i got new textures

cr. + insp.


It’s a shame Barris isn’t around Skyhold, even if you side with the mages. Could have been interesting. Actually do we find out what happens to him if you side with the mages? If so I’ve managed to miss it on too many playthroughs and should be disciplined.

I painted this because I was getting frustrated with something else for a little while. I love the new textured brush I’ve got! (Open the image in a new tab to see it in a larger size if you want a better look.)

alright I have to stop working on this now haha. I feel like the contrast is bad and I never fixed that tangent, but the coloring seems to have made it less noticeable.

anyway it’s basically an eyeballed ivan bilibin picture, which is a thing I’ve been wanting to draw for a while anyway.

plus I got to use a few of my new brush textures :y

Somewhere out there, Sara is sailing the waves with her pirate crew, unaware that she is a princess…