ever mean i should discredit myself and panic about not being good enough. this is the time in my life to TRY new things, to learn as much as i can and embrace opportunity - even if i don’t always feel qualified.

basically, the lesson i’ve been learning is this: i’d rather be honest than perfect.
i am not perfect and i never WILL be- it is something i can never achieve. but honesty and transparency and an open mind toward growth and development are certainly achievable and something i should always strive for.

growth is not immediate, it’s sometimes messy, and that is okay. i’m okay.

(and so are you) 

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If you could say one thing to each Robert and Aaron what would it be?

At this current point in the story line?

Robert: “What the fuck are you doing, poisoning a pensioner, and playing nice with your guillable one night stand that you got pregnant?! You think that a building is going to make you happy?!” (Because honestly, this vendetta is annoying me now, though I do think it’s in character for him)

Either that or “hey, you’d be well advised to get a DNA test. Or a doctor to check this pregnancy out.”

Aaron: “Okay, can you stop pretending you’re either over it, or you’re fine? Can you stop blaming Robert for all the ills in the world? You kind of knew he was a scheming manipulator when you got with him, you seem to have forgotten this was one of the reasons you fell in love with him. You love him, stop punishing him for being who he always was.”

(I know the Aaron one isn’t going to go down well, but honestly it’s my biggest pet peeve in TV relationships. One of the reasons you fell for someone in the first place turning into the reason you currently hate them or end the relationship.)

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I'm very aware this is gonna be COMPLETELY out of the blue but your recent art got me interested in your.. *cough* nsfw tag.. and while I absolutely adore your adult drawings for a multitude of reasons, I can't help but notice you have repeated themes of women being in charge (but not in a brutal way) over guys in your drawings. Thoughts on that?

This is a really keen observation, hahaha! It’s totally intentional, but not for any deep, meaningful reason. I just like it that way.
I find men who are eager to assume control in such situations to be intimidating and not quite as… accessible. Especially considering that the male characters often depicted in my work are already in a position of power over the female character in one way or another (to take the recent example, a Professor and a ‘trainer’ [which is really…kind of analogous to a kind of student or intern]). The pairing that dominates my nsfw tag is a priest and a member of his congregation (who, alright, actually turns out to be a…soul-sucking demon…who may actually be a fragment of his imagination and not real at all–but still).
To make these men in “control” of their encounters is just too predatory to be appealing to me. It’s not really my jam.

I really really love the trope(???)/dynamic of men who are completely taken off guard and swept off their feet by the desire, confidence, and will-power of women who otherwise have drawn the short straw of the power dynamic. Something that the male counterpart would never dream of pursuing, otherwise. 
(I also greatly enjoy the drama of the poor lad having to grapple with their own moral code, societal implications, and emotional turmoil over what is right and fair for the woman in question–and trying, with varied levels of success, to make those decisions as objectively as possible).

It’s all just personal taste, really. 

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Those probably weren't the best photos they got of Jikook on a bed, but yknow. The good ones are probably too gay to post 😉😉😉

I refuse to believe that those two, put on a bed together for whatever reason, would only sit an awkward distance apart whilst making stressed out faces. 

I need the full photoshoot behind the scenes plx. But knowing Big Hit, they’re gonna wait until it becomes a thing of the past (so that the effect is diminished), and then release it as a cute “memory” a year later >.>

Amazingly got off of work today but my boss didn’t tell me why – maybe she just knew that I wanted to sleep in. Either way, I’m game. Now I have Taco Bell and I’m watching countless episodes of Criminal Minds on Netflix all while cuddling my pups. It’s a good day, obviously. No reason to get out of bed, ever. For the day at least.

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So we finally got a first glance on srydia in the finale- aka Stiles being angry (or at least pissed) at Lydia and Scott for not telling him anything. And srydias are already crawling out of their corners, cooing "how romantic". Sweet baby jesus! I see nothing romantic in that. And the reason why Lydia didn't tell Stiles anything is not because she didn't want to lose him again- it's because she forgot he existed. LMAO


but also, yeah, having an argument the first thing when you’re in a long distance relationship is not a good indicator of the relationship. 

Had an interview with a gluten-free bakery this morning, and I REALLY like the company and the atmosphere and the owners and I’m SO INTO the work they’d have me doing and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I WANT IT SO BAD

And I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much cuz like, there’s other candidates. They could be more skilled than I am. They could be in better physical shape. My passion for baking is all I’ve really got going for me here. 

But damn - DAMN I WANT IT

I have to get ready for an interview at a Caribbean restaurant this afternoon, which I am less enthusiastic about (not that interested in the restaurant industry) but I have to somehow psych myself up to do my best, because if I don’t get the bakery dream job, I’ll still need SOMETHING

And tomorrow I have an interview for a job at a cookie factory, running their little shop where they sell cookies and stuff that can’t be shipped out for whatever reason. It would be a full-time position for a one year contract. So I think that’s my second choice at this point (it’s in line with my experience and interests, but I’d prefer a permanent position)

So yeah… I think all together, that’s 7 interviews that came from the job fair, if you count the phone interview I had with a temp agency on Friday.

Busy busy busy

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I love Frances but fuck her for calling our baby a "spare" ,funny how the "spare" turned out to be outstanding What I really hated was that vincent was okay when she called him that and the fact that our boy calls himself "spare" didn't come out from nowhere Last but not least what's his name faust maybe ?

I’m sure the only reason she called OC that was because we still don’t know his name yet! If we did then he probably would be referred to with that; ‘spare’, ‘that boy’ and ‘you’ are all we’ve got so far. But you are right that ciel is definitely used to be referred to that way, I wouldn’t think that anyone says it directly to him much but unfortunately he has be used to it as its the traditional rules which is upsetting :’( and im all for Astre for the name! its the most plausible and hinted at.